These are a list of episodes on Drake & Josh.


These are episode summaries to Drake & Josh.

Season 1


Dune Buggy

Believe Me, Brother

Two Idiots and a Baby

First Crush



Season 2

The Bet


Movie Job


Pool Shark

Smart Girl

Little Diva

Blues Brothers

Driver's License

Number One Fan

Mean Teacher

The Gary Grill

Drew & Jerry

Honor Council


Season 3

The Drake and Josh Inn

Peruvian Puff Pepper

We're Married?

Mindy's Back

The Affair

Playing the Field

Helen's Surgery

Paging Dr. Drake

Foam Finger

Girl Power

Sheep Thrills

TV Movie: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

Megan's New Teacher

Little Sibling

Theather Thug

The Demonator

Alien Invasion

Dr. Phyllis Show

Season 4

Josh Runs Into Oprah

Vicious Tiberius

The Wedding

Mindy Loves Josh

Who's Got Game?

The Great Doheny

I Love Sushi

The Storm

My Dinner with Bobo

Tree House

Josh Is Done

Eric Punches Drake

Megan's Revenge

Steered Straight

Megan's First Kiss

Battle of Panthatar

TV Movie: Really Big Shrimp


Dance Contest

TV Movie: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh!

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