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Imaginationland! (DVD)


  • Imaginationland! Part One: SpongeBob wants to play with Squidward. Meanwhile Patrick realizes he is still "The Key", But when a evil monster called Manbearpig injures Squidward, SpongeBob tries to bring him back to life.
  • Imaginationland! Part Two: After Squidward is brought back to life by SpongeBob, SpongeBob still wants to play with Squidward.
  • Flooded: SpongeBob must stop a evil villian called "Satan", who wants to let Patrick be a french fry.
  • SpongeBeard: SpongeBob, Patrick, Larry, Tom and Pearl become pirates.
  • Pat In Danger: Patrick is stuck on Squidward's Tower and it's up to SpongeBob in action to rescue his best friend and defeat Squidward.
  • Breast Cancer Show Ever: Plankton gets into trouble when he threatens to beat up Patrick.
  • Patroit Games: SpongeBob becomes the member of the Baseball Team, while Squidward beats up Patrick.
  • Tonsil Trouble: Patrick has HIV after tonsil surgery. And he also infects SpongeBob.


  • Release Date: March 20, 2011.

Front Cover

  • SpongeBob and Squidward

Back Cover

  • Manbearpig injuring Squidward from "Imaginationland Part One"
  • SpongeBob, Patrick, Larry, Tom and Pearl as pirates from "SpongeBeard"
  • Squidward beating up Patrick from "Patriot Games"

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