Season 1

  • Dangerous Pizza
  • Space Pizza
  • Film Pizza
  • Crime Pizza
  • Crazy Pizza
  • Love Pizza
  • Road Trip Pizza
  • Snowy Pizza
  • Gambling Pizza

Season 2

  • New Pizza
  • Politically Incorrect Pizza
  • Sexy Pizza
  • Millionaire Pizza
  • Melbourne Pizza
  • Flashback Pizza
  • Freaky Pizza
  • Girlfriend Pizza
  • ANZAC Pizza
  • Desert Pizza

Season 3

  • Brand New Pizza
  • Terrorism Pizza
  • Cult Pizza
  • School Pizza
  • Road Trip Pizza
  • Sexpo Pizza
  • Birthday Pizza
  • Quarantine Pizza
  • Refugee Pizza

Season 3-4 (2004)

  • Bobo and Pauly's Early Years Part 1
  • Bobo and Pauly's Early Years Part 2

Season 4

  • New Shop Pizza
  • Small and Large Pizza
  • Father's Day Pizza
  • Holiday Pizza Part 1
  • Holiday Pizza Part 2
  • Waitress Pizza
  • Burnout Pizza
  • Habib's Wedding

Season 5

  • Carwash Pizza
  • Law and Order Pizza
  • Melbourne Cup Pizza
  • Beach Pizza Part 1
  • Beach Pizza Part 2
  • Doctor Pizza
  • Cracker Pizza
  • Barbeque Pizza

Special Deliveries

In certain special episodes (called "special deliveries") Paul Fenech will sometimes break the fourth wall and act as "himself" (or a stylised version of himself, still much like the character he plays) and introduce the segments. These special deliveries are usually clip shows or mockumentaries on the show. In 2004 the series was a live-studio broadcast of auditions for the next series of Pizza (interspersed with stunts, music and nudity), series finales had previously adopted a similar format with the crew "hijacking" the SBS television studio. In the latter half of 2004, a mockumentary entitled "World Pizza" was broadcast which featured Pauly, Rocky and Toula travelling from Sydney to Napoli, Italy – "the birthplace of pizza". According to the show, they could only afford stopover flights, and had to stop in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas before reaching Rome. Bobo and Habib (who along with Davo had been arrested by Customs for drug possession in the airport prior to departure) appeared as talking heads through this series."Special Deliveries" include:Fat Pizza (2000): A single disc comedy album featuring sketches about Pauly, Sleek and Bobo. The album also features numerous rap songs performed by Paul Nakad (Sleek).A Real Slice of Pizza (2001): Behind-the-scenes of Pizza, including bloopers, deleted scenes and interviews.Pizza: The Stage Show: A live stage show that toured Australia during the series early run, featuring many of the shows performers.What's Doing? (2003): Stage SHowPizza World (2004:) Pauly, Rocky and Toula travel around the world trying out different pizzas, meanwhile searching for the world's first pizzeria, found in Naples, Italy.Pizza Live (2004): Shows Recorded Live with an audienceThe Da Vinci Cup (2006): With the World Cup starting soon, Pauly and the gang travel around the world to prove the sporting event is a sham, and that the results are already known by a select few.World Record Pizza (2007): Pauly, Habib, Katrina and Kev travel around the world again, this time attempting to deliver a pizza to the top of Ayers Rock by circling the globe.Mardi Grass Special (aka Nimbin Special)==The Movie== here. View here.

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