List of Fluffy Gardens and Sea Princesses Couples is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.

List of Them

  • Paolo The CatxPolvina The Octopus Princess
  • Sebastian The KangarooxElectra The Eel Princess
  • Terence The ToadxAngie The Lobster Princess
  • George The Mean Yellow DogxTubarina The Shark Princess
  • Rex The PigxBia The Abyssal Princess
  • Tooty The ElephantxMarley The Swordfish Princess
  • Wee Reg The PuppyxEster The Starfish Princess
  • Bill The PlatypusxSophie The Grouper Princess
  • Chuckles The ChickenxAngelica The Angel Fish Princess
  • Stinky The SkunkxSabrina The Stingray Princess
  • Max The ZebraxCamarina The Shrimp Princess
  • Pertree The BearxLayla The Whale Princess
  • Harold The Hammerhead SharkxIsabelle The Penguin Princess

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