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This series is fan-made, and not an actual show. The Garfield, U.S. Acres and Gnorm Gnat characters (except for Timothy Pig, Mary Ann, the name for Wade's superhero forms seen in "Flop Goes The Weasel" and "The Bunny Rabbits Is Coming!" [Super Coward], Mochi Mask, White Snow Princess, Prince Yudi, Yatter, Bloop, Fortune-Telling Pig, the idol form of Aloysius, and the names of the Wanted: Wade cellmates [Davi for the rat and Brian for the bulldog], which are all owned by me and Robo-Pig, who is owned by Ewan4me) are all owned by PawsInc. I am not making this show into an actual cartoon.

Episode number Garfield Segment Segment 2 Segment 3 Original Air Date:
1 Toying Around U.S. Acres: Mary Ann, The Cute Pig It's Odie Time!: Baker Odie July 6, 2013
2 Ugly Food Critters Roy and Wade: Talent Time The World's Cutest Kitten: City Kitty July 13, 2013
3 A Not-So-Funny Romance Aloysius Pig: My Eyes Floyd's House: Life Is A Circus July 20, 2013
4 The Way Of The Waves Double Oh Orson: Piefall Gnorm Gnat: The Beginning July 27, 2013
5 Right Cat, Wrong Cat Princess Lanolina: My Royal Ball Prince It's Odie Time!: Doctor Odie August 3, 2013
6 Tropical Dream (Part 1) U.S. Acres: Three Special R's Penelope In The Big City: Movie Night August 10, 2013
7 Tropical Dream (Part 2) Roy And Wade: The Birthday Bash The Cutest Kitty: Garden Princess August 17, 2013
8 Dangerous Dreamer Aloysius Pig: Aloysius Plays Baseball

Double Oh Orson: Dr. Yes

August 24, 2013
9 It's A Candy World The Enchanted Kingdom: The Royal Awards Floyd's World: Love of A Lifetime August 31, 2013
10 The Right To Nag It's Odie Time!: Odie The Librarian Princess Lanolina: Poor Table Manners September 7, 2013
11 Pookie Goes Missing...Again! The Buddy Bears: Dangers of the Internet Clowning Around: Binky's Talent Search September 14, 2013 (last new episode aired during hour-long Garfield format)
12 Garfield The House Guest

U.S. Acres: The Babysitter Express

The Enchanted Kingdom: Dangerous Danger September 17, 2013 (as part of a preview special, last Supershow episode in hour-long Garfield and Friends format with an older episode)
13 Garfield Goes Green! (Part 1) Floyd's World: Rockin' And Rollin' Penelope In The Big City: New Kitty On The Block September 28, 2013
14 Garfield Goes Green! (Part 2)

The Buddy Bears: Welcome To Kindergarten!

Double Oh Orson: By Royal Command October 5, 2013
15 Garfield Goes Green! (Part 3) Aloysius Pig: Housekeeping The Cutest Kitty: Road Trip October 12, 2013
16 A Priceless Voyage

Princess Lanolina: The Prince's Wish

The Enchanted Kingdom: Under Magical Twinkle-luu's Spell October 19, 2013
17 Chain Reaction Roy and Wade: Toilet Troubles Floyd's World: Monster Cat October 26, 2013
18 Atomic Appetite Penelope In The Big City: A Demand For Diversity Mother Duck Adventures: Never Give Up Hope November 2, 2013
19 The Prophet's Cat Aloysius Pig: Aloysius' Bedtime Storytime Princess Lanolina: The Princess Didn't Do It November 16, 2013
20 The Not-So-Sucessful Diet U.S. Acres: Top of the Charts Hogcules and The Lion November 23, 2013
21 The Truth Behind Ilusions Floyd's World: A Perfectionist's Tale Wanted Wade: Wade's Saturday Night Fever November 30, 2013
22 At The Tower (note: this segment lasts 12 minutes long) Penelope In The Big City: Rapunzel Penelope Music Video: Garfield Style

December 7, 2013

Garfield Style was screened beforehand at showings of Garfield and Friends: Quest For Harrapa.

23 The Cat Twins Roy And Wade: A Verry Merry Holiday It's Odie Time: Santa Odie December 14, 2013
24 A Grand Christmas U.S. Acres: Holiday Cheer Floyd's World: Home For The Holidays December 21, 2013
25 Weeping of Nothing The Cutest Kitten: Ringing It In December 28, 2013
26 Guy Of Thoughts
27 Invisible Valley
28 Amazing Bloomers Rapunzel Penelope
30 The Darkest Storm Roy and Wade: An Hour on the Highway It's Odie Time!: Odie's Amusment Park
31 In Memory of The Wise Man U.S. Acres: Aware About Alvin Garfield: Mystery Mongol
37 It's Odie Time!: Mighty Odie  
The Power of The Soul Wanted Wade: SuperCop
38 Snow Of The Wizards
40 Clown City U.S. Acres: The Right Thing
42 Lasagna Wars (Part 1)
43 Lasagna Wars (Part 2) April 26, 2014
44 Lasagna Wars (Part 3) Wanted Wade: Snarls In My Mind May 3, 2014
45 Lasagna Wars (Part 4) Mother Duck Adventures: The Lively Island From Mars Aloysius Pig: I Don't Care! (last Aloysius Pig segment)

May 10, 2014

(The third segment, however, was shown before Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters screenings in Mame City.)

46 To The Stars May 17, 2014
47 Georgia In 15 Minutes (Continued from Garfield segment) U.S. Acres: Fierce Fantasies May 24, 2014
48 Love At The Wax Museum May 31, 2014
49 Odie and The Toad June 7, 2014
50 Beyond My Preference Wanted Wade: Free At Last Floyd's World: Solid Musicians June 14, 2014
51 (last episode) The Arbuckle Academy U.S. Acres: Dreams Come True (final U.S. Acres episode) Garfield: Making Memories (last Garfield segment) June 21, 2014

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