• Any Cartoons in Bold are in the front Cover of the video. 
  • Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies intro and outro (but ends with a The End) were cut. Same for other cartoons, because all these cartoons starts with a cartoon title.
  • Each Volumes had 50 videos.
  • The Warner Brothers cartoons are not in low pitch are Case of the Missing Hare, Daffy the Commando, The Wacky Wabbit, All this and Rabbit Stew, Wackiki Wabbit, An Itch in Time, Pigs in a Polka, Hamateur Night, Presto Change-O, Fox Pop, Tales of 2 Kitties, Fifth Column Mouse, Crowing Pains, Hep Cat, Early Worm gets the Bird, Inki and the Minah Bird, Hollywood Steps Out, A Day at the Zoo, Ding Dong Daddy, Goofy Gophers, The Dover Boys, Have you got any Castles, Porky Pig's Feat & A Daffy Duckaroo. And the rest are in low pich (and also Spirit of '43 & Susie the Little Blue Coupe)

List of Videos

  1. A Corny Concerto/Fresh Hare
  2. To Duck or Not to Duck/Case of the Missing Hare
  3. Falling Hare/Daffy the Commando
  4. Get Rich Quick Porky/The Wacky Wabbit
  5. All this and Rabbit Stew/The Timid Toreador
  6. Porky's Railorad/Daffy Duck & the Dinosaur
  7. Yankee Doodle Daffy/The Impatient Patients
  8. Wackiki Wabbit/An Itch in Time
  9. Notes to You/Pigs in a Polka
  10. Gold Rush Daze/Fin 'n' Catty
  11. The Wabbit who came in to Supper/Hamateur Night
  12. Presto Change-O/Porky's Bear Facts
  13. Fox Pop/Tales of 2 Kitties
  14. Ala Baba Bound/Fifth Column Mouse
  15. Crowing Pains/The Hep Cat
  16. The Friendly Ghost/Quack a Doodle Doo
  17. Pest Pupil/Yankee Doodle Donkey
  18. Superman (Mad Scientist)/The Artic Giant
  19. Taxi Turvy/Patriotic Popeye
  20. Private Eye Popeye/Volcano
  21. A Haunting we will Go/The Dog Show off
  22. The Lost Dream/Stupidsitious Cat
  23. Jungle Drums/Japoteurs
  24. Bored of Education/Suddenly it's Spring
  25. Toys will be Toys/Assault and Flattery
  26. Billion Dollar Limited/Floor Flusher
  27. Poor Cinderella/It's a Hap Hap Happy Day
  28. Greedy Humpty Dumpty/The Old Shell Game
  29. Play Safe/Cad and Caddy
  30. There's Good Boo's Tonight/Fright to the Finish
  31. Wolf, Wolf/The Talking Magpies
  32. The Hitch Hikers/Molly Moo Cow and the Butterflies
  33. Neptune Nonsense/The Goose that laid a Golden Egg
  34. Pantry Panic/Scrub me Mama with a Boogey Beat
  35. Jerky Turkey/Jack Frost
  36. Doggone Tired/Early Bird gets the Worm
  37. Molly Moo Cow and the Indians/Inki and the Minah Bird
  38. Hollywood Steps Out/Flip Flap
  39. A Mutt in a Rut/Three Bears
  40. Sinbad the Sailor/Gopher Spinach
  41. Bold King Cole/Flowers and Tarts
  42. The Mummy Strikes/Mary's Little Lamb
  43. A Day at the Zoo/Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Comi Color)
  44. Spirit of '43/Hooked Bear
  45. Susie the Little Blue Coupe/Sports Chumpions
  46. Ding Dong Daddy/Goofy Gophers
  47. The Dover Boys/Have you got any Castles?
  48. Porky Pig's Feat/Hempeck Duck
  49. A Daffy Duckaroo/Porky's Pooch
  50. Minnie the Moocher/Bars and Stripes Forever

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