Each VHS contains 6 cartoons from Public Domain. Most of the Warner Bros cartoons are in low pitch.

Bugs Bunny & Friends

  1. The Wacky Wabbit (Low Pitch)
  2. The Wabbit who came in to Supper (Low Pitch)
  3. Case of the Missing Hare (Low Pitch)
  4. Falling Hare (Low Pitch)
  5. All this and Rabbit Stew (Low Pitch)
  6. Jungle Jitters (Low Pitch)

Daffy Duck & Friends

  1. Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur (Low Pitch)
  2. Yankee Doodle Daffy (Low Pitch)
  3. The Corny Concerto (Low Pitch)
  4. Daffy the Commando (Low Pitch)
  5. Timid Toreador (Low Pitch)
  6. Gold Rush Daze (Low Pitch)

Porky Pig & Friends

  1. Porky's Bear Fact's (Low Pitch)
  2. Porky's Railroad (Low Pitch)
  3. To Duck or Not to Duck (Low Pitch)
  4. Ala Baba Bound (Low Pitch)
  5. Get Rich Quick Porky (Low Pitch)
  6. Tales of 2 Kitties (Low Pitch)

Three Little Pigs & Friends

  1. Pigs in a Polka (Low Pitch)
  2. Fox Pop
  3. Jack Frost
  4. Fin 'n' Catty (Low Pitch)
  5. Inki and the Minah Bird
  6. Scrub me Mama with a Boogey Beat

Casper & Friends

  1. The Friendly Ghost
  2. A Haunting we will go
  3. Quack a Doodle Doo
  4. Pest Pupil
  5. There's Good Boo's Tonight
  6. Bored of Education

Popeye & Friends

  1. Taxi Turvy
  2. Floor Flusher
  3. I'm in the Army Now
  4. Customers Wanted
  5. Shuteye Popeye
  6. Insect to Injury

Superman & Friends

  1. The Mad Scientist
  2. Japoteurs
  3. Jungle Drums
  4. Secret Agent
  5. Billion Dollar Limited
  6. Terror on the Midway

Woody Woodpecker & Friends

  1. Pantry Panic
  2. The Talking Magpies
  3. The Stupidstitious Cat
  4. Toys will be Toys
  5. Fresh Hare (Low Pitch)
  6. Early Worm gets the Bird

Mighty Mouse & Friends

  1. Wolf, Wolf
  2. Molly Moo Cow and the Indians
  3. The Artic Giant
  4. Hooked Bear
  5. Poor Cinderella
  6. Play Safe

Felix the Cat & Friends

  1. The Goose that laid a Golden Egg
  2. Neptune Nonsense
  3. Doggnad Tired
  4. Spirit of '43 (Low Pitch)
  5. The Impatient Patients (Low Pitch)
  6. A Day at the Zoo

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