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The following instrumentals have been performed at various times by NRBQ or its members.

  • Bonanza Theme
  • Briar Patch
  • Bugler's Holiday
  • Bye-Ya
  • Crazy Eights
  • Dragnet Theme
  • Doctor's Wind (features wordless vocals)
  • Groanin'
  • Goofus
  • Guard Duty
  • Here Comes the Whistleman
  • Hey Little Brother
  • Hobbies (features wordless vocals)
  • Humph
  • I Love Lucy
  • In Walked Bud
  • Java
  • Jump, Man, Jump
  • Little Rootie Tootie
  • Louisville
  • Mysterioso
  • New Lang Syne
  • Next Stop Brattleboro
  • Papa Joe's
  • Que Rico El Mambo (aka Mambo Jambo)
  • Ramrod
  • Red Planet
  • Rebel Rouser
  • Rockin' in Rhythm
  • Rumble
  • Scarlet Ribbons
  • Take Me to Your Secret (originally performed as an instrumental, although later recorded with lyrics)
  • Tapdancin' Bats
  • Tex (features whistling)
  • Thedy
  • Thelonious
  • Tragic Magic
  • Trouble at the Henhouse
  • Valse Hot
  • Wham!

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