Season 2: Part 2 (2011)

Ep # Title U.S. Original airdate Production code # of U.S. Viewers

(in millions)

29 "Roboparents Gone Wild / Simon Sez Doom" May 21, 2011 208 TBA

Roboparents Gone Wild - When Zim is kicked out of the house after being mean, he must team up with a hobo to get back.

Simon Sez Doom - Mr. Elliot is running an orphanage program, and Zim and Dib are forced to join. The orphans learn the game "Simon Says", and Zim uses this to his advantage. He says "Simon says destroy everything!", and doom happens.

30 "Invader Poonchy / Nubs of Doom" May 28, 2011 209 TBA

Invader Poonchy - Zim tricks Dib into thinking Poonchy (a classmate) is another Irken Invader. But soon Zim begins to believe it himself, and tries to destroy Poonchy in fear of him ruining the mission.

Nubs of Doom - Zim creates a new weapon/sidekick: Minimoose! Minimoose has tons of weapons hidden in his nubs, but Zim doesn't fully understand how to control them, and ends up destroying the base. This is the first appearance of Minimoose.

31 "Top of the Line / The Return of Keef" June 4, 2011 210 TBA

Top of the Line - There's a SIR competition among the Invaders. Zim is, of course, there, and GIR ends up being the best one. But he also ends up destroying all the other SIRs except Skoodge's and Tenn's.

The Return of Keef - Keef is back to be Zim's friend again, and also wants to be Dib's. So Zim and Dib must team up to destroy Keef for their own seperate reasons.

32 "GIR's Big Day / Mopiness of Doom" June 11, 2011 211 TBA

GIR's Big Day - Gir goes out to get some cleaning things for Zim, and gets hit by a truck. The truck drivers are surprised GIR survived and thinks he's a wonderdog. Scientists end up doing tests on him, and try to clone him, but donut crumbs also accidently get into the DNA.

Mopiness of Doom - Dib is sick of his failure at paranormal science, and begins to help his dad with real science. Now that Zim doesn't have an ememy, he begins to slack off.

33 "Those! / Stupider Than the Average Dog" June 18, 2011 212 TBA

Those! - Zim commands an army of giant ants that steadily grow and eventually takes over Zim's lab.

Stupider Than the Average Dog - GIR gets a stuffed squeaky toy that makes Zim go insane. He sells GIR, but finds in his heart that it isn't right. Zim finally finds his lighter side.

34 "GIR's Mission / The Trial" June 28, 2011 213 TBA

GIR's Mission - When GIR finds a hobo, he tells him to buy him some bread. So, GIR, as loyal as a dog can be, goes and finds it.

The Trial - The Tallest bring Zim to a trial where he will be killed because of everything he did in his life that went wrong.

35 "Day of Da Spookies / New Student" July 2, 2011 214 TBA

Day of Da Spookies - Zim, GIR, Skoodge, and Minimoose put on cloaking devices, and spook out Dib.

New Student - A new student named Invader Mik plans on destroying Earth also. So Zim must get rid of him.

36 "10 Minutes to Doom / It Feeds on Noodles!" July 9, 2011 215 TBA

10 Minutes to Doom - Zim loses his Pak, which is needed for him to survive. If he doesn't get it back in 10 minutes, he will die. Dib does all he can to keep Zim from putting it back on.

It Feeds on Noodles! - Zim becomes a vampire that must feed on Chinese food, with chopsticks and fangs.

37 "Pants (When Pants Ruled!) / Taming GIR" July 16, 2011 216

Pants (When Pants Ruled!) - A pair of alien pants invade Earth. Whoever wears the pants becomes alien weapons.

Taming GIR - Dib steals GIR and tries to tame him to be his own dog to destroy Zim.

38 "Skoodge's Odyssey / Squishy: Hugger of Worlds" July 23, 2011 217 TBA

Skoodge's Odyssey - Zim shrinks Skoodge so he can go inside Dib's house.

Squishy: Hugger of Worlds - A gigantic alien named Squishy invades Earth. Well...only to hug it. He just LOVES to hug planets. Zim and Dib must team up to destroy Squishy for their own seperate reasons.

39 "Battle for Meekrob, Part 1" August 6, 2011 218
Part 1 of a 2-part season finale. Meekrob discover Invader Tenn, and hold her hostage. The Tallest must rescue her. All the Invaders must help, actually. Except Zim. But Skoodge is invited. But the Tallest don't know Skoodge is on Earth with Zim, and Skoodge would get in trouble. So Zim goes, and causes a war to begin.
40 "Battle for Meekrob, Part 2" August 13, 2011 219-220 TBA

Part 2 of a 2-part season finale. The war has begun. Other races of aliens begin to fight against the Irkens, including the Resisty from Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars. Dib wonders about Zim being gone, and begins to explore his base and finds out about the war. Skoodge frees Tenn. They escape, and Zim is left. Dib arrives (probably by using the Dib Ship), and begins to fight against the Irkens as well. Zim flees for home. Dib is named embassador for Meekrob after killing some of the Irkens.

Season 3 (2011)

Ep # Title U.S. Original airdate Production code # of U.S. Viewers

(in millions)

41 "GIR Goes Crazy Again / The Return of Tak" October 1, 2011 301 TBA

GIR Goes Crazy Again - GIR goes crazy after hitting his head.

The Return of Tak - Tak returns from Irk to kill Zim. Soon she falls in love with him.

42 "Dib's Days on Irk / Keef's Big Adventure" October 8, 2011 302

Dib's Days on Irk - A day in the life of Embassador Dib.

Keef's Big Adventure - Keef searches for a cookie to give to Zim.

43 "Dib Goes to Saturn / The Day School Ended" 303 TBA

Dib Goes to Saturn - While on a special mission, Dib goes to Saturn and runs into Zim. In the end, Dib leaves his duties as Embassador.

The Day School Ended - Zim figures out he gets held back in school. He attempts to get out with GIR's help.

44 "Skoodge vs. Zim / Still Enemies" 304

Skoodge vs. Zim - Zim gets mad at Skoodge. Soon, they battle.

Still Enemies - Dib and Zim gets stuck in a 1D island.

45 "The Guy Who Sees the Future / GIR's Comic Book" 305 TBA

The Guy Who Sees the Future - A fortuneteller gives Zim bad luck.

GIR's Comic Book - GIR becomes a fugitive after stealing a Comic Book.

46 "Lost Dog, Part 1" 306
GIR gets lost. So Zim must find him before he exposes the whole Irken race.
47 "Lost Dog, Part 2" 307 TBA
Zim along with Tak go to search for GIR. GIR is at a club. In the end, Tak tries to express her feelings for Zim, while they find GIR.
48 "Ultimate Punishment / Local Celebrity" 308

Ultimate Punishment - Zim accidently sends GIR to Foodcourtia.

Local Celebrity - Tak becomes a local celebrity after catching GIR from a 10 story building.

49 "GIR Alone / New Embassador" 309 TBA

GIR Alone - While Zim goes grocery shopping, GIR wrecks the house.

New Embassador - Poonchy goes to Irk and becomes the new embassador.

50 "Skoodge's SIR / ValenTenn's Day" 310

Skoodge's SIR - Skoodge gets a SIR that becomes evil.

ValenTenn's Day - Invader Tenn returns to Earth for Valentine's Day. Soon she gets a crush on Skoodge.

51 "War of Beans / GIR Goes Hollywood" 311 TBA

War of Beans - Zim and Dib remember there first fight and recreate it.

GIR Goes Hollywood - GIR finds Hollywood and dates a celebrity and becomes famous.

52 "Major Motion Picture / GIR Gets a Movie" 312 TBA

Major Motion Picture - GIR attempts to write a script for a movie.

GIR Gets a Movie - GIR's film gets greenlight. It wins at the box office.

53 "A Normal Family / New Neighbor" 313 TBA

A Normal Family - Zim is critized for not looking like he is in a real family. He attempts to make Skoodge and Tenn his brother and sister.

New Neighbor - Zim gets a new neighbor who knows Zim is an alien.

54 "Before the Invasion / GIRTube" 314 TBA

Before the Invasion - A look into Zim's life.

GIRTube - In a attempt to get money, Zim post videos of GIR on the internet.

55 "For the Summertime" 315 TBA
Zim goes to Irk for Summer. Soon, he leaves Gaz in charge of his house.
56 "GIR Gets a Sequel / Trophy Dad" 316 TBA

GIR Gets a Sequel - A sequel is greenlighted for GIR.

Trophy Dad - Robodad takes Zim to a Trophy Dad competition.

57 "Late-Dib / Laundry Day" 317 TBA

Late-Dib - Dib must return a book to the library.

Laundry Day - Zim tries his hand at doing laundry.

58 "GIR, at a Movie / GIR Gets a Virus" 318 TBA
GIR, at a Movie - GIR attends the premiere of his sequel, The Secret Dog, Part II
59 "Return to Irk, Part 1" 319 TBA
Zim decides it's time to kill the leaders of Irk and get what he rightfully deserves.
60 "Return to Irk, Part 2" 320 TBA
Zim shoots Meekrob. The Almighty Tallest tell Zim the truth. Gaz, Dib, Tak, Tenn and Skoodge join Zim's team and attempts to take over Irk. Meekrob shoots Zim but misses and dies.

Season 4 (2011)

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