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List of Kyle Hamm characters is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Kyle Hamm

  • Kyle Hamm is the main protagonist of the series. He is a green haired boy and son of Master Hamm. He likes to be a great guy. He is voiced by Marc Thompson.


  • Anabel is Kyle's girlfriend and a salon maiden. She is a very cute girl who always has a crush on him. She also likes wearing her Shirley Fenette outfit and her nude tights. She is voiced by Hilary Thomas.


  • Elijah is Kyle's best friend and a movie maker. He is a very good expert who wants to date Mary. He also likes making movies. He is voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas.


  • Stephanie is Kyle's little sister and a blue haired girl. She is a smart little girl who looks similar to Annie, Rebecca's little sister. She is also described to be a crybaby. She is voiced by Stephanie Haber.


  • Julie is Kyle's mother and woman from the Numel ranch. She is a helpful lady with a western accent. She also likes to take care of Kyle. She is voiced by Caroline Lawson.

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