List of Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes Couples is Pikachufreak's idea.

List of Them

  • Sophia WinterfordxJacob Howard
  • Lolita Diamondx
  • Amethyst GigerxArnold Royce
  • Charleigh GreenexLouie Newman
  • Madeline VoorheesxBobby Walsh
  • Betty HawkinsxKenneth Jamal
  • Lorry Couttsx
  • Ralph Hartx
  • Cole Winstonx
  • Jodie CastellanetaxMichael George
  • Mackenzie LloydxKristan Kiefer
  • Chloe MorrowxVerne Shepard
  • Arlene Parksx
  • Mimi Monroex
  • Bonnibel "Bonnie" Southeastx
  • Meghan Combsx
  • Sally Waltersx
  • Lana Fulbrightx
  • Bella BrewsterxDrake Randolph
  • Faith Hughesx
  • Caroline Stormwindx
  • Josephine Grimsbox
  • Hecuba Blackwoodx
  • Pinora Luckx
  • Emery Harrisonx
  • Jolene Sanchezx

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