This is about fictional VHS tapes and DVDs released in a fictional region, and only mimitchi33 can edit this. These are not real.

VHS releases (BMG Video, 1999)

Up, Up, and Away and Other Stories


  • Up, Up and Away
  • If Wishes Were Pancakes
  • Mumfie's Lost Button
  • The Star Attraction
  • Small For A Day

Scarecrowella and Other Stories

  • Scarecrowella
  • The Amazing Scarecrow
  • Making A Stand
  • Scarecrow's New Best Friend
  • Cabin Fever

Columbia Tri-Star (2000-2001)

Friends Forever: The Movie

This VHS contains the following episodes complied as a movie. The only difference is that the episodes in this movie have the narrator not speak at all, only the characters speak.

  • The Album
  • It Won't Be Alright On The Night
  • The Amazing Scarecrow
  • Upside Down Magic
  • Reigning Cats and Dogs
  • French Lessons
  • Island of Lost Things
  • Orders Is Orders
  • Sunrise, Sunset
  • Small For A Day
  • Cabin Fever
  • Scarecrowella

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