List of Mel Blake's outfits is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. These are the list of Mel Blake's outfits used in every Shining Time Station episode.


  • Mel's everyday outfit consists of: purple earrings, green eyelids and wears a green shirt, black bracelets on her right wrist, a navy blue miniskirt, purple and black striped pantyhose and checkered converse shoes.


  • In both Spooks and Surprises and A Spooky Halloween To Remember, Mel's Sam Simpson outfit consists of: a pink shirt, red skirt, pink pantyhose and purple shoes.


  • In The Return of Mr. Nicholas, The Biggest Winter Wonderland Ever, A Very Merry Christmas and Home For The Holidays, Mel's winter clothes consist of: a red hat, a red dress and black shoes.

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