List of Music in Pokemon Puzzle League 2 is Pikachufreak's idea.

List of Them

  1. To Be A Master (Ash's theme)
  2. Pokemon World (Gary's theme)
  3. Two Perfect Girls (Brock's theme)
  4. Catch Me If You Can (Misty's theme)
  5. Lt. Surge's Theme from N64 (Lt. Surge's theme)
  6. What Kind of Pokemon Are You? (Erika's theme)
  7. Koga's Theme from N64 (Koga's theme)
  8. Everything Changes (Sabrina's theme)
  9. My Best Friends (Blaine's theme)
  10. Mimic Mansion (Tracey's theme)
  11. Double Trouble (Team Rocket's theme)
  12. Giovanni's Theme from N64 (Giovanni's theme)
  13. Together Forever (Ritchie's theme)
  14. Pokemon Mix (Lorelei's theme)
  15. Bruno's Theme from N64 (Bruno's theme)
  16. Viridian City (Cissy's theme)
  17. Coming To The Rescue (Danny's theme)
  18. Don't Say You Love Me (Rudy's theme)
  19. The Time Has Come (Luana's theme)
  20. Pokemon Johto (Falkner's theme)
  21. All We Wanna Do (Bugsy's theme)
  22. Never Too Far From Home (Whitney's theme)
  23. Born To Be A Winner (Morty's theme)
  24. You and Me and Pokemon (Chuck's theme)
  25. Pikachu, I Choose You (Jasmine's theme)
  26. The Song of Jigglypuff (Pryce's theme)
  27. Believe In Me (Clair's theme)
  28. Do You Really Wanna Play? (Damian's theme)
  29. The Biggest Part of My Life (Alex Davis' theme)
  30. He Drives Me Crazy (Koji's theme)
  31. The Game (Ken's theme)

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