Season 1

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1 (FAC)

1 (DA)

"Astrofools" July 15, 2007 October 3, 2008
A.D.S., Timmy, & ZIM want to go see a spaceship get launched into space, but as it was about to take off, the people in the space shuttle confused A.D.S. for another. (The reason for this is because the astronaut who was supposed to go looks EXACTLY like A.D.S.) Consequently, Timmy, ZIM, and a lot of others, go and raid the space shuttle.
2 "Fat GIR-bert" August 9, 2007 N/A
After seeing a Taco Shack bill costing 100,000 Nicktokens, A.D.S. and ZIM try to put GIR back into shape. The problem is that each attempt wasn't successful.
3 "Leave It To Timmy" September 21, 2007 N/A
A.D.S. goes on vacation and leaves Timmy in charge of looking over the Nicktoon Kingdom. But Timmy sees this as an opportunity to become the Superstar. As a result, the entire kingdom imploded, according to some 'doodles.' After 2 weeks and 6 days, Timmy realizes he is toast unless he finds a way to restore the kingdom. Can Timmy restore the kingdom before A.D.S. comes back?

4 (FAC)

2 (DA)

"The Stories of A.D.S., Timmy, and ZIM" November 6, 2007 December 1, 2008
We see the trio separated from each other, and each one tells their story of what they do when they're not together. A.D.S. is seen rescuing Jenny from Vexus, Timmy is finding a way to win Trixie's heart, and ZIM has a horrible day at 'skool.'

5 (FAC)

3 (DA)

"Hobo Hustle" April 10, 2008 March 26, 2009
A.D.S. takes in a hobo which attracts the attention of a corrupt corporation, much to A.D.S., Timmy, & ZIM's dismay.

6 (FAC)

4 (DA)

"A.D.S. on Ice" December 2, 2008 April 10, 2009
A.D.S. is challenged by V.D.S. to a downhill snow race. But, with the pranks they've played against one another, who will emerge victorious?

7 (FAC)

5 (DA)

"A.D.S.' Neighbor" February 14, 2009 May 9, 2009
Randy is introduced. Randy tries to ruin A.D.S.' day.

8 (FAC)

6 (DA)

"Hino the Hero" March 29, 2009 June 6, 2009
Completely exhausted from doing hero work, A.D.S., Timmy, and ZIM put Hino into the next task of their to-do list: Rescue Jenny.

9 (FAC)

7 (DA)

"ZIM's Breaking Point" April 25, 2009 July 8, 2009
Loosely based on the cancelled "The Trial" episode, ZIM goes to the Existance Evaluation Trial, thinking it's a party in honor of his existance. A.D.S., however, doesn't buy the ruse and decides to go Irk with ZIM.

10 (FAC)

8 (DA)

"Azumanga Nicktoons" May 25, 2009 July 25, 2009 (part 1)

August 7, 2009 (part 2)

A crossover of the series Azumanga Daioh. The girls start to wonder what is it like to be a Nicktoon. A.D.S. quickly answered the question by using the switch-lives-just-to-know-what-it's-like-o-mogrifier, and used it on them. Chiyo soon finds herself in A.D.S.' position, Osaka in ZIM's position, and Yomi in Timmy's position. They soon find themselves in a dilemma when they have to rescue Jenny (Sakaki from Vexus (Kaorin).

11 (FAC)

9 (DA)

"Topsy-Turvy Day" July 18, 2009 N/A
It's Topsy-Turvy Day in the Nicktoon Kingdom, and A.D.S. challenges Randy to a pie throwing contest. Who will win?
12 "Chops Ahoy" July 30, 2009 N/A
Back in Nicktoons 5, A.D.S. unknowingly humiliated Ryoga Hibiki (Ranma 1/2). After all this time, Ryoga finally finds A.D.S., and challenges him to a showdown a week later. With A.D.S. hiding in fear, Timmy and ZIM give him lessons from the guy who has bested Ryoga many times: Ranma.

13 (FAC)

10 (DA)

"Nicktoons Tales of Terror" October 1, 2009

October 2, 2009 (part 1)

October 10, 2009 (part 2)

October 23, 2009 (part 3)

A Halloween special.

Night of the Dead Alive - Timmy wishes that the cemetary was more livelier, only for zombies to rise from their graves and attack the kingdom!

When the Crickets Cry - In a parody of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, A.D.S., Jenny, Hino, A.D.S.-tan, and Ryoko live in an alternate universe where they live in Hinamizawa. The segment seems to be based on the Watanagagshi-hen and the Meakashi-hen chapters with Hino as the antagonist.

A Halloween Nightmare - The Nicktoons go to Horror Hills to a Halloween party, however, Oogie Boogie appears and makes the party more real than it seems.

14 "Duo or Die" November 27, 2009 N/A
Vexus creates a device that could put the entire Nicktoon Kingdom into submission. But, the device would only work for the winner of the next race. So, Vexus sets up a tag team race taking place in A.D.S. Circuit for a hundred laps. Can A.D.S. and ZIM win the device?
15 "Guys, I Shrunk Myself" N/A N/A
A.D.S. shrinks himself to find out about Vexus' plans.
16 "The Race to the 30th Story" N/A N/A
Something's amiss in Wayside School when all the meat mysteriously vanished from the cafeteria, and A.D.S., Timmy, and ZIM volunteer to search for the missing meat.
17 "The Head Mice" N/A N/A
When an epidemic called the Head Mice plagues the entire kingdom, A.D.S. and Timmy go off to find a cure.
18 "Fashion Emergency" N/A N/A
After another hard day's work, A.D.S., Timmy, and ZIM's clothes get unintentionally in style. However, this attracts the attention of a fashion-themed villain named Fashion Misa, and she wants revenge on the industry that wronged her.
19 "Christmas Chaos" N/A N/A
When A.D.S. and ZIM get a letter from Santa's Workshop, they, along with Timmy and GIR, go and save Christmas. But Randy, who heard the news, comes along and tries to sabotage the Nicktoons' efforts.
20 "RYOK-010 Returns" N/A N/A
A.D.S. finds a spare part while visiting Animeland. After analyzing the piece, A.D.S. realizes that it belonged to his 'special one.' Eager to reunite with her, A.D.S. goes back to Animeland to scavenge for more parts. However, when Jenny finds out about this, she tries to prevent A.D.S. from finding the rest of the parts.

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