This is a list of adaptations from the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz.

Feature films

4 Peanuts feature films were made.

A Boy Named Charlie Brown

Snoopy, Come Home

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!)


Title Overview
"A Boy Named Charlie Brown" A documentary film about Charles M. Schulz and his creation Peanuts.
"A Charlie Brown Christmas" When Charlie Brown is directing the play the kids decide to need a Christmas tree.
"Charlie Brown's All-Stars" Having failed to win them the game, Lucy and several others tell Charlie Brown that if it were not for the uniforms and the league deal, they would quit.
"It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" Sally and Linus go to the pumpkin patch to wait for "The Great Pumpkin" while Charlie Brown and the other Peanuts gang people go trick or treating.
"You're In Love, Charlie Brown" This episode takes place of the first time Charlie Brown is in love with The Little Red-Haired Girl and how he needs to get attention with her.
"He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown asks Daisy Hill Puppy Farm to take Snoopy back so they can teach him some manners from getting the Peanuts gang upset.
"It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown" Lucy signs up the Peanuts gang to go to camp.
"Play It Again, Charlie Brown" Peppermint Patty comes up with an idea to get Lucy in good with Schroeder: invite him to play his piano in concert at the upcoming PTA program including her, Snoopy and Charlie Brown.
"You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown" Linus signs up for student body president for the school and duels with Russell Anderson.
"There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown" The kids and the peanuts gang go to the museum for a science project while Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, Marcie and Charlie Brown accidentally went the wrong way which takes them to the grocery store.
"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" Charlie Brown goes to his grandparents house for Thanksgiving while he tries to celebrate Thanksgiving with Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and Franklin FIRST.
"It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown" When Woodstock's fancy new nest disappears one afternoon, he turns to Snoopy for help. Adopting the guise of Sherlock Holmes (complete with cloak, deerstalker cap and bubble pipe), Snoopy and Woodstock go on the hunt for the missing nest.
"It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" While most of the Peanuts Gang is getting ready for Easter; Linus, certain it's all a waste of time, futilely tries convincing everyone the Easter Beagle will take care of everything; but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Peppermint Patty and Marcie attempt to color eggs, but as it's Marcie's first time, she doesn't know how to prepare the eggs properly.
"Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown tries to find good luck from Valentine's Day.
"You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown" Peppermint Patty convinces Charlie Brown and Linus to enter a Motocross race with Snoopy.
"It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown" To celebrate Arbor Day, everybody works together to plant a garden. Unfortunately, the garden is located in Charlie Brown's baseball field, and he has a game with Peppermint Patty's team approaching.
"It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown is shocked when he sees the Queen is none other than the Little Red-Haired Girl herself (whose name is revealed to be Heather). He is even more shocked when Linus tells him about the Homecoming tradition—that he has to escort Heather and give her a KISS on the cheek before the first dance.
"What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown!" Snoopy goes to bed on his doghouse and promptly wakes up to find out that he is now a sled dog of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska, presumably during the Klondike Gold Rush or the 1925 serum run to Nome.
"You're The Greatest Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown decides to enter the Junior Olympics at his school after it is revealed he is not going on vacation like he thought he would.
"She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown" Peppermint Patty is practicing figure skating with her coach Snoopy (in a role modeled on real-life skating coach Carlo Fassi) for an upcoming competition, but the many days of getting up to practice at 4:30 A.M. are starting to take their toll, and she falls asleep constantly in class. One of her practices is halted briefly when a group of ten hockey players threatens her if she does not leave the ice so they can play. Patty and Snoopy take care of the situation by shoving the lead hockey players on each squad, causing both teams of hockey players to fall on top of each other like dominoes.
"Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown" The circus comes to town and Snoopy falls for one of the poodles in an acrobatic act. He soon runs away to join it. Snoopy becomes "Hugo the Great" and while Charlie Brown worries about him, Snoopy has to face some realities of the show business himself .
"It's Magic, Charlie Brown" Snoopy puts on a magic act. His tricks are failures, except for one—turning Charlie Brown invisible.
"Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown" After Charlie Brown falls in love with a girl briefly shown in a broadcasted football game, he and Linus go across town door-to-door, searching for her.
"A Charlie Brown Celebration" A one-hour special in which Charles Schulz introduces the Peanuts Gang involved in a variety of activities, including dog-training classes, a baseball game, a field trip and more.
"Is This Goodbye Charlie Brown?" Linus and Lucy's dad has a new job, which involves relocating their family far from the rest of the gang. Everyone says goodbye and tries to cope with their friends' departure.
"It's An Adventure, Charlie Brown" The second one-hour special, with stories adapted directly from newspaper comic strips. We can see Charlie Brown having strange visions, running from the EPA and being elected president of summer camp; Peppermint Patty and Marcie becoming golf caddies; Lucy determined to get rid of Linus's blanket; and more.
"What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?" As they begin their journey home from their student exchange term in France, the Peanuts gang find themselves sidetracked and with car problems. They then pass by the memorials of some battlesites in both World Wars. Linus talks about their importance and the sacrifices required of the troops who fought them.
"It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown" Snoopy becomes Flashbeagle, loving to dance the night away.
"Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown" Snoopy runs into a female poodle while guarding Peppermint Patty's house and decides to marry her. The Peanuts gang gets into preparing their wedding with the usual complications and the extra help of Snoopy's cousin, Spike. 
"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" A 50 minute special animated version of the classic off-Broadway musical from the 60's. The Peanuts gang perform the various comedy sketches of the play. 
"Happy New Year, Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown has to read "War and Peace" over Christmas break, but is obliged to attend Peppermint Patty's New Year's Eve party.
"Snoopy: The Musical" The 50 minute special adaptation of the second musical (this one from the 70's) based on the Peanuts gang, this time centered on Snoopy. 
"It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown" A one-hour special which combines live-action with animation. Snoopy's cousin Spike falls for Jenny, a pretty blonde girl in an old red truck. They visit Los Angeles and have lots of fun, but Jenny's boyfriend and Spike being mistaken with a coyote may put their relationship in jeopardy. 
"Why, Charlie Brown, Why?" Linus is smitten by a new girl who comes to the neighborhood school. But she develops the symptoms of leukemia and must go to the hospital for cancer treatment. Linus and Charlie Brown help her through the traumas of chemotherapy as best as they can while Snoopy plays at being the world's greatest doctor.
"Snoopy's Reunion" Charlie Brown notices that Snoopy is depressed. He then decides to cheer up Snoopy by hosting a reunion party with his brothers and sisters. The whole gang enthusiastically responds. We learn about their early days at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm and also of what happened to it. 
"It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown's team can get uniforms if they win the first game of the season. However, considering the usual competence of the team, including new members, the challenge seems impossible. Will an early round of spring training be enough help?
It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown A collection of stories related to Christmas, where we can see Charlie Brown trying to raise money for his girlfriend or Sally and Peppermint Patty worried about their lines on the Christmas play, among other stories.
You're in The Superbowl, Charlie Brown The Peanuts Gang competes in a punt, pass and kick contest. The winner gets a new bicycle and a trip to the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Snoopy coaches a football team of birds to the championships.
It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown Linus meets a singer and gardener named Mimi, and invites her to his birthday party. However, there is some speculation about if she'll actually show up.
It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown tells Sally a somewhat modified version of the legend of the Pied Piper, as Snoopy plays the title character who tries to rid the Peanuts' gang's hometown of sports playing, loudly dancing mice by playing his accordion in return for a year's supply of dog food.
A Charlie Brown Valentine Charlie Brown is jealous of Snoopy's many valentines cards; Charlie Brown tries to impress the little red-haired girl with a sharp pencil and gets caught in the pencil sharpener.
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales A collection of five Christmas-themed animated shorts based directly on stories from the Peanuts comic strips, each focusing on a specific Peanuts character - Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, and Sally.
Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown trades Lucy to Peppermint Patty's baseball team in hopes of getting a better player and winning a few baseball games.
I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown It's Christmas vacation and, as usual, ReRun's big sister is stressing him out, so he decides to turn to his best friend, Snoopy, for amusement and holiday cheer. However, Snoopy has plans of his own, giving ReRun reason to ask Snoopy to invite his brother Spike for a visit. When Spike shows up, it looks like ReRun will have a dog for Christmas after all... but then the real trouble begins.
He's a Bully, Charlie Brown The Peanuts gang is at summer camp, and Rerun has brought his marbles. Unfortunately, a talented bully takes advantage of Rerun and "teaches" him to play marbles, and takes all of them, including his grandfather's shooter, because he "won" them. Now it's up to Charlie Brown to win back Rerun's marbles.
Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown Linus is pushed to his limits when he learns grandma is coming to visit and plans on ridding him of his childish security blanket. As grandma’s arrival looms closer the Peanuts gang tries to help Linus learn to cope without his fuzzy crutch. Lucy is particularly eager to cure Linus’ dependency using her own psychiatric techniques, and while Charlie Brown tries to help he just doesn’t have the heart to see Linus suffer. All the while Snoopy is constantly agitating matters because he wants the blanket for himself. In the end, insightful Linus points out that everyone has their own type of “security blanket” and in life a little security is a valuable thing.

This Is America, Charlie Brown

This is America, Charlie Brown is an eight-part animated TV mini-series, depicting events in American history with characters from the Charles M. Schulz comic strip Peanuts. It aired from 1988 to 1989 on CBS.


8 episodes were produced.

  1. The Mayflower Voyagers (aired October 21, 1988):
  2. The Birth of the Constitution (aired October 28, 1988):
  3. The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk (aired November 4, 1988):
  4. The NASA Space Station (aired November 11, 1988):
  5. The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad (aired February 10, 1989):
  6. The Great Inventors" (aired March 10, 1989):
  7. The Smithsonian and the Presidency (aired April 19, 1989):
  8. The Music and Heroes of America (aired May 23, 1989):

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show is an animated television series featuring characters and storylines from the Charles M. Schulz comic strip Peanuts. It aired from 1983 to 1985 on CBS.


# Airdate Prod. Code Title Plot
1 September 17, 1983 103 (2a) Snoopy's Cat Fight This means war! Snoopy squares off with the cat who has Linus' blanket.
2 September 24, 1983 107 (4a) Snoopy: Team Manager It's his way or the highway when Snoopy takes over the team.
3 October 1, 1983 104 (2b) Linus and Lucy Take cover! Lucy's in a BIG SNIT - and li'l brother Linus is the target!
4 October 8, 1983 110 (5b) Lucy vs. the World
5 October 15, 1983 102 (1b) Linus' Security Blanket Will Linus put his blanket aside for keeps? Say it isn't so!
6 October 22, 1983 103 (3a) Snoopy: Man's Best Friend If every dog has his day, why not his own program, too! Everyone's favorite beagle figures prominently in this fun-packed collection of Peanuts antics. Enjoy as Snoopy tries to give Lucy a kiss, serves as guard dog for Peppermint Patty, takes his bird friends on a hike, practices diving into a pool, dances with Charlie Brown and much more.
7 October 29, 1983 109 (5a) Snoopy the Psychiatrist
8 November 5, 1983 101 (1a) You Can't Win, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown wins a baseball game...but something snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.
9 November 12, 1983 104 (3b) The Lost Ballpark In this action-packed collection of Peanuts hijinks, Charlie Brown and his teammates are ready to take you out to the ball game -- but it may not be possible when the players are told they can't use their sandlot ballpark. In addition, Marcie goes to camp and is pestered by a boy who calls her 'Lambcake'. Linus takes Snoopy truffle hunting... All this and more!
10 November 19, 1983 111 (6a) Snoopy's Football Career It's time to kick the ol' pigskin around again, and nobody's getting by that fierce beagle linebacker!
11 November 26, 1983 112 (6b) Chaos in the Classroom Sally goes to school! Plus: Peppermint Patty becomes the world's meanest school crossing guard!
12 December 3, 1983 113 (7a) It's That Team Spirit, Charlie Brown Will a little rah-rah spirit mean big victory for the ball team?
13 December 10, 1983 108 (4b) Lucy Loves Schroeder Ah, true love: Lucy adores Schroeder, Schroeder ignores Lucy.
14 September 14, 1985 201 (7b) Snoopy and the Giant A Snoopy-styled "Jack and the Beanstalk."
15 September 21, 1985 202 (8a) Snoopy's Brother Spike Let the battle begin: Spike vs. the Mean Ol' Cat! Plus: Peppermint Patty's baseball team has a new mascot: Charlie Brown!
16 September 28, 1985 203 (8b) Snoopy's Robot Oops! A robot makes Snoopy do all the work!
17 October 5, 1985 204 (9a) Peppermint Patty's School Days Learn, Peppermint Patty, learn! She's the girl who needs an eraser at both ends of the pencil! But watch her improve!
18 October 12, 1985 205 (9b) Sally's Sweet Babboo Girls? Ugh! Sally's attentions turn Linus more sour than sweet.

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