Here are some Pebbles cereal, from Fruity Pebbles to Pebbles Treats:

  • Fruity Pebbles: In 1971, Fruity Pebbles debuted. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Berry Blue, & Bedrock Berry Pink were the most Pebbles to be eaten. In 2000, one purple was removed which starts with a I. In 2010, the "Rocks your Whole Mouth!" motto debuted.
  • Cocoa Pebbles: In 1971, Cocoa Pebbles debuted. The pebbles were brown, even most, they looked like the Fruity flavor. The chocolate was about 6 inches on every piece. In 2010, the "Rocks your Whole Mouth!" motto debuted.
  • Cupcake Pebbles: In 2009, Cupcake Pebbles debuted. This had the aroma of cupcakes & can fit on cupcakes, too.
  • Marshmallow Pebbles: In 2010, Marshmallow Pebbles debuted. These are different marshmallows & Pebbles, only to have the taste of the 2005 mania Pebbles.
  • Pebbles Boulders: In 2011, a limited edition cereal named Pebbles Boulders were out on the market. These had a special stone age piece.
  • Cinna-Crunch Pebbles: In 1998, the Cinna-Crunch Pebbles were introduced. Unlike the real Pebbles, which were crispy rice, this was a sweetened oat cereal. This was for a limited time only.
  • Dino S'mores Pebbles: In 2007, the Dino S'mores were introduced. A bone, a nugget, & a marshmallow were found.
  • Marshmallow Mania Pebbles: In 2005, Marshmallow Mania was new to the Pebbles family. The marshmallows were introduced & the Great Gazoo was on the box.

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