List of Pikachufreak's Disney Couples is an idea to do. These are the following Disney couples from the past and present ages.

List of Them (in a Pokemon Fashion)

  • Jake LongxSophia Winterford
  • Nigel ThrallxBetty Hawkins
  • Riley DaringxJohnny Hitswell
  • Todd DaringxDaria Winterford
  • TasumixJacobo Jacobo
  • Abbey WillsonxBuzz Winters
  • Sierra McCoolxDonny Rottweiller
  • Phineas FlynnxIsabella Garcia-Shapiro
  • Ferb FletcherxGinger Hirano
  • Candace FlynnxJeremy Johnson
  • Stacy HiranoxMichael Coltrane
  • Jenny BrownxCarl Karl
  • Jeff JeffersonxAmy Flowers
  • Taylor TannerxKiwi Adair
  • Mitchie O'HaraxScott Lawton
  • Kick ButtowskixKendall Perkins
  • Brad ButtowskixBrittany Wong
  • Brianna ButtowskixJeremy Birnbaum
  • Randy CunninghamxAnnie Roberts
  • Dipper PinesxPacifica Northwest
  • Lola KanexGeorge Radcliffe
  • Timothy KanexSavannah Radcliffe
  • Star ButterflyxRikochet
  • Marco DiazxJackie Lynn Thomas

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