List of Pikachufreak's Disney XD Couples is a fan-fiction thing to make.

List of Them

From Phineas and Ferb

  • Phineas FlynnxIsabella Garcia-Shapiro
  • Ferb FletcherxGinger Hirano
  • Candace FlynnxJeremy Johnson
  • Stacy HiranoxMichael Coltrane
  • Lawrence FletcherxLinda Flynn-Fletcher

From Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

  • Kick ButtowskixStar Butterfly
  • Brad ButtowskixBrittany Wong
  • Brianna ButtowskixAustin Monroe
  • Honey ButtowskixHarold Buttowski

From Gravity Falls

  • Dipper PinesxSierra Norman
  • Mabel PinesxBaljeet Tjinder
  • Wendy CorduroyxDavid Fazio
  • Soos RamirezxLolita Diamond
  • Robbie ValentinoxTambry Miles

From Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes

  • Sophia WinterfordxJacob Howard
  • Alya WinterfordxBash Johnson
  • Amelia WinterfordxJeremy Birnbaum
  • Jill WinterfordxThomas Winterford

From Star Versus The Forces of Evil

  • Star ButterflyxKick Buttowski
  • Brittany WongxBrad Buttowski
  • Marco DiazxJackie Lynn Thomas
  • Janna SullivanxBoone Wiseman
  • Hope RobertsxPenn Zero
  • Ferguson McCoyxCharleigh Greene
  • Alfonzo LopezxMeghan Combs
  • Oscar GreasonxCaroline Stormwind

From Penn Zero: Part Time Hero

  • Penn ZeroxHope Roberts
  • Boone WisemanxJanna Sullivan
  • Sashi KobayashixBucky Hensletter

From Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

  • Randy CunninghamxAnnie Roberts
  • Howard WeinermanxAlly Williams
  • Theresa FowlerxJonathan Brooks
  • Heidi WeinermanxAlexander Combs

From The Adventures of Julie Kane

  • Julie KanexBenjamin Rockwell
  • Lola KanexGeorge Radcliffe
  • Timothy RockwellxSavannah Radcliffe

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