List of Pikachufreak's Songs from the Talent Show is Pikachufreak's idea.

List of Them

  1. We Are Monster High sung by Ash Ketchum, Rebecca Norman and The Hex Girls
  2. Say You'll Be There sung by Brock, Roxanne Rock and The Pussycats
  3. Me and My Teddy sung by Chelsea Mihara
  4. Bye Bye Bye sung by Dipper Pines
  5. All I Want sung by Brad Buttowski
  6. The Sweet Escape sung by Janna Sullivan and Howard Weinerman
  7. On The Floor sung by Penn Zero and Hope Roberts
  8. I Knew You Were Trouble sung by Emily Anderson
  9. I Won't Forget You sung by Misty and the boys of Grojband
  10. The Potential Breakup Song sung by Sakura Avalon and Madison Taylor
  11. Bad Boys sung by Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley
  12. Run With Us sung by Claire Lyons
  13. This Is His Business sung by Mitchie O'Hara
  14. Breakaway sung by Mel Syzlak
  15. Born This Way sung by Nikki Yanagisawa
  16. The City Is Ours sung by Jake "Razor" Clawson and Chance "T-Bone" Furlong
  17. Genie In A Bottle sung by Kazane Fujimiya
  18. Stronger sung by Meilin Rae
  19. Material Girl sung by Kara Perkins
  20. Girlfriend sung by Mindy Lee
  21. Rich Girl sung by Rita Sasaki
  22. Finally Falling sung by Randy Cunningham and Annie Roberts
  23. Tell Me Tell Me sung by Shaggy Rogers
  24. Up by Joy Williams sung by Tea Gardner
  25. Toxic sung by Harriet Sanders
  26. I'm Your Baby Tonight sung by Susie Feeble
  27. Pump It sung by Ace and Buster Bunny
  28. Game Over sung by Lexi and Babs Bunny
  29. Wrapped sung by Lily Parker
  30. So In Love With Two sung by Jodelle Kaye
  31. My Oh My sung by Star Butterfly
  32. You Have Something sung by Kendall Perkins
  33. Can I Have This Dance sung by Tai Kamiya and Serena Tsukino
  34. You Run Around sung by Marcus Damon
  35. Oops I Did It Again sung by Sophia Winterford
  36. Rock N Roll sung by Brittney Wong
  37. Because of You sung by Kelsey Ace
  38. Money Changes Everything sung by April Swanson
  39. You Are The Music In Me sung by James Carmichael and Amy Sommerstein
  40. Freezing sung by Chloe Rose
  41. Ex's and Oh's sung by Malinda Doe
  42. Survivor sung by Corina Bucksworth
  43. Walk Around The Sun sung by Donkey and Diddy Kong
  44. Velvet sung by Tristan Taylor
  45. Black Widow sung by Samantha Blake
  46. She's A Maniac sung by Marco Diaz
  47. Don't Go Knocking On My Door sung by Hannah Jordan
  48. Faith sung by Terry McGinnis
  49. Wind It Up sung by Kimiko Tohomiko
  50. Rock This Town sung by Tooty The Elephant
  51. Boys Will Be Boys sung by Sam Simpson
  52. You Have Something sung by Fiona Von Steig
  53. Dangerous sung by Zuzu Boyle
  54. Kids In America sung by Felicia McCoy
  55. Read Between The Lines sung by Audrey Jones
  56. 50 Ways To Say Goodbye sung by Yuya Sakaki

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