List of Pikachufreak's Thomas The Tank Engine VHS/DVD Releases is Pikachufreak's idea. These are the following Thomas The Tank Engine videos and DVDs made by Strand VCI Entertainment, Strand Home Video, Video Treasures, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Lionsgate, and Universal. There are some releases with episodes from Seasons 10 and 11.


  1. Thomas Gets Tricked and Other Stories
  2. James Learns A Lesson and Other Stories
  3. Tenders and Turntables and Other Stories
  4. Thomas Breaks The Rules and Other Stories


  1. Better Late Than Never and Other Stories


  1. Trust Thomas and Other Stories
  2. Thomas Gets Bumped and Other Stories


  1. Thomas, Percy and The Dragon and Other Stories
  2. Daisy and Other Thomas Stories


  1. James Goes Buzz Buzz and Other Thomas Stories
  2. Percy's Ghostly Trick and Other Thomas Stories
  3. Thomas' Christmas Party and Other Favorite Stories


  1. Rusty To The Rescue and Other Thomas Stories
  2. Thomas and The Special Letter and Other Stories


  1. Thomas and His Friends Help Out
  2. The Gallant Old Engine and Other Thomas Stories


  1. Sing-Along and Stories
  2. Thomas Meets The Queen and Other Stories


  1. Thomas and His Friends Get Along
  2. Thomas Comes To Breakfast
  3. A Big Day For Thomas


  1. Cranky Bugs and Other Thomas Stories
  2. Races, Rescues and Runaways and Other Thomas Adventures
  3. 10 Years of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends


  1. Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills
  2. Make Someone Happy and Other Thomas Adventures
  3. Thomas' Christmas Wonderland and Other Thomas Adventures


  1. Thomas' Trackside Tunes and Other Thomas Adventures
  2. Best of Percy
  3. Best of Thomas


  1. Best of James
  2. Salty's Secret and Other Thomas Adventures


  1. Percy's Chocolate Crunch and Other Thomas Adventures
  2. James and The Red Balloon and Other Thomas Adventures
  3. Thomas' Snowy Surprise and Other Adventures


  1. Best of Gordon
  2. New Friends For Thomas and Other Adventures
  3. Steamies vs. Diesels
  4. Thomas and The Jet Engine and Other Adventures
  5. It's Great To Be An Engine


  1. Hooray For Thomas and Other Adventures
  2. Thomas' Sodor Celebration
  3. Songs From The Station
  4. Best of Henry
  5. Percy Saves The Day and Other Adventures


  1. Thomas and The Really Brave Engines
  2. Track Stars
  3. Tales From The Tracks
  4. On Site With Thomas and Other Adventures
  5. Thomas' Halloween Adventures
  6. Come Ride The Rails


  1. Best of Edward
  2. Milkshake Muddle
  3. Thomas' Trusty Friends
  4. Best of Toby
  5. Carnival Capers
  6. Thomas and The Toy Workshop
  7. Ultimate Christmas
  8. Pulling Together


  1. Thomas and The Treasure
  2. Engines and Escapades
  3. Mud, Glorious Mud
  4. Happy Little Helpers
  5. Little Engines, Big Days Out
  6. Playtime With Thomas


  1. Big Band Surprise
  2. Railway Friends
  3. High Speed Adventures
  4. Team Up With Thomas
  5. Chases, Troubles and Mishaps
  6. Percy and The Bandstand
  7. Holiday Express


  1. Splish, Splash, Splosh!
  2. Thomas and The Runaway Kite
  3. The Greatest Stories
  4. Creaky Cranky
  5. Merry Winter Wish
  6. The Lion of Sodor


  1. Wobbly Wheels and Whistles
  2. Pop Goes Thomas
  3. The Birthday Express
  4. Thomas In Charge
  5. Merry Christmas, Thomas!
  6. Rescue On The Rails


  1. Curious Cargo
  2. Up, Up and Away!
  3. Engine Friends
  4. Schoolhouse Delivery
  5. A Very Thomas Christmas
  6. Sticky Situations


  1. Muddy Matters
  2. Go Go Thomas
  3. Railway Mischief
  4. Animals Aboard
  5. Santa's Little Engine
  6. The Thomas Way


  1. Spills and Thrills
  2. Trouble On The Tracks
  3. Engines To The Rescue
  4. The Christmas Engines
  5. Signals Crossed


  1. Dinos and Discoveries
  2. Whale of a Tale and Other Sodor Adventures
  3. Wild Water Rescue and Other Engine Adventures
  4. Bumps and Accidents
  5. Thomas' Christmas Carol
  6. Tales On The Rails


  1. Start Your Engines!
  2. Thomas' Summertime Stories
  3. Halloween Express
  4. Tinsel On The Tracks
  5. Ultimate Friendship Adventures


  1. Extraordinary Engines

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