List of Pikachufreak's Thomas and Friends Summary ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make. This is a list of all of the Thomas summaries that Pikachufreak has.

Best of Henry

  • Who's green and big? It's Henry the Green Engine. Join him as he goes for some of his favorite adventures in 9 episodes of usefulness. First, Henry came into a tunnel and refuses to get out. So, Sir Topham Hatt bricked him up. Next, Henry has to take a train called The Flying Kipper and has an accident. Then, Henry tries to save the forest after a storm destroys it. Finally, Henry gets scared of ghosts. But not Old Bailey. So join Henry, our number 3 green engine, in his greatest adventures on the Island of Sodor.

Best of Edward

  • Who's the kindest engine with a number 2 in it? Edward! Join him in all 8 exciting stories you'd never had. Watch as Edward has his first day as he helps Gordon go up a hill. Then, disaster strikes when some cows stray on the line and see Trevor get rescued from scrap. Find out when a brass band comes to the Island of Sodor. Join the fun with Edward and all of his adventures for non-stop fun.

Best of Toby

  • Who's old fashioned with a number 7 in it? Toby! Join him in all 8 stories about good old memories here on the Island of Sodor. Watch as Toby gets a letter from a stout gentleman and then Thomas got into trouble with the police. Watch as Daisy gets an encounter with a bull named Champion. Join Toby and enjoy the old fashioned days that will make you smile.

Pulling Together

  • All Aboard for lots of excitement in this exciting volume of Thomas and Friends. First Gordon has to help Henry swap tenders when he is feeling sick, then Emily has to hide Gordon's special cars from Diesel and finally, Thomas has to show Skarloey the sights. Join all the fun and hop on board for train-loads of extraordinary fun!

Happy Little Helpers

  • Look who's here? There are new friends for Thomas and all of the engines in this exciting volume. First, Thomas has to collect a storyteller and we are introduced to Whiff. Then, Henry has lots of lucky times and Percy has an urgent baggage to deliver. We are next introduced to Hector, a horrid troublesome truck and Billy, the silliest engine and we show James how dirty work never gets done. So hop on board for lots of fun and excitement on the Island of Sodor.

Little Engines, Big Days Out

  • Are you set? Cause in this exciting volume, Thomas and all of his friends have their big days out. First, Thomas meets a jet plane called Jeremy and Toby gets a new shed. We then show Rusty how the signs got all wrong, and finally, Toby spends the whole afternoon. Join all the engines for lots of big days out and lots of fun.

Playtime With Thomas

  • It's Thomas, our number one blue engine, as we join him on his exciting moments from this exciting volume. Viewers will see how Thomas must deliver a bulb, assists The Great Magician's help, takes a sailboat, sees a spaceship, helps James on the flour, and goes in search of Sir Topham Hatt's beloved hat after accidentally blowing it away into the air. So hop on board and have some fun with our favorite leader of the Steam Team, Thomas.

Spooks and Surprises

  • Is it a spook or is this a surprise? You asked for it, cause in this exciting volume, Thomas and all of the engines are learning the right way of spooks and surprises. Watch Thomas get taffy all over, and we are introduced to Fearless Freddie. Next, Thomas' pranks with the Narrow Gauge Engines go too far and we show his disgust to cheese. So join all the fun with your favorite friends for lots of spooks and lots of surprises on the Island of Sodor.

Chases, Troubles and Mishaps

  • Cinders and Ashes! In this exciting volume, we all know about every chase, every trouble and every mishap on the Island of Sodor. We first show Thomas chasing Sir Topham Hatt's car after it gets loose, and then Spencer makes amends for himself. Next, Gordon accidentally brings a passenger by mistake and see how Edward must do his mail routes. Join Thomas and all of your engine friends for lots of chases, troubles and mishaps.

Thomas' Sodor Songs

  • Can you sing it? Cause in this volume, Thomas and all the engines must learn to sing along to your favorite hit songs, plus watch all three new stories. So climb aboard for music and excitement here on the Island of Sodor.

Bumps and Accidents

  • Uh oh! There are lots of bumps and accidents happening right here on the Island of Sodor. In this compilation, we show a montage of all surprises for Thomas and all of your favorite engine friends. You'd better be careful, or you might cause lots of confusion and lots of delays.

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