This is a List of Pocket PC programs hacked to run on HPC and PsPC, sorted by Device.

Handheld PC

Palm Size PC

Casio E-10x

Mashavi Notes Explorer, Green Software AlarmClock, KelBran Pocket Calendar, Xircuit XClock, Hoyle Blackjack, Hoyle Spades, Alienrat Canfield, Hoyle Backgammon, Hoyle Mahjong, Hoyle PlacerRacer, Hoyle Solitaire, Pocket Casinos Mobile BlackJack, Priebesoft pocket euchre, Ask4soft PPcAtaxx, Ask4soft PPcCheckers, Slicer and Dicer (virtual dice roller), Loan Calculator, SHEALD Maze, iBIZ pocket RADIO, Ziad Krayem's Pocket Blocks (a 3D version of Tetris), Ellams Software Air Hockey 3D, Island Labs, Inc Island Time, Scott Seligman's Phyllis, Pocket PC version of Ilium Software DockWare, BlackBox, Big2, WinCEPaint, Patiences (three freeware solitaire games), Stoned (a Dig-Dug-type freeware game), NeuSillyClock, Elastic Software, Inc Favorite Card Games (Canasta, Hearts, and Pinochle), Priebesoft KidColor, Jonathan Wylie's BlockMan (a few small issues), Captain Mobile Tropical Nights Video Poker, Inesoft CalcNote, Soft Agency Pocket Billiard (without sound), Plastic Dog Software Draw Poker, Cosmi Pocket PC games (Le Checkers, Le Mah Jong, Blackjack, Video Poker, Keno, Slots, WordSearch, WordBuild [Hangman], WordScramble, Crossword Puzzles, Brick Breakers [a "Breakout" clone with a few twists], Darts, and a cute little toy called the Love Meter), Velowaver Advanced Lines (some issues), WinamPAQ (maybe - can't test sound because file search is limited to \My Documents), 3D IM-Clock (need to soft reset to exit), ChiRaKS (ditto), CalcNOW, RealCalculator 1.3.1

Casio E-15

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