List of Pokemon Origins openings is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Season 1-6

  • The opening starts with Ash waking up and holding his clock which reads: 7:00am and gasps, he then tries to get down bed, but he slips over lots of balls. Then we see a scene of Falkner tripping while wearing a trenchcoat, a scene of Mahri hanging on a parasol, frightened while being blown by the wind and a scene of Blaine dressed as redbeard while using binoculars. Then we see a scene of Ash crossing his arms, smiling and looking to the right (in a Winnie The Pooh style), then we see a scene of him and Bailey doing dance practice. Then we see a scene of him sitting on a water geyser with a surprised Brock and Misty watching, then we see a scene of Cherry riding on Ramona, while wearing western clothing. We then see a scene of Bailey hugging Sally with Ash watching, a scene of Ralph pulling the pot out of his mouth and a scene of Nelson opening the food vest, revealing nothing and looking confused. Then we see a scene of a swarm of Beedrill charging toward the screen, a scene of Ash and Pikachu jumping for joy, a scene of him glomped by Marina with The Bullies watching, a scene of Surge standing on a rock and looking for something to camp and a scene of Ash, Brock, Ralph and Nelson sitting on a water geyser while the tree blows it and then they were shown high in the air. We then see a scene of Marina who is holding Mahri and Krystal finishing their song while jumping onto mushrooms. Then we see a scene of Temacu gasping, a scene of 5 Ponce Vejigantes reaching the camera (in the style of There's No Camp Like Home), a scene of Mary jumping and screaming, a scene of thunder striking and a scene of Ash's younger sister racing to hide under the sofa. We then see a scene of Ken smirking, a scene of Rebecca gasping and running off, a scene of Brittany arriving into the house (in the style of Pooh Oughta Be In Pictures), a scene of Koji pouring water on the pot Keegan is holding, a scene of Ash falling into the pot of treacle, a scene of Chopper, Seymour and Alex Davis landing on a branch with Damian missing it, a scene of Mikey, His Brothers and Timmy charging out of his house on a wooden cart, a scene of Ash falling into the river and a scene of Egan eating with Dayton gasping. Then we see a scene of All the other trainers racing to Ash and Mary as they gather each other one by one. Finally, we see a scene of Bailey kissing Ash and making him fall over. The screen then turns to black and the Pokemon Origins logo appears.

Season 7-9

Season 10-12

Season 13-15

Season 16

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