List of Pokemon and Digimon At The Puzzle League characters is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Ash Ketchum

  • Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the series and a 10 year old trainer from Pallet Town. He is a young boy who can strive to become a Pokemon master. He likes to be sensitive guy and has a crush on Bailey. He is also siblings with Mary and has a mother named Wilhelmina. He can also be partnered with Nelson. He is voiced by Veronica Taylor.


  • Pikachu is Ash's partner Pokemon and the electric mouse. He is the shockest member of the team who can raise electric attacks. He is very ditzy and sometimes gets caught by nets and other traps. He can never evolve due to its strategy. He is voiced by Ikue Ohtani.

Gary Oak

  • Gary Oak is Ash's first opponent and his main rival. He is a snobby trainer who always competes with Ash in the league. He is very agile and has a crush on Latoya Parker. He is part time Families with Peggy and Rory and has a grandfather named Professor Oak. He is voiced by Jimmy Zoppi.


  • Brock is Ash's second opponent and one of his travelling friends. He is the Pewter Gym Leader who can strive to become a Pokemon Breeder and has a crush on Erika. He has 9 younger siblings and owns an older brother named Rio. He also has total crushes on Suzy, Kagome, Lakoko and Sylphiel and has his parents named Reiko and Flint. He can also be partnered with Ralph. He is voiced by Eric Stuart.


  • Misty is Ash's third opponent and one of his travelling friends. She is the Cerulean Gym Leader who is attractive to water types and has a crush on Rudy. She has three older sisters named Daisy, Violet and Lily and owns a rivalry with Madelyn. She has total crushes on Miroku and Georgio and is enemies with Kim, Kail and Kai who The Sensational Sisters are smitten with. She also strikes a friendship with Sakura, Rebecca, Trinity, Whitney and Brittany, has a younger brother named Billy and owns a mother named Miss Haruna (who is wearing The Head of Security's clothes). She can also wear nude tights under her jean shorts when she needs exercise. She is voiced by Rachael Lillis.


  • Togepi is Misty's partner Pokemon and a normal type from Johto. She is the cutest of all Pokemon who can never stay in its pokeball. She can be careless at sometimes and always causes a lot of trouble. She also owns several things. She is voiced by Satomi Korogi.

Lt. Surge

  • Lt. Surge is Ash's 4th opponent and Gary's older brother. He is the Vermilion Gym Leader who can take advantage over Electric types and has a crush on Sabrina. He can be famous and owns an electric rivalry with Volkner, Sunnyshore Gym Leader. He also gains a total crush named Hunter J. He is voiced by Maddie Blaustein in Season 1-8 and later by Jimmy Zoppi in Season 9-Present.


  • Erika is Ash's 5th opponent and Brock's girlfriend. She is the Celadon Gym Leader who can take part time beauty. She owns a family with Molly Hale and Spencer Hale and has a rivalry with Ivy. She has a total crush on Madara and can be polite. She, like Misty, can wear nude tights under her dress when she needs exercise. She is voiced by Leah Applebaum.


  • Koga is Ash's 6th opponent and a skillful ninja. He is the Fuchsia Gym Leader who can take himself as a warrior. He owns a younger sister named Aya and has a crush on Tsunade. He can also be polite to know he has a total crush on Spiral. He is voiced by Stan Hart.


  • Sabrina is


  • Blaine is

Tracey Sketchit

  • Tracey Sketchit is


  • Jessie is


  • James is


  • Meowth is


  • Wobbuffet is


  • Giovanni is


  • Ritchie is


  • Lorelei is


  • Bruno is


  • Bailey is


  • Mary is


  • Wilhelmina is


  • Sissy is


  • Danny is


  • Rudy is


  • Luana is


  • Falkner is


  • Bugsy is


  • Whitney is


  • Morty is


  • Chuck is


  • Jasmine is


  • Pryce is


  • Clair is


  • Damian is

Alex Davis

  • Alex Davis is


  • Koji is


  • Ken is

Tai Kamiya

  • Tai Kamiya is

Matt Ishida

  • Matt Ishida is

Sora Takenouchi

  • Sora Takenouchi is

Izzy Izumi

  • Izzy Izumi is

Mimi Tachikawa

  • Mimi Tachikawa is

Joe Kido

  • Joe Kido is

T.K. Takaishi

  • T.K. Takaishi is

Kari Kamiya

  • Kari Kamiya is

Davis Motomiya

  • Davis Motomiya is

Ken Ichijouji

  • Ken Ichijouji is

Yolei Inoue

  • Yolei Inoue is

Cody Hida

  • Cody Hida is

Takato Matsuki

  • Takato Matsuki is

Henry Wong

  • Henry Wong is

Rika Nonaka

  • Rika Nonaka is

Jeri Katou

  • Jeri Katou is


  • Leomon is


  • Willis is

Takuya Kanbara

  • Takuya Kanbara is

Koji Minamoto

  • Koji Minamoto is

Tommy Himi

  • Tommy Himi is

Zoe Orimoto

  • Zoe Orimoto is

J.P. Shibayama

  • J.P. Shibayama is

Koichi Kimura

  • Koichi Kimura is

Marcus Damon

  • Marcus Damon is

Thomas H. Norstein

  • Thomas H. Norstein is

Yoshi Fujieda

  • Yoshi Fujieda is

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