List of Pooh & Friends UK Video Spoofs is Pikachufreak's idea. These are the following Pooh & Friends videos from the UK era. It goes from Pooh and Beck & Other Stories to Pulling Together!.


  1. Pooh and Beck & Other Stories
  2. Troublesome Pirates & Other Stories
  3. Medicine & Other Stories
  4. Pooh, Todd and The Coal & Other Stories
  5. Todd and Launchpad & Other Stories
  6. The Deputation & Other Stories
  7. Time For Trouble & Other Stories
  8. Trust Pooh & Other Stories
  9. Escape! & Other Stories
  10. Rock N Roll & Other Stories
  11. Pooh and Mr. Whiskers & Other Stories
  12. Pooh and The Special Letter & Other Stories
  13. Spooks and Surprises
  14. Happy Holidays
  15. Rescues On The Railways
  16. Peep Peep Party
  17. The Fogman & Other Stories
  18. The Chocolate Crunch & Other Stories
  19. Brave Little Characters
  20. Happy Little Helpers
  21. Characters To The Rescue
  22. Pulling Together!

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