These princes are largely a matter of legend and are as such generally disregarded by scholars. They were used by the Toricho dynasty to claim descent from divinity, but this was declared anathaema by Granier. These dates are Era 1.

  • Madna (Manta) - 1-256 (Legendary founder of the city and folk hero)
  • Gyvann (Jivan) - 256-512 (Religious priest and prophet)
  • Mushka (Muka) - 512-800 (Warrior who united the people etc etc)
  • Artor {Ato) 10
  • Emreis (Enlei)
  • Eirlan (Elan)


Granier was a unique wartime leader and the last of his group.


  • Vianne Adamek (Vijan Atame) 0GR (1791)- nominated as his successor from his academy position in his seniority.

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