This article lists systems and planets in the universe of th Ryu Hakaisha.


In the Ryu Hakaisha universe, The Chronoverse was created when the Time of God was fighting with another powerful god, and when the Time god created a massive energy attack at the other god it manged to reflected it back at the cost of its life. Once the energy attack hit the Time God it created what we now know as the Cronovese.

Northern Chronoverse

=Eastern Chronoverse=

Alpha Sector

Euron System

Planet Aneuro

Planet Bastex

Planet Cerebral


Planet Lincca

Planet Kyumusume

N'kin System

Planet Zakin

Planet Nakcain

Planet Xian

Planet Maxtex

Planet Wopblue

Farasho System

Planet Fallion

Planet Jaraii

Planet Yukasho

Zerg System

Planet Haverem

Planet Shinrin

Planet Tabbyaku

Planet Elken

Planet Otzaarg

Dust System

Planet Vinseya

Planet Utobeya

Trenat System

Planet Qutami

Planet Rikoshen

Planet Isarr

Gluk System

Planet Gluks

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