Alec Langley

Ivanka Rubanenko

Michiru Murasaki

Director 2

Bill Williams

Heidi and Saskia

Andrew Hazel

Hajime Kawashima

Hajime Kawashima is an agent of the Delta Defense Alliance. He has been placed in the Kusanagi Ninja Clan and assists Alec Langley during the raid on Nijō Castle during Sapphire Episode II.


Boris Rubanenko

Gabriel Garnett

Khina Sabiri

Svetlana Pirushkin

Svetlana Pirushkin is a KGB agent to meets with Alec Langley in Leningrad, supposedly to provide information on Boris Rubanenko in exchange for secret equipment developed by the Delta Defense Alliance. However, she and Gabriel Garnett double cross him, only to be stopped by support fire from Andrew Hazel.

Daisuke Midori

Artemis Gilliam

Artemis Gilliam is the CEO of Sigma Research and Development.

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