Alec Langley

Ivanka Rubanenko

Director 2

Director 2
Physical Description
Gender Male
Birthday Not specified (Early 1920s)
Birthplace Flag of the United KingdomNot specified (England)
Hometown Flag of the United StatesPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Affiliation(s) Delta Defense AllianceDelta Defense Alliance
Name in Other Languages

Director 2 is the codename of the Delta Defense Alliance's second leader.

Bill Williams

Bill Williams is the head of the Research and Development department of Delta Defense Alliance. He often refers to himself as "William2", as "Bill" is a diminutive form of "William".

Heidi and Saskia

Heidi and Saskia are two friends of Ivanka Rubanenko. Like their friend Ivanka, they are both psychics. In Sapphire Episode I they are hit on by Gabriel Garnett. In Episode II, they are the Ivanka's bridesmaids for her attempted wedding with Alec Langley in 1979.


Boris Rubanenko

Gabriel Garnett

Gregor Knapp

Gregor Knapp
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'4" (205.7cm)
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Race Caucasian
Blood type A
Birthday July 4th, 1942 (Cancer)
Birthplace Flag of East GermanyLeipzig, Saxony, East Germany
Hometown Flag of GermanyStarnberg, Bavaria, West Germany
Affiliation(s) Omega OrderOmega Order
Name in Other Languages

Gregor Knapp is a loyal servant of the Omega Order and is stationed at its base underneath Lake Starnberg in West Germany. He was a previous boyfriend of Ivanka Rubanenko. He has a tough exterior but is friendly and fun-loving. In the first edition of Sapphire Episode I, he was a Russian named Grigory.

Names in Other Languages
Language Foreign Name Latin Transliteration
Flag of Japan Japanese グレッゴル・ナップ Gureggoru Nappu
Flag of Russia Russian Грегор Кнапп Gregor Knapp
Flag of Greece Greek Γκρεγορ Κναππ Gregor Knapp
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese (Simplified) 彭坚儓 Péng Jiāntái
(Given name "Jiāntái" means "Strong servant".)
Flag of the Republic of China Chinese (Traditional) 彭堅儓 Péng Jiāntái
(Given name "Jiāntái" means "Strong servant".)
Flag of South Korea Korean 그레골 낲 Geuraegol Nap
Flag of Saudi Arabia Arabic غرايغور نأب Ghraigur Na'p

Khina Sabiri

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