List of Shining Time Station episodes is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. These are the list of episodes from the 1989 hit series: Shining Time Station. Seasons 1-3 ran on PBS from January 29, 1989 to June 11, 1993, while Seasons 4-Present ran on Playhouse Disney (later Disney Junior) from November 17, 1997 to Present. The Conductors in this series are Ringo Starr (in Seasons 1 and 11-Present, later George Carlin in Seasons 2-10), Alec Baldwin, Michael Brandon and Mark Moraghan. The station crew members are Stacy Jones, Harry Cupper and Billy Twofeathers. The antagonists are Horace Schemer and his nephew Schemee, the Jukebox Band members are Tito Swing, Didi, Tex, Rex and Grace The Bass. The kids in Seasons 1-3 are Dan, Matt, Becky, Kara and Tanya and later in Seasons 4-Present characters from various shows (like Pokemon, The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, Digimon, Sonic X, Timon and Pumbaa, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc).

Season 1 (1989-1990)

Episode 1: A Place Unlike Any Other

  • In this very first episode, we are introduced to the station crew of the series. Matt and Stacy arrive to inspect the old station. RS Mr. Conductor 1 is then introduced along with Tanya and Harry.


  • Thomas Stories: Thomas Gets Tricked and Edward Helps Out.

Episode 2: Does It Bite?

  • Tanya for the first time meets Mr. Conductor 1 and becomes best friends with him. Matt learns to overcome his fear of Harry and becomes a brave kid. Schemer has his first appearance.


  • Thomas Stories: Come Out Henry and Henry To The Rescue.

Episode 3: And The Band Played Off

  • After Stacy accidentally makes a passenger miss his train, Matt, Tanya and Mr. Conductor 1 help her make the band. They then tell them that people always make mistakes.


  • Thomas Stories: A Big Day For Thomas and Trouble For Thomas.

Episode 4: Pitching In and Helping Out

  • Mr. Conductor 1 shows Matt and Tanya the things about the importance of using the ball of string. The kids then use these to decorate everything and then help Schemer tie his shoes.


  • Thomas Stories: Thomas Saves The Day and James Learns A Lesson.

Episode 5: Show and Yell

  • Matt and Tanya prepare for an annual puppet show. At first, it is not a success, but with the help of The Station Crew, they both learn that using Puppet Shows are important.


  • Thomas Stories: Foolish Freight Cars and A Proud Day For James.

Episode 6: Faith, Hope and Anxiety

  • Matt and Tanya are dismayed when Harry couldn't take them on a fishing trip due to a broken signalbox that he and Stacy are going to fix. Mr. Conductor 1 cheers Matt and Tanya up by making sure they won't let their sadness get ruined.


  • Thomas Stories: Thomas and The Conductor and Thomas Goes Fishing.

Episode 7: Agree To Disagree

  • Matt wants to read a book, but Tanya wants him to play. They both get into an argument, but soon learn that they can do lots of different things and still be best friends together.


  • Thomas Stories: Terence The Tractor and Thomas and Bertie's Great Race.

Episode 8: Whistle While You Work

  • As Stacy, Matt and Tanya are doing cleaning chores, Schemer wants to make up a responsibility. He soon makes up his mind when he accidentally seeks help from Ed The Stilt Man.


  • Thomas Stories: Tenders and Turntables and Trouble In The Shed.

Episode 9: Two Old Hands

  • Matt and Tanya are worried when Harry doesn't like Mr. Conductor 1. So they help Stacy make a surprise party and learn that Harry is the worker of the station. Thanks to them, Harry learns to like Mr. Conductor 1 after all.


  • Thomas Stories: Percy Runs Away and Thomas Comes To Breakfast.

Episode 10: Happy Accidents

  • Matt and Tanya learn that important things about avoiding accidents come true. One day, they are building a tower of blocks when it falls down. Luckily, Stacy and Harry help them and learn about friendships.


  • Thomas Stories: Henry's Special Coal and The Flying Kipper.

Episode 11: Ring In The Old

  • Matt and Tanya hear that there are old people coming to Shining Time Station. They know about young ones too, and learn about good people. Thanks to Stacy and Harry, Nathaniel Kaz is here to be inspecting.


  • Thomas Stories: Toby The Tram Engine and Thomas Breaks The Rules.

Episode 12: Impractical Jokes

  • Matt and Tanya are in a relaxation with Stacy and Harry. Schemer wants to make pure jokes, but things backfire when his jokes go too far. Tom Callinan arrives to perform a Poor Paddy song.


  • Thomas Stories: A Cow On The Line and Old Iron.

Episode 13: Finders Keepers

  • Matt and Tanya find a sax belong to Amani Murray. They help Stacy and Harry do the plans and it works. Soon, Amani comes over to perform a sax song and it becomes a success.


  • Thomas Stories: Double Trouble and James In A Mess.

Episode 14: Just Wild About Harry's Workshop

  • While Harry is out, Matt, Tanya and Stacy come by to work at the workshop. However, Schemer is up to no good and tries to turn Harry's workshop into an arcade, only to have his plans backfire. After that, Harry has arrived and thanks to Inspector Flannagan, his workshop is safe.


  • Thomas Stories: Duck Takes Charge and Percy Proves A Point.

Episode 15: Promises, Promises

  • Matt and Tanya have to take care of Schemer while Stacy and Harry are on a meeting with J.B. King. However, things aren't going too well when Schemer helps Tony The Mover turn the arcade room into an amusement park. Part 1 ends in a cliffhanger.


  • Thomas Stories: Better Late Than Never and Pop Goes The Diesel.

Episode 16: Words Out

  • In the second part of this episode, J.B. King wants to declare the closure of Shining Time Station, but to Matt and Tanya's relief, Midge Smoot comes over to save the day. Mr. Conductor 1 explains that tattletales are such worse parts.


  • Thomas Stories: Diesel's Devious Deed and A Close Shave For Duck.

Episode 17: Too Many Cooks

  • It's time for Matt and Tanya to make a cooking contest. They help Stacy and Harry work on their chores. However, Schemer tries to make a good recipe, but things backfire. After that, Matt and Tanya have did it.


  • Thomas Stories: Gordon Takes A Dip and Down The Mine.

Episode 18: Mapping It Out

  • While Stacy and Harry are nowhere to be seen, Schemer takes Matt and Tanya to the farest part of the place. When Stacy and Harry return, they seek help from Pepe Santana. After that, Matt and Tanya promise not to get lost.


  • Thomas Stories: The Runaway and Percy Takes The Plunge.

Episode 19: Things That Go Ga-Hooga! In The Night

  • Matt and Tanya prepare for their sleepover. While Stacy and Harry help Wendy Brackman, Schemer tries to scare everyone, but to no avail. After that, Matt and Tanya are glad they're here to camp out.


  • Thomas Stories: Percy's Ghostly Trick and Woolly Bear.

Episode 20: Is This The End?

  • Matt and Tanya become worried when Shining Time Station is once again about to close. They help Stacy and Harry solve the solution, while Schemer fights back. Luckily, thanks to Jerry The Juggler, Shining Time Station will remain open.


  • Thomas Stories: Saved From Scrap and A New Friend For Thomas.

Episode 21: Tis A Gift

  • Christmas has arrived to Shining Time Station, and Matt, Tanya, Stacy and Harry are working hard to make gifts. Soon, a mean and bratty girl called Vickie and her mother Claire come over. Luckily, Mr. Nicholas has arrived and agrees to take RS Mr. Conductor 1 to the north pole. This episode marks the last appearances of RS Mr. Conductor 1 (who will return in Season 11) and Harry Cupper (who will return in Season 4).


  • Thomas Stories: Thomas' Christmas Party and Thomas and The Missing Christmas Tree.

Season 2 (1991-1992)

Episode 1: Scare Dares

  • It's Halloween at Shining Time Station, and we are introduced to Dan, Becky and Kara. With Harry at Fort Farley, Billy takes his role. With RS Mr. Conductor 1 at the North Pole, GC Mr. Conductor 1 replaces him. One night, on the party of Halloween, Dan worries about getting his costume. Schemer decides to ruin it, but his plans backfire. After that, Stacy welcomes GC Mr. Conductor 1 and Billy to the pack.


  • Thomas Stories: Percy's Ghostly Trick and Thomas, Percy and The Dragon.

Episode 2: Oh, What A Tangled Web

  • Dan and Kara want Becky to have jobs of their own. Becky agrees to help, but she must remember to avoid J.B. King. Mr. Conductor 1 proves that kids are not as easy as they do. Upon hearing that J.B. King is coming, Dan and Kara hide with Becky. Soon, they apologize to Stacy and Billy and they promise not to do that again.


  • Thomas Stories: Diesel's Devious Deed and No Joke For James.

Episode 3: The Magic Is Believing

  • It's the day of the magic show, and Becky for the first time meets Mr. Conductor 1. Amazo The Magician comes by to do his magic show, but however, things aren't going too well. Billy helps Amazo do his tricks again and his plans work. After that, the magic show is a success and Amazo feels thankful.


  • Thomas Stories: Old Iron and Edward's Exploit.

Episode 4: Win, Lose or Draw

  • Dan, Becky and Kara begin to compete in the drawing contest. At first, Becky doesn't want Kara to win, so she helps Mr. Conductor 1 do his assist. However, Schemer steal the ink from Billy so that he can draw his own self-portrait, but to no avail. After that, Becky has won third prize after drawing it and she thanks Mr. Conductor 1.


  • Thomas Stories: Double Trouble and Gordon and The Famous Visitor.

Episode 5: Sweet and Sour

  • We are introduced to Schemer's nephew Schemee. One day, Dan, Becky and Kara are taking a lemonade stand. Somehow, Schemer tries to make sour lemons, and when he helps Schemee pour it, things go awry. Luckily, Schemer receives an unexpected aid from Midge Smoot, and thanks to Mr. Conductor 1, everything's safe at last.


  • Thomas Stories: Donald and Douglas and The Deputation.

Episode 6: Achoo

  • Mr. Conductor 1 finds himself with allergies one day, and he hopes to go to the north pole. The kids try to make him feel better, but nothing happened. Hearing that Mr. Conductor 1 needs to see his penguin friends, they place him in the box so that he can wear pajamas. Soon, Mr. Conductor 1 is much better and thanks the kids.


  • Thomas Stories: Trust Thomas and Whistles and Sneezes.

Episode 7: A Dog's Life

  • There's a dog coming to Shining Time Station one day, and The Kids meet up with Ginny. She explains that she needs dog caring, so Stacy and Billy agree to help. However, things don't go so well when Schemer tries to mess the dog up, but his plan backfires. After that, Ginny thanks the kids.


  • Thomas Stories: James In A Mess and The Trouble With Mud.

Episode 8: Field Day

  • It's time for the ball game and Dan, Becky and Kara invite Matt and Tanya to a competition. Mr. Conductor 1 assists the kids to do everything, and then makes sure they can win. However, Schemer tries his best to ruin the game, but nothing worked. After that, the game is a success and Stacy and Billy thank the kids. This episode marks the last appearances of Matt and Tanya.


  • Thomas Stories: Percy Proves A Point and Thomas and Bertie's Great Race.

Episode 9: Wrong Track

  • Stacy is dismayed when there's no schedule for the trains to do. Dan, Becky and Kara try to cheer her up by making a surprise party, while Billy and Mr. Conductor 1 think of another way to do it. Soon, the surprise party is a success and thanks to Mr. Conductor 1, the trains can now be on schedule.


  • Thomas Stories: Thomas Saves The Day and Down The Mine.

Episode 10: Washout

  • There's a big storm coming to Shining Time Station. The signals have been stolen by Schemer, the bridge over the river has been taken away and the lights at the station have gone out. The Kids have to do their best to signal the trains so that there will be much needed track. Their plan works and they are all relieved.


  • Thomas Stories: Bertie's Chase and Percy's Promise.

Episode 11: Crackpot

  • The Kids are collecting lots of things as usual. Kara accidentally breaks the tea set belonging to Stacy and she gets to blame. Mr. Conductor 1 cheers her up by making sure she won't hurt Stacy's feelings. At last, the tea set returns with a new one and Stacy apologizes to Kara. Then, Dan and Becky are glad that's over.


  • Thomas Stories: Woolly Bear and Henry's Forest.

Episode 12: Yabba, Yabba, Yabba

  • As Dan, Becky and Kara relax, Schemer has assisted Schemee to eye on them by using Walkie Talkies as a job. Stacy and Billy notice that Schemer is doing some bad tricks. But when Dan, Becky and Kara leave, Schemee starts looking for toys in a very fast motion sequence. He gets blamed by Schemer and Mr. Conductor 1 proves to be useful.


  • Thomas Stories: Pop Goes The Diesel and Diesel Does It Again.

Episode 13: Nickel In A Pickle

  • Schemer ends up with his thumb in a splinter and his legs bent. So he decides to quit. Dan, Becky and Kara make sure that Schemer won't quit. But as usual, nothing happened to Schemer. A few days later, he returns to Shining Time and is quick to apologize. After that, everything is back to normal.


  • Thomas Stories: Thomas Comes To Breakfast and Thomas Gets Bumped.

Episode 14: Stop The Press

  • Dan, Becky and Kara hear about news reports and other stuff. So they make papers by themselves to make sure they can hear about the news. Stacy and Billy help the kids too, but not for Schemer. After that, Mr. Conductor 1 is glad that's a success.


  • Thomas Stories: Percy and The Signal and A Big Day For Thomas.

Episode 15: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

  • Valentine's Day has arrived to Shining Time Station and as usual Mr. Conductor 1 is doing a Cupid job. Dan, Becky and Kara accidentaly try to warn Stacy about the love dust, and she falls on it and goes in love with Schemer. Billy soon saves the day and Valentine's Day is a success.


  • Thomas Story: Thomas, Percy and The Mail Train.

Episode 16: Double Trouble

  • The Kids are drawing lots of things for the contest and Mr. Conductor 1's Evil Twin comes to life. He soon starts making mishaps, and the only way for the real Mr. Conductor 1 is to stop his sinister ways. As soon as Mr. Conductor 1's Double is turned back into paper, everything in Shining Time Station returns back to normal.


  • Thomas Stories: The Diseasel and Donald's Duck.

Episode 17: Is Anybody Here?

  • The Radio Show is about to begin and The Kids make sure Schemer won't do his pranks. Stacy and Billy help them by knowing about Radio Shows. However, things aren't going too well for Schemer, and his plans backfire. After that, The Kids begin to feel free.


  • Thomas Stories: Thomas Goes Fishing and A Scarf For Percy.

Episode 18: Do I Hear

  • With Stacy and Billy nowhere to be seen, The Kids have to take care of Schemer who explains that the Jukebox is broken. But however, things are beginning to go awry when something worse happens. When Stacy and Billy return the jukebox is brought with a newer one and The Kids thank Schemer.


  • Thomas Stories: Mavis and Toby's Tightrope.

Episode 19: Jingle, Jingle, Jingle

  • The Kids and Schemer begin their slogan contest. Schemer as usual begins to think of building a parking lot, but however, things go worse for him when there's no money. Stacy and Billy help him by winning with The Kids and it's a success. After that, the Slogan contest is over and Schemer is thankful.


  • Thomas Stories: Time For Trouble and Trouble For Thomas.

Episode 20: All's Fair

  • The Fair Festival has come to Shining Time Station and Schemer and Stacy are assigned for a pie contest. The Kids help them and Billy by doing pies. Their plan soon works and everything is good in place. Then, Mr. Conductor 1 thanks the gang for making a pie contest.


  • Thomas Story: Edward, Trevor and The Really Useful Party.

Season 3 (1993-1994)

Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Episode 4:


Episode 5:


Episode 6:


Episode 7:


Episode 8:


Episode 9:


Episode 10:


Episode 11:


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Episode 25:


Season 4 (1997-1998)

Season 5 (1998-1999)

Season 6 (1999-2000)

Season 7 (2002-2003)

Season 8 (2003-2004)

Season 9 (2004-2005)

Season 10 (2007-2008)

Season 11 (2008-2009)

Season 12 (2009-2010)

Season 13 (2012-2013)

Season 14 (2013-2014)

Season 15 (2014-2015)


  • In Seasons 4-9 and 13, Thomas Stories based on the 1989 version of The New Adventures of Shining Time Station are used, while Seasons 10-13 have Thomas Stories redone by George Carlin, Ringo Starr and Alec Baldwin, as well as Season 15 with Thomas Stories from Season 5-7.

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