List of Skarloey the Narrow Gauge Engine & Friends videos are from Skarloey the Narrow Gauge Engine & Friends.

Duke To The Rescue & Other Adventures



  • Skarloey We Love You
  • Engine Roll Call (Narrow Gauge version)


  • Narrated by Pierce Brosnan.

Front Cover

  • Top: Duke
  • Bottom: Percy derailed from "Duke To The Rescue"

Back Cover

  • Sir Handel from "A Better View For Sir Handel"
  • Sally derailed from "Duke Helps Sally"


  • The picture of Duke and Harmood is in back cover, but that picture from that isn't one of the episodes.
  • The deleted sence from Duncan Goes Buzz Buzz was accidently used, so they didn't want to mess with it. The deleted sence was James stung by bee.

Best of Jerry


  1. Dirty Jimmy
  2. Skarloey Comes to Breakfest
  3. Duncan Goes Buzz Buzz
  4. Dirty Objects
  5. Skarloey and the May Day Parade
  6. Diana

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