The following is a list of updates on the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website, Smash Bros. Dojo. The updates are written by the game's creator and director, Masahiro Sakurai.

Update Category Date
The Basic Rules How to Play 5/22/07
Battlefield Stages 5/22/07
The Musicians Music 5/22/07
Mario Characters 5/23/07
Link Characters 5/23/07
Gooey Bomb Items 5/24/07
Pit Characters 5/25/07
Pit's Special Moves Characters 5/28/07
Final Smash How to Play 5/29/07
Mario's Final Smash Characters 5/29/07
Moving and Shooting How to Play 5/30/07
Cracker Launcher Items 5/31/07
Delfino Plaza Stages 6/1/07
Yoshi's Story: Ending Music 6/4/07
Poké Balls Items 6/5/07
Poké Ball: Groudon Items 6/5/07
Recovery How to Play 6/6/07
Kirby Characters 6/7/07
Pikachu Characters 6/7/07
Controller Types Game Modes 6/8/07
Fox Characters 6/11/07
Yoshi's Island Stages 6/12/07
Metroid: Ridley's Theme Music 6/13/07
Crates and Barrels Items 6/14/07
Samus Characters 6/15/07
Link's Final Smash Characters 6/18/07
Pikachu's Final Smash Characters 6/19/07
Wario Characters 6/20/07
Fox's Special Moves Characters 6/21/07
Lylat Cruise Stages 6/22/07
Zelda Characters 6/25/07
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Medley Music 6/26/07
Banana Peel Items 6/27/07
Names Game Modes 6/28/07
Wario's Special Moves Characters 6/29/07
Assist Trophies Items 7/2/07
Assist Trophy: Samurai Goroh Items 7/2/07
Bowser Characters 7/3/07
Bowser's Final Smash Characters 7/4/07
Smash Attacks How to Play 7/5/07
Bridge of Eldin Stages 7/6/07
Standard Combos How to Play 7/9/07
Assist Trophy: Dr. Wright Items 7/10/07
Bumper Items 7/11/07
15 Second Movie Presentation Notices 7/12/07
Donkey Kong Characters 7/12/07
Smashville Stages 7/13/07
StarFox: Space Armada Music 7/16/07
Poké Ball: Deoxys Items 7/17/07
Samus's Final Smash Characters 7/18/07
Zero Suit Samus Characters 7/19/07
This World... Game Modes 7/20/07
Rumble Falls Stages 7/23/07
Yoshi Characters 7/24/07
Skyworld Stages 7/25/07
Footstool Jump How to Play 7/26/07
Assist Trophy: Knuckle Joe Items 7/27/07
Donkey Kong's Final Smash Characters 7/30/07
Pitfall Items 7/31/07
NEWCOMER: Ike Characters 8/1/07
Castle Siege Stages 8/2/07
The Subspace Emissary Game Modes 8/3/07
Smoke Ball Items 8/6/07
Ike's Special Moves Characters 8/7/07
Kid Icarus: The Underworld Music 8/8/07
Pit's Final Smash Characters 8/9/07
Franklin Badge Items 8/10/07
NEWCOMER: Pokémon Trainer Characters 8/13/07
Pokémon Trainer's Special Moves Characters 8/13/07
Assist Trophy: Devil Items 8/14/07
Stickers Game Modes 8/15/07
Tether Recovery How to Play 8/16/07
Peach Characters 8/17/07
Link's Special Moves Characters 8/20/07
The Subspace Army Game Modes 8/21/07
NEWCOMER: Diddy Kong Characters 8/22/07
Animal Crossing: Go K.K. Rider! Music 8/23/07
Yoshi's Final Smash Characters 8/23/07
Boss: Petey Piranha Game Modes 8/24/07
Superspicy Curry Items 8/27/07
Assist Trophy: Andross Items 8/28/07
Special Move Types How to Play 8/28/07
Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard's Special Moves Characters 8/29/07
Gliding How to Play 8/30/07
WarioWare Stages 8/31/07
Cutscene: Pit's Descent Game Modes 9/3/07
Diddy Kong's Special Moves Characters 9/4/07
Meta Knight Characters 9/5/07
Pokémon Stadium 2 Stages 9/6/07
Mario's Special Moves Characters 9/6/07
My Music Music 9/7/07
Pokémon: Pokémon Stadium/Evolution Music 9/7/07
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Main Theme Music 9/7/07
Poké Ball: Munchlax Items 9/10/07
Assist Trophy: Lyn Items 9/11/07
Battleship Halberd Stages 9/12/07
Special Brawl Game Modes 9/13/07
Ice Climbers Characters 9/14/07
Golden Hammer Items 9/17/07
Wi-Fi Play Game Modes 9/18/07
Enemies from Subspace Game Modes 9/19/07
Poké Ball: Piplup Items 9/20/07
Snake Characters 9/21/07
Metal Gear Solid: MGS4 Love Theme Music 9/21/07
Snake's Special Moves Characters 9/21/07
Trophies Game Modes 9/24/07
Diddy Kong's Final Smash Characters 9/25/07
Assist Trophy: Mr. Resetti Items 9/26/07
Pokémon Trainer's Final Smash Characters 9/27/07
Tourney Game Modes 9/28/07
NEWCOMER: Lucas Characters 10/1/07
Snake Joins the Brawl! Characters 10/2/07
Shadow Moses Island Stages 10/2/07
Assist Trophy: Excitebike Items 10/3/07
Shielding and Dodging How to Play 10/4/07
Fox's Final Smash Characters 10/4/07
Team Game Modes 10/5/07
Zero Suit Samus's Special Moves Characters 10/8/07
Kirby's Final Smash Characters 10/9/07
WarioWare: Ashley's Theme Music 10/9/07
NEWCOMER: Sonic Characters 10/10/07
Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Brawl! Characters 10/10/07
2007 Nintendo Conference Trailer Notices 10/10/07
Sonic's Special Moves Characters 10/11/07
New Launch and E for All Characters 10/12/07
Snapshots Game Modes 10/12/07
New Pork City Stages 10/15/07
Home Run Contest Game Modes 10/16/07
Poké Ball: Meowth Items 10/17/07
Wii Remote Controls How to Play 10/17/07
Assist Trophy: Little Mac Items 10/18/07
Peach's Final Smash Characters 10/19/07
PictoChat Stages 10/22/07
Cutscene: Donkey Kong Makes His Stand Game Modes 10/23/07
Break the Targets Game Modes 10/24/07
NEWCOMER: King Dedede Characters 10/25/07
King Dedede's Special Moves Characters 10/26/07
Stage Creator Game Modes 10/29/07
Classic Mode Game Modes 10/30/07
The Summit Stages 10/31/07
Meta Knight's Final Smash Characters 11/1/07
Character Entrances How to Play 11/2/07
Cutscene: Fox's Misfortune Game Modes 11/5/07
Fire Emblem: Main Theme Music 11/5/07
Items from Previous Games Items 11/6/07
Assist Trophy: Gray Fox Items 11/7/07
Grab and Throw How to Play 11/7/07
Lucas's Special Moves Characters 11/8/07
Norfair Stages 11/9/07
Ike's Final Smash Characters 11/12/07
Three Different Taunts How to Play 11/13/07
Handicap Game Modes 11/14/07
Meta Knight's Special Moves Characters 11/15/07
Kirby: Meta Knight's Revenge Music 11/15/07
Spectator Game Modes 11/16/07
Ice Climbers' Final Smash Characters 11/19/07
Smart Bomb Items 11/20/07
Training Game Modes 11/20/07
Alternate Colors How to Play 11/21/07
Assist Trophy: Saki Amamiya Items 11/22/07
Lucas's Final Smash Characters 11/23/07
Charged Special Moves How to Play 11/23/07
Controls Game Modes 11/26/07
Widescreen Game Modes 11/27/07
Donkey Kong: Classic Theme Music 11/27/07
Wario's Final Smash Characters 11/28/07
Events Game Modes 11/29/07
Melee Stages Stages 11/30/07
Friend List Game Modes 12/3/07
Returning Pokémon Items 12/4/07
The Battle for the Smash Ball How to Play 12/5/07
X: Tunnel Scene Music 12/5/07
King Dedede's Final Smash Characters 12/6/07
With Anyone/Basic Brawl Game Modes 12/7/07
Poké Ball: Bonsly Items 12/10/07
Rotation Game Modes 12/11/07
Options Game Modes 12/12/07
Ice Climber: Main Theme Music 12/12/07
Mario Circuit Stages 12/13/07
Assist Trophy: Stafy Items 12/14/07
Assist Trophy: Waluigi Items 12/14/07
Co-op Events Game Modes 12/17/07
Frigate Orpheon Stages 12/18/07
Mother: Porky's Theme Music 12/18/07
Team Healer Items 12/19/07
Kirby's Special Moves Characters 12/20/07
Subspace Emissary Trailer Game Modes 12/21/07
Wario: Overalls Wario Characters 12/24/07
Sonic's Final Smash Characters 12/25/07
Sonic the Hedgehog: Angel Island Zone Music 12/25/07
Trophy Stands Game Modes 12/26/07
Coin Launcher Game Modes 12/27/07
Dragoon Items 12/28/07
Share Game Modes 12/28/07
Melee Stages: Part 2 Stages 1/7/08
Multi-Man Brawl Game Modes 1/8/08
NEWCOMER: Pikmin & Olimar Characters 1/9/08
Pikmin: World Map Music 1/9/08
Snake's Final Smash Characters 1/10/08
Pikmin & Olimar's Special Moves Characters 1/11/08
Challenges Game Modes 1/14/08
Distant Planet Stages 1/15/08
Sheik Characters 1/16/08
Pikmin & Olimar's Final Smash Characters 1/17/08
Sticker Power-ups Game Modes 1/18/08
Zelda's Final Smash Characters 1/21/08
Poké Ball: Manaphy Items 1/22/08
Iwata Asks Notices 1/22/08
Mushroomy Kingdom Stages 1/23/08
Super Mario Bros.: Ground Theme Music 1/23/08
Test Battle Game Modes 1/24/08
Masterpieces Game Modes 1/25/08
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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