This is a complete list of characters who have appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog in alphabetical order.



A.D.A.M., or Autonomous Digital Assault Microbe, or even A.D.A.M. determines Annonymous' Movements, is a fictional artificial intelligence and antagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. His name stands for either "Autonomous Digital Assault Microbe" or "A.D.A.M. determines Anonymous' Movements", and he is a sentient computer virus created through accident by Dr. Eggman.

Initially, A.D.A.M. appears as simply a green computer screen, with a EKG line like that on a medical monitor which spikes whenever he speaks. When in a body composed of nanites, he appears as an amorphous green blob vaguely shaped like Eggman's icon with red eyes, a black mouth, and the word "EGG?" written across his forehead. Later, after assuming Tommy Turtle's body as a host, he takes on the form of a silvery metallic turtle with white eyes. On his chest in this form rests a green orb, surrounded by a star-like frame with several cords of metal attached. Armor in the form of a helmet also appeared around his head, matching four blade-like appendages reaching from his back.


One of Doctor Robotnik's most powerful creations, ART was developed for the purpose of defeating the Sonic Underground and their Freedom Fighter allies. Able to absorb any technology into his frame to increase in size and power, ART is a learning robot, capable of adapting to anything his opponents might deploy. "ART" stands for "Artificial Robot Technology".

Aaron the Echidna

Aaron was a Mobian Echidna, the son of Rembrandt and brother of Jordan. He has the distinction of being the first Guardian of Angel Island to die childless, and before joining the Brotherhood of Guardians.


Abby is a Mobian koala who works as a housemaid 25 years into the future. In the Mobius: 25 Years Later series, Abby serves the Guardian family (Knuckles, Julie-Su and Lara-Su) and is responsible for maintaining the household. She seems to have a strong dislike for King Sonic's son Manik. She listened in on a conversation between Julie-Su, her sister Lien-Da, and Queen Sally, offering her own occasional comments. She also helped welcome the royal family upon their arrival, earning a scolding from Julie-Su for her opinion of Manik.

Abraham Tower

Abraham Tower, also known as G.U.N. Commander or simply The Commander, is the chief of the Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N.). This gives him complete authority of all operations, and is usually seen giving missions to Shadow, Rouge, and Omega, whom he has dubbed as "Team Dark".


Aerial is a young blonde Overlander girl that became a member of the Wolf Pack along with her twin sister Athena. Discovered in the ruins of an abandoned city, Lupe took the two girls in as members of the Pack, and now acts as a mother figure for both Aerial and her sister. Aerial is a blonde-haired girl who is extremely calm and quiet, as opposed to Athena who has brown hair and is mute. They are the lone survivors of an Overlander city, and it caused quite an uproar when Lupe brought them into the pack.

Upon arriving in the Wolf Pack's former home town, Aerial fell victim to tranquilizer gas along with the rest of the Pack. After the group was captured by the roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog and a group of Shadowbots, Lupe allowed herself to be roboticized so she could be with her family. However, with her last ounce of free will, she enabled Aerial and the others to escape, leaving the Overlander sisters in the care of the other Wolf Pack members.

Some time later, Lupe and the other Robians had their free will restored, and were reunited with the Wolf Pack, making Aerial and Athena very happy to have her back in their lives. When A.D.A.M. began controlling the Nanites into making a city, Aerial and Athena were carried away by the Wolf Pack, as they were still too small to run fast enough.

Agent N

Agent N is a robot who appeared in an episode of Sonic Underground. Agent N was an ape-like intelligence operative under Robotnik. He was assigned to oversee the production of Robotnik's spy watch robots, which were being built by Mister LaTour, but that scheme and Agent N himself were destroyed by Sonic and his siblings.


Agunus was an elemental wizard and member of the Order of Ixis who escaped death at the hands of the Albion Knights of Aurora. A rhinoceros, he gained mastery over the element of earth, and then the elements of water and wind from his comrades Suguna and Nusgau. The three joined forces after their Order's destruction, and after teaching each other their respective magics set out to capture control over the elements of fire by making contact with the sun. Despite their coopoeration, Agunus held back part of his knowledge regarding earth, and so thought to surpass the others by reaching the sun first. However, he made the mistake of betraying the others first and the other two copied his trick. When Nusgau made his bid to take the lead, Agunus grabbed Nusgau, and Suguna grabbed Agunus and they all fell into the sun together, fusing them together into Ixis Naugus.

Aero Chaser

The Aero Chaser is an enemy from Sonic Unleashed. Unlike most enemies, Sonic can't attack them directly, he hast to boost into other Egg Fighters littering the course being followed. Sometimes they simply run into a pillar or a wall beind them, destroying them quickly. They, however, spawn more Aero Chasers when defeated.


Aida (アイダ) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. She is the owner of a Spagonian jewelery shop. This lady of leisure loves two things: elegance and beauty. Naturally, Aida consider herself a paragon of both, which would explain why her room is plastered with pictures of herself.

Albert Butler

Albert Butler (known as Alfred Butler in Japanese) is the groundskeeper of Station Square's baseball stadium, Diamond Stadium.

Albion Knights of Aurora

The Albion Knights of Aurora are, as the name suggests, an order of knights from the Echidna city of Albion who are dedicated to the Mobian goddess Aurora. They existed approximately 9,700 years ago. They were the only force on Mobius that was technologically advanced enough to counter the early rise of Mammoth Mogul and his Order of Ixis during the Order's bid for world domination. The Albion Knights successfully destroyed all but four members of the Order of Ixis in the Forgotten War: the sorcerers Nusgau, Agunus, and Suguna (who would later merge to become Ixis Naugus), and Mogul himself. (StH: #66, #163)

Alexander Acorn

Alexander Acorn was the first of the Acorn lineage and the first monarch of the Kingdom of Acorn. As the various species on Mobius began to develop following the devastation of the planet caused by both the Xorda's destructive attack and the natural disasters around the planet that followed, Alexander noticed that the various species had particular skills and unique abilities. He decided that if the various Mobian species were to work together, substantial progress could be made. Alexander had hoped to include the Echidnas in his community, but they chose to isolate themeselves and form their own colonies, as they had not only developed at a far greater (by this point in time, the Echidnas in Albion had already ventured out into space), but felt the knowledge they could provide might be more harmful to Alexander's community than good. Additionally, Alexander attempted to appeal to the Overlanders, but their aggressive tendencies proved them incompatible with the Mobians. However, the various other Mobian species wich did ally under his banner formed the first multicultural city on Mobius, Mobotropolis. Due to his insights and his leadership, the Mobians made him king following the creation of Mobotropolis.

Alexis Acorn

Alexis Acorn is the daughter of Megan Acorn and step daughter of King Elias Acorn. Due to her heritage, she is inelligable to take a place on the throne of the Kingdom of Acorn. This is fine with her step-father, as he does not want his children involved in a life of politics. Alexis was briefly captured along with almost everyone else and sent to the Egg Grapes after the Destruction of Knothole, but was subsequentely rescued and moved to New Mobotropolis where she lives with her parents in the new Castle Acorn. When Amadeus Prower and his wife infiltrated the castle in their efforts to convince Elias to step down as king, Elias had NICOLE move Megan and Alexis to safety. (StH: #155, #175, #176, #179)


Alf-Layla-wa-Layla is the final boss in Sonic and the Secret Rings. He is an incomplete, twisted, grotesque genie demon, and is the powered-up form of Erazor Djinn, created when Erazor sacrificed Shahra the Ring Genie and attempted to absorb the World Rings. In order to complete the transformation, he intends to sacrifice Sonic, who collected the rings in the first place. He is intent on ruling both the Arabian Nights world and Sonic's.

Sonic battles him, having used the World Rings of Hatred, Sadness, and Rage to transform into Darkspine Sonic.

Alf-Layla-wa-Layla can be translated from Arabic as "A thousand nights and one night".

Ali Baba

Ali Baba (アリババ) is the 1001 Arabian Nights version of Tails. He is first encountered in the Desert Oasis after being rescued from the minions of Erazor Djinn. He is later seen again after Erazor Djinn summons an Ifrit and announces that Sonic only has half his life left. They go to Ali Baba where he explains that his friend Sinbad may be able to help them. He is seen again when Sonic and Sinbad are fighting and questions the ability to gather enough water to put out a fire genie.

At the end, he had apparently gone on many travels with Sinbad and Sonic until the hedgehog returned home. Ali Baba's shoes appear to be a simple redesign of Tails' original shoes.

Alpha 100 Series

The Alpha 100 Series was a series of Mechanoids created by Dr. Ivan Kintobor, Dr. Niven and Professor Clarke using Xorda technology, but the only known unit is Isaac who appears to be the second of the line.

Amadeus Prower

Amadeus Prower is the father of Tails and the brother of Merlin Prower. He has brown fur and light blue eyes. He wears Acorn Kingdom Army uniform and a sword. He also wears an eyepatch over his left eye due to getting shot in the eye with a laser by Colin.


Aman-Rapi is a character in Sonic Underground. He is voiced by Jaleel White.

An ancestor of Queen Aleena Hedgehog, Sonic, Sonia and Manic, Aman-Rapi was a sorcerer and prophet. In his own time, Aman-Rapi foretold the coming of Dr. Robotnik, and inscribed a blueprint on how to defeat him on a scroll which was placed in his tomb. Later, when Sonic and the others came looking for the scroll, Aman-Rapi's mummified minions mistook Sonic for him. The reason for this was revealed as the spirit of Aman-Rapi himself appeared, similar in appearance (except for an Ancient Egyptian outfit) and personality to Sonic. After the Sonic Underground granted his request for a song, he used his spell of immobility to freeze the invading enemies long enough for them to escape. Unfortunately, the scroll was so old that when it was removed from its tube, it crumbled to dust. However, Aman-Rapi had left one message: inscribed on the tube was a hieroglyph, which when translated, meant "Hedgehogs will prevail", or as Sonic put it, "Hedgehogs rule".

Amy (Sentai)

Amy (Sentai) is an alternate counterpart of Amy Rose from the Sentai Zone. She, and the rest of the Sonicaman: Chaos Ninja Team, were summoned to Mobius Prime by Zonic to save Sonic from Sallactor's attacks. (SSS: #12)

Amy Rose

Amelia "Amy" Talia Rose IV (エミー・ローズ Emī Rōzu?), once known as Rosy the Rascal, is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a pink, female hedgehog who plays the part of Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend. She has chased Sonic since her first debut in 1993, and has been trying to win his heart in everything from the series' animated TV shows to comics and games. She is the first female character introduced into the game universe and is also one of the most popular, coming in fifth place on an official popularity poll.

Like Sonic and other characters in the series, Amy is significantly shorter and lighter than humans her same age. To be precise, she is 12 years old, 90 cm (2'11") tall (although at times it looks as if she's almost the same height as Sonic), and weighs 23 to 27 kg. She was described as being 8 years old in Sonic CD, but as of Sonic Adventure and onwards she has grown older (by 4 years). Also, with the addition of Cream the Rabbit, Amy seems to have found herself a sidekick similar to Sonic's own sidekick Tails (as implied by Sonic Battle, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Advance 3, and Shadow the Hedgehog.)

Parody Appearences

Amy Rose's personality reflects that of

  • Emily or Rosie - Thomas & Friends
  • Lillie Lightship - TUGS
  • Emily - Theodore Tugboat
  • Peach - Super Mario Bros.
  • Lanolin - Garfield & Friends (maybe not Chloe)
  • Lola Bunny - Looney Tunes
  • Marge or Lisa - The Simpsons
  • Stacy Jones or Becky - Shining Time Station
  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - Phineas and Ferb
  • Penelope Pitstop - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
  • Hilda - Dastardly and Muttley
  • Irma - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Buneary - Pokemon
  • Tiff - Kirby
  • Roll - Mega Man
  • Lindsay - Total Drama


Amy-Zilla is an alternate version of Amy Rose from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Amy into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. Despite her fearsome mutatations, she was unable to stop the Giant Robotno piloted by Sonic the Hedgehog. (SSS: #12)

Ancient Walkers

The Ancient Walkers are three powerful entities that hail from ancient times. They appear to have originally been Mobian dinosaurs and remain an enigma, often appearing at important crisis times on Mobius. The Brotherhood of Guardians regard them as the only beings in history to attain absolute mastery of Chaos Energy. Appearing in multiple forms, most often as a trio of tiki masks, the three appear to offer advice and task their successors with the defense of Mobius. They most often communicate their wishes through their emissary, Knuckles' great-grandfather Athair.

The Ancient Walkers first appeared to Knuckles, warning him of a threat to Angel Island presented by half a Chaos Emerald that, if allowed to join with the whole that kept the island aloft, would destroy the island. Tails encountered them during his journey in Downunda, during which they taught him the history of the Chaos Emeralds and of the foretold coming of the Chosen One: Tails himself, though he wasn't told this at the time. The Walkers later put Sonic through an unusual test upon the hedgehog's acquisition of his one billionth ring, and rewarded him the opportunity to ask. Knuckles encountered them the most out of the three prophesied heroes, including one occasion when they saved him from being molecularly disassembled by Enerjak.

Together with Athair, the Walkers also appeared during the battle with Mammoth Mogul, who had taken on the form of Master Mogul to do battle with Super Sonic, Turbo Tails, Hyper Knuckles, the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, and the Brotherhood, a conflict that led to the creation of the Emerald Coast]. Some time after that, they gave Knuckles the role of Mitre of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas as they made their way to Albion.

Due to the actions of Mammoth Mogul, who crippled them with his power after escaping the Master Emerald, the Ancient Walkers began to slowly deteriorate as time went on. Before Elias Acorn could use the power of the Crown of Acorns to help them, the Walkers were destroyed by an interdimensional breach opened by the Arachne wielding the Sword of Acorns, which also allowed Ixis Naugus to escape the Zone of Silence. Before their destruction, they chose Aurora, Athair and Tails' uncle Merlin Prower as their successors.

Angus MacGull

Angus MacGull is a Scottish light house Keeper of LightHouse 1, the most important lighthouse on Mobius because all shipping traffic goes via it.


Angel-La is the mother of Edmund and Dimitri, and wife of Byron. In 2001 and 2002 (technically 3236), the Floating Island was renamed Angel Island after Angel-La.


Anti-Geoffrey, Geoffrey St. John's evil counterpart from Anti-Mobius, briefly led the Anti-Freedom Fighters. However, after repeated defeats, the other's dumped him and Anti-Sally Acorn became the new leader. While he had almost no role, it can be assumed that he possesses all of his Prime version's negative qualities woth none of the positive. Anti-Geoffrey is seedier-looking than his good counterpart, and has a spiky punk haircut.


Anti-Jules was the father of Scourge the Hedgehog and the Anti-Mobius counterpart of Jules Hedgehog. He was a key figure in establishing the Great Peace, something Scourge despised. Because of Anti-Jules' contributions to the Great Peace, there was virtually no war or conflict in Mobius, though this did not last forever. According to Scourge, "Ten years later, everything had stagnated and fallen apart". Scourge sought to "wake up" his world around this point, and likely killed his own father. He explained to Jules Hedgehog, during his time in Mobius Prime "Sonic's dad isn't a Mobian anymore. My dad simply isn't." After Jules stood up for both himself and his son, Scourge left saying to Jules "Just a bunch of empty words. You're no different from my old man after all."

Anti-Knuckles the Echidna

Anti-Knuckles is a Mobian Echidna and Knuckles' alternate self from the dimension of Moebius.


Anti-Overlanders are the Anti-Mobius versions of Overlanders. Unlike their Prime counterparts, Anti-Overlanders are peaceful and accepting of Mobians, and care about the environment.

Anti-Penelope Platypus

Anti-Penelope is the Anti-Mobius counterpart of Penelope Platypus. She was briefly involved with Scourge the Hedgehog, but unlike Anti-Bunnie Rabbot, she did not join the Anti-Freedom Fighters in search of vengeance.

Anti-Rob O' the Hedge

Anti-Rob O' the Hedge is the Anti-Mobius counterpart of Mobius Prime's Rob O' the Hedge and the cousin of Anti-Amy. Little is known about him, except that (according to Scourge) his brother killed him.

Antoine D'Coolette

Antoine D'Coolette (アントワン・デクレット Antowan Dekuretto), also known as Ant and "Antsy" by Sonic, is a fictional character appearing in both the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series and comic series. He is a brown, male, Mobian coyote with blue eyes, peach muzzle and profoundly blond hair, occasionally depicted with a small mustache, although he has not been seen with one for some time. Although it was suggested that Antoine wore a hairpiece in the early issues of the comic, modern continuity has established it as his natural hair. He wears his Acorn Kingdom Army uniform; brown boots, blue jacket with a red belt tied around it a few inches from the bottom of the coat, gold pipes on the shoulder, golden cuffs on the end of each sleeves, gold-colored lacy ascot and a G.U.N. badge on the right lapel of his coat. He stands 112 cm (3'8") tall and weighs 39 kg (87 lbs).

He is usually depicted as slightly older than the rest of the main characters; his age is usually placed around 20, whereas the other characters are around 17. He has a thick French accent that is expressed prominently in the text of the comic. He debuted in issue #0 of the comic's introductory series, and in episode 1 of the cartoon. In both media he is commonly called Ant; though originally intended as an insult it has become a friendly nickname.

Parody Appearences

Antoine's personality reflects that of:

  • James - Thomas & Friends
  • Top Hat - TUGS
  • Oogtar - Super Mario Bros.
  • Roy - Garfield & Friends
  • Moe - The Simpsons
  • Stuck-Up Steve - Horrid Henry
  • Schemer - Shining Time Station
  • Falco Lombardi - Star Fox
  • Plucky Duck - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Red Max - Wacky Races
  • Daffy Duck - Looney Tunes
  • Jeremy Johnson - Phineas and Ferb
  • Tokkori - Kirby
  • Turtwig - Pokemon
  • Noah - Total Drama


The Arachne are the six spider ninja children of Uma Arachnis. Any father they might have had is unknown. Born from eggs laid by Uma prior to her death, they inherited her fixation on the Sword of Acorns, her loyalty towards Ixis Naugus, and her ninjitsu skills through genetic memory. Initially, they did battle with the Knothole Freedom Fighters in an effort to claim the Sword of Acorns, only to be entrusted with it by Princess Sally Acorn. A year or so later, they used it to free Ixis Naugus from the Zone of Silence, and briefly served under him and then Mammoth Mogul before being captured by Dr. Eggman and imprisoned in the Egg Grape Chamber, where they died as a result of their life force being drained.


Arakkis was a holy man among the people of Echidnaopolis when the Echidnas still lived on the surface of Downunda. When the White Comet was approaching Mobius 600 years ago, Arakkis openly objected to the plan to raise the city and the surrounding landmass skyward to avoid the impact. He felt it was unnatural for Echidnas to live among the clouds and that they should find a new place to live on the surface where they belonged. Though the High Council sympathized with Arakkis' position, they could not support it and his proposition was denied. Arakkis did not give up, and then counter-proposed the idea to allow him and any others who believed as he did to leave the city of their own volition and resettle elsewhere. Once everyone who wanted to stay land-bound was gathered and evacuated, Echidnaopolis rose up out of the ground, just before the comet struck its former resting site, effectively severing their ties to their air-borne cousins and any lingering regrets about their decision. (KtE: #10)

Afterwards, records of these Echidnas became lost over time and they were known simply in legend as the Lost Tribe. Arakkis started out leading these people in a nomadic manner as they had to constantly move from region to region due to either hostilities from the indigenous people or a lack of natural resources to support a prolonged stay. After their transports and technology broke down and the Lost Tribe became more agrarian-like nomads, Arakkis was approached one night by the Ancient Walkers. They chose him to be their spiritual representative and begin the journey of leading the Tribe to Albion, the ancestral homeland of all Echidnas. Following this revelation, Arakkis became the Tribe's first Mitre, leading his people with Ancient Walkers' guidance, until his death and the arrival of his successor who would be chosen by the Walkers themselves. (KtE: #10)


Archimedes, or Archy for short, is a fire ant master of the magician's art, and the mentor of Knuckles the Echidna. The latest in a long line of fire ants, he is the descendant of Christopheles, son of Semper Infidelis, grandson of Deo Volente, mentor and friend to Edmund and Steppenwolf, the original Guardians. Archimedes, like his ancestors and the Guardians, is long-lived, having served as mentor to Knuckles and his father Locke, among others. Archimedes is also one of the few residents of Mobius proper in constant communication with the Brotherhood of Guardians. He has dark red skin, blue eyes and wears bone necklace, cowboy hat, brown vest and brown boots. He dislikes being eaten and is able to breathe fire through his mouth and disappear and reappear ala teleportation.

Archimedes first appeared when Knuckles and the Chaotix were investigating the Grand Conservatory. Testing their skills, Archimedes proved quite an aggravation-as well as an asset-with his fire-breathing, teleportation, and survival skills. Cast out into the desert of Sandopolis, he teamed with Knuckles to get back to the Conservatory and beat Enerjak. Ever since then, he has been a friend and mentor to Knuckles and the Chaotix. His focus has traditionally been on Knuckles, particularly in helping him come to terms with how he feels about his role as a Guardian. Unfortunately, Archimedes also seems to have no problem letting Knuckles suffer in order to achieve what he feels should be achieved. An example of this is when he didn't tell Knuckles that exposure to the Master Emerald, though it would restore his Chaos powers, would also cause him intense agony and weakness until this came about, similar to the effects of kryptonite on Superman. Afterwards, Archy remained on Angel Island while Knuckles returned to the surface, helping out the Angel Island resistance as best he could. He later sensed Knuckles' return to the island, and was the only party of good witness to the horrifying chain of events as his student was captured, led to Dr. Finitevus, stirred to anger and tricked into absorbing the energy of the Master Emerald, finally becoming the reincarnation of Archy's worst nightmare: Enerjak. Combined with the apparent demise of Knuckles' grandfather Sabre and Locke going rogue to find his missing family, Knuckles' corruption left Archy despairing that perhaps it was his influence that had led to the corruption and seeming downfall of the Guardian line.

Regardless, he joined Sonic, Julie-Su, and Locke in fighting the Destructix in order to reach a weapon intended to destroy Enerjak, but like Sonic and Julie had no intention of allowing Locke to use it on Knuckles. Archy made Locke realize that the Brotherhood was as much to blame for Enerjak's rebirth as Finitevus was, having intended for Knuckles to become as powerful as Enerjak if not more so through their experimentation. He and Julie then confronted Finitevus while Super Sonic fought Enerjak, and Archimedes was ready to give his life to undo the doctor's spell on the Master Emerald and so free Knuckles. Locke took the role instead, and Archy used his teleportation abilities to take Dr. Finitevus away long enough for Locke to do what he needed to.

To his friends, Archimedes goes by the nickname Archy (pronounced ar-kee). Archy is a respected member of the Fire Ant Council, the ruling body of his race, and is the only known member to have escaped being transported to the Egg Grape Chamber by Dr. Robotnik's henchman Hunter. Versed in magical lore, Archimedes is master of smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand, allowing him to fool even the most clever of enemies. Like all members of his species, he can also breath fire, allowing him to take on opponents several times his size. Archy can teleport from place to place in a puff of smoke, though in order to do so for others he must be in physical contact with them, and he can also communicate telepathically with other Mobians. He also speaks with an Australian accent.


Argus is the supposed entity that is believed to have been responsible for the Argus event, in which the Nocturnus Tribe of Echidnas were transported en masse into the Twilight Cage. During this event, all of the echidnas reported hearing a voice in their heads that said something like "Argus".


Argus was the Captain of Queen Aleena's Royal Guard and a close friend until Robotnik took over. He then went into hiding. He reappeared on the way to meet the Queen when he was captured by Sleet and Dingo and roboticized.

Argyle the Crocodile

Argyle is Vector the Crocodile's son from Mobius: 25 Years Later, Argyle is described by Vector as being something of a homeboy. Like his father, he wears a set of headphones, but his come equipped with antenna. Argyle seems to be somewhat attracted to Lara-Su, and came to her Unveiling. Despite Vector's apprehension, Argyle actually made him look bad, dancing with Lara-Su with skill superior to that of his father. Argyle was not erased from history when the timeline was altered, as Lara-Su tells King Sonic that they should hide in Argyle's place when they find the Prower siblings. Argyle becomes a Future Freedom Fighter in Archie Sonic Universe Issue 8 to combat a threat ascending to Angel Island.

Ari the Ram

Ari is the leader of a band of Freedom Fighters in the Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon.

Parody Appearences

Ari's personality reflects that of:

  • Murdoch - Thomas & Friends
  • Scuttlebutt Pete - TUGS


Arlo is a Mobian armadillo and was a member of the Substitute Freedom Fighters. He is quite shy. He has green shell, blue eyes and yellow stomach and wears an ammo belt.

Armand D'Coolette

General Armand D'Coolette was the highest-ranking officer in the Acorn Kingdom Army and the father of Antoine D'Coolette. He taught his son the art of sword-fighting, and Antoine's uniform once belonged to his father. Sadly, the General was called away by duty, and disappeared, presumed to be dead.

It was only when Sonic, seeking to defeat Robotnik's sub-bosses, arrived in the forest kingdom of Mercia, that he discovered the fate of the General. Armand D'Coolette had been captured by Robotnik and roboticized, serving as the High Sheriff of the area and nemesis of Rob O' the Hedge. Sonic engaged the General in a failed attempt to jar his memory. Unaffected, Armand drove Sonic and co. from the area.

Some time later, General D'Coolette's free will was restored. He reunited with his son Antoine, returning to his old home. However, one obstacle had to be overcome for the memory of the High Sheriff to be put to rest: that of his old foe, Rob. Unaware that the General did not remember his deeds as the High Sheriff, Rob remained in Knothole for some time, to see if his old enemy had really changed. The General proved true, and Rob even departed on good terms with him. As with the majority of Mobius' population, Armand was de-roboticized by the Bem. He returned to duty in the army, but was forced to give up fighting due to poor health after being poisoned by Patch. He eventually passed away, but not before saying goodbye to Antoine and his girlfriend Bunnie Rabbot, voicing his approval of their relationship and imploring them to cherish it.

Armand had been a widower for quite some time (the exact number of years is not given, but Antoine seems to have little if any memory of his mom) and expressed faith that he would reunited with her in the afterlife. Though he was fearsome in battle, Antoine described his father as "the kindest soul who ever lived".

It can also be noted that the SatAM episode "The Odd Couple" features a portrait of Armand hanging over Antoine's bed, although his appearance differs slightly with his comic depiction.

Armand has brown fur and wears Acorn Kingdom Army uniform.


Arms (アームズ "Arms") is a small orange and yellow robot android with green eyes and long elastic arms with sharp claws. He stands 80 cm tall.He is the first competitor in the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.


Arrakis was an echidna. He was the leader and first Mitre of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas in the days surrounding the creation of Angel Island. Unlike Jordann and Kayla-La (the great-great-grandparents of Dimitri and Edmund), Arrakis felt that the best way to avoid the White Comet (a large astrological body that threatened to destroy them) was to abandon Echidnaopolis and find a new home on Mobius. Kayla-La's plan to lift Echidnaopolis into the sky was approved, and Arrakis had only one more say in the matter: that the people be given the opportunity to decide whether they wanted to stay in Echidnaopolis or follow him to find a new life. The Ancient Walkers later appeared to Arrakis as he wandered Mobius with the Lost Tribe, telling him to lead his people to the Echidna's first city, Albion.

Arrakis died centuries before the tribe found Albion, and the tribe itself was all but forgotten by the people of Echidnaopolis. In the present day, however, the Ancient Walkers chose Athair to replace Arrakis, and after many years he chose Knuckles to take his place. Knuckles then led the tribe home to Albion, fulfilling Arrakis' dream at long last.

Arthur Mongoose

Arthur Mongoose was a Mobian mongoose living on Mobius during the time of the Great War between his people and the Overlanders. Arthur became experienced and learned of combat and took part in many battles, proving himself to be an expert swordsman, but became increasingly distant from his feelings as he killed an increasing number of Overlanders without restraint or remorse.

While Arthur was alone in the forest, he saw another mongoose, Isabella, being chased by several Overlander soldiers. Strangely drawn to her, Arthur leaped down from his tree and killed the Overlanders before they could ready their weapons. Instead of going back to his lonely life, Arthur chose to stay with Isabella, and later down the road Arthur and Isabella fell in love with each other, and then married and in 3220, had a daughter they named Mina.

Arthur died in combat with the Overlanders, however, leaving his family behind. However, Arthur's memory remains strong, as Mina brings him up occasionally whether trying to be encouraged to do something heroic because of his heroic deeds, or simply trying to wonder how love works and thus how him and Isabella noticed each other in that special way. Isabella, on the other hand, thinks more on the lines of how he would be like if he were here to see his daughter today, and in her heart she mentally expressed how she feels he'd be proud of their daughter's achievements.

Artificial Chaos

Artificial Chaos (人工カオス Jinkou Kaosu?) are robotic enemies that appear in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog. The latter explains that the renowned scientist, professor Gerald Robotnik, had built them as experiments, and based them on "a god of an ancient culture", although he cannot have had access to Chaos itself when he created them. After being created, the experiments went out of control and started attacking anyone in sight.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow himself appears to have a flashback to his time on the ARK, during the time when the Artificial Chaos went out of control. In the flashback stage, the player can choose to find and destroy them all, or simply stay away to make sure the professor is safe. In any case, the experiments were subdued, and it seems they were perfected as they appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, where they protected the Space Colony ARK. In the stage "The ARK" in Shadow the Hedgehog, Black Doom states that "they are ours now", suggesting that the Black Arms somehow took control of the Artificial Chaos. They also appear in the "Cosmic Fall" level attacking G.U.N robots.

The Artificial Chaos are generally large pillars or floating orbs of water, with a mechanical head shaped like Chaos 0's towering on top. They exist in two different versions; P-1 and P-100. P-1s fight by stabbing their enemies with quick, extremely accurate tentacles of water, or by firing lasers from their green eyes. P-100 Artificial Chaos can split their liquid bodies into dozens of small blue drones (known as Cells) that are controlled by the floating robotic head, but are not armed with lasers. These drones constantly edge their way toward the player and explode on contact. If the player attacks them, they do explode (also causing the Cells around them to explode) but they do not hurt the player. After releasing its Cells, the Artificial Chaos head simply floats, defenseless, in midair until it is destroyed. Some Artificial Chaos seem to lack any intelligence or aiming abilities at all, and simply spin around, shooting lasers in random directions.

In the original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, their liquid bodies had a transparent effect. In the GameCube version, the transparency effect removed, making them appear to have a more "solid" appearance. The Artificial Chaos experiments in Shadow the Hedgehog are more similar to their Dreamcast counterparts.

Ash Mongoose

Ash Mongoose is the manager and boyfriend of Mina Mongoose. He has yellow fur, black hair and dark blue eyes. He wears red jacket, black boots, red sunglasses, blue pants and black shirt with emoticon. Ash is very competitive with Sonic, partially because Mina told him about her crush on Sonic and how she was hurt when she saw Sally and Sonic kissing, Ash appears to be cold, but Mina really does bring out a warmer side to him. He was initially going to wear tattoos, each tattoo symbolizing something special to him (one would probably be dedicated to Mina as well), however the idea of giving him a tattoo could be seen as a bit mature so the idea was slated. He was born in around the year 1987 and is 19 years old - purposely designed to be a much older love interest for Mina.

Ash's own heroic side came into play when Mina was targeted by an assassination attempt by former Chaotix members, Heavy and Bomb. After Heavy had been defeated, only one bomb remained. Ash and Mina found it in her dressing room, and Ash risked his life by grabbing it and diving out the door. Ash was injured, and seemingly comatose. However, as Mina cried over his hospital bed, he awoke with a smile, and Mina's resulting joy made it apparent that her feelings for Ash were genuine, putting an end to Sonic's chances of a romantic relationship with her. When Mammoth Mogul took control of Mina's mind, having "marked" her in the past, Ash attempted to stop her and then, putting aside old differences, worked with Sonic to free Mina from Mogul's control and save her life.

Assault Bots

Assault Bots are Doctor Robotnik's foot soldiers, which he uses to oppress the remaining population of Mobius and battle against the Freedom Fighters. They come in many different varieties, the most famous of which are the SWATbots.


Asteron (テルスター) is a hovering starfish-like Badnik that appears in Metropolis Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive.

Athair the Echidna

Athair is a fictional character from the fictional universes of the comic books and TV series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games. He is the great-grandfather of Knuckles the Echidna, and is approximately 109 years old.

In the comic universe he has brown fur; the cartoon in which he appeared depicted him with red. His eyes are blue in the comics, while they're black in the cartoon.

In the Archie-published Sonic the Hedgehog comics, Athair has had two wardrobes. One is a somewhat tattered tribal outfit, complete with a walking stick; the other is a plain white robe. In either form of attire, he wears the spiked mittens of the Guardian family and a pair of sandals. His only other decoration are the beads that have been looped over his dreadlocks. Following his assumption of the white robe, he appears to Sonic and co. in the form of a disembodied floating head.

In the cartoon series Sonic Underground, in which he was voiced by Maurice LaMarche (who affected a Sean Connery-style accent for the role), Athair is dressed in a white and blue robe, and also carries a staff, far more regal that his usual walking stick. He also wears a green-lensed pair of glasses. Athair's name is translated as 'Father' in the Irish language, and Athair is the only Guardian besides Knuckles to appear on television.


Athena is a young brunette and mute Overlander girl that became a member of the Wolf Pack along with her sister Aerial. Discovered in the ruins of an abandoned city, Lupe took the two girls in as members of the Pack, and now acts as a mother figure for both Athena and her sister. Though Athena is brunette, her sister is blonde. They are the lone survivors of an Overlander city, and it caused quite an uproar when Lupe brought them into the pack. She doesn't speak, but she only hiccups, like Disney characters, including Dopey from Snow White, Gideon from Pinocchio and Dumbo from Dumbo.

Upon arriving in the Wolf Pack's former home town, Aerial fell victim to tranquilizer gas along with the rest of the Pack. After the group was captured by the roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog and a group of Shadowbots, Lupe allowed herself to be roboticized so she could be with her family. However, with her last ounce of free will, she enabled Athena and the others to escape, leaving the Overlander sisters in the care of the other Wolf Pack members.

Some time later, Lupe and the other Robians had their free will restored, and were reunited with the Wolf Pack, making Athena and Aerial very happy to have her back in their lives. When A.D.A.M. began controlling the Nanites into making a city, Athena and Aerial were carried away by the Wolf Pack, as they were still too small to run fast enough.


Augustus is a Mobian polar bear and a member of the Arctic Freedom Fighters. He is considered the brute strength of the group, being so powerful that he can split glaciers in half. He assisted the Knothole Freedom Fighters in destroying Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Weather Annihilator and later helped Rotor in his attempt to free his family from Robotnik's mind control. (StH: #26, #32)


Aurora is a powerful Chaos energy wielding being who watches over Mobius but lives in another realm called the Virtual Zone. Originally a servant of the Ancient Walkers, her mysterious nature includes the ability to appear unto a person as they imagine her to be, no matter what their species. Only the Echidna form of this has been seen, but it can be assumed that her other forms would include similar traits. Aurora first appeared during Knuckles the Echidna's temporary death, helping him to come to grips with his time in the afterlife and to join the Chaos Force. Despite her protests, he later left it to return to Mobius to aid his friends and family. Aurora would later be named one of the Neo Walkers, successors to the Ancient Walkers, shortly before the original trio died.

Auto Automaton

An Auto Automaton was a perfect robotic replica of a Mobian, originally created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Auto Automatons were designed to infiltrate various Freedom Fighter groups and gather information. The first functioning Auto Automaton model was based off Sally Acorn and was used to deceive Royal Underground member Geoffrey St. John. The Auto Automaton of Sally was discovered to be a robot however and destroyed with help from Sally's Trainees. The factory which was mass producing Auto Automatons was also destroyed despite being guarded by a contingent of Stealth Bots. (PSM: #1, #2, #3)

Another of the few surviving Auto Automatons, based off of Fiona Fox, was used to deceive Tails during one of his early solo adventures. Tails fell in love with the replica Fiona, and was heart broken when he discovered it to be a robot. However, Tails still wouldn't fight the Auto Automaton, and only survived because they fell into the water where the robot rusted. Tails left the robot on the island, and never saw the robot shed tears at Tails leaving after Robotnik. (StH: #28, #29)

While the Freedom Fighters left Knothole to obtain the Sword of Acorns, which had been obtained by Knuckles the Echidna, King Max was captured and replaced with an Auto Automaton of himself, which deceived everyone until Robotnik exposed it to be a fake after invading Knothole. (StH: #47, #48, #49, SSS: #1)

When Mighty the Armadillo, Nic the Weasel and the real Fiona Fox returned to one of Robotnik's forced labour camps (where Mighty, Fiona and Ray the Squirrel had been held captive as children), they found old, unused Auto Automatons based on the Freedom Fighters. (KtE: #29)

Years later, Dr. Eggman created similar robots, instead calling them Infiltrators. An Auto Automaton/Infiltrator of Tommy Turtle was created and nearly killed Sonic after badly damaging Sonic's father. After this Auto Automaton's destruction, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters went to New Megaopolis where they found thousands of Auto Automatons being mass produced. The factory was subsequently destroyed and the real Tommy was rescued. (StH: #135, #136, #137)

Some time later, Eggman tried again, this time using Renfield T. Rodent's Casinopolis in Station Square. The casino had scanners in slot machines that would copy individual data, which would then be used to make infiltrators to replace the originals. The Chaotix were chosen by the President to investigate as they'd had previous experience with Renfield. Renfield managed to use an Infiltrator copy of a Mobian horse to capture Knuckles, and ensnared Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Rouge the Bat with a scanner disguised as a slot machine. Despite being discovered, Renfield gloated that the amount of data already collected would let him build a small army. However, Julie-Su unplugged the computer, destroying the transfered data and preventing it from being used, and Mighty the Armadillo destroyed the factory, saying no one could use an army of robots that hadn't been created yet. Renfield was subsequently arrested and tried in Station Square courts. (StH: #166)


Auto-Fiona (referred to only as "Fiona Fox" or "the Auto Automaton") was an Auto Automaton built by Dr. Ivo Robotnik based on a young Mobian vixen named Fiona Fox, who was being held as a prisoner by him in a mine at the time. The Automaton was activated years later by her creator to trap the heart of Miles "Tails" Prower in order to roboticize him, but while attempting to drown Tails after the plan started going wrong, Auto-Fiona became rusted in the water and was paralyzed. Tails later left Auto-Fiona on the island he'd found her on as a monument to his lost youth and Auto-Fiona appeared to let out a tear as she watched him leave the island.

Azcan Tribe

Azcan Tribe is a Tribe that is said to travel the desert and is against Robotnik, but there is no sign that they do move about and the tribe probbly settled down around a set location.


The Azurites are aliens originating from an unnamed planet that Sonic encountered when he was lost in space. They evolve rapidly due to accelerated time on the planet. (StH: #127)


Baby Beavers

Three Baby beavers who aren't very easy to take care of. Sonic and Tails had to babysit them a couple of times. There names were Becky, Bucky and Chucky

Baby T

A young terapod befriended by Tails after he unhappily wandered off when the other Freedom Fighters were too busy to play dirt hockey with him. The friendship between them was great, but finally the terapod had to go home, a sad experience for both him and Tails. When Baby T is finally able to talk to Tails, it is revealed that he talks just like Sonic.

Babylon Guardian

The Babylon Guardian (called Angelus the Gatekeeper in Japan) is the final boss character from Sonic Riders. Somewhat confusingly, "Babylon Guardian" is also the name of the stage in which he appears.

Angelus is a genie in a bottle, and resembles a large purple hawk who guards the treasure of Babylon. He is also referred to as "the guardian God of Babylon" when choosing his stage.

The guardian God is defeated by boosting into his bottle three times. His health is displayed at the top of the screen by three hearts. He occasionally throws energy balls at the player or shrinks into his bottle. The player has to successfully hit the bottle and cross the finish line to go on to the next lap; the lap counter will remain on Lap 1 until the player boost into him and crosses the marker. Once he is defeated, crossing the finish line first will win the race.

Angelus regards those who seek treasure as greedy, and he is hidden behind a large door in Babylon Garden (the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Japan). He is the final and only 'boss' of Sonic Riders. He is defeated by Sonic at the end of the Babylon Story.

Maddie Blaustein provides the character's voice in the English version of Sonic Riders, although Angelus' dialogue is restricted to incoherant howling.

Babylon Rogues

The Babylon Rogues (バビロン盗賊団 Babiron Touzokudan?, Babylon Thieves) are a group of ancient thieves in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The only known members of the group consists of Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross. Their only playable appearances so far are Sonic Riders and the sequel, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. They also make cameo appearances in Sonic Rivals as collectable cards and Sonic and the Secret Rings in the gallery.

In Sonic Riders, the group is hired by Dr. Eggman to compete in his airboard-racing tournament against Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. All members appear to have flames tattooed on their wrists. The Babylon Rogues reside on a large airship.

Jet's English voice actor is Jason Anthony Griffith, who also provides the voices of Sonic and Shadow. Wave's English voice actress is Bella Hudson, who is also the voice actress for Maria Robotnik in Shadow the Hedgehog (game), Blaze the Cat in Sonic Rush and following games, and Tikal the Echidna in the Sonic X anime. Storm's English voice actor is Dan Green, who also voices Knuckles. In the original Japanese version, Daisuke Kishio, Chie Nakamura and Kenji Nomura provide the voices for Jet, Wave and Storm, respectively. The Babylon Rogues theme song is "Catch Me If You Can", performed by Runblebee.

While initially believed to be descended from genies, it is revealed in Zero Gravity that the Babylon Rogues are actually descended from aliens.


The Badniks are creations of the mad scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik used in his plans to dominate the world. The term Badnik was disowned starting with Sonic Adventure for reasons unknown, especially since they have appeared in later games. It is probably because the Japanese name was always "Eggman's Robots".

However the name is used in Sonic Rivals 2 and again in Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Bagbar Beeblebrox

Bagbar Beeblebrox was an alien and commander of the space ship Sentelle. He and his crew were part of a large space fleet that was hunting down E.V.E. after the destruction of Teragosa 6 and numerous other worlds. He was the first one to tell Sonic the Hedgehog that Teragosa 6 was destroyed by her, and upon discovering it was Sonic who convinced her to travel space, he ordered Sonic to be killed as he blamed him for the chain of events that followed E.V.E.'s journey through space. However, after Sonic evaded his fleet, he commanded an attack against E.V.E. which proved ineffective. Beeblebrox and the entire fleet were destroyed when E.V.E. pulled them in with a tractor beam and consumed them. (StH: #128)

Ball Hog

Ball Hog, known as Tonton (トントン) in Japan, is a Badnik from the first Sonic the Hedgehog game that has the form of a pig. It throws or rolls bombs from its round belly. It appears in the Scrap Brain Zone.

Bandanna Ghost and Bow Tie Ghost

The Bandanna Ghost and Bow Tie Ghost, also known as the photographer ghosts, are two ghosts who appear in Sonic: Night of the Werehog. The photographer ghosts live in a haunted house, and compete to win the affections of a ghost girl. The ghost girl collects photographs of scared people, so the photographer ghosts compete to scare people that venture into the house and then take the best pictures, which they give to the girl to judge.

They are distinguished by their body shape and distinctive clothing: the tall and thin ghost wears a red bandanna, while the short and fat ghost wears a red bow tie.


Barbara (バルバラ Barubara) is from Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. She was affected by Dark Gaia until Sonic freed her.

Barbara is Gigi's wife, and she minds the dining room in his restaurant. To this day, her cheerful smile continues to draw the customers in. Of course, Barbara also helps taste test Gigi's newest culinary creations, and the rigors of the task over the years have made her girlish figure a thing of the past.

Barby Koala

Barby Koala is the second-in-command of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. She has aided the Downunda Freedom Fighters in numerous battles against Crocbot and acknowledges the group ultimately serves the Kingdom of Acorn. She is sometimes more decisive than her leader, Walt Wallabee, but is always ready and willing to follow orders.

She has white fur, blue eyes and wears red boots and gloves and brown shoulder sash. She also has basic combat skills and razor sharp claws.

Barby is not only the object of Walt Wallabee's affections, but also that of a minor crush from Tails. Though she is much older than Tails and not romantically interested in him, she does think that he is cute and has flirted with him in the past.

Bark the Polarbear

Bark the Polarbear (バァク・ザ・ポォラベァ Baku za Pōrābeā?) is a 17-year-old yellow polar bear who appears in the game Sonic the Fighters. He is also an unlockable character in Fighters Megamix alongside Bean the Dynamite. He lacks speed and has a low IQ, but his incredible strength makes up for it. He has the comical ability of flattening an opponent's head in Sonic the Fighters. He specializes in throw moves. He stands 181 cm (5 ft 11 in) tall and weighs 120 kg (233 lb)

Bark also makes an appearance in Shenmue as a collection toy. Bark was also recently featured in Sonic Channel's character poll.


Barney was an elderly chameleon that Espio and Julie-Su came across while searching for Knuckles. Julie-Su nearly trampled the injured chameleon with her Streaking Pasha as she was unable to see him, but Espio noticed him in time. Recognizing Espio, the older chameleon attempted to explain the cause of his injuries and give a warning, but passed out before saying much. While Julie-Su left to take Barney to a hospital in Echidnaopolis, Espio stayed behind to find the other chameleons and figure out what the warning had been about. (KtE: #30)


Sir Bartleby MontClair of Dresdin is a character from Sonic Underground. He is a posh aristocratic mink and one the richest civilians of Robotropolis. He is Sonia's fiancé. He is 18 years old and 3 feet 10 inches tall. Pompous and narcissistic, Bartleby loves himself more than he does anyone else (except maybe Sonia), and he likes nothing better than drinking rosebud tea. He cares deeply for Sonia's welfare, despite these shortcomings, but thinks her brothers are a bad influence on her. However, Bartleby and Sonic have had to join forces at times, including helping Sonia get to the Debutante Ball. In "Bartleby the Prisoner", Bartleby was announced an enemy to Robotnik and was put on trial. He was purposely found guilty, thrown in jail and was scheduled to be roboticized, but the royal siblings helped him escape and he had to go into hiding to escape Robotnik's forces.

He shares an uncanny resemblance with Antoine D'Coolette from the Archie comics and SatAM.

Bartleby's relationship with Sonia is familiar to Silver's relationship with Blaze due to caring for one another's safety.

Parody Appearances

Bartleby's personality reflects that of:

  • Spencer - Thomas & Friends
  • Bluenose - TUGS

Bat Brain

The Bat Brain, known as Basaran (バサラン) in Japan, is a first generation Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik in the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game for the Sega Mega Drive. It appeared in the Marble Zone.


Batbot (known as Halogen in Japan) is a bat-shaped Badnik with an electrical light bulb under its head that appears in Carnival Night Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Mega Drive.

Battle Kukku 16th

Battle Kukku 16th (グレイトバトルクック16世 Gureito Batoru Kukku Juuroku Sei), aka "Speedy" (スピーディ Supīdi), is a character and recurring boss in Tails Adventure for the Sega Game Gear. This green-feathered bird is heir to the throne of the invading Battle Kukku Empire.

The Battle Kukkus appear to operate a rather idiosyncratic system of archontology, pre-emptively granting the crown prince an imperial numeral while his father is still very much alive and well and throwing bombs at people. Perhaps as a means of circumventing the nomenclative confusion, the prince goes by his nickname, Speedy. He is first encountered in command of the Kukku troops on Polly Mountain, and later in the Battle Fortress.

After fighting his way up through the avain soldiers swarming Polly Mountain, Tails finally reaches Speedy, who immediatly bolts straight skywards. The fox (with a suddenly infinite flight gague) must pursue the crown prince as they dart amidst the mountain's upper limits. Speedy periodicly attacks Tails with a corkscrew dive-bomb from above. There is no means of actually damaging this boss; like Robotnik in Sonic 1's Labyrinth Zone, victory comes simply by making it to the summit of the mountain. At this point Speedy, exhausted, drops the Pink Chaos Emerald and is shown flying back to the Battle Fortress.

Beach Bunnies

Beach Bunnies are a Group of Bunnies that played vollyball on the beach and Sonic was happly playing the ball. One of them turned up at Sonic's party.

Bean the Dynamite

Bean the Dynamite (ビーン・ザ・ダイナマイト Bīn za Dainamaito?) is a green duck in the game Sonic the Fighters, also known as Sonic Championship outside of Japan. He stands 157 cm (5'2") tall and weighs 28 to 34 kg (61 to 74 lbs).

Bean likes to throw bombs at his enemies, and seems to have an endless supply of them. The character was modeled after Bin and Pin, two characters in the arcade game Dynamite Dux. He is also an unlockable character in Fighters Megamix, along with Bark the Polarbear, and made a cameo in Virtua Striker 2 where Bean is featured in an unlockable team.

Beareneger the Bear

Bearenger (ベアンジャ) is a male black anthropomorphic bear henchman of Wendy Witchkart, the main villain of Tails' Skypatrol. He rides a small flying rocket with a shark face similar to the Flying Tigers fighter planes from World War II. He is the boss of Ruin Wood, the second level (third if you count the Training Area). Bearenger fights by firing energy projectiles in sets of three from his rocket.


Beauregard is a Mobian rabbit and the uncle to Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette, who used to say "the South shall rise again" a lot. (StH: #39)


Becky is a bear, and one of Sonic's animal friends from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Belle D'Coolette

Belle D'Coolette is the daughter of Antoine and Bunnie D'Coolette in the Mobius: X Years Later universe.


The Bem are a race of scientists from the Archie-published comics. The Bem all appear to be identical females, possibly due to cloning. The Bem travel the galaxy, and on several occasions their journeys have brought them to Mobius. The Bem recovered Shadow the Hedgehog from falling into the atmosphere, restoring him to health and giving him the energy to achieve Super Shadow to hold off the Xorda while they escaped. Later on, Sonic visited the Bem planet of Argentium, also known as Wheel World, where he found Amadeus and Rosemary Prower. Sonic eventually used a Bem wormhole to return to Mobius, finally ending the banishment imposed on him by the explosion of the Quantum Dial. Under the impression that Sonic was the renegade Bem Ceneca 9009, but unwilling to pursue his one-seater ship into Xorda space, the Bem allowed him to escape. Some time later, Sonic returned to Wheel World with Knuckles and Tails to find it in ruins with the Xorda and the Black Arms fighting in orbit.

Ben-728 Packratbot

Ben-728 Packratbot was a robot invented by Dr. Eggman in order to rob a bank when his two robot lackeys Decoe and Bocoe failed to do so. Sonic defeated the robot by pulling its head off. (SX: #1)


Benedict was a robot created by the Dark Legion to run in the Echidnaopolis elections in 3236. He appeared to be a brown-furred echidna with blue eyes.


Berlock is an elderly vampire bat who is the caretaker of Worst Castle, which is supposedly Sonia's ancestral home. He has a pet owl called Hooter who he is very fond of. He cannot stand loud noises and is very humorous. His catchphrase is "I am Berlock, the castle caretaker." He speaks in the classic vampire accent. Berlock was forced by Sleet who "threatened to eat Hooter" into helping him set a trap for the Sonic Underground, but after confessing all to the hedgehogs, he helped them escape the castle through a dimensional mirror and survived the collapse of the castle. Berlock is actually an agent of Queen Aleena, as seen when he acknowledges her presence nearby.

Bernadette Hedgehog

Bernadette Hedgehog (aka "Bernie" for short) is the mother of Sonic the Hedgehog and the wife of Jules Hedgehog. Bernie was one of the students of Nate Morgan along with Sir Charles Hedgehog and future husband Jules (with whom she debated with and won all the time). Both Bernie and Jules were agents of King Acorn's special forces during the Great War. Following the takeover of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Bernadette was subsequently roboticized and became a mindless servant of the world despot. Years later when her free will was restored, Bernie became the mother that Sonic lacked for the majority of his life.

Bert Whoo

Bert Whoo is the Owner and Chief at Bert's Diner at Mobius Corners. When Robotnik tried to create a Protection racket, Sonic came to his help and saved the day. He is also the mayor of Mobius Corners and Sheriff

Betty Butterfly

Betty Butterfly was a resident of the Great Forest who found Sonic the Hedgehog as he wandered into a patch of Poison Sumac Blossoms and went through a particularly gruesome reaction. Afterwards, she flew by as he returned to Knothole after the defeat of Pseudo Sonic. (StH: #9)

Big' Daddy

Big' Daddy is Boom-Boom's father and a very large ape indeed. 'Big' Daddy was captured by Robotnik and forced to do what he said via a Control device located on his head. Thanks to Sonic's help, he was freed and they stopped Robotnik's plans. He is probably based partly on King Kong.

Big Fish Metarex

Big Fish Metarex is a larger, blue version of the Fish Metarex who served as their commander. It was armed with a trident and torpedoes. Destroyed through use of the Sonic Driver.

Big Fluke

Big Fluke is a Mobian blue whale member of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters and perhaps the largest sea creature on Mobius. He assisted in the battle against Octobot, and flattened the mechanical octopus under his enormous bulk. (TMS: #1)

He later repeated his performance to deal with Pseudo Sonic, the Misfit Badniks and their island. (StH: #185)

Big Mother

Big Mother (ビッグマザー) is smaller than the Titan, but still quite large. It has a second and larger set of jaws in its torso that can both bite at Sonic and spawn Rexes. Its other attacks consist of swinging its large arms and slapping the ground to make shockwaves.

Big the Cat

Big the Cat (ビッグ ・ザ ・キャット Biggu za Kyatto?) is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a deep-voiced 18-year-old cat who stands 200 cm (6ft 6in) and weighs 280 kg (616 lbs).

He is the heaviest and largest non-metal character in the series. His character designer is either Yuji Uekawa, Takashi Iizuka or even Naoto Oshima.

Parody Appearences

Big the Cat's personality reflects that of:

  • Henry - Thomas & Friends
  • Warrior - TUGS
  • Mallow - Super Mario Bros.
  • Blubber Bear - Wacky Races
  • Barney Gumble - The Simpsons
  • Harry or Barton - Shining Time Station
  • Binky - Arthur
  • Stanley S. SquarePants - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Barnyard Dawg - Looney Tunes
  • Furrball - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Anxious Andrew - Horrid Henry
  • Sudowoodo - Pokemon
  • Rick the Hamster - Kirby
  • Carl Karl - Phineas and Ferb
  • Harold - Total Drama


Bigfoot is a boss in the games Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog, and makes appearances in Sonic X. It is a G.U.N. robot, controlled by a soldier.

It made its first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2, trying to capture Sonic, who is framed for stealing a Chaos Emerald, an act committed by Shadow the Hedgehog.

The Bigfoot is a mechanical walker with has a machine gun and missile launchers. It is also capable of hovering. Its main weak-point is the cockpit. It requires four strikes to the cockpit to defeat it.

It was confirmed that a G.U.N. robot that was in Shadow the Hedgehog was a Bigfoot when Omega said, "Vital human life signs approaching. Enemy mech Bigfoot detected!"


A Biker that grounder first made Tails believe was nasty and then told him Tails was. He doesn't like Robots.


Bimmy was a Mobian Echidna and a citizen of Echidnaopolis. When Julie-Su crashed through his apartment's window in order to survive a fall, his wife attempted to warn him a stranger was in the house. However, he slept through the entire ordeal. (KtE: #15)

Over a year later, Bimmy was captured and imprisoned in an Egg Grape Chamber where he perished. (StH: #141)


The Biolizard (バイオリザード) (also known as The Prototype of The Ultimate Life Form) is a creature which appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 as the final boss. It appears as a giant lizard with a life support system on its back with tubes running down its neck to its head. The Biolizard is 85 meters (280 feet) long, 30 meters (100 feet) wide, 19.5 meters (64 feet) tall, and weighs 87.5 tons.


Bivalve is a Mobian clam and member of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. He appears to be the least mobile of the group, but can jump well. It was Bivalve who initially declared the Sea Fox "totalled", after the group narrowly rescued its pilot, Tails from Octobot (Ray later found someone that can repair it). He also decided that Bottlenose's victory over Eel Capone should be immortalized with a cruise over a "choral reef." (TMS: #1, SMM)

He finally made use of his abilities during the battle of the Island of Misfit Badniks. His jaws were strong enough to crush Moto Bug. Additionally, he can withstand a punch from Ball Hog, and Buzzbomber's stings are a mere annoyance. Giant Pseudo Sonic was another matter, and required aid from Big Fluke. (StH: #185)

Black Annelid

The Black Annelids are giant Black Arms worms. They burrow underground and attack from beneath, using smaller worms that home in on their prey. According to Doom's Eye, the worms find their prey by detecting their target's vital signs. The Black Annelids share many characteristics of the Biolizard, such as their impregnable skin, coloriung and texture, methods of attack, and sounds they make as they surface. Like the Black Oaks, it takes from two to seven hits for their destruction.

The most common Annelids are called Sand Worms. There are also Annelids unique to certain areas such as Death Worms and Gold Worms (see Gold Annelids).

Black Arms

The Black Arms (ブラックアームズ) are a demonic alien race led by Black Doom. They appear in the game Shadow the Hedgehog, in which they invade Earth in search of the seven Chaos Emeralds, and are opposed by Shadow the Hedgehog and other characters.

They are commonly referred to as "the black creatures", "black aliens" or even "terrorists" as the inhabitants of Earth do not know their real name (though Tails refers to them by name in one instance), and easily recognized by their black-and-red skin pigments.

Black Assassin

The Black Assassins first appear in the Black Comet, Final Haunt and The Last Way stages. They look like armored Black Arms Soldiers, but they can withstand many attacks and have the ability to disappear and reappear at will. They are all armed with Refractors.

Black Beard the Pirate

Black Beard is a famous and feared pirate that Robotnik turned into a Robot 'BlackBot'.

Black Bull

The Black Bull (ブラックブル) is a powerful creature in the Black Arms. It resembles a cross between a giant maggot and a dragon. Due to its large blubbery body, its only weak spot is its single green eye. It can breathe fire and produce Black Wings from its mouth. It appears as a boss after you complete the Lethal Highway or Death Ruins stages. In Lethal Highway, Black Doom refers to Black Bull as a god.

Black Death

Black Death is a Cat sorcerer whom Knuckles the Echidna met during his search for the Sword of Acorns. The Ancient Walkers described him as "standing alone", meaning that he does not team up with other magic users as or more powerful than himself. His only companion is a rather weaker magician known as the Enchantress, a rabbit whom he may or may not be romantically attached to given their alliance.

Formerly a resident of Angel Island's Forbidden Zone, Black Death attacked Knuckles when the Guardian came looking for him, keeping him off balance with dark magic attacks long enough for the Enchantress to place a spell of domination upon Knuckles. The two then used Knuckles as their slave for some time, until Sir Connery arrived to capture them as part of his mission from the Ancient Walkers. Knuckles, broken free of the spell over him, faced off with Black Death and managed to trick him with some sleight of hand-no doubt learned from his mentor Archimedes the Fire Ant-and knocked him unconscious. Connery then took the defeated sorcerer and the Enchantress away, possibly later slaying them as he did their fellow dark magic wielders Mathias Poe and Damocles the Elder.

Black Doom

Black Doom (ブラックドゥーム) is the antagonist from the game Shadow the Hedgehog, created by Sega Studios USA. Black Doom is the leader of the Black Arms. Depending on which path the player chooses (Hero or Dark), Black Doom will either be an ally or a foe of Shadow the Hedgehog. Played in the Hero mode, he is likely meant to serve as Shadow's arch-nemesis, similar to what Dr. Eggman is for Sonic.

Black Doom has a very menacing appearance. Black-Doom, unlike like the rest of his species, has three glowing red eyes, and twin horns sticking out of either side of head, he is decorated with a worn robe, chains with spiked ornaments, and jewels around the top of his robe. He has a very deep voice that presents an echoing effect and appears very aged, claiming to be immortal. He stated that he ruled the Universe at one point, but this is probably saying that he was the strongest known being in the universe at that point. His appearance alone has a certain presence of black aura.

Black Doom is voiced by Sean Schemmel in the English-speaking version of Shadow the Hedgehog and Ryūzaburō Ōtomo in the Japanese version. (However, many believe that he is voiced by Frank Welker due to the fact that he sounds strikingly similar to Welker's most popular character, Megatron).

Black Hawk

The Black Hawks are small winged Black Arms in Shadow the Hedgehog that are much stronger than the Black Wings. They are capable of firing blue energy waves and flying unhindered in space. In the case of some, when they are weakened, Shadow can ride on their backs.

Black Knight

The Black Knight or King Arthur is a new character from the Sonic and the Black Knight video game. He is voiced by Gavin Hammon in the English version and by Hidekatsu Shibata in the Japanese version. He was first believed to be the main antagonist of the game, but that role was given to Merlina upon his defeat.

One day, King Arthur was bewitched and became corrupt when the power of immortality was bestowed upon him by his scabbard, becoming the Black Knight. He has strong relations with the Knights of the Round Table, as they still serve him despite his change. His powers include using his blade, Deathcalibur, to summon Underworld minions to do his bidding and firing magical bolts on top of his impressive sword skills. His scabbard grants him immortality, making him impossible to defeat without obtaining the three blades held by the Knights of the Round Table. He is first seen chasing Merlina right before she summons Sonic. Sonic prepares to fight the Black Knight (not knowing he couldn't kill him) before being dragged away by Merlina.

Sonic faces the Black Knight twice during the game. The first time is shortly after obtaining Caliburn the Sword, but lacking both the swords and the skill, he is unable to defeat him and the Black Knight leaves after deeming Sonic not worth his time. The second time is a more heated duel at Castle Avalon (the Black Knight apparently taking Sonic seriously this time) where Sonic is able to use the Knight's swords to nullify the scabbard's power and defeat him.

After being bested by Sonic, the Black Knight fades away, leaving nothing but his scabbard. When Sonic brings the scabbard to Merlina, she reveals that King Arthur was never there, just an illusion created by Merlin, and it was merely part of her plan to acquire it for her own ends.

Despite the fact that he is also first seen as King Arthur by everyone's eyes, Sonic's blade Caliburn reveals that since he is a legendary sacred sword, his duty is to decide who is fit for the crown. So that would technically mean that Sonic was the REAL King Arthur the entire time.

His theme song is Fight the Knight, a song by Crush 40 for the two boss fights Sonic has with him.

He is also unlockable in battle mode by collecting the five books detailing the story of King Arthur during regular gameplay.

Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus is a character from Sonic X. Black Narcissus wears a black cape and has an insectoid head with a purple eye. His body is composed of black armor, with a glass orb matching his eye on the chest. A Metarex commander, Black Narcissus is fascinated by Sonic's speed, and determined to learn its origins. Scheming and manipulative, his opinion is that understanding an enemy is the key to defeating them. However, he is ill suited for personal combat, being unable even to defeat Doctor Eggman's weakest robots when he first appeared. However, when he joined the battle at galactic coordinates 000 some time later, he demonstrated increased fighting ability, equaling Rouge and Knuckles without assistance.

After Yellow Zelkova's initial defeat, Dark Oak commands Narcissus to kill Sonic and co. with warships. However, Narcissus wants to test Sonic's abilities. He sends a message to the Blue Typhoon, luring Cosmo and Chris Thorndyke to his base. There, he stabs Chris (in the dub, he simply knocks Chris unconscious) after Chris tried to escape with Cosmo, and holds both of them captive, using them as bait to draw in Sonic. When Sonic arrives, he is enraged by Narcissus' treatment of his friends. Powering up into Dark Sonic with the power of the fake Chaos Emeralds everywhere in the base, he destroys Silver and Gold, the prototype Metarex designed by Narcissus to test his speed and strength, respectively. Sonic and co. then escape, while Narcissus is subdued by Dr. Eggman, who then offers to help the Metarex.

This forced him to team up with Pale Bay Leaf and Yellow Zelkova to attack Sonic and co. Together with Dr. Eggman, the trio led a large Metarex fleet attack on Sonic and his allies. He later teamed up with Pale Bay Leaf to attack the Blue Typhoon, wielding a staff with a large mirror on the end. He also showed himself to be extremely vain, as evidenced by the mirror. Following his initial assault, Narcissus became fused together with Pale Bay Leaf and Dark Oak, becoming one of three heads on a giant, dragon-like plant monster. Despite the power wielded in this form, Black Narcissus was eventually killed.

Black Oaks

The Black Oaks are giant Black Arms soldiers in Shadow the Hedgehog. According to Doom's Eye, the Black Oaks are "heralded for their pure strength" (they can easily swat aside cars), and form the backbone of the Black Arms army. They have high endurance, are slow moving, and carry large swords, and, occasionally, alien rocket launchers and clubs. They take anywhere from two to seven hits to defeat. However, they can, like most enemies, be defeated in one shot with the shadow rifle but some Black Oaks can block gunfire by holding up their hand, even the powerful shadow rifle.

Black Volts

Black Volts are Black Hawks that have gold armor plating and are equipped with Worm Shooters with unlimited fire power. Due to their armor, they have more endurance than normal Black Hawks. It is also possible that Black Volts are Black Hawk-shaped robots due to the portion of the name "Volt". They stand as both enemies and potential vehicles in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Black Warrior

The Black Warriors are the most common Black Arms aliens in Shadow the Hedgehog. They are roughly human sized (just a little bigger than most GUN soldiers) and carry different Black Arms weapons (lasers, swords, shields, etc.). It takes two shots from most weapons to kill them.

Black Wings

The Black Wings are small bat-like Black Arms simlar to Black Hawks. They have very little endurance and are often killed with one hit.


Blackjack, also called Bee-Jay McThing by his employer, was a massive Mobian bulldog and the former enforcer of Downtown Ebony Hare. Gifted with remarkable strength, Blackjack provided the muscle for Ebony Hare and was capable of knocking down larger opponents than himself (such as Ripper) with a single punch. When Renfield T. Rodent was operation Happyland Amusement Park for the second time, Ebony Hare wanted a piece of his action and brought in Blackjack to keep Renfield in line while he took over things. Renfield tried to resist by brining in his own enforcer, Ripper, but Blackjack made quick work of him, allowing Ebony Hare to show Renfield just what he was dealing with if he went out of line. While Renfield was busy dealing with the threat of Constable Remington and Julie-Su, Ebony Hare gave Blackjack the order to "deep-six" his new "partner" when this was over. He later took his employer to see a lady about making a deal. The lady was actually Julie-Su acting as part of a sting operation. Ebony Hare was suspicious of her, however, and had Blackjack throw her off the roof of the building they were conversing in. Blackjack later drove Ebony Hare and Foxxy in their limo to the factory were Renfield's secret sauce laced with Lemon Sundrop Dandelion to make everyone addicted to it. Deciding to lay low until things cooled down, Ebony Hare ordered Blackjack to shut down production. Just as he was about to, a noise sounded and the enforcer went off to investigate, only to get in the head with a plank by Remington. The blow did little to effect the muscleman and he threw the Constable into a pile of crates. Just as he was about to finish off Remington, Mighty the Armadillo came up behind Blackjack and threw him straight into a wooden crate and remained dazed on the floor until the Echidna Security Team arrived later and arrested him and his associates. (KtE: #13, #14, #15)


The Blacksmith is a doppelgänger of Miles "Tails" Prower from the world of Sonic and the Black Knight. No other name for the character is mentioned within the game; Sonic and Caliburn simply refer to him in conversation as "Blacksmith", although once Sonic calls him "Smithy", another term for a metalworker. To unlock his storybook, you must have him mend a sword for you 20 times.

Operating a smithy in Camelot Castle's town, the Blacksmith aids adventurers by forging new weapons or helping them to hone their skills. The vulpine smith's craftsmanship is said to be the best in all the land. Sonic encountered the fox after bringing his sword to the castle town in order to have it sharpened before their meeting with the Lady of the Lake. Predictably, Blacksmith took an interest in Caliburn, especially after finding out that it can talk - although Sonic deflected his questions, and Blacksmith did not press the matter. The reforging is what allows Sonic to use the Soul Gauge moves. Beyond this, he does not have any significance in the storyline aside from a support role.


Blastoid, known as Ponter (ポンター) in Japan, is a Badnik that appears in Hydrocity Zone in the game Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Mega Drive. It is a small blue robot with a cannon that fires energy balls. However, it lacks the ability to aim, and can only fire at a 45 degree angle, left or right.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat (ブレイズ・ザ・キャット Bureizu za Kyatto?) is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, created by Sonic Team and owned by Sega. She made her debut in the Nintendo DS video game, Sonic Rush. She is a 14-year-old female cat who stands 95 cm (3ft 1in) (100 cm in high heels) and weighs 24 to 29 kg (52.8 to 68.8 lbs).

Blaze is a princess and the defender of the Sol Emeralds, a role similar to that held by Knuckles. She is sometimes referred to as a queen; She is called "Queen Blaze the Cat" on the official Sega of America Sonic mini site, Sonic Central, as well as the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) game website. However, in Japanese, her title is 皇女 kōjo, which translates as "imperial princess," (she is also called princess in Sonic Rush Adventure).

She wears gloves similar to those worn by Sonic, only there's fuzzy lining on the cuffs. Her shoes have the same motif as Sonic's, but they have fuzzy lining and are high-heeled. She also wears a purple coat, lined at the neck with gold (possibly a necklace) and at the bottom with magenta, and a pair of white tights. She has a ponytail, and a jewel-like red orb is present on her forehead.

In the English version of the games, Blaze is voiced by Bella Hudson. (However, many believe that she is voiced by Rachael Lillis due to the fact that she sounds strikingly similar to Lillis's most popular character, Misty from Pokémon). In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Nao Takamori.

Blaze the Cat's personality reflects that of:

  • Rosalina - Super Mario Bros.
  • Aipom - Pokemon
  • Princess Rona - Kirby
  • Gwen - Total Drama


The Blodex are a species of ant-like aliens from the planet Thoraxia. The Blodex found Sonic after he was teleported to their planet after fighting the Xorda. Sonic helped save them from the Bzzzz, another insectoid race with whom they were mortal enemies. However, the appearance of an evil Super Sonic caused great devastation on their home planet, which would have turned out even worse had Sonic not intervened.


Bloominator, known as Tulippon (チューリッポン) in Japan, is a Badnik that can be found in Angel Island Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It resembles a large plant, and is completely immobile. It fires spiked balls from its bloom to damage the player, but they will bounce off any shields without harm. These balls are fired in random directions and arc in accordance with gravity.


Bokkun ボックン (Bokkun), also known as Messenger Robo in the Japanese version, is a character from Sonic X. He is employed by Doctor Eggman to send messages to Sonic that come in a form of a TV that blows up in the recipient's face. Bokkun gets mistreated and cries very easily, due to Eggman always hurting him. His pleasures include annoying people with bombs or eating various desserts. He is very loyal to Eggman, who he treats like a father or creator. Bokkun can fly using a jetpack (possibly bolted to his back), and has a boiling point temper.

He once called upon the Egg Golem also seen in Sonic Adventure 2. Early in the series' third season, Bokkun is forced to help Rouge the Bat, who blackmails him with a locket he owns, threatening to show everyone the picture of the girl inside it, whom Bokkun has a crush on. The scene where his crush is revealed to be Cream the Rabbit is cut out of the English version, possibly for time purposes.

Bokkun looks like a black, gold eyed type of Dark Chao with blue and white patches without his bauble and red shoes and white gloves like Sonic, and a pale green rucksack over his shoulder, where he keeps his privileged bombs. There's some to debate as to whether Bokkun is a robot or an anthropomorphic animal, although a caption in an issue of the Sonic X comic refers to him as "Dr. Eggman's delivery robot", and he is seen drinking motor oil, Ella also referred to him "Our little flying robot friend" in episode 20. He uses an "M" on his belt buckle, which refers to Dr. Eggman's name for him, "Messenger Robo". He stands 50 cm (1'8") and weighs (20 kg (43 lbs).

His design and occupation are puns on the Dark Chao and SA2's Omochao and Tutorial Mode.


Bomb (ボム) is a Badnik that resembles a walking, red-and-grey bomb. Created by Dr. Robotnik, Bombs are invincible to Sonic. These Bombs walk very slowly and stop in their tracks when Sonic is in their close proximity. When they stop, these Bombs automatically ignite their own fuse resulting in a kamikaze attack.

Boogey Man

Boogey Man is a 3 eyed being which was created via Professor Von Schlemmer's "Dream-A-Ma-Jig", which has the ability to turn dream beings into reality. It was featured in the show "Boogey-Mania". The Boogey Man has great strength and can crash through a wall pretty easily. It can shoot electricity from its fingers. After a battle with a rival monster it returns to Robotnik's brain.


Boom-Boom was a young giant Ape that Coconuts found after Robotnik kicked him out for destorying his Egg-o-Matic. Boom-Boom had lost his father and believed Coconuts was really his father, something which Coconuts decided would be something he could use to get Robotnik to like him. In the End, proved Coconuts was not his father and he helped Boom-Boom find his real Father.

Boomer Walrus

Anti-Rotor Walrus, now known as Boomer Walrus and Evil Rotor, is the Anti-Mobius counterpart of Rotor Walrus. He is gifted with his alternate counterpart's skill in mechanics, but uses them against justice and freedom, making him an evil genius of sorts. He was originally part of the Anti-Freedom Fighters and later served them when they were remade into the Suppression Squad by Scourge the Hedgehog. Boomer took his makeover to the extreme, modifying parts of his body with cybernetics to make himself a more formiddable foe. He took part in the Suppression Squad's invasion of Mobius Prime by stealing the Globe Posts from Doctor Julian Kintobor and making them operational with the help of Miles and later taking part in the battles against the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Along with the rest of the Suppression Squad, Boomer mutinied against Scourge, and now continues to serve in the group.


The first of the comic robots, Botman was called after Sonic fell for Robotnik's broadcast of his intentions to turn the Great Forest into a toxic waste dump. Summoned by a spotlight signal, he arrived and briefly appeared to be winning against Sonic. However, Sonic proved too fast for this robot, even gutting him so fast that Robotnik wasn't even aware that Botman had been defeated.


Bottlenose is, as his name suggests, a Mobian bottlenose dolphin and a member of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. He helped Tails defeat Octobot. Later he singlehandedly defeated Eel Capone with his skills as a Finja Warrior, after creating a current that killed all of Capone's Mussels. His current technique led Crabmeat and Moto Bug to their defeats; he then helped take on the Misfit Badniks using his Finja skills on Bat Brain. He also took on Splats, but had to rely on Big Fluke to stop Pseudo Sonic. (StH: #185, TMS: #1, SMM)

Brass Knuckles

The Brass Knuckles are a robotic variety of Echidnas from a possible future version of Mobius. They are the most numerous enemy of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. (StH: #103, #104)


Breezie Hedgebot Robotnik was a voluptuous robot hedgehog from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. She is a female hedgehog robot which served as a Secret Agent for Dr. Robotnik. She is flirtacious, seductive (for a Hedgehog), stubborn and a bit spoiled. She first appeared in the episode "Lovesick Sonic", in which she was saved by Sonic, who fell in love with her. However, she was really a robot built by Dr. Robotnik as a trap for the hero. Breezie however found she could not eliminate Sonic, caring too much for him. She also decided that despite these feelings, their relationship would not work. Breezie later fell in love with Robotnik Jr., another of Robotnik's creations.

Breezie is a tall sea-green hedgehog with black hair, brown eyes and red dress. Breezie's design closely resembles Jessica Rabbit's from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Breezie's fur color is the lighter shade of Vector the Crocodile.

Breezie is voiced by Venus Terzo.

Parody Appearences

Breezie's personality reflects that of:

  • Daisy - Thomas & Friends
  • Carla - Theodore Tugboat
  • Wendy "Kootie Pie" O'Koopa - Super Mario Bros.
  • Moody Margaret - Horrid Henry
  • Vickie - Shining Time Station
  • Muttley's Girlfriend - Dastardly and Muttley
  • Smocchum - Pokemon
  • Suzy Johnson - Phineas and Ferb
  • Heather - Total Drama


Bride is an honorary title given to the female leaders of the four ninja clans of the Dragon Kingdom. They are so named because they are symbolically wed to the clan as a whole.

In 3237, Bride of Rich Nights, the leader of the Yagyu Clan, was slain by the Iron Queen, who took the clan as her own. Following this, the other three clans surrendered and joined the Iron Queen as her soldiers. The Iron Queen subsequently became known as the Bride of Four Houses.

Bride of Constant Vigil

The Bride of Constant Vigil is the bride (leader) of the Shinobi Clan. She surrendered control of her clan to the Bride of Four Houses after the latter killed the Bride of Rich Nights and took the Yagyu Clan as her own. (StH: #201)

Bride of Rich Nights

The Bride of Rich Nights was the leader of the Yagyu Clan until she was murdered by the Iron King, though the Iron Queen took credit for her death, so she could take control of the clan. It was only after her death that the Clan Wars came to an end. (StH: #201)

Bride of the Conquering Storm

The Bride of the Conquering Storm (or simply "Conquering Storm") is a female Mobian lynx who is the leader of the Raiju Clan, one of the four houses that are subservient to the Iron Dominion. She accompanied the Iron Queen and the rest of her forces to the city of New Megaopolis after Dr. Eggman's fall into insanity to rule over the Eggman Empire, where they greeted atop the Eggdome by Snively Robotnik and the Dark Egg Legion. She later supervised a search of the ruined city of New Megaopolis and revealed to her king and queen that the Eggdome was the only functioning building among the ruins. She then accompanied the Iron King through New Megaopolis searching for anything that could be of use to them, and later informed the Iron Queen in her throne room that her agent had seen Sonic the Hedgehog and Monkey Khan heading toward the city.

Bride of the Endless Reach

The Bride of the Endless Reach is the leader of the Gossamer Clan. Following the murder of the Bride of Rich Nights and the Yagyu clan being taken over by Regina Ferrum, Endless Reach and the other Clan leaders were deceived into believing their rival clans had joined the Iron Dominion. Fearing this would result in the destruction of her clan, she, along with the Bride of Conquering Storm and the Bride of Constant Vigil, swore allegiance to the Iron Dominion. (StH: #207, SU: #13)


Bruno is a Hippo that tries to cheat Tails in a game of Pool. Believed to be the Owner of Bruno's Bar and Pool.

Brutus Kintobor

Brutus Kintobor was an ancestor of Doctor Eggman and a member of the House of Ivo. He once travelled to the Floating Island where he encountered the Guardian of that time, Steppenwolf. After his group's planned betrayal was exposed, Brutus and his Overlander companions were forced to flee from the island.


Bubbles is one of Dr. Robotnik's Badniks that made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Looking deceivingly innocent with his smooth, blue exterior, Bubbles has hidden spikes that pop out of him body.


Bunni is a possible descendant of Bunnie Rabbot and a member of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. (StH: #103, #104)

Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette

Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette (known simply as Bunnie Rabbot in the animated series and initially in Sonic the Hedgehog) (バニー・ラボット Banii Rabotto) is a character featured prominently in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series and Sonic the Hedgehog comic book. She is a 17-year-old female rabbit, given cybernetic parts after being partially roboticized by Dr. Robotnik. In both the show and the comic, Bunnie is a member of the "Freedom Fighters" dedicated to combating the evil Dr. Robotnik. She speaks with a thick Southern accent, and shows her affection with folksy slang like "Hon'" or "Sugah". He stands 104 (3ft 5in) and weighs 48 kg (106 lbs).

Bunnie is a golden barefoot rabbit with light orange-brown/blonde hair, vibrant emerald-green eyes, a tuft of hair sticking down in front of her face, mainly over her left eye and between a usually-erect right ear and always floppy left ear. She wears a pink-purple leotard with black belt that covers the parts of her torso that aren't robotic, leaving the upper chest and shoulder exposed, and Western-styled clothes on and off, usually consisting of a brown leather cowboy hat, and a brown leather cowboy jacket with tassels.

She is partially roboticized: both legs, her left arm, and shoulder are all robotic, because Dr. Robotnik tried to turn her into a robot but she was then saved by Sonic. In the cartoon and in early issues of the comic, her parts were primitive-looking, as was Dr. Robotnik's technology; a later upgrade gave her a more 'natural' shape. Despite being roboticized from the waist-down, Bunnie retains her natural tail. She originally had a pink stomach, but over time it transitioned into becoming a pink leotard. It has been confirmed by editors that her torso is also roboticized. Bunnie was shown to have a white stomach in an alternate future timeline, where she is de-roboticized.

Her normal wardrobe consists of the aforementioned leotard (which is more pink than purple in the comic version), black belt, sometimes augmented by a jacket of some type (usually a cowboy jacket with tassels). More recently, she can be seen carrying a pair of revolvers and wearing a cowboy hat. Bunnie was also depicted wearing an outfit reminiscent of Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazzard while attending Knothole High School (StH #94-95).

Parody Appearences

Bunnie's personality reflects that of:

  • Belle or Molly - Thomas & Friends
  • Sigrid - Theodore Tugboat
  • Mrs. Squarepants - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Eevee - Pokemon
  • Adeleine - Kirby
  • Bridgette - Total Drama

Buns Rabbot

Buns Rabbot, formerly known as Anti-Bunnie Rabbot, is Bunnie Rabbot's Anti-Verse counterpart from Anti-Mobius. She was one of Evil Sonic's girlfriends until she found out he was cheating on her with Anti-Penelope Platypus, and she subsequently sought revenge against him. Anti-Bunnie was once a member of the Anti-Freedom Fighters, but Evil Sonic (at this point renamed as Scourge the Hedgehog) kicked her out of the group after she developed Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (NIDS), a degenerative illness. After being left for dead, she was rescued by Doctor Ivo Kintobor, who placed her in the care of the Omega Care Unit to prevent her NIDS from spreading. Since then, Buns has served as a protector of the kindly Julian Kintobor.


Bunyip is a legendary monster from Downunda, and a member of an ancient race that was devastated by the predations of Crocbot. Trapped in stagnant water caused by a giant dam, Bunyip became aggressive towards other creatures, and even attacked and captured the Downunda Freedom Fighters. After talking the situation out with them, however, Bunyip became peaceable, and after the dam was destroyed left the Downunda Freedom Fighters on friendly terms.

Burning Blaze

Burning Blaze (バーニングブレイズ) is Blaze the Cat's super form, transformed by the power of the Sol Emeralds. The player uses her in the last battles of Sonic Rush series. Visual changes include her fur turning pink, and the tip of her tail turning red. Her ponytail is noticeably longer, with the details on the end erased. She is also the only Sonic character to have her clothes change after a transformation and one of the only ones to keep their eye color. She is the only female character in the entire Sonic series to canonically achieve a super transformation. Her jacket becomes red, while the lining around it changes to a golden shade of yellow. Curiously, the cuffs on her gloves and shoes seem to be engulfed in magenta flames and go slightly up her sleeve.

As Burning Blaze, her powers include the traditional flight and invulnerability abilities, as well as the ability to throw fireballs. She can also charge her fireballs to make them larger and more powerful. She can perform a dash attack as well, but unlike Super Sonic's, it can't be used offensively. Like most super forms, her weakness is that she is limited by the number of rings she has and loses one per second.


Burrobot (known as Mogurin (モグリン) in Japan) is a badnik from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. It appeared in the Labyrinth Zone and in Act 3 of the Scrap Brain Zone.

Burrobot is a digging robot which moves around on treadmills. It uses its drill-like nose to pop out from underground to surprise victims. It is vaguely based on the appearance of a mole.

A more advanced version of the badnik, Grounder, appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and became a regular in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series.


Bullyani was the mayor of the Human founded settlement of Station Square during the release of Chaos. The day after the Knothole Freedom Fighters arrived with Amy Rose and Nate Morgan, Bullyani personally gave the heroes a tour of Station Square. As thanks to the Knothole Freedom Fighters who saved Station Square from Perfect Chaos, Mayor Bullyani arranged a celebratory send-off for the heroes, but it was crashed by Silver Sonic II who was soon defeated and then acted as guardian of Station Square against Dr. Eggman after being reprogrammed by Nate Morgan. (StH: #80, #85 SSS: #13)

Butter the Rabbit

Butter the Rabbit is Cream's Moebian counterpart.

Buzz Bomber

The Buzz Bomber, known as Beeton (ビートン) in Japan, was a first-generation Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik in the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game. It both Genesis and Game Gear versions, it appears in Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone and Bridge Zone.


Byron is the father of Edmund and Dimitri and the husband of Angel-La. (StH: #105)


The Bzzzz are an aggressive bee-like alien race from the plant Thoraxia, and are the mortal enemies of the Blodex. As they believe they are the only species who have the right to fly, they have stopped all attempts by the Blodex to achieve air and space-flight for generations. Though they do not appear industrious, the Bzzzz seem to be advanced enough to create portable side arms that fire either a corrosive substance or energy bolts which they carry into battle. The fact that they are ruled by a Bzzzz Queen also indicates they are hive-minded and may not have any concept of individuality. Their long-running war was interrupted by the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog, who attempted to use the Red Chaos Emeralds to power up and defeat the Bzzzz. He accidentally created a separate version of Super Sonic in the process, but despite this many Bzzzz and their Queen were killed and the Blodex saved. (StH: #126)



The CD-ROM Ram was a goat-based robot used by Downunda's former Sub-Boss, Crocbot, in 3235 against the Downunda Freedom Fighters and Miles "Tails" Prower, who had come to Downunda to investigate a list of supplies for Crocbot he had discovered after an encounter with Dr. Robotnik. To make sure they didn't interfere with the army of SWATbots being delivered with him via derigible and his plans to betray Dr. Robotnik and take over Mobius, Crocbot launched the CD-ROM Ram to annihilate the Freedom Fighters while he made sure he received his new SWATbots which he would reprogram to serve only him. The CD-ROM Ram was destroyed, however, shortly after it as activated by Walt Wallabee and one of his Bomberangs. (StH: #29 TMS: #1, #2, #3)

Caliburn the Sword

Caliburn the Sword (カリバーン Karibān?) is a talking weapon used by Sonic the Hedgehog throughout most of the game Sonic and the Black Knight. He is voiced by Casey Robertson in the English version and by Hiroaki Hirata in the Japanese version. In the English version, he acts like a proper and polite gentleman, which initially clashes with Sonic's easy-going attitude. He is also shown to be a bit of a strict teacher, usually calling a Sonic a fool when he does something that Caliburn disapproves of.


Canus is a blue-furred wolf and member of the Wolf Pack. He is considered the team's gentle giant. Large and burly, yet kind and well meaning, Canus serves as the strength of the group as well as its cook. Due to his peace keeping nature, he's mostly quiet and is the only member who can usually keep Reynard and Diablo from fighting. (StH: #69)

Captain Bemoth

Captain Bemoth (キャプテンベモス Kyaputen Bemosu?) is a boss in Sonic and the Secret Rings. He appeared as the captain of a fleet of pirate ships that is being ravaged by storms (probably having been summoned by the Water Blue Ring). He initially looked like an average Pirate Djinn until he fused with several Slime Djinns and transformed into a large leech-like creature with arms and a bearded face.

He is the one responsible for Sinbad the Sailor's capture and stole his World Ring to control the storms but instead ended up destroying a large portion of his own ships. Despite having no legs he can move very fast and create large waves of water, as well as generating electric shockwaves. He was defeated when Sonic pulled out his horns, which were his source of power. However, it is implied that Bemoth was not killed.

Captain Finny

Captain Finny is the Captain of the M.S.S. Gigantic.

Captain John Paul Memo

Captian John Paul Memo tried to clean the sea floor and build his stuff so he could get money from the fish and Merhogs. Always asking Lt Bananas to take a Memo. Went to School with Robotnik.

Captain Marbot

Captain Marbot was proclaimed by Robotnik as having been revived from the "Golden Age of Heroes"-but despite that, he was easily defeated by Sonic.

Captain Rescue

Captain Rescue is a retired obese raccoon superhero. He saves Sonic from Dr. Robotnik's dangerous missions. He is voiced by Gary Chalk.

Parody Appearances

Captain Rescue's personality reflects that of:

  • Toby, Edward or Salty - Thomas & Friends
  • OJ, Hercules or Sea Rogue's Uncle - TUGS

Captain Squeege

Captain Squeege is a sea sponge who is the captain of the Queen Aleena showboat. He runs the resistance cell at Port Mobius, and for a long time was the entirety of the resistance there. He speaks in stereotypical nautical slang. As a sponge, he also has the interesting ability of being able to absorb large amounts of water within his body. When the residents of Port Mobius turned to Robotnik's side so he could protect them from Moby Deep who was sinking ships (when it was actually a sub made to look like a sea monster), Squeege was the only one left as being part of the resistance. When the Sonic underground crashed (literally) into Squeege's showboat, he managed to persuade them into helping him catch Moby Deep. However, this ended up attracting attention from Sleet, who planned to destroy his ship. Sonic eventually arrived on the ship to help the others destroy the sub and help Squeege bring the rest of Port Mobius back into the resistance.

Captain Whisker

Captain Whisker (ウィスカー船長 Uisukā Senchou?) is a villainous robot pirate who appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure, in which he initially seems to be the main antagonist. He was created by Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega, whom he greatly resembles, and resides in Blaze the Cat's home dimension.

Whisker and his band of pirates (Johnny, Mini, and Mum) are out to cause havoc on the seas, and intend to use an ancient artifact called the Jeweled Scepter to awaken an unnamed entity, and use its power to conquer. However, despite their claims, the pirates are not very intimidating, and are generally clownish and bumbling (possibly a reference to the comical villains from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog); he also always forgets about Sonic and others. Despite this, Whisker is an incredible force in battle: he can breathe fire, manifest saws and use shockwave-inducing ground pounds. He takes a special dislike of any characters who have pulled on his "whiskers", at least when either Mini or Mum remind him. It is currently unknown if Captain Whisker was destroyed after the Ghost Titan fight. He also tends to talk too much, usually giving away important information like how to unlock the door in the undersea cavern.

Captain William Le Due

Captain William Le Due is a Famous Pilot, Solider of Fortune, archaeologies and toast of Duck society. Seams to enjoy dangerous things and finding rare creatures but he is really afraid of flying a bit and of the dark.


Car-Heem is a collector and scientist who travels the galaxy looking for specimens of species. He is one of the red-eyed, silvery blue-armored giants of the Planet Weeet. During his travels, Car-Heem ended up on Mobius, where he broke up a battle between Dr. Robotnik and the Freedom Fighters and pulled them all up to his ship for study. Far from having any moral issues with the abduction, Car-Heem felt that he was in the right and that his captives were all inferior races. He also was fascinated by the interdependent attitude of the Freedom Fighters, which they displayed more than the normal amount of by claiming that Robotnik was one of them, because his species was trained to live alone in space.

Trapped in Car-Heem's observation tank, which he had modified to duplicate the appearance and qualities of the Great Forest, the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik were forced to join forces to escape. Robotnik, much to his dismay, was forced to act the part of a Freedom Fighter in order to fool Car-Heem. Concocting a plan to trick Car-Heem into opening the tank, Sonic played dead while the Freedom Fighters boarded a vehicle Robotnik had constructed. When Car-Heem opened the tank, Sonic ran inside his large uniform and began running around to distract him. Robotnik, unfortunately, proved himself to be as evil as ever, opening the ship's door to send Car-Heem and Sonic into space.

Fortunately, Car-Heem and Sonic were protected by Car-Heem's uniform, and Rotor the Walrus was able to save them both using the same umbilical vacuum that Car-Heem had used to capture the Mobians. Grateful to the Freedom Fighters for saving his life, Car-Heem turned over a new leaf and promised to change his ways and collect only non-living things. He also admitted that he had proven himself an "inferior lifeform" by treating species different from his own as though they were insects by comparison. Car-Heem returned the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik to Mobius before setting out in search of new items for his collection-in a nod to the series, he suggested that he would seek out "intergalactic comic books."

During A.D.A.M.'s gathering of all the Chaos Emeralds in the galaxy, it was revealed that Planet Weeet is home to the Cyan Emeralds, all of which were brought to Mobius and then transported to the Zone of Silence and combined into a single gem.

Carl, Jeff and Konor

Carl, Jeff and Konor are a trio of weasels who worked for Nack the Weasel. Carl, Jeff, and Konor joined Nack in his kidnapping of Sally Acorn, holding her hostage in hopes of getting a ransom for her safe return. However, the gang was thwarted by Sally's ingenuity in fooling their leader and by the subsequent arrival of the other Freedom Fighters. All four Weasels were arrested, but when Nack was next seen, Carl and the others were nowhere to be seen. Following another escape from prison coinciding with that of the Destructix, Nack apparently decided to poison his old lackeys to make sure that no loose ends remained.

Carl Condor

Carl Condor was an ally of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Knothole Freedom Fighters. He knew many things about Mobius that others did not, and Sonic sought him out for information about Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Death Egg. Before Sonic could find him, however, Carl was roboticized, becoming Condorbot. Condorbot was ordered to capture Sonic.

Sonic managed to defeat Carl, by knocking him under a load of garbage that had been ejected from the Death Egg. Sonic then bounced up the pile in the Death Egg's garbage sector. Condorbot has not been seen since. (SQM: #1, #2)

Carrotia the Rabbit

Carrotia (キャロッティア) is a blue-furred female anthropomorphic rabbit henchman of Wendy Witchkart, the main villain of Tails' Skypatrol. She flies in a flying carrot. She wears a bow and is the boss of Metal Island, where she fights by firing small carrot-shaped homing missiles and throwing kisses.


Catwas a member of the Freedom Fighters from the series Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). He was perhaps the oldest member of the Freedom Fighters. He was captured by Doctor Robotnik. Cat was voiced by William Windom, who also provided the voice of Uncle Chuck.

Cat Queen

The Cat Queen was the leader of the tribal Cats located in the Mysterious Cat Country. When Angel Island came down to Mobius's surface near her lands, she and a troop of her guards were there to capture the Chaotix as they investigated. She soon met with the Guardian Locke, who defeated her champion Razorklaw. Afterwards, she released the Chaotix and gave them-along with Locke's son Knuckles-a lesson in the history of her country and that of the Knuckles Clan under Pachacamac. (StH: #81, #82, #84)


The Caterkiller, also spelled Catakiller and known as "Nal" (ナール Nāru) in Japan, was a first-generation Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik in the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game for the Sega Genesis and Game Gear.

This seems to be a favorite design of Eggman, since it is re-used in many other forms. For example, a modification of it, called Sandworm, appeared in Sonic & Knuckles in the first act of the Sandopolis Zone.

Caterkiller, Jr.

Catakiller, Jr., known as Meramora (メラモーラ) in Japan, is a badnik from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It appears in the Angel Island Zone.

Catakiller, Jr. is named after Caterkiller from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. It resembles a floating caterpillar or segmented worm, and its body is shielded by waves of electricity that will damage the player if attacked. It can be destroyed by attacking its head, which is unshielded.

Catty Carlisle

Catty is a Female Singer and guiater player. He wrote 'Sonic's Song' in tribute to Sonic but Robotnik didn't like it so he kidnapped her and tried to get her to play his 'Robotnik Sonic'.


Catweazle is a white bird who flys around the Floating Island's countryside. He is an aquaintance of Knuckles when Echidnaopolis was still concealed in the pocket zone by Hawking's invention. Catweazle was somewhat of a friend, but more often than not was a thorn in Knuckles' side. He had a knack for showing up whenever Knuckles wanted to be alone. He has a shewish sister named Eggmuffin and a very lazy uncle. When Hunter was rampaging on the Floating Island, he shot and killed a female bird friend of Catweazle named Snowpidgeon. Catweazle went on to warn Knuckles in his lair about Hunter. He was last seen with General Stryker and the other exhiled dingoes in Sandopolis. He also appeared in a flashback when Knuckles and Vector first met.

Cave Bears

The Cave Bears are a group of prehistoric teddies that lived in the times of prehistoric Mobius. They seem very primitive and are quick to violence, however they know how to tell good from evil. They are lead by a king who is much older than the common bear, he has lost most of his hair and wears a crown.

Celise Robotnik

Celise Robotnik is a young human female in her mid-twenties who lives on South Island with Sonic & Tails. Celise is a Mother-Figure to them, and as such, treats them like they were her own children. She is Dr. Eggman's Niece, and was once his assistant, that is until she learned about his evil schemes. Because she was always top student in every single grade in all courses besides P.E; Celise is considered by many as a super-genius. She has made many inventions, one of them is a special Jumpsuit that she made during her years in College. It allows it's user super speed and agility, and has a special force field when you curl up into a ball, kinda like Sonic's Spin Attack, that knocks out any enemies the user collides with. She wears the suit on occasions when she needs to, but it's a bit tight on her since she hasn't worn it since college.


Ceneca-10050 was a Bem high magistrate and member of the Bem High Council. She was one of the many Bems who didn't consider Ceneca-9009 to deserve her punishment of death. She believed Ceneca-9009's recent actions on Mobius by De-Roboticizing all the Robians balanced the tragedy on Biotex. Together with Sonic the Hedgehog and the Prower couple, she planned to save Ceneca-9009 from execution, which she did successfully. (StH: #118, #123, #129)

Ceneca 9009

Ceneca-9009 was a Bem scientist who was at the service of her people's ruling government; the Bem High Council, and performed many tasks at their request across their galaxy. Ceneca-9009 is distinguished as having invented the first version of the Roboticizer and De-Roboticizer, using the latter to free the Robian population of Mobius from Dr. Eggman's influence. Doing this brought her into conflict with her government however, eventually turning her into a fugitive. She has green skin and gold eyes.


A Chao (pronounced IPA-tʃaʊ', or "chow", singular and plural form Chao) is a lifeform from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Their role in the games are to be raised by the player in mini-games, similar to many virtual pets. Chao are somewhat complex, responding to stimuli, they have moods, they require food, and they can be loving or fearful. The word chao is a pun on chaos, a word commonly used in the Sonic series.

Making their first appearance in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast (both in the plot and in a Chao-raising aspect of the game), later in Sonic Adventure 2, and further enhanced in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure DX, Chao have recently come to be a large part of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Chao-raising and the main Sonic games tie together in a number of ways: items which you encounter in the main game can be used to raise your Chao, collected Rings can be used to buy things for them, and several unlockable features are related to Chao. During raising, Chao have statistics: Swimming, Flying, Running, Power, and Stamina, as well as a number of other things which aren't quite as obvious. These statistics can be raised through proper Chao raising, and will enable a Chao to do better in their competitions: Chao racing and Chao karate.

Chao have appeared in plenty of Sonic the Hedgehog games, including Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Pinball Party, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, Sonic Heroes, Sega Superstars,Sonic Rivals 2,Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, A mission in the 360 & PS3 Versions of Sonic Unleashed and Shadow the Hedgehog. Earlier forms of the technology behind them, were also in NiGHTS Into Dreams with the Nightopians (the A-lives).


Chaos (Japanese: カオス Kaosu?) (also known as Chaos 0) is the main antagonist in the video game Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast. Chaos is an immortal, ageless god-like creature that seems to be composed entirely of water (ironically Sonic has a weakness of water), but is also said to be concentrated Chaos Emerald energy (in Sonic X, Doctor Eggman implies that it is composed of "Chaos energy in a liquid state"). It was trapped inside the Master Emerald for thousands of years before being released by Dr. Eggman in a bid to conquer the world. It was also the original guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, Chao, and the Master Emerald. In Sonic Adventure it absorbed the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds to attain its final and strongest form.

Chaos Knuckles

Chaos Knuckles is a natural evolution of Knuckles the Echidna. It was caused due to Knuckles' father Locke infusing Knuckles' egg with mass energy from a Chaos Emerald, which ultimately allowed Knuckles to evolve beyond the scale of any other Echidna.

Chaos Shadow

Shadow the Hedgehog can cause this temporary energized state by removing the rings he wears around his wrists. This creates an incredible surge of Chaos Energy, but causes exhaustion after the energy is released.

Shadow used this in Sonic X after fighting the Finalhazard alongside Sonic. He removed the rings and combined his Super transformation with his Chaos power to increase the potency of his Chaos Control. In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Shadow used this to eliminate the copies Mephiles made of himself. When he took off his rings, an explosion occured from the surge of energy, giving Shadow increased power and a yellow aura which covered him as well as Rouge, and E-123 Omega.

Interesting to note that although Shadow supposedly becomes exhausted after releasing his rings, in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Shadow did not seem to be after releasing his rings to destroy said army of Mephiles clones (but it can be because of how little time he spent without the rings). Whereas in Sonic X, following his fight with Finalhazard, his exhaustion overwhelmed him, causing him to fall to Earth. Because of this, he was presumed "dead" until later episodes.


Chaotix are a group of heroes from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They were originally created for the video game Knuckles' Chaotix for the 32X, and later became a semi-regular part of both comic and video game continuity.

Knuckles' Chaotix starred seven characters, including Knuckles the Echidna and Mighty the Armadillo, who both appeared in earlier games (Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and SegaSonic the Hedgehog respectively). However, more recent incarnations of the team include five three of these: Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel.

The Chaotix team has also appeared in various comics continuities, which feature different (often much larger) memberships.

Charmy Bee

Sharmurai "Charmy Bee" Edgar the Fifth (チャーミー・ビー Chāmī Bī?) is a young, childish anthropomorphic bee and a member of Team Chaotix. He debuted in Knuckles' Chaotix, and was missing from the games for a few years until Sonic Heroes. He stands 70 cm (2 ft 3 in) and weighs 10 kg (22 lb).

Parody Appearances

Charmy's personality reflects that of:

  • Billy or Charlie - Thomas & Friends
  • Ring-a-Ding/Dum-Dum - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
  • Hamton J. Pig - Tiny Toon Advenutres
  • Milhouse - The Simpsons
  • Diddy Kong - Super Mario Bros.
  • Tito - Shining Time Station
  • Scraggy - Pokemon
  • Spikehead - Kirby
  • Gary - Sponggebob Squarepants
  • Cameron - Total Drama


Charmy-Zilla is an alternate version of Charmy Bee from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Charmy's friends from the Chaotix and Knothole Freedom Fighters into hideous, gigantic monsters that rampaged throughout Kintopolis. It is unknown if Charmy himself became such a monster. (SSS: #12)


Prefect Charyb (カリュブ・ザ・ギゾイド Karyubu za Gizoido) is one of the two prefect Gizoids of the Nocturnus Tribe, the other being Scylla. (A prefect being a high position in an establishment) Charyb is a blue Gizoid that is built much differently than the others; he is able to fight underwater and use water-based attacks. When Charyb is in the water, he is almost invincible (taking only one damage despite the strength of an attack). When Sonic and Tails' group tried to fight him, the condition of his lair made him impossible to stop. When Knuckles and Shade's group took out Scylla, they drained the water from Charyb's lair allowing them to defeat him. He is more serious than his partner Scylla.

One of the sections of the Twilight Cage is also named Charyb; it's called Sector Charybdis (Charyb for short). He is based on the water beast Charybdis in Greek mythology.

Charyb looks similar to Emerl's Chaos coloration from Sonic Battle.

Cheese the Chao

Cheese the Chao (チーズ Chiizu) is the Chao of Cream the Rabbit and is often used as a method of attack by Cream in the many games they both apear in. Cheese is a neutral Chao with a red bow tie. Cheese measures 40 cm (1ft and 3in). He has the appearance of a Neutral Child Chao: he is light blue and has yellow accents at the tip of its head, hands, feet and tail, bulb-shaped head, dark blue eyes, a floating, yellow pom-pom ball hovering above the tip-top of his head that changes appearance corresponding to his emotions, two pink butterfly-like wings and a small circular tail. He is distinguishable from normal Neutral child Chao by his red / pink bow tie (its colour varies depending on the game played).

Cheese is mostly referred to as male, but in Sonic X he is sometimes referred to as female. In Shadow the Hedgehog, Cream asks Shadow to find Cheese. She uses the words "You have to find him". His brother is Chocola Chao, who only appears in Sonic Heroes. He is also a Neutral Child Chao, but is chocolate brown where Cheese is light blue and has a blue bow tie instead of red.

He is a Unique Chao in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and raises the entire team's luck when bonded to a character. Cheese is the only Chao in the game that can't be attained from an egg, and is also the only Chao that has significance in a side-quest. Cheese is found in a cave that you need to climb to to access it. There is another obtainable Chao named Cheezlet that looks exactly like Cheese, but is smaller with white extremities and has no bow tie.

Chibi Rose

Chibi Rose is an alternative version of Amy Rose, within the Luna Zone, aiding Sally Moon against the villainous Ivanna Robotina. (SSS: #8)

Chicken Couple

These are a pair of Married Chickens that wanted to adopt a child. When Sonic was trying to find Tails a safe place to live he took them to stay with them but found out they were fair from save and always making mistakes. The Husband has appeared to appear on his own a number of times. The Husband is voiced by Ian James Corlett.


The Chief of Speedster island. He is very protective of his island and the people of his tribe, but then the 'old ways' didn't work for them anymore, he was willing to sell the island to Robotnik if they tribe would be safe.


Chip (チップ Chippu?) is a small, burgundy colored, brown-eyed flying animal who debuts in Sonic Unleashed. He has a white tuft on the top of his head, similar to his tail, has tiny translucent turquoise wings on his back and a green bauble on his neck. He was first seen in a Japanese manga adaption of Sonic Unleashed. In this, Sonic wakes up after Dr. Eggman's laser gun mutates him into a monstrous version of himself. Chip is seen lying on the ground nearby, and Sonic attempts to make sure that he is okay. Chip flies away, afraid at first, though he soon realizes Sonic is good.


Chirps (also known as Cucky) was the name given by Sega of America to the small chicken that could be released when Sonic attacked badniks in early games of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Chocola the Chao

Chocola (チョコラ Chocora?) is a brown two-tone chao, who wears a blue bowtie, and is the sibling of Cheese the Chao, who belongs to Cream the Rabbit. Chocola is almost identical to Cheese, differing only in skin and bowtie coloration. In Sonic Heroes, Team Rose went on a search to find him and Froggy, who had both been kidnapped by Metal Sonic to absorb data of their contact with Chaos (which is odd since Cheese never came in contact with Chaos at all). Chocola hadn't appeared since.

Chocola is often regarded as a filler character for Sonic Heroes, created only to act as an appropriate motive for Cream without requiring a separation between Cream and Cheese, as Cream relies heavily on Cheese to battle and survive.


The pet of Knuckles the Echidna, Chomps is a carnivorous dinosaur with a green underside and the top of his body being red. Chomps is the only other known inhabitant of Sonic Underground's Floating Island, and served Knuckles by devouring intruders who came onto the island. He wanted to eat Sleet and Dingo, but after Knuckles released them they ran away, leaving behind a holo-projector with falsfied images of Sonic, Sonia, and Manic planning to steal the Chaos Emerald. Chomps ate the projector, causing the images to appear out of his mouth and nostrils. Thanks to this, the Hedgehogs were able to determine why Knuckles was attacking them. Chomps first appeared in the episode "Friend or Foe".

Chomps is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Chop-Chop is a Badnik in the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


Chopper, known in Japan as Bata-bata (バタバタ), is a badnik created by Dr. Robotnik in the game, Sonic the Hedgehog. This badnik is not very menacing, but some players can accidentally run into it when they are not aware of it (Which is very rare, because they are easy to notice). It is shaped like a fish, but mechanical. Near a bridge, it will keep jumping up trying to hit the player.

Chris Thorndyke

Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke (クリストフア "クリス" ソンダイク Kurisutofua "Kurisu" Sondaiku) is a main character in the television anime Sonic X. He is 12 years old and lives in Station Square on the planet Earth, which is regarded as an alternate version of Sonic's home planet in another dimension. He finds Sonic at the bottom of his swimming pool and saves him from drowning at the start of the series, and hosts him, Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese for most of the anime.

Chris is a young boy who lives with his grandfather Chuck Thorndyke, his bodyguard Mr. Tanaka and a maid called Ella. He lives in a large mansion due to his parents being successful in their individual fields of work. Mr. Thorndyke runs an electrical company and Mrs. Thorndyke is an actress. As a child, Chris rarely saw his parents. His uncle, known as Sam Speed, is the head of a police car-chase team and drives a Formula One race car. His elementary school teacher is Mr. Stewart, who turns out to be a spy working for the government later in the anime.

At the end of the second season and during the third season, he is eighteen years old. Early in the third season he uses a portal to travel to Mobius (Sonic's home in the series). After this point in this series he is still in his preteen design and still speaks and thinks in his younger voice. However, he has gained new skills during the six years in between the series. The new Chris no longer takes the back seat in the X-Tornado; instead he is shown as flying it capably, which his younger self would have never picked up. He also comments in one episode that he is a black belt in karate.

Although he only exists in the anime, Chris was created by Sonic Team.

Parody Appearences

Chris' personality reflects that of:

  • Skarloey or Peter Sam - Thomas & Friends
  • Coast Guard - TUGS
  • Theodore - Theodore Tugboat
  • Baby Mario - Super Mario Bros.
  • Ash Ketchum - Pokemon
  • Speedy Gonzales - Total Drama
  • Geoff - Total Drama


Christopheles is a Fire Ant and a member of the Fire Ant Council.


Chuck-Zilla is an alternate version of Sir Charles Hedgehog from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Chuck into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. When Chuck-Zilla invaded the city, Mayor Kintobor infected him with a robo-virus, thus paralyzing Chuck-Zilla. (SSS: #12)

Chuck Thorndyke

Chuck Thorndyke is a character from Sonic X. He is the paternal grandfather of Chris Thorndyke. He is a scientist and inventor. He always is helping Chris, Sonic and the gang out whenever they need help. He is 165 cm tall, weighs 60 kg, and is 55 years old in Series 1, and 61 years old in Series 2. Chuck is voiced by Bin Shimada in Japan and Jerry Lobozzo in the English dub. Much in the same way that Chris bonds with Sonic the Hedgehog during the latter's stay with the family, and the maid Ella bonds with Cream the Rabbit, Chuck forms a close friendship with Tails, who shares his love of inventing. It was partially thanks to Chuck that the X Tornado was made, as well as the rescue of Cream and Cheese in episode 2.

Many fans believe his name is a reference to the "SatAM" and "Archie" Sonic continuities as his nickname "Chuck" and his full name "Charles" are shared by "SatAM" and "Archie" Sonic's uncle, Uncle Chuck. Both Chucks are also important inventors in their respective continuities. Tails also refers to Chuck in the Japanese version as "oji-san", which can be translated as uncle or grampa (which is what 4Kids stuck with). He is a Freedom Fighter helper due to him working with Tails.

He bears an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Emmett Brown from the Back to the Future films.

Parody Appearences

Chuck's personality reflects that of:

  • Toby - Thomas & Friends
  • OJ - TUGS
  • Abe Simpson - The Simpsons


Ciccio (チッチョ Chicho) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. He is Natalia's husband and the father of Elio. He is a talented shoemaker. For 20 years, he's fussed over every instep and insole. Not to long ago, Cicco heard about wondrous shoes that turn their wearer into a speed demon, and would give anything for a peek at them.

Cindy Rose

Cindy 'Cindi' Rose is the twin sister of Amy (although older than her).


Clamer (Shell Star in Japan) is a clam-shaped Badnik (hence its name) with giant eyes and a spike ball shooter. Clamer appears in Carnival Night Zone of the Sega Mega Drive's Sonic the Hedgehog 3.


The Clans were a group of rival factions in the Dragon Kingdom of Mobius. Each clan was limited to one particular species of Mobian. There were four clans in total, each battling during the Clan Wars. In 3237, the leader of the Yagyu Clan was slain by the Bride of Four Houses, who took the clan as her own. Following this, the other three clans surrendered and joined the Bride of Four Houses as her soldiers.

Cleaver Beaver

Cleaver Beaver is the Father of the baby Beavers and as thanks for saving beaver ville, he throw Sonic a BBQ.


Cluck (Korukki) is Dr. Robotnik's pet robotic bird from Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). He very rarely did much other than perch on Robotnik's shoulder.

Snively didn't seem to like him much as Snively would sometimes purposely make his eyes pop out with a remote control.

Cluck is a roboticised chicken. His body is grey and white. His eyes are black and red. His beak is orange. He also has a red rooster comb on top of his head.

He can fly, and he also has Robotnik on his side. He's rather annoying to those around him except for Robotnik but including Snively. His beak appears to have a number of sharp teeth, which may hurt if he bites someone. Cluck cannot talk, and his clucking and crowing appears to be out of sync with his mouth movements. His clucking and crowing are provided by Frank Welker.

Parody Appearances

Cluck's personality reflects that of:

  • Norman - Thomas & Friends


Clucker (Kokekko コケッコー in Japan) is a Badnik that takes the form of a chicken. It pops up from a turret to shoot cannon balls at its prey.

Clucker is the only Badnik guarding Robotnik's Wing Fortress in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It appears in this capacity in Sonic the Comic #6. Clucker also appears in one of the bonus levels of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.

Clucker is the first of many Badniks to take on the form of a chicken. He is also the inspiration for the animated series' characters Cluck from SatAM and Scratch from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Cobar is the chief scientist of the Dark Legion in the Mobius: 25 Years Later timeline. He has red fur, purple eyes and peach skin.

Serving as the Floating Island counterpart to Rotor, as well as teaching a high school class including Lara-Su and Rutan, he was also one of those who determined that due to disruptions of time, Mobius was going to explode. Cobar was also able to hack into the Brotherhood's spy satellite network, by accident. He proposed sending King Sonic back in time to fix things, but Sonic vanished when the time machine malfunctioned.

Cobar had not appeared in the alternate future but Shadow does mention him. It is suggested that Shadow may have killed him as he was the only other person besides Rotor who worked on trying to save the future. He retained his memories of the original future as he was near Robotnik's Tachyon Displacement Chamber when Sonic went back in time.


Cocoa was the mother of Hershey the Cat and a veteran of the Great War. During one of the many Overlander shellings of Mobotropolis, Cocoa and Bernadette Hedgehog lead a group of troops through a group of underground tunnels that led to an opening behind enemy lines. Cocoa was last seen unsuccessfully trying to prevent the Overlander leader Colin Kintobor from escaping down the same tunnels. (StH: #76)

Coconut Crew

The Coconut Crew (やしのみ団 Yashinomi Dan?) are a crew of seven koalas who appear in the video game Sonic Rush Adventure. They help Sonic on his adventures while he was in Blaze the Cat's world. The Coconut Crew members are:

  • Tabby (タビー Tabī?)- The first Coconut Crew member Sonic met. He gives out missions for you to do.
  • Colonel (カーネル Kāneru?)- He helps Sonic with unknown mysteries about certain places he explores. He gives out missions, and decorates Southern Island once you pay him an amount of rings.
  • Muzy (ミュージー Myūjī?)- The musician Sonic talks to, and opens the Sound Test. You can unlock more music once you've completed certain missions.
  • Setter (セッター Settā?)- He helps Sonic with any form of Options that effect the game.
  • Daikun (ダイクン?)- A member who knew Marine when she was younger. He always carries around a hammer and lives on one of the nearby Hidden Islands where Sonic and friends found him. He says he'll return to his island, but he never does. He will decorate the island when certain missions are completed.
  • Kylok (キロック Kirokku?)- Kylok opens up a list of clips that are from the events of the game, and are unlocked by completing certain missions.
  • Gardon (ガードン Gādon?)- Blaze's royal guard that calls her, "Her Highness" instead of Blaze. He gives out missions for Blaze to do to get the Sol Emeralds. He also tells her that the Jeweled Scepter is missing during the ending of the game.

The Coconut Crew first appeared in "Sonic Rush Adventure" and are not very prominent main characters of the game either. They only appear as minor characters. Also, the Coconut Crew appear to be friends of Marine the Raccoon


Coconuts ココナッツ (Kokonattsu) is a robot monkey from the early years of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He has a somewhat rounded body, lanky limbs, red fur, black/brown eyes, peach/white face and wears gray jumpsuit with chest screen and buttons with red boots. Coconuts speaks with a New Jersey accent. He stands 81 cm (2ft 8in) and weighs 30 kg (68.8 lbs).

Parody Appearances

Coconuts' personality reflects that of:

  • George - Thomas and Friends
  • Zebedee - TUGS
  • Oogie - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Muttley - Dastardly and Muttley
  • Ollie - T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa - Super Mario Bros.
  • Chimchar - Pokemon
  • Flats the Flounder - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Kine - Kirby
  • Norm - Phineas and Ferb
  • Elmer Fudd - Looney Tunes
  • Ezekiel - Total Drama

Colin Kintobor

Colin Kintobor is brother of the infamous Julian Kintobor (who renamed himself Dr. Ivo Robotnik), the father of Colin "Snively" Kintobor Jr. and one of the high ranking generals of the Overlander army during the time of the Great War. After the war's end, Colin lead his people on a journey through outer space in search of a new planet to call their own. When they were unsuccessful, Colin and the other Overlanders returned to Mobius. By this point in time, Dr. Eggman (a version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik from another universe) had replaced Colin's late brother, though only the Mobians were aware of this. Colin, unaware of Eggman's schemes, took his people to Robotropolis to live in the "safety" of his "brother's" city. When Colin discovered his "brother" was planning to roboticize all of the Overlanders after they were poisoned by the city's radiation, Colin attempted to punch Eggman, only to be roboticized by coming into contact with him. Colin, now a frozen roboticized statue, was destroyed when Robotropolis was nuked by Station Square. In StH #93, Colin Kintobor stated that Hope was his stepdaughter. However, in StH #177, Hope claims that Snively is her half-brother. It remains unknown if this was a writer's error or a retcon.

Collie Chang

Collin Chan is a news reporter on Mobius TV.

Colonel Stench

Colonel Stench is a skunk. He was working on Plants to cover up his smell when he found some plants that could hyponise people. Robotnik found out and put him on the chainGang and took the plants for himself. Unknown if he is really a Colonel.


Combots were soldier robots created and used by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Far superior and more effective than the SWATbot model and even Dr. Eggman's Shadowbot model, the Combots proved successful in capturing the Knothole Freedom Fighters in one case. Combots were also the main force used by Crocbot after he rebuilt himself following his first defeat at the hands of Tails and the Downunda Freedom Fighters. A group of Combots was also used once by Dr. Eggman with resounding success, going so far as to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog. Following the Xorda attack on Mobius, the remaining Combots were upgraded and integrated into the regular SWATbot army of the Eggman Empire. They were made of titanium alloy, colored Army Green camoflage and had red eyes.

Comic Book Bots

The Comic Book Bots are a group of robots featured only in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 8. They were created after Dr. Robotnik caught his robot aid, Crabmeat, collecting comic books. Inspired by the super-powered characters found within, he had these robots constructed. However, they proved ineffective in defeating Sonic the Hedgehog and were subsequently destroyed.

Commander Syrax

Commander Syrax (シラクス司令官 Shirakusu Shireikan?) is a commander of the Zoah who always follows General Raxos no matter how bad he thinks it is. Before Sonic faced Raxos, he and his friends had to defeat him and succeeded. He seems to be slightly biased against Sonic, going to the extent of telling Sonic to come closer to the Zoah's Chaos Emerald so he could hurt them, asking General Raxos if he could sponsor them as citizens so the general could obliterate them, and questioning General Raxos's orders of support of the Sonic team when Sonic defeats him.

Connor Kintobor

Connor Kintobor is Dr. Robotnik's Father. He died at war while his two children were still young, was a honored soldier.

Cosmo the Seedrian

Cosmo is a character from Sonic X, created by Sonic Team exclusively for the third season of that TV series. She resembles Lumina Flowlight and Void from Sonic Shuffle. She stands 90 cm (2ft 11in) and weighs 15 kg (33 lbs).

Cosmo is a 8-year-old female child of a plant-like alien species whose homeworld was destroyed by the villainous Metarex. She is an ally of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, and it is widely accepted that her primary purpose in the series is that of a love interest for Tails, the two characters being of the same age and displaying an overt fondness for one another.

Countess Katerina

Countess Katerina is one of the rich of Robotroplis and was the one that put up Titus until her place was raided. It is unknown what happed to her after that.


Crabmeat (known as Ganigani ガニガニ in Japan) was a first-generation Badnik designed by Dr. Robotnik in the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game for the Sega Genesis and Game Gear systems.

It appeared in the Green Hill Zone (both versions), Spring Yard Zone (Genesis version only) and the Jungle Zone (Game Gear version only).


Crawl (Guardon ガードン in Japan) is a badnik from the Casino Night Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He is the only enemy in the stage.

The origin of Crawl's design is unknown. It has a grey, torso-like body, a red head with mandibles (vaguely resembling the heads of insect-shaped badniks such as Buzz Bomber or Caterkiller), and yellow crab-like pincers. It also carriers a shield in the form of a bumper, which it can use to protect itself and knock Sonic away. It can only be destroyed by a Spin Attack from behind.


Crawlton (Zakin ザキーン in Japan) is a badnik that resembles a centipede. It appeared in the Mystic Cave Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It shares some similarities with the Caterkiller badnik from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Crawlton strike in all directions from the shadows of the Mystic Cave Zone and are covered in sharp spikes, which makes physical attack difficult.

Cream the Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit (クリーム・ザ・ラビット Kurīmu za Rabitto?) (also known as Cream Yamato in Japan) is a rabbit in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

She has a bond with a chao named Cheese, who follows her everywhere, and though she is younger than most of the other characters, being only six years old, she is not afraid to stand up for herself. She stands 70 cm (2ft 3in) and weighs 12 kg (26.4 lbs)

Parody Appearences

Cream's personality reflects that of:

  • Rosie or Lady - Thomas & Friends
  • Lisa or Maggie Simpson - The Simpsons
  • Becky or Tanya - Shining Time Station
  • Birdo - Super Mario Bros.
  • Gretchen - Phineas and Ferb
  • The Chipmunk Girl - T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Chug-a-Boom - The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
  • Sweetie - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Sandy Cheeks - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Honey - Kirby
  • Jigglypuff - Pokemon
  • Awooga - Looney Tunes
  • Beth - Total Drama


Originally hailing from the rough terrain of Downunda, Crocbot is probably one of the strongest Underbosses Robotnik has. However he is also the largest evil streak - and would do anything in his will to not only dethrone Doctor Robotnik, but kill Tails at any cost, especially seeing as how it was Tails who was responsible for destroying his body and fusing him permanently to his tank with a bomb. Upon reaching Downunda, Tails encountered the Downunda Freedom Fighters - a group of Australian FF's that sought to free their country from Robotnik's rule. Inviting himself on his quest after he was rescued and taken to Athair - Knuckles' grandfather, Tails and Guru Emu - in an attempt to rescue one of their comrades, Wombat Stu, let loose with a supply of Bomberangs. As Crocbot was hit with the bomberang, his tank skidded out of control and went flying into the Floating Island crater where the tanks nuclear core exploded. But Crocbot was NOT gone for good. After Tails left he set up his new base in that very crater. Taking his new army of Combots on loan from Doctor Robotnik, that area served as his base of operations until The Downunda Freedom Fighters destroyed it and finally liberated their country from his grip. This time Crocbot lost the entire lower half of his body, but he still wasn't through - he had managed to capture one of the Downunda FF's and implanted a mind control chip on him. It wasn't until Sonic and Tails came along on their quest to locate Ixis Naugus that Crocbot was finally stepped on for good. Taken in custody, Sonic took Crocbot's battered remains back to Mobotropolis only to have it stolen by part of Snively's gang in an attempt to revive all of Doctor Robotnik's associates after his "death" - the possible purpose being to fully rebuild him. Crocbot's whereabouts at this time are unknown.

Crocbot is a green crocodile badnik with yellow eyes, razor claws, spiked tail and tank cannon when his lower half was a tank and is fused to his mega mech tank, thanks to Tails.


Croctobot was a Badnik created by Dr. Eggman by merging the old Sub-Bosses Crocbot and Octobot into one robot. Eggman first launched his new robot on Sonic the Hedgehog's birthday. Croctobot was mocked by Sonic, who claimed he was the "lamest badnik ever". Croctobot insisted it was still a forced to be reckoned with and continued his attack. Although temporarily knocked out by Sonic, Crocobot awoke and grabbed the recently arrived Shadow and Scourge along with Sonic, saying "wait, I still function!". Following this, the three hedgehogs formed a temporary truce and spin dashed Croctobot to pieces. (StH: #160, #161)


Crystal-La was Athair's wife, Sabre's mother, and a member of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas. Crystal-La is the only Guardian spouse whose absence is explained, as she was captured and Roboticized. Assuming that she survived the years spent as a Robian, she could conceivably have been restored to normal form by the Bem, but she has not appeared to indicate continued existence.

Cure Master

Cure Master (キュアマスター) are fright masters that can restore the health of other enemies.

Cyborg Rotor

Cyborg Rotor is an alternate version of Rotor Walrus from an alternate universe Mobius. In his zone, Robo-Robotnik attempted to defeat the Freedom Fighters by turning them into cyborgs. However, the enhanced abilities granted to them by the transformation allowed them to march on Robotropolis for a final confrontation with him. Sadly, Robo-Robotnik turned the tables by completely roboticizing himself. The Cyborg Freedom Fighters were defeated, and presumably Cyborg Rotor was killed. (StH: #19)

Cyborg Sonic

Cyborg Sonic is one of the countless alternate versions of Sonic the Hedgehog from another dimension. On his Mobius, Dr. Robotnik attempted to defeat the Knothole Freedom Fighters by turning them into cyborgs. However, the enhanced abilities granted them by this transformation allowed them to march on Robotropolis for a final confrontation with him. Sadly, Robotnik turned the tables by completely roboticizing himself. With his teammates killed or otherwise neutralized by this menace, Cyborg Sonic fled onto the Cosmic Interstate looking for help to stop Robotnik. He arrived on Mobius Prime, and when Sonic Prime realized the threat that Robo-Robotnik posed to the many dimensions, he gathered an army of fellow alternate Sonics to combat the foe. Cyborg Sonic joined the final battle, helping to defeat the Giant Borg and fragment both him and the Robo-Robotnik, whose head he took as he departed for his own Mobius.

Sonic has blue fur and eyes, and his right half of body is robotic due to partial Roboticization. He wears black jacket, white glove and light weight, hyper friction resistant red running shoe.

Unknown to any of the Sonics, Robo-Robotnik's memory survived and returned to their zone, only for the memory to be stranded aboard an incomplete space station. A chance encounter with the original Robotnik allowed Robo-Robotnik to retrieve the fragment from that dimension and return, eradicating all resistance, including Cyborg Sonic.

Cyclops Robot

The Cyclops Robot was a tall, Overlander-shaped mechanoid of unknown origins with a single optic sensor similar to a giant eye. Sally encountered it while on her soul-quest from her late mentor Julayla, in the Forbidden Zone of Mobius. A scan of the machine by NICOLE, after it proved to be able to impervious to Sonic's attacks, revealed that its targeting system was entirely motion-based. Sonic then walked up to the robot and stood perfectly still, whereupon the Cyclops went back into standby mode with no target to follow, and allowed the Freedom Fighters to pass safely. (IYF)


Cyril is a Mobian eagle and the eldest member of the Substitute Freedom Fighters. He has grey feathers except for white head feathers, dark eyes, white beard and bald spot. He wears maroon vest and glasses. Sonic the Hedgehog encountered him during one of his many missions, and the elderly eagle thought himself the last eagle on Mobius to survive Dr. Ivo Robotnik's predations. Too weary to even fly, Cyril had all but given up, but Sonic motivated him to try flapping his wings again. Amazingly, Cyril got the hang of it again, and even found surviving members of his rookery. Together, they helped Sonic survive one of Robotnik's many attacks. (StH: #12)

Cyril later appeared in Knothole and was training the other Substitute Freedom Fighters when Larry Lynx arrived with dire news about Sally Acorn's Knothole Freedom Fighters. Despite his advanced age, the eagle willingly submitted to Larry's command and followed the others in liberating their trapped friends.


Cyrus is a friend of the Sonic Underground, and one of that continuities' Freedom Fighters. He is a lion and has a high IQ. He is very similar to Tails as he is a mechanical expert, appears to be intelligent and can fly vehicles. He is also a great computer hacker and inventor. Cyrus secretly worked for Robotnik to prevent his father from being roboticized, but Robotnik back-stabbed him and had his father, Lionel, roboticized. Cyrus betrayed Robotnik and stayed loyal to the resistance, helping the hedgehogs in several of their missions. He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Cyrus' Personality is kind of a mixture between Tails (with mechanics) and Knuckles (Gullibility).



D.U.F.U.S. (short for Design Unit Flexible Underling Substitute) is a super-intelligent, shape-shifting prototype Doofus Robot that was able to do almost anything and was 100% loyal to his master and creator, Dr. Qwark. Problems started as he tried to get his brain fried and turned against his master and gave up wanting to fight. He is Dr. Qwark's only robotic creation and minion.

Parody Appearances

D.U.F.U.S.' personality reflects that of:

  • S.C. Ruffey - Thomas & Friends
  • Nantucket - TUGS
  • The Kodiak Bear - Wacky Races
  • Orville (Rodney's Son) - Phineas & Ferb


The D'Novulans are aliens that have implanted a translating device into Sonic the Hedgehog's brain. Sonic encountered them when he was lost in space due to the incident involving the Xorda's Quantum Dial during the Xorda Attack on Mobius. (StH: #127)


DYNAMAC-3000s, also more simply known as DYNAMACs, were large machines of great strength that could transform themselves and use metal cables in their chests to capture their foes. They were made by Dr. Ivo Robotnik to gain control over the western portion of the continent using their weapons, but were stopped by the efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn and Geoffrey St. John with help from Rebel Underground agents Jean-Claude and Dolph while the first model was still being transported in the Robotnik Express. (StH: #31 SSS: #2)

One was remotely piloted by Snively Robotnik whilst trying to retake Robotropolis after the Knothole Freedom Fighters had finally reclaimed the city and defeated his uncle, but Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot managed to defeat it. (SSS: #2)

Da Bearz

Da Bearz are a pair of Bears known as Big Griz and Big Mike. The duo is fairly slow in the head, they are gullible and easily tricked, but they mean well and claim to be Sonic's biggest fans. They are skilled drivers. They have brown fur, and Big Griz has blue eyes while Big Mike has green eyes.

They made two appearances in the show Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog in the episodes "The Robotnik Express" and "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior". Big Griz are Big Mike are voiced by French Tickner and Michael Donovan respectively.

Damocles the Elder

Damocles was a dark magician and alchemist. A fellow wizard of Damocles', Mathias Poe, used his own magic to turn the Sword of Acorns into a replica of Damocles that he used to amplify his magical power. The replica served him briefly by allowing him to create a golem to attack Knuckles, but the timely efforts of Archimedes allowed the Echidna to defeat the raven and reveal the replica's true form. Sir Connery would later state he had slain Damocles.

Damocles himself never fully appeared in the comic. It is assumed that he resembled Mathias' replica, and thus that he was a goat in wizard robes.


Danny, full name Daniel, is a character from Sonic X. He is an African-Japanese boy and one of Chris Thorndyke's friends and classmates. He is 11 years old, 125 cm tall, weighs 40 kg and enjoys sports. He helps Sonic and his friends at occasions, and also fights and loses to Chris during the Battle Tournament in episode 45. He is voiced by Naomi Shindoh in the Japanese version and Rachael Lillis in the US who voices Ray the Flying Squirrel.

Danny's personality reflects that of:

  • Baby Luigi - Super Mario Bros.
  • Brock - Pokemon
  • Slowpoke Rodrigues - Looney Tunes
  • DJ - Total Drama

Despite the fact that he appears in the intros and second pilot, he plays a lesser role than Chris' other classmates Helen and Frances.

Dark Bat

Dark Bat (ダークフロート Dark Float) are aerial troops that hover out of Sonic's reach to avoid attacks. They can be grabbed onto and jumped from in a manner similar to poles.

Dark Bat Sniper

Dark Bat Sniper (ダークフロートキャノン Dark Float Cannon) are smaller, pink Bats that launch small projectiles from their tails on a regular firing basis, about once very five seconds. Sonic can also grab onto the Snipers, but the enemy will often release a shot to protect itself.

Dark Bat Thunder

Dark Bat Thunder (サンダーフロート Thunder Float) are neon blue Bats that can surround their bodies in an electrical field. This enemy can also be grabbed, but it can use electricity to damage and stun Sonic.

Dark Chao

Dark Chao is a type of Chao from Sonic Adventure 2, as well as its remake Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

The Dark Chao is similar in size to Neutral Chao or Hero Chao, but has its own distinguishing features. First of all, it is a dark red-brown color with red edges on its hands and feet. Also, instead of a small mark at the center of its belly, there is a red mark in the shape of a power ring, a necklace, and/or a bracelet near the top of its chest. It kinda looks similar to the red necklace that Knuckles has. And as we all know, there is a yellow sphere hovering above a Neutral Chao, or a different color depending on the evolution the chao has gone through.

Dark Chao also appears in Sonic Heroes. It is in a ballon throwing mines at you during the Special Stages.The Dark Chao also appears in Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games giving you several missions and sometimes forces you by saying "you will do this mission!" and you can find one by going to a cave in icepeak. It is asleep and when you wake it up he says "do you have any idea what time it is?! You woke me up with all that talking! Next time could you be a little more coniderate? How would you like it if i did that to you?"

Dark Eyes

The Dark Eyes were the restructured Dark Legion under Lien-Da's leadership in the altered Mobius: 25 Years Later timeline. The group acted primarily as a spy network, while the main enforcing was carried out by Enforcer Knuckles and the main security forces at his disposal. It was the Dark Eyes who discovered Tails and Lara-Su conspiring with the homeless King Sonic to overthrow King Shadow. (StH: #166)

Dark Fright

Dark Fright (スプーキー Spooky) are small blobs with glowing facial features. They attack enemies by ramming into them with considerable speed.

Dark Gaia

Dark Gaia (ダーク・ガイア Dāku Gaia?) is the main antagonist of Sonic Unleashed and a gargantuan monster (referred to by Prof. Pickle as a hyper energy organism), the representation of darkness, night and destruction, who was released from the center of the Earth by Dr. Eggman's Chaos Energy Cannon at the start of Sonic Unleashed. Eggman plans to use the power of the great beast in order to conquer the world and establish his Eggman Empire. It is what spawns the monsters that plague the world during the night stages of the game.

Dark Gaia's purpose is to gather energy while sleeping at the planet's core over millions of years, then destroy the world upon awakening for it to be rebuilt by Light Gaia, a process repeated since time began. Because Dark Gaia awoke prematurely when Eggman fired his beam, its pieces scattered throughout the world, and its influence affected people negatively. The only exceptions were Sonic the Hedgehog because his will was too strong, even in his Werehog form and Light Gaia because he is Dark Gaia's opposite. The other four unaffected are Amy Rose, Professor Pickle, Dr. Eggman, and Tails for unknown reasons.

Over the course of the game, Dr. Eggman devises a way to gather the pieces of Dark Gaia and reassemble them, giving him the power needed to finally build Eggman Land. After Sonic (in his Werehog form) defeats Dr. Eggman's Egg Dragoon, the reassembled Dark Gaia appears. Eggman orders it to attack Sonic, but Dark Gaia, not intending to follow his orders, swats him away (nearly mimicking how Perfect Chaos shot down Eggman's Egg Carrier 2 after he began attacking Station Square in Sonic Adventure). Dark Gaia then re-absorbs its lost power from Sonic, costing him his Werehog form (which appears to injure Sonic in the process), and completes itself, gaining three extra eyes. Chip battles Dark Gaia in a giant stone robot formed by the Gaia temples known as the Gaia Colossus while Sonic attacks his eyes. While they are doing this, Dark Gaia completely regains his lost power and matures, growing seven eyes, and four extra arms (the in the transformation sequence it is only shown growing two arms), becoming Perfect Dark Gaia. In the end, Super Sonic and Light Gaia defeat Dark Gaia's final form, and both Light and Dark Gaia are resealed within the still-regenerating planet.

Dark Gaia's minions

Dark Gaia's minions are enemies fought by Sonic the Werehog in the Night stages of Sonic Unleashed. These creatures are fragments of Dark Gaia after its premature awakening caused it to disperse across the shattered Earth.

They are freakish creatures of mostly black, dark purple, and multicoloured neon that only come out at night. They vary in size, ranging from the tiny Killer Bees, to the towering Titans. They also terrorize the humans in the game on a psychological level, directly generating despair and negative emotions in the people. An example of this is when the Ice Cream Vendor in Apotos starts to have a nervous breakdown when Sonic and Chip meet him again at night. These monsters even occasionally possess townsfolk, which Sonic can fix by using the flash of Chip's camera.

Sonic in his Werehog form is a partial Dark Gaia monster himself, as he absorbed a significant dose of Dark Gaia's energy due to Dr. Eggman's planet-shattering laser. This contributes to his fearsome night-time appearence. Dr. Eggman, being the one at fault for the sudden appearance of these monsters, devises a plan in the game to make them all converge in one spot, so that he could rebuild Dark Gaia. When Perfect Dark Gaia is defeated by Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus and the beast sent back into dormancy in the Earth's core at the end of the game, it re-absorbs all of its minions.

Dark Gaia Phoenix

Dark Gaia Phoenix is a large Phoenix boss corrupted by Dark Gaia's power you face after you complete Act III of Chun-nan: Path to Darkness in the Wii/PS2 versions or Act 1 of Chun-nan in the 360/PS3 versions. He is the guardian of the Gaia Gate of Chun-nan. He went berserk after the Chaos Emeralds lost their power in Sonic Unleashed. He has the ability to radiate fire and shoot his flaming, purple feathers at his enemies. However, extinguishing the fire surrounding he weakens him.

Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian (ダークガーディアン) is a monster who resembles a giant overgrown Deep Nightmare with Greek armor and long green hair that uses a hammer imbued with the power of thunder. He is about the size of a titan and carries the ability to spin around maniacally.He is the temple boss of Shamar in the game Sonic Unleashed. In the 360/PS3 version, it is mentioned that he was created when the Shamaran temple absorbed moonlight.

Dark Hands

The Dark Hands are a group of cyborganic Echidna members of the Dark Presence that serve as their foot soldiers. Their attire usually consists of black uniforms with helmets when in hiding, but switch to usual attire when out in the open. They were assigned by their Grandmaster, Lien-Da, to act as diversions at the celebration of the Five Years of Peace Mobius has had since King Sonic took the throne, while Lien-Da remained in hiding to assinate King Sonic, but her attempt was foiled by the timely arrival of Silver the Hedgehog. (SU: #5)

Dark Moray

Dark Moray (ダーク・モーレイ) is an giant ice serpent-eel-hybrid boss with the ability to breath ice heaps and manipulate several Nightmare minions that you fight after completing Holoska night. He is the temple guradian of Holoska. You fight him after completing Act III: The Temple of Ice (Wii/PS2) or Act 1 (360/PS3).

Dark Oak

Dark Oak is a character from Sonic X and the main villain of the series' final season. He is the powerful leader of the Metarex, an army of bio-robots that scours the galaxy for the Planet Eggs, jewels that contain the life energies of the planets. Dark Oak has one large, green eye and carries a golden sword. His armor is composed of varied shades of purple, with a large green orb on his chest and two tattered halves of a black cape hanging from his shoulders. He is be far the most powerful of the cyborg aliens whose power is surpasses that of Super Sonic's, but his abilities are mostly unknown since he's never done much fighting onscreen. Aside from his weapon, all that's known about how he fights is that his speed is at-least on a level comparable with Super Sonic's. He is an intelligent schemer, but he never seems to take defeat Sonic seriously enough to fight him himself.

Dark Oak first appears to challenge Super Sonic in orbit around Sonic's planet. Despite Super Sonic's seeming invincibility in his previous battles (Perfect Chaos, The Finalhazard etc.), he is unable to defeat Dark Oak. In order to prevent Oak from stealing the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic uses Chaos Control to send them away. As Sonic falls toward the planet, Oak departs for space, revealing injuries Sonic hadn't noticed. His final act in that incident was to alert his forces to search for the Chaos Emeralds and to send a Metarex to remove the Planet Egg of Sonic's world.

Later, Oak appears behind the scenes, scheming his enemies' downfall in secret. He dispatches Scarship, the spacefaring Metarex, to kill them. After this fails, Dark Oak confronts Sonic and co. in a battle over the seven Chaos Emeralds at one of his fortresses, but they soon find that he was simply contacting them with a hologram. After the fortress where he was keeping the last two Chaos Emeralds was destroyed and the jewels scattered, Dark Oak declares that it was only a test. From that point on, Oak stays out of the limelight, dispatching his Metarex commanders in various attempts to kill Sonic and co. He also recruits Doctor Eggman as an ally, though Eggman later proves traitorous.

Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat later discover the true identity of Dark Oak and the origin of the Metarex through a holographic account left by Cosmo's mother Hertia (alias Earthia in the dub). It seems that Dark Oak was once a male member of Cosmo's species named Lucas and their planet was ensnared in the turmoil of war. Hertia wanted to leave the planet behind and start a new life, retreating from their enemies. Lucas didn't agree and did not want the soldiers to die in vain. Hertia/Earthia told him if he didn't like it he could stay and fight the enemy himself, and Lucas agreed.

Later Hertia was alerted to the plants outside her palace dying and came to find Lucas stole the Planet Egg from his own planet to try and harness the power to attain their "beast form" for longer periods of time. Hertia called Lucas a traitor for destroying his own world to fight the enemy, and Lucas called Hertia a traitor for wanting to abandon the war entirely. Lucas vowed to crystalize the life force of all planets to build an army to combat their enemy and Hertia left him and his fellow rebels to fight for their lost cause.

With a final act, Hertia ordered the remaining beasts killed along with the planet, and unleashed a nuclear strike that devastated their world. But unknown to her, Lucas survived, and he and his rebels became the Metarex. It was then that they vowed to fulfill the destiny of the universe by eliminating all life except plants and plant based creatures. His plan to do this is later revealed at galactic coordinates 000. At the end of a 1000 year period, Dark Oak arrives in time for a time/space anomaly to open. Using the energy released from an alternate dimension, he begins to construct a massive plant which will aid in the Forestation process. Using the Planet Eggs as a source of water and the Chaos Emeralds as a source of light, the two things most essential to plant growth, Dark Oak combines with his last two commanders to form a dragon-like plant entity with three heads known as Final Nova. He then absorbed all the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and supposedly grew even more powerful. Sonic loaded himself into the Sonic Driver, and killed 2 of the 3 heads that the beast had, but Dark Oak was still alive. Cosmo's mother, Hertia, told her that this was her time to act. Though Dark Oak made an attempt to suck the life out of everyone in order to make himself stronger, Cosmo was not affected because she and Dark Oak both came from the same species. She was able to give the Chaos Emeralds to Sonic and Shadow, allowing them to assume their Super forms. They seemingly killed Dark Oak, but again he survived, but realizing that he was going to die, he created a massive gravity field (which even Super Sonic and Super Shadow couldn't brake through), threatening to cause the Planet Egg to explode, destroying everything in the entire galaxy, intent on taking everyone down with him. Cosmo, in self-sacrificing act, fuse with Dark Oak and was able to immobilize Dark Oak with her power. Reluctantly Tails had no choice but to fire the Sonic Driver with Super Sonic and Super Shadow in it (though less in the dub, in the original Tails had mental brake down at the thought of killing Cosmo). Sonic attempts to use Chaos Control, but Shadow suddenly punches him in the stomach, causing Sonic to faint. Shadow then uses Chaos Control himself removing himself and the Planet Egg from the vicinity. He disappears and is presumed dead by everyone, considering Shadow's immortality and frequent habit of almost dying and then returning this is unlikely however. The combined power of the hedgehogs killed the beast once and for all, and peace came to the galaxy once more.

Following Dark Oak's supposed death, Lucas was shown alive in a mysterious location, seemingly reformed and repentant. There, he was greeted by and departed with some form of Hertia. It is unknown if he will appear again, but it is implied he is happy now because he is reunited with Hertia.

Dark Queen

The Dark Queen is featured as the Final Boss of Sonic and the Black Knight. The Dark Queen is Merlina in a witch-like form, but in battle she appears as a ghostly version of King Arthur equipped with an eye on its chest, two giant swords greatly representing the sword used in the battle against King Arthur, and dozens of arms. The battle resembles the final boss in "Sonic and the Secret Rings" since both are played in a different dimension and both introduce a new Super Form for Sonic (Darkspine Sonic in "Sonic and the Secret Rings" and Excalibur Sonic in "Sonic and The Black Knight"). The objective you need to proceed to beat her is to flick the Wii Remote when one is shown on the screen to power up Sonic's Soul Gauge, then after slashing her multiple times it will show her slightly dissolving, emitting dark energy, and then the screen will feature the Final Cutscene and Credits.

Dark Sonic

Dark Sonic (Dāku Sonikku?) is Sonic's darker form. His first appearance was in the 67th episode of the TV show Sonic X when he sees Cosmo scared and Chris is injured by Black Narcissus of the Metarex. Sonic uses his anger to achieve this state. While in this state, Sonic shows his fury by destroying the two prototype Metarex that Black Narcissus pits against him in order to test his strength.

Darkspine Sonic

Darkspine Sonic (ダークスパインソニック) is one of Sonic's super transformations, appearing in Sonic and the Secret Rings. Rather than Chaos Emeralds, he uses the power of the World Rings. He is playable in the final battle against Alf-Layla-wa-Layla, an enhanced form of Erazor Djinn.

In this form, Sonic has increased strength and the ability to fly, along with his ring powers Time Break and Speed Break. His attacks are also more close-combat based, as opposed to the boosting and energy moves that Super Sonic uses. He does not lose rings gradually like Super Sonic, but he can lose rings from being hit.


Dave was an Echidna astronaut from Albion who explored distant planets in Mobius' solar system, such as Saturn and its moon Europa, on the space ship Monolith. Dave's exploration was chronicled in the book 2001: A Space Odyssey. (KtE: #30)


David (ダヴィド Davido) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. He is a student at Spagonia U. He can be a clown sometimes, but otherwise he's a nice young man who has no trouble getting along with anybody. David is looking for a family-minded girl.

Davy Sprocket

Davy Sprocket (Dave for short) is the fifth competitor in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. He is a western style robot that has many connections to such people like Daniel Boone.

Davy Sprocket appeared in the series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, in the episode titled The Last Resort. In this episode, Davy Sprocket, along side two other Badniks, attacked a Mobian city, but before Sonic could take action, the robots retreated and ran away.

Death Leech

The Death Leeches are described by Black Doom as the Black Arms' offspring. They are pulsating purple blobs with horns and one eye in the middle of their bodies. They are capable of sticking to walls and floating on the poisonous fluid in the black comet, and are blood-suckers. They don't have much endurance, and can be killed with one hit, regardless of the weapon.

Decoe and Bocoe

Decoe (デコー Dekoo) and Bocoe (ボコー Bokoo) are characters from Sonic X. They are Doctor Eggman's personal humanoid assistant robots. Decoe is tall, slim, gold-colored and reddish-pink-eyed, while Bocoe is short, stubby, silver and blue-eyed. They are almost constantly seen with Eggman, helping him pilot his machinery among other things. The two do not have much in the way of personalities, but are somewhat clumsy and stupid, similar to Scratch and Grounder from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sleet and Dingo from Sonic Underground in the sense that they only provide comic relief. Decoe is 198 cm (6 ft 6 in) tall and weighs 200 kg (440.9 lbs), while Bocoe is 145 cm (4 ft 9 in) tall and weighs 220 kg (485 lbs).

Both tend to constantly reflect on their constant failures and both tend to insult Dr. Eggman behind his back and are constantly irritated by Bokkun. In one episode when Eggman's base is attacked, they mistake Eggman for an enemy and try to shoot him down. Decoe and Bocoe can also "combine" in various ways. The first one, where Bocoe sits on top of Decoe, gives them the ability to summon Bokkun via a light signal sent from Decoe's eyes (seen in Episode 49). The second one is somewhat more useful in combat, as they combine into a rocket launcher (seen in Episode 75). They also have a common dream that they can combine into a powerful battle robot, but it is merely a fantasy (seen in Episode 48).

In the Japanese version of Sonic X, Decoe is voiced by Ken Yamaguchi, while his American voice actor is Andrew Rannells. Bocoe's Japanese and English voices are provided by Bin Shimada and Darren Dunstan.

Parody Appearences

Decoe and Bocoe's personalities reflect that of:

  • Splatter and Dodge - Thomas & Friends


Deeble is a Blodex, a member of a friendly race inhabiting Thoraxia, which Sonic encounters when he was lost in space. He served as guide for the hedgehog. He eventually showed him the Statue of Apyx, a previous hero of their race. (StH: #126)

Deep Nightmare

Deep Nightmare (ディープ・ナイトメア) are more formidable versions of the Nightmare that are much stronger and faster. Their appearance compared to the Nightmare is virtually unchanged, with the exception of their dark purple skin and the usage spines on their backs as melee weapons.


Demi-Na was an Echidna from the timeline of Mobius: 25 Years Later. It is implied by Julie-Su that she was in a relationship with Kneecaps the Echidna, Knuckles' brother, although Kneecaps himself denied it.


Denise (ドニーズ Donīzu) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. She is the proprietor of a beauty salon. She's famous in town for her novel hairstyles, and prides herself in always being able to spot the latest fads. Since laying her eyes on Sonic, Denise has been sighted carting home armfuls of mousse. What could she be planning?

Deo Volente

Deo Volente is one of the long living members of the race of fire ants on the Floating Island, and the grandfather of Archimedes. Deo has carried on the family tradition of mentoring and standing by the current guardian of Angel Island. Deo is 200+ years old, has blue eyes, wears a green barret, green boots, a green and white striped vest, gold-topped walking stick and sports a white beard. Deo was a close friend to Knuckles' seventh generation grandfather Hawking.

Despicable Desperados

The Despicable Desperados is the title that Dr. Robotnik dubs himself and his team of robot cowboys that he brings to Tranquil Gulch to dispose of Sheriff Sonic.


Destructo was a great player at the game 'Castle Conquest' that Sonic and Manic often played with. He made new software to enharnce the game but in the end, he turned out to be Robotnik and lead Sonic and Manic into the game to destory them once and for all.

Devil Doom

Devil Doom (デビルドゥーム) is a powered-up version of Black Doom. He is the final boss of the game Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow eventually defeats him and saves the world after Sonic and the other Sonic characters cheer him on. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel and Ryūzaburō Ōtomo.


Dexter is a person that Amy Rose made up in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood to try and make Sonic jealous. Depending on Sonic's choices in the game's conversations, Amy may admit that he is fake before going to Nocturne.


Diablo is a wolf and a member of the Wolf Pack. He is the group grouch, very stubborn, and is always picking fights. He usually ends up getting into fights with Reynard. He has brown fur and blue eyes. He wears blue vest and gold wrist bands.

Dimitri the Echidna

Dimitri the Echidna (also known as Enerjak) originally served as the Dr. Ivo Robotnik counterpart to Knuckles the Echidna in the fictional universe of the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. However, in later issues his role as an antagonist comes to an end, as his previously villainous intentions for domination are replaced by more noble desires, such as reunifying the Dark Legion founded by his descendants with Echidna society.

Originally, Dimitri wore the dreadlocks of his species in braids and wore a scientist's lab coat. While in his Enerjak persona, Dimitri wore a ceremonial outfit created for ancient Echidna generals. It consisted of a golden faceplate, skirt, breastplate, and various bands of gold around the elbows, wrists, fingers, knees, and ankles. The rest of the outfit was blue, the rest of the helmet including a red gem in the forehead and openings that allowed the dreadlocks to stick out. When removed, his faceplate revealed the face of Dimitri, untouched by centuries of aging.

Upon losing his powers at the hands of Mammoth Mogul, Dimitri became an aged, wrinkled shadow of his former self; near death, his existence was perpetuated through the use of cybernetic implants, creating a metallic form composed of asymmetrical steel-gray components. His limbs include a three-fingered right hand, a left hand with standard fingers, a right foot with two toes and an elongated heel, and a left foot resembling a metal boot. Dimitri's right eye is a standard implant shared by several other characters, while his left eye is triangular; both eyes are red. In this form, he has only a small fraction of organic body visible, including his silver ring-adorned dreadlocks, his right leg above the knee, and his neck. Later, this body was immobilized and had to be mounted atop a flat, table-like surface with life support systems built in. Eventually, his situation deteriorated to the point where Dimitri was reduced to his cyborg head, contained within a floating glass orb as seen in Mobius: 25 Years Later and issues following #171, though the explanation for this transformation is different for each situation.


A big, orange-brown, muscular canine with green eyes and yellow hair and Australian accent, wearing red shorts, brown belt with silver buckle and gold earring, probably a dingo, Dingo is the dimwitted partner of bounty hunter Sleet from Sonic Underground. His outward demeanor denotes a tough person but he is quite soft deep inside. Hired by Robotnik to hunt down the royal family, Dingo quickly develops a crush on Sonia and Amy Rose, which they often use to their advantage. Dingo is also very gullible, doing whatever Sleet tells him, and frequently not understanding an insult or parts of a sentence. An example of Dingo's stupidity is when Sleet hunts down the Queen Aleena ferry in Port Mobius. He succeeds in finding it using a submarine's periscope and declares it is a sitting duck, but Dingo gets the wrong end of the stick and asks why they are going to sink an innocent duck. Another example would be when Sleet says, "In your case that would be an improvement", which is an insult to Dingo saying that he would look better robotized. Dingo foolishly answers, "Really? Thanks!" not knowing that Sleet's meaning was rather sardonic in nature.

Dingo's only real usefulness is in his odd ability to change shape. When Sleet presses the button on his remote, Dingo can turn into any solid object or life form. Such items he has disguised himself as include a chili dog stand, a fly, a baby, a basket and even a woman. Despite this, he consistently retains his orange and yellow colours.

Despite his incompetence, Dingo can be quite dangerous. While disguised, he can become a dangerous trap in waiting. In one episode, he even absorbed the energies of a broken Chaos Emerald. This caused him to mutate into a giant monster that threatened to destroy the planet.

Dingo's voice was done by Peter Wilds.

Parody Appearances

Dingo's personality reflects that of:

  • Dodge or Bert - Thomas & Friends
  • Burke - TUGS
  • Big Gruesome - Wacky Races
  • Pinky - Pinky and the Brain
  • Dr. Bloodpudding - Phineas and Ferb

Dinosaur Metarex

Dinosaur Metarex are these kinds of Metarex patrol the first Metarex base that Sonic and friends come across in Sonic X Season 3. There are two kinds; giant, blue tyrannosaurus rex-like Metarex with clamper-like feet and mouths, and black pteranodon-like Metarex.

Director of the Mobius Mint

The Director of the Mobius Mint, where all the Money is made. When they started to print the Sonic 12 Mobium Bill, it is him who presents the first one to Sonic.


Dirk (a.k.a. Derek) is a warthog who appears to be the leader of Lower Mobuis, though might be shared with Griff. He also appears to be wearing a Similar outfit to that of the Royal Guard, which is probably why he statues the freedom fighters and Antoine returns the statue.


Do-Bot is a robotic hairdresser who hypnotizes her patrons into revealing secrets to her which are sent to Robotnik via a cassette tape. Manic the Hedgehog seems to have a crush on her.

Doctor Droid

Doctor Droid is a giant, towering and powerful cyborg lifeform from outer space who created a large army of robots to do his bidding (Droid himself bears some resemblance to the late Dr. Robotnik). Droid and his army came to Mobius 20 years after the events of the series, and declared war on the restored Kingdom of Acorn, bombarding the restored-Mobotropolis and Droid's troops besieging the Royal Palace. Sonic, now King, remained behind to face the enemy and allow Sally, now Queen, to take their two children Sonia and Manic and retired-King Maximillian and escape in a transport pod to a far away location. Sonic most likely escaped and rejoined his family at a later time. Meanwhile, Droid and his army attacked Echidnaopolis on Angel Island, raising most of the city to the ground, in the hopes of securing the Master Emerald. However, a now-battle hardened Knuckles summoned his inherited Chaos abilities and destroyed Droid and his army.

Apparantly though, Doctor Droid's character was used in Sonic Super Special #7. In this story, Droid blackmails a mysterious mutant named Particle by kidnapping her sister. With her under his control, Droid forces Particle to steal the Master Emerald by using a machine to go to Sonic's universe at about the same time Sonic had just defeated Doctor Robotnik in Sonic #50. After she ran into Sonic, the Freedom Fighters, and Knuckles, she succeeded in stealing the Master Emerald for Droid and brought it back to the Image Universes' New York city. Sonic, Knuckles, and the Freedom Fighters give chase with aid from Image comics heroes Shadowhawk, Savage Dragon, Union, Velocity, and the Maxx. Droid introduces himself to Sonic and Knuckles and completely baffles them (and the reader) by saying that he knows them both quite well (apparantly, this story was written with the intention of keeping his character around). After some fighting, more introductions, and Particle's switch to the heroes' side, Knuckles uses his Chaos powers shown to him by Locke to stop Droid's mad plan to re-create reality his way. This results, surprisingly, in Droid's death even though they had plans to keep him in the Mobius: 20 Years Later story arch.

Doctor Finitevus

Doctor Finitevus is an anthropomorphic echidna from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. He was formerly a part of the Dark Legion under the unofficial title of "Technomage", as well as being a "deputy Guardian", of sorts. Before appearing in his current incarnation, however, he was an unnamed scientist from the echidna city of Albion.

An anthropomorphic Echidna, Finitevus' skin was originally red like most echidnas but became entirely white after his transformation, except for the black collar on the chest similar to Knuckles the Echidna's symbol and Lara-Su's birthmark. Finitevus has dreadlocks like all echidnas, and on his forehead rests a swirling pattern. His eyes, originally purple, came to have black whites and yellow irises and are not in any way unnatural despite their strange appearance. Dr. Finitevus wears a silver belt with a crescent moon symbol on the buckle and a black cape with horizontal white and black stripes on the inside, which is held by a golden clasp inscribed with an identical symbol. (The cape's design differs between the actual story and Finitevus' biography page. In Finitevus' story appearances, his cape is black inside and out and has a golden star surrounded by several rings on the front.) Unlike the rest of the Dark Legion he infiltrated for a time, Finitevus' forearms and lower legs are covered with black guards or sleeves adorned with Warp Rings, while his hands and feet are wrapped in bandages like a mummy rather than having mechanical parts. (Ian Flynn, the writer for the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, has stated on his website that for as long as he has creative control over Finitevus, he will remain completely organic.)

Doctor Fukurokov

The evil professor from the Battle Kukku Teikoku Academy, Doctor Fukurokov (ドクター・フクロコフ Dokutā Fukurokofu) is the boss of Coco Island (not to be confused with the game's main island, Cocoa Island), in the game, Tails Adventure. He is the first boss of the flying fortress, encountered in the core of the invading bird's artificial island. He's an elderly owl with an odd, waddling manner of moving around and a very thick beard. He works as the Battle Kukku Army's main scientist.

As Fukurokov does not actually fight, he can't be attacked head-on. He instead lets his defensive machinery take care of Tails, for as soon as Tails approaches, the fox gets thrown into a trap chamber filled with spikes, lasers, conveyor belts, and a lone safe platform. Tails has to blast a way out of the chamber just large enough to sneak the Remote Robot through, in order for it to fly up crawlspaces and ventilation chutes. Then the robot can make its way back to Fukurokov and knock over a conveniently placed rock on a platform to bean the elderly owl right on the head.

After Fukurokov's defeat and Tails' escape in the Sea Fox, Coco Island rises up out of the sea into the sky to reveal the Kukku Army's true stronghold, the Battle Fortress.

Doctor Hedgebot

Doctor Ivo Hedgebot is a villainous cyborg hedgehog with a metallic arm and legs and a cybernetic eye. He has red fur and eyes (formerly blue) and tannish-peach skin. He wears a purple jumpsuit with a black belt and a orange cape.

Before that, he was known as Prof. Ovi Hedgehog and Sonic's favorite teacher at Mobius School, until he had a fatal accident from one of Roboticizer, why he is a evil cyborg, creating a metallic form composed of asymmetrical, hydraulic steel-gray components. His limbs include a massive hydraulic robotic left arm with a three-fingered claw-like hand and two feet resembling metal boots. His right eye is circular and cybernetic. Being half-robot, he has a robotic left arm, and both of his legs are robotic as well, just like Bunnie Rabbot.

Doctor Ivan Kintobor

Dr. Ivan Kintobor was a Human scientist, the leading cyberneticist of his day, and the ancestor of the infamous Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Dr. Kintobor was the head of the team that captured and dissected the Xorda emissary sent to Earth. This in turn caused the Xorda's first attack on the planet, causing billions of deaths and the creation of Mobians and Overlanders, the latter of which his descendants would later de-evolve into. In order to save himself from death, Dr. Kintobor used the robot Isaac, that he built with the help of Professor Clarke, Doctor Niven and the rest of the team of scientists, to see to it that he was well cared for during both his stasis and after in the "post-apocalyptic environment". His plan failed, however, and he died during his 10,000 year stasis, possibly due to Isaac's degrading databanks.

Doctor Ivanna Robotina

Doctor Ivanna Robotina is the ruthless female version of Robotnik that resides in the Luna Zone. Unlike Robotnik who roboticizes his victims, she monsterizes hers, turning them into monsters!

When she came to Mobius Prime, her first target for monsterization is Sonic. Though she failed to do so, no thanks to Sally Moon who came from her dimension, she still kept fighting to stay in Mobius Prime - until she was brought down by Tuxedo Knux's rose.

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Doctor Eggman (ドクター・エッグマン Dokutā Egguman?), also known by his real name, Doctor Julian Ivo Robotnik(ドクター・ロボトニック Dokutā Robotonikku?), is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, a 46-year-old comically obese scientist with an IQ of 300, and the de facto archenemy of Sonic the Hedgehog. He stands on 185cm (6ft 1in) tall and weighs 128kg (282 lb).

Parody Appearences

Dr. Robotnik's personality reflects that of:

  • Diesel 10 or Bulgy - Thomas & Friends
  • Zorran - TUGS
  • Bowser - Super Mario Bros.
  • Mewtwo - Pokemon
  • King Dedede - Kirby
  • Dr. Wily - Total Drama
  • Sheldon J. Plankton - Spongebob Squarepants
  • The Weasel - Garfield & Friends
  • Mr. Burns or Comic Book Guy - The Simpsons
  • Horrid Henry - Horrid Henry
  • Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin - Shining Time Station
  • Dr. Gene Splicer - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz - Phineas and Ferb
  • Dick Dastardly - Wacky Races/Dastardly and Muttley
  • Verminious Snaptrap - T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Sigma - Mega Man X
  • Professor Monkey-For-a-Head - Earthworm Jim
  • Yosemite Sam . Looney Tunes
  • Chef Hatchet or Chris Mclean - Total Drama

Doctor Ivo Kintobor

Dr. Ivo Kintobor (also known as Dr. Julian Kintobor and Anti-Robotnik) is the Anti-Mobius counterpart of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Unlike his Mobius Prime counterpart, Anti-Robotnik is a kind and gentle Human who actually protects the Anti-Mobians from the Anti-Freedom Fighters and later the Suppression Squad. He stands 200 cm (6ft 1in) tall and weighs 50 kg (112lbs).

Doctor Julian Ivo Robotnik

Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnik (Juurian Robotonikku), formerly known as Julian Ivo Kintobor, was a brilliant yet power-hungry scientist within the Overlander community until his twisted experiment landed him in prison. He managed to escape, forced to flee for his life and seek sanctuary among his people's sworn enemies: the Mobians. In exchange for his safety, Robotnik offered his services to Mobian King Maximillian Acorn, providing tactical information and decisive military leadership (with Robotnik being appointed Acorn Kingdom Army's Warlord upon gaining the king's confidence) to bring an end to the Great War and drive the Overlanders off Mobius altogether. Shortly afterwards, Robotnik made his move and constructed mass robotic armies to lead a successful coup against the Kingdom, overthrowing the monarchy and becoming the tyrannical and despotic dictator ruler of Mobius for 10 years. Eventually Robotnik's efforts to pacify the Freedom Fighter groups on Mobius led him to become obsessed with defeating the greatest of their number: Sonic the Hedgehog. This obsession led to his death, as he was killed in combat with Sonic during the conclusion of his most tyrannical plan Operation: EndGame, when his nephew and lackey Snively re-programmed his Ultimate Annihilator to erase him from existence. He was succeeded as leader of his robotic armies by Dr. Eggman Robotnik, a counterpart from an alternate universe.

Parody Appearances

Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnik's personality reflects that of:

  • Diesel or Diesel 10 - Thomas & Friends
  • Smelter or Johnny Cuba - TUGS
  • Smithy - Super Mario Bros.
  • Robo-Pig or The Wolf - Garfield & Friends
  • Slideshow Bob or Mr. Burns - The Simpsons
  • Evil Worker #2 - Shining Time Station
  • The Hooded Claw - The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
  • Gate - Mega Man X6
  • Darkrai - Pokemon
  • Nightmare - Kirby
  • Alejandro - Total Drama

Doctor Julian Kintobor

Doctor Julian Kintobor is another heroic version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, similar to his Antiverse counterpart, Dr. Ivo Kintobor, and ruler of Kintopolis. The doctor's appearance is the same as Dr. Eggman's, except the color of his outfit is reversed to be primarily white, with red stripes. In an experiment gone awry, Dr. Kintobor exposed Knothole Island to Chaos Emerald radiation, mistakenly believing the island to be uninhabited; the resultant effects mutated the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix of this Mobius into Godzilla-like monsters. In hopes of stopping this threat, he developed a Roboticization virus that would turn the creatures into immobile robots, succeeding with his Mobius's version of Charles Hedgehog. Over time, the creatures began developing an immunity to the virus, resulting in the cyborg Rabbot-Zilla. Only with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog, who had been brought by Zonic the Zone Cop, was the creature defeated. Afterwards, Kintobor modified the Giant Robotno battle machine to run on Sonic's speed, allowing Sonic to use it to retrieve a Chaos Emerald that Kintobor needed to power his other machines. In honor of the hero, Kintobor modeled the first of his new creations after Sonic. He also expressed great remorse at the news of what his counterpart in Sonic's universe, Dr. Robotnik, had done to that Mobius. (SSS: #12)

Doctor Madden

Doctor Madden was a scientist who went to Green Hill Zone to investigate the strange, hostile behaviour of the animals. He appeared in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Doctor Niven

Dr. Niven was a Human scientist in the 21st Century and a colleague of Dr. Ivan Kintobor. Dr. Niven assisted in the creation of the Alpha 100 Series Mechanoid Isaac by programming the robot's software around the time the Xorda's emissary came to Earth and was dissected by Kintobor. Whether or not he was involved in the latter event is uncertain. After they used some of the Xorda's technology to create a power matrix for Isaac, the Xorda learned that Dr. Kintobor had dissected their emissary and launched an attack on the planet, which Dr. Kintobor tried to survive in stasis while the rest of the world perished, including Dr. Niven. (StH: #146, #147, #148, #149)

Doctor Warpnik

Doctor Warpnik is an inventor and the cousin of Doctor Robotnik in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Robotnik banished him to the Warp of Confusion for being a "loonie".

Dr. Warpnik has pink skin, red nose, pale blue eyes, yellow floating hair and wearing a white lab coat, thick glasses, light green gloves and dark red pants/shoes. He is obsessed with fish.

In Trail of the Missing Tails‎, he is shown to be vengeful as he vows revenge for being banished for five years. He ultimately does get revenge as he engages in two fish fights with Robotnik. He also outdoes Robotnik by successfully kidnapping Tails, a feat which Robotnik fails at often.

Dr. Warpnik is voiced by French Tickner.

Parody Appearances

Doctor Warpnik's personality reflects that of:

  • Bulstrode - Thomas & Friends
  • R. Boat - Theodore Tugboat


Dolph was a member of the Rebel Underground and a mobian skunk. He was partners with Jean-Claude and worked with Geoffrey St. John under his command. Both he and Jean Claude helped to destroy the first DYNAMAC robot on the Robotnik Express. (StH: #31)


Dora (ドーラ Dōra) is a resident of Spagonia from Sonic Unleashed. She is a university student who attend Professor Pickle's class for her major. Dora has a good heart, but she's still working on the ABCs of courtship: when a boy at school talks to her, she stares at the floor and clams right up.

She had been affected by Dark Gaia until she was freed by Sonic the Werehog.


The Dove is almost chimera-like in that it seems to combine characteristics of a number of recognizable species. He has the head, body, and legs of a bird, the tail of a lizard, and dragonfly wings. His legs are orange, his large beak orange with a black band, his feathered back blue-green, and his underside and tail light blue-green. He wears a flight helmet and goggles, and a small scroll case for carrying messages. He does not appear to be able to talk, but seems to be as intelligent as any other Mobian. He can fly, possibly camouflage since when in Robotropolis, his colors change to shades of gray. The “dove”, as it is called, carries messages between Knothole and Uncle Chuck in Robotropolis. In "Spy Hog", Rotor builds mechanical carrier pigeons to keep in contact with Uncle Chuck and the other Freedom Fighter groups, and keeping the dove out of danger.

Downtown Ebony Hare

Downtown Ebony Hare was a rabbit mobster and former associate of Renfield T. Rodent. He appeared in the series Knuckles the Echidna (issues #13-#15, "The Chaotix Caper").

Dr. Quack

Dr. Horatio Quentin Quack is the royal physician and one of the best medical experts in Mobotropolis. He is a duck. When King Max Acorn was turning into crystal, Dr. Quack devised a Dream Watcher that allowed Sonic to enter King Max' mind to stop King Max from continuing to turn to crystal. The device unfortunately emitted a kind of energy that Robotnik was able to track, thus enabling him to locate Knothole. When his wife and children were captured, Dr. Quack became a pawn in Robotnik's grandeous scheme. Fortunately, the plan was foiled, and the doctor was forgiven for aiding Robotnik given the circumstances.

Dr. Quack was also the one who, with the help of Nate Morgan, developed Bunnie Rabbot's replacement parts that her body's immune system would not reject. Because of this, Bunny survived, but would never be able to be de-roboticized. Quack was also responsible for treating King Max and Antoine D'Coolette's father, General Armand D'Coolette, for the poison which Patch injected into them. Unfortunately, the General had been injected with too much poison and passed away, although Dr. Quack was able to save the elderly king. He continues to be the main person the Freedom Fighters turn to whenever someone needs medical attention, and now serves as the head doctor of the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Quack has yellow feathers and blue eyes, wearing white doctor coat and lives with his wife, Elizabeth Quack and three children. He is shown in later comics with an eyepatch for being managed during a battle when Sonic was in space.

Dr. Qwark

Brandon Lawrence Rex (a.k.a. Dr. Qwark, Brandon Qwark, Qwark Rex and Dr. Qwark, Ph.D., P.D.S., C.E.G.) is a brilliant professor and a mad scientist with the rivalry of Dr. Robotnik. He has red hair, sharp teeth, white skin and gray eyes. He wears gray suit, green goggles, gloves, boots and belt with a yellow piece in the middle. Not Quack, but Quark. Dr. Robotnik calls him "Quack", but Dr. Quark replies and declares he's "Quark". He's just another CEG (Crazy Evil Genius) trying to take over Mobius. His mom had an affair with a duck - which explains his lower half being mostly duck-like. His greatest invention is DOOFUS - a super intelligent robot who can morph into just about anything. For a time, Quark and Robotnik duked it out until Quark cracked. He ended up "flying south" for the winter - literally.

Dr. Qwark is voiced by Scott McNeil.

Parody Appearances

Dr. Qwark's Personality reflects that of:

  • The Barber - Thomas & Friends
  • Captain Zero - TUGS
  • Rodney - Phineas and Ferb
  • The Vulture Squardon General - Dastardly and Muttley
  • Sappy Stanley - Tiny Toon Adventures

Drago the Wolf

Drago Wolf was once a member of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. He was the wild card of group - usually the first to disobey orders and go off on his own tangent. Quick to act on his lust for the easy life, Drago allied himself with Robotnik Prime. Through abuse, Drago convinced his girlfriend Hershey to go into Robotropolis wearing a Sonic suit claiming that he had "valuable information" on how to stop the Eggman's nephew, Snively, once and for all. Unbeknownst to Hershey, the suit was fitted with an optical device that caused her to believe that anyone she saw was Snively. Because of this, Hershey nearly killed Sally, believing all the while that she was killing Snively.

When Hershey realized that she was the cause of Sally's near-death experience, the relationship was obviously over. Drago attempted a hasty escape but was soon captured and sent to the Devil's Gulag with several other prisoners. After the mass jailbreak from the Devil's Gulag, Drago teamed up with Sleuth Doggy Dogg and the Fearsome Foursome, as well as with Snively, Warlord Kodos, and Uma Arachnis. This larger group abducted the scientist Nate Morgan, only to lose him to Sonic and King Acorn's Secret Service. Drago and his fellow brute allies were recaptured, but escape and hid out for a while, until they allied themselves with Robotnik MkII. This caused them to be roboticized and shortly thereafter they were caught in an exploding building.

Drago has white fur and blue eyes, wearing blue shirt with ripped sleeves, blue pants and blue boots . Drago's current whereabouts are unknown. Apparently, he and his allies managed to escape destruction and were later derobotized by the Bem. Robotnik Mk II found robots that looked very much like the Robian versions of Drago and company, but they may only have been duplicated. Nevertheless, the duplicates had recordings of Drago and company allying themselves with the entity known as Anonymous.

It was revealed that these were only duplicates when the real Drago and his allies-renamed the Destructix-returned and attempted to steal Mammoth Mogul's Chaos Emerald from Merlin Prower, only to be defeated by the combined Freedom Fighters and Chaotix. They were imprisoned yet again, only to be liberated by Mogul after he escaped from his Emerald. The Destructix and their master then battled Ixis Naugus, the Arachne, and the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, briefly teaming up with Naugus' forces until Dr. Eggman arrived and captured the villains using the weapons of his Egg Fleet. Dr. Finitevus later released the Destructix to serve as his own minions on Angel Island, where they were briefly joined by Scourge the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox. When Super Sonic and Enerjak faced off above Angel Island, Drago and the other Destructix left using a Warp Ring. They soon returned working as mercenaries for Mammoth Mogul, who used them to discredit Sonic and the Freedom Fighters by orchestrating a scene in the center of his new casino.

Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath is a dragonoid robot that seems to have a case of dragon breath. He is the eleventh competitor in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. He also appeared in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

He has a strong friendship with Spike, Sir F-Fuzzy Logik, and Scratch.

Dragon Metarex

Dragon Metarex are giant, dragon-like Metarex with spiked balls on the end of their tails and rocket launchers on their lower torsos.

Duck "Bill" Platypus

Duck "Bill" Platypus is perhaps the feistiest member of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. At one point he was under the mind control of the villainous Crocbot and turned against his former team. However, when Crocbot's plot was discovered he returned to normal and rejoined the Downunda Freedom Fighters. He has since participated in the battle against the Bunyip and later against the Xorda.

Bill has teal fur and black eyes. He wears red boots and gloves. His abilities are basic combat.

Duke of Soleanna

The Duke of Soleanna (ソレアナ王 Soreana O?, King of Soleanna) is a character in Sonic the Hedgehog, voiced by David Wills in the English dub and by Kenji Utsumi in the Japanese dub. While his exact age is uncertain, he is known to be elderly, and was probably quite old at the time of Elise's birth. As the Duke is already dead at the time of the game's storyline, he only appears a few times; once when Shadow and Silver travel back in time to observe the Solaris Project firsthand, once in Elise's flashback in the cutscene following the Tropical Jungle stage, and once at the end of the game, when he and the young Elise are viewing Solaris in its early form - the Flame of Hope - before Sonic and the present-day Elise extinguish him.

Duke of Velcomia

The Duke of Velcomia's name is unknown but he is a duke. He is pretty rich and does a lot of secret work to help the resisance but doesn't trust the Sonic Underground quite as much as he should, which is party understandable. He finds homes for Max and his gang and the coins in the local area seam to have his face on them (which isn't too surprising if he is incharge of the area.)

Dulcy the Dragon

Dulcinea the Dragon, mostly known as Dulcy (or Dulce) is a fictional female dragon from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon and Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. She is voiced by Cree Summer in the cartoon. She has teal skin with a light green hue, pink and scaly underside with a light green pouch, pink and green wings, green eyes, peach-orange hair, and a pinkish head peg, almost like a brontosaurus. Dulcy also sports a dark nose ring and is quite large. She also wears a brown vest has a saddle thing on her back which the freedom fighters can hang onto when they’re riding on her back, or if she’s really pressed for time, she can just stick one of them in the pouch near her belly. She is a 16-year-old dragon who stands 168 cm (7 ft 7 in) and weighs 116 kg (256 lb).

Parody Appearences

Dulcy's personality reflects that of:

  • Mavis - Thomas & Friends
  • Sally Seaplane - TUGS


Dylan is a Mobian porcupine, a former member of the Substitute Freedom Fighters and was personally trained by Sally Acorn. He was also the only one of the group able to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog when the latter attacked Knothole while acting under Dr. Ivo Robotnik's orders due to suffering amnesia, accomplishing this by staying quiet and effectively ambushing Sonic instead of making loud, cumbersome attacks like his comrades. Following this he helped to rescue the Knothole Freedom Fighters with help from a speed-less Sonic after the group was captured by Combots. (StH: #28, #38, PSM: #1, #2, #3)

Dylan was later one of three Substitute Freedom Fighters elected to the Council of Acorn. One of the most vocal of the council, he informed Sally and Dimitri the Echidna of the council's decisions regarding sending anyone to Angel Island without getting all the facts about the rebirth of Enerjak. (StH: #180)

Dylan has brown fur with tan belly and blue eyes. He wears ammo belt, white gloves, blue shoes and Council of Acorn uniform.


Dynamight is the seventh competitor in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. He is a dynamic robot that likes to blow things up. He has a strong friendship with Grounder and Skweel.



What is supposedly the first robot in the E-Series is the gargantuan central core computer of the Death Chamber in Sonic Adventure 2. It is a very large, immobile, four-wheeled cylindrical unit the height of the central area it is positioned inside. Its "E-01" decal can be found near the top of its metallic outer shell. While some say it is an E-Series prototype, it seems more like a nuclear reactor, and not much like a fighting machine. One thing can be taken from all this, however: Eggman made his pyramid base earlier than anyone would have guessed.

E-01 Baby Kiki

E-01 Baby Kiki (Kiki キキ) is one of Eggman's robots from the game Sonic Adventure. Baby Kiki is a monkey robot that resembles the Coconuts badnik from previous games. Kiki's usual method of attack is to hang in trees or other remote areas and throw bombs at the player.

Baby Kiki appeared in Emerald Coast, Twinkle Park, Red Mountain and Hot Shelter. One Baby Kiki that is locked in a cage serves as the key to enter Red Mountain, and can only be destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog's Light Speed Attack after finding the Ancient Light.

E-02 Rhino-Tank

E-02 Rhino-Tank (リノタンク) is one of Eggman's robots from the game Sonic Adventure. Rhino-Tank is a rhinoceros robot that charges at high speeds, and appears to be based on the Rhinobot from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

An apparently identical robot, renamed simply Rhinotank, appears in Sonic Advance.

In Sonic Heroes, there are small, armored trains called E-1012 Rhino Liner that appear in Rail Canyon, Bullet Station, and Mystic Mansion. They have small cannon turrets on their back that bear a striking resemblance to Rhino-Tank.

E-03 Sweeper

E-03 Sweeper (Sweep スイープ) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure.

E-04 Leon

E-04 Leon (レオン) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It is a chameleon robot that has the ability to turn invisible, and appears to be based on the Newtron badnik from previous games. It appeared in the levels Windy Valley, Lost World and Hot Shelter.

An apparently identical robot, simply named Leon, later appeared in Sonic Advance.

E-05 Boa-Boa

E-05 Boa-Boa (ボアボア) is an E-Series robot from Sonic Adventure. It is a floating purple caterpillar robot that emits flames from its sides every few seconds. Its design is derived from the Catakiller, Jr. badniks from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It is most commonly found in the Windy Valley action stage.

Boa-Boa's body is divided into segments, and if any segment is destroyed the entire robot will explode. This is useful for Gamma's missions as it increases a lot of time.

E-06 Bladed Spinner

E-06 Bladed Spinner (a.k.a. Spina スピナ) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It appears in the levels Casinopolis, Speed Highway, Red Mountain, Sky Deck, and Final Egg.

Spina is a bat-shaped robot and, as its name suggests, it attacks its enemies by spinning bladed wings. It may be an upgraded Bat Brain. They float around and move torwards the player when approached. Hitting their sides is impossible because of the blades, so the player must jump on their head to destroy them.

Two other "spinner" bat robots also appeared in Sonic Adventure: the E-15 Spiky Spinner and E-16 Electro Spinner.

A similar robot, simply called Spina, appeared in Sonic Advance 2.

E-07 Ice Bot

E-07 Ice Bot (アイスボール) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It appears in the Ice Cap action stage.

Ice Bot is a small purple robot that sprays ice at enemies.

E-08 Kart Kiki

E-08 Kart Kiki (カートキキ) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It is a monkey robot, resembling E-01 Baby Kiki from the same game, that drives bumper cars and attacks enemies by ramming them.

Kart Kiki appeared in the action stages Twinkle Park and Speed Highway.

E-09 Buyoon

E-09 Buyoon (Buyon ブヨン) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It appeared in the action stage Twinkle Park.

Buyoon is a small blue robot resembling a rabbit that hops around. When the player gets close, the Buyoon inflates itself to a great size. In this state the robot is almost invincible, but a whack on the head will destroy it. It also cannot move very fast while inflated, and it eventually recharges itself by shrinking. When shrinking, it is vunerable to attacks.


The E-1000 was an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure 2 and its remake, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

The E-1000 was a mass-produced variant of E-102 Gamma that served as normal Badnik-style enemies. It had two arm cannons, instead of Gamma's one. However, despite having double the firepower, the E-1000 line's weaponry, with low-velocity projectiles and no homing feature, was generally far less effective than E-102's single missile launcher.


E-10000G (called Robo 2 on the official American website) is very similar to his "brother", except it is green and seems to be mass produced. E-10000G is a power type character in the game. However, when met as opponents in Story Mode, E-10000G has the power of speed, flight, and power characters. In Story Mode, E-10000G will fill the spots not used by other characters, since Doctor Eggman is the creator of the race.

E-10000G is equipped with a large light in its body that it can use to blind opponents, and also punches enemies with its fists. E-10000G's unique Extreme Gear is called the E-GearG, and it is unlocked as a playable character by playing for 20 hours. The 'G' may stand for green.


E-10000P is a purple robot seen hanging from the ceiling in the Egg Factory level of Sonic Riders. This robot somewhat resembles E-105 Zeta after his upgrade but is not as large. This robot also has giant fists. The 'P' may stand for purple.


E-10000R (called Robo 1 on the official American website) is a red robot built for speed, and according to the official Japanese Sonic Riders website, is equipped with the same kind of engine as Metal Sonic. In Story Mode, the E-10000R walks into a battle between Knuckles the Echidna and Storm the Albatross, and gets severly damaged. It later tried to capture the heroes with visible damage from the battle, meaning it is same robot.

E-10000R has the ability to split its head from its body to scare/strike opponents or simply attack them with its large fists. E-10000R's unique Extreme Gear is called E-GearR, and it can be unlocked as a playable character for playing 50 hours.

Like all the other robots from the E series, this one has other robot partners that look similar to it, but in different colors. e.g. E-10000G is the clone of E-10000R, but in the color green rather then red. Also there are two other E-10000 robots in the Egg Factory stage in Sonic Riders. If you look around the course you can see a yellow clone of E-10000R and a purple clone. The 'R' may stand for red.


E-10000Y is an enemy robot seen in the Egg Factory level of Sonic Riders. It can not be played as, and is instead used as an obstacle. E-10000Y is small, yellow, and floats just above the ground as it has no legs. Its main purpose appears to try and capture intruders in Eggman's base, but they appear not to be able to tell the difference between intruders and Doctor Eggman, as they will attack even him when they see him. When playing Egg Factory's frozen version, Ice Factory, the robots are instead spraying ice around the factory, and are still obstacles. The 'Y' may stand for yellow.

E-100 Alpha

E-100 Alpha, better known as Zero (sometimes with the added title The Chase Master after the name of his song on the soundtrack) is a large red-eyed four-wheeled green robot that resembles a trash can with large arms and wheels that tries to recover Chaos Emeralds and appeared in Sonic Adventure. Although he is called an E-Series robot in the games or Sonic X, he was listed as "E-100 Alpha" on the Sonic Adventure website accessed via Dreamcast. Unlike the other E-100 series robots it does not have "E-100" on its body, but instead it has "E" on both sides of his body. Also, the headlight on ZERO is on his shoulder, in contrast to the other E-100's in which it is on their mid-section. ZERO is also not powered by an animal like the other E-100 robots, as nothing is seen escaping from its body after its destruction.

ZERO differed greatly from the other E-100 robots as he lacked a projectile weapon of any sort, mainly relying on his extending fists to attack its foes. It also possessed impressive strength, able to smash through walls in pursuit of Amy. It also had strong defensive strength, as Amy could only inflict damage by electrocuting it. It pursued its prey with a single-minded tenacity, even after the Flicky's Chaos Emerald had been removed. This also made it possible to trick it, as Amy could hide beneath barrels or around obstacles to elude it.

In Sonic Adventure, ZERO made his debut by chasing a blue Flicky in the possession of a Chaos Emerald that has taken refuge with Amy Rose. ZERO chased Amy around Station Square, Twinkle Park, the Egg Carrier, Hot Shelter, and finally, the Final Egg base in the Mystic Ruins.

When he went back to the Egg Carrier, he saw Amy and the Flicky with the bird's relatives, who were inside E-101 Beta and E-102 Gamma. ZERO then attacked and knocked out the small Flicky. Amy who was furious at him and thinking the Flicky was dead due to the attack, attacked ZERO and finally destroyed him after smashing his head with her hammer, knocking him into an electric fence that fried his circuits.

ZERO also seems to make a brief appearance in Sonic Advance 2, chasing you around the pseudo 3D special stage. The manual however, describes him as Dr. Eggman's Guard Robot but he looks exactly the same. If he hits you, you lose 10 rings.

E-101 Beta

E-101 Beta (ベータ Bēta?) is a silver and black bipedal robot that was created for the E-100 army by Doctor Eggman. He has two guided missile-launchers on his arms. He stands 200 cm (6ft 6in) tall and weighs 1024.256 kg.

Eggman defined Beta as E-102 Gamma's "big brother", and decided to pit Beta and Gamma against each other to determine which robot would be fit to serve under him on the Egg Carrier. Gamma ultimately goes on to defeat Beta and his design is cloned for the remaining Egg Carrier crew - Delta, Epsilon and Zeta.

The obsolete Beta was relegated to the storage area to be used as "spare parts". Unhappy with his incompetent design, Eggman begins work on remodeling him into E-101mkII (E-101改). The parts left over from Beta's remodeling were apparently used on E-103 Delta.

E-102 Gamma

E-102 Gamma (ガンマ Gamma?) is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. He is 215 cm (7ft 1in) tall, weighs precisely 825.256 kg (1819.378 lb), and wields a machine gun that can transform into a 15.5 cm smart missile launcher. His character designer was either Yuji Uekawa or Takashi Iizuka. He was first introduced in the game Sonic Adventure as a playable character. Being a robot, he has no gender, but Amy refers to him as a "he" when she stops the fight between Sonic and Gamma, and his voice actor is male as well. Gamma's gameplay involves the player utilizing his missile launcher to destroy enemies and eventually reach a boss/target within a given time limit. The more enemies the player destroys, the larger the score and extension of time for the given level.

Parody Appearences

Gamma's personality reflects that of:

  • Rusty - Thomas & Friends
  • Jack the Grappler - TUGS
  • Melvin the Monster - Tiny Toon Adventures

E-103 Delta

E-103 Delta (δ) (デルタ Deruta?) is the third of the E-Series robots constructed by Doctor Eggman. He appeared in Sonic Adventure, in which he plays a minor role in E-102 Gamma's story as a boss. He resembles the other E-Series robots, except that he is silver and blue in color. Delta stands 7'1" (2.15900 cm) and weighs 1819 lbs (825.084521 kg). He has the dual rocket launchers like Beta, but in addition it has a jetpack built into itself for short range flight. Delta also appears in Sonic X.

Along with his brother E-Series robots (E-102 Gamma, E-104 Epsilon, and E-105 Zeta), Delta was sent by Doctor Eggman to retrieve Froggy, who had swallowed a Chaos Emerald. When Delta failed to locate the correct frog, Eggman banished him from the Egg Carrier along with Epsilon. He stares at Gamma as he is teleported away, but it is unknown whether any feelings were stirred in the robots.

It is later revealed that he was abandoned at the Windy Valley. Gamma later tracked Delta down, intending to "rescue" Delta by destroying him, thus releasing the animal trapped inside him. The two brothers battled, and Gamma emerged victorious. Delta was destroyed and the animal inside him was freed.

At first, Delta is a clone of Gamma (except for the color), with just one cannon arm and a hand. After being discarded by Eggman, he inherits E-101 Beta's twin missile launchers and jet booster.

In the original Sonic Adventure, Delta's animal was a green Flicky, but in Sonic Adventure DX the animal was changed to a parrot.

E-104 Epsilon

E-104 Epsilon (イプシロン Ipushiron?) is an orange robot, modeled after the Beta form, with twin STINGER missile launchers on the arms, which are great at taking out air vehicles.

Like E-103 Delta, Epsilon was first a recolored clone of Gamma, but after being discarded, he was equipped with upgraded twin stinger missile launchers. After Gamma was proved superior, Epsilon was teleported to an unknown location along with Delta and E-105 Zeta. Later, Gamma found Epsilon in a lava-filled cave in Red Mountain on Angel Island. The two fought, and Gamma emerged victorious. The yellow Flicky inside was released after Epsilon blew up.

E-105 Zeta

E-105 Zeta (ゼータ Zēta?) an E-series robot constructed to serve onboard the Egg Carrier. Initially he is a re-colored clone of E-102 Gamma, but later goes through severe alteration and reconstruction to a considerably larger stationary defense unit, built into the core of the Egg Carrier. Despite being much more advanced, the stationary Zeta is destroyed by Gamma in the Hot Shelter onboard the Egg Carrier, releasing the trapped animal inside after Zeta's head exploded.

The lower half of Zeta's frame is built out of Sega Dreamcasts, inserted by Sonic Team as an Easter Egg. This is in all the Dreamcast, Gamecube, and PC versions.

In Sonic X, E-101 Beta replaced much of Zeta's role, so much that in fact, Zeta only appears on the show in episode 31, "Revenge of the Robot". This is when Gamma comes to the Hot Shelter to destroy him.

E-106 Eta

E-106 Eta is a green red-eyed E-Series robot with a machine gun, found in the Hot Shelter level in Sonic Adventure, here, Eta is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown. He stands 215 cm (7ft 1in) tall and weighs 825.256 kg (1819.378 lbs).

E-107 Theta

E-107 Theta is a gold-colored red-eyed E-Series robot with a plasma canon, found in the Hot Shelter level in Sonic Adventure, here, Theta is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown. He stands 2.15900 cm (7ft 1in) tall and weighs 825.084521 kg (1819 lbs).

E-108 Iota

E-108 Iota is a silver/platinum-colored red-eyed E-Series robot with a sniper gun, found in the Hot Shelter level in Sonic Adventure, here, Iota is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown. He stands 215 cm (7 ft) tall and weighs 825.256kg (1815.563 lbs).

E-109 Kappa

E-109 Kappa is a bronze-colored red-eyed E-Series robot with a rocket launcher, found in the Hot Shelter level in Sonic Adventure, here, Kappa is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown. He stands 215 cm (7 ft) tall and weighs 825.256kg (1815.563 lbs).

E-10 Cop Speeder

E-10 Cop Speeder (コップスピーダー) is an E-Series robot that appears in Sonic Adventure and its remake, Sonic Adventure DX. It appears in the Speed Highway action stage.

Cop Speeder resembles E-08 Kart Kiki enemies from the Twinkle Park stage (and both are driven by monkey robots resembling E-01 Baby Kiki), but the Cop Speeder has a much more agressive attack pattern.

E-110 Lambda

E-110 Lambda is a copper-colored red-eyed E-Series robot with a grenade launcher for an arm and the number "110" on him, found in the Hot Shelter level in Sonic Adventure 2, here, Lambda is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown. He stands 215 cm (7ft 1in) and weighs 825.256 kg (1819.378 lbs).

E-111 Mu

E-111 Mu is a shiny blue red-eyed E-Series robot with a zapper-light gun as an arm cannon and the number "111" on him, found in the Hot Shelter level in Sonic Adventure 2, here, Mu is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-112 Nu

E-112 Nu is a shiny red green-eyed E-Series robot with a gun that shoots out fireballs and the number "112" on him, found in the Hot Shelter level in Sonic Adventure 2, here, Nu is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-113 Xi

E-113 Xi is a shiny light green red-eyed E-Series robot with a ultra-sonic ray gun as an arm cannon and the number "113" on him, found in the Hot Shelter level in Sonic Adventure 2, here, Xi is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-114 Omicron

E-114 Omicron is a dark green red-eyed E-Series robot, found in the Egg Base level in Sonic Heroes 2, here, Omicron is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown. He stands 200 cm (6ft 6in) tall and weighs 1024.256 kg.

E-115 Pi

E-115 Pi is a purple red-eyed E-Series robot, found in the Egg Base level in Sonic Heroes 2, here, Pi is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-116 Rho

E-116 Rho is a violet/magenta red-eyed E-Series robot, found in the Egg Base level in Sonic Heroes 2, here, Rho is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-117 Sigma

E-117 Sigma is a black red-eyed E-Series robot, found in the Egg Base level in Sonic Heroes 2, here, Sigma is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown. He stands 150 cm (4 ft 11 in) and weighs 1230.512 kg (2712.82 lbs).

E-118 Tau

E-118 Tau is a purple green-eyed E-Series robot, found in the Egg Dealer level in Shadow the Hedgehog, here, Tau is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-119 Uplison

E-119 Uplison is a orange green-eyed E-Series robot, found in the Egg Dealer level in Shadow the Hedgehog, here, Uplison is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-11 Beacon

E-11 Beacon is a purple bird robot, which Eggman first activated to help him retrieve a Chaos Emerald, but it was destroyed by Sonic. Eggman later rebuilt Beacon to help fend off an attack by G.U.N.'s air force.

E-120 Chi

E-120 Chi is a white green-eyed E-Series robot, found in the Egg Dealer level in Shadow the Hedgehog, here, Phi is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-121 Phi

E-121 Phi (φ) (ファイ Fai) is an Emerl-based robot made by Doctor Eggman. Dr. Eggman took Emerl's data and copied it as stated in Rouge's story mode. The Phi robots are powered by Chaos Emerald Shards, rather than whole Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and his friends (excluding Rouge) referred to them as "Fake Emerls".

The only physical difference between Phi and Emerl is Phi's grey hue and brown eyes, as opposed to Emerl's yellow and blue. The Phi's ability to copy attacks is identical to that of Emerl, but since the ability is only powered by Chaos Emerald Shards, as a whole it is weaker than Emerl's. At first they don't have much vocabulary, repeating one word while speaking, such as "Located! Located!" But later, they're able to speak more fluently, such as "Captured! I will capture you! I will capture you for Dr. Eggman!" Unlike Emerl, Phi has all the abilities of one character, instead of a bunch of skills mixed up together. That means no Ultimate skills and no Combo skills.

E-122 Psi

E-122 Psi is a yellow green-eyed E-Series robot, found in the Egg Dealer level in Shadow the Hedgehog, here, Psi is apparently destroyed but how and why he was destroyed is unknown.

E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega (オメガ Omega?), or, technically, E-123 Ω, is a fictional robot from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game universe, first appearing as a fully playable character in the multiplatform game Sonic Heroes, which was first released in Japan on December 30th, 2003. Omega was created by Takashi Iizuka and designed and modeled by Nobuhiko Honda at Sonic Team USA. Omega has helped Shadow (and to a lesser extent, Rouge) in four Sonic games, and while not being a major character, is popular enough in his own right and has established himself as a main character. Recently, however, he has made less appearances and he only seems to be in the mainstream canon games as a teammate to Shadow and Rouge. Although he has been making more appearances in spin-offs such as Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and also made his debut in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics' universe in April 2009, so his number of appearances could increase.

He bears a strong resemblance to another character in the series, E-102 Gamma (a possible design inspiration), who is part of the same robotics production line in the series. In the games, he was created by Doctor Eggman, and is out to destroy him due to lack of respect and want for revenge. Omega is 150cm tall (4ft 11in) and weighs a hefty 1,230.512kg (2712.77lbs) making him the heaviest character in the Sonic series. He has the capital Omega symbol (Ω) painted on the front of his left shoulder, in contrast to all the other E-100s, which had lowercase Greek letters. This may be to show that Omega is the most powerful of Eggman's E-Series (though the original set of E-100s from Sonic Adventure had various Greek symbols), or because the character's designer felt that the capital letter was more noticeable and well-known than the lowercase (ω).

Parody Appearances

Omega's personality reflects that of:

  • Duncan - Thomas & Friends
  • Guysborough - Theodore Tugboat
  • Pimply Paul - Horrid Henry
  • Petey Piranha - Super Mario Bros.
  • Entei - Pokemon
  • Silent B - Total Drama

E-12 Behemoth

E-12 Behemoth is a giant mass-produced humanoid robot that protects Eggman's base. Sonic destroys several of them before finding Eggman. Behemoth is one of the few recurring robots from the series.

E-13 Guardbot

E-13 Guardbot is basically a machine gun turret on tank treads. One of these robots breaks Eggman's Chaos Emerald device, and is as such the reason why everyone is sent to Earth.

E-14 Sneezer

E-14 Sneezer is a missile-launching robot that protects Doctor Eggman's headquarters. Two boxy launchers make up its "arms", while an extra trio of missiles adorn its head.

E-15 Spiky Spinner (Spiked Spina)

E-15 Spiky Spinner (a.k.a. Spiked Spina) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It is an upgraded form of the E-06 Bladed Spinner, a bat robot that attacks enemies by spinning, except that it is plated with spiky armour (hence its name). It is similar to the Orbinaut enemies from earlier Sonic games and deploys its explosive spike ball shield at Sonic when he gets close enough.

The Spiky Spinner appears in the action stages Speed Highway and Sky Deck.

E-16 Electro Spinner (Thunder Spina)

E-16 Electro Spinner (a.k.a. Thunder Spina, Spana スパナ in Japan) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It is an upgraded form of the E-06 Bladed Spinner, a bat robot that attacks enemies by spinning, except that the Electro Spinner can also emit an electrical shield to protect itself.

It appears in the action stages Casinopolis, Speed Highway, Sky Deck and Final Egg.

E-17 Ghora

E-17 Ghora (ゴーラ) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It appears in the Lost World and Red Mountain action stages.

E-17 Ghora is a red sphere with flames circling it. It is based on the Sol badnik, which appeared in the Hill Top Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and in the Red Volcano Zone in Sonic Blast, except that the fireballs float around it on a horizontal plane instead of a verticle one. (Sol was called Gola in the Japanese manual.)

A presumably upgraded version named E-31 Gola appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, and a similar badnik simply named Gola appeared in Sonic Advance 2.

E-18 Guerra-Hand

E-18 Guerra-Hard is an E-Series robot from the series Sonic X. It appeared in episode 13, "Beating Eggman, Part 2".

A super powered combat robot, Guerra-Hard is powered by two Chaos Emeralds. Sonic is forced to battle the robot when he breaks into Eggman's base. Luckily, he is able to defeat it and capture the Chaos Emeralds inside.

Guerra-Hard is 27 meters tall and weighs 550 tons. It bears a striking resemblance to the Super Robot Mazinger Z.

E-19 Egg Keeper

E-19 Egg Keeper is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It appears as an enemy in Hot Shelter and the Final Egg.

Egg Keeper deploys its head to paralyze the enemy while the body attacks.


The E-2000 is the latest E-Series robot at the time of Sonic Heroes. Its basic form is a red humanoid/hawk robot armed with a powerful energy cannon and a shield, along with the ability to transform into a plane-like shape. A yellow version which takes more damage also appears in the following level. They appear in the Egg Fleet and Final Fortress zones, the last levels of the game.


The E-2000R is a gold-colored variant of the regular E-2000 with extra armor and health.

E-20 Kiki

E-20 Kiki (キキ) is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure 2. From the name, it would appear to be an upgraded version of E-01 Baby Kiki, which appeared in Sonic Adventure and was itself based on the Coconuts badnik from earlier games. An apparently identical robot, simply named Kiki, also appeared in Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2.

Like E-01 Baby Kiki, E-20 is a monkey robot that throws bombs at players who wander too close to it.

E-21 Ballios

E-21 Ballios is a mass produced athletic robot built for playing baseball. A team of Ballios challenge Sonic and co. to a game, the winner of which gets a Chaos Emerald. They were beaten and some were destroyed, the rest managed to escape in a helmet shaped ship from where they were deployed. A Ballios is 120 cm (4 ft) tall and weighs 120 kg (264 lbs).

E-22 Beat

E-22 Beat is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It resembles a crab and appears in Sonic's story in the level Final Egg. Very large amounts are generated in certain rooms, where they all swarm Sonic and self-destruct.

E-23 Missile Wrist

E-23 Missile Wrist is a E-Series robot created by Doctor Eggman. It appears in Sonic X.

E-24 Jetso

E-24 Jetso is a E-Series robot after E-23 Missile Wrist and before E-25 Duo Jet.

E-25 Duo Jet

E-25 Duo Jet is a E-Series robot after E-24 Jetso and before E-26 Bomb Jet.

E-26 Bomb Jet

E-26 Bomb Jet is a E-Series robot after E-27 Hyper Jet and before E-28 Mecha Fish.

E-27 Hyper Jet

E-27 Hyper Jet is a E-Series robot after E-26 Bomb Jet and before E-28 Mecha Fish.

E-28 Mecha Fish

E-28 Mecha Fish is a E-Series after E-27 Hyper Jet and before E-29 Egg Pirate.

E-29 Egg Pirate

E-29 Egg Pirate is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure. It appears in Knuckles the Echidna's story in the level Casinopolis.

E-31 Gola

E-31 Gola is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure 2. It appeared in the Death Chamber stage.

E-31 Gola is red sphere with flames floating around it, apparently an upgraded version of the E-17 Ghora from Sonic Adventure (which was itself based on the Sol badnik from Sonic the Hedgehog 2).

A similar robot, simply named Gola, later appeared in Sonic Advance 2.

E-32 Unidus

E-32 Unidus is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure 2. It is a black sphere bot with spiked balls floating around them, resembling the Orbinaut from earlier Sonic games.

Unidus (which is the Japanese word for a sea urchin) was the Japanese name of one of the Orbinaut badniks from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

E-32 Unidus appeared in the Hidden Base and Death Chamber levels.

E-35 Funfun

E-35 Funfun is a giant yellow bird robot with an equally giant fan that is used to stop Sonic and his friends from getting a Chaos Emerald. It is powerful enough to blow away the X-Tornado, but is destroyed regardless. Funfun is 9 meters (30 feet) tall and weighs 150 kg (330 lbs).

E-38 Octoron

E-38 Octoron is an octopus-like robot that Eggman uses in order to try to drown Sonic in "The Last Resort".

E-39 Quizon

E-39 Quizon is an army of construction robots with four arms with various tools. Eggman uses them to build a theme park in his image, and when Sonic arrives they combine into a long snake-like robot called "Serpenter" that is destroyed by Amy. A Quizon is one meter (3 feet) tall and weighs 150 kg (330 lbs).

E-40 Egg Fortress

Following the subsequent destruction of his original headquarters, Doctor Eggman reappeared from under the wreckage with a new mobile air fortress. Purple in color, the ship was designed with a trio of massive drills, one on the prow and two on the wings. A retractable bridge and three gigantic rocket engines added to this ships appearance. Armed with a battery of flak cannons and missile launchers, the Egg Fort also carries a pair of high-powered Egg Blasters, which in its initial usage nearly destroyed the X-Tornado outright. After numerous defeats and repair work, Eggman retired the Egg Fort in Episode 20 in favor of the Egg Fort 2. The Egg Fort was resurrected in Episode 47, having been commandeered by GUN forces into a airship of their own to combat Eggman's new Egg Battleship. It is uncertain what happened to the craft after the assault on the equator.

E-42 Torole

E-42 Torole is a bipedal walker robot armed with a wrecking ball. It was destroyed by the heroes. Torole was 12 meters (40 feet) tall and weighed 40 tons.

E-43 Falcon

E-43 Falcon is a massproduced orange bird robot. Several chase Sonic, but he hops on and rides one to the Egg Fort.

E-45 Sumo-man

E-45 Sumo-man is an extremely strong but unintelligent E-Series robot.

E-47 Pumpty

E-47 Pumpty is not to be confused with Humpty, a robot from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

E-51 Intelligente

E-51 Intelligente (a.k.a. E-51 Teacher Robot in Japan) is a robot teacher designed to interact with kids. Intelligente was designed to brainwash the children of Station Square into liking Doctor Eggman. Intelligente took over Chris Thorndyke's classroom, evicting the current teacher Mister Stewart. Despite Mister Stewart's various unsuccessful attempts to expose Intelligente as a fraud, he proved to be a highly capable teacher, and quickly earned the respect of the children. Intelligente soon decided not to serve Eggman, even telling Bokkun that he would protect the children no matter what Eggman did.

However, when Eggman himself arrived, he quickly forced Intelligente to obey him again. He attacked Sonic with his "homework attack" (a missile launcher hidden under his hat) but Sonic dodged all his missiles and destroyed him.

E-57 Clurken

E-57 Clurken is a jellyfish robot sent to stop Sonic from acquiring an underwater Chaos Emerald. It was destroyed. Clurken was 27 meters (90 feet) tall and weighed 12 tons.

E-65 Gorru-Gaooh

E-65 Gorru-Gaooh is a gorilla robot piloted by Decoe and Bocoe. It uses camouflage technology that renders it invisible, but Sonic destroys it regardless. Gorru-Gaooh was 8 meters (26 feet) tall and weighed 10 tons.

E-66 Da-Dai-Oh

E-66 Da-Dai-Oh is a gigantic robot that Eggman brings with him during his vacation. It looks like a large metallic dome with legs, arms, and a head where Eggman is seated. It had extendable arms and spiked balls for hands, but was destroyed when it slipped on some unsteady ground. It was 100 meters (300 feet) tall and weighed 1000 tons.

E-70 Noizi

E-70 Noizi is a tall, red robot equipped with super powerful sound wave generators, Noizi was set to guard Eggman's fortress. He nearly defeated Topaz and Rouge, but was bested when Rouge threw a bomb into its main speaker, which clogged it, and set the bomb off. Noizi was 8.2 meters (27 feet) tall and weighed 2.5 tons.

E-74 Weazo

E-74 Weazo is a large green weasel-like robot equipped with a flamethrower. Weazo comes along to help Eggman retrieve the purple Chaos Emerald. However, despite its power, it is beaten by a tag-team effort from Sonic and Knuckles. Weazo was 7 meters (23 feet) tall and weighed 14 tons.

E-77 Lucky

E-77 Lucky is a ridiculous looking E-Series robot, created by Eggman to find the 7th Chaos Emerald in Season 1 of Sonic X. His main body is a large gold bell with two visible purple eyes and the number 7 painted on in red, and he is covered in good luck charms, including 4 leafed clovers and rabbits' feet. He stands 100 cm (3' 3") and weighs 100 kg (220.5 lbs).

E-88 Lightning Bird

E-88 Lightning Bird is an ostrich-like robot. Sonic destroys a few and gets a part of one stuck in his ear. A Lightning Bird was 13 meters (43 feet) tall and weighs 25 tons.

E-90 Super Sweeper

E-90 Super Sweeper is a giant spacecraft. Eggman dispatched it to suck up satellites to grind into robot parts. Equipped with powerful missiles and lasers, a powerful suction force, and the ability to fly higher and faster than Tails' Tornado, Sweeper was seemingly unbeatable. However, it was no match for the improved X-Tornado, and was destroyed by Sonic.

It looks remarkably similar to the airplane Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbirds.

E-91 Lady Ninja

E-91 Lady Ninja's first (and last) apperance was in the Sonic X episode, "The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk". Her original name actually translates into "Female Ninja". She is the only E-00 series robot Eggman built with a female personality. She has many skills such as walking through walls and knocking characters out without touching them. She was defeated in the end when Hawk dumped water on her.

A robot based off of a female ninja, E-91 was equipped with shurikens, gliders, an electrocution net, a chain with a weight at the end that could either be small or turn into a wrecking ball, and an entire arsenal of different Ninjutsu techniques. Her name is a pun; the word "Kunoichi" means "Lady Ninja", but when the word is separated, it also means "91" (Ku-no-ichi). The Lady Ninja was dispatched to retrieve the red Chaos Emerald, but ran into trouble in the form of Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat. Eventually, she had Knuckles on the ropes, but Knuckles' human friend Hawk dumped water over her. Taking advantage, Knuckles hit her with a super punch, destroying her. Lady Ninja was 120 cm (4 ft) tall and weighed 200 kg (440 lb).

E-99 Eggsterminator

E-99 Eggsterminator (a.k.a. E-99 Egg Emperor in Japan) is the robot form of the Egg Fort II from Sonic X. It appeared in episode 26, "Countdown to Chaos".


E.V.E. (short for Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoid) was an artificial intelligence created by Dr. Robotnik for the sole purpose of killing Sonic the Hedgehog. In addition to being composed of nanomachines that were able to morph and adapt after each defeat, Dr. Robotnik outfitted E.V.E. with a DNA sample taken from Sonic himself (a quill taken from the hedgehog's hide), as well as organic material from Robotnik's own brain. These separate DNA patterns were meant to give E.V.E. Robotnik's genius in combination with Sonic's ingenuity. E.V.E.'s original form is that of a state-of-the-art, jetpack-wearing SWATbot, but upon being scrapped by Sonic, it transforms into something suitable to counter Sonic's speed: a giant hornet. Thinking he is being attacked by separate robots, Sonic destroys E.V.E. twice, only for her to revert to a metallic ooze and reshape into a more lethal form.

After wrecking E.V.E.'s second (hornet) form, Sonic goes to confront Robotnik, who gloats that E.V.E. can never be defeated and will only learn from each victory. E.V.E. then bursts into Robotnik's headquarters and attacks Sonic in the form of a giant cobra, which he defeats. Her response is to take the form of a tentacled entity with two large eyes, an enormous mouth, and a crystal-like brain, after which she turns the tables by turning on her creator. Although Robotnik tries to re-assert control, E.V.E. reveals that by adding Sonic's DNA to her systems, Robotnik mistakenly implanted a streak of independence instead of the resourcefulness that he'd intended her to receive. Instead of developing his intelligence, all she got from Robotnik was his evil, which was negated by the inherent good she inherited from Sonic. E.V.E. seemingly vaporizes her master-but in reality only sent him to a parallel future and an encounter with a defeated version of himself-and turns her attention to Sonic, intending to fulfill her programming. Thinking quick, Sonic reasons to E.V.E. that she will never be free if she continues following orders. Upon realizing her own free will, E.V.E. thanks Sonic and soars into outer space, her brain-like form growing larger so that the tentacles are replaced by butterfly wings made of pure energy.

Sonic encounters E.V.E. again after he is stranded in deep space and trying to get back to Mobius. The increasingly-powerful E.V.E. had been seeking out planets whose natives employed computers to work for them. This E.V.E. shared the outward appearance of her previous incarnation, though in much larger form. Inside, however, the main unit was anthropomorphic, and feminine in appearance. Feeling the need to "liberate" the machines, E.V.E stripped these worlds of all their minerals until they were reduced to lifeless rock, then integrated the computers into her own systems to evolve into a "higher organism". Outraged, Sonic points out to her that instead of serving their masters, these computers just obey E.V.E. instead. Hearing Sonic's words, E.V.E. determines that she is no better than the oppressor, that her mission is flawed, and must be terminated. After giving Sonic coordinates to help him get home, E.V.E. resets her course to the nearest star. During A.D.A.M.'s "gathering", it is revealed that this star was powered by yellow Chaos Emeralds.

EVE has sub-microscopic components, brain cells from Dr. Robotnik and body cells from Sonic. She can transform into new machines, and can learn and adapt from past experiences.

Easy Eddie

Easy Eddie is a small time rude ferret Thief that is good at pick pocketing. He even stole Robotnik's Chaos Emerald Ring.

Eco Sonic

Eco Sonic is an alternate form of Ultra Sonic, Eco Sonic can manipulate plant life.

Eddy the Yeti

Eddy the Yeti was a member of a mutant race created by the first Days of Fury who befriended Nate Morgan. Eddy lived in the northern regions of Mobius. When Nate came upon Eddy, he was seriously injured and in danger of dying. Nate saved his life through the use of cyborg components. Eddy became Nate's close companion and protector, and shared his desire to protect the power rings from misuse. However, their happy life together in the castle they had built ended with the return of Ixis Naugus. In the ensuing battle between Naugus, Sonic, and Tails, Nate's castle collapsed. Eddy managed to save his friends, but at the cost of his own life. Sonic would later return to the site of Eddy's great sacrifice to leave a rose in tribute to him, only to be briefly interrupted by yet another attempt of Naugus' to escape the Zone of Silence.

Edgar Eagle

Edgar Eagle was a bit hero of the TV Show 'Edgar Eagle'. After a Hit on the Head, Scratch belived he was really Edgar Eagle.


Edmund was the first Echidna to assume the role of Guardian and the first to bear the white crescent birth mark on his chest, which was passed down through his family line to distinguish them as Guardians. Initially a scientist along with his brother Dimitri, Edmund was involved in the creation of the original Chaos Syphon. However, when Civil War out between the Angel Island Echidnas over the dispute of abandoning technology, Edmund was called upon to act as the first Guardian of the citizens of Echidnaopolis and the Chaos Emeralds. In addition to being the first guardian, Edmund was the first to be killed in the line of duty.

Edward Tanaka

Mr. Edward Tanaka is a character from Sonic X. He is Chris Thorndyke's Japanese butler. He is tall, thin, looks very stern and wears glasses. He is a skilled martial artist (though in the English dub this is apparently because he watches "too many Kung Fu movies") and develops a relationship with Topaz in the first series. He discovered the presence of Sonic and the others long before Ella did and revealed his secret to Chris when he found him scolding Cream. Tanaka entered the Emerald Fighting Tournament and was defeated by Emerl. In the French dub, his first name is revealed to be Edward. Tanaka is 35 years old, 175 cm (5ft 9in) tall, and weighs 72 kg (154 lbs).

Even though he is a good friend of Sonic, Sonic holds him in low comtempt and doesn't like it when he goes on adventures with him, believing that he isn't useful. This may be because he usually hinders Sonic more than he helps when he tries to help Sonic. In the English dub, he speaks with a stereotypical Japanese accent and is voiced by Ted Lewis.

Eel Capone

Eel Capone is an eel and undersea crime boss who briefly tangled with the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. Capone, who proved so formidable that he drove Robotnik's sub-boss Octobot from his territory, used his "Hired Mussels" to subdue several of the Freedom Fighters and take over most of the area. However, he was defeated when Bottlenose, a dolphin, used his "ninja" skills to defeat him and send him packing.


EggRobo (also written as (エッグロボ) Eggrobo, Egg Robot or Eggbot) is an egg-shaped humanoid robot resembling Dr. Robotnik. It first appeared as an enemy in the game Sonic & Knuckles. In Sonic's storyline in that game, it only appeared as standard badnik enemy in the Sky Sanctuary Zone, after being seen launched from the Death Egg. He stands 180 cm tall.

It is rather more prominent in Knuckles' storyline, as the EggRobo replaces Dr. Robotnik as the end-of-zone boss in every level up until the Hidden Palace Zone (except for Flying Battery Zone). In all of Knuckles' appearances prior to this, he had been allied with Robotnik. It's also implied that the EggRobo in Knuckles's story is the same one that appears in Sonic's imperfect ending (if the Super Emeralds aren't collected).

The EggRobo also appears in cut-scenes in the game. At the beginning of the game, while Knuckles is relaxing along with some of his animal friends in the Mushroom Hill Zone, the EggRobo drops a bomb in their midst that scares his friends away. The EggRobo is destroyed by Mecha Sonic (MK II) in the Sky Sanctuary Zone (the final level in Knuckles' storyline). The EggRobo restrains Knuckles, allowing Mecha Sonic to charge at him, but Knuckles breaks free and Mecha Sonic destroys the EggRobo instead.

EggRobo later appears in Sonic R as an unlockable character. It has abilities similar to Dr. Robotnik's in that game, being capable of launching missiles, though EggRobo is a bit slow. It is unlocked by getting all the five Sonic Tokens in the Regal Ruin course.

EggRobo also appears in Sonic Adventure 2 as a kart racing VMU Download with his own stage, and again in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle as Rouge the Bat's unlockable sub kart, obtained by getting all the emblems of Rouge's missions.

Egg Golem

The Egg Golem is a boss character appearing in Sonic Adventure 2. After Knuckles the Echidna defeats King Boom Boo, Eggman appears and summons a giant animated stone statue called the Egg Golem to battle Sonic the Hedgehog. To defeat the Egg Golem, Sonic must run to his back, jump across the platforms that stick out, and attack Golem's control mechanism atop its head. You can also Homing Attack the platforms with glowing symbols.

In the Dark Story, Sonic immediately jumps up and kicks the control mechanism, causing the Egg Golem go haywire and turn on Eggman. In order to defeat it, Eggman has to use his Volcan Cannon to destroy its internal power generators. Once all three of them are destroyed, the Egg Golem becomes disabled and sinks into the quicksand.

The Egg Golem also appeared in the Sonic X adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2. It was remotely controlled by Bokkun who used it to fight Sonic and Knuckles. The two heroes had a hard time with the golem, but eventually Cream the Rabbit stole the remote control from Bokkun, and made the Egg Golem chase him into the desert. It later appeared standing in the desert during Super Sonic and Super Shadow's fight against the Finalhazard, with Bokkun standing on its head.According to an eyecatcher information card from Sonic X, the Egg Golem is 57 meters tall and weighs 250 tons[1]. The Egg Golem fights by smashing its hands and head against the circular platform that Sonic or Eggman is standing on. It can also create an electrical field around itself to repel attacks, or spin its arms around itself in order to sweep enemies from the platform.

A similar character was also used in the game Sonic & Knuckles as the first act boss in the Sandopolis Zone. Like the Egg Golem it was an animated statue, vulnerable only on its head, and although it was not named, it may have been a partial inspiration for the later character. It is unkown if this boss was an Eggman boss or a guardian for the pyramid.

Its possible that Dr. Eggman did not build the Egg Golem. It may be that Eggman discovered the Golem in the pyramid and just turned it into a robot.It may be that the Golem was merely a statue before Eggman took over the pyramid.

Egg Gunner

The Egg Gunner is an enemy in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), it is also one of the game's most common enemy. It is a white robot, with a propulsion system that allows it to hover, it also has a machine gun mounted to the right arm, missile to the left. It has blue lights for eyes. It also has two other variants, the Egg Lancer, and the Egg Stinger.

Eggman Nega

Eggman Nega (エッグマンネガ Egguman Nega), also known as Doctor Eggman Nega, is the third most recurring villain in the Sonic game series and has been the main villain and final boss of all three games he's been in: Sonic Rush, Sonic Rivals, and Sonic Rush Adventure. He is the primary nemesis of Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog. His design appears reminiscent to the older Dr. Eggman from the Genesis Sonic games, albeit with the colors reversed, a longer nose, a white mustache (suggesting he is at an eldery age), pointy blue sunglasses, and visor-styled goggles instead of normal ones.

In the Sonic Rush series, Eggman Nega (spelled NEGA, with all caps) is introduced as an extra-dimensional counterpart of Doctor Eggman from Blaze's home dimension. He is more cruel and calculating than the Eggman from Sonic's world, although the two often work together, and he has sent Blaze's world into ruin, which is why he sets out for the Sol Emeralds. He is eerily polite for such a cold and calculating person. His downside, however, is that he can sometimes lose track of important details while making unnecessary speeches.

While Eggman himself is first thought to be the primary antagonist in Sonic Rivals, the player soon finds out that Eggman Nega has captured Eggman and is disguising himself as him. In Sonic Rivals, Eggman Nega is from 200 years in the future (which reflects the Blaze of Sonic the Hedgehog). Using a special camera, he turns several objects and characters into cards, with the objective of turning the world into a card that he will be able to control. During the somewhat ambiguous ending of the game, Nega is captured inside a card of his own by Silver, yet it was never revealed how he freed himself from the card that he was imprisoned in for the sequel. In Sonic Rivals 2, Eggman Nega tries to power and awaken an inter-dimensional monster called the "Ifrit" to destroy the world by using the Chaos Emeralds and the Chao to do it after reading old files of Professor Gerald Robotnik. However, his plans were foiled once again and now he's stuck in the ifrit's Dimention.


Elegure is a young thief living with Max's gang. She plays the Violin and performed with the Sonic Underground. In the end, she gave up her thief ways and found a home.

Elias Acorn

His Majesty, King Elias Acorn of Mobius (エリアス・エイコーン Eriasu Eikohn) (formerly Prince Elias Acorn) is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series published by Archie Comics. Elias is the son of Maximillian Acorn and Alicia Acorn, husband of Megan Acorn, father of Alexis and is the brother of Sally Acorn. Elias is a male, anthropomorphic, humanoid squirrel. He has brown fur and dark red hair, with a long bushy tail and blue eyes. He is 18 years old, stands 130 cm (4 ft 3in) tall and weighs 40 kg (88 lbs).

Elias' outfit always includes a blue shirt, with a variety of capes in different colors. His footwear consists of a pair of metallic boots, and unlike most other male characters he does not wear gloves of any kind. Elias is also often shown wearing some kind of gold on his wardrobe. His weapon of choice is a pair of katan-like blades, with the points running parallel to the grip rather than perpendicular.


Elio (エリオ Erio) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. He is the son of Ciccio and Natalia. The fact that he inherited his father's facial features bothers him to no end, but he's far too nice a kid to ever say anything about it.

Elio was affected by Dark Gaia until Sonic freed him.


Ella is a character from Sonic X. She is Chris's large and jolly maid. Ella seems to enjoy her job, but she dislikes dirt. Ella meets Sonic and the others quickly, after Cream blows her cover at Chris' dinner party. Ella quickly made a close relationship with Cream and Amy. She can become hotheaded at times and can practically do anything when in a bad mood, even piloting the X-Tornado. Ella is 38 years old, 163 cm tall, and weighs 102 kg.

Ella entered the Emerald Fighting Tournament, battling Big with a frying pan. Froggy hopped out of Big's fur and jumped on Ella, causing her to faint. However, Big was disqualified for going out of the ring while running from Ella. This entire fight was removed from the American 4Kids dub.

In the English dub, Ella speaks with a stereotypical Spanish accent. She's voiced by Mike Pollock, who also provides Eggman's voice. In the original Japanese version, she is voiced by deep-voiced female Seiyuu Kujira.

Elmer Johnson

Elmer Johnson is the owner of Diamond Stadium in the anime Sonic X. He appeared in episode 10, "Unfair Ball". The Japanese version states that he went from an unknown to the big leagues in Diamond Stadium. He was once friends with Diamond Stadium's groundskeeper, Albert Butler.


Emerl (エメル Emeru?) is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game Sonic Battle. He stands 110 cm (3ft 7in) and weighs 14 kg (30.8 lbs)

Emerl is an ancient weapon known as the Gizoid discovered by Professor Gerald Robotnik. Gerald attempted to nullify his destructive programming, but failed. In an attempt to curb it, he gave it the same qualities as his creation, Shadow the Hedgehog, a "soul" based on that of Gerald's granddaughter, Maria Robotnik.

Emerson Acorn

Prince Emerson Acorn was a male, anthropomorphic, humanoid squirrel, and a member of the House of Acorn many generations ago. He had brown fur and blue eyes. He was the son of King Theodore Acorn. He liked hiking and disliked seeing animals get hurt.

Prince Emerson met an overlander boy called Paladin who was roughly the same age as he when walking though the forest. They struck up a friendly conversation, and Paladin showed Emerson how to shoot a gun. However, when Paladin chose a bird as his target, Emerson jumped in the way of the shot and was killed. King Theodore found Emerson lying on the ground and saw Paladin who was running away. King Theodore forbade contact with overlanders, who he felt had to be fierce and violent and also began the policy among Mobians of not using guns.


The Enchantress was a Mobian rabbit and the partner of Black Death, an evil sorcerer residing on Angel Island. Meeting Black Death's requirements as a teammate by being far weaker than him when it came to magical ability, she nevertheless had a powerful magic of her own: her gaze could bind unprotected beings to her will. She used this power against Knuckles the Echidna when he stumbled upon them during his search for the Sword of Acorns, and forced him to wait upon her unceasingly during the time she and Black Death held him prisoner. When Sir Connery, the Paladin of the Ancient Walkers, broke through their defenses and into their lair, it disrupted the Enchantress' control and allowed Knuckles to defeat Black Death while she herself was attacked by Connery. Striking down the defeated mages with his Sword of Light, Connery then departed, carrying Black Death and the Enchantress -- or at least their bodies -- with him. (StH: #45).


Enerjak (エネルジャック "Enerujakku") is the name of a villainous alter ego that has been applied to multiple characters in the fictional universe of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna comic series. The first to be so designated was Dimitri the Echidna, who absorbed the power of eleven Chaos Emeralds using his Chaos Syphon device. He retained this identity until he was drained of his powers by Mammoth Mogul. He stands 110 cm (3ft 7in) tall and weighs 40 kg (88 lbs).

A second incarnation of Enerjak was introduced in issue #180, having been reborn through Knuckles the Echidna, nemesis of the original Enerjak, using the power of the Master Emerald.

Both Enerjaks have taken to wearing a ceremonial outfit created for ancient Echidna generals. It consisted of a golden faceplate, skirt, breastplate, and various bands of gold around the elbows, wrists, fingers, knees, and ankles. The rest of the outfit was blue, the rest of the helmet including a red gem in the forehead and openings that allowed the dreadlocks to stick out. Removing the faceplate allows others to see the true identity of whichever Enerjak it is, which allowed Kragok to identify the first Enerjak as Dimitri.

Enforcer Rotor

Enforcer Rotor is an alternate version of Rotor Walrus from the Litigopolis Zone. Rotor was a police officer in Litigopolis before the J.U.D.G.E. took over and replaced all the police with Echidna Enforcers. (SSS: #14)

Erazor Djinn

Erazor Djinn is a djinn who serves as the primary antagonist in Sonic and the Secret Rings. His name is a pun on the words "Eraser" and "Razor" because he is "erasing" the pages of the book and he uses a weapon that looks much like a straight-edge razor. Erazor is the Genie of the Lamp from the tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.


Erik was a Mobian horse and a Freedom Fighter. He was contacted by Sally Acorn along with other Freedom Fighter groups following the demise of Dr. Ivo Robotnik to be warned about the creation of various zones due to the firing of the Ultimate Annihilator. He later went parachuting with Sally, Rotor, Hamlin, Hershey and Lupe, though he ended up landing in a tree. When asked if he was alright, he replied "Only my pride is shot!". Sally then cut his parachute and freed him. (StH: #52, #59)


Erma is a Mobian ermine and a member of the Arctic Freedom Fighters. Erma helped free the Knothole Freedom Fighters when they were trapped in ice from Snively's ice blaster. She also assisted them in the destruction of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Weather Annihilator. (StH: #26)

Espio the Chameleon

Ethan "Espio" Tarrun Brooks the Chameleon (エスピオ・ザ・カメレオン Esupio za Kamereon?) is an 16-year-old purple anthropomorphic chameleon and an expert ninja. Espio's name is thought to either have come from the word "espionage", another word for spying, or to be a reference to the Spanish word "espio" (meaning literally "I spy"). He stands 110 cm (3ft 7in) tall and weighs 36 kg (79.3 lb).

Parody Appearances

Espio's personality reflects that of:

  • Danny/Yak Yak - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
  • Funky Kong - Super Mario Bros.
  • Bisharp - Pokemon
  • Rex - Shining Time Station
  • Brick McArthur - Total Drama


Espio-Zilla is an alternate version of Espio the Chameleon from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Espio into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. Espio-Zilla was not seen fighting Sonic with the others. (SSS: #12)


Excalibur-Sonic (エクスカリバーソニック Ekusukaribā Sonikku) is one of Sonic's super forms, appearing in Sonic and the Black Knight. He resembles Super Sonic, only in armor. Rather than Chaos Emeralds, he uses the power of the transformed Caliburn the Sword and the three Sacred Swords. He is playable in the final battle against the Dark Queen, an enhanced form of Merlina the Sorceress corrupted by the scabbard of Excalibur.

In this form, Sonic has increased strength and the ability to fly, similar to Darkspine Sonic, along with Soul Gauge powers. He also gains a move similar to Sonic Unleashed's Quick Step, allowing him to roll to the right or left to evade attacks. His attacks are also more close-combat based, as opposed to the boosting and energy moves that Super Sonic uses. In addition, Excalibur has the power to deflect projectile attacks with a properly timed swing. He dons shining gold armor covering his entire body (except for his tail, for some reason) and carries Excalibur in his right hand. A red cape runs down the back of his armor.

This super form's song is With Me when battling against the Dark Queen.


Fang the Sniper

Fang the Sniper (ファング・ザ・スナイパー Fangu za Sunaipā?), also known as Nack the Weasel, is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. He is a 20-year-old purple anthropomorphic weasel (half-wolf half-weasel in the Japanese versions of the games) that first appeared in the Game Gear video game Sonic Triple Trouble (alternatively known as Sonic & Tails 2 in Japan) as a treasure hunter in search of the Chaos Emeralds. He stands 102 cm (3ft 4in) tall and weighs 38 kg (83.6 lbs).

The character was originally conceived as Fang the Sniper, the name by which he was known in the Japanese Sonic games, but this was changed for American and European releases to Jet the Sniper, until eventually Sega settled for Nack the Weasel. Although he is still known under both the Japanese and American names, he has been named Fang the Sniper in all of the most recent games.

Fanny Dupin

Fanny Dupin was a Mobian Turkey who was one of the many members of the Kingdom of Acorn to be captured and Roboticized by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. In 3235 shortly after Robotnik's death, she had been caught by Tusk Luza and a horde of other Mobians trying to go into Dr. Robotnik's old lab which was off limits after being dared to by her friends. The horde advanced on her only for her to be saved by Sir Charles Hedgehog and his Photon-Flash Pellets. After she explained why she was near the lab to Tusk and he didn't believe her, Chuck agreed with him to take the matter to Princess Sally, only to discover that was out on a mission with Sonic and Antoine after Geoffrey St. John told them. Chuck then explained the situation to Geoffrey and then none other than King Maximillian Acorn himself appeared and said he would settle the matter. Unfortunately, King Max had grown paranoid about the Robians recently and ordered all of them dismantled for treason, starting with Fanny. But this order wasn't received with much enthusiasm, even by Tusk Luza, and King Max later changed his mind after he had recovered from his ill state and regained his sanity, only to be turned again by Ixis Naugus posing as the Knothole Freedom Fighters to make King Max's hate consume him and then take control over him and the entire Kingdom. Presumably, Fanny tried to escape the wrath of King Max and his soldiers along with all the other Robians until Sonic managed to restore King Acorn back to normal using the Sword of Acorns, and peace was restored between the Mobians and Robians. (StH: #55 SSS: #4)

It is assumed that Fanny was De-Roboticized along with most of the other Robians by the Bem in 3236. (StH: #123)

Farmer Peck

Farmer Peck is a Farmer that Robotnik tried to take his land from. He lives on the farm with his wife and Daughter.

Fearsome Foursome

Serving underneath the auspices of Mammoth Mogul as his personal enforcers, the Fearsome Foursome first came upon the scene when Mogul reintroduced himself to the Chaotix as one of the Ancient Rulers of Mobius. Each one given thier own special powers, the Foursome are more than willing to carry out thier orders whenever necessary and are always ready to dish out whatever is commanded of them! After near-succesfully impersonating the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix respectively thanks to Mammoth Mogul's manipulation of Chaos Energy, The Foursome were finally brought down when each group figured out what was going on after all the confusion! Since then they had remained jailed up until Robotnik's break out of the Prison Cells at the Devil's Island Gulag. Wreaking havoc with Snively as current commander along with Warlord Kodos, Uma Arachnis, Drago Wolf, and Sleuth Dog - the Foursome helped out whenever necessary in the attempt to take back Mobotropolis from the Freedom Fighters, by kidnapping Nate Morgan. Afterwords, they were roboticized and apparently destroyed. They have apparently returned in flesh form since the Xorda conflict, only to be turned once again into Robots by a mysterious, unknown entity.


Federica (フェデリカ Federika) is a Spagonian in Sonic Unleashed. She is a student at Spagonia U. She's Franco's cousin, and a woman of action: once she gets an idea, she follows it through. The downside: most of her ideas involve partying instead of studying.

She is one of the people in Spagonia that was affected by Dark Gaia until freed by Sonic.


A giant panda with black and white fur, green eyes and large metal belt who was banished to the Zone of Silence, Feist became a lackey of Ixis Naugus'--like Uma Arachnis, Warlord Kodos, and King Maximillian Acorn--after being defeated by the wizard's magic, a fact that Naugus would later brag about. Sonic and co. first learned about him during their use of a machine to get into King Acorn's dreams, during which dream versions of himself and Kodos attacked Sonic.

Feist later became the ruler of the Zone of Silence after all of the Chaos Emeralds in the universe were sent there by Turbo Tails and Super Shadow, having been gathered by A.D.A.M. With his newly unlimited power, he fused all of the jewels into seven Emeralds of varying color. In addition, he reshaped the Zone of Silence, renaming it the Special Zone. Thanking Sonic for his new power, Feist gave him the grey emerald, saying that if he wanted more, he would have to work for it. Because they both see Ixis Naugus as an enemy, Feist came to regard Sonic as an ally--though this is clearly limited to their antagonism of the wizard.

Far larger than any Mobian, Feist is clad only in a belt made out of silver metal. He presumably has strength proportionate to his size, and was apparently so powerful that it took Naugus' magic to defeat him. During Sonic's first encounter with him in King Acorn's dreams, he also displayed laser vision abilities. As a result of his control of the Chaos Emeralds, he has also seemingly gained reality-warping abilities derived from Chaos energy.

Feist appears in Sonic Universe issue 4, where he trails Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega, only to have a Chaos Emerald stolen from him.


This Monk was put in Charge of the Second Stage of the Sonic Underground's Training. He trained them to work together and use there Medialions. He didn't feel the Sonic Underground was ready when they left him but allowed them to go.


Ferox is a unique Chao in Sonic Chronicles that automaticly succeeds using the POW moves of the bond character. He is Green with a grey muzzle, aquamarine extremities, and a red head-orb


Ferrell was an odd insect-like creature and a major member of Mobotropolis' criminal underworld. He is the foster father of Manic the Hedgehog.

Fiona Fox

Fiona Fox was one of the many victims of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's rise to power, and as a child she was left in prison, abandoned by Sonic the Hedgehog and other Freedom Fighters, and as a result held a grudge against them, with time developing the darker traits of her personality. Upon escaping, Fiona led a life of treasure hunting and other petty crimes, until, following Sonic's apparent death, she attempted to turn over a new leaf by joining the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and even began a relationship with Sonic following his return from space. With time, however, Fiona gravitated back towards her old ways, and ultimately decided she preferred the darker side of life. To this end, Fiona fell in love with Sonic's Anti-Mobius counterpart Scourge the Hedgehog, becoming his girlfriend, and later Queen of Moebius itself following Scourge's takeover, and became a member of the Suppression Squad. However, following the other members of the Suppression Squad betraying both Scourge and Fiona and Scourge being sent back to his homeworld, Fiona fled from Freedom HQ, and her current whereabouts were unknown until SU:14 where she has joined up with the Destructix again.

Firefly Metarex

Firefly Metarex are tiny glowing firefly-like Metarex used to locate chaos emeralds in episode 62.

Fish Metarex

Fish Metarex are amphibious Metarex troops resembling brown pirahna with arms and legs.

Flame Master

Flame Master (ファイアマスター Fire Master) are fright masters that can surround their bodies in flames and launch balls of condensed fire. These pyrotechnics can be negated with water.


Fleming was a Lieutenant in the Acorn Kingdom Army, serving as head of the Royal Secret Service following the death of his immediate superior and old comrade; Ian St. John. Fleming was close to Ian's only son; Geoffrey St. John, and became the father-figure and mentor to him that he now lacked. Fleming was also a close friend and old comrade of Commander Smiley. (StH: #54)

Fleming served well during his time as head of the Secret Service, but later joined the Royal Underground following Dr. Ivo Robotnik's coup to fight to restore the realm. As a member of the Rebel Underground, Fleming helped Sally's trainees during one of their early missions, by locating and helping to heal the injured Arlo. Both he and Smiley later participated in an attack on one of Robotnik's bases and helped to defeat the Stealth Bots. (PSM: #3)

After Robotnik's death at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, Fleming and the rest of the Underground joined up with the the Knothole Freedom Fighters to restore the decrepit capitol; Mobotropolis. During a routine sweep-and-clear mission to destroy booby traps laid by Robotnik before his demise, Fleming accidenltly tripped a landmine that nearly got himself and Geoffrey killed, but while they both lived, Fleming, injured, realized that he was "too old for this game" and retired from active service; letting Geoffrey became leader of the reformed Secret Service. (StH: #61, SSS: #2)


Flicky is a fictional female bluebird who debuted in the arcade game Flicky as the main character and has since become a part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series as a species commonly used for "organic batteries" in the evil Doctor Eggman's robots, also known as Badniks. They also play integral parts in Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Adventure. Flicky's original designer was Yoji Ishii, a member of Sonic Team until August 1999.


Flip is a penguin working as a member of the Arctic Freedom Fighters and has the ability to slide on ice with his feet. He saved the Knothole Freedom Fighters from freezing to death during the severe weather change caused by Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Weather Annihilator. He later helped to destroy the device and return the weather back to normal. (StH: #26)


Floren-Ca was a Mobian Echidna, the surrogate mother of Julie-Su, wife of Simon and a member of the Dark Legion. She has red fur, with grey streak in harline, blue eyes and peach skin. She wears glasses and blue dress. She wore formerly teal dress. For funerals, she wears black dress.

Fly Fly Freddy

Fly Fly Freddy was a red fly with multiple eyes. He was a member of Sir Charles Hedgehog' spy network in Robotropolis. Freddy worked behind the scenes of the networks plans. He was first seen in an abandoned shack outside Robotropolis assisting Sonic, Hamlin, Penelope, Arlo and others to rescue Tails, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine from an ambush of cloaked Combots.

It's not known for sure if Freddy knew about Sleuth Dawg's defection to Dr. Ivo Robotnik, but it is known that it was Sleuth who handed over the members of the spy network including Freddy to Robotnik and fed into the roboticizer. Freddy was last seen after King Acorn was plucked from the Zone of Silence when Sleuth revealed himself to be a traitor. The roboticized Freddy attacked Sonic at the original Lake of Rings, but was destroyed by Knuckles the Echidna at the last minute. (StH: #38, #42)


Flybot767 (known as Moeve メーベ in Japan) is a seagull-like Badnik that appears in Launch Base Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Mega Drive.

Flying Frog

Flying Frog was originally a member of the Fearsome Foursome under Mammoth Mogul, and has since become a member of the Destructix. A criminal who with his cohorts has clashed several times with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, he has also worked under Sleuth Dawg and Dr. Finitevus. He has green skin and blue eyes. He wears white scarf, brown gloves, brown boots and flight hat and goggles.

Fockewulf the Wolf

Fockewulf (ホッケウルフ) is a blue male anthropomorphic wolf henchman of Wendy Witchkart, the main villain of Tails' Skypatrol. He rides a flying motorbike. Fockewulf is the first boss of the game, fighting Tails in Rail Canyon, the first (genuine) level. He fights by throwing grenades at Tails, which explode into four pieces on impact.

He appears to be named after Focke-Wulf, a German company known for manufacturing military aircraft for the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

Foreman Krag

Krag is the Foreman and leader of the Kron race, after recent events, Krag ended the alliance he once had with Ix, Sonic helped him out and got a Chaos emerald as a reward. Krag also set up the meeting to invade Nocturne. he had also commented that they were in war with Ix, and that Sonic liberating the Kron factory would accelarate this war. At one point, you can have Sonic comment that they didn't want a war, to which Krag answers that there already was one.


Foxxy was one of Downtown Ebony Hare's high-ranking lackeys; he was virtually never seen without her, although she was only really there for "moral support". She appeared with Ebony Hare briefly during his Angel Island operation to use black market seasonings to force customers to keep returning to a theme park run by Renfield the Rodent, but he was thwarted by the Chaotix and Constable Remington. Foxxy, fleeing the scene, was caught by Vector the Crocodile and taken to jail.


Frances is one of Chris's girl classmates in Sonic X. She is 11 years old, 125 cm tall, and weighs 40 kg. She has ginger hair and wears red overalls. Frances is voiced by Kerry Williams in the English dub.

Of Chris' friends, Frances has the least importance, but she did ride with Chris, Tails, and Amy in the X-Tornado when destroying Eggman's base (episodes 12 and 13).


Franco (フランコ Furanko) is a resident of Spagonia from Sonic Unleashed. He is Federica's cousin and has been friends with Raimondo since they were little. He lives in the student dorms at the university. Franco is the son of a rich entrepreneur, and a very bright student. For some time now, he's had his eyes for Lilli.


Frankly is the second competitor in the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. He is a scary looking Macho-Bot that likes to smile.

Frederick Acorn

Frederick Acorn was the King of Mobius and ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn during the Golden Age and was the father of Maximillian Acorn.

French Frirus

French Frirus was an artificial disease based on microscopic nanites, which was created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik in an attempt to defeat the Knothole Freedom Fighters. The Frirus consists of tiny robotic germs that Robotnik sprinkled into some deep fried potatoes. He then sold the potatoes as French Fries at a phony fast food restaurant called McRobos, for the sole purpose of making the Freedom Fighters deathly ill, as their Auntie-Bodies were not strong enough to fight this disease.

All of the Freedom Fighters except Sonic the Hedgehog ate the tainted food, forcing Sonic to shrink himself to microscopic size and enter Rotor's body to fight the Frirus himself. His unselfish actions against the Frirus's three components gave Rotor's Auntie-Bodies the courage to fight back, which they then communicated to the Auntie-Bodies of the other Freedom Fighters by means of a single-celled, cellular phone. The Frirus was defeated, and the Freedom Fighters recovered. (StH: #33)

Friar Buck

Friar Buck is a deer and a former memeber of the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters along with Rob O' the Hedge. He was Robotictized by the High Sheriff but De-robotictized by the Bem, and subsequently rejoined Rob in the fight against the Xorda. Little else about him is known.

Fright Master

Fright Master (スプーキーマスター Spooky Master) are rarer enemies that can summon Frights. They look similar to wizards in purple, flowing robes.

Frog Metarex

Frog Metarex is a Metarex in the shape of a gigantic frog with a razor - tipped tongue and retractable spikes on its chest. Destroyed the Egg Mars, but was defeated by the Blue Typhoon.


Froggy (カエルくん Kaeru-kun?) is a large green frog with yellow eyes with black pupils, and the pet and best friend of Big the Cat.


G.U.N. Colonel

The G.U.N. Colonel was a colonel of the Guardian Units of the Nation. The colonel was responsible for the raid of the Space Colony ARK, which resulted in the deaths or imprisonment of the many researchers aboard and Shadow the Hedgehog being sealed in stasis for fifty years.

G.U.N. Commander

The G.U.N. Federation's highest ranking officer, the Commander (司令官 Shireikan) (also known as the General), who first appeared in Shadow the Hedgehog, is described as having a "heart of stone", he has complete confidence and an iron will. He appears in several cutscenes in the game where he is seen ordering his troops against the Black Arms and Shadow. He also controls the Diablon robot, one of the final bosses of the game. It is not seen if he is inside it or controls it remotely, but since he is in the GUN fortress after the Diablon robot is destroyed, it is more probable that he controls it remotely.


Gae-Na was one of the few female members of the Dark Legion of any significance. She appears to have been an aide to Lien-Da during the brief time in which Knuckles was Chaos Knuckles. She operated on board the Legion's Battle Cruiser in 3236 and provided advice to Lien-Da during her emotional crisis while Dimitri was dying. She also supervised a never-revealed experiment regarding a back-up plan in case the High Council of Echidnaopolis rejected the reunification plan proposed by Dimitri. She later accompanied Lien-Da to retrieve Dimitri after Knuckles sacrificed himself to save him. She has red fur, peach skin, green eyes and cybernetic left eye. She wears blue dress uniform, blue gloves and cybernetic enhancements.

Gaia Colossus

The Gaia Colossus (神殿巨人 Shinden Kyojin, lit. Temple Giant) is a giant golem controlled by Chip in the final battle against Dark Gaia in Sonic Unleashed. It is an amalgamation of the seven Temples of Gaia, and is primarily used by Chip to distract Dark Gaia while Sonic attacks its eyes. In the Xbox 360/PS3 versions, the Gaia Colossus is capable of flight. There is, however, confusion in the size of the colossus as indicated when Sonic lies on the Gaia Colossus' hand.


Gala-Na is the High Councilor of the Albion High Council, and thus leader of the echidnas of Albion. Many of her policies and decisions were controversial and extreme, such as those made during the High Sheriff crisis or following Knuckles' evolution. However, she has always acted in the name of the "greater good" and her intentions were good. Gala-Na was captured following Albion's destruction at the hands of the Eggman Empire. She has violet fur, purple hair, blue eyes and peach skin. She wears yellow/amber dress, pink sandals and rings in dreadlocks.


Galaxina is Cosmo's older sister, shown to worry a great deal about Cosmo and their mother, Hertia. She is physically similar to Cosmo, but with teal features, and is portrayed as very smart, sophisticated, and down-to-earth - the opposite of the dreamy Cosmo. In the original Japanese version, Galaxina has no name; she was referred to as onee-sama ("big sister") by other members of her clan. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor in English.


Two Stone Gargoyles keep guard on the Palace of Time, in which the Time Stones lie. When Sonic and Sally tried to enter, they were attack by these but by using his brains, and jumping off the island, Sonic seamed to destory them. This however seams to be a test and they reappeared on guard but let Sonic and Sally through.

Gazebo Bookowski

Professor Gazebo Boobowski is the father of Tiara Boobowski. He and his daughter, who are the guardians of the six magical Rings of Order, as well as the ancient art of Ring smithing.


Gemerl (ジーメル), also known as G-Mel, Gemel, and other variations (there is no official English name), is a Robotnik mech who debuted in the Game Boy Advance game Sonic Advance 3. Gemerl would serve as a secondary antagonist throughout the game: Gemerl had the ability to "merge" with other machines, and as such co-piloted all of Eggman's boss vehicles. Also, Sonic and co. fight against him in Act 3 of Sunset Hill, Toy Kingdom, and Cyber Track; and also as miniboss in Route 99 and Altar Emerald. Gemerl has black, yellow, and white skin and red and blue eyes.

Gemerl bears a great deal of rememblance to (and derives his name from) Emerl, the prototype Nocturnus Gizoid whose development forms the core of Sonic Battle's story. However, the precise nature of Gemerl's relation to Emerl is unknown. It is stated that Dr. Eggman created Gemerl from Emerl's "data", which would seem to imply that Gemerl is merely an advanced Phi series robot. However, events later in the game would suggest that Gemerl incorporates some of Emerl's hardware and memories, indicating that he may in fact be a partial rebuild of the Gizoid.

Unlike Emerl, Gemerl often uses his jetpack, either to fly or to tackle enemies. He can also teleport, fire barrages of missiles, and create a red energy shield around himself.

Gemerl appears as the extra boss of the game if the player has collected all the Chaos Emeralds. The Emeralds cause Gemerl to become unstable and destructive, in much the same way as Emerl's destabilisation in Sonic Battle as Emerl. Gemerl betrays Eggman by throwing him at Sonic, then escapes and transforms into an orb shaped machine. Sonic turns into Super Sonic and teams up with Eggman to fight Gemerl in the final boss, Nonaggression. (Notably, the music that plays during the Nonagression stage is a remix of Phi's theme from Sonic Battle.) This orb form of Gemerl had four extendable arms with claw-like hands that could fire energy beams and missiles. His only weak point is his gem, which is protected and impossible to harm unless Super Sonic charges Eggman's Egg Mobile with energy and throws him at Gemerl.

After he is defeated, Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla, find his broken body on the beach, and take him to Tails. Tails then proceeds to repair Gemerl, who seemingly remembers Cream, becoming her friend once more.

General Helmut Von Stryker

Helmut Von Stryker is the violent, prideful, and fearsome military leader of the Dingo Regime, who have long been at war with the Echidnas on Angel Island because they strongly felt that the echidnas were prejudiced against the dingoes. Although most dingoes are savage-looking, Stryker is even larger and more muscular than the rest of his species. He has brown and yellow fur and blue eyes. He sports a yellow crew cut hair style, and has a nasty scar on his right eye (possibly a battle scar from all the skirmishes he fought in) and missing right eye. He wears green pants, brown cape, brown boots, vest and carries a pistol. Because of repeated conflicts between the Dingoes and Echidnas a barrier was built to keep the species separate. Shortly after Knuckles discovered this fact the machine Hawking had engineered for that purpose (called a Hyper-wave Projector) began to malfunction, subsequently the dimensional barrier holding the echidnas and dingoes started to fade, and each species was slowly returning back to Angel Island on Echidnaopolis.

Stryker assumed command of the Dingoes and amassed his troops to prepare for war once the Echidnas reappeared completely. But the Hyper-wave projector was unstable and was causing massive damage all around the city. Knuckles and Julie-Su arrived to talk the general into leaving the area before the Dingoes were killed by the damage from the projector's instability.

Stryker refused to heed the echidnas' warning and attacked Knuckles with his "power glove", demolishing his office before Knuckles knocked him unconscious. Stryker and the Dingoes managed to survive but their homes were destroyed in the process. Although the echidnas promised to rebuild the city and take care of the homeless dingoes, Stryker grew impatient. Stryker felt the echidnas were being racist towards the dingos by 'deliberately' taking such a long time to rebuild the homes. He organized protest rallies (and although they started out peacefully, these rallies grew progressively more violent after Remmington threatened to arrest the Dingoes for civil disobedience). Stryker also took this opportunity to visit an old comrade; Harry the Cab Driver, where it is clear they have had a strong friendship in the past (as mentioned in "the Chaotix caper").

During a corrupt election, the Dark Legion captured Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Stryker through the cybernetically enhanced legion warrior Xenin. Stryker was mocked and tortured along with Knuckles and Julie-Su from Dimitri the Echidna, head of the Dark Legion and formerly known as Enerjak. Stryker managed to escape the confines of his prison along with Knuckles and Julie-Su and vanished.

Stryker made his return during the Xorda attack. In an ironic twist, the Dingoes and Echidnas found themselves facing a common enemy and agreed to work together to destroy the Quantum Dial. Stryker was part of the first wave of attack.

During Sonic the Hedgehog's one-year-absence from Mobius, Stryker either deliberately ceded control of his army to his son Kage or was overthrown, it was never specified which. As a general, Kage commanded power through fear rather than respect, and he ordered the construction of prison camps to torture echidnas. Kage was known to become brutally violent when his troops displeased him (as evidenced in Issue 140 when he chokes Harry for dropping a breakfast tray and deems him unfit for military service). At some point Kage allied himself with Eggman and was given cybernetic implants to increase his strength. In return Kage was to secure the Master Emerald for Eggman's own use. Although Stryker seems to have disproved of the extreme measures his son took as leader of the Dingo Regime, he was powerless to stop him. When Enerjak was resurrected by Dr. Finitevus, Stryker was the first Dingo to be banished to Sandopolis, and was quickly joined by his former comrades following the Regime's destruction (revealed by Enerjak as he was about to kill Kage during the destruction of Cavem Canus).

When Knuckles, during his time of reflection, visited the Sandopolis Oasis, he found that Stryker had taken back control when the Dingo army was exiled, and has lead his people to adapt to the harsh environment they are in to become strong and self-sufficient. Stryker, having regained his arrogant opinions of Echidnas, warned Knuckles that he could expect his army to return to Angel Island. At this point, Knuckles revealed to his former-reluctant ally that he was Enerjak, and came, not to see if the Dingoes were suffering, but to apologize for what he did to Stryker's people and city, and to offer condolences for the loss of Kage. Upon mentioning Kage, Stryker looked for a moment that he might attack Knuckles, but instead turned his back on him, refusing to acknowledge Kage as his son, and instead denounced him as a traitor. As Knuckles departed, Stryker was seen to be crying, as privately, he still cared for Kage and mourned his death.

General Raxos

General Raxos (ラクサス将軍 Rakusasu Shogun?) is the leader of the Zoah military, and possibly the whole species, as he took part in the meeting with the other leaders. Raxos can be distinguished from other Zoah by having two large metal rings for both shoulders instead of just one on the left, as with all other members of the military. This is possibly to show his high ranking.


Gentleman (ジェントルマン?) is a Zoah brute that lets outsiders become citizens if they can beat him in a battle. Not much is known about him as he never spoke during the game. His name is meant to be ironic.

Geoffery St. John

Geoffery St. John is a Mobian skunk with blue eyes, white and black hair, a Cockney accent (e.g. calling female characters "love" and male characters "bloke" or "mate"), and his weapon of choice is a wrist-mounted crossbow. He is a member of King Acorn's Secret Service. He is 25 years old. He has a father, Ian St. John (killed in the crash that left Queen Alicia and Elias on the Floating Island with the Brotherhood) and a wife, Hershey St. John.

Gerald Robotnik

Gerald Robotnik ジェラルド・ロボトニック (Jerarudo Robotonikku?) or Professor Gerald (プロフェッサー・ジェラルド, Purofessaa Jerarudo) is the grandfather of Doctor Eggman (Ivo Robotnik) and Maria Robotnik. Professor Gerald Robotnik is the creator of Shadow the Hedgehog, Space Colony ARK, the Biolizard, Artificial Chaos, and various other projects. Gerald made his first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2. He was also noted as "one of the most brilliant minds of all time" by Eggman. He has gray hair and blue eyes and wears lab coat, brown turtleneck sweater and pince-nez glasses. He stands 170cm (5ft 7in) and weighs 88kg (195lbs).

Professor Gerald loved his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, and was working on a cure for a fatal illness she had, until GUN came. Maria was killed by GUN while assisting Shadow in escaping them.

Parody Appearences

Gerald Robotnik's personality reflects that of:

  • Diesel 10 or D261 - Thomas & Friends
  • Spamcan/D199 - RWS
  • Johnny Cuba - TUGS
  • Smithy - Super Mario Bros.
  • Rude Ralph - Horrid Henry


Gerbil is one of General Stryker's troops and right-hand man. He shares the common Dingo hatred towards the Echidnas. Little else is known about him. His name is likely a pun off Joseph Goebbels, the German Nazi propaganda minister. (The symbol of the Dingo Regime is said to resemble a swastika, and their actions under Kage are designed to be a moderate parallel to the Germans in WWII.)

Ghost girl

The ghost girl appears in Sonic: Night of the Werehog. She lives in a haunted mansion along with two male ghosts (one in a red bandana and one in a red bow tie), who constantly try to win her affections (and outdo each other) by photographing the terrified faces of people they have scared. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip visit the house, the photographer ghosts easily scare Chip and take his picture, but the ghost girl is dismayed when she sees that they haven't taken any pictures of Sonic being scared... although they have got pictures of him holding a book, yawning and making a face at the camera. This leads the two ghosts to step up their attempts to scare Sonic. However, this only results in Sonic transforming into his Werehog form, and the ghosts accidentally take pictures of themselves getting scared by Sonic the Werehog. The ghost girl laughs her head off at these new pictures, but as soon as she sees Sonic as a Werehog, she falls in love with him.

The following morning, while her two companions keep Chip tied up on a chair in the house, the ghost girl takes Chip's form (although she still bears a heart-shaped mark on her face, even disguised as Chip) and follows Sonic outside. As Chip, she convinces Sonic to agree to taking a picture of the two of them together, but when the picture is taken it shows her true form, clinging to Sonic's neck. The final scene is Sonic and the ghost leaving together as the other two ghosts sigh while watching Chip trying to break free. It is unknown if Sonic is aware that the ghost girl has diguised herself as Chip.


Gigi (ジジ) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. He is a chef at a well-established restaurant that is popular with students. It has been in his family for three generations. He fills his days by energetically searching for new menu items, but leaves the rigorous taste-testing to Barbara, his wife.

Gigi was affected and controlled by Dark Gaia until he was rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog.


Gizoids (ギゾイド Gizoido) were originally known from only a single specimin, Sonic Battle's Emerl, found by chance in an old warehouse by Professor Gerald Robotnik. However, in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, it is revealed that Gizoids represent an entire manufacturing line of Nocturnus Clan combat robots, used by the technophilic echidnas as advanced infantry in their wars of conquest.

Gizoid MK II

The Gizoid Mk II is a more advanced series of Gizoids built by the Nocturnus Tribe.

Gizoid centurions

Gizoid centurions (ギゾイド・センチュリオン Gizoido Senchurion) are enemies that Knuckles the Echidna finds in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They look like regular Gizoids, only slightly different color, more health and a sparkling immunity circle around them. They cannot be defeated until Tails prevents the immunity circle.


Glint was a dragon elder and leader of a dragon colony which included Sabina and and her daughter Dulcy. After much of their dragon colony was roboticized by the forces of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Glint led those who had escaped to the fabled draconian city of Vesuvio, where he planned for his colony to live in isolation. Years later Glint discovered that Dulcy had left Vesuvio to explore the outside world. In response to her defiance, he had her nose ring replaced with a golden inhibitor ring that prevented her from using her fire breah, and sentenced her to exile. In 3237, Glint was at first unwilling to accept Dulcy's help against a group of Robian Dragons which she had accidentally lured to Vesuvio. However, after she broke her inhibitor ring and used her fire breath to save the colony by destroying the attackins robians, Glint welcomed her back to the colony, making her the dragons' official liason to the outside world. (StH: #155, #156)


Globbster is a small black blob-like creature from another world that Tails decided to keep as a Pet until they found out he had to go home and was pretty dangoures and ate a lot (including Sonic and Tails). He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Gold Annelid

The Gold Annelids are stronger, golden versions of the Black Annelids. They only appear on the stages The Last Way and Black Comet. They are stronger and faster than regular annelids and are harder to kill. Gold Annelids are invincible to some of the weaker weapons.

Gold Metarex

Gold Metarex is a prototype Metarex Trooper created by Black Narcissus to test Sonic's strength; destroyed by "Dark Super Sonic". Similar to Decoe.


Gondarr was put in charge of Training up the Sonic Underground to use there Natural Powers and skills. After there Training was complete, he sent them on to their next trainer.

Good Robotnik

In an alternate Mobuis where the Sonic Underground as the Evil rulers, Robotnik is leader of the Resisance trying to take back the kingdom of the good of the people.


Grasshopper is a Student of Kwai Chang Crane. He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.


Griff is the leader of the Freedom Fighters that live in Lower Mobius. The power that supports life in Lower Mobius was giving out, and during a fight against the tunnel rats he found out about the power rings owned by the Knothole team. Griff isn't very trusting and instead of asking them for help with Lower Mobius' power problem, Griff charmed his way with Sally so that he could steal the Power Rock. In the end, Sonic saved Lower Mobius by defeating the rats and Griff gave back the Power Rock. Sonic split the rock in half to help out Griff who was very grateful.

When Robotnik took over, a group of citizens escaped and created an underground city below Robotropolis called Lower Mobius. Griff and a few others appear to be responsible for maintaining their energy crystal, the city's power source. Griff rescued Sonic, Sally and Antoine on a mission in Robotropolis and, happy to meet freedom fighters, took them to Lower Mobius. With the city's power supply running low, Griff, in desperation, decided to con Princess Sally into taking him to Knothole where he stole the Power Rock, Sonic's source of Power Rings. In the end, Sonic allowed him to keep part of the Power Rock since they were all against Robotnik together.


Guido is a robot working for Robotnik that was the tour guard for the Last Resort on the island of sanplalagrosso.


Guntiver is a Mobian wolf and the leader of the Arctic Freedom Fighters. He helped rescue the Knothole Freedom Fighters from being discovered by SWATbots and later assisted them in destroying Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Weather Annihilator device. (StH: #26)

He later revaled to Rotor, who'd just been saved by the Arctic Freedom Fighters from the mind-controlled Walrus Herd, that Dr. Robotnik had returned. (StH: #85)

Guru Emu

Guru Emu is the most laid back and calm member of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, acting like a stereotypical hippie. Due to his philosophies, he is against fighting, but understands that it is often necessary. Guru Emu is flightless, but possesses a vast quantity of wisdom. Guru has assisted the DFF's battles against Crocbot and later the Bunyip. He has blue feathers and eyes, and wears whites shirt, gold dove and olive branch peace sign medallion and sunglasses.



Hacker is a friend of Sonic's that hacked into Robotnik's computer and stole his 'Genius' chip Program. He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.


Hamlin is a Mobian pig who was personally trained by Sally Acorn and became a member of the Substitute Freedom Fighters. After several years of service, he was elected to the Council of Acorn.

Harlan the Echidna

Hamlin is a Mobian pig who was personally trained by Sally Acorn and became a member of the Substitute Freedom Fighters. After several years of service, he was elected to the Council of Acorn.


Harry is one of the few good Dingoes who does not hold racist feelings towards the Echidnas. After the Echidnas and Dingoes were brought back to the prime zone (where most of the comic series takes place), Harry was a cab driver in Echidnaopolis. His lack of hatred towards the Echidnas angered General Stryker, but this didn't bother him as he knew Stryker was no threat to him, despite the General's repeated visits. Harry assisted the Chaotix and Constable Remington locate and take down Downtown Ebony Hare, and often knew things that were supposed to be secret, such as the location of Dimitri the Echidna while he was hospitalized. Remington would often ride in Harry's cab and press him for answers he couldn't get elsewhere.

As an ally of the Chaotix, it seemed only a matter of time before Harry got caught in the crossfire between them and one of their arch-enemies, Mammoth Mogul. Hired by the deranged Mobian to drive him to Echidnaopolis General Hospital, Harry unwittingly played a role in helping Mogul take Dimitri hostage, which was part of the Mammoth's plan to trap Chaos Knuckles and drain him of his powers. Beaten by Mogul, Harry was in critical condition until Chaos Knuckles arrived and used his powers to heal him somewhat. Grateful and eager to see Mogul paid back, Harry told his story, only to send Knuckles off alone to confront Mogul in a battle that would lead to his temporary death. During the Eggman-backed Dingo occupation of Angel Island, Harry acted as a spy and informant to the Dark Legion. It was through him that Knuckles' father Locke was located and rescued. Afterwards, he either fully joined the Angel Island resistance or else remained amongst his "comrades" and was thus banished by Enerjak.

Harry was one of several characters seen in the Mobius: 25 Years Later story arc. He was still a cab driver, bringing Rotor to Angel Island and acting as his "beck and call". When Rotor asked if he had clearances to all the information he would need, Harry assured him he had "the best".

Harry has brown and yellow fur, brown eyes and wears a brown cap, blue jacket and white turtleneck sweater.

Harry the Hucker

Harry is a seller of Suvandiors related to Sonic, even if a lot of them are a bit of a con job (like Chewing Gum Sonic has used).

Harvey Who

Harvey Who is a Mobian Owl, a master of disguse and espionage, and the head of the Freedom Fighters' Secret Intelligence Division. He lead the SID and its operatives that were placed in a sophisticated network among Dr. Ivo Robotnik's territories, collecting information on Robotnik's current plans and operations and spreading it to the rebel groups, allowing them to make them fail with ease. Because of his success as the leader of SID, Dr. Robotnik made frequent attempts to find out the identity of the SID's leader was, as Harvey had made sure that no one outside the Freedom Fighters knew anything about him except his last name. He has brown, cream and black feathers, brown eyes and orange beak. He wears green hat and robot disguise (missions only).


Hawk is a character in Sonic X. He is a somewhat portly Asian man befriended by Knuckles in episode 17. He recovered the red Chaos Emerald and Shovel Claws on an archaeological dig, both of which he later gave to Knuckles. He later helped him destroy the E-91 robot out to get the Emerald as well. While Hawk seemed very weak in his debut performance, it was later shown he was very skilled in the martial arts, when he reappeared in the Battle Tournament for the red Chaos Emerald in episode 45. Despite his skills, he was no match for Tails, and was knocked out of the first round in the tournament. Hawk is 173 cm (5ft 8in) tall and weighs 92 kg (215 lb).


Hawkhawk, whose real name is Staktartare, is a member of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. (StH: #103, #104)


Hawking was a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians and son of Mathias and father of Tobor. Hawking was responsible for the creation of the Hyper-wave Projector, and used it to transport the population of Angel Island to seperate zones when the island suffered radioactive contamination. He personally oversaw the cleanup of the island following its corruption of nuclear fallout. At the time of Knuckles' birth, Hawking was the second-oldest member of the Brotherhood still alive, and became increasingly physically decrepit and weak. As such, when he was forced to use the Projector to bring Echidnaopolis and the Dingo population back to Mobius, Hawking, having greatly overextended his natural abilities in recent days and suffering extremely old age, succumbed to his weakness and fell into a coma from which he did not wake. He eventually was escorted to the "next evolution" by his ancestor Steppenwolf and in turn escorted his son Tobor when he died.

Heavy and Bomb

Heavy and Bomb are two robots who first appeared in Knuckles' Chaotix.

Heavy is a clunky, silver robot with red oven mitts for hands and gray/black body, who resembles a Coffee Kettle and was Doctor Eggman's chief mechanic. In the game, Heavy was invincible to all attacks, could destroy badniks by just touching them, and could walk on spikes without being hurt, but (as his name suggests) is extremely heavy, causing him to be very slow and unable to jump very high. Heavy's invincibility, however, is actually very handy when used in combination with Charmy's flying (as long as Charmy is the leader).

Bomb is a small, black and red bomb robot with arms and legs. His abilities are the reverse of that of Heavy: He is very weak, and explodes when hit (albeit he can regenerate himself almost immediately afterward, while the explosion can damage both enemies and his ally) but is rather quick on his feet (though not anywhere near as fast as Espio) and has a decent height jump.

The two robots claimed to have escaped from the clutches of the evil Dr. Eggman, and are simply trying to help Knuckles and his friends. However no one knows if they speak the truth or if they were simply planted by Eggman to slow them down. After Eggman's demise at Newtrogic High, the duo disappeared and has not been seen since.

Parody Appearences

Heavy and Bomb's personalities reflect that of:

  • Donald & Douglas - Thomas & Friends
  • Frank & Eddie - TUGS
  • Kurby/Softy and Mac/Pockets - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
  • Owl and Bat - T.U.F.F. Puppy


Heckubar is a good Make up person and Locksmith. Not very good looking herself though.


Helen is a character in Sonic X. She is one of Chris Thorndyke's closest friends, and one of the few who readily accept Sonic and his residential friends from the beginning. Helen was born with a condition that restricts her to a wheelchair and has spent much of her life a paraplegic. Her first appearance was in episode 4, "Chaos Emerald Chaos".

Helen is 126 cm tall, weighs 36 kg, and is 11 years old.

Henrietta Peck

Henrietta is Farmer Pecks Daugther and a big fan of Edgar Eagle. When Scratch belived he was really Edgar, She believed him.

Henry Walrus

Henry Walrus is the lead runner for President of Mobius over Robotnik.

Hershey St. John

Hershey St. John, otherwise known as Hershey the Cat, is the wife of Geoffrey St. John. She is a cat that is black, but white on her face and belly and she has short hair and light green eyes. She wears blue ascot (now red), formerly red vest and golden bracelets. She is 19 years old, dislikes water, being wet, is a decent fighter, is good at using computers, is trusting and has a ex-boyfriend, Drago, a mother Cocoa, and a husband Geoffrey St. John. She is a servant for King Acorn. While Hershey was forgiven by everyone for her accidental role in the near death of Princess Sally, the guilt from the ordeal still bothers her and she has never forgiven Drago for using her, especially since she thought that he did love her. Currently, she's a member of King Acorn's Secret Service as Geoffrey recruited her for the job. Her smarts and agility make her valuable in a fight.


Hertia (called Earthia in the English 4kids dub) is a Seedrian character from Sonic X. She is the mother of Galaxina and Cosmo. She is presumably the leader of Cosmo's clan, and chose to flee after the Green Planet was destroyed. Surviving on a fake Planet Egg, she transformed into her true self; a giant tree. The seeds that come from this tree make new offspring, depending if cared for or not. After that, she gives birth to the last of her offspring, which is Cosmo. She then grew weaker and died when the Metarex landed on their ship. She later appears in a holographic image on the abandoned Green Planet, showing how the planet fell. At the final moment of the forestation project, Hertia appears to Cosmo and tells her what to do, and suddenly, Cosmo's amulet shatters. Her last appearance is when Dark Oak has been defeated; suddenly a light (which is Hertia) appears to him and says that they have a second chance. They both then disappear in a flash of light and are never seen again. She can produce healing seeds and can control other plants. Hertia/Earthia can also create force fields by using the orb attached to her chest also the orb and the force field cannot be harmed by anything, and she can also float in the air.


Himon was the Mitre of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas prior to Athair assuming the role of Mitre of the Lost Tribe. He died just before the Ancient Walkers brought Athair to the tribe, and nothing else is known about him.

Hip Hedgehog

Hip Hedgehog was the name given to a baby Hedgehog found by the Sonic Underground and whom Manic became pretty close with. The bad news was it was a fake Robot created by Robotnik and planted for the Sonic Underground to find, when the Gang found out, they weren't very happy and Hip was destoryed. Another 'Hip Hedgehog' Unit is show in the Episode so they might be more then one made.

Hip and Hop

Hip and Hop are a pair of kangaroos who managed to escape from Dr. Robotnik. They first appeared in the 16-bit version of the game Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball. They received their names in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 6 where after the construction of Dr. Robotnik's Veg-O-Fortress, they warned Sonic the Hedgehog of the presence of Ferrons ahead before escaping to safety. The two later appeared as judges in the trial against Sonic following his rampage as Mecha Sonic. (StH: #6, #40)

Hired Mussels

The Hired Mussels worked for Eel Capone for a time as he hired them to do his dirty work. When they came across P.B. Jellyfish, they would have almost killed him if wasn't for the rest of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters (except for Big Fluke who was migrating). The Mussels were killed by Bottlenose who was disguised as a ninja as they were dropped in a deep hole, where the underwater pressure killed them instantly. (SMM)


Hodgespodgs used to be the Fastest guy on Mobius until Sonic came along. He then didn't like Sonic for a bit but then decided he didn't need to be the fastest around and became a good friend.


Holmes was an echidna residing in Echidnaopolis and a former Constable of the Echidna Security Team. He was Remington's predecessor, and was something of a mentor to him. Before retiring, he warned Remington about the difficulties of his new position. (KtE: #8)


Honch is a G.U.N. trooper and member of Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2. He and the rest of the team were responsible for the capture of Sonic the Hedgehog who had been framed for the theft of a Chaos Emerald that had actually been stolen by Shadow the Hedgehog, although Sonic escaped their custody while flying in a helicopter. He would later meet Sonic again as an ally during their mission to defeat the evil Dragon, Zan.

Honey the Cat

Honey the Cat ( ハニー猫 "Hanii ze Neko") is a cat character that was scrapped from Sonic Championship (also known as Sonic the Fighters). She is a yellow cat with navy blue, black hair and a red dress. Although she was scrapped, her data still exists in the arcade version. When you do 2-player mode on Sonic the Fighters, the 2 people that are playing it have a choice of which character they want to chose, and, if they both choose the same character the person that chose that character second will get a gray scale version of that character, but with Honey she has two different versions so if you chose her second she will have blonde hair, a blue dress and pink fur. (The pink, blonde haired, and blue-dressed one is her mirrior version.) Honey normally has pigtails, and a tail, but they don't come due to a glitch.

Hope Kintobor

Hope Kintobor is a young female Overlander and the step-daughter of Colin Kintobor, niece of Dr. Ivo Robotnik (aka Doctor Eggman) and step-sister of Snively. Hope journeyed along with her father a large group of Overlanders through space to find a new home following the end of the Great War. During their journey, Hope, while in stasis, learned of the history of conflict between their peoples, but unlike other Overlanders, did not feel the same hostility towards the Mobians. After returning to Mobius, Hope was amongst the group of Overlanders which was deceived by Dr. Eggman (a version of Colin's brother from another dimension) into moving to Robotropolis. Hope always felt as though her "uncle" was hiding something, and this proved true when it was revealed Eggman planned on roboticizing everyone. Hope then was taken in by the Kingdom of Knothole and for a time lived with them, until Snively convinced her to move to Station Square to avoid being caught up in the upcoming invasion. Hope returned after Knothole was destroyed in her custom made plane, attacking the Egg Fleet and telling Snively she planned on fighting him and Eggman and hoping to one day bring back honor to the Kintobor name. She later returned to United Federation and joined its military force as a mechanic.

Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal

Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal are two other dimensional beings resembling short humans and dressed in mitchmatching suits of red, purple, and various other colors. Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal are distinguishable from each other by the fact that one of them always stands on the top of his environment and the other always stand on a wall-the latter somewhat reminiscent of Zonic the Zone Cop. Preferring to be called "Al and Cal" for short, these two first appeared when Sonic collected the first cluster of Power Rings he had ever encountered. Sent through a portal to another dimension, he met Al and Cal, who quickly had his brain hurting with their confusing speech patterns and the constant changes taking place in their home Zone. For a time, Sonic believed them to be agents of Robotnik, until he learned that they didn't even know of Robotnik's existence. Afterwards, Sonic was returned to Mobius Prime, whether by Al and Cal or by the wearing off of the Power Rings. Of course, the moment of peace was brought to an end when Antoine walked up and unwittingly reminded Sonic of Al and Cal with the question "What's up?", setting Sonic after him in a fury.

Al and Cal made a return appearance after the defeat of Robotnik and the launching of the Ultimate Annihilator. It seems the Annihilator's shockwave had devastating effects on Al and Cal's zone: it drastically transformed them into hulking, twisted robotic like beings looking completely different from their previous forms. The two became enraged and battled each other with their new weapons and powers, until Sonic and Tails accidentally wound up in the zone again while investigating a "strange report" around Knothole village. Al and Cal armored Tails and Sonic and gave them weapons, using their powers to turn one another against each other, like their own personal chess pawns. Sonic nearly killed Tails with his triple spin until the spell broke and both he and Tails went back to normal. Al and Cal's powers were not strong enough to break their friendship. Tails tried to convince Al and Cal to try and be friends like the old days, but Al and Cal simply responded "NAHHH" and went back to blasting each other. Sonic and Tails exited the zone and left Al and Cal to their warring.


Hothep is the guardian of the Tomb of Aman-Rapi, and it is probably passed down his family line since he doesn't appear to be old enough to be forever guarding it but he knows a fair bit about the Royal Hedgehog Family, of which Armarappy is in.

Hugo Brass

Hugo Brass was the former Commander-in-Chief of the Guardian Units of the Nation, later becoming its military strategist in 3236 while maintaining his rank of commander. Having direct communications with the President of Station Square, Commander Brass organized some of the most well known of G.U.N.'s operations.


Humpty is the third competitor from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. He is an green and yellow egg-shaped robot that has trouble balancing. He is Davy Sprocket's assistant.

His name is based on the nursery rhyme character, Humpty Dumpty, who is usually portrayed as an egg (just like Humpty). In another reference to the nursery rhyme, his sprite shows Humpty sitting on a rock.


General Hunn was a Robian employed by Dr. Eggman in his attack on Kar Leung that resulted in the destruction of that settlement. Afterwards, he attempted to turn Monkey Khan into a pawn of the Eggman Empire, only for the operation to end up increasing Khan's powers, allowing him to break free. (StH: #87)


Hunter was a rogue Overlander poacher and a foe of Knuckles the Echidna, who considered the mass murder of Mobians acceptable so long as he gave them a sporting chance. He first appeared on Angel Island, capturing Knuckles and his childhood rival, a gorilla named Monk, locking shock collars around their necks to prevent their escape and hunting them across Angel Island. Eventually cornering the escapees in the Hydrocity Zone, Hunter executed Monk, which drove Knuckles to instinctively use his dormant Chaos powers to drive the Overlander away.

Held prisoner by the Brotherhood of Guardians for several months, Hunter was freed by the Eggman-supported dingoes during the take-over of Angel Island. Seeing potential in the villain, Robotnik enhanced his fighting abilities and armed him with a 'Chaos Spear' that allowed him to teleport his targets into captivity in New Megaopolis. Once more however, Hunter was bested by Knuckles, who transformed into his Super Knuckles persona and cast the Overlander into the sea, where he allegedly drowned-unless he was first killed by the force of falling several hundred feet. This fate was oddly fitting, given that it echoed that of Monk.

Before his death, Hunter captured numerous citizens of Angel Island, including Constable Remington, the Fire Ant Council, and Xenin of the Dark Legion. He also seemingly captured Dr. Finitevus, but the mad scientist appears to have used Hunter as a distraction to allow him to disappear and work on his own agenda.

Hunter had black hair and blue eyes and wore safari outfit.

Hyper Knuckles

Hyper Knuckles (ハイパーナックルズ) is Knuckles the Echidna when he taps into the seven Super Emeralds and 50 power rings or the Master Emerald. He has increased speed, strength, endurance, and a devastating tremor attack that destroys everyone in sight. Like his Super transformation, he pulses from red to pink. Unlike his Super form, any movement he makes leaves afterimages. His only game appearance was in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but he has made a couple of appearances in the Archie comic book series fighting several enemies like Super Sonic, Robotnik, and Mammoth Mogul. However, it should be noted that in the Archie Comics, Hyper Knuckles was his given name for Knuckles' 7 Chaos Emerald Super form before eventually being retconned into being called Super Knuckles.

Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic (ハイパーソニック) is a super transformation of Sonic the Hedgehog that is obtained by collecting all seven Super Emeralds, which are more powerful versions of the Chaos Emeralds that have been enhanced with energy from the Master Emerald. To trigger the transformation, Sonic must also collect 50 rings and do a double jump. Or, based on recent Super Sonic transformations, Sonic now may only need to merely absorb this power as he absorbs the Chaos Emeralds' power.

Hyper Sonic has all the benefits of Super Sonic, such as invincibility, improved speed, and greater jumping abilities, but Hyper Sonic also has some improved abilities such as the ability to breathe underwater, further increased speed, power, and a double jump attack that will destroy all enemies within the direct vicinity, excluding bosses, and is referred to by some as "Sonic Boom" or a "Hyper Flash" however, the former is not an official name, and it is unconfirmed if the latter is.

Thus far Hyper Sonic's first appearance in-canon has been Sonic 3 & Knuckles. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Hyper Sonic looked very similar to Super Sonic sharing the upturned spikes, however Hyper Sonic flashed all 7 colors of the Chaos/Super Emeralds and had large flashing sparks (similar to the invincibility item). And when running, leaves several after-images. This is Sonic's most powerful form. This may be the only form he can achieve that Shadow cannot by official or canonical standpoints (except Excalibur-Sonic,Sonic the Werehog, and Darkspine Sonic, for obvious reasons). Sonic will possibly take on this form again in Sonic the Hedgehog 4, since Sega and Dimps have confirmed that Super Emeralds will once again play a role in the series.

Hyper Tails

Hyper Tails is a super form of Miles "Tails" Prower generated by a large collection of specifically formatted super Power Rings created by Nate Morgan. Hyper Tails has only been seen once.



Iago was a member of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas and had a wife and a child who were also members. He was among those who tried to escape from the most recent Day of Fury. He had doubts about Athair's judgement about nobody going to die, saying "Your wrong, Athair. Everything dies," after stating that he "would give up his life for his family stating better him than than his wife and child." But Iago was saved by Athair, who showed his greatfulness by stating "I don't pretend to understand, but I believe the credit for my continuing excitance belongs to brother Athair." (KtE: #10, #11, #12)

Ian St. John

Ian St. John was the father of Geoffrey St. John and member of the Royal Secret Service. He was personally chosen by King Maximillian Acorn to escort Queen Alicia and his son Elias to their embassy on Angel Island during the Great War, but his plane was shot down by a group of enemy Overlanders. Only Elias, Alicia and Sommersby survived, but Ian was killed in the crash. (KtE: #19, 20)


Iblis (イブリース Iburīsu?) was an immortal monster of mass destruction and was Silver the Hedgehog's main enemy in Sonic the Hedgehog. He was a creature who was born from "The Flames of Disaster", and takes the name "Disaster" from this. Iblis apppears to be mindless creature who only seems to be interested in causing destruction. His primary form has four arms and was a lava-like version of Perfect Chaos in appearance. Originally sealed inside Princess Elise by her father over 10 years before the game, Iblis was inadvertently released by the "Iblis Trigger" a few years later. As a result, Iblis continued to destroy the world up until, and including, Silver's time period in the future. In Silver's story, Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat continuously battle Iblis, but he ended up proving too powerful for either of them to defeat, since he had the ability to continually resurrect himself. Thus, Mephiles advises Silver and Blaze to depart to the time period right before Iblis' final transformation to stop Sonic the Hedgehog, referred to as the "Iblis Trigger" from destroying the world. In order to defeat Iblis, Blaze was forced to seal him within her, seemingly destroying both of them. However, as the intention was to trap Iblis in another dimension, it was possible that Iblis and Blaze wound up in the reality Blaze came from in Sonic Rush. In addition to the form described earlier, Iblis' other forms are one like a giant snake with a ripped up face, the first one with two arms but has legs, and his original form, a ball of flame. Although Blaze seemingly now lives within the mentioned dimension, it is unclear what happened to Iblis. After going through Flame Core, Sonic and Shadow also fight Iblis, who is in a snake-like form (could possibly be the missing second form between Iblis' transformations).

Ice Metarex

Ice Metarex is a Metarex with a body made of inorganic ice. Capable of extending limbs to form razor - sharp ice spikes as well as having freezing breath. It grew more powerful through the use of an artificial Chaos Emerald.


Icebots were club-wielding robots invented by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, which appeared similar in design to SWATbots except their heads were in the shape of ice cubes. They were seen in the Arctic area of Mobius, where they were herding and directing the hypnotised Walrus Herd. A year later, new models of Icebots created by Dr. Eggman simply looked like Shadowbots. (StH: #31, #32, #109)

A completely different form of Icebot was used on the Egg Carrier to aid Chaos in his fight against Sonic and Knuckles. However, the "ice-bots" proved vital to Chaos's defeat, when Sonic used them to freeze Chaos solid, enabling Sonic and Knuckles to break Chaos apart. (SSS: #13)


The Ifrit (イフリート) is the final boss of Sonic Rivals 2. It is a demonic creature from an alternate dimension, and feeds on Chao to make it stronger. In the game, Eggman Nega (again disguised as Doctor Eggman) discovers a book (Gerald Robotnik's journal) that explains the Ifrit's power. He intends to free it from its dimension to help him conquer the world, but is unable to open the portal unless he gets the Chaos Emeralds and Chao for the Ifrit to feed upon.

Eggman Nega hires Rouge the Bat to find the Emeralds. On the advice of Doctor Eggman, Shadow and Metal Sonic attempt to find the Chaos Emeralds first to thwart Nega's plans. At the same time, Silver the Hedgehog arrives from a dystopian future that has been destroyed by the Ifrit, and tries to prevent Eggman Nega from finding the Chao (in the process allying with Espio the Chameleon), in the process leading Sonic and Tails to investigate the Chao's disappearance.

Rouge nevertheless manages to find six of the Emeralds (with some unwitting assistance from Knuckles the Echidna) and brings them to Eggman Nega in the Mystic Haunt Zone. The other teams also converge in this area, and witness Eggman Nega using the Emeralds to open a portal to the Ifrit's world. On the other side, Eggman Nega uses Metal Sonic 3.0 to awaken and defend the Ifrit, which manages to possess Sonic and Tails (or Knuckles and Rouge, depending on which team the player is controlling), but is defeated by the other teams.

Shadow and Metal Sonic manage to close the portal, sealing themselves and Eggman Nega in the Ifrit's dimension but allowing the other teams to escape. It is revealed that Metal Sonic had the seventh Chaos Emerald all along, which Shadow and Metal use to activate Chaos Control and escape back to their own world, leaving Eggman Nega trapped in the Ifrit's dimension alone.

Ifrit Golem

The Ifrit Golem is the boss of Evil Foundry in Sonic and the Secret Rings, after being summoned by Erazor Djinn in order to burn the pages of the Arabian Nights. Shahra refers to it as "a djinn that controls fire", although it appears to be mechanical.

The Ifrit Golem is initially invincible, and although Sonic displays his first use of Time Break here, he is forced to escape and locate the Water Blue World Ring. Having found the Ring, Sonic returns and manages to defeat the Ifrit. When defeated, the Ifrit drops a bomb, which throws out the Red World Ring when it explodes.


Ifyoucan (if you can) is the tribe leader of a desert clan. He has actually been half-roboticized and hides his mechanical limbs.


Illumina (イルミナ) appeared in Sonic Shuffle as the goddess of Maginary World. She mysteriously vanished after Void shattered the Precioustone. In the end it turns out that Lumina and Void are both halves of Illumina and they need to join together.


Ippolita (イッポリータ Ipporīta) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. She is a little girl who lives with her grandmother, Irma. She is exceptionally responsible for her age, and never stops doing errands. Ippolita dreams of attending the university when she grows up, so she can "get in a 'ploma".

Her name is likely derived from the name Hippolyta.


Irma (イルマ Iruma) is a resident of Spagonia in the game Sonic Unleashed. She is Ippolita's grandmother, who keeps her hat on so tight that very few get a good look at her face. Irma's hobby is hat making, and she happens to be quite good at it. Sadly, though, her charming chapeaus seems to be meant for one head only: hers.

Iron King

The Iron King, whose real name is Jun Kun, is a Mobian Ox who works alongside the Iron Queen, an Overlander sorceress. Both of them are enemies of Monkey Khan. The Iron King has an affinity for collecting weapons. Sonic and Tails encountered the Iron King and Queen during their quest for Ixis Naugus, who fled across all of Mobius. Sonic and Tails learned during their trek that the Iron King and Queen crowned themselves ruler of a Mobian settlement. With help from the settlers, the Iron King and Queen were defeated, with the Iron King being blown away by the magical Fan of Fen Xing. The Iron King later moved to the ruins of New Megaopolis along with the Iron Queen to take over the Eggman Empire, unaware of his wife's plans to cut him out of the picture and rule alongside her new love, Snively Robotnik.

Iron Queen

The Iron Queen, whose real name is Regina Ferrum, is an Overlander who worked alongside the Iron King in the Dragon Kingdom. She is the Bride of Four Houses and is capable of using Magitek against her enemies. After being chased away from the Iron Fortress by Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Monkey Khan, the Iron Queen remained unheard of for some time. Nearly two years later she came into contact with Snively and the two began a romantic relationship together with plans to overthrow Dr. Eggman and the Eggman Empire.

Irving Pavlov

Irving Pavlov is the second cousin of Colin and Julian Kintobor. The latter remembered him for being able to make dogs salivate at the sound of a bell. (StH: #17)


Isaac is a robot from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, and his design is simply a golden recolor of E-102 Gamma. He was created in the distant past by Professor Niven Clarke and was subservient to Dr. Ivan Kintobor. Activated when the Xorda aliens launched their first assault on Earth/Mobius, he monitored Kintobor while he was in stasis in his bunker. He is an Alpha 100 Series Mechanoid built over 10,000 years ago. He has a head of Development Team, Doctor Ivan Kintobor, a hardware designer Professor Clarke and software programmer Doctor Niven.

Rediscovered by Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic in the present day, he recounted his experiences of observing history from afar, including the first conquest of Mammoth Mogul and the coronation of the first king of the House of Acorn. He joined Shadow in battling Metal Sonic and Sonic, but was left to his task. Dark Legion rogue Dr. Finitevus was later revealed by Rouge the Bat to have stolen some of Isaac's data. However, Isaac's data had become quite corrupted over time, to the point that he didn't even realize that he was guarding Kintobor's corpse. Because of this, much of the info held by the robot is dubious in terms of accuracy.

Isabella Mongoose

Isabella Mongoose is Mina's mother. While being pursued by hostile Overlanders, she caught the attention of Arthur Mongoose, who protected Isabella and eventually married her. Unfortunately, Arthur later died and left behind his wife and child. From then on, Isabella raised Mina as a single parent, until Eggman came and captured both her and her daughter. While Mina daughter was rescued and suffered survivor's guilt, Isabella ended up not being rescued and was soon roboticized. However, due to the Sword of Acorns, her freedom was restored while she was roboticized. Later, Isabella was derobotized.

Isabella can be a rather rational character and is very loving towards her daughter Mina. She provides words that can be used to advise other characters such as Mina or say Sonic but sometimes her wise words are either ignored, not taken seriously enough, or misinterpreted. Isabella holds pride in her daughter, especially in her singing talents but can at times wishes to curb her daughter's "sometimes" hasty courses of action because it can hurt her in the future. But like many parents, Isabella has to keep being reminded she cannot always protect her precious daughter, no matter how much she wants to.

Isabella is a caring mother is always very concerned for her daughter's safety and always tries her utmost to comfort Mina when she's down. Isabella often gives Mina advice, which she sometimes takes the wrong way, and encourages her daughter to never act without forethought. However, despite her best efforts, Mina doesn't always do so, and then it's left to Isabella to keep her daughter from being harmed after taking decisions she didn't apply enough thought to beforehand. This doesn't necessarily mean her daughter lacks intellect, but every now and then Mina makes mistakes; Isabella simply wants to help her daughter through life as much as possible. Mina loves her mother very much as well. When they were separated and her mother was roboticized, Mina tried her hardest to get her mother back. This attracted the attention of Sonic the Hedgehog who at first was someone Mina honestly did not think had a soft side at all, only to later find herself falling in love with him. Needless to say she would put her own life in danger to save her mother (she did just that in issue 90).

Isabella has yellow fur, purple eyes and hair while as Robian, she has metal fur, gray eyes and hair.

Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Jr.

A son created by Dr. Robotnik in an effort to carry on his evil when he passed on, Julian Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Jr. soon became an enemy of Scratch and Grounder. Through Sonic's efforts of trying to make him choose for himself, Robotnik Jr. continually denies that Scratch and Grounder are after him. It's only after a freak accident that he does decide to change sides, and saves Sonic's life. Much to Robotnik's displeasing, Robotnik Jr. ditches him and decides to fight evil. When he's recaptured by Robotnik to try and reprogram him, he falls in love with Breezie, and the two are able to escape, thanks to Sonic's help.

Parody Appearences

Robotnik Jr.'s personality reflects that of:

  • Bertie - Thomas & Friends
  • Puffa - Thomas & Friends

Ivo Robughnik

Ivo Robughnik is the caveman counterpart to Dr. Ivo Robotnik on Prehistoric Mobius, differentiated in appearance by a thick orange beard and orange-spotted brown toga. Arch-foe of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters, he terrorized them with primitive-though for him, state-of-the-art-technology such as catapults. Having not advanced to the point of developing artificial intelligence, he satisfied his need for command by giving orders to himself. However, for all his superior technology, Robughnik failed to eliminate his enemies, as Sonugh the Boghog and Sonic the Hedgehog were able to avoid his attacks by going underground. Sonic's subsequent efforts in helping the Freedom Fighters make the surface of Mobius safer for themselves doubtless made Robughnik's campaign against them even more difficult. (StH: #12)

Ixis Naugus

Ixis Naugus is a fictional famed sorcerer who appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series (known as "SatAM" by fans), and is a recurring character in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book published by Archie Comics. Ixis Naugus was known for discovering the mysterious Void.

Naugus' appearance is mostly humanoid, though his body is covered with a coat of peach/light brown-colored fur and his eyes are red. His right hand is completely normal, but his left resembles a lobster claw, though both are covered by grey gloves. These are matched by a pair of boots, and Naugus' wardrobe also includes a black cape and a plain suit underneath-this has been shown to be blue on some occasions and purple on others. Other indications of Naugus' non-human nature are the horn sprouting from the top of his head, a long white bread, sharp teeth and his large, pointed ears. His species is never specifically stated in the "SatAM", but the comics name him as an anthropomorphic hybrid of bat, lobster, and rhinoceros.


J.J. Moto

J.J. Moto was a human detective in Station Square. He was hired to solve the mystery of who stole the city's Chaos Emerald and destroyed Silver Sonic II. The evidence suggested it was Sonic the Hedgehog, though in actuality it was Shadow. (StH: #98)


J.U.D.G.E. is an alternate computerized version of Doctor Robotnik from the Litigopolis Zone. As his name suggests, he was a judge, intending to pass sentence on a Zone-hopping Sonic the Hedgehog, who was being accused of a crime that had actually been committed by Evil Sonic. Sally McAcorn went up against J.U.D.G.E. as Sonic's defence attorney. (SSS: #14)

Jack Rabbit

A Freedom Fighter turned villain, Jack is a gray hare with a black eye patch on his left eye, and wears rebel "commando" style clothing. He leads a band of rebels called Sand Blasters out in the Mobius desert, the group living in a force field protected town called Sand Blast City. Sonic and Tails crash landed in the desert during their global search for Ixis Naugus, and they hitched then ride with Jack and his rebels. Their opinion of the group changed when they learned that Sand Blast City worshipped Sonic, who was a god in their eyes after killing Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic helped Jack's group fend off a savage horde of Robians, who are the reason Sand Blast City is protected by the force field. It later turned out that Jack purposely crashed Sonic's plane and hid it in the city, making sure he'd never leave so he could protect them from the Robians forever. Not about to stay, the Hedgehog found the controls of the force field hidden inside the monument statue of himself and destroyed them both. The shield dropped and the Robians invaded the city; Sonic and Tails managed to escape, leaving Jack and his rebels to their enemies.

Later, Bunnie Rabbot was attacked and imprisoned by Jack after receiving a fake transmission asking for help. The message was intended for Sonic but Jack decided to use Bunnie to bait Sonic instead and locked her up in an impenetrable cell with the savage Robians that had overrun Sand Blast City after the shield was destroyed, all of whom had been captured. Bunnie bravely battled the Robians and managed to break free from her cell, leaving the Robians to attack Jack and his Sand Blasters once again while Bunnie escaped.

Jack has grey & white fur and blue eyes. He wears navy blue shirt, rusty shoulder pads, utility belt, dagger and eye patch.

Jackson and Susie

Jackson and Susie are a pair of Young Lion cubs that had there village imploded by Robotnik.

Jacque D'Coolette

Jacque D'Coolette is the son of Antoine and Bunnie D'Coolette in the Mobius: X Years Later universe.


Jaker is a teenage boy Echidna in the same high school class as Lara-Su and Rutan in Mobius: 25 Years Later. While in one of Mr. Perriwinkle's classes, Jaker answered Riki-Le's question about why the echidnas had a republic stating they didn't believe in monarchy's like other "backwards cultures on Mobius". (StH: #131)


Janelle-Li is the first and only female member of the Brotherhood of Guardians to date and mother of the infamous Athair.


Jaws (known as Puku-puku (プクプク) in Japan) is a piranha-shaped submersible badnik from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Sega Mega Drive and Game Gear. It appeared in the Labyrinth Zone and (in the Mega Drive version only) the third Act of the Scrap Brain Zone.

It resembles a purple fish with a propellor instead of a tail, and a powerful yellow jaw.


Jawz (known as Jawzun in Japan) is a shark-like Badnik that appears in Hydrocity Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It will swim around in straight lines, but make no particular effort to attack the player. Nevertheless, they can be dangerous if the player is caught unaware.

Jawz has a similar attack pattern, but very different appearance to the similarly-named Jaws from Sonic the Hedgehog.


Jean-Claude was a member of the Rebel Underground and a mobian chipmunk, partner to Dolph. He and Dolph were under the command of Geoffrey St. John. Both he and Dolph helped to destroy the first DYNAMAC robot on the Robotnik Express. (StH: #31)

Jebediah Wee

Jebediah Wee is a Slow moving turtle that works on the mobius railways


Jeepers is a Mobian bee who lived in the Golden Hive Colony and served as a butler to the royal family in their castle. When Prince Charmy became frightened of accepting the responsibilities that would be bestowed upon him at the Acknowledgment Ceremony, he ran away and crashed right into Jeepers while trying to flee the palace, causing him to drop and break an entire tray of dishware. When Charmy returned home years later in 3236 to bury his friend Mello who had died of Lemon Sundrop Dandelion poisoning, he underwent the ceremony with Jeepers among the many looking on in admiration. (KtE: #14, #15)

Jeepers is believed to be among the citizens of Golden Hive Colony that were either captured and killed or scattered following the Eggman Empire's invasion in 3237 during Sonic's year-long absence in space. (StH: #138)

Jeff Wolfgang Puke

Jeff Wolfgang "Wolfy" Puke is a dumped Robot that was made to be Robotnik's personal gorman Chief. Problem is he can't cook. Lives in Scrap Valley.


Jenna-Lu was the wife of Guardian Sabre, the grandmother of Knuckles and the mother of Locke. Having married Sabre and given birth to Locke, she was the last wife of a Guardian to accept the tradition in which the mother of the next Guardian has little or no say in how their child is to be brought up. She counseled with her daughter-in-law Lara-Le on this topic later in life, when the younger Echidna couldn't bring herself to accept it. Lara questioned whether or not her mother-in-law was happy with how things had worked out, to which Jenna-Lu replied that she would be lost without her husband. Since then, Jenna-Lu has not been seen, and can be presumed dead. Sabre spoke of her occasionally and with equal fondness to that which she displayed for him. (KtE: #16)


Jerald is the fastest Runner in the Mountains and his speed was used to test if Sonic was Really Sonic. Along with 'Girl', he tried to get the Mountian Folk and Vally Folk back together. In the End, they did and he got together with 'Girl'


Jeremiah is a Mobian Great Dane and grandson of Kirby. Jeremiah looked up to his grandfather, and adopted his love of history. When Doctor Robotnik invaded Mobotropolis, Jeremiah not only evaded capture and roboticization, but, upon locating the city's abandoned library, secured it from being trashed or damaged and preserved his grandfather's book collection and other tomes detailing the history of Mobius throughout the time of Robotnik's reign.

After Robotnik's demise, Dulcy and Amy Rose, exploring a rough section of the still-rebuilding Mobotropolis in search of the library, found Jeremiah, and they, later with Uncle Chuck and Tails, learned a great deal of secrets on Mobius's history, most notably the events leading to the Great War. During Doctor Eggman's invasion of Mobotropolis, Tails, refusing to abandon Jeremiah, took several other Mobians and convinced Jeremiah to leave on the condition that the books be transported to safety as well. Jeremiah and the books are currently residing in New Mobotropolis Library.

Jerome Wise

Jerome Wise was the President's aide in Sonic X. He is 175 cm (5ft 9in), weighs 68 kg (151lbs) and is 42 years old.

In the dub, he was voiced by David Wills.

Jet the Hawk

Jet the Hawk (ジェット・ザ・ホーク Jetto za Hōku?) is the 14-year-old hawk leader of the Babylon Rogues, and is often nicknamed the "Legendary Wind Master" due to his mastery of Extreme Gear. He's Sonic's most potent rival in Sonic Riders, and he uses a Type-J board that allows him to reach high speeds. Jet also possesses a mysterious "control box", passed down from his ancestors, that is said to awaken the fabled Babylon Garden. Only the power of the Chaos Emeralds can activate its fabled power.

Some fans believe Jet to be modeled after Bean the Dynamite from Sonic the Fighters, and in some cases, people even mistook Jet to be Bean. Nintendo Power magazine played a joke on this fact by giving an image of Jet a caption reading; "Bean? Is that you, Bean? Oh! How we've missed you!". Few people notice that Jet has the opposite color scheme to Sonic. Sonic is blue with green eyes, but Jet is green with blue eyes. Scourge the Hedgehog from Archie comics has the exact same color scheme.

Sonic Channel reveals info about Jet that wasn't stated in Sonic Riders. Apparently, Jet is 14, and is the same height as Sonic and Shadow (100 cm). He also weighs 33 kilograms--two kilograms fewer than Sonic or Shadow. Jet's original name was intended to be "Wind".

Joe Sushi

Joe Sushi is the name given by Sega of America to the walrus character that could be released during early games of the Sonic the Hedgehog series (including the original Sonic the Hedgehog). In Japan his name is Rocky.

He was said to have grown up in the Green Hill Zone with Sonic, and have been close friends with Tux the penguin.


Johnny (ジョニー Jonī?) is the right-hand man of Captain Whisker in Sonic Rush Adventure, though it seems he doesn't exactly like to be held back by him. His face resembles a mix of that of a shark and a submarine or torpedo and was designed to resemble an anthropomorphic shark. He immediately forged a bitter rivalry with Sonic, believing that the hedgehog is unworthy of being "the fastest thing alive". Thus, if Sonic should encounter him on the seas, he will challenge Sonic to a race on the water. If Sonic wins, he is rewarded with a Chaos Emerald. Johnny is later fought alongside Whisker in a boss battle, but he escapes after their defeat, so it is unknown what happened to him. He was voiced by Christopher Pelegrinni.

Johnny Snively

Johnny Snively is an alternate version of Snively from the Litigopolis Zone. After Evil Sonic had ran around vandalizing Litigopolis, Knuckles' Echidna Enforcers mistakenly grabbed Sonic the Hedgehog after Johnny Snively had opened a case against him. Sally McAcorn then went up against J.U.D.G.E. as a defense attorney to Sonic the Hedgehog. When J.U.D.G.E. blew up, Johnny Snively was sent flying away.

Jon the Echidna

Jon is the son of Rob O' the Hedge and Mari-An. He is sometimes referred to as "Little Jon" by his parents.

Unlike most cross-bred Mobians, Jon has very few obvious hedgehog traits about him, inheriting phenotype mostly from his mother.

Jordan the Echidna

Jordan was a Mobian Echidna, the brother of Aaron and the son of Rembrandt. He was the first Guardian to be trained at a young age to survive on his own.

Jordann and Kayla-La

Jordann and Kayla-La were the great-grandparents of Edmund and Dimitri. Kayla-La was the scientist who discovered that the White Comet would impact Echidnaopolis. Together, the two managed to devise a method to lift Echidnaopolis and part of the surrounding landscape into the sky with 12 Chaos Emeralds, thus making them the founders of the Floating Island.

Their names appeared in early issues as "Jor-Dann" and "Kayla" before the cultural naming pattern was decided upon, and were retconned afterward.


Josef (ジョセフ Josefu) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. He is the owner of Josef's, and not a terribly creative thinker, as the name of his shop surely implies. Recently, Josef realized he didn't have enough hobbies outside of work, so he took up jogging, painting, and photography. None of these endeavors lasted very long.


Joss is the father of Megan Acorn and a resident of Feral Forest. He helped to rally the locals against an invasion by Doctor Eggman and his E-105 Series robots, and participated in the fight to destroy them. (StH: #121)

Juanita the Chameleon

Juanita is the youngest daughter of Espio the Chameleon from Mobius: 25 Years Later. Juanita appeared only in a brief mention by Espio and as a cameo at Lara-Su's unveiling, the guests of which included the Chameleon family. According to Espio, she wouldn't mind being a princess, indicating that she either had a crush on Sonic's son Manik or like many young girls dreamed of becoming royalty.

It is unknown whether or not events led to Juanita's existence in the alternate timeline.


Julayla is Princess Sally Acorn's mentor who taught her everything from Martial Arts to the responsibilities of being a leader. Julayla's death is recorded in Sonic the Hedgehog #18. Jaulayla is a cat/woodchuck hybrid with brown fur and blue eyes and she died of natural causes.


Jules-Zilla is an alternate version of Jules Hedgehog from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Jules into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. When Sonic the Hedgehog in Giant Robotno travelled to Knothole Island to get two split halves of a Chaos Emerald, he found one of the emerald halves embedded in Jules-Zilla's chest. During the fight, Sonic accidently ripped the emerald half from Jules-Zilla, killing him in the process. After an anguished Sonic left with half an emerald, Sonic-Zilla, with the other emerald half in his chest, cried at his dead father's body. (SSS: #12)

Jules Hedgehog

Jules Hedgehog is the husband of Bernadette Hedgehog, brother of renowned scientist Sir Charles Hedgehog and father of world-famous Freedom Fighter and hero Sonic the Hedgehog. During his time of service to the Acorn Kingdom Army in the Great War, Jules was fatally injured, forcing him to become the first ever Mobian in history to go through Charles' latest and greatest creation; the Roboticizer, to save his life, though could never hope to return to normal due to his lingering injuries. In recent years Jules had been reunited with his son and family and, despite being the last Robian, continues to be the father Sonic lacked for many years.


Julie-Su (ジュリー・ス "Jurii su") is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of comic books, released by Archie Comics.

Julie-Su is a 16-year-old pink, female, anthropomorphic echidna who was created by the Archie Comics. She has violet eyes, pink hair with lavender bangs, weighs 46.4 kg (102 lbs.), and is 3 feet 5 inches tall. Her usual wardrobe consists of a vest divided equally into black and green sections, white mittens, a golden belt, and two green boots. Cybernetic implants in her arms have given them the appearance of being covered in silver rings between the shoulders and the wrists, and her left frontmost dreadlock is entirely mechanical.

Julius Robotnikus

Julius Robotnikus is an ancestor of Dr. Robotnik who is a Caesar of sorts living in a Mobian equivalent to ancient Rome. He is as vicious and ruthless as Dr. Robotnik, in that he watches people struggle for survival against a lion, just for entertainment.


Kage Von Stryker

Kage Von Stryker was the only son of General Helmut Von Stryker, the former commander-in-chief of the Dingo Regime. He is a Mobian dingo with brown fur and eyes and wears blue armor, yellow boots and belts. Unlike his father, who was calm, calculating and in control of most situations, Kage was volatile, hotheaded and manipulative, and used his extremely violent nature and connections with his father to move up the ranks. During Sonic's one year absence, Kage somehow took over as General of the Dingo Regime, where he commanded loyalty through fear. Dr. Eggman, sensing an opportunity, offered Kage a deal too tempting to refuse: In exchange for the technological aid and support to conquer Angel Island and the entire Echidna population, Kage and his soldiers would act as his enforcers on Angel Island. Kage agreed.

Kage and his men conquered the Island, with him directing his troops from their city at Cavem Canus. Kage ordered the construction of multiple prisons and forced labor camp programs to enslave the Echidna population. Kage also forcibly conscripted his father's old comrade Harry back into service, likely because of the place Harry held in his father's eyes, and expressed frustration and disappointed when Harry proved to be an inadequate warrior. Later Kage, under pressure by Eggman to find the Master Emerald, personally interrogated Knuckles' father, Locke the Echidna, in hopes of forcing him to reveal the location of the emerald.

When Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix embarked on a liberation mission at Angel Island, Kage ordered his troops to kill them. The dingo army was defeated, and Kage was left to confront Sonic and Knuckles personally. The two heroes defeated him quite easily and managed to rescue Locke. The prisoners were freed and the camps demolished, but Kage and his troops remained a threat for some time. The Dingoes made several attempts to wipe out the surviving echidnas and destroy their newly reconstructed villages, only to be hampered by the Destructix (who were pretending to have renounced their criminal ways in order to curry Locke's favor).

Kage's war on the Echidnas came to an abrupt end when Enerjak was 'resurrected'. Enerjak's first act was to disarm the Dingo Regime, destroy their stronghold at Cavem Canus, and banish them to wander the desert wastelands of Sandopolis for their crimes against the Echidna population. Enerjak believed that this punishment would teach the dingoes humility. Enraged, Kage attacked Enerjak, taunting him with the promise to rally the Dingos to victory. "I've crushed more echidnas under my boot than I can remember! You'll be no different!". In response to Kage's defiance, Enerjak took Kage apart one molecule at a time.

When Knuckles later apologized to General Stryker, who was now leader of the Dingoes once again and lead them to prosper in the harsh environment of Sandopolis Oasis, about what he had done to Kage, Stryker publicly refused to acknowledge his son and denounced him as a traitor. Privately, however, Stryker was seen to be crying, as he still cared about Kage despite his actions, and mourned his death.


Kali-Ca is shown as an elderly red, female Echidna, dressed in a black robe with a high collar and blue, studded cuffs. She has a gray stripe of hair with bangs, spectacles and her dreadlocks appear to have metal weavings in them, much like Julie-Su's. Being a Mitre, she is responsible for religious ceremonies and is shown presiding over Knuckles' funeral after he had died (if only temporarily). Nothing else is known on her.


Kanewisher was a member of the Dark Legion. He was one of the numerous Echidnas that was captured by the Eggman Empire and killed from the prolonged exposure to the Egg Grape Chambers. (StH: #141)


Katella, the intergalatic huntress goes from planet to planet kidnapping rare animals to sell to Zoos for a lot of Money. She came to Mobius for that Reason and Robotnik decided to cash in on it. When she saw Robotniik, she fell in love right away.

Keeper of the Time Stones

An ancient owl with a massive head clad in a purple cape, the Keeper is responsible for guarding the Floating Island, and specifically the Time Stones, in SatAM. This makes him a counterpart to Knuckles the Echidna, who did not appear in the series. Rather like the legendary sphinx, he requires those who seek the Time Stones to answer a riddle. Once Sally and Sonic answer it, he disappears, leaving them the Time Stones and instructing the two in their use. The Keeper's voice was done by Tim Curry, who also did the voice of King Acorn.

Not much is really known about his background or the Floating Island's background. All we know is that it's not the same Floating Island as in the video games. As far as we know, it's always been there and so has he. He appears to be the image of an owl of sorts. Other than the Time Stones themselves, he doesn't seem to have anything of consequence. He seems to be able to make a lot of cool effects happen all at once, as well as disappear and reappear. Also, as keeper of the Times Stones, he can call them about any time. And he's good with riddles. He has the ability to confuse the heck out of Sonic with a riddle.

The Keeper resembles the image of an owl. This has caused some fans to call him a pun on the Wizard of Oz, which resembled the image of a floating green head. Whether this was the original intent or not is unknown.

Kicks a Lot

Kicks a Lot and his partner Sleuth Dawg were disguised as SWATbots and sent secret messages to the Freedom Fighters using spray paint and making it look like graffiti while they worked in the Robotropolis Spy Network. Kicks was one of the agents to help Sonic and Sally's former trainees (Hamlin, Dylan, Penelope, Arlo) save the Freedom Fighters' from Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He was presumably roboticized like Fly Fly Freddy due to Sleuth's treachery. (StH: #27, #38, #42)


Kiki (キキ) is one of Eggman's robots from Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2. It appears identical to the robots E-01 Baby Kiki from Sonic Adventure and E-20 Kiki from Sonic Adventure 2. All three robots also resemble the Coconuts badnik from previous games, as they are all monkey robots that hang in trees and throw projectiles at the player, although Kiki throws explosives whereas Coconuts throws coconuts.

King Anti Max

Anti King Max is the Anti-Mobius version of Maximillian Acorn, who was deposed by his daughter Princess Alicia and her then boyfriend Evil Sonic. He was exiled to the Anti-Mobius Zone of Silence and has not been seen since, leaving his fate unknown. (SSS: #10)

King Arfer

King Arfer is The King of the Hound table.

King Arthur

King Arthur was a king in the Medieval Zone who was served by three Mobian and had the ability to summon monstrous creatures from the shadows he created. One day, the Royal Wizard, Merlina did something that infuriated King Arthur and he personally chased after her on a flying horse. He summoned his monstrous knights from the shadows to aid him and they surrounded Merlina, but she summoned Sonic the Hedgehog using a magical spell to aid her. Sonic defeated all the creatures and then attempted to take on King Arthur, but Merlina stopped him at the last minute and they disappeared in a whirlwind of smoke and dust. King Arthur then rode his horse to a nearby cliff where Sirs Gawain, Lancelot and Percival were waiting. He ordered them to seek out Merlina and Sonic and to slay them on sight while he gave chase. He flew away and the knights followed his orders, though some did have doubts in the changes that had come over King Arthur and his kingdom. (StH: #197)

King Bee

King Bee was the ruler of Golden Hive Colony, the husband of Queen Bee and father of Charmy Bee and Princess Bee. Ever hopeful and optimistic about his son becoming king one day, he was shocked when Charmy ran away from his responsibilities just prior to his Acknowledgement Ceremony. However, he welcomed his son with open arms after his return following the tragic death of Mello, attending his funeral with the family.

King Bee was presumably killed after Golden Hive Colony was destroyed by the Eggman Empire and the majority of its citizens imprisoned in the in the Egg Grape Chambers.

King Boom Boo

King Boom Boo is a boss character in the game Sonic Adventure 2. He is a giant ghost, and the leader of the ghosts in the Death Chamber level (yet there are the same red-eyed ghosts in Pumpkin Hill level and Aquatic Mine level), and like other ghosts in the Sonic universe he is repelled by light.

Knuckles encounters King Boom Boo while searching for keys to a door Sonic and the others were trying to get through. In the boss battle, Knuckles runs around a circular arena while followed by King Boom Boo who throws blue fireballs at him (and may also attempt to bite him at close range). Occasionally the ghost stops to spew a huge blue wave of flames, and during that time Knuckles must stun King Boom Boo by activating an hourglass which opens panels in the ceiling, making light fill the room. After that you must chase his shadow across the room and dig it up, then run after him and punch him. He can be damaged up to three times in one hourglass flip. King Boom Boo has not appeared in any game since Sonic Adventure 2. This is because he was destroyed after his defeat because of too much exposure to sunlight.

In Sonic X, King Boom Boo appears several episodes before the Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation. He haunts an ancient castle along with the smaller Boom Boos and Boos, but is trapped in it forever by Sonic and his friends. He also is capable of coherent speech in this continuity, only babbling, grunting, and roaring "BRAAAA!" in SA2.

King Boom Boo is a resemblance of Nintendo's King Boo. When fighting him, the player can see a picture of a Nintendo regular Boo, and a regular Boom Boo on the wall.

King Gong

King Gong was Dr. Robotnik's first robotic creation, a gold-colored ape of massive proportions with a clock embedded in its chest. Created as Robotnik's first attempt at artificial intelligence, he was powered by a bolt of lightning with the intention of doing Robotnik's chores. The ape-minded King Gong had other ideas, breaking out of Robotnik's lab and rampaging across Mobius, leaving the landscape greatly changed in his wake. After disappearing from Robotnik's knowledge, he made his way to Skoal Island where his creator found him years later. Brought back to Robotropolis, he was sent to attack Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters, but ended up becoming attracted to Sally Acorn. Capturing her, he took her to the top of the tallest building in Robotropolis in an attempt to woo her, but was then sent plummeting to his demise as the Freedom Fighters used their biplane to spray the tower with banana oil. (StH: #17)

King Kommamachs

King Kommamachs is the King of a temple that only appears at Night. Robotnik had Sonic in prison there but cheated the King and told him that Sonic was the Bad guy. When he found out Robotnik was really the bad guy, he turned on Robotnik.

King Leonus

King Leonus was the monarch of the Kingdom of Leonus in 2005. Because the section of Mobius his kingdom was in was not of interest to Dr. Eggman, King Leonus was unwilling to join the Kingdom of Knothole's coalition against the Eggman Empire. Due to Patch secretly poisoning King Max, the negotiations were cut short and he was brought back to Knothole Village for treatment. (StH: #155)

King Maximillian Acorn

Maximillian Acorn (or just the King, as he was referred to in the Saturday morning cartoon (in which he was voiced by Tim Curry) is the father of Sally Acorn. He is an anthropomorphic, humanoid squirrel, and his current age appears to be somewhere between the mid 50s and early 60s. He appears to be more of a squirrel than Sally, as he has a longer, more bushy tail. He is also discreetly taller than her. The Acorn Family Ring is the only known belonging of the king (presumably given to all members of the royal family). He knows the location of all the Freedom Fighters and knows secrets about the planet that others haven't heard of, such as the Deep Power Stones. He stands 4 ft 1 in and weighs 85 lbs.

Parody Appearances

King Acorn's personality reflects that of:

  • Sir Topham Hatt - Thomas & Friends
  • Captain Star - TUGS
  • Henry's Dad - Horrid Henry
  • The Announcer - Wacky Races
  • Sir Ebrum - Kirby
  • The Chief - T.U.F.F. Puppy

King Saline

King Saline is The King of the Underwater city of Labyrinth. King Saline hated Surff until he appeared to save the city.

King Shahryār

King Shahryār is the alternate doppleganger of Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik within the world of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Upon first meeting Shahryār - and noting the King's resemblance to his great nemesis - Sonic is naturally suspicious of the obese sultan and seems apprehensive in trusting him. However, as the story progresses, it becomes apparent that Shahryār really doesn't share the grandiose megalomania of his alternate self (or the other alternate self), and instead the King in fact serves as a minor ally for Sonic in his quest to thwart Erazor Djinn. He is based off of the real King that was told the story of the Arabian Nights

King Solomon

King Solomon is the king in Sonic and the Secret Rings. He is apparently the king that sealed creatures like the Ifrit Golem in ancient times. He is voiced by Fumito Yamano. He is most likely based off of the Jewish King Solomon of the Bible for two reasons:

  • His name is based off of the King of the same name.
  • He has hair locks on his sideburns, which is a cultural attribute to certain branches of Judaism.
  • His concept art reveals a six-point star on his clothing.


Kirby was a famous Mobian historian in the time before Robotnik's takeover of Mobotropolis. He was the grandfather of Jeremiah.

Knecapeon "Kneecaps" Mace

Knecapeon Mace, affectionately known as "Kneecaps the Echidna", is the son of Lara-Le and Wynmacher and half-brother to Knuckles the Echidna. A rather energetic infant, he is extremely attached to his parents and fond of his brother Knuckles, whom he enjoys hitting on the head with a rattle. He was born some time during Knuckles' powerless year in Knothole, his conception having been revealed to Knuckles some time before his temporary death. Kneecaps remained with his parents as they stayed with the Dark Legion as the Angel Island resistance to Doctor Eggman's regime, then in the village built by the survivors of Echidnaopolis, followed by his transportation to the ruins of Albion, which were then rebuilt to serve as a new homeland for the Echidna race (excluding those members of the Dark Legion who were appalled at the loss of their cybernetic implants.)

Knuckles (Sentai)

Knuckles (Sentai) is an alternate counterpart of Knuckles the Echidna from the Sentai Zone. He, and the rest of the Sonicaman: Chaos Ninja Team, were summoned to Mobius Prime by Zonic to save Sonic from Sallactor's attacks. (SSS: #12)

Knuckles the Echidna

Sir Knuckles the Echidna (ナックルズ・ザ・エキドゥナ Nakkurusu za Ekiduna?), or "Knux" for short, is a red 16-year-old anthropomorphic echidna, who is both physically powerful and highly resilient. He has a white crescent symbol on his chest. The character is both a friend and a rival to Sonic the Hedgehog. He stands 110 cm (3ft 7in) tall and weighs 40 kg (88 lbs).

Knuckles' name is derived from the four knuckles, two on each hand, which are actually sharp spikes. According to official Sonic Team polls, Knuckles is the fourth most popular character in the series, behind Tails, Shadow and Sonic.

His first game appearance was in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, released on February 2, 1994 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. He was described as being 15 years old when he made his debut, but since Sonic Adventure, he is now given the age of 16. Knuckles has two spikes or claws on each hand, and his dominant trait is his strength. He can also glide by trapping air under his dreadlocks, and is very skilled at a wide variety of martial art forms.

Parody Appearences

Knuckles' personality reflects that of:

  • Gordon or James - Thomas & Friends
  • Big Mac - TUGS
  • Luigi - Super Mario Bros.
  • Buizel - Pokemon
  • Knuckle Joe - Kirby
  • Proto Man - Mega Man
  • Garfield - Garfield & Friends
  • Principal Skinner or Homer Simpson - The Simpsons
  • Dizzy Devil or Plucky Duck - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Mr. Krabs - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Major Monogram - Phineas and Ferb
  • Porky Pig - Looney Tunes
  • Mr. Mossy - Horrid Henry
  • Billy Twofeathers or Schemer - Shining Time Station
  • Joe Swanson - Family Guy
  • Raphael - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Trent - Total Drama


Knuckles-Zilla is an alternate version of Knuckles the Echidna from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Knuckles into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. Despite his fearsome mutatations, he was unable to stop the Giant Robotno piloted by Sonic the Hedgehog. (SSS: #12)


Kodos was a large, muscular, anthropomorphic lion who served as the Kingdom of Acorn's Warlord (Minister of War) in the days when Ixis Naugus was still the Royal Wizard. He carried a battle axe at all times, and had a deep hatred of Overlanders.


Komi-Ko is a female purple Echidna who lives in Echidnaopolis. She is the girlfriend of Constable Remington, first seen with him at the wedding of Knuckles' mother Lara-Le and stepfather Wynmacher. She is also seen during the reconstruction of Albion after Remington's mind was restored by Knuckles as Enerjak.


Kommisar is a high rank used by the Dark Legion. The most famous Kommisar of the legion was Lien-Da, who continued to maintain that rank even after the organization became the "Dark Egg Legion". (StH: #184, KtE: #22, SSS: #14)


Kragok was the Grandmaster of the Dark Legion for many years, assuming command upon the mysterious disappearance of his father Luger. Both tactful and vicious, Kragok posed a serious threat to Knuckles the Echidna and the Brotherhood of Guardians during his leadership of the Dark Legion. When the Great Dimitri returned in the form of Enerjak, Kragok immediately turned over command two the Chaos-demigod, who was the inspiration for the Dark Legion's founding. Kragok found himself forced back into the Twilight Zone by the Guardian Tobor where the two fought for a prolonged period of time. When the two re-emerged, Tobor hurled them both into the Dark Legion Battle Cruiser, resulting in both of their deaths.


The Kraken, now the last of his kind, was king of a beautiful underground world that was destroyed when Robotnik began drilling the area for oil. The drilling blocked the flow of a green water that apparently kept the underground wold alive as well as nourished the Great Forest, although it was unknown to those on the surface. As the plants in Knothole begin to whither, Sonic, Sally, Antoine, and Rotor go to investigate the cause and discover the kraken and his now-destroyed underground world. He at first believes all "surface-dwellers" are responsible, but comes to understand only Robotnik is responsible.

The Kraken is a large, pinkish-brown bipedal creature that lives underground. He has dark brown/black tusks, short legs, and fingers that resemble tentacles. He is large enough to easily pick up Sonic with one hand. He belongs to his old throne. He's incredibly strong and knows the underground well. His anger can sometimes make him lash out at anyone. At first, hostile to everyone from the surface, but later is grateful to them for helping him.

Kwai Chang Crane

Kwai Chang Crane is a Old Ninja Master that Robotnik caputed to give Scratch and Grounder Ninja skills.


LaTour Estate

Once a wealthy family, the LaTours' fortune was eaten up by Robotnik's taxes and the daughter, Mindy's, expensive shopping habits. Eager to keep his daughter pampered LaTour offered to house a factory for Robotnik, to build watches that were secretly spying devices, but when Sonia confronted him with what he was doing he agreed to cease production. Aware Sleet and Dingo were on their way to collect taxes the LaTours fled, pausing to take one last look at the life they were leaving behind.

Lady Agnes

Lady Agnes is the mother-in-law of Colin Kintobor, grandmother of Hope Kintobor and grandmother-in-law of Snively. During the Overlanders' travel through space, Colin married Lady Agnes' daughter, who gave birth to Hope and then later died during their trek through the stars. Upon returning to Mobius, both Agnes and Hope were worried about living with Colin's brother Julian, and were extremely doubtful of their safety. After Colin was roboticized, Lady Agnes told Hope to run. When Hope was hiding in Robotropolis, Julian, now exposing himself as Doctor Eggman, threatened to roboticize Lady Agnes if Hope didn't turn herself in. Just as Hope was about to, Eggman roboticized Agnes anyways. Hope was rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog before she could be captured by Eggman. Lady Agnes was one of the four roboticized Overlanders who remained as statues, all of which were destroyed when Robotropolis was nuked by Station Square.

Lady Windimire

Lady Windimire is Sonia's foster mother. She was Roboticized. She appears on three episodes: Beginnings, Harmony or Something and Healer.


Lara-Le is an echidna with red skin and hair and green eyes and wears yellow dress. She is the mother of well-known character Knuckles the Echidna and Knecapeon "Kneecaps" Mace, as well as the ex-wife of Locke the Echidna and current wife of Wynmacher. She is a member of the House of Arian, presumably named for an important ancestor of hers. She did not figure prominently in Knuckles' life until years after his birth. Wife to the Guardian Locke, Lara-Le became furious with her husband when she realized what he had done to their son. Divorcing Locke, she intended to leave with Knuckles, but was forced to give him up. When Knuckles grew old enough to question her absence, Locke simply replied that she was gone. Because of this, Knuckles assumed that she was dead, not thinking that his father's actions had driven her away. Despite this, she still had feelings towards Locke as he did her and she was deeply saddened by his death in Mobius: 25 Years Later.

Later, when Echidnaopolis was restored, Knuckles met his mother for the first time. He grew to love her, and the only bit of contention he felt was when she remarried to an Echidna named Wynmacher. Later, Lara-Le gave birth to Knuckles' half-brother, Knecapeon Mace, otherwise known as 'Kneecaps' or 'Mace'. Shortly afterwards, Lara and the other former residents of the destroyed city of Echidnaopolis were faced with the horror of a reborn Enerjak, who proved benevolent as he transported them to the safe haven of Albion. Of course, Lara knew nothing at the time of the full evil behind the new Enerjak: that he was, in fact, her firstborn son Knuckles.


Lara-Su is Knuckles' and Julie-Su's daughter from the future timeline known as Mobius: X Years Later.

Larry Lynx

Larry Lynx is the leader of the Substitute Freedom Fighters. He is known for causing bad luck to anyone nearby, friend and foe alike. Larry has brown fur with black streaks and white belly and blue eyes.

Lau Kahn

Lau Kahn is the father of Ken Khan. He believed no conflict could not be resolved through communication and reason and was concerned about his son's attitude and rough-housing habits. His ideals as a pacifist were exploited by Julian Kintobor during the Great War as he captured the entire village without a fight. Lau and all the inhabitants of Leung West were then subjected to Julian's cybernetics experiments which resulted in his death as well as all the others except for his son Ken Khan, who became the cyborg Monkey Khan. (StH: #86)

Lava Monsters

Lava Monsters are Henchmen created by Dr. Robotnik through the use of the Chaos Emerald of Life.


Lawrence is Robotnik's Lab Rat he forced to control his Pseudo Sonic Robot suit or else Robotnik would kill his parants.


Lazaar was an evil wizard who sought to rule Mobius many centuries ago. For an unknown reason, he has been in a deep sleep for hundreds of years inside his large fortress located in the Forbidden Zone, waiting for somebody vile enough to awaken him. But when he was finally disturbed from his sleep, he regretted his evil ways. Once an evil wizard, Lazaar clearly regrets his evil doings of the past and now hopes that good will triumph. He is slightly untrusting of those he does not know and makes them earn his trust. But once they do, he is kind and friendly towards them. Lazaar has bushy grey hair and eyebrows, and a long beard that almost reaches the ground. He has a long crooked nose and elf-like ears. He wears a maroon coloured robe and a ‘magic belt’ around his waist. Lazaar has a small crystal-like computer that contains a vast index of magic spells; everything from teleportation to submission spells can be cast using it. The belt he wears around his waist also contains magical powers. Lazaar has the capability to cast many magic spells. When others use his magic, it drains his strength and power, making him weak. Even with a huge collection of spells at his disposal, Lazaar surely must know every single one off the top of his head; they can all be executed quickly, not giving the recipient of his magic any time to evade him. The Guardian has referred to Lazaar as his master and serves to protect him whilst he is in his sleep.

Lazaar stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds.

Lazaar is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

Lazaar's Guardian

Featured in the SatAM episode "Super Sonic", the Guardian was a black-cloaked figure with the ability to shoot laser beams and project holographic images from his eyes. He stands 6 feet 5 inches tall. The Guardian also seems to have the power to sense the amount of good or evil in someone's heart, as demonstrated by his evaluation of Dr. Robotnik. His name comes from the fact that he was posted as protector of the sleeping wizard Lazaar, patrolling his lair and the surrounding environs of the Forbidden Zone.

The only interloper the Guardian didn't show any aggression towards was Sally Acorn; vaporizing a SWATbot pursuing her while almost completely ignoring Sally, probably because the Guardian considered the SWATbot to be the more immediate threat. He is extremely committed to his duties, even turning down bribery attempts by Robotnik when he tries to persuade the Guardian to reveal the location of his master's lair. He is last seen entering Lazaar's lair with his master just before the structure disappears at the end of the episode, apparently still loyal to him even though Lazaar is no longer evil.

Basically, when the evil wizard Lazaar fell into his sleep, he became a guardian for Lazaar. He never lets anyone come near Lazaar if they intend harm to his 'master.' He can shoot lasers from his eyes and has numerous traps in his caves. He is slightly gullible and doesn't get out much.

Leeta and Lyco

Leeta and Lyco are a pair of pink-furred wolves. They are twin sisters and members of the Wolf Pack. They are always willing to help out. Leeta holds a general nervousness whenever climbing ladders, while Lyco has an excellent sense of sight, being the first to sense movement in the abandoned Overlander city where Aerial and Athena were found. Both Leeta and Lyco wear leotards similar to the Wolf Pack's leader Lupe - Leeta wears a green one while Lyco wears a blue one - and both are fairly acrobatic. Neither sister participated in the siege on Robotropolis during Operation: EndGame, but were with the group when they began their venture home. Both were also seen again when A.D.A.M. began controlling the Nanites and creating a massive city. (StH: #67, #68, #152)


Leo is a shoeshine leopard boy.

Li Moon

Li Moon is a female anthromorphic fox, a resident of Stormtop Village and granddaughter of Li Yuen. She has red fur and violet eyes. She wears a violet tunic-like top, violet pants, black armbands and black boots.

Li Yuen

Li Yuen is Mobian lion with yellow/brown fur and blue eyes, wearing blue and white robe, and a resident of Stormtop Village, who's family has lived at Stormtop Village for years. On the 100th day of the blazing fire on Mount Stormtop made by the Iron Queen, Sonic and Tails came to the house of his granddaughter, Li Moon, and asked for water as they had been exposed to the heat of the fire. She said that she could not as water was being rationed as the village's supply was low, and Li Yuen then explained further to Sonic and Tails and told how the Iron Queen had used her magic to keep the fire going and how the Iron King had locked away the Fan of Fen Xing, the only thing that could put out the fire and return their village's lifestyle to normal. Upon the trio's arrival after retrieving the fan and putting out the fire, Li Yuen said he was not surprised at their success as they had had help from the fabled Monkey King. (StH: #60)


Lien-Da (a.k.a. Kommissar) is a fictional character in the universes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna. Lien-Da is 33 years old and is the current leader of the Dark Legion, having inherited the title after Dimitri's incapacitation. Lien-Da is sometimes called Kommissar (which is German for "commissioner", which probably refers to her rank in the Legion).

A red, female, anthropomorphic Echidna and an enemy of Knuckles the Echidna, Lien-Da's weapon of choice is a bullwhip. Her design has changed several times over the years, however she is almost always depicted as having red hair and skin, blue eyes, peach muzzle, black nose and wearing a black leather suit. Like all Echidnas she has dreadlocks, and one of them is metallic--possibly cybernetic--to mark her as a member of the Legion. Lien-Da has always decorated these dreadlocks, originally with bands of white or grey metal but more recently with black straps.

Lien-Da's wardrobe originally consisted of a black leather jacket and matching pants, but it later changed to become tighter pants with frayed cuffs and a black belly shirt. The long sleeves of the shirt have a gleaming silver snake design on them, and she has a tight black pants that have been frayed at the ends, held up by a black leather belt and silver-tipped metallic boots marked with a red heart. Lien-Da also wears a collar around her neck in this design. Her recent design is supposed to make her look like an "evil, sexy diva." The outfit, however, is rather reminiscent of that stereotypically worn by a dominatrix.

Lieutenant Knuckles

Lieutenant Knuckles was an alternate version of Knuckles the Echidna from the Litigopolis Zone. He was one of the many that had mistaken Sonic for Anti Sonic. When he was about to arrest Sonic, he was knocked out by Sally McAcorn. (SSS: #14)

Lightning Lynx

Lightning Lynx was originally a member of the Fearsome Foursome under Mammoth Mogul, and has since become a member of the Destructix. A criminal who with his cohorts has clashed several times with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, he has also worked under Sleuth Dog and Dr. Finitevus. He has tan and black fur, light blue eyes and wears electric blue gloves and boots with lightning bolts.

Lightning Master

Lightning Master (ライトニングマスター Lightning Master) are fright masters that can move very quickly and launch balls of concentrated electrical current. These projectiles do not change direction. Throwing water on this enemy will instantly defeat it.


Lilli (リリー Rirī) is a resident of Spagonia from Sonic Unleashed. She is a mature and sensible archaeology major who lives in the student dorm at the university. She is a year older than her classmates. While Lilli stands at the head of her class, she looks at the people around her and wishes there was more to life than just being serious all the time.


Lily is a character from Sonic X. She is a small blue female Flicky bird in that Amy takes care of during the Sonic Adventure adaption and Breezie doesn't take care. She wears a locket that contains a Chaos Emerald along with a picture of what Amy assumes to be her parents (brother and sister in Sonic X); a brown and a pink Flicky that turns out to be trapped in E-101 Beta and E-102 Gamma, respectively. By the end of the adaption, the two E-100 robots are destroyed, and Lily is reunited with her parents/siblings. Lily is 20 cm (8in) tall and weighs 100 g.

The bird also appeared in the game, but was only known as "Birdie" and referred to as male. In addition, its relationship with the other two Flickies was never confirmed.

Linsey Thorndyke

Linsey Thorndyke (born Linsey Flair) is a beautiful famous actress and the mother of Chris Thorndyke by Nelson Thorndyke. She is 37 years old in Series 1 and 43 years old in Series 2, 170 cm (5ft 7in) tall, and her weight is secret. She is voiced by Naomi Shindoh in Japan, and Jennifer Blood in the US.


Lionel is Cyrus's Father. Robotnik captured him to work for him and to get Cyrus to do what he wanted. In the End, Lionel was Robotasized. He later repeared working on Robotnik's 'Sleeper' Project where he helped Destory them.

Liu Chi Mei

Liu Chi Mei was a Mobian Rabbit who was a resident of Leung Kar and the sister of Liu Fang. She and her brother were the only two villagers that helped Monkey Khan defeat the Yagyu Clan and recover the items they stole from the Temple of the Golden Lotus by fighting the Kamezon Dragon. (SSS: #8)

Liu Fang

Liu Fang was a Mobian Rabbit who was a resident of Leung Kar and the brother of Liu Chi Mei. He and his sister were the only two villagers that helped Monkey Khan defeat the Yagyu Clan and recover the items they stole from the Temple of the Golden Lotus by fighting the Kamezon Dragon. (SSS: #8)


Liza was a female pink chameleon who appears to be an old friend of Espio's. She was used to force Espio into complying with Valdez's orders. When Valdez led Robotnik's takeover of the Chameleon community, Liza was Roboticized. Presumably, she was later De-Roboticized by the Bem, though this is of course assuming she did not die from the explosion that followed after Espio's fight with Valdez, who is also believed to have died from the blast.

Contrary to rumors, the green chameleon attending the wedding of Antoine and Bunnie in issue #174 was NOT Liza. As an in-joke, artist Tracy Yardley! athropomorized head writer Ian Flynn and his wife Lea as guests.


Lobo is the husband of Wolf Pack leader Lupe and the father of their children, Marcos and Maria. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik invaded the lands of the Wolves, Lobo was among those who stayed behind to care for the children, allowing his wife to go off and battle the tyranny of Robotnik. Sadly, during the reign of Doctor Eggman he and his children were captured and subjected to Roboticization by a malevolently reprogrammed Sir Charles Hedgehog, and were used by him to force Lupe to enter the Roboticizer rather than see them disassembled. Lobo was the one who then roboticized Lupe. Regaining their free will through the Sword of Acorns, they were later reunited with Sir Charles and helped him understand that his actions under Eggman had not been his fault. (StH: #67, #100, #112, SSS: #11)

Later, all of them were De-Roboticized by the Bem, and the entire family joined the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. In their time together, they were briefly endangered by A.D.A.M.'s Nanites, but managed to escape when he was defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog's use of logic. (StH: #123, #152)

Locke the Echidna

Locke the Echidna is the father of Knuckles the Echidna and was a prominent member of the Brotherhood of Guardians. A dedicated Guardian, Locke often put the training of his son above wishes of his wife Lara-Le, which resulted in their eventual divorce. After Knuckles' training was considered complete, Locke left his son to defend Angel Island alone, while secretly watching him from within the secret base of Haven. Years later, after Haven was discovered by Knuckles, Locke took a more active role in his son's life. When the Brotherhood of Guardians went missing and Knuckles refused to return to Angel Island, Locke took up position of Guardian once more and protected his fellow Echidnas. Locke fell in the line of duty, sacrificing his life to free Knuckles from Doctor Finitevus' hex, enabling Sonic the Hedgehog to defeat Knuckles, who was currently Enerjak, and restore his free will.


Locky is a bald eagle that made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit). He is one of the many animal friends captured and imprisoned inside Badniks. Locky returned in Sonic Spinball.

Lord Yagyu

Lord Yagyu was a member and leader of the Yagyu Clan of thieves who was confronted by Monkey Khan after a spree of thefts in the Dragon Kingdom. (SSS: #8) He appeared again in Sonic Universe #14 as the leader of the Yagyu Clan, serving the Iron Queen.


Louse is a Monkey that lost all this money gambling with Robotnik's goons and was forced into labouring for him.

Lt. Bananas

Lt. Bananas is a dumb second hand of Captian Memo.

Lucas and Lucidna

Lucas and Lucinda were teenage lovers from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, who featured in the episode "Best Hedgehog". According to a flashback by Lucas shown within, they were lab partners in high school; Robotnik didn't take kindly to this, as he also had unrequited romantic feelings for Lucinda. When he attempted to "take care of" Lucas using a robot snake and promise Lucinda "a quarter of everything [he would] plunder", it only got him expelled. After building his fortress, Robotnik imprisoned Lucas.

The episode opens with Sonic and Tails breaking into Robotnik's fortress thirty years later to rescue Lucas, who now resembles a walking haystack due to the fact that he's never had a haircut during his imprisonment. Furious with this, Robotnik orders Scratch and Grounder to go recapture "that hairball", claiming that Lucas ruined his romance with Lucinda. Robotnik is apparently in denial about what happened, as he later refers to Lucas as "Lucinda's true love" right in front of Scratch and Grounder, which causes some confusion to them as they still believe his earlier claim.

Lucinda, meanwhile, has been teaching a kindergarten class in a nearby jungle - something that Robotnik is aware of (and thus has never used to his advantage). Lucas and Sonic, on the other hand, do not know this until Grounder accidentally blurts it out to them. After recapturing Lucas and trying to trap him in a volcano, Robotnik heads for the schoolhouse to propose marriage to Lucinda, not knowing that she's not there. Sonic tricks him by pretending to marry Robotnik himself, during which Tails gives Lucas a haircut. Afterwards, Sonic gets Lucas to propose to Lucinda, and at their (quickie) wedding, Sonic serves as the best man (hence the episode's title).

It should be noted that, although Lucinda does look older in the present than in the flashbacks, she looks rather young for someone who is most likely in her 40s, and Lucas does not look any older in the present than he does in the flashbacks. Observant viewers will also notice that, while covered with his own hair, Lucas does not seem to be wearing a shirt, pants, shoes, or glasses; but after his haircut, he is suddenly dressed in all of those clothing articles without any explanation. Lucas also bears a few similarities in appearance to Waldo, from the "Where's Waldo?" books, while covering with his own hair, resembling Gossamer from the "Looney Tunes" cartoons.

Lucas and Lucinda are voiced by Brad Swaile and Venus Terzo respectively.

Parody Appearances

Lucas' personality reflects that of:

  • Oliver - Thomas & Friends
  • Boomer - TUGS
  • Newton Duck - Garfield and Friends
  • Lazy Luke - Wacky Races

Luger the Echidna

Luger was a Grandmaster of the Dark Legion and father of Kragok, Lien-Da and Julie-Su. As Grandmaster, Luger apparently had a reserved style of leadership, one that earned him the enmity of his older children. After the death of his second wife, Mari-Su, Luger mysteriously disappeared. It was later revealed that Lien-Da and Kragok planned his death by having Lien-Da fire an experimental weapon on Luger. But the weapon became unstable and scarred Lien-Da and while she was recovering, Kragok assumed power and the two blamed the death of Luger on the Zoah.

Luke Periwinkle

Luke Periwinkle is from the Sonic Underground episode "The Hedgehog in the Iron Mask". As part of Robotnik's plan to split the Sonic Underground up, he told Sonic, Sonia, and Manic that he was Queen Aleena the Hedgehog's twin brother, and their uncle. The truth is soon revealed though, that he is merely the actor, Luke Periwinkle, following Robotnik's orders to keep from being roboticized. He was later rescued by Knuckles and Espio from being roboticized.

His name is most likely a parody of the actor Luke Perry.


Lulumae is a Mobian rabbit and the aunt to Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette, who seemed to know medicine as she made an ointment for allergy rashes that Bunnie used after Sonic fell into a patch of Poison Sumac Blossoms and had an allergic reaction. (StH: #9)

Lumina Flowlight

Lumina Flowlight (ルミナ・フロウライト) appears in Sonic Shuffle as the guardian of the Precioustone in Maginary World, along with the world's goddess, Illumina. She is a pink, fairy-like being that bears some resemblance to Cosmo.

In the beginning of the game, she brings Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and (unknowingly) Eggman to Maginary World in order to get their help to repair the Precioustone, which was shattered by Void. Later, she and Void cancel each other out, following her revelation that Void is the nothingness in the imagination that allows people to dream. She is voiced by Elara Distler in English and Ikue Ōtani in Japanese.


Lupe (Ruupe) is an anthropomorphic wolf and leader of the Wolf Pack group of Freedom Fighters. She is 30 years old and stands 115 cm and weighs 31.8 kg.

As the leader of the Wolf Pack, Lupe represented the strong spirit of the team and lent a helping hand toward Sally whenever she could. Lupe, in defiance of the general anti-overlander sentiment among Mobians, adopted two lonely overlander girls (Aerial and Athena) into the Pack. Unfortunately when the Pack reached home to reunite with the family members they had left behind, the Pack was caught off guard and captured by Uncle Chuck, who was under Eggman's control. Lupe was roboticized, but she fought off the mind control long enough to enable the rest of the Pack to escape. As the control was starting to take affect, she figured she would be better off staying instead of becoming a possible danger to the Pack. In memory of her leadership and bravery, the Wolf Pack put up a tomb stone dedicated to Lupe. Due to nearly everyone being deroboticized, Lupe is now leading the Wolf Pack again. Lupe is gentle but very strong willed, incredibly spiritual, confident, and sensitive. Like Bunnie, Lupe is a woman who never backs down, and she fights for what she believes in right to the end (namely for her culture and her wolfpack). She and her pack also have a great respect for nature. Just by looking at her and seeing the way she behaves, one can be certain that she's very trustworthy and loyal, but Lupe is definitely no one to tangle with if you're going to be on her bad side. Breezie annoys Lupe because she's a lazy wolf.

Lupe has black fur and deep blue eyes, with thick black hair (in the shape of a mohawk). Her hair is tied in a ponytail that runs down her back. She has a black tail with a grey tip (when it doesn't suddenly disappear from the camera). Lupe also has a scar under her left eye. She dawns a light blue leotard with a golden clasp around her neck, golden arm and wrist bracelets (quite amazonian in style) and blue sandals strapped around her legs. She's also significantly taller than the rest of the Freedom fighters.

Lupe has a husband, Lobo, a son, Marcos and a daughter Maria. Lupe maintains a small black disc that is evidently compatible with NICOLE and is the only artifact left to display what Lupe's culture was like prior to Robotnik's takeover during "the earlier times" as Lupe describes them. Lupe also has an array of various weaponry items that she and her pack have confiscated over the years during raids on Robotnik's outposts. Of particular interest is the pack's laser cannon that Lupe used to try to disable Robotnik's testpod. Though at first glance she may seem an exclusively spiritual creature, Lupe also has a great deal of technological smarts and she's got the hidden inventory to prove it! She's also very good at strategizing missions like Sally is. Lupe doesn't need extending limbs or supersonic speeds to prove her worth. Her intelligence is enough of a special ability to persist and ultimately triumph with the help of more force. Lupe's greatest weakness would be her past. Since her land was being destroyed after Robotnik's takeover and her father was taken from her along with the majority of the wolfpack (except for 10 remaining wolves), it creates a deep emotional void inside her, one that couldn’t easily be filled unless her family and people were restored to her.

Pretty much like her special abilities. She's extremely intelligent, cooperative, knows how to strategize; otherwise she wouldn't be around to tell the story. She has a great respect for nature, and this is part of what keeps her going. Her loyalty makes her an excellent role model and ally for Sally and the rest of the freedom fighters as well.

Lupe and the wolfpack generally prefer isolation from outsiders. It's not certain whether Robotnik's decimation of the planet during the last decade has jaded Lupe's willingness to be open with and trust other people, but that probably had an effect. However when Sally, Sonic, and Antoine stumbled onto the wolfpack's homebase, expecting the unexpected, Lupe was surprisingly welcoming to those she had never seen before. Perhaps she realized Sally was looking for the pack. Once Sally explained her plan to find the other freedom fighter factions on her father's list, Lupe was more than willing to help out, especially in the weaponry department. Lupe trusts Sally and the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and she appears to be quite protective of those 10 remaining wolves that still reside in the canyon with her.


MP Bull Bones

MP Bull Bones was a Mobian bulldog member of the Original Freedom Fighters. After the free Mobians set up in Knothole, Bull Bones was the one who demanded the Original Freedom Fighters strike back against Dr. Ivo Robotnik's empire. However, he had to settle for Tig Stripe's proposal of hit-and-run tactics and raids, as their group lacked the man power and resources to fight a full out war. Like the other Original Freedom Fighters, he ended up roboticized and sent into the Zone of Silence after Trey Scales betrayed them. (StH: #142, #143)


MacHopper is a kangaroo and a member of freedom fighter that Robotnik hyponisted into thinking Sonic was the enemy. In the End, Sonic was able to help deprogram him and turn him back into a Freedom Fighter.

Mach the Rabbit

Mach the rabbit was one of the band members in Sonic's Band, along with Sonic, Vector, Max the Monkey, and Sharps the Chicken. Mach appeared in concept art for Sonic band, before the release of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991.

Mach was the band's drummer.

Mad Dog Max

Mad Dog Max is the DJ at Rebel Radio (REBL)


Madonna was supposed to be a love interest for Sonic back when the original game was still in development. She was a blonde haired skinny human woman in a form-fitting red dress and was actually going to be Sonic's girlfriend. However, she was scrapped from the final game, along with other things that were to be in the story (like Sonic being in a rockband). She was suppose to chase Sonic around like Amy Rose does in current games. She was first designed by Hirokazu Yasuhara, as a very attractive woman who would chase Sonic. She was later removed by Madeline Schroeder, her reason for removing Madonna was that she wanted to "soften" Sonic for children and and foreign countries, because she thought it was too "Japanese".


Maeve was the one on the Emerald Perinal that told Sonia about the Pendant. It turned out she partly Tricked Sonia in order to save the people of the Island. Her True form was that of a Fairly looking much younger.


Proclaimed as a "Freedom Fighter Fighter", Magbot was quickly destroyed.

Magma the Volcano God

Magma the Volcano God is a prehistoric lava entity that lives in a volcano and guards the Chaos Emerald of Life. He does not allow anyone to have the Chaos Emerald unless they first make a sacrifice to him. The sacrifice must be thrown into his lava. However the lava is actually volcanic mud, so the sacrifice is not destroyed, it just gets messy, as is what happened to Scratch and Grounder when Robotnik sacrificed them.

Mama Robotnik

Mama Robotnik, formerly known as Juliet Kintobor, is a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. She is the mother of Doctor Ivo Robotnik.

She is kept in an asylum, though she escapes from time to time. Her insanity is enough to scare even Robotnik himself. She is voiced by Michael Donovan.

Mama Robotnik has black eyes with red/black pupils and blue/red irises and a pink nose and wears a bulging pink dress, large green hat and black shoes.

On the first episode she appeared on, she didn't have a mustache until Sonic pulled Doctor Robotnik's mustache off and stuck it on her.

Mama Warpnik

Mama Warpnik is Dr. Warpnik's mother, Dr. Robotnik's aunt and Mama Robotnik's sister.

Mammoth Mogul

Mammoth Mogul is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics published by Archie Comics. He is a major antagonist of the comics, and is to Miles "Tails" Prower what Dr. Eggman/Dr. Ivo Robotnik is to Sonic or what Dimitri/Enerjak is to Knuckles the Echidna.

Mogul is a large, brown-furred, dark green-eyed, anthropomorphic wooly mammoth, originally clad in a white double-breasted suit (although he also temporarily wore a purple suit). In flashbacks he has been seen wearing a toga made from animal skins, and on a number of occasions in both the past and the present he has donned gold or green armor. When wearing the gold, he wore a red cape; the green armor came with an under-outfit of matching hue. Mogul also seems to favor walking sticks, and has owned at times both a cane proportionate to his size and a scepter with a green gem embedded in the top. He originally had a Chaos Emerald embedded in his chest, usually concealed by whatever he was wearing but revealed to unleash blasts of energy. This gem was later taken from him, and he afterwards wore his suit opened slightly to reveal the pit in his torso where it once rested; upon obtaining a new Emerald, he continues to have it exposed but appears to have had his shirt modified to reveal it without exposing any more of his torso. Initially, Mogul was also depicted with long braids of his fur hanging down his back, but these appear to have been removed from his design.

Manic the Hedgehog

Manic the Hedgehogwas a character in the TV series Sonic Underground, that took place in an alternate universe. Here, Manic is Sonic the Hedgehog's brother, on a quest with Sonic and his sister Sonia to find their mother, Queen Aleena Hedgehog. Manic's spines are more shaggy than Sonic's and Sonia's spines, and he is a green, anthropomorphic hedgehog while Sonic is blue and Sonia is pink. Possibly influenced by the Ashura glitch. He wears a reddish-brown vest, black spiked wristlaces and a fanny-pack, which he seems to fit anything and everything in, from his drumsticks to his lockpicks to whatever he steals. Interestingly, his shoes are almost identical to those of Miles "Tails" Prower. He has blue eyes, and his left ear pierced with two small loop earrings.

It is possible that Manic was named after the Radiohead demo tape Manic Hedgehog.

Manic was voiced by Jaleel White, and his singing voice was provided by Tyley Ross.

Parody Appearances

Manic's personality reflects that of:

  • Whiff - Thomas and Friends
  • Dan - Shining Time Station
  • Lord Stinker - TUGS

Manik Acorn

Manik Acorn is the son of King Sonic and Queen Sally and brother of Sonia Acorn. Manik bears great resemblance to his father, and has inherited his super speed and personality, but has his mother's eyes. He is the prince of the Kingdom of Acorn


Mantu is the son of the chief of the Speedster Island tribe.


Marcantonio (マーカントニオ Mākantonio) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. Though he seems aloof and cool, this dandy actually sports an interesting ability. He's also single at the moment.


Marcos is the son of Lupe and Lobo of the Wolf Pack and brother to Maria. Still a young child when Dr. Robotnik attacked the Wolves, he fled with his sister and father while others under his mother remained to fight. All three were captured and Roboticized during the rule of Doctor Eggman by the Robian Sir Charles Hedgehog, and were later joined by Lupe. All of them eventually regained their free will, and even forgave Charles for his actions under Eggman's control. Like the rest of the Robians, Marcos was restored to normal by the Bem, and joined the rest of his family in the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. They were briefly menaced by the Nanites controlled by A.D.A.M., but managed to escape. (StH: #67, #100, #112, #123 #152, SSS: #11)

Mari-An the Echidna

Mari-An is a female Echidna, formerly from the Lost Tribe, and the wife of Rob O' the Hedge. A formidable warrior, Mari-An helped free the Lost Tribe from the High Sheriff's control. Later, when the Lost Tribe arrived on Albion, Mari-An remained in the Kingdom of Mercia to be with Rob, with whom she eventually had a child named Jon.


Mari-Su is the second wife of Luger and the mother of Julie-Su. She later died in an accident, which is believed to have been engineered by Kragok and Lien-Da, who both hated her. Her name is derived from the term "Mary Sue", which fits Lien-Da's view of her as a "sickeningly perfect being."


Maria is a black wolf and the daughter of Lupe and Lobo and the sister of Marcos of the Wolf Pack. With the exception of her mother, her entire family fled their homes in order to escape Dr. Robotnik. Sadly, they were later captured by Doctor Eggman, an alternate version of Robotnik who had reprogrammed Sir Charles Hedgehog to serve as his lieutenant. Put through the Roboticizer, Maria was used to force her mother to submit to the transformation as well. Eventually freed by the power of the Sword of Acorns, they would later meet up with their former captor and forgive him, helping him to forgive himself as well. Following her De-Roboticization, Maria joined the rest of her family in the Wolf Pack, even facing the menace of Eggman's Nanites. She is the youngest member of the pack. (StH: #67, #100, #112, #123 #152, SSS: #11)

Maria Robotnik

Maria Robotnik (マリア‧ロボトニック Maria Robotonikku?) was Shadow's human companion in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog. She is the cousin of well known Sonic antagonist Doctor Ivo Robotnik and the granddaughter of Professor Gerald Robotnik. She is the main reason for Shadow's creation. Maria was a terminally ill patient on the Space Colony ARK, who had contracted the disease NIDS (Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome), which seems to be related to the disease AIDS and with real life NIDS. Her grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, created Shadow as a means to study immortality and to use the fruits of the project to attempt to cure Maria. After Shadow's creation, he became close friends with Maria to the end. Maria died during the invasion of the ARK by the Guardian Unit of Nations, after releasing Shadow from a cryogenic tube. She had light blonde hair, blue eyes and wore a blue dress and blue shoes.

Marine the Raccoon

Marine the Raccoon (マリン ・ザ ・ラクーン Marin za Rakūn?) is a character who debuted in Sonic Rush Adventure. Marine lives in Blaze the Cat's dimension, currently living on Southern Island where her house is located. She has orange and brown fur and blue eyes and wears green and white tube top, black skin-tight shorts and green and orange shoes. She speaks with an exaggerated Australian accent, using Australian slang words such as 'strewth' and 'bonza' and adding the word 'mate' to the end of sentences. She is a 7-year-old raccoon who stands 75 cm (2ft 7in) and weighs 70 lbs.

Marty, Moe and Jeff

These Penguins were the first to find Sonia when she became cut off from the Rest of the band and they believed she was really there long lost Queen 'Suana'.

Martyr bot

A martyr bot is a smaller version of a SWATbot that attempts to run up to a freedom fighter and detonate. They are armored humanlike robots with a half-football for a head. The eyes are a red line across the face. There is no nose or ears. It wears a large canister on its back. It is half the size of a SWATbot. A martyr bot activates a timed detonation when close enough to a freedom fighter. They are attracted to food, flares and voice boxes. They can be tripped by the trip cord and will instantly detonate upon impact with the ground.


Masonic is the ancestor of Sonic, whom he greatly resembles. He was the fastest bricklayer in Mobigypt. He is voiced by Jaleel White.

Master Mogul

Master Mogul is a super transformation of Mammoth Mogul. Unlike other super transformations, this form was brought on by the stolen powers of Enerjak through the Sword of Acorns. Despite his incredible power, Master Mogul was subsequently defeated by the combined might of Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles and Turbo Tails, with side-line assistance from Athair and the Brotherhood of Guardians. Mogul was trapped inside the new Master Emerald after his defeat.

Mathias Poe

A raven wizard whom Knuckles met during his search for the Sword of Acorns, Mathais Poe was one of several dark magic users who attempted to establish themselves in the Floating Island's Forbidden Zone. Having somehow obtained the Sword himself, Mathais disguised it as a duplicate of his fellow spellcaster Damocles the Elder, and used it as a magical focus to increase his own spells' power.

Knuckles infiltrated Poe's lair and confronted the Raven, only to have him summon an iron golem to fight against him. Unable to defeat the creature with his great strength, the Guardian seemed doomed to fail until his mentor Archimedes appeared. No stranger to magical lore, Archy realized that the key to victory was breaking the flow of magic from Mathais to the golem, and did so by knocking the raven down with his fire breath. No longer supported by its master, the golem was easily defeated by a punch from Knuckles. The two friends then discovered the nature of the Damocles duplicate, which Poe had directed his magic through to summon the golem, when they spilled potion on it and caused it to revert to its true form.

After being defeated by Knuckles, it is possible Mathias was hunted down by Sir Connery just like the aforementioned Damocles.

Mathias the Echidna

Mathias was the father of Hawking and grandfather of Tobor, making him the oldest living Guardian by the time of Knuckles' tenor as Guardian. Mathias served with the Brotherhood of Guardians all his life, growing a strong hatred of the Dark Legion and became popular amongst his brethren, especially Locke. He sacrifised his life in 3237 during the Brotherhood's attack on the Grand Conservatory.


Mauro (マウロ) is a resident of Spagonia from Sonic Unleashed. He is Spagonia's number one troublemaker, who subjects his primary target (that would be Denise) to every manner of prank and shenanigan imaginable. There does seem to be a motive behind Mauro's mayhem though. His father, Lucas, was lost at sea.


Max is a pickpocket who leads a small group of thieves. After helping the Sonic Underground, he and his posse are given homes.

Parody Appearances

Max's personality reflects that of:

  • Scruff - Thomas and Friends

Max the Monkey

Max the Monkey was a member of the Sonic the Hedgehog Band, which appeared in concept art prior to the release of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991. Max is the band's bass player, and his bandmates are Sonic, Vector, Mach, and Sharps.

May the Squircoon

May is Ray and Marine's 8-year-old daughter. She looks like her mom except she is a bit yellowish like her dad and also wears a green jacket like her dad's blue jacket. She might have a loving relationship with Roman in the second season. May can sometimes help out around the house with her mom and dad. Sometimes her family goes on private cruise trips (But sometimes brings a friend or two) Being a girl like Sarah and Sylvia sometimes hang out together doing stuff girls like to do.

May's personality is similar to Marine's.

Mayor Chestnut

Mayor Chestnut is The Mayor of Tranquil Gulch. He made Sonic the sheriff to help stop Robotnik.

Mayor Fhumper

Mayor Fhumper is the Mayor of popodopolis. He turned out to be a Robot working for Robotnik.

Mayor Kintobor

Mayor Kintobor is another heroic version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, similar to his Antiverse counterpart, Dr. Ivo Kintobor. The Mayor's appearance is the same as Doctor Eggman's, except the color of his outfit is reversed to be primarily white, with red stripes. He is the mayor of the city of Kintopolis.

In an experiment gone awry, Mayor Kintobor exposed an atoll to Chaos Emerald radiation, mistakedly believing the island to be uninhabited; the resultant effects mutated the Knothole Freedom Fighters of this Mobius into Godzilla-like monsters. In hopes of stopping this threat, he developed a Roboticization virus that would turn the creatures into immobile robots, succeeding with his Mobius's version of Charles Hedgehog. Over time, the creatures began developing an immunity to the virus, resulting in the cyborg Rabbot-Zilla. Only with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog, who had been brought by Zonic the Zone Cop, was the creature defeated. Afterwards, Kintobor modified the Giant Robotno battle machine to run on Sonic's speed, allowing Sonic to use it to retrieve a Chaos Emerald that Kintobor needed to power his other machines. In honor of the hero, Kintobor modeled the first of his new creations after Sonic. He also expressed great remorse at the news of what his counterpart in Sonic's universe, Dr. Robotnik, had done to that Mobius. (SSS: #12)

Mayor Knackwurst

Mayor Knackwurst is the Mayor of wienerville, a town famous for it's Sausages.

Mayor Winniham

Mayor Winniham is a horse who is the Mayor of Mobodoon, the Sonic Underground band's hometown. She was impeached by Sleet, but it is presumed that she has resumed office. She is best friends with Queen Aleena.


McMole is a Scottish mole and the leader of the mole miners.

Mecha Knuckles

Mecha Knuckles is a gray, yellow and red robotic version of Knuckles with yellow gloves and glowing red eyes with white pupils. He has virtually every move Knuckles had, plus the ability to fire rockets from his mouth.

Mecha Robotnik

Mecha, or M, was the robotic "daughter" of Dr. Eggman and sister of A.D.A.M.. She served as Eggman's bodyguard, and looked like a human woman in a sci-fi version of 80s New Wave attire. She had brunette hair, white skin and wore a silver and black uniform, jewel ear rings and sunglasses.

Once A.D.A.M. gained self-awareness and started sabotaging Eggman's operation, Eggman became paranoid and ordered M to self-destruct, an order she obeyed.

Mecha Sonic

Mecha Sonic メカソニック (Meka Sonikku) is a powerful robot built by Doctor Eggman that appeared in the game Sonic & Knuckles. He attacks both Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna, and appears in the Sky Sanctuary Zone in four separate boss battles across the two storylines of the game (three times for Sonic and once against Knuckles). He stands 130 cm and weighs 170 kg. His abilities are hyper jet boosters, teleportation and laser blasts.

Mecha Tails

Mecha Tails was the roboticized version of Tails. His first (and last) appearance was when the Bem abducted Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman and Snively. Both Sonic and Tails were Mechanized into Mecha Sonic and Mecha Tails, while Eggman and Snively were deroboticized. The Bem used them as part of an experiment to determine if organics were better than robotics. Unsurprisingly, Mecha Sonic and Mecha Tails survived a large explosion, and Mecha Tails kept Snively pinned while Mecha Sonic defeated Eggman. Sonic and Tails were then deroboticized. (StH: #118)

Mega Chopper

Mega Chopper (known as Kapu-kapu in Japan) is a piranha-shaped n enemy Badnik that appears in Hydrocity Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Mega Drive.

Although its name would suggest it is related to the Chopper badnik from Sonic 1, it is in fact much more similar to the Chop-Chop from the Aquatic Ruin Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It is also much smaller than either of these two badniks, again despite its name.

Megan Acorn

Megan "Meg" Acorn is the wife of New Mobotropolis' ruler, King Elias Acorn, and the mother of his daughter Alexis. Because Meg is a commoner, she and any children she has with Elias are not eligible to rule the Kingdom of Acorn. This is okay with her, as she currently resides in New Mobotropolis with her family. She has brown fur and green eyes.


Mello is the wild, fun loving, adventure seeking best friend of Charmy Bee. Mello met up with Charmy after he left the Golden Hive Colony, refusing to go through with being crowned king, Mello also mentioned receiving similar responsibilities from his parents (though presumably not royal ones). Deciding to have some fun to forget their parental problems, Mello and Charmy went around to find some fun and ended up at Happy Land, amusement park belonging to Renfield the Rodent. The two entered and had some fun, Mello ate one of the chili dogs loaded with the "secret sauce" Downtown Ebony Hare and Renfield were using on the food. Mello overdosed on the sauce and after leaving the park, he collapsed in an alley in front of Charmy. Charmy called for help and found Harry, the Dingo cab driver. He rushed Mello and Charmy to the hospital, and Mello was rushed into surgery. Sadly, Mello died from the poison and as Charmy attended his funeral, he announced he was leaving the Chaotix and accepting his heritage as prince of the Golden Hive Colony. Sadly, this time of acceptance was short-lived, as the Golden Hive Colony was later invaded by Dr. Robotnik's forces.

Mello wore a scarf, a helmet, and thick goggles over his eyes.

Melody Prower

Melody Prower is the daughter of Miles and Mina Prower, and the sister of Skye Prower.


Menniker was the son of Dimitri and the founder of the infamous Dark Legion. When his father seemingly died at the hands of the Fire Ants, Menniker blamed his uncle Edmund for betraying his father and siding with the High Council. He decided to oppose the Council's ban of all excessive technology and follow in his father's footsteps, developing the Dark Legion and taking over Echidnaopolis. Menniker was killed many years later during one of his attempts to destroy Echidnaopolis via nuclear weapons by the current Guardian (the great-great-grandson of his cousin) Aaron.


Menthor was the High Councilor of Echidnaopolis roughly 400 years ago. When he realized Edmund and Dimitri's plans to use the Chaos Syphon to reunite the Floating Island with the surface of Mobius would make them both heroes and thus ruin his own political ambitions, Menthor denied the brothers' petition strictly on those grounds, though officially stated it was because the plan was too dangerous. After Dimitri went ahead and used the Syphon anyways in defiance of this decision, he imprisoned both Menthor and Edmund in his Dark Tower, but was soon defeated by the Fire Ants. Menthor escaped from the collapsing structure with Edmund, and held back Menniker from running into it when the boy tried to save his father. (StH: #35, #36, KtE: #23)

Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles the Dark (闇のメフィレス Yami no Mefiresu?) (pronounced [mɛfɨləs] or [mə'fɪliːz] in English) is one of the main villains of the game Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is the conscious mind and will of the Sun god Solaris. He stands 100 cm (3 ft 3 in) tall and weighs 35 kg (77 lbs) (in his Shadow form) and 40 kg (88 lbs) (in his second form).

Mephiles is the final boss of Shadow the Hedgehog's story, although he plays a pivotal role in all three of the game's storylines. He is a skilled manipulator, tricking Silver into believing that Sonic was the Iblis Trigger and thus that killing Sonic would save Silver's future. He also has a particular interest in Shadow, who originally imprisoned him after his creation, and whose appearance and powers Mephiles absorbed upon his release. Mephiles repeatedly attempted to convince Shadow to join him, but Shadow refused each time.

He is notable as the villain that killed Sonic the Hedgehog, although Sonic was later resurrected.


Merin-Da was the first wife of Luger and the mother of Kragok and Lien-Da as well as the grandmother of Remington. She died of a fever when they were only toddlers.

Merlin Prower

Merlin Prower is Tails' uncle and Amadeus' brother. Merlin is, as his name would suggest, a wizard. He has orange fur, light blue eyes and graying hair and wears blue cloak and large beads. He was formerly the chief wizard in the Kingdom of Acorn - a title he apparently assumed after Ixis Naugus' banishment - but hid himself away after Dr. Robotnik's coup. Merlin's connection to Tails wasn't established for a long time, as those who met him didn't know his nephew's real name, as was the case when he met Knuckles.

Merlin is a charlatan, for the most part uninvolved with the rest of Mobius. Predictably, he is aware of Athair and the Ancient Walkers, and knows of Tails' destiny as the Chosen One. He first appeared when Knuckles was searching for the Sword of Acorns, and provided the Echidna with some assistance in his efforts. However, he had appeared in the past to Sonic, trading Tails' sneakers for a bag of "shiny stones" that Sonic found. Following his initial confrontation with Chaos Knuckles, an unconscious Tails was brought to Merlin by Athair, who helped him recover for a rematch with the Guardian.

It was only after many years that Tails even learned of his existence, through Athair before his final showdown with Mammoth Mogul took place. He later reunited with Tails when he came to Knothole bearing the Chaos Emerald containing Mammoth Mogul, knowing that the Artifacts of Acorn were the only hope to save the dying Ancient Walkers and keeping Mogul permanently trapped. Unfortunately, due to the interference of the Arachne as they freed Ixis Naugus, the Ancient Walkers were killed and Merlin was knocked unconscious when Mogul escaped and reclaimed his Emerald. To make up for his failure, he has joined forces with the Freedom Fighers, and was also selected by the Walkers to be one of their successors, the Neo Walkers, along with Athair and Aurora. He was accompanied by Sir Connery, but the Paladin of the Ancient Walkers sacrificed himself to destroy the Sword and Crown of Acorns.

Merlin later used his magic to bring Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles to Argentium, homeworld of the Bem, which was currently caught in the middle of a war between the Xorda and the Black Arms. Reuniting with his brother and sister-in-law, Merlin brought Amadeus and Rosemary home to Mobius and took up residence with them and Tails. Unlike his family members, however, Merlin did not apparently feel that the Kingdom of Acorn needed to undergo reform, and did not take part in the other Prowers' efforts to bring down Elias.

Being a sorcerer, and a rather powerful one at that, Merlin possesses abilities that even his nephew, Knuckles, and Sonic do not know about. He has mainly demonstrated this in the powers of teleportation and illusion, and does not appear to possess strength anywhere approaching that of Mammoth Mogul, or even of his fellow Neo Walkers.

Merlin the Sorceror

Merlin was the grandfather of Merlina the Sorceress in Sonic and the Black Knight. He never appears in the game, and his fate within the SatBK continuity goes conspicuously unaddressed. It seems likely that he has simply died of old age some time before the events following Sonic's summoning, considering that his grand-daughter is by now a young woman and accomplished wizard in her own right.

Years previously in the Arthurian world, Merlin created the illusion of King Arthur as a means of bringing peace and just rule to the Grand Kingdom (explained by Merlina just before Knight's Passage). However, the Lady of the Lake gave Arthur the Scabbard of Excalibur, thus making him immortal. The power corrupted Arthur, plunging the Kingdom into darkness. Indeed, Merlina describes the fallen King as "my grandfather's greatest mistake".

Merlina the Sorceress

Merlina the Sorceress is Sonic's principal ally, and later as the Dark Queen the principal antagonist, in Sonic and the Black Knight for the Nintendo Wii. She is voiced by Melissa Hutchison in the English version and Mamiko Noto in the Japanese version. She is an unusually tall member of the long-eared Arthurian folk, the Royal Wizard of Camelot, and the one who initially summons Sonic to the Arthurian storybook realm. She is also the granddaughter of the famous wizard Merlin.


Merlinx is The Legendrey magician that helped King Arfer and the Knights of the hound table.

Merna the Merhog

Merna the Merhog is a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Merna appears in the episode "The Little Merhog", and asks Sonic and Tails to save the city of Mertopia from being turned into condos and mini-malls.

Metal Claus

Metal Claus is an unintelligent robot that "replaced" the real Santa Claus in Sonic Christmas Blast. He was involved in an evil scheme to take over Christmas and bring every present to eggman. He was made out of cardboard and doesn't really resemble Santa at all. Apparently, the only things he can say are Christmas-related things. For example, when Metal Claus, Scratch, and Grounder are attached to a giant magnet and Sonic releases it, Metal Claus yells "Happy holidays!" He was then destroyed when he hit the ground.

Metal Knuckles

Metal Knuckles is a robot version of Knuckles who appeared in Sonic R as a unlockable character. It was created by Dr. Robotnik, and its abilities are similar to Knuckles. In Sonic R, to unlock him, you need to collect all 5 tokens in Reactive Factory, then beat him in a one-on-one race. He stands 110 cm (3 ft 7 in) tall and weighs 170 to 210 kg (374 to 462 lbs).

Metal Robotnik

Metal Robotnik (Black Eggman in the Japanese version), introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie OAV, was a giant robotic version of Robotnik, created by the evil doctor to destroy Sonic and Tails. Robotnik claimed that Metal Robotnik has conquered his peacful hometown, Robotropolis, in order to lure Sonic to a trap. He was voiced by Edwin Neal.

He's a giant red, gray and black egg shaped robot with red eyes, interchangeable arm attachments. He also has missile launchers built into his chest area and expandable wings and a jet-pack on his back. His voice and personality perfectly match that of Robotnik. It is later found to be a mecha driven by Dr. Robotnik and the "kidnapped" Princess Sara when it is completely destroyed by Sonic. Like Robotnik, likes being in control and dislikes being mocked. He put up a great fight for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, but despite his tough armor, he was easily ripped apart by a well placed spinball attack from Sonic. It was then revealed that Robotnik was piloting the giant mech from a cockpit inside the stomach. The giant mech returned later when Metal Sonic was born, only to fall apart from its damages from its previous battle.

Metal Scourge

Metal Scourge is a robotic duplicate of Scourge the Hedgehog, much like Metal Sonic is to Sonic the Hedgehog. Little is there to be known about him, he was made by Doctor Eggman and based on Scourge. Eggman had sent Metal Sonic to attack Sonic, only to find "Mean Green" at Freedom HQ, and decides to attack him instead, Scourge desiring to conquer "Eggman's" world. Eggman immediately began construction of Metal Scourge, remarkably finishing in a matter of moments. By then, Sonic was on the scene, teaming up with Scourge to take down Metal. Metal's reinforcements arrived (Metal Scourge), and Scourge reluctantly called the Suppression Squad into the fray, both mechs destroyed after some flashy teamwork by Boomer's sonic waves. He stands 100 cm (3ft 3 in) tall and weighs 125 kg (276 lbs).

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic (メタルソニック Metaru Sonikku?) is the evil "robotic counterpart" of Sonic the Hedgehog, created by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. As well as resembling Sonic, he can also perform many of Sonic's moves, including his homing attack. He stands 100 cm (3ft 3 in) tall and weighs 125 kg (276 lbs).

Parody Appearances

Metal Sonic's personality reflects that of:

  • The Spiteful Brakevan - Thomas & Friends
  • Bluenose - TUGS
  • Jasper - Theodore Tugboat
  • Evil Jim - Earthworm Jim
  • Shadow Mario - Super Mario Bros.
  • Pikachutwo - Pokemon
  • Shadow Kirby - Kirby

Metal Sonic 1.0

Metal Sonic was one of the deadliest robotic models created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He is based off his organic counterpart and Robotnik's most hated enemy, Sonic the Hedgehog. Metal Sonic was pitted against Sonic and friends on numerous occassions, finally destroyed when he chose to sacrifice himself to save Sonic and Tails.

Metal Sonic 3.0

Metal Sonic 3.0 (メタルソニックver3.0) is Eggman Nega's copy of Metal Sonic that appeared in Sonic Rivals 2. The one difference between it and the original is that it's main colors are black and yellow, similar to Gemerl. It was made to awaken Ifrit and raced Shadow, Metal Sonic, Silver or Espio (depending on the story mode). When Shadow, Metal, Silver or Espio reach Ifrit, 3.0 tries to stop them from destroying Ifrit and attacks them. Once the Ifrit is defeated 3.0 was either destroyed or trapped in Ifrit's dimension.

Metal Sonic Troopers

Metal Sonic Troopers were an army of Metal Sonics created by Sir Charles Hedgehog and Rotor to defend Knothole against Dr. Eggman when Sonic was believed to be dead.


The Metarex are a fictional army of cyborgs and robots in the television series Sonic X. They are led by the villain, known as Dark Oak and have one motive: to dominate the galaxy (or so it seems). They are similar to the Black Arms and Dark Oak is similar to Black Doom from Shadow the Hedgehog. The regular soldiers look like the common Black Arms soldiers. The Metarex serve as the main antagonists in the final season of Sonic X, almost replacing Dr. Eggman, although unlike Eggman, the metarex had everything laid out in advance so that they could both protect vital operations and attack enemy worlds at the same time. Most of the Important Metarex take their names from different trees.

Metarex Carrer

The Metarex Carrer was first Metarex besides Dark Oak to appear, this Metarex had a mostly triangular appearance. Appearance: single dark blue eye, with a matching orb on the chest. Equipped with pincer - ended tentacles and electrical blasts. Later showed up to escort Monkey Metarex, but was irrepairably damaged by the Blue Typhoon.

Metarex Troopers

Metarex Troopers are humanoid Metarex with insectoid heads who serve as the standard troopers of the Metarex. They are capable of flight, but are otherwise unremarkable.

Mighty the Armadillo

Michael "Mighty" Zacharius Bélanger the Armadillo (マイティー・ザ・アルマジロ Maitī za Arumajiro?) is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. His character designer is Manabu Kusunoki. He stands 104 cm (3 ft 4 in) tall and weighs 39 kg (85 lbs).

Mighty is an explorer and a long time acquaintance of Sonic the Hedgehog, and he first appeared in SegaSonic the Hedgehog, where he is voiced by Yusuke Numata.

Parody Appearances

Mighty's personality reflects that of:

  • Rug Bug Benny/Snoozy - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop


Mighty-Zilla is an alternate version of Mighty the Armadillo from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Mighty into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. Mighty-Zilla was not seen fighting Sonic with the others. (SSS: #12)


Mildred was a fast-talking Rabbit that said she had a lead to the disappearing animals but she never got as far as to say if anyone really had disappeared in front of her. Has a Friend called Lisa

Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles Prower, better known by his nickname Tails, (Pronounced in Japan; Mairusu "Teirusu" Pauā マイルス・テイルス・パウアー) is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games, comics, and animated series released by Sega.

The name "Miles Prower" is a pun on "miles per hour", a reference to the famed speed of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an 8-year-old orange-golden-yellow, anthropomorphic fox with two tails (similar to the mythological kitsune), hence the nickname. He is known to be Sonic's sidekick and a mechanist. He is able to use his two tails to propel himself into the air like a helicopter for a limited time. His debut was in October 16, 1992, introduced in 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2; the 16-bit version was released that November. He stands 80 cm (2 ft 7 in) tall and weighs 20 kg (44 lbs).

During his first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, his skin and fur was an orange color, but the color was changed to yellow-orange for Sonic Adventure, and light-yellow for Sonic Heroes. In 1993 and 1995, he starred in his own games, Tails and the Music Maker for the Pico, Tails Adventure, and Tails' Skypatrol for the Game Gear. Tails is the third most popular character of the series, behind Sonic and Shadow, according to official polls. However, he is being given more minor roles in games as of late.

Parody Appearences

Tails' personality reflects that of:

  • Percy - Thomas & Friends
  • Sunshine - TUGS
  • Yoshi - Super Mario Bros.
  • Mr. Conductor #2 - Shining Time Station
  • Piplup - Pokemon
  • Tuff - Kirby
  • Booker - Garfield & Friends
  • Bart or Milhouse - The Simpsons
  • Goody-Goody Gordon - Horrid Henry
  • Hamton J. Pig - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Tweety Bird - Looney Tunes
  • Ferb Fletcher - Phineas and Ferb
  • Rush - Mega Man
  • Patrick Star - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Sawtooth - Wacky Races
  • Michelangelo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Keswick - T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Peter Puppy - Earthworm Jim
  • Cody - Total Drama

Miles Prower

Miles Prower, formerly known as Anti-Tails, and Anti-Miles Prower, is the Anti-Mobius version of Miles "Tails" Prower. Initially a member of the Anti-Freedom Fighters, he and his compatriots terrorized their home zone of Anti-Mobius for years, and made a visit to Mobius Prime on one occasion to impersonate and discredit the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Defeated and sent back, he and the others continued their campaign, striking at Sonic when they thought him to be Scourge the Hedgehog. Despite his antagonism for the hedgehog, Anti-Tails consented to serve under him as a member of the Suppression Squad, a new group that soon launched an attack on Mobius Prime.

Mina Mongoose

Mina Mongoose (dubbed Songoose for her singing talents) is a fictional character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. She is a yellow, female, teenage, anthropomorphic mongoose. Mina has purple hair held back by a black headband, and green eyes.

She debuted in the Sonic Archie Comics in issue #76 where she was captured by Dr. Robotnik and rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog. She is one of three girls (the other two being Princess Sally Acorn and Amy Rose) well known for competing for the affections of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Mina is the 16 year-old daughter of Isabella Mongoose and the late Arthur Mongoose. A schoolgirl in love with Mobius' most renowned hero, Mina is also a heroine in her own right. Recently she has enjoyed a highly successful singing career, and has become one of Mobius' biggest celebrities.

Originally, Mina's outfit consisted of a black tank top, brown shorts, and green boots and gloves. Later on, her tanktop became violet in the front with black straps, and a skirt of matching design.

Mindy LaTour

Mindy LaTour is an anthropomorphic fox who is Sonia's best friend and a rich fashionist. Her voice (talking and singing) was done by Louise Vallance, who also did the singing voice of Sonia. Her father is very protective of her. He was forced to create robotic watches for Robotnik, and this operation was monitored by Agent N. They lived on the LaTour Estate until they were forced to go on the run.

Mini and Mum

Mini (ミニ) and Mum (マム) are green and blue flying robots who serve as Captain Whisker's 2nd and 3rd mates. They are helpful to the Captain who would be a little lost without them. Mini sits on the Captain's left shoulder, and Mum sits on his right. Their names are a pun on the word "Minimum".

Mini and Mum are perhaps more alert and scheming than they appear. Mini and Mum are Eggman and Eggman Nega's robots which were created to help Captain Whisker retrive the Jeweled Scepter (Princess Blaze's posession) in Sonic Rush Adventure.

Along with Captain Whisker, their eventual fate is unknown.

Miss Possum

A sweet (and short) lady possum, she was Sonic and Tails's friend in the town of Tranquil Gulch, who brought them to the town to sort out its problems there. Once they were cleared up, she was made Sheriff.

Miss Possum was a very stereotypical "good ol' gal from out west", the kind that can be found running brothels or singing in saloons in many Westerns. She bears a slight resemblance to Dolly Parton.

Miss Saccharine

Miss Saccharine is the owner of a Day-Care centre when first appears and seams to be the same role in other apperances. She seams to do a good job at looking after the kids which comes as problems when Baby Sonic, Tails and Robotnik are in her care. We can also guess that she never married by her name prefex of 'Miss'.

Miss Sniffed

A skunk from Mobuis Adoption Agecy that was sent to make sure Sonic was being treated right. IN the end, Sonic showed her what was really going on.

Mister Stewart

Mr. Stewart is a government agent posing as a school teacher assigned to watch Sonic and his friends by the President. He teaches Chris Thorndyke and his classmates, such as Danny, Frances, and Helen. Mister Stewart always looks out for the kids in his class.

Mister Stewart is a fan of Chris' film actress mother, Linsey Flair. He dislikes Dr. Robotnik, Coconuts, Snively, Scratch, Grounder, Decoe and Bocoe.

He is voiced by Andrew Rannells, who also voices Decoe in the English dub. His Japanese actor is Kozo Shyioa.


The Dark Presence Undercover Spy or Misty-Re, was a female Echidna and member of the Dark Presence, possibly in the Dark Eyes faction. She infiltrated Castle Mobius in 3265 by getting a position as a maid and revealed herself in 3267 when she gassed Silver the Hedgehog unconscious after flirting with him, and was then knocked out herself by King Sonic using her own gas-gun.


Mobie was a prehistoric cave-bear. He was frozen in ice for thousands of years until Antoine accidentally discovered him. Mobie was thawed out and lived in Knothole Village briefly, where he communicated to the Freedom Fighters through paintings. However, adjusting to the civilized life proved too much for Mobie and he ended up returning to the wild. Mobie is also shown in a flashback of Mammoth Mogul's, where it is revealed that he was one of the ones who forced Mogul into exile prior to the formation of the Order of Ixis. He is 8000 years old, likes painting and dislikes being confused and adjusting to the new surroundings. He has brown fur and eyes. He wears leotard and wooden club.

Moby Deep

Moby Deep is a giant whale mistaken for a sea monster. A parody of Moby Dick. He is voiced by Long John Baldry who voiced Dr. Robotnik in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Mole Miners

Mole Miners are a group of Mole Miners that had Sonic called in to help them speed up there mining work.


Molly is a girl seen in season 3/series of Sonic X, having a one-time appearance in episode 68. She hails from a nameless planet (named "Cascade" in the English dub), where she is rescued from the Metarex by Shadow. Shadow notes how much she reminds him of Maria Robotnik, but she later sacrifices herself during a Metarex attack. Shadow then builds a memorial to her honor, and is seen standing by it in the final episode.

Molly flies an aircraft that resembles a futuristic version of the F7U Cutlass, a 1950s US Navy jet fighter. She was flying this fighter when she was killed by the Metarex.

Molly is voiced by Bella Hudson in the English dub, which notably did not show her death; In the 4Kids version, Molly's death was removed, instead making it seem like she fled the Metarex and suddenly disappeared. Her memorial was edited out. Also, in episode 78, a frame of Shadow having placed a pink rose next to Molly's grave was removed.

Momma T

The mother of Baby T.


Monk is a purple gorilla with red eyes.

Monk used to bully Knuckles when Knuckles was around 10 years old. He became so good at it that the Brotherhood of Guardians (in disguise) threw him off the Floating Island. After about 5-6 years, Monk managed to return. Wanting to go back to old times, he tried to bully Knuckles again but found that Knuckles wasn't exactly the same. However, that was the least of his worries as Hunter used him and Knuckles as his next targets for his hunting game. Forced to work with Knuckles due to a collar that caused immense pain when the two were separated, he attacked Hunter directly when Hunter was distracted trying to shoot Knuckles. Monk was shocked and fell a great distance to the ground below. Whether it was the shock or the fall that killed him is debateable.

Monkey Dude

Monkey Dude, known as Saruder (サルダー) in Japan, is a metallic monkey Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik. It appears in Angel Island Zone, and will hang from a palm tree throwing coconuts. It is based on the Coconuts badnik from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Each Monkey Dude has only one coconut, and after the coconut is thrown the Monkey Dude is effectively unarmed and easily destroyed.

Monkey Khan

Monkey Khan, originally named Ken Khan, is a brown Chinese monkey with blue eyes and cybernetic implants that appears to be a rather erratic individual. In his early life he lived in a village of pacifists, wanting to distance themselves from the war between the Kingdom of Acorn and the Overlander city of Megaopolis. He wears a Power Ring headband, red and blue vest, and also has powerful staff and a flying cloud.

Ken didn't exactly fit in due to his boistorous nature, earning the ire of his father; Lord Lau Khan. Ken pointed out that he was good at fighting and totally rejecting violence was impractical due to the risk of war. His father explained his reasons but soon Julian Kintobor arrived, wanting to use the villagers as test subjects for experiments in cyborg technology (a predecessor to roboticization).

Ken was the only one strong enough to survive the process. To test his abilities, Julian directed him against an Overlander platoon, one that ended up scattering before the monkey's assault. However, he proved strong enough to resist Julian's orders, causing him to be sealed in a metal crate. Sally Acorn inadvertently released him years later, now going by the name of Monkey Khan. Upon hearing of Robotnik's involvement in his creation, Sonic instantly assumed him to be an enemy, but the two soon made up.

Sonic and Tails later encountered him in a village similar to his own. Khan was brainwashed by the Iron Queen into doing her bidding. Sonic and Tails quickly managed to break the spell, and all three of them managed to defeat the Iron Queen and King. Khan found peace in the village; however, with the coming of Robo-Robotnik it was torched and its inhabitants roboticized. Monkey Khan vowed vengeance, seemingly taking it out on the Overlanders that had arrived outside Robotropolis. He didn't care if he scared or injured them, revealing his erratic nature. Eggman activated the city's force field, but Khan flew away, still desiring revenge.

Monkey Khan was seen fighting the Xorda in the Sonic Adventure 2.5 arc but disappeared into obscurity. However, Khan made his return shortly after Eggman's defeat, crashing the victory party in New Mobotropolis. He informed the Freedom Fighters of the change in power in the Eggman Empire, and teamed up with Sonic to acquire more information. Khan also seemed intrigued by the fact that Sonic and Sally were no longer a couple, hinting at a possible love triangle. Khan has been under the influence of the Iron Queen, who controlled him with her technomagic and turned him against his friends. Sonic managed to grab a Power Ring from the Lake of Rings, after Snively destroyed Monkey Khan's and Monkey Khan regained control.

Monkey Metarex

Monkey Metarex is a rather unimpressive, cowardly Metarex in the form of a large monkey. Dispatched by Dark Oak to retrieve a Planet Egg, which resulted in the planet becoming a jungle. Robbed of his bodyguard, the Monkey Metarex attempted to defeat Sonic and co. with a series of traps. After numerous altercations, he was destroyed by an angry Amy Rose.

Moonwatcher the Echidna

Moonwatcher was the son of Guardian Steppenwolf and the second of the Guardians to possess a link to the Chaos Emeralds of Angel Island.

Moritori Rex

Moritori Rex is a former Grandmaster of the Dark Legion and grandson of the infamous Dimitri. Moritori Rex found himself becoming a spy for the Dark Legion when he was mistaken for the Guardian Tobor and brought to the Brotherhood of Guardians' secret base Haven. For many years, Moritori Rex managed to pass himself off as Tobor until his true identity was revealed by Knuckles the Echidna. Following this, he rejoined his fellow Dark Legion members and served under Dimitri, who had taken command of the Legion. After the Dingo takeover of Angel Island, Moritori Rex was captured and studied by Dr. Finitevus and tossed into the Twilight Zone along with the rest of the surviving Brotherhood members when the mad scientist had completed his studies.


The Motobug, known as Motora (モトラ) in Japan, was a first generation Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik in the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game for the Sega Genesis. Motobug was the first enemy Sonic encountered in that game, and thus the first enemy encountered in the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Mrs. Sommersby

Mrs. Sommersby is one of the caretakers of the Kingdom of Acorn Royal Compound on Angel Island, and the wife of former Secret Service Colonel Sommersby, who was one of the bodyguards of Queen Alicia Acorn when she was sent to Angel Island for safety.

Mutant Snake

One of the giant mutant creatures created during the Days of Fury caused by the Xorda, the Mutant Snake attacked Sonic when he retrieved the Ring of Acorns from the Temple of Shazamazo. Failing to catch him, it struck a group of Robians but hasn't been encountered since.


Muttski is the pet dog of Sonic the Hedgehog in the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series and comic by Archie Comics. Along with Uncle Chuck, Muttski was roboticized prior to Sonic joining the Freedom Fighters.


Mykol was a purple Echidna and a member of Albion's Executive Council in 2000 (technically 3236). When councilor Rita-Le pointed out her worry over outsiders "trodding upon our land", referring to Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot, Antoine D'Coolette and Rob O' the Hedge, Mykol pointed out that their "recent guest" who was also an outsider had been in their city, though Rita-Le retorted that the captured High Sheriff wasn't exactly "trodding upon" Albion. Later, after Gala-Na hired Nic and Nack the Weasel to track down and capture Chaos Knuckles, Mykol asked Gala-Na if she thought the two bounty hunters would be up to the task. (StH: #89, #91)

The following year, Mykol and the rest of the citizens of Albion were captured by the Eggman Empire after Dr. Finitevus sabotaged the city's defences and lured the empire's forces there. (StH: #182)



NICOLE, also known as Nicole, is a fictional, sentient, portable computer from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series ("SatAM") and Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, owned by Princess Sally Acorn. Her voice is provided by Kath Soucie, the same voice actress who portrays Sally.

NICOLE bears a resemblance to the tricorders seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation and serves a similar function, though she is more versatile. In the cartoon, Sally carries NICOLE attached to one of her boots, even after she gets her vest later on in the series. In the Archie comics, Sally has been shown carrying her via a retractable shoulder strap attached to NICOLE (à la the Star Trek: The Original Series' tricorders), though was shown carrying her in a special pouch in a belt around her waist in issue #159.

In both the cartoon and the comic, NICOLE's size will occasionally vary dramatically from one appearance to the next, being the size of a book and then appearing to be the size of present-day cellular phones, though it appears to be an artistic goof as none of the characters have ever commented about this or given a canonical explanation for it.

NICOLE has grown envious of Sally and her organic body over the years. On occasion, she has taken holographic form, able to walk, touch, and interact in ways that she is unable to normally. Her appearance in this mode is a female lynx with brown fur, green eyes, black hair, clad in a purple toga. Fans question whether this animal form was a bit of a joke, since NICOLE is a handheld computer, and the "Lynx" was a handheld game system.

Naga Metarex

Naga Metarex are numerous Metarex with humanoid torsos and snake - like tails. Utilized in the operation of an artificial Chaos Emerald manufacturing plant. Defeated by the combined efforts of the crew of the Blue Typhoon. Have a resemblance to the Hydralisks of the game Starcraft.

Nanite Metarex

Nanite Metarex is one of the more powerful Metarex; was composed of a mass of nanites. Using it's ability to alter its form, it created a haunted castle and nearly succeeded in defeating Sonic and co. It was also capable of shooting blue needle like projectiles. Destroyed by Shadow the Hedgehog.


Natalia (ナタリア Nataria) is a resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. A former supermodel whose looks could floor anybody. She's still beautiful: a loving mother of two (including Elio) and a source of strength for her shoemaker husband, Ciccio. Natalia makes a mean cheese pizza.

Nate Morgan

Nathaniel "Nate" Beauregard Morgan is an elderly Overlander man that Sonic and Tails met during their quest to defeat Ixis Naugus. He has black skin, black/white hair and brown eyes, and wears green vest, red trousers, blue sneaker shoes, white lab coat and glasses. Nate had a big role in the past of the House of Acorn, as he became the Minister of Science following his exile from the Overlanders, which was due to an explosion that his research in the field of renewable energy caused - though it might never have happened if not for his treacherous assistant, Julian Kintobor, who would one day become Dr. Robotnik. Making his way to the realm controlled by Sally Acorn's grandfather, the Overlander was surprisingly received warmly. He became a member of the royal court, and a second father figure to King Acorn. Nate discovered the method of successfully forging Power Rings by using the energy of a Chaos Emerald. This led to the founding of Mobotropolis and the ascension of the Kingdom of Acorn to the level of a technological power, as well as Power Rings becoming Mobius' fifth element. Nate enjoyed many years of peace in Mobotropolis, which included teaching not only Sir Charles Hedgehog but his brother Jules. Unfortunately, Nate's presence didn't sit well with some of King Acorn's advisors, namely Ixis Naugus, who feared that Nate's science would replace his magic, and Warlord Kodos. After their efforts raised anti-Overlander sentiment thanks to an arranged battle between Mobians and Overlanders, Nate departed, disappearing until he was found by Sonic and Tails years later during their search for the renegade wizard.

Nate stopped briefly along his road to yet another new life, dropping the Power Ring-Forge into a lake near Knothole Village, which as a result would continue to spout Power Rings in future years despite Nate's hopes that it would never be found. Eventually he wound up in the Southern Tundra, where he rescued and made friends with Eddy the Yeti, a mutant creature whom he healed with bionic implants. Together, the pair constructed a castle, where they lived in peace for many years-until Naugus arrived. Nate was fully aware of why Naugus had come for him: he wanted Nate's massive cache of Power Rings so he could gain control over all of Mobius' elements. In the ensuing battle, Nate achieved a measure of justice by sending his old enemy back to the Zone of Silence using a ring he kept hidden in his glasses. Unfortunately, the price was high, as Eddie died saving his friend, Sonic, and Tails from the collapsing castle.

After Naugus' defeat was accomplished, Nate traveled with Sonic and Tails back to Mobotropolis, where it was revealed that he was an old friend of the royal family. When Dr. Eggman took his predecessor's place, Nate's expertise in science proved invaluable to the Freedom Fighters on many occasions. Nate was roboticized, causing him to become immobile, but not before he helped the Freedom Fighters and the Robians escape by deactivating Robotropolis' shields. Shortly afterwards, he appeared one last time after a series of reality shifts, explaining that it wasn't Robotnik-though even he didn't know that it was Chaos Knuckles behind the whole thing. He was in Robotropolis during its destruction and likely perished.


Nazo is a mysterious blue-gray glowing hedgehog that appears in this picture from an early trailer for Sonic X. The image also appeared on Sega's Japanese website and was entitled Nazo.jpg, so it was assumed by some that Nazo was to be his name. This is, however, questionable, because the word "nazo" means "mystery" in Japanese. He has not appeared in the actual show and Sega has given no more information about him, so much debate has followed about who he was to be. Some say the image was really an initial design for Super Sonic in the show, but others believe he is a separate entity. It is possible this was to be Hyper Sonic, but there is no comfirmation on this, plus Hyper Sonic randomly changes colors and Sonic X features no Super Emeralds. Another belief is that this was a design for Silver the Hedgehog, although this is unlikely as Sonic X debuted before Silver, and that the design is much different. Many assume that he was to be a villain, but there is nothing to support this but one's interpretation of the image. Nazo bears little resemblance to any of the characters, and has spikes that branch from both sides of his back.

Nazo is a highly popular character in fan fiction.


Nebula is a Badnik from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive. It appears in the Sky Chase Zone, and appears to be a small creature hidden inside an egg-shaped metal shell. It flies by means of a propellor on top of the shell.

Nelson Thorndyke

Nelson Thorndyke is the wealthy owner of a computer and housing business, and the father of Chris Thorndyke. He is married to Linsey Thorndyke, and his father is Chuck Thorndyke, a mechanic. He is 43 years old in Series 1 and 49 years old in Series 2, 180 cm (5ft 11in) tall, weighs 82.5 kg (185lb). He is voiced by Ted Lewis in the English dub.

Although he is often busy with his computer company, he often tries to spend time with Chris. He also trying to be the best father for Chris as he can. When Chris ran away an episode before Sonic and his friends return to their world, Nelson though the best way to make Chris come home was to buy him a WHOLE toy store! They did a TV broadcast instead. Sometime later, they searched by foot and found Chris and Sonic at a seemingly abandoned log cabin. While Chris was on the Blue Typhoon, the remaining Thorndykes tryed to find a way to teleport to Mobius and look for Chris. They sent his stuff instead. During that time, Nelson, Chuck, and Linsey looked like they didn't age at all!

Neo Metal Sonic

Neo Metal Sonic (ネオメタルソニック Neo Metaru Sonikku?) is one of Metal Sonic's forms seen in Sonic Heroes. He takes this form throughout most of the game in which he uses to disguise himself as Dr. Eggman and copies the data of who he fights against. He gained this form when he absorbed Chocola the Chao and Froggy who both have a link to Chaos and thus uses this power to change his body. He also demonstrates his power by destroying the Final Fortress' tower with a large lightning bolt, then using the debris to transform into a stronger form, Metal Overlord. He fails to defeat the team and the weather changes to clear sunny morning.

Nestor the Wise

Nestor the Wise (ネスター Nesutā) is a legendary Echidna historian. He is a traitor to the Nocturnus Tribe and fled to Kron after he heard the inhabitants were planning a rebellion. He met Sonic and his friends after they entered his home and he asked if they could bring him some relics from Nocturne because he felt home sick. In return, he translated some ancient Precursor Tablets for them.

Nestor used to know a Gizoid from before the Argus event, even referring to it as a friend. However, the Gizoid did not get sucked into the Twilight Cage during the Argus Event, thus separating him from the Gizoid. It is implied that this Gizoid friend was Emerl, as he was the only Gizoid known to have evaded the Argus Event.

If you collect all of the Nocturne Relics and Precursor tablets, Nestor reads to you a tablet with, "The will of Argus, must escape Argus." Nestor seems to go a little mad after reading this and refuses to read any more.


The Newtron, known as Meleon (メレオン) in Japan, are first generation Badniks created by Dr. Robotnik in the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game for the Sega Genesis and Game Gear. It is scheduled to appear in the upcoming game Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Nic the Weasel

Nic the Weasel, full name Nicolette, is a character from Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. She is the older sister of Nack the Weasel (that continuity's version of Fang the Sniper). She has never appeared in the games.

Nic has purple and white fur, blue eyes, four-fingered hands, three-toed feet, a ponytail, wears a brown cowboy hat, boots, and gloves similar to Nack's and a brown vest wears her hair in a braid, wears shoes like Nack's but the colors are turned around (like Lupe) and carries a pistol. She is also a treasure hunter. She has always been ahead of Nack and he wants to gain her respect. Ever since they were kids she beat Nack at everything. She has a habit of getting her self into trouble, as does her brother, but she always manages to get out. She has a short temper. She enjoys looking at the stars at night.


Nightmare (ナイトメア) are standard troops that serve as the backbones of Dark Gaia's army. There appearance is similar to that of an indigo chameleon that stands on its hind legs. They primarily attack by landing punches or kicks on opponents and swinging their heavy arms in a club-like manner.

Nimuwae Rose

The daughter of Frayla Rose. After Frayla died, Nimuwae became the new 'Lady in the Lake,' the protector of the Grimoire. Nimuwae gave birth to Quarantine Rose and died shortly after.

Niume, Lady of the Lake

Nimue, more frequently referred to by her title The Lady of the Lake, is an alternate reality version of Amy Rose encountered by Sonic during Sonic and the Black Knight. She is a skilled enchantress, and former guardian of the sacred sword Excalibur.

Nusgau the Bat

Nusgau was an elemental wizard and member of the Order of Ixis who escaped death at the hands of the Albion Knights of Aurora. A bat, he gained mastery over the element of wind, and then the elements of water and earth from his comrades Suguna and Agunus. The three joined fores after their Order's destruction, and after teaching each other their respective magics set out to capture control over the element of fire by making contact with the sun. Despite their cooperation, Agunus and Suguna cheated by keeping a portion of their knowledge to themeselves thinking that no one else would notice. Thus Nusgau held back part of his knowledge regarding air, and so thought to surpass the others by reaching the sun first. However, Agunus grabbing Nusgau and Suguna grabbing Agunus led to the three of them falling into the sun together, fusing them together into Ixis Naugus.



O-Zone is a dumped Robot that was meant to creature weather but could only created bad weather. Lives in Scrap Valley.


Octobot is a octopus badnik with blue/gray skin, red eyes and eight drill-like tentacles.

Far beneath the surface of the Great Mobian Ocean rests an underwater bot base - home of the malicious Octobot, a giant blue mech squid that serves as one of Robotnik's underbosses. In fact, Octobot's existence under the seas would have remained unknown to the Freedom Fighters had Tails not encountered him during the maiden voyage of the Sea Fox. Octobot hates Tails with a passion almost as strong as Crocbot and would also gladly kill him for virtually ruining his many plans. Discovering the underwater roboticisation factory once mainted by Jaws (One of the badniks from Sonic 1), Tails destroyed the submerged base and left Octobot a complete laughing stock among the Bot community. However what Tails didn't know was that Octobot wanted revenge - and while on a mission to prove himself in Downunda, Octobot scuttled the Sea Fox by puncturing it with his drill tentacles and drug Tails beneath the ocean in an attempt to drown him. Tails was rescued by the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters - a group of underwater FF's and later saved, but Octobot's fate during the rescue? Crushed beneath the massive weight of their largest member, Big Fluke the Blue Whale. Octobot survived the incident - though somewhat flat - and hasn't been seen since; he is most likely stewing in his own juices over revenge. But it is known that he is not completely destroyed and still continues to hold a huge grudge against Tails.

Old Goats Couple

The Old Goats Couple are said to be the most harmless couple on Mobuis, these two goats lived all along in peace until Robotnik decided to attack them in order to capture Sonic.

Old Man Owl

"Old Man Owl", as Sonic calls him, is an wise old owl who is the President's messager. He has either bad eyesight or poorly made glasses, gets scared easily, and is somewhat disliked by Sonic due to his slow-wittedness. He first appears in the film to tell Sonic and Tails that the President has a message for them, and then stays at Sonic and Tails' island to take care of their house. After Metal Sonic arrives, he forces the owl to dress in Sonic's sport clothes, which the owl greatly enjoys. He then becomes an annoyance to Tails and the President as he constantly dances around with a freestyle. In the end, he pilots the President's aircraft to the frozen icecaps, and is saved from an explosion by Metal Sonic. Old Man Owl is voiced by Charlie Campbell in the English dub.


Omletta is Robotnik's Robot wife. Robotnik build her with the knowledge of what went wrong with Breezie and Junior but a splash of Water to his chips turned her against him too. Mighty and Espio rebuild her to not turn her against him.


Omochao (オモチャオ) is a robotic Chao with a propeller on its head. Its name is a portmanteau of the Japanese word omocha, meaning "toy", and Chao. In some games he is renamed Robochao in English, but he is always called Omochao in Japanese.

Shaped like a Chao, Omochao is small, has stubby limbs, and a large head. He has a blue body and head with orange eyes, although in Chao Races where he is used as a guide his eyes are yellow. When Omochao is activated a red propeller comes out of his head, letting him achieve flight. Omochao has the ability to talk, and in Japan, or with Japanese language settings, he almost always adds "Chao" at the ends of his sentences.

Omochao can survive many injuries, including being scorched by Dr. Eggman's or Tails' cannons, being used as weapon to throw at enemies, or even being sucked into outer space. When abused, he falls unconscious for several seconds with smoke coming from his injuries. When he wakes up, he normally rambles at the player or begins to ask where he is, due to amnesia. This all happens in Sonic Adventure 2. Omochao is featured in the games Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 for Sega Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the GameCube, Sonic Pinball Party, Sonic Battle, and Sonic Advance 3, for the Game Boy Advance, and the multi-console games Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic Riders and Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games.

In Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes, Omochao was voiced by Lani Minella, while in Sonic Riders Omochao is voiced by Amy Palant.

He also appears as a guide in Sonic and the Secret Rings' party mode menu.

Oracle of Delphius

The Oracle of Delphius is a Mobian prophet, resembling a reptilian anteater. He is one of the resistance's most powerful allies, perfectly capable of withstanding an attack by numerous enemies. He serves to test Sonic, Sonia and Manic the Hedgehog as they struggle to end the war and find their mother, Queen Aleena.


Orbinaut is a metal ball ringed by four spiked balls that it throws at its prey. This is its only method of attack, and also its greatest weakness, as once all four spiked balls have been thrown, Orbinaut is completely defenseless. It's most likely based off a sea urchin. It also appeared in the comic adaptations of the games it has appeared in.


Otto (オットー Ottō) is a resident of Spagonia from the game Sonic Unleashed. He is the landlord of the students' apartment building. Otto has an uncanny knack for pegging which of his tenants has a thing for whom, but sometimes all the love in the air leaves him a bit choked up for his own youthful romances.

Along with Lucia, he is the guardian of the Spagonian Gaia Gate. It is his duty not only to protect the Gate but also to guide the "chosen" (which includes, during the events of Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and Chip). Otto helped combined the tablet fragments for Spagonia's Planet Tablet.

He is an old friend of Professor Pickle, and the Professor even claimed that Otto inspired him to start out on his career. Despite their friendship, however, Professor Pickle admitted great surprise when he discovered that Otto was a guardian.


The Overlord was a male Overlander the leader of the Overlanders during the time of the Great War. After years of on-going conflict between the Mobians and the Overlanders, the Kingdom of Acorn's current Warlord, Julian Kintobor, arranged for the Overlord to fight King Max in a duel to determine the winner of the war and bring it to a quicker end. It was also a secret scheme to remove one of the main threats from power, allowing Julian's takeover to be much easier following the war's end. The Overlord and King Max battled in a sword duel, during which time one of the Overlord's body guards attempted assassinate King Max. The assassin was stopped by Amadeus Prower however and the sword duel continued, ultimately ending in the Overlord's defeat. King Max spared his life to his surprise, expecting him to honour the agreement. After withdrawing from the Mobotropolis, the Overlord fulfilled his end of the bargain, surrendering to the Mobian victors. (StH: #78)


P.B. Jellyfish

P.B. Jellyfish is a member of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. His ability to zap enemies with his tentacles proved to be quite effective on the Badniks Octobot and Crabmeat, though it had little effect on Eel Capone or his Mussels. (StH: #185, TMS: #1, SMM)


Pachacamac (or Chief Pachacamac, known as Pochacamac in one comic book and pronounced Pachakama パチャカマ in Japan) was a reddish-brown echidna with yellow stripes and blue eyes. He lived roughly four thousand years before the main events of the Sonic continuity, as a leader and warlord of the Knuckles Tribe (the echidna civilization of which Knuckles himself is the last descendant). Tikal the Echidna is his daughter.

In Sonic Adventure, his first appearance and only speaking role in the games, Pachacamac is shown with a furry muzzle (unlike other echidnas, possibly due to his advanced age) and he exhibits a constant squint; although this quirk was absent from his Sonic X portrayal.

Being long-dead, Pachacamac has only ever been seen in flashbacks: during Sonic Adventure thanks to Tikal (in her discorporated form as a glowing ball), and in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, when Imperator Ix briefly recalls the face of his ancient foe.


Paladin was a young Overlander boy who lived before the period of the Great War. Having obtained a gun, he wandered into Kingdom of Acorn territory and was playing around with it. While doing so, he met young Emerson Acorn, the Kingdom's prince and son of Theodore Acorn. He attempted to befriend the young Mobian, but Emerson was unnerved by his gun. When Paladin attempted to shoot a bird, Emerson jumped in the way of the shot and was mortally wounded. Shocked by what he had unintentionally done, Paladin fled, leaving Emerson's body to be found by his father and other searchers. (StH: #72)

Pale Bay Leaf

Pale Bay Leaf is a character from Sonic X. Pale Bay Leaf is an insectoid Metarex with three eyes and a light blue cape. His armor is a slightly lighter color. Of all the Metarex commanders, he is the most tactical, seeking intelligent methods to his problems. He is also unintimidated by Sonic and co., and after the Chaos Emeralds are scattered by a gravity field, he is the first to recover one. Later, Pale Bay Leaf makes a deal with the planet of Cascade, promising to spare them if they hand over Doctor Eggman. However, his fleet is decimated by the attacking Shadow. Despite this, Bay Leaf continues to survive, and later forms an alliance with Eggman to launch a massive attack on Sonic and co. Due to a ruse by Eggman, he temporarily thought that he had destroyed the Blue Typhoon. He later imprisons Dr. Eggman for stealing secret information.

Following this, Pale Bay Leaf teams up with Black Narcissus to attack the Blue Typhoon during the final battle. He wields a pair of swords, which he can apparently either call back to him or conjure as many as he wants, similar to Amy Rose's Piko Piko Hammer. He later fused with Black Narcissus and Dark Oak to become a three-headed plant dragon monster. However, he was killed by the Blue Typhoon.

Patch D'Coolette

Patch D'Coolette, formerly known as Anti-Antoine "Patch" D'Coolette, is Antoine D'Coolette's evil counterpart from Anti-Mobius. Patch was a member of the Anti-Freedom Fighters, but unlike his cowardly counterpart, Patch was evil, fierce and an expert warrior, but also had murderous tendencies, which drove him to attempt assassinations on Evil Sonic on more than one occasion. Patch was also the love interest of Anti-Sally and gained his nickname (now first name) from wearing an eye-patch, despite previously having perfect functionality of both eyes.


Peeper is a dumped Robot that can see two hundered Miles, but he can't see anything closer then that. Lives in Scrap Valley.


Penelope is Sonic's ancestor. She was a pink hedgehog who worked as a chili dog seller in ancient Mobigypt, which is how she met Masonic and fell in love.

Penelope Platypus

Penelope Platypus is a member of the Substitute Freedom Fighters who hails from Downunda. Penelope was one of several Freedom Fighters recruits chosen by Sally Acorn for a special mission meant to determine their potential. The mission resulted in the uncovering of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Auto Automatons, a scheme that the Substitute Freedom Fighters, aided by Geoffrey St. John, were able to thwart.

Penelope and the others would later come to the aid of Sally and her more experienced squad on several occasions, including stopping an amnesia-ridden Sonic from defeating the Knothole Freedom Fighters, a bizarre conflict involving a video-game link between Mobius and Earth, and a period of time in which Sonic was bereft of his speed and had to rescue the Knothole Freedom Fighters from captivity.

Two years later, Penelope would later be elected to serve on the Council of Acorn.

Penelope is known to have a counterpart from Anti-Mobius who was briefly involved with Evil Sonic, but unlike Buns Rabbot she did not join the Anti-Freedom Fighters in search of vengeance.

Perfect Dark Gaia

Perfect Dark Gaia (パーフェクトダークガイア) is the final boss of Sonic Unleashed. He has 7 eyes and 6 arms. His final eye seems to be inside his mouth. He also appears to have 2 tongues. However, he has three (a smaller tongue is inside his actual mouth, if you look closely while playing.) This is the last and final battle of the game. Perfect Dark Gaia is the true form of Dark Gaia in which it is the complete monster of the hyper organism. This is the complete form because the immature form of Dark Gaia was due to Dr. Eggman's premature awakening to it. Once mature, green blood splats out to have its 7 eyes and 6 arms. Sonic then looks at Perfect Dark Gaia in determination and the emeralds come out of the Gaia Colossus and he's turned to Super Sonic to finish off Perfect Dark Gaia.


Perriwinkle is a history teacher from the Mobius: 25 Years Later series. His classroom seems to consist entirely of teenage echidnas, such as Lara-Su and Rutan.

Pharaoh of Mobigypt

The Pharaohis a kind-hearted bird that rules the desert land of Mobigypt. He is strong willed and does not give in to villains. In the episode "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme", the Pharaoh is captured by Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder. Scratch tied him up and tickled his feet with a feather to try and get him to reveal the location of the Chaos Emerald of Immortality. Realizing he will not talk, Robotnik dethroned him and became the new Pharaoh. In the end, Robotnik was defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog and the Pharaoh was restored to his rightful throne. His first act as Pharaoh again was conducting the wedding of Masonic and Penelope.

Pink Nightmare

These are the strongest of the Nightmares. Their skin color changes to pink. They attack how the regular Nightmares do, but the attacks are powered up. You could lose a life easily when battling these Nightmares.

Pir'Oth Ix

Imperator Pir'Oth Ix (ノウェム Novem?) is leader of the titular organization in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and the game's main antagonist. A megalomaniacal albino echidna with a knack for techno-wizardry and machiavellian politics, Ix orchestrates the capture of all seven Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald, in a scheme to break the Nocturnus Clan out of the Twilight Cage, and to conquer Sonic's world.


Pocky is a rabbit, and one of Sonic's animal friends. He first appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), the first game, as an animal imprisoned inside Badniks and Egg Capsules. In Western regions, Pocky was renamed Johnny Lightfoot. In certain drafts of the Sonic Bible, it is claimed that Johnny Lightfoot was the one who taught Sonic how to run fast.

In the British Sonic the Comic, the character Johnny Lightfoot is based on Pocky. Pocky is also the likely inspiration for Bunnie Rabbot from the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) and Archie Comics.

Polar Sonic

Polar Sonic is an alternate form of Ultra Sonic, Polar Sonic can manipulate ice.

Pollo and Drik

Pollo and Drik are leaders of the Southern and Eastern Freedom Fighters in Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). Sally learns of them from her father's list of Freedom Fighters, and contacts them after meeting the Wolfpack Freedom Fighters. They meet with the Knothole Village Freedom Fighters and are part of the mission to destroy Doomsday. Pollo is the bear, while Drik is the Rhino. It is suggested that they already knew each other and the Wolfpack before Sally contacted them.

Polysaurus Rex

The Polysaurus Rex was a thought to be extinct two-headed dragon that guarded two doors in the Forbidden Zone. Described as a "bio-mechanical watchdog", one of its heads would always tell the truth, whilst the other would only tell lies, though it was impossible to discern which one beforehand. Sally Acorn encountered it whilst on her soul-quest from Julayla and was able out outsmart it. (IYF)

Porker Lewis

Porker Lewis is the name given to the small pig featured in Sonic the Hedgehog (Known as Picky in Japan). Porker Lewis did is the only one of the Animal friends to not return in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


Posey was a possum and fan of Sonic the Hedgehog's heroic work. She met Tails at a Sonic-Con, and was the resident Sonic expert there. Tails was instantly smitten with her and she was intrigued during the fake story of Tails's speech at the con. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik crashed the party, Tails outsmarted Robotnik and sent him away. He was rewarded with a kiss by Posey, and they headed back to the con, while Tails pointed out to Posey that he has "more things in his speech that he needs to discuss with her". (IYF)

Power Master

Power Master (パワーマスター) are fright masters that can temporarily increase the vigor and power of nearby foes.


Pravda was the High Councilor of Echidnaopolis in 2004 (technically 3236) and the great descendant of the Menthor (the High Councilor at the time of Dimitri and Edmund, who rejected their plan to restore the Floating Island to Mobius' surface for his own gain). Despite his official stance on the limitations of technology in Echidna society, Pravda's home was filled with unnecessary technology and machinery, including a high-definition TV and sound system. He was abducted by Lien-Da and the Dark Legion and had a chip implanted in his brain so that he could be controlled. The Dark Legion then had him appoint an android operative Benedict, in order to gain a foothold in Echidna politics. The plan was foiled however when Knuckles generated an EMP which destroyed his circuits. The EMP also destroyed the chip in Pravda's brain, leaving him in a vegetative state.

Predator Hawk

Predator Hawk was originally a member of the mysterious "Battlebird Armada", left that group to join the Fearsome Foursome under Mammoth Mogul, and has since become a member of the Destructix. A criminal who with his cohorts has clashed several times with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, he has also worked under Sleuth Dog and Dr. Finitevus. He has blue feathers and eyes, and wears red hairband, gloves and shoes.

Prehistoric Antoine

Prehistoric Antoine is a Prehistoric Mobius counterpart/ancestor to Antoine D'Coolette. He is a member of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters who are against Ivo Robughnik. (StH: #12)

Prehistoric Rotor

Prehistoric Rotor is the Prehistoric Mobius version of Rotor Walrus, and a member of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters. He is an enemy of Ivo Robughnik. (StH: #12)

Prehistoric Sally

Prehistoric Sally is the prehistoric counterpart/anscestor of Sally Acorn and part of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters. (StH: #12)

Prehistoric Tails

Prehistoric Tails is a Prehistoric Mobius counterpart to Tails. He is a member of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters who are against Ivo Robughnik. (StH: #12)


The President (大統領 Daitouryou) is the head of state of the United Federation, a fictional nation similar to the United States. He resides in Central City, in a building very similar to the White House.

Prince Charnock and Splorg

Prince Charnock and Splorg are special guest stars who appear in "Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind". Charnock is a green lizard-like alien with a squid-like head, while Splorg is a floating spectacled red blob resembling a red blood cell. Charnock is on vacation and seems to be a bit of an idiot, while Splorg is smart, pompous and arrogant. The two crash-land their ship on Mobius thanks to Robotnik's new Electro-Suction Plate, while on their way back to their homeplanet of Rhombus. Charnock is supposed to be crowned king of the planet in just two hours, but their ship is now in pieces. It also revealed that Charnock is on vacation, but if he cannot reach his coronation in time, his unnamed baby brother will become king and destroy Mobius.

Sonic and Tails rescue the two from Scratch and Grounder and help them locate the missing pieces of their ship. However, after Sonic finds most, the ship's two most important pieces are missing - the cockpit's pressurizing canopy and the naviagational nose-cone. The four head off to find them, quickly finding the cockpit canopy. Charnock is fascinated by the planet's nature but he nearly is eaten by a snake, steps into a river and falls down a cliff. During a landslide, the heroes and the robots accidentally mix up the ship's nose-cone for Grounder's nose. Sonic defeats Scratch and Grounder, but soon discovers Robotnik has Tails, Charnock and Splorg prisoner. Sonic gives himself up to save his friends and Mobius, and the aliens gets their nose-cone back. Charnock has one last trick up his sleeve, photographing Robotnik's hovercraft, but "accidentally" knocking over a giant rock that crushes Robotnik. The four race back to the spaceship and Charnock and Splorg head off to the coronation. Charnock also reveals before leaving that his baby brother is literally his baby brother - he's only two years old!

Prince Charnok is an alien being from the planet Rhombus. He travelled to the planet Mobius in Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind. He is accompanied by his accomplice, Splog, a red being which wears glasses. He is only two hours from being made king in that episode. Prince Charknok and Splorg are voiced by French Tickner and Gary Chalk, respectively.

In Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind Prince Charnok crash-lands on Mobius after accidentally traveling into the path of Scratch and Grounder's electro-suction plate. The crash landing causes the ship to fall apart, and he travels with Sonic to find the parts of his craft. During his short tenure on the planet, he takes several pictures and decides to save Mobius from his kid brother, who wants to destroy it. He also saves Sonic from Robotnik, who took Sonic hostage for a short while.

Princess Alicia Acorn

Anti-Sally Alicia Acorn, later personally renamed Alicia Acorn, or to be formal, Princess Alicia Acorn, is the Anti-Mobius counterpart of Sally Acorn. Originally a member of the Anti-Freedom Fighters and the girlfriend of Scourge the Hedgehog (aka Evil Sonic). Alicia left him when the group believed Evil Sonic lacked effective leadership skills. When Evil Sonic, partially transformed and now revealed his true identity as Scourge, returned to Anti-Mobius, Alicia once again became subservient to him, joining the new Suppresion Squad. She participated in the invasion of Mobius Prime along with the rest of the Suppresion Squad.

Princess Bee

Princess Bee was a member of the Bee royalty in Golden Hive Colony, the daughter of King Bee and Queen Bee and the sister of Charmy Bee. When Charmy fled the throne room just prior to his Acknowledgement Ceremony, she began to cry, seeing her brother upset. Following his return after Mello's tragic death, she was ecstatic to see her brother home.

She was presumably killed after Golden Hive Colony was destroyed by the Eggman Empire and the majority of its citizens imprisoned in the Egg Grape Chambers.

Princess Bubbles

Princess Bubbles is the Daughter of the King of Labrinth and is in love with Surff but her father doesn't like him at all.

Princess Elise

Princess Elise III of Soleanna makes her game appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). She is voiced by Lacey Chabert in the English dub and by Maaya Sakamoto in the Japanese dub.

Princess Gwendolyn

Princess Gwendolyn is The Daughter of King Arfer. She believed Sonic was the 'Holy Hedgehog' that would save the Hound table.

Private Trey Scales

Trey Scales was a private agent snake (with arms) in the Acorn Kingdom Army and later a member of the Original Freedom Fighters. Unlike his noble counterparts, Trey was ambitious and willing to betray his friends to improve his lifestyle. Trey doublecrossed the Original Freedom Fighters group, luring them into a trap for Dr. Ivo Robotnik. In response to inquiry of why he would betray his friends, he responded "I'm a snake; it's totally in my nature." Trey proved that cheaters never prosper, as he was also roboticized and sent into the Zone of Silence along with the others. (StH: #142, #143)

Professor Caninestein

Professor Caninestein is a dog inventor. He was kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik and forced to build a time machine that would allow Robotnik to travel back in time and collect the four magical Chaos Emeralds. Horrified by what he had done, Caninestein sought out Sonic the Hedgehog. He provided Sonic with his own means of time travel (time shoes, a time skateboard, and a "time warp boogie board"), allowing Sonic to go back in time and thwart Robotnik's plans.

Caninestein has also invented a powerful drag car and has accompanied Sonic on some missions. Smart enough not to be caught by Robotnik or be tricked, Caninestein helps Sonic with any plan he has lying around. Highly respected by Sonic, Caninestein will have something for Sonic whenever he comes to ask for help. Caninestein is a 57-year-old award-winning brown dog with blue eyes and a thick accent wearing white lab coat, thick glasses and brown shoes. He likes inventing and dislikes Robotnik.

Professor Cheddermund

Cheddermund was an Overlander male and a scientist with the title of Professor, and became an expert in astrophysics. Before the end of the Great War between his people and the Mobians, in which the majority of their people were slaughtered, Cheddermund joined Colin Kintobor's refugee group and fled into space to find a new home, presumably using his knowledge to make the journey possible.

When their group was forced to return to Mobius, Cheddermund and the rest of the group were taken into "protective custody" by Doctor Robotnik, and lived in Robotropolis without fear of the "furry menace" outside their gates. Cheddermund planned to make a documentary on their journey through space for the population, an idea that was supported by Colin, and he was paired with Robotnik to do so. However, Cheddermund was instead captured and became a test subject for Robotnik's physical-contact roboticizer, despite his pleas that he had children.

Cheddermund and the other roboticized Overlanders died during the nuclear destruction of Robotropolis a short while later.

Professor Clarke

Professor Clarke was a Human scientist in the 21st Century and a colleague of Dr. Ivan Kintobor. Professor Clarke assisted in the creation of the Alpha 100 Series Mechanoid Isaac by creating the robot's hardware around the time the Xorda's emissary came to Earth and was dissected by Kintobor. Whether or not he was involved in the latter event is uncertain. After they used some of the Xorda's technology to create a power matrix for Isaac, the Xorda learned that Dr. Kintobor had dissected their emissary and launched an attack on the planet, which Dr. Kintobor tried to survive in stasis while the rest of the world perished, including Professor Clarke. (StH: #146, #147, #148, #149)

Professor Egg

Professor Egg is an alternate version of Dr. Robotnik from the Zone of Mobius-Seventeen. As a mask-wearing supervillain, he is the arch-enemy of Stealth the Hedgehog, his universe's version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

His zone was destroyed during Master Mogul's rampage through the Cosmic Interstate, but was restored by Titan Tails. (StH: #149, #150)

Professor Pickle

Professor Pickle (ピックル教授 Pikkuru Kyōju?) is a well-known professor at Shamar (formerly Spagonia). He is voiced by Shigeru Nagashima (simply known as Chô) in the Japanese version and by Dan Green in the English version. He is good friends with Tails and Amy, as well as one of the temple guardians named Otto, who inspired him to chase study. He can be somewhat absent-minded at times, especially when fussing over cucumber sandwiches, his favorite food.

Prior to the events in Sonic Unleashed, he was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman in order to complete his Eggmanland project with the power of Dark Gaia. He was soon rescued by Tails and Sonic and helped Sonic direct him to the various Temples of Gaia. Later, he explained to Amy about what has happened to all the people, including his assistant (though he turned back to normal later in the game) and she soon decided to help the professor.

Soon, however, they had to move the lab to Shamar for unknown reasons. He can be talked to in daytime and nighttime.

Professor Von Schlemmer

Professor Dinglehopper Von Schlemmer is a brilliant, but eccentric and kooky scientist that has orange hair, brown eyes and green skin. When Sonic or Tails are in danger, they sometimes see him for a device which he invents that can stop Robotnik or find each other such as when Sonic was trapped in a temple in the episode "Tails' Tale". However Professor Von Schlemmer sometimes forgets his name in a few episodes and asks himself who is he, which Sonic or Tails reply that he is Von Schlemmer. Some of his inventions include Gizmo Gas (makes an object grow), Dream-ma-ma-jig (can get dreams into the real world) and Portable Dream-ma-ma-jig (same as Dream-ma-ma-jig except smaller and looks like a night cap).

Professor Von Schlemmer is voiced by French Tickner.

In "Boogey-Mania" the invention of the Dream-a-majig gets the attention of Dr. Robotnik and he has him taken hostage. The professor refuses to turn his dream-a-majig into a nightmare machine. He cooperates after Tails is taken into custody and put in a cell. After he finishes the machine he is put in the same cell as Tails but released by Sonic. To get help in capturing Robotnik's nightmare monster, the Boogey Man, he invents the dream-kadoodle. It can put people in dreams. After they return from Dream World with a plan Von Schlemmer shows off his new invention, the porta dream-a-majig. This leads to a monster which successfully battles the Boogey Man and scares him back into Robotnik's head.

Pseudo Sonic

Pseudo Sonic is a classic badnik created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik as the first robot version of Sonic. Unlike Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic, or Silver Sonic, this robot was considerably bulky, but no slower than them or Sonic. He is made of titanium alloy, colored blue and beige and has green eyes, extendable arms and super strength. His power supply was 3500 AA batteries.


Quarantine Rose

A female hedgehog and Amy Rose's aunt.

Queen Aleena the Hedgehog

Queen Aleena the Hedgehog is a fictional character in the cartoon series Sonic Underground, where she is the mother of Sonic, Manic and Sonia. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with violet-eggplant hair and cloak, as well as magenta fur and blue eyes. Her crown and the slightly thick piece of cloth at the front end of her cloak is gold. While her armour covering her body is white, the jewel on the middle of it is cerise.

She was voiced by Gail Webster.

Queen Alicia Acorn

Queen Alicia Acorn is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic by Archie Comics, in which she is the wife of King Acorn and the mother of Princess Sally Acorn and Prince Elias Acorn. She has light and dark brown fur, dark auburn hair and blue eyes. She wears orange and gold dress. Alicia was thought dead for several years. Traveling in a convoy to the Floating Island with her son Elias, Alicia was grievously wounded. The convoy, badly damaged and with most of its crew dead, landed on the island, only to be greeted and then hidden by the Brotherhood of Guardians.

Placed in stasis by the Brotherhood, Alicia remained in a coma for ten years before she and Elias were found by her husband's Secret Service. She remained in a coma for a while after, finally coming awake and ruling alongside her husband. Their reign was a tumultuous one, which consisted mainly of a war with the Eggman Empire. Alicia's burden was lightened somewhat when her son Elias took the throne, though this was negated by the fact that Max was temporarily comatose. Like the rest of her family, she was taken prisoner during the destruction of Knothole and beamed to the Egg Grape Chamber, but was soon rescued by Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy Rose, and Sally's sentient computer NICOLE, who beamed Alicia and other prisoners to the safety of New Mobotropolis.

The Queen loves her family deeply, and was particularly distressed when Elias ran away. It is also known that she disapproves of her husband's attempt to marry off Sally, though she believes that Sally has no choice.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee was the co-ruler of Golden Hive Colony with King Bee and the mother of Charmy Bee and Princess Bee. Always concerned for the well being of her children, she asked what was wrong when Charmy fled the throne room just prior to his Acknowledgement Ceremony. When Charmy returned some time later following the tragic death of his best friend Mello, she comforted him with a hug. She later attended Mello's funeral with the rest of the family.

She was presumably killed after Golden Hive Colony was destroyed by the Eggman Empire and the majority of its citizens imprisoned in the in the Egg Grape Chambers.

Queen N'rrgal

The N'rrgal Queen (ナーガル女王 Nagaru Oujo?) is the leader of the N'rrgal, one of the Twilight Cage races encountered by Sonic and friends during the second act of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Not an independent entity in her own right, the Queen is a kind of emergent, hive-mind intelligence for the entire N'rrgal species. In the same way that N'rrgal worker drones can combine together to form resilient N'rrgal warriors, enough of them fusing into one being allows them to manifest the Queen, a highly intelligent overmind who can utilise the knowledge of all her constituent drones.

During Chapter 8 of Sonic Chronicles, the N'rrgal Queen compels Sonic and his friends to travel to the Zoah Colony world and sabotage the Zoah superweapon. She later appears at the Twilight Conference on the Kron Colony, and agrees to assist in the assault on the Nocturne.

Queen Sauna

Queen Sauna is an ancient queen who resembles Sonia. She is worshiped by penguins.



Rabbot-Zilla is an alternate version of Bunnie Rabbot from a version of Mobius in which Mobians are giant monsters created by weapons testing on a remote island. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Bunnie into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. The goodly Mayor Kintobor developed a Roboticization virus to immobilize these monsters and prevent them from threatening the rest of the planet, but over time they developed an immunity. Rabbot-Zilla, only partially Roboticized and still capable of movement, attacked Mayor Kintobor's city but was thwarted thanks to the intervention of Sonic the Hedgehog, who had been brought there from his own dimension by Zonic of the Zone Cops. Using his high speed, Sonic melted the tar beneath Rabbot-Zilla's feet, trapping her. (SSS: #12)


Raft is a 14-year-old desert rat and a street thief when he has to be but mostly seller of pots his Family makes. After saving Sonia (who has lost her memory) he gets captured and gets his legs Robotasized.

Raft's Family

Raft's Family is his Mother and his Grandmother. Not too much information is givin on them apart from the fact they live in a place in the backstreets of town and they make pots to sell at the market.


Raimondo (ライモンド) is a 20-year-old resident of Spagonia in Sonic Unleashed. He is a student at Spagonia U. and a friend of Franco's since childhood. He is also Federica's boyfriend. He's a bit of a lone wolf, and skips classes in favor of spending time by himself. Raimondo doesn't mince words or make any effort to hide his moody side, but supposedly the ladies really dig that.

Raimondo's father died four years ago, during the battle with the Black Arms. He was controlled by Dark Gaia, until Sonic the Werehog rescued him.


Raphi is a desert dwelling dog who lives in the city of Tashistan with his mother, father and grandmother. He meets Sonia when she loses her memory during the time she and the others go to his homelands seeking information about Queen Aleena (during the episode "Who Do You Think You Are?"). The two become good friends in the time they spend together, and whether Raphi even begins to develop a small crush on her is debatable -- he did comment on her dancing with an awed "wow." He is captured during the episode, but rescued by the Sonic Underground; however, not before he is partially roboticized in the legs (like Bunnie Rabbot).


Rat was a field commander of the Dingo Regime under General Helmut Von Stryker with a quiff of red hair and an eye-patch. He was assigned directly by General Von Stryker himself to take the echidnas he and his men had captured and place them in Echidnaopolis's square to lure out the E.S.T. Before doing so, Rat ordered his men to open fire on the echidnas, only for them to reveal their guns weren't loaded, much to the dingo field commander's amusement. Knuckles the Echidna and Julie-Su then showed up and freed the echidnas and knocked out the dingo soldiers. Once that was over, Knuckles demanded to know where Von Stryker was at fist-point, but one of the echidna prisoners revealed they could lead him to Stryker. Seeing no further use for Rat, Knuckles promptly knocked him out with a punch to the head before going after the General. (KtE: #6)

Ray the Flying Squirrel

Raymond "Ray" Christopher Anderson the Flying Squirrel (レイ・ザ・フライングスクイレル Rei za Furaingu Sukuireru?) is a flying squirrel that only appeared as a main character in SegaSonic the Hedgehog, although he has an expanded role in certain other Sonic continuities. This is particularly notable in the Archie comics series, in which he is a member of the Chaotix team.

Ray has golden yellow skin, dark tan skin muzzle, inner ears and torso, blue eyes, a small tufted tip tapered hair at the top of the back of his head, making his head somewhat shaped like a teardrop, a flabby membrane of furry skin that connects the lower sides of his waist to his lower arms, small, triangular and perked ears, round and bulbous, shiny black nose and long and durable, club-shaped tail. He wears white gloves with large, sock-like cuffs, red sneakers embraced with a white buckle-strap and white socks. He later wears white gloves with large, sock-like cuffs, white socks, blue tennis shoes embraced with light blue white accents, metal soles and light blue collars and blue jackets with light blue cuffs. He stands 85 cm (2ft 9in) tall and weighs 30 kg (66 lbs).

During SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Ray was captured by Doctor Robotnik along with Mighty the Armadillo and Sonic himself. During their escape, the three jointly foiled one of Robotnik's plots. In the game, one of the earliest to feature a voice cast, Ray's voice was provided by Hiroko Yoshino (credited as Hiroko Kanamaru). Ray's abilities include the basic Spin Dash (in his sole game appearance, he had the same game controls as both Sonic and Mighty), and he is also rather agile. Being a flying squirrel, he can likely glide through the air.

Since SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Ray's only video game appearance was a cameo as a keychain in the Sega game Gale Racer, (the Sega Saturn version of Rad Mobile.)

Parody Appearances

Ray's personality reflects that of:

  • Willy/Zippy - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

Ray the Manta

Ray is a Mobian manta and leader of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. Aside from leadership, he is capable of providing transport for victims of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Badniks. He first appeared helping Tails reach safety after Octobot tried to drown Tails. He also found someone that could repair Tails's submarine, the Sea Fox, after Octobot scuttled it. Ray also led the attack against Eel Capone after Octobot fled the scene. (TMS: #1, #3, SMM)

Over two years later, Ray led the offensive against the Island of Misfit Badniks, taking on Coconuts and Caterkiller. Still, they all needed help from Big Fluke after Pseudo Sonic woke up and became super sized. (StH: #185)


Raynor is one of Mari-An's brothers, along with Zax the Echidna. He is a member of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas. Raynor and his brother went wondering through the forest after the Lost Tribe were saved from boiling lava caused by the most recent Day of Fury. They were later found by Rob O' the Hedge after causing the High Sheriff's castle to explode and returned Raynor and Zax to Mari-An. The two brothers didn't talk, but did seem to be very affectionate of Mari-An, although they are not seen saying goodbye to Mari-An when they head to Albion and she stays behind to be with Rob. (KtE: #10, #11, #12)


Razorklaw was the champion of the Cat Queen of the Mysterious Cat Country, a realm that had once been terrorized by the Knuckles Tribe of Echidnas under Pachacamac. Early in the Second Robotnik War, when Angel Island descended to Mobius' surface, it landed near the Mysterious Cat Country. Razorclaw, the Queen, and other Cats arrived to investigate, and captured the Chaotix as they were exploring. Razorklaw faced Locke, a Guardian who had given his son the name of the Cats' ancient enemies, in battle to decided the freedom of the youngsters, and despite his superior size was defeated. (StH: #81, #82, #84)

Red Fright

Red Fright (レッドスプーキー Red Spooky) is a stronger and red version of a basic Fright. Their attacks are unchanged.

Red Killer Bee

Red Killer Bee (レッド・キラービー) are more developed Killer Bees. They use the basic attacks of ordinary Bees and can also repeatedly jab Sonic in rapid succession, one blow after another.

Red Pine

Red Pine is a character from Sonic X. One of Dark Oak's four commanders, Red Pine commands a vast armada of Metarex. He has a single red eye and wears a flowing, crimson cape; his body is also red. Pine shows up to attack Sonic and co. when they invade a Metarex fortress looking for the remaining Chaos Emeralds. When the fortress is compromised, Pine orders his fleet to destroy it. However, a gravity field appears and draws both commander and fleet to their presumed end. Oddly, this fate is not shared by any of the other combatants drawn into the gravity field, likely due to the other forces being aided by Super Sonic and Super Shadow. Red Pine is also the only Metarex leader not to have engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Sonic and co.

It is implied by Pale Bay Leaf that Red Pine was similar to Yellow Zelkova in that he favored brute force over strategy. However, given that he was placed in command of an entire fleet, this is probably an exaggeration.

Red Rex

Red Rex (レッドレックス) are advanced stages of the Little Rex that differentiate from their weaker cousins with their crimson colorations and more pronounced horns. While they are still quite common, they do not show up nearly as often as the Little Rexes.

Reeno and Tod

Reeno and Tod are Two Members of the Resisance that were on a mission. Robotnik captured them and Robotasized them


Rembrandt was a Mobian Echidna, son of Harlan and the father of Aaron and Jordan; the only pair of siblings ever born in the line of Guardians. He was responsible for naming the Guardians who had ended their duty the Brotherhood of Guardians and started the tradition of raising the next generation of Guardian without them knowing of this organisation. Hundreds of years after his death, his spirit attended the funeral of his descendant Knuckles and witnessed him being taken to Aurora's Virtual Zone.


Remington was once the Chief Constable of the Echidna Security Team (EST), a position just below Knuckles in maintaining law on Angel Island. Remington was the one Knuckles frequently turns to when his usual methods fail to work, and Remington's underworld resources have been helpful in the past. Because of his position, Remington often found himself pitted against the Dark Legion, to whom he has a secretive connection. Unbeknownst to him-at least initially-Remington is in fact the son of the late Grand Master Kragok, who apparently sent him to Echidnaopolis out of mistrust for his sister, Lien-Da, showing the only real kindness Kragok has ever had towards his family. Technically, this blood connection also makes him a distant relative of Knuckles and the Brotherhood of Guardians, as well as the nephew of Lien-Da and Julie-Su, and the great-great-great grandson of Dimitri. He is also the boyfriend of Komi-Ko. He has brown fur, blue eyes and is 27 years old.

Remington first appeared after Dr. Robotnik's Ultimate Annihilator erased the barriers between Zones, bringing Echidnaopolis back to Angel Island. Together with Knuckles and Guardian Hawking, he worked to control the populace in this tumultous situation as well as to handle the antagonism of the Dingoes. He also worked together with Knuckles and the Chaotix to deal with a number of threats, including a handful of minor criminals and, ironically, the Dark Legion. One particular instance found him a captive of the Dark Legion android Benedict, who tried to blackmail Remington into supporting the Legion's takeover of the Echidnaopolis government. Needless to say, Remington refused. The Constable and his aunt were also the first to learn of Knuckles' death at the hands of Mammoth Mogul's Chaos Siphon.

Perhaps as a result of examining Knuckles immediately after the Guardian's passing, Remington was unwilling to believe that Knuckles had come back from the dead, and ordered his team to exhume the Guardian's grave, which was found to be empty. When the Robotnik-backed Dingoes took control of Angel Island, Remington was imprisoned until he and others were liberated by Sonic, Knuckles and the Chaotix and brought to the safety of the Dark Legion base. During Hunter's subsequent attack on the Legion to steal the Master Emerald for Robotnik, Remington attempted to hold him off, only to be seemingly vaporised by the Overlander's Chaos Spear. In truth, he and Hunter's other victims had in fact been teleported via Chaos Control to Robotnik's Egg Grape Chamber, where their life energies were slowly leeched to power the scientist's weapons. When the Egg Grapes were disrupted and all the people within were drawn into the Zone of Silence, however, Remington was not among those lost.

Freed from the Egg Grapes by Doctor Finitevus, who had plans to use Remington as the basis for a new Enerjak, and learning of and embracing his Dark Legion heritage, Remington-most of his memories apparently erased by the effects of the Chamber-took over Grand Mastership of the Frost Legion in the civil war. In this guise, Remington wears an identical black cloak and has the same design of bionic arm as his late father, though his right eye is the one that was replaced by a similar implant, rather than the left like Kragok's. While he and Lien-Da clashed for some time, they put aside their feud in order to deal with a more urgent threat: that of Dr. Finitevus' plan to restore Enerjak. In reality, Finitevus had falsely promised both Grand Masters a share of the Emerald's power, but pulled the ultimate double-cross by allowing Knuckles to absorb its power and transform himself into the new Enerjak. Remington then led his forces in a desperate attack in hopes of overcoming this menace, but Enerjak proved too strong. Far from being the monstrous villain he once was, though, Enerjak restored Remington's normal body and his memories, doing the same to the rest of the Dark Legion and transporting them-with the exception of Lien-Da and a few others-to Albion. Remington became the leader of the new community that began to rebuild there, and even found a disk detailing Dr. Finitevus' origins and the fate of the original inhabitants of Albion.


Renez is the leader of the Resistance in Anez; she appears to be either a cat of some kind, or a fox. She is seen once, in the episode Sonia's Choice, where she assists Sonia in rescuing her brothers.

Renfield the Rodent

Renfield T. Rodent is a smiling, snazzy dressed, rat character with brown fur and reddish brown eyes and buisness suit who was in charge of several criminal organizations and shady dealings, most often occurring in his personal amusement park known as "Happy Land", located on Angel Island. Renfield was first introduced in the Chaotix comic book special, he invited Sonic, Knuckles, and the fellow Freedom Fighters to be his "guests" at his amusement park. Renfield then trapped Sonic and the Freedom Fighters in a House of Mirrors (within the mirrors themselves). Knuckles managed to escape and later met up with the rest of the Chaotix, including Heavy and Bomb. Turns out that Dr. Robotnik had made a deal with Renfield and worked together with him to trap the Freedom Fighters. Knuckles and the Chaotix liberated Sonic and the others, and making short work of Robotnik's new Metal Sonic robot. Robotnik ditched Renfield and allowed him to be captured by Knuckles. Later on, Renfield reopened his amusement park to the public.

The Chaotix once again ran into Renfield when Charmy Bee's best friend, Mello, died of food poisoning from Renfield's "secret sauce" that he put in the park's chili dogs. Downtown Ebony Hare found out about Renfield's plans and forced his way into controlling Renfield's business just as the Chaotix and Knuckles had entered the amusement park. Ebony Hare was arrested but Renfield was allowed to operate his amusement park, but without the toxic secret sauce, confiscated by Sergeant Remington. Renfield was not seen until much later in "The Chaotix Connection" (Sonic issue 166). Rouge the Bat accompanied Knuckles and the Chaotix to Renfield's newly-opened Casinopolis in Station Square. It was revealed that Renfield was using the casino as a front for Robotnik's newest Auto-Automaton factory, which used scanners hidden in the slot machine screens to copy customers data and build up an army of infiltrators.

Mighty the Armadillo and Julie-Su managed to slip out of Renfield's traps and destroyed the robot factory, last heard, Renfield was going to stand trial for his crimes at Station Square. Renfield was referred to in the comics as Renfield T. Rodent, the T standing for "the".


Rex is a boss from the game Sonic Rush Adventure. He is a massive robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Rex (リトルレックス) are small, green monsters that attack by piercing enemies with the small horns on their heads. They are common in all of the Werhog stages and often overwhelm resistance by their sheer numbers.


Rexxon was a robotic snake-like monster that first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog #6, in the Toxic Caves of the Veg-O-Fortress. Rexxon grabbed Sonic the Hedgehog by the fur, when he entered the fortress, and took him to the level boss, Scorpius. Scorpius and Rexxon were quickly beaten by Sonic, though.


Reynard is a member of the Wolf Pack, known for questioning everything and everyone around him, though he is never one to be spiteful. Reynard was the first member of the Pack to encounter Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, and Antoine D'Coolette trespassing in the Wolf Caves. His inquistive nature often leads him to fights with Diablo. (StH: #67, #113)


Rhinobot, known as Cyclone (サイクロン) in Japan, is a Badnik from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 3 that is modelled on a rhinoceros. It is found in Angel Island Zone.

The E-02 Rhino-Tank from Sonic Adventure seems to be based on the Rhinobot.


Ricky is a brown Squirrel which was one of the Animal friends captured by Dr. Robotnik to power his badniks. Ricky's American name is Sally Acorn, thus it is the character that Princess Sally Acorn from Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) and Archie Comics is based on. The character, Sally Acorn (Sonic the Comic) is also based on Ricky.


Rico is a G.U.N. trooper and member of Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2. He and the rest of the team were responsible for the capture of Sonic the Hedgehog who had been framed for the theft of a Chaos Emerald that had actually been stolen by Shadow the Hedgehog, although Sonic escaped their custody while flying in a helicopter. He would later meet Sonic again as an ally during their mission to defeat the evil Dragon, Zan.


Riki-Le was a friend of Lara-Su in the Mobius: X Years Later universe prior to the timeline alterations by King Sonic. While in a class, Riki-Le asked Professor Perriwinkle why their government was referred to as the Republic of Angel Island if they were a democracy. Later, Riki-Le stayed over at Lara-Su's house for a sleepover. When Lara-Su asked her what she thought of Manik's game proposal, she stated Lara-Su could simply beat him up if he got out of line. (StH: #131, #139)


Ripper is a hulking, muscular, blood red fur colored rat (or mouse) bodyguard for Renfield the Rodent. Renfield called Ripper in when Downtown Ebony Hare came in and was threatening to take control of Renfield's business. When Ebony Hare saw Ripper, he simply snapped his fingers and his own personal bodyguard, Blackjack, stepped in and KOed Ripper with one punch. This was his only appearance and he never spoke a single word of dialog.


Rita-Le was an Echidna citizen of Albion and prominant member of the Albion High Council. She was quick to join Yanar's stance on defending Knuckles' decision not to follow the Lost Tribe in joining Albion's population, stating "Knuckles was simply following what he was taught". Additionally, when Rob O' the Hedge was travelling to Albion with Knuckles, Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine D'Coolette, Rita-Le voiced her concerns about outsiders coming to Albion, stating "Neither he nor any outsider has ever trod upon our land". Along with the other members of the Albion High Council, Rita-Le voted for the dismantling of the High Sheriff as he posed a dangerous threat to Mobius, particularly since the coming of Dr. Eggman. (StH: #89)

Rob O' the Hedge

Rob O' the Hedge is the cousin of Amy Rose and the leader of the former Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters. Residing in Deerwood Forest outside of the former Kingdom of Mercia, Rob spent much of his adolescence combating the rule of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's sub-boss, the High Sheriff. As well as being a Freedom Fighter, Rob acted as a sentry for the city of Albion. When Knuckles the Echidna came to Mercia with the Lost Tribe of Echidnas, Rob O' the Hedge assisted Knuckles in freeing them from the High Sheriff's forces. Following this, Rob helped them locate Albion. After the death of Robotnik and the High Sheriff regaining his free will, Rob acted as Albion's eyes and ears to the events going on in the rest of the world. His role as Albion's sentry ended after it was destroyed by the Eggman Empire.


Robecca is a tall, purple and gray robot with the appearance of a cat. She has Bride of Frankenstein-looking hair and one leg ends in a wheel rather than foot, allowing her to travel quickly.

Rotor attempted to build an assistant for himself, but Antoine accidentally brought her to life during a storm, and she fell in love with him. In the end, Rotor turned her off.

Robecca falls in love with anyone with a French accent and obsessively follows him around. She is incredibly annoying to everyone. She can roll fast, and seems to have some strength.

It is possible that the nuts and bolts Antoine accidently dumped into her inner workings are the cause of her malfunctioning personality. This idea is based on the fact that in SatAM, built robots' programming seems to be partly mechanical (the Sallybot's programming was altered by Rotor with just a bit of mechanical tweaking).


RoboDog is a Robot Dog that Wes created for Robotnik to show he was a good family man. Problem was every time he said 'Heal', the Dog bit Robotnik's Heal.


RoboWife is a Robot Wife that Wes created for Robotnik to show he was a good family man in one of the episodes of sonic the hedgehog.


Robolactus is the giant planet-eating descendant of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Robolactus is a fierce enemy of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy and has a servant called Silver Snively. (StH: #104)

Robot the Robot

Robot is a robot slave/son created by Scratch and Grounder. He got fed up with how he was being treated and ran away, taking and important part of Robotnik's new machine. In the end, he went to live at Scrap Valley.

Parody Appearences

Robot's personality reflects that of:

  • Harold - Thomas & Friends
  • Budgie - Budgie the Little Helicopter


Robotnicus was a character in a story, which was based off Dr. Robotnik. (StH: #38)


Robotnikotep is seemingly Robotnik's Ancestor. Robotnikoteph had the Chaos Emerald of immotally. The Emerald seemed to be cursed so that an ancestor of Sonic protected the world from the wearer. He appeared to have a Blue Emerald that counted the Chaos Emeralds abilty. He is voiced by Long John Baldry.

Rocket Launcher/Weapon attacker Metarex

A boxy Metarex dispatched by Dark Oak to destroy the Blue Typhoon. Had an array of missile/rocket launchers built into his chest as well as a yellow sword and beam cannons on the ends of his fingers. He was also capable of folding into a flight mode when in the air. Destroyed by the first use of the Sonic Driver.

Rocket Metal Sonic

Rocket Metal Sonic (ロケット・メタル ソニック・ザ Roketto Metaru Sonikku), or also referred to as "mecha sonic model no. 29", or simply as "Rocket Metal" is a character that has only appeared in Sonic the Fighters. He also shares moves from certain fighters (like Knuckles, and a few more). He stands 140 cm.

Rocket the Sloth

Rocket the Sloth is a 10-year-old slowpoke sloth, older than Tails. Rocket first appears in the AoStH episode Slowww Going. He claims to be the "fastest sloth on Mobius", which is probably why he is named Rocket, but he runs really slow, opposite of Sonic. He has brown fur, green-blue eyes, yellow fur muzzle and inner ears and wears a green old cap and a blue sweatshirt. He lives with his sister, his mom, and his dad.

In Slow Going he is the one that sent Sonic a distress signal in hopes he would protect his family. He is put in charge by Sonic of a warning gong which will warn Sonic of intruders. He and his family wind up rescuing Sonic later in the episode as he was held hostage by Scratch and Grounder.

Rocket is voiced by Brad Swaile.


Roller, known as Arma (アルマ) in Japan, was one of Robotnik's first creations that could keep up with Sonic. Rollers are blue or purple armadillo-shaped robots with the ability to roll into balls and travel at high speeds with the intention of ploughing through their prey. They can only be defeated when they stop and open their casing. They appeared in the Spring Yard Zone of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive.

Roman the Hedgechidna

Roman is Manic and Dulcy/Tikal's 7-year-old son. He is green and is a mixture of a hedgehog and an echidna. He is otherwise known as Jr's cousin (And Sonic's nephew). In the Sonic Jr spin-off of Conker's Bad Fur Day, Sonic Jr's Bad Quill Day he did the part of Rodent. During the first chapter was when he met his cousin, Jr for the first time.

Roman's personality is a mixture of Manic and Tails's.


Rory is a young orphan Mobian, who along with Snaggle and Sasha was taken into the care of Rosie after the rise of Doctor Eggman. He and his young friends were critical of a bedtime story Rosie told them, and were also treated to a rather poorly cast play about the early adventures of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. The three young orphans also attacked Monkey Khan for his rude interruption of Mina Mongoose's concert celebrating Eggman's defeat, throwing rocks until Sonic stopped them. They achieved a small victory by defeating Sonic with logic, but Monkey Khan then apologized, and Sonic warned them that he would tell Rosie about their bad behavior. (StH: #90, #153, #201, #203)

Rosemary Prower

Rosemary Prower is the wife of Amadeus, sister-in-law of Merlin, and mother of Tails. She has brown fur and light blue eyes. She wears dresses and a Council of Acorn uniform. Rosemary lived in Mobotropolis with her husband and, shortly after the Great War, became pregnant with Tails. A matter of days before Robotnik's takeover, Amadeus was roboticized trying to stop Robotnik's insane plans, while at the same time Rosemary went into labor.

When Rosemary saw her carefully-disguised husband upon giving birth to her son, she was heartbroken when he rejected the infant (unaware this was because Amadeus was now a life-less automaton stripped of all emotion). Rosemary, upon entrusting her son's care to Rosie and Julayla, went out into the city to find Amadeus, when Robotnik's armies began taking over and causing chaos. Rosemary was among the thousands captured, and was brought to Robotnik and saw what her husband had become. Before she could be roboticized, she and Amadeus were teleported up to a Bem cruiser around Mobius, where Amadeus was restored to normal by the ship's commander, Ceneca-9009.

Resulting to rectify the situation on Mobius, Rosemary, Amadeus and Ceneca-9009 went to the Bem homeworld of Argentium, where they pleaded before the Bem High Council for action against Robotnik. The plea was denied, and Ceneca was imprisoned for using the outlawed de-roboticizer technology, but Rosemary and Amadeus, technically guests on the planet, enjoyed a normal life, yet still wished to return to the off-limits Mobius to see their son again.

It seemed their wish would come true when Sonic, on his six-week-journey through space, helped Ceneca escape and planned to escape in a spacecraft to an orbiting wormhole generator to reach Mobius. However, the craft proved to be a one-seater, and while Ceneca declined to use it to fool the authorities into believing she had escaped the planet, Rosemary also stayed, not wanting to be separated from her husband. Before Sonic departed, she and Amadeus gave Sonic a message for Tails in a watch, expressing the love they had for him.

Rosemary and Amadeus narrowly survived the devastation of Argentium when the battle between the Xorda and Black Arms fleets reduced the civilization to ruins, with Rosemary and Amadeus living in the ruins, barely surviving. This too came to an end, when Merlin, Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails himself arrived to retrieve them. Finally reunited, Rosemary and the others returned home to Mobius, allowing their broken family to heal at last, and Rosemary swore never to leave Tails behind again.

Rosemary became a popular writer and reformist activist, and along with Amadeus, began to see the House of Acorn as failing to measure up to the Knothole Freedom Fighters (in terms of accomplishments and progress) in their war against the Eggman Empire.

Eventually, when New Mobotropolis was founded, Rosemary and Amadeus saw that now the population was safe, the time for change was at hand, and Amadeus led a protest with a powerful and convincing speech written by Rosemary, allowing the Prowers to gain the support of half the population, but this landed Amadeus in prison. Rosemary and Tails later broke into the prison that evening, and succeeded in liberating Amadeus, but not before NICOLE alerted Sonic to the breakout. Rosemary's attempts to convince him to let them go failed, but Sonic's selfish responses motivated Tails to attack Sonic. While Tails demanded that his parents leave to deal with King Elias while he kept Sonic pinned down, Rosemary refused, remembering her previous vow of not abandoning Tails, but Amadeus forced her to run. Upon arriving at Castle Acorn, Amadeus and Elias duelled, with Rosemary watching from the sidelines, but fortunately for both parties, Princess Sally Acorn intervened at the last moment, bringing the group to their senses and helping them resolve the conflict and work out a peaceful new system of government involving a ruling council made up of six elected representatives and the current monarch serving as a seventh, calling themselves the Council of Acorn.

Amadeus declined running, while Rosemary entered into the race for a position on the council, and won. The assembled council members did their best to aid separate groups during the crisis when the re-birth of the super-powered Echidna villain Enerjak. Unfortunately, their proceedings went against those of the Chaotix, who sought to go to Angel Island to find their leader; Knuckles, now missing, while the Council wished them and the Freedom Fighters to stay in the city, insisting that too little knowledge could lead to horrible developments. They were able to rectify the problem when, upon appointing Sally as Field Leader of the Freedom Fighters, allowed Sonic and Tails to go to Angel Island to find Knuckles, with Tails gaining his mother's approval.

Rosemary, the council, and the royal family were secured in the city's bunkers when Enerjak arrived at the city's gates, while the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix assembled to fight him off.

She has appeared in recent issues as serving under the Council of Acorn in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #191 and #197.


Rosie was the woodchuck childhood nanny of the Freedom Fighters. She appeared only in "Blast to the Past", a two-part episode of Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). Rosie was roboticized some time prior to the series, however Sally Acorn was able to alter the past, creating a new timeline in which Rosie survived to the present day.

Rosy the Rascal

Anti-Amy Rose (also known as Rosy the Rascal) is the Anti-Mobius counterpart to Amy Rose. Rosy wears an outfit similar to the outfit Amy wore when she was younger and carries a hammer also similar to Amy's, except it's green and has spikes on it at either end. Mentally unstable, Anti-Amy seeks to attack just about anyone who gets close to her, and constantly haunts Scourge the Hedgehog for ignoring her.

Rotor (Sentai)

Rotor (Sentai) is an alternate counterpart of Rotor Walrus from the Sentai Zone. He, and the rest of the Sonicaman: Chaos Ninja Team, were summoned to Mobius Prime by Zonic to save Sonic from Sallactor's attacks. (SSS: #12)


Rotor-27 is a possible descendant of Rotor the Walrus and a member of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. (StH: #103, #104)


Rotor-Zilla is an alternate version of Rotor Walrus from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Rotor into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. Despite his fearsome mutatations, he was unable to stop the Giant Robotno piloted by Sonic the Hedgehog. (SSS: #12)

Rotor Walrus

Robert "Rotor" Elias the Walrus ((ロター・ウォールス (Rotaa Uohrusu) is a fictional character and a protagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, as well as the ongoing comic book series Sonic the Hedgehog, both based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games. He is a purple, male, anthropomorphic walrus with green eyes, wearing a yellow baseball cap, a bomber jacket and a toolbelt, who serves as the Freedom Fighters' resident mechanic and inventor. Rotor created many of Knothole Village's surveillance and security systems. Although a bit clumsy, Rotor has proven himself valiant and courageous throughout the war against Dr. Robotnik and beyond. He is a trusted friend to everyone who knows him.

In the Archie comics, Rotor's appearance from 1993 to 2003 is a purple walrus, with a yellow baseball cap, and a toolbelt, matching that of the cartoon's first season.

Rotor's appearance was changed in the second season of the cartoon. While he was still a purple walrus, his baseball cap was now red, his snout was also changed, he wore black gloves, and he appeared to be fatter. Many fans frowned upon this change in his appearance, as he could not show as much emotions in this design; the comic chose to stick with his original design for those very reasons.

As the comic has progressed, in late 1999, he had an updated Sonic Adventure look, with green eyes. Since late 2003, his appearance has featured his traditional yellow cap, but now he wears a bomber jacket. He apparently requires reading glasses, and wears them more and more as the series progresses showing it may become permanent.

Parody Appearnces

Rotor's personality reflects that of:

  • Duck - Thomas & Friends
  • Grampus - TUGS
  • Tidy Ted - Horrid Henry
  • Toad - Super Mario Bros.
  • Larry the Lobster - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Perry the Platypus - Phineas and Ferb
  • Sylvester the Cat - Looney Tunes
  • Squirtle - Pokemon
  • Keeby - Kirby

Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat (ルージュ・ザ・バット Rūju za Batto?) is a video game character who is a determined treasure hunter and part-time government agent who plans to make all the gems and treasures of the world hers. Her current jewel obsessions are the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds. She made her debut in Sonic Adventure 2 and has been featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog console games, along with two handheld games since.

In seven of the ten games she has appeared in to date, Rouge wears a skintight black body suit with a large pink heart-shaped breast plate, long white gloves, and white thigh-high boots with pink hearts on the toes. She also has long eyelashes and wears blue or pink make-up on her eyelids. Rouge is 18 years old, 105 cm (3ft 5in) tall and weighs 36.2 kg (80 lbs) to ~40.8 kg [90 lbs]. In Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog gameplay she wore a different outfit with similar color schemes and heart-shaped details.

Parody Appearances

Rouge's personailty reflects that of:

  • Elizabeth or Daisy - Thomas & Friends
  • Rebecca or Carla - Theodore Tugboat
  • Daisy - Super Mario Bros.
  • Grace the Bass or Vickie - Shining Time Station
  • Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - Phineas and Ferb
  • Rhubella Rat or Elmyra Duff - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Glameow - Pokemon
  • Sirica - Kirby
  • Courtney - Total Drama


Roxy is the Waitress at Bert's Dinner.


Rudyard is a mobian polar bear and a friend of Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower. At some point in time he was roboticized. (SSS: #2)

As a Robian, Rudyard had his free will restored by Sir Charles Hedgehog and began working with him, Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog in an underground resistance in the underground sewers of Robotropolis. After the demise of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Rudyard emerged from hiding with the rest of Robotropolis' robian population, who all had their free will restore from the blast of the Ultimate Annihilator. He rescued Arlo after debris had fallen on the armadillo. Following this, Rudyard told Princess Sally that he didn't feel the robians and mobians could peacefully co-exist, a sentiment shared by many other robians due to the distrut and fear of many mobians. Rudyard and the rest of the robians later relocated to Knothole Village. (StH: #54, #79, SSS: #2)


Rutan is a teenage Echidna, and son of Lien-Da and the cousin to Lara-Su. Generally a trouble maker and showing enjoyment at poking fun at the Guardians, Rutan is forced to live under the strict parenthood of his mother, though from time to time his great ancestor Dimitri will step in to stand up for him.


Sergeant Rykor was Julie-Su's direct superior in the Dark Legion before her defection and during her brief return to the Legion before the original Enerjak's defeat. Rykor was strict and had high expectations for Julie-Su, threatening to have her beaten if she showed any signs of treachery. He wielded a super-powered billy club. (KtE: #7, #8)

The following year, Rykor became one of the many Echidna victims of Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chambers and perished. (StH: #141)

Rykor is a brown echidna with blue eyes.


Rèna is the leader (and possible only member) of the Resisance in the resort town of Annes. She is good with Computers and helped out Sonia when the Sonic Underground were doing a mission in the town and got captured.



SA-55, or Ergo, is the robot that appears in Sonic Unleashed as an assistant to Doctor Eggman. He usually points out Eggman's mistakes and often somewhat insults him because of them. He also constantly annoys Eggman with his non-stop talking. SA-55 is a very small and round robot with an ability to retract into a travel sized sphere and glowing red eyes. His main function seems to be simply for relaying information to Dr. Eggman and making sure the processes of his plans are carried out correctly. His eye of efficiency may be what allows him to constantly criticize Eggman or inadvertently point out his flaws, however. Despite this it is shown that he does care to see Eggman succeed but doesn't skip out on the chance to be critical to the doctor and his feelings when he sees fit.


The SWATbots are humanoid robot shock troopers from the "SatAM" (voiced by Jim Cummings) and Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog continuities. Designed by War Minister Julian (who would later become the evil Dr. Robotnik) for use during the Great War, early SWATbot units were initially under the control of the Kingdom of Acorn, but were reprogrammed when Julian rechristened himself Dr. Robotnik and took near total control of Mobius in the year 1995 (technically 3224). Years later, Robotnik programmed all SWATbot units with the code "Priority One", which ordered them to specifically pursue the Mobian rebel Sonic on sight, who became the dictator's arch-nemesis. Several varieties of SWATbots exist in SatAM, including red-armored models that employ air bikes for higher mobility. There are also large, bulbous models resembling the hovercraft used by Dr. Robotnik and his few minions, which were sometimes referred to as 'security bots' and were able to fold up their limbs and use built-in wheels to travel like a car. The standard SWATbots were at first armed with blaster rifles with stun or kill settings which were slung on their backs when not in use, and later wrist-mounted laser weapons, as in the above image.

A bulkier, more formidable SWATbot breed exists in the TV series Sonic Underground. They come in several variations, use multiple vehicles, and all have orders to capture Sonic and his siblings. However, these SWATbots are incredibly inefficient, being vulnerable to water and having an easily accessed control panel on their arm. Maurice LaMarche provided the voices of the SWATbots.


SWEEPbots were creations of Julian Kintobor from Anti-Mobius. They were employed to clean up litter left behind by the Anti-Freedom Fighters and to keep the planet clean. Their Mobius Prime counterparts are SWATbots.


Sabina is the mother of Dulcy the Dragon. She appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon (aka SatAM) and Archie Comics. In SatAM, she has tan scales and a spiky brown ridge on her head. In the comics, she looks like an older version of Dulcy.

Sabina only appears twice in the cartoon; during the two-part "Blast to the Past" episode and in "Dulcy", the latter being the only time she's shown speaking. In "Blast to the Past", Sonic saves her from being captured by Robotnik's forces, a favor she later repays by helping to bring down Robotnik's Destroyer airship. In the episode "Dulcy", she appears to Dulcy in a dream when Dulcy reaches adolescence, telling her to fly to the dragon breeding grounds at Dragon's Nest. Her fate in the series was never revealed, though she was presumably Roboticized.

The Archie Comics show Sabina to have been captured and Roboticized along with many others of her kind. They were the only beings on Mobius who weren't De-Roboticized by the Bem due to their magical properties. Sabina and the other Roboticized dragons were eventually destroyed in an ill-fated attempt to invade the dragons' underground sanctuary and roboticize its inhabitants, who are able to repel the incursion and melt the roboticized dragons with a massed volley of flame breath. At first Dulcy believes that this has caused the death of her mother and the other roboticized dragons, but one of the elder dragons reveals that a dragon's spirit is eternal, and that Sabina and all the others would be reincarnated in future generations. She is Dulcy's mother and she taught Dulcy a lot of what she knows. She really cared for Dulcy, but her fate was left uncertain; she was possibly roboticized.

Sabina is larger than Dulcy, but shares similar features, such as a nose rings and tiny feathered wings on her ankles. She is olive green in color with a yellow underside, wings, ankle-wings, and muzzle. Her head crest is also olive green and has a more feathered look than Dulcy's.

Like Dulcy, she has fire breath, can fly, and has incredible strength.


Sabre is the nominal leader of the Brotherhood of Guardians and the son of Athair, the only Guardian to have ever left Brotherhood. This decision of Athair's, coupled with the fact that he effectively abandoned his mother Janelle-Li in Sabre's eyes, led to a rift between the two that has not yet healed. Sabre participated in a number of activities against the Dark Legion in Knuckles' time, before ending up imprisoned in the Twilight Zone by Dr. Finitevus.


Saffron is one of Charmy Bee's earliest friends and later fiancee. She was also his fiancee, but Charmy fled from his family and friends to avoid his royal responsibilities. Being a little naive, she did not understand why Charmy would do this, but when Charmy later accepted his fate, the two began dating, and Charmy developed romantic feelings for her. However, tragedy struck when Dr. Eggman attacked the Golden Hive Colony, Saffron and Charmy's home city.

With nowhere else to turn to, Saffron went with Charmy to join the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters. Since then, she has aided the Chaotix against such foes as Mammoth Mogul, the Destructix, and Ixis Naugus. During the attack that destroyed Knothole, she and Charmy were hit simultaneously by a beam that transported the two of them to the Egg Grape Chamber along with 12 other members of both the Chaotix and the Freedom Fighters, but was later freed by Sonic. Unfortunately, freedom came a little too late, and Charmy suffered some memory loss as a result of his imprisonment-though fortunately for Saffron, he still remembers her.

Saffron has yellow hair and blue eyes. She wears yellow dress, bomber jacket and pink shoes.

Saffron's abilities are identical to Charmy's own; she can shrink to insect size and fly and she is able to sting foes and flowers just like charmy and most of her moves are similar to Charmy's. Somewhat similar to Cream the Rabbit in personality, she is more timid than most of the other characters and is accompanied by a Chao-like entity called a Nightopian plushie, an obvious reference to Nights into Dreams.


Saleta is a possible future descendant of Sally Acorn and the leader of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. (StH: #103, #104)


Sallactor is an alternate version of Sally Acorn from another version of Mobius. Like Alicia Acorn of Moebius, she differs from the Prime Sally in having a malevolent disposition, and came to Mobius Prime to attack Sonic the Hedgehog. However, her movements were detected by Zonic the Zone Cop, who arrived with her arch-foes, the Sonicaman Chaos Ninja Team, to stop her before taking Sonic to help out in another version of Mobius. (SSS: #10)

Sally Acorn

Sally Acorn, in some cases given the full title Princess Sally Alicia Acorn, and also known as Sal, is a fictional character and a protagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

The character stands as perhaps being the most inconsistently depicted throughout different media of the Sonic franchise, changing in both role, species, personality, and even name. However the final draft form of Sally is a female, anthropomorphic, humanoid squirrel. Sally has brown fur, which is tan on her face, chest and stomach, a long tuft of dark red bushy hair and blue eyes, and usually seen sporting a blue open vest and knee-high blue boots. Sally had originally yellow fur and blond hair wearing a red dress, then pink fur, brown hair and blue white-trimmed boots.

The creator of Sally's final design (used in later SatAM and the Archie based Sonic comic series) was supposedly Ken Kinoshita (initial character designer for SatAM). The designer of her initial 'Ricky' design from the games is supposedly Naoto Ōshima (aka 'Bigisland'), character designer for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Parody Appearances

Sally Acorn's personality reflects that of:

  • Molly or Emily - Thomas & Friends
  • Sally Seaplane (Also sharing the same first name) or Lillie Lightship - TUGS
  • Candace Flynn - Phineas and Ferb
  • Pauline or Daisy - Super Mario Bros.
  • Maude Flanders or Marge Simpson - The Simpsons
  • Kitty Katswell - T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Penelope Pitstop - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
  • Stacy Jones or Didi - Shining Time Station
  • Ribbon - Kirby
  • Izzy - Total Drama

Sally McAcorn

Sally McAcorn is an alternate version of Princess Sally Acorn from the Litigopolis Zone. She was Sonic the Hedgehog's defense attorney when he was brought from Mobius Prime to stand trial for a crime Evil Sonic committed. (SSS: #14)

Sally Moon

Pretty Soldier Sally Moon is the counterpart of Princess Sally Acorn from the Luna Zone dimension. She is also a princess, much like her Mobius Prime counterpart. (SSS: #8)

Sally Moon saved Sonic the Hedgehog from her archenemy, Ivanna Robotina, upon his arrival in her Zone. She was later asked by Zonic to defeat Ivanna again and bring her back to the Luna Zone, which she did along with Chibi Rose and her boyfriend (much to Sonic's chagrin) Tuxedo Knuckles. (SSS: #8)


Sally-Zilla is an alternate version of Sally Acorn from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Sally into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. Despite her fearsome mutatations, she was unable to stop the Giant Robotno piloted by Sonic the Hedgehog. (SSS: #12)


Sally was captured, prior to detonating the explosive canisters that Sonic spread around Robotropolis. Instead of immediately roboticising her, however, Robotnik had Snively build the Sallybot. They used the roboticiser to give the Sallybot Sally's appearance, and to copy the basics of Sally's personality and some of her memories into the robot. The Sallybot was then placed in a cell and “rescued” by Sonic.

Taken back to Knothole, She runs into no problem fooling everyone but Tails (as she is apparently missing several key memories dealing with him). First, she is unable to properly administer the "funny kiss". Second, she doesn't recall the proper book to read to Tails, then she reads the proper book in a completely monotonous and hurried tone. Finally, Tails sees her eyes glowing red. She/it sabotages the garden and convincingly acts surprised when the others discover something wrong with the garden. She accompanies Sonic, Bunnie, and Rotor to finish the job that was started when Sally got captured. Tails warns Sonic, who assures him that “Sally” has had a rough day and was probably just under a lot of stress (Sonic outright dismisses the glowing eyes as Tails perhaps being tired and imagining things).

After accidentally knocking Sonic down, she fails to properly perform the Freedom Fighters' secret handshake and is confronted by Sonic. Instead of fighting him outright, she pushes him down and runs off. She then, proceeds to set a trap by excreting mega-muck from one of her fingers. Sonic run into the trap and gets stuck. Before Sallybot can attack, however, she is knocked down by Bunny. Sonic then proceeds to run around her, causing her systems to short out as she tries to keep track of where he is.

Rotor opens her back panel and tinkers with her programming, making her disclose Sally's location and also turning her against Robotnik and Snively. Sonic uses her to rescue Sally and leaves her in the roboticiser, in order to fool Snively into not noticing that Sally has been rescued.

After the roboticiser is activated, it has little effect on the Sallybot, apart from making her eyes glow and giving her a disheveled appearance. She then proceeds to destroy most of the roboticiser equipment in the room. It is unknown what happened to her after this episode.

The Sallybot's public personality is best described as an absent-minded version of Sally. She only acts like Sally when in the presence of the Freedom Fighters, however.

When not overtly pretending to be Sally, she is quite cunning. She prefers to have an upper hand in a fight, rather than leave things to chance (as evidenced by trapping Sonic in mega-muck before confronting him).

When confused by Tails, she seems to get a bit angered (possibly being angry at Robotnik and Snively for forgetting to give her the required info).

After being reprogrammed by Rotor, she is seemingly devoid of personality (though, she does seem to enjoy trashing the Roboticiser room).

Initially, Sallybot looks like a roboticised version of Sally. Her skin is blue. Her eyes are white, with thin, cat-like blue pupils. She is bald.

She is made to look like Sally through some function of the roboticisor. Sallybot’s fur is brown, whilst her bushy hair is dark red and her eyes are blue. Her attire consists of a pair of blue boots. Her eyes can glow red.

Sallybot belongs to her boots, finger laser, and mega-muck production system. The Sallybot is adept at using what information she was given from Sally's mind. She is also able to shoot lasers from her fingertips, and to produce mega-muck from at least one of her fingers. Her eyes are able to produce a red ray that either scans things, or harms plantlife. She also has the capacity to transmit info to Robotnik's computers. The Sallybot doesn't have a complete copy of Sally's personality and memories. Therefore, she acts a bit off or seems a bit scatter-brained when trying to emulate Sally. Her head can't rotate fast enough to keep up with Sonic. She can be reprogrammed. She looks and sounds like Sally, and is very adept at pretending to be Sally when in the presence of most Freedom Fighters. Her finger laser seems to be an effective weapon, and can also be used as a cutting torch. Being a robot, she is also quite strong. Already being a robot, she is also unaffected by the Roboticiser.

The Sallybot was created by Snively. She has some of Sally's memories and personality. Tails was able to detect that she wasn't the real Sally. Rotor reprogrammed her. After being reprogrammed, she tuned on Robotnik and Snively.

Though, technically, the Sallybot only appeared in the episode "Sonic and Sally", her original form is used as the model for Sally's roboticised form in "Sonic's Nightmare". This is notable, as Sally's eyes would've become black with red pupils if she were actually roboticised.

Salma the Chameleon

Salma is one of two daughters Espio is known to have in the Mobius: 25 Years Later storyline. His oldest daughter, she is the girlfriend of Lien-Da's son Rutan and the sister of Juanita, she is also close friends with Lara-Su, Sonia and Manik. On the night of Lara-Su's unveiling, she and Rutan were making out in Locke's Park when they overheard Knuckles and Rotor discussing an alliance between Angel Island and the Kingdom of Acorn.

Later on, Lien-Da confronted the couple about what they had been doing that night. Dodging defensively, Salma claimed that she had been sleeping over at Lara-Su's. Later, she actually took part in the sleep over that Lara had with several other friends.

Salma did not appear in the alternate future of the second Mobius: 25 Years Later arc, however she was mentioned by Rutan to exist in the Sonic Universe Mobius: 30 Years Later arc. Her appearance was that of a teenage, purple Chameleon with long black hair. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless pink belly-top and a pair of shorts, together with shoes of a darker purple and white gloves.

Sam Speed

Sam Speed (real name Samuel "Sam" Flair) is a character from Sonic X. He is Chris Thorndyke's maternal uncle (the brother of Lindsey Thorndyke) and the leader of the Speed Team, a special unit of the Station Square police force that uses high-performance automobiles. His rivalry with Sonic is a recurring theme throughout Sonic X's first two seasons. Sam Speed is 28 years old, 183 cm (6ft) tall, weighs 80 kg (176lb), and he is voiced by Souichirou Tanaka in Japan and Frank Frankson in the US.

A running gag in the original Japanese version of the show involves Sam having a different nickname in each of his appearances, some examples being "Highway Star" and "Love Express". In the English version, his only nickname was "Speed King", a possible reference to NHRA drag racing legend Kenny Bernstein, who is known as "the King of Speed."

Parody Appearences

Sam Speed's personality reflects that of:

  • Spencer - Thomas & Friends


Sara is the daughter of The President, and has a love interest for Sonic. Sara's first and only appearance in the Sonic Universe was in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. In the movie Sara and her father are held captive by Dr. Robotnik in the beginning of the film in order for Robotnik to lure Sonic. After Sonic and Tails leave Sara amuses herself with playing video games with Robotnik, but kept on losing (which at first resulted to her having a fit). After eventually getting tired of video games, Sara wishes to go for a drive and starts throwing a tantrum when Robotnik says no. At that moment Dark Eggman crashes into the Presidential House, and Sara grows excited and demands that Robotnik give her a ride in it, entering the control panel and playing around. Later on in the movie Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles go to the core of Robotnikland where, after a small series of events, Dark Eggman appears, eventually crumbling, revealing Dr. Robotnik and Sara in it. Knuckles falsely accuses Sara of being behind his scheme, and in reply she cries hysterically and reveals that "the robot and the machine going haywire were all part of Robotnik's evil scheme," which Robotnik does not deny.

After Metal Sonic appears Sonic, Tails and Knuckles go to the Ice Cap, where Sara is being held captive for marriage at the North Pole. Dr. Robotnik's main goal in the movie is to destroy the world, leaving only he and Sara to marry and have children. Sara is repulsed by the idea of marrying Robotnik and screams and "scratches" him.

During the fight with Metal Sonic and Sonic, Metal Sonic's head crashes through the bottom of Robotnik's ship, causing him to look up her skirt. When Robotnik tries to grab Sonic his ship tilts causing Sara to fall but is saved by Knuckles. She thanks him and kisses him on cheek causing him to blush and "freeze up." Through out the rest of the movie Sara stays with Knuckles and Tails as they watch Sonic and Metal Sonic fight. She also kisses Knuckles to help encourage him to help her father.

Sara stands 160 cm (5 ft 3 in) tall and weighs 53.1 kg (117 lbs).

Sarah the hedgehog

Sarah was an orphan when she and Jr first met. Jr saved her from capture of Robotnik.she is 9 years old and also has a crush on Jr. In fact she is his girlfriend. Jr and Sarah do having quite a loving relationship together.

Sarah's personality is similar to Amy's.

Parody Appearences

Sarah's personality reflects that of:

  • Isobella - Thomas & Friends
  • They jocking off of amy


Sario is a raccoon. Along with Jerald, Sario tried to get the Mountian and the Vally Folk back together. She helped out the Sonic Underground while in the vally.

Sasha Cat

Sasha Cat was an orphaned Mobian Cat who was left in the care of Rosie along with Rory and Snaggle following Dr. Eggman's rise to power. She, along with Rory and Snaggle, threw rocks at Monkey Khan for ruining Mina's performance. However, Sonic stopped them and told them he would tell Rosie since she taught them better than rock-throwing. (StH: #90, #153, #201, #203)

Scarlet Garcia

Scarlet Garcia is a reporter for SSTV news in Station Square and is praised by other journalists. She is in almost every episode of seasons 1 and 2 but is absent from the third. She is 32 years old, 167cm (5ft 6in) tall, weighs 58 kg (130lb) and (as her name suggests) is red haired. Her clothes usually consist of an orange jacket, a skirt to match and a red blouse. Mister Stewart (going by the name Franklin) teamed up with Scarlet posing as a news director to get information on Project Shadow. Because Scarlet's father, who was also a journalist, died researching Project Shadow she was at first reluctant to assist, but eventually agreed to help Mr. Stewart. She was voiced by Megan Hollingshead in English.

She has also made appearances in the Sonic X comic series, where she is revealed to be the host of a local talk show called Station Square Today.


Scarship is a character from Sonic X. A space-faring Metarex of great power, in the past Scarship was assigned to kill Cosmo's clan. He is first seen easily decimating a fleet of anti-Metarex forces when Dark Oak commissions him to kill Sonic and Eggman. He first attacks Eggman, Shadow tries to stop him but Scarship proves too strong, and seemingly destroys Eggman's spaceship (but it actually escaped and just put a smoke-screen to make it look like it was destroyed), he engages Tails' Blue Typhoon. Finding his armor to be too strong, the Blue Typhoon retreats into a murky area of space. Scarship isn't able to see it, but continues firing anyway. When he sees a large amount of junk floating in attempt to trick him into thinking he destroyed the Blue Typhoon, he still doesn't fall the trick. What he didn't realize was that Sonic, Amy Rose, and Knuckles the Echidna were hiding inside the junk, and then used the debree ejected from the Blue Typhoon to clog his weapon outlets. This causes each of Scarship's attacks to backfire and destroys his weaponry. Scarship, however refuses to quit and tries to simply ram the Blue Typhoon, but Eggman's ship suddenly appears, and Shadow then aids by destroying Scarship's engines. In a last ditch effort, Scarship attempts to self-destruct to kill everyone. Luckily, Shadow uses Chaos Control to freeze time, giving Sonic and Tails enough time to safely contain Scarship's explosion within a magnetic field. As Chaos Control wears off, Scarship explodes and peace is restored, for the time being. Scarship also appeared in a number of flashbacks, having destroyed the ship carrying Cosmo's family.

Scarship is equipped with many varieties of missiles and lasers. His armor is almost impenetrable, requiring the full power of the Sonic Driver, the Blue Typhoon's main weapon, to pierce Scarship's armor. Also noted is that in episodes following that, Ships that closely resemble Scarship are seen being used by the Metarex. This could possibly mean that Scarship was a heavily enhanced version of one of these ships.


Scorpius was a robot created by Dr. Robotnik, resembling a mechanical scorpion with Robotnik's own face. Despite being the boss of a zone in the Veg-O-Fortress, he proved to be no match for Sonic the Hedgehog and was quickly dispatched by the Freedom Fighter along with his ally Rexxon. (StH: #6)

Scourge the Hedgehog

Scourge the Hedgehog (also known as Evil Sonic and Anti-Sonic) is the version of Sonic the Hedgehog from Anti-Mobius (aka Moebius). Scourge is an exact equal and opposite of Sonic in nearly all aspects, especially in terms of personality. Scourge mistreats others, is selfish and greedy, and has a great desire for power. Originally, Scourge, like all other alternate versions of Sonic, looked identical to him, differing only in personality and attire. All this changed when Scourge, in a failed attempt to steal the Master Emerald with Rouge the Bat, tried the Emerald's power to go Super but was interrupted by Locke half-way through the transformation and was permanently changed. Though he has been allied with others in the past, in truth, Scourge is only out for his own gain. Initially remaining a small-time villain and renegade, Scourge became a far more serious threat when a discussion he had with Sonic during one of their fights forced him to realize the two weren't so different. Scourge returned to his home reality, resolving to distinguish and set apart everything from their Prime counterparts. Within a matter of days, Scourge took over the planet and control of his old gang, the Anti-Freedom Fighters, renaming and reshaping them into the Suppression Squad, with Scourge and Fiona Fox as their leaders and King and Queen of the planet itself. Following the betrayal of his team, Scourge attempted a final stand against Sonic and his allies by becoming Super Scourge using the Anarchy Beryl in his throne, but was defeated once again and captured by Sonic. However, he later breaks free from Sonic's custody, and after a failed attempt to destroy the No Zone, is captured by the Zone Cops and is currently imprisoned in the No Zone.

Scratch and Grounder

Scratch and Grounder are a pair of Badniks created by Dr. Robotnik as adversaries of Sonic the Hedgehog in the animated series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. They form the greater part of Robotnik's "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" (often abbreviated to SSSSS Squad and, occasionally, 6-S). They are Twins That Are offically Dr. Robotnik's main henchmen. Scratch stands 195 cm (6ft 5in) tall, weighs 21 kg (48lbd) and has a IQ of 40, while Grounder stands 98 cm (3ft 2in), weighs 39 kg (88lbs) and has a IQ of 25

Parody Appearances

Scratch and Grounder's personalities reflects those of:

  • Bill and Ben - Thomas and Friends
  • Zip and Zug - TUGS
  • Danforth Drake and Roderick Rat - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Thaddeus and Thor - Phineas and Ferb
  • Zilly and Klunk - Dastardly and Muttley
  • Larry and Francisco - T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Lemmy "Hip" Koopa and Iggy "Hop" Koopa - Super Mario Bros.
  • Pon and Con - Kirby
  • Ekans and Koffing - Pokemon
  • Rocky and Mugsy - Looney Tunes
  • Katie and Sadie - Total Drama


Sealia is a female Mobian seal and a member of the Arctic Freedom Fighters. She informed the Knothole Freedom Fighters of how their group scattered following a battle with Dr. Ivo Robotnik and later assisted in destroying the Weather Annihilator. Some time later she rescued Rotor from drowning and assited in his attempt to rescue his family from Robotnik's mind control with help from Augustus. Sealia possesses a french accent much like Antoine. (StH: #26, #32)

Sealia is the only member of the Arctic Freedom Fighters who can communicate with Augustus when he is mad.

Semper Fidelis

Like Deo Volente and Archimedes, Semper Fidelis is a member of the Fire Ant Advisory Council to the Brotherhood of Guardians. Presumably, he is Deo Volente's son and Archy's father.

Semper Fidelis has brown skin and blue eyes, and wears a grey hat similar to Archy's, with a matching vest and pair of boots. He also has a short-sleeved, white button-up shirt and carries a three tailed whip.

Sergeant Doberman

Sergeant Doberman is a retired army sergeant and war-time hero. He is also a Doberman Pinscher. Sergeant Doberman is voiced by Phil Hayes, the same actor who voices Scratch.

Parody Appearances

Sergeant Doberman's personality reflects that of:

  • Cranky - Thomas & Friends
  • Big Mickey - TUGS

Sergeant Simian

Sergeant Simian was originally a member of the Fearsome Foursome under Mammoth Mogul, and has since become a member of the Destructix. A criminal who with his cohorts has clashed several times with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, he has also worked under Sleuth Dog and Dr. Finitevus. He was originally the leader of the Fearsome Foursome, and thus has served as second-in-command to Mogul and Sleuth Dog. He has brown fur, blue eyes and caucasian skin. He wears military helment, green pants, green boots and ammo belt.

Shade the Echidna

Shade the Echidna (シェイド Sheido?) is a new character in the video game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. As a Lieutenant with the Marauders, she is an important spy, and her job is not easy. She has lived with others of her lost clan within the Twilight Cage for over 4000 years (from Earth's perspective). She is the brains of the group. Within her clan there have been a lot of individuals who do not harmonize with the whole group, and have interests or ideas that frequently conflict with each other. These persons are constantly striving and competing for a position of superiority or authority over others.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog (シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Shadō Za Hejjihoggu?) is an anti hero and the arch rival of Sonic the Hedgehog. Created as "The Ultimate Life Form" by Professor Gerald Robotnik. Shadow is indestructible and immortal, however that doesn't mean that he does not feel pain. Shadow is arguably ageless as well. Since his debut, Shadow has appeared in a multitude of games, television shows, and comic books. His past was almost a complete mystery until the game Shadow the Hedgehog revealed the events surrounding his creation. In contrast to Sonic, Shadow is typically portrayed as a tortured anti-hero, or a renegade who can just as easily serve the forces of evil as those of good. However, he does what he needs to do to accomplish what he knows to be right. According to an official poll, Shadow is the second most popular character in the series, second only to Sonic himself.

Parody Appearences

Shadow's personality reflects that of:

  • Diesel or Hector - Thomas & Friends
  • Bluenose or Johnny Cuba - TUGS
  • Buford Van Stomm - Phineas and Ferb
  • Montana Max - Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Wario - Super Mario Bros.
  • Squidward Tentacles - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Hobart Hume - Shining Time Station
  • Superintendent Chalmers - The Simpsons
  • Psycrow - Earthworm Jim
  • Sagat or M.Bison - Street Fighter
  • Meowth - Pokemon
  • Meta Knight - Kirby
  • Duncan - Total Drama


Shadowbots were the primary army and workforce of Robo Robotnik upon coming to Mobius Prime when he replaced the recently deceased Dr. Ivo Robotnik (his Mobius Prime counterpart) at the start of the Second Robotnik War. Shadowbots were much taller and slightly more effective than the previous Robotnik's SWATbot models, though were still no match for Sonic the Hedgehog or the Freedom Fighters. Shadowbots were the main force behind Robo-Robotnik's retaking of Robotropolis and securing his empire on Mobius. However, the Shadowbot model was abandoned after they were all but destroyed along with Robotropolis by Station Square's nuclear strike. Some of the surviving models were merged with the Eggman Empire's updated SWATbot army, though still proved largely ineffective.

Shahra the Ring Genie

Shahra the Ring Genie (シャーラ) is a special, eager young genie who enlists the help of Sonic in Sonic and the Secret Rings. She is voiced by Bella Hudson in the English version and by Mai Nakahara in the Japanese version. In the game, she grants Sonic special abilities and bonuses to help Sonic in his quest. She appears as a ball of light in the stages (much as Tikal did in Sonic Adventure), and she appears to have a strong relationship towards Erazor. Her name suggests the 1001 nights character Scheherazade. She has a habit of calling Sonic "Master" (she's likely used to calling whoever possesses the ring her master), even though he prefers her to just call him by name. While she does have high magic power, she seems to be unable to undo the works of any of the Erazor Djinn's magic, such as the cursed flaming arrow that he embeds in Sonic's chest. It is hinted that she and the Erazor Djinn were once in love or were friends, but when Shahra tells Sonic in the Last Chapter, "I just want to be back with him," the former seems most likely.

In the end of the story she is revealed as having a partnership of sorts with Erazor. However, she does not believe this is the "right path" when Sonic wishes for her to "Do what you truly think is right!" When Erazor attempts to sacrifice Sonic, she saves him, sacrificing her own life. She is later brought back to life with Sonic's first wish on the Erazor Djinn's lamp. After Sonic last wish (that Erazor spend eternity in his lamp) is granted, Shahra cries, overcome with grief at both her betrayal of Sonic and the loss of a possibly close friend, and Sonic, in an act of compassion, wishes for a mountain of handkerchiefs so she can cry as long as she needs to, which was a reference to the beginning of the story.

Sharps the Chicken

Sharps the Chicken was the guitarist for the Sonic the Hedgehog Band, which appeared in concept art prior to the 1991 release of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sharps' band members were Sonic, Vector, Max the Monkey, and Mach the Rabbit.


Sheldon was a Mobian turtle who is the president of the Sonic-Con Convention. (IYF)


Shella appears to be Rurdy's girlfriend but could be anyone really. Maybe just a friend or a sister. Hard to say since she has very little screentime.


Shellcracker (カニパンチ) is a crab-like Badnik that appears in Metropolis Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive.

It may be based on the earlier crab-shaped badnik, Crabmeat, although the two designs have very different attack patterns.

Sherman Walrus

Sherman Walrus was the father of Rotor and Skeeter Walrus. During the Overlander war, he was a member of the Mobotropolis special forces along with Sir Charles, Jules Hedgehog, and Amadeus Prower. Little is known about Sherman, but right after Jules was gravely injured by Overlanders while on reconnaissance with his brother Charles and wife Bernie, Sherman was the one who drove Jules back to Mobotropolis to get medical treatment. Sherman's fate after this is unknown.


Doctor Shockra was an echidna doctor from Echidnaopolis in the unaltered Mobius: 25 Years Later timeline. In 2004 (technically 3246), the terminally ill Locke was placed under the care of Doctor Shockra. With Knuckles' permission, he performed exploratory surgery and diagnosed Locke with terminal cancer, stating regretfully that the Guardian would not live to see Ascencsion Day. (StH: #143)

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog (シルバー・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Shirubā za Hejjihoggu?) is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. He is a silver hedgehog with powerful psychic abilities who hails 200 years into the future.

In the English version of Sonic the Hedgehog, he is voiced by Pete Capella. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Daisuke Ono.

Silver the Hedgehog's personality reflects that of:

  • Stanley - Thomas & Friends
  • Waluigi - Super Mario Bros.
  • Galacta Knight - Kirby
  • Sparky - Pokemon
  • Baljeet Tjinder - Phineas and Ferb
  • Squilliam Fancyson - Spongebob Squarepants
  • Tyler - Total Drama

Silver Metarex

Silver Metarex is a prototype Metarex Trooper created by Black Narcissus to test Sonic's speed; destroyed by "Dark Super Sonic". Similar to Bocoe.

Silver Snively

Silver Snively is an alternate version of Snively Robotnik from a post-apocalyptic version of Mobius. Silver Snively is the servant of Robolactus and enemy of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. (StH: #103, #104)

Silver Sonic

Silver Sonic (referred to as Mecha Sonic in the Japanese manual) is the robotic version of Sonic the Hedgehog that appeared as a boss in the Death Egg Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It is apparently an early version of Metal Sonic, a better known robotic double of Sonic.

Silver Sonic resembles the original Sonic, although he is twice as tall and not coloured blue. Instead, he is a metallic grey colour. He possesses many of Sonic's moves, including the turbo-dash and spin-jump.

In order to defeat him, Sonic must strike him 8 times on the head while avoiding his spikes (not easy considering there are no rings in the zone).

A lesser known Sonic robot resembling Silver Sonic was featured in the Game Gear/Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This game was released earlier than the Genesis version and so the robot may be a prototype of Silver Sonic. It's fought in Scrambled Egg Zone without any rings as in the 16-bit version.

Silver Sonic II

Silver Sonic II is one of the many robots created by Doctor Eggman that are modeled on Sonic the Hedgehog. Its only appearance in the games was in Sonic Adventure, in which it can be seen in a stasis tube near the entrance to Eggman's Final Egg base. It is about twice the size of Sonic. It was unnamed in this appearance, although it later appeared in the Archie Comics series and was given the name Silver Sonic II.


Simon was a member of the Dark Legion and the surrogate father of Julie-Su and husband of Floren-Ca. Simon has red fur, blue eyes, peach skin and cybernetic left arm.

Sinbad the Sailor

Sinbad is the doppelganger of Knuckles the Echidna within the world of Sonic and the Secret Rings. He generally looks the same, excpt that he sports the Arabian white I'gal (the headpiece that is mainly worn by Saudi Arabians), a white robe or in Arabic "Dishdasha", gray metal wristlets, a tanner muzzle, and emanates a somewhat Arabic feel from him. He and Sonic first met when Shahra recommended to seek him out for his Water Blue Ring of Joy that could manipulate storms. He is still just as stubborn as Knuckles which is why he started to fight with Sonic when he insulted his suggestion to pour water over the Ifrit. Another note of Sinbad's likeliness to Knuckles is that they are both Treasure Hunters.

Sir Charles Hedgehog

Sir Charles Hedgehog (aka Uncle Chuck) is a Knight in the service of the Kingdom of Acorn and uncle of Sonic the Hedgehog. After Sonic's parents disappeared, Sonic became especially close with Charles and learned many of his most important lessons from him, as Charles acted like a foster father. Charles' capture and roboticization was the catalyst which led to Sonic's development as a hero. Charles is a respected scientist who earned his knighthood and the personal friendship due to his services to King Maximillian Acorn. Charles was unintentionally the one responsible for the rise of Dr. Ivo Robotnik to power, as he used Charles' latest creation; the Roboticizer, to enslave the minds and bodies of most of Mobius' population.

Parody Appearances

Uncle Chuck's personality reflects that of:

  • Edward or Toby - Thomas and Friends
  • OJ - TUGS
  • Toadsworth - Super Mario Bros.
  • Plato - Garfield and Friends
  • Professor Pat Pending - Wacky Races
  • Foghorn Leghorn - Looney Tunes
  • Gligar - Pokemon
  • Chef Kawasaki - Kirby
  • Chris McLean - Total Drama

Sir Connery

Connery was a Mobian horse and a Knight in the service of the House of Acorn many centuries ago, and proved himself an expert swordsman and defender of the weak and innocent. For this reason, the Ancient Walkers selected him to be their Paladin and purge the world of dark magic, granting him great longevity and the mystical Sword of Light for the job.

Connery did his job well, slaying many evil wizards and tyrants across the world. Connery assumed his job was finished after slaying Poe and Damocles the Elder, and went to become Merlin Prower's bodyguard. However, there were still elements of dark magic left on the loose, one such case that of the sorcerer Black Death and his partner the Enchantress, who took control of Knuckles the Echidna during his quest to find the Sword of Acorns. Connery saved the young Guardian, slaying the villains and becoming a friend to Knuckles.

Connery journied with Merlin to Knothole in the hope of saving the ailing Ancient Walkers and keeping Mammoth Mogul trapped in a Chaos Emerald. In the end, the quest ended before it even began, as the Ancient Walkers were destroyed by the dimensional breach caused by the activation of the Egg Grape Chamber, and Mogul quickly overpowered Connery and the other Freedom Fighters present and stole the Crown of Acorns, and later joined Ixis Naugus and the Destructix, recruiting them all and gaining the Sword of Acorns as well.

Connery and the Freedom Fighters attacked and did battle with Mogul and his army of minions, with Connery eventually fighting Mogul in a mighty sword battle. Recognising that the royal artifacts couldn't be saved, and he had one more task to complete, Connery summoned all of his magic, channeled his life-force into his blade and destroyed the Sword and Crown of Acorns in a mighty magical blast... and was reduced to ashes by the effort.

Connery's remains were later placed in Knothole Graveyard, and later Tommy Turtle was buried beside him. Connery's sword is now in King Elias Acorn's possession, who has vowed to be as strong and wise a warrior as Connery. He has brown fur, black hair and blue eyes and wears green vest, chain mail armor and red gauntlets.

Sir F-Fuzzy Logik

Sir F-Fuzzy Logik is the 10th competitor in the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. He speaks in an old English accent. He has a very strong friendship with Spike, Dragon Breath, and Scratch. Although F-Fuzzy Logik is one of the Macho-Bots in the game, he is not exactly capable of lifting heavy objects.

Sir Galahad

Sir Galahad an alternate reality version of Silver the Hedgehog, from the Arthurian world of Sonic and the Black Knight. Also known as the "Silver Knight", Sir Galahad is one of the Knights of the Round Table, said to hold almost the same power as Lancelot. His abilities make him dangerous, as he shares the same telekinetic powers as his doppelganger Silver the Hedgehog.

While Galahad has no role in the main story of Sonic and the Black Knight, he is playable in mulitplayer mode after Sonic clears the "Lancelot Returns" mission in Deep Woods.

Sir Gawain

Sir Gawain (ガウェイン Gauein) is the Arthurian Times' version of Knuckles the Echidna. Gawain is one of the Knights of the Round Table and is known for his stubbornness when it comes to his unbending loyalty to the king. Gawain carries the double-sword Galatin to complement his twin-fisted approach to conflict. Gawain, along with his fellow knights Lancelot and Percival, was sent by King Arthur to eliminate Sonic the Hedgehog when he arrived into their world. Gawain was the second knight Sonic fought, and after being defeated, Gawain felt that he was disgraced and wanted to die, saying that only death could remove that stain upon his honor. Sonic prevented him from performing this act and asked if there was more to being a knight than serving a king.

After King Arthur turned out to be an illusion created by Merlin years ago and that it was all a plot orchestrated by Merlina. Gawain, along with the other knights, set off to use the sacred swords to defeat Merlina. After the four swords formed a barrier around the castle and Sonic defeated the Dark Queen, Caliburn revealed that Sonic was the true King Arthur of this world, and Gawain, along with Lancelot and Percival, bowed before Sonic before the hedgehog returned to his own world.

Sir Lamorak

Sir Lamorak is the Arthurian Times' version of Jet the Hawk who appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. One of the knights of the Round Table, Lamorak has a great deal of pride and holds utter faith in his speed. He harries his enemies with his beloved twin swords. He is available in two-player mode and is not in the main story of the game along with Sir Galahad. He and Sir Gawain are the only two knights in the game with helmets that cover their face only, not their dreadlocks or spikes for that matter. They are also the only knights who use two swords.

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot (ランスロット Ransurotto?) is the Arthurian Times' version of Shadow the Hedgehog. Lancelot is one of the Knights of the Round Table, the strongest and one of the greatest of the knights. Lancelot wields the legendary sword Arondight. Lancelot, along with his fellow knights Gawain and Percival, was sent by King Arthur to eliminate Sonic the Hedgehog when he arrived into their world. Lancelot was the first knight Sonic fought, and it was later mentioned by Sonic's sword Caliburn that Sonic defeated Lancelot by mere luck. This is somewhat supported by the fact that after beating the game, Lancelot can be fought again. In that fight, he is much harder, being faster than before and wielding Chaos powers, and still retaining the dialogue Sonic, Lancelot and Caliburn used in the original fight. As if this was really the fight itself.

After King Arthur turned out to be an illusion created by Merlin years ago and that it was all a plot orchestrated by Merlina, Lancelot, along with the other knights, set off to use the sacred swords to defeat Merlina. After the four swords formed a barrier around the castle and Sonic defeated Merlina, Caliburn revealed that Sonic was the true King Arthur of this world, and Lancelot, along with Gawain and Percival, bowed before Sonic before he (Sonic) went back to his own world.

Sir Peckers

Sir Peckers was a Mobian woodpecker who wore an aviator cap and scarf. He was a member of the Original Freedom Fighters who founded Knothole as the secret base.

Sir Peckers agreed with Tig Stripe that their group lacked the proper resources necessary to fight a full scale war against Dr. Ivo Robotnik's empire, instead agreeing that hit and run tactics were the best way. Sir Peckers was also the one who fly to other areas of Mobius to spread the word of their organization and to rally up other Mobians to oppose Robotnik's rule. Sir Peckers was roboticized along with the rest of the group after Trey Scales betrayed them. Their roboticized bodies were then banished to the Zone of Silence. (StH: #142, #143)

Sir Percival

Sir Percival (パーシヴァル Pāshivaru) is a doppelgänger of Blaze the Cat from the world of Sonic and the Black Knight. Despite being female, Percival is entitled "Sir" along with the other Knights of the Round Table. She is the only female member of the Knights of the Round Table, and is known as the Knight of the Grail. She wields the sacred sword Laevatein, which appears to be a rapier. Using her royal powers, Percival can surround herself in flames during combat.

Six Gun Pete

Six Gun Pete is a Cowboy Bug Badnik sent by Dr. Robotnik to take over the town of Tranquil Gulch so Robotnik can turn it into a Casino called Gamblers Gulch. Six Gun Pete was quickly defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog and was replaced by Scratch and Grounder who were then replaced by the Despicable Desperados. Six Gun Pete is from the episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog titled "Magnificent Sonic".


Skeeter is Rotor Walrus' younger brother. He lives in the Frozen North Sea with his mother. (StH: #31)

Sketch Lampoon

Sketch Lampoon is an artist and comic book creator for the fictional Mad-like magazine called Crack Ups. He is some sort of goofy bird that wears a neck-tie. He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.

In "Sonic Breakout", one of his comics, which featured Robotnik, gets him in trouble with Robotnik. He is taken hostage and forced to draw Robotnik to his liking. As a retaliation for his being taken hostage he swears to draw a sequel to the comic that Robotnik disliked the most and make Dr Robotnik look even worse.

He makes a reappearence in "Hero of the Year" as one of the guests at Sonic's party.


Skweel is the sixth competitor in the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. He is a literal road hog, being part swine but with wheels for legs.

He has a jelly-like appearance, and his sculp may look squishy, but it is really a ton strong. He has a strong friendship with Grounder and Dynamight.

Sky Diver

A Sky Diver daredevil that was winning the Mobuis Daredevil contest until Tails saved him.

Skye Prower

Skye Prower is the son of Miles and Mina Prower, and the brother of Melody Prower.


Sleet is a character from Sonic Underground. A wolf with gray fur, orange eyes, purple body armor and blue cape and boots and black bounty hunter suit with grey embem, Sleet is cunning, greedy and manipulative. He was once an independent contractor partnered with the idiotic Dingo, but Robotnik 'persuaded' them to work exclusively for him. His task is to hunt down the Sonic Underground band, Queen Aleena, and other Freedom Fighters. He is 36 years old.

Because of Dingo's incompetence, Sleet often makes him into a scapegoat, and never hesitates to use the strange remote that transforms Dingo into other objects. Despite countless failures, Sleet does on occasion have a successful plan up his sleeve. Sometimes he and Dingo think of plans that make them turn on Robotnik, but these never go well.

He is a surprisingly competent villain, often remaining level headed and is genuinly dangereous to the Sonic Underground.

Sleet was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

Parody Appearances

Sleet's personality reflects that of:

  • Splatter or Arry - Thomas & Friends
  • Blair - TUGS
  • Little Gruesome - Wacky Races
  • The Brain - Pinky and the Brain
  • Dr. Diminutive - Phineas and Ferb

Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg

Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg was originally a member of the Robotropolis Spy Network, providing information to the various Freedom Fighter Groups from inside Robotropolis. However, Sleuth was swayed to Dr. Ivo Robotnik's side by promises of wealth and personal power. His attempted coup against Princess Sally Acorn was unsuccessful, and he was incarcerated at the Devil's Island Gulag prison. Upon his escape, he teamed up with several other prisoners to take his revenge, but they were roboticized by Dr. Eggman. After their de-roboticization by the Bem, the group had robot duplicates of themselves created by A.D.A.M. (aka Anonymous), and recordings in the wreckages of these machines showed the Destructix dealing with Anonymous. The real Sleuth has served with the Destructix since his de-roboticization, serving numerous masters. Doggy is a bloodhound with brown fur, blue eyes, pistol, grenades and fighting abilities. He formerly wore SWATbot Suit. He wears prison/combat fatigues and boots. He likes steak.


Slicer was a Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik. He first appeared as part of a team-along with Coconuts, Crabmeat, Buzzbomber, Newtron, and Roller-to break up the apparent wedding of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn. Despite being armed with sharp blades, he was defeated along with his fellow Badniks, and the wedding was revealed to have been part of a play. (StH: #18)

Sloth Family

The Sloth Family are citizens of Mobius and friends of Sonic and Tails. There are four members of the family, the father, mother, sister and Rocket the only one whose name is mentioned and the only one who ever speaks. The entire family is extremely slow and usually look like they are not moving at all.

After Sonic was zapped by Dr. Robotnik's Subatomic Slow Go Beam Weapon, the Sloth Family assissted Tails in his rescue. After the slow go weapon's power crystal broke, it worked in reverse, making individuals extra fast. Rocket used the ray on himself and his family so they would be fast enough to defeat Scratch and Grounder allowing Tails to save Sonic.


Smiley was a Commander in the Acorn Kingdom Army and an old friend of Lieutenant Fleming who joined the Rebel Underground after Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military coup. As a member of the Rebel Underground, Smiley helped Sally's trainees during one of their early missions, by locating and helping to heal the injured Arlo. Both he and Fleming later participated in an attack on one of Robotnik's bases and helped to defeat the Stealth Bots. (PSM: #3)

Following the death of Robotnik at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, Smiley and the rest of the Rebel Underground joined up with the the Knothole Freedom Fighters to restore the decrepit capitol; Mobotropolis. Smiley served at the Devil's Gulag temporarily while Kodos and Uma Arachnis were transported there, but he later returned to act as a body guard for King Max. (StH: #54, #63, SSS: #2)

Smiley the Shark

Smiley the Shark is a card shark which likes to gamble for high stakes with Mobian inhabitants. In "High Stakes Sonic", he gets several Mobians to play for free labor and wins against over 1,000 people. The ones he manages to defeat get loaded onto a bus and taken to Dr. Robotnik himself to be put to work.

He is voiced by French Tickner.


Snaggle is a young orphan Mobian, who along with Rory and Sasha was taken into the care of Rosie after the rise of Doctor Eggman. He and his young friends were critical of a bedtime story Rosie told them, and were also treated to a rather poorly cast play about the early adventures of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. The three young orphans also attacked Monkey Khan for his rude interruption of Mina Mongoose's concert celebrating Eggman's defeat, throwing rocks until Sonic stopped them. They achieved a small victory by defeating Sonic with logic, but Monkey Khan then apologized, and Sonic warned them that he would tell Rosie about their bad behavior. Snaggle later helped persuade Monkey Khan through crying to assist in fighting off the Iron Queen. (StH: #90, #153, #201, #203)

Snively Robotnik

Snively Robotnik (スニブレー・ロボトニックSunibureh Robotonikku) is a 31 year old Overlander native to the planet Mobius. He is the nephew of the infamous world-despot Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Snively is both devious and treacherous, and was responsible for his uncle's death when he reprogrammed the Ultimate Annihilator to target only his DNA. Following this, Snively attempted to secure control over his once-late-uncle's empire, only to be captured and imprisoned by the Freedom Fighters. After escaping from prison and being the temporary leader of the other escapees, Snively at one point joined the alternate-universe counterpart of his deceased uncle, Dr. Eggman Robotnik, though his alliance to him has ended temporarily on numerous occasions. He will often align himself with whoever he has to in order to survive, only to backstab them in the end. Snively has shown compassion however, specifically towards his half-sister Hope. He was also in SatAM as the nephew of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and generaly did everything and may as well have been the true leader.

He stands 162 cm (5ft 4in) tall and weighs 59 kg (130lbs).

Parody Appearences

Snively's personality reflects that of:

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  • Ludwig "Kooky" Von Koopa - Super Mario Bros.
  • Escargoon - Kirby
  • Buster the Bully - Shining Time Station
  • The Mad Scientist - Dastardly and Muttley
  • Professor Birdbrain - T.U.F.F. Puppy

Snow Beast

This is a Snow Beast that Sonic bumped into when on his way to see the Orcale. Appears to be related to the Polar Snow Beast.


Sojourner is the son of Spectre and father of Thunderhawk. As a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians following his tenure as Guardian of Angel Island, he has fought many times against the Dark Legion during Knuckles' time in the position. Following Dr. Eggman Robotnik's greatest offensive against the island, in which Sojourner battled alongside several other members of the Brotherhood to defend the Master Emerald, he was studied by Dr. Finitevus and then banished to the Twilight Zone.

Solar Sonic

Solar Sonic is an alternate form of Ultra Sonic, Solar Sonic can manipulate fire.


Solaris (ソラリス Sorarisu) is the most powerful being to appear in the (canon) series so far as it took three Super Hedgehogs to defeat him. Even then they couldn't actually destroy Solaris (as Solaris by this point is effectively omnipotent and immortal) so ultimately they did the next best thing: they destroyed his core which leaves him alive but powerless (as he can't control his body). Solaris was a god of time and the super-dimensional sun god of Soleanna seen in Sonic the Hedgehog, who also looks similar to Perfect Chaos. Solaris initially existed as a flame which was worshiped by the citizens of Soleanna. The Duke of Soleanna led the Solaris Project experiments in the hopes of using its time control powers to allow humanity to correct its past sins (and also to allow himself and his young daughter, Princess Elise, to see Elise's deceased mother once again). However, during one such experiment Solaris became unstable and split into two forms - Iblis, the raw power, and Mephiles, the conscious mind. Mephiles was sealed into an artifact known as the "Scepter of Darkness" whilst the Duke was forced to seal Iblis inside of Elise's soul. Before dying from wounds caused by the accident, he told his daughter to grow up to be a strong queen who would never cry as doing so would destroy the seal on Iblis.

After killing Sonic, Mephiles was quick to rejoin with his counterpart, once again forming their complete form of Solaris. Plunging the world into darkness he prepared to devour time itself. Before he could achieve this, he was defeated by a combined assault from Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver. His defeat spirited Elise and Sonic back to before the fateful experiment. After some contemplation, Elise chose to blow out the tiny flame that would become Solaris and thus change history by erasing his corporeal form from existence.

During the battle with the three super form hedgehogs, Solaris attacked shooting out meteors and firing a large laser that can hit its enemies from any distance. He increases the number of meteors and laser he fires in his second form (he can fire out 6-14 lasers). Solaris is one of the few bosses in the series whose attacks take rings away from Super Form characters, and the only boss that doesn't use different attacks when it changes to a different form. Another power Solaris has is during the "End of the World" level (where the characters are trying to revive Sonic) is to create massive orb-like "eyes" that suck in anything around them, including enemies the characters encounter. Touching the eye results in instant death, regardless of rings or even an invincibility power-up. He also has red eyes that he uses to hurl objects at his enemies. To top it off he has an almost impenetrable shield that can only be bypassed by certain attacks at certain times.


Sommersby was a bulldog Colonel in the Acorn Kingdom Army and worked for the Royal Secret Service under the command of Ian St. John. He was the Secret Service member who survived the crash of the shuttle carrying Queen Alicia and Elias Acorn to the Floating Island. Following this he became the Kingdom of Acorn's liason to the island, living in the Royal Compound with his wife.

Sonia Acorn

Sonia Acorn is the daughter of King Sonic and Queen Sally, and sister of Prince Manik Acorn. Sonia greatly resembles her mother, though has inherited her father's super speed and eye colour. She is princess of the Kingdom of Acorn.

Sonia the Hedgehog

Sonia the Hedgehog is a fictional character created for the animated television series, Sonic Underground, which takes place in an alternate universe. She is an eggplant-colored anthropomorphic hedgehog with orchid spikes and hair of the same color. She bears a close resemblance to the Sonic CD design of Amy Rose. In this universe, she is the sister of Sonic the Hedgehog and Manic the Hedgehog, as well as the daughter of Queen Aleena Hedgehog. Unlike her brothers, she does not have tan colored arms and stomach/chest.

In regard to wardrobe, Sonia wears a dress with a short dark blue skirt and a red sleevless top. The two sections are separated by a band of gold that forms a pointed shape at the front with a small circle in the center of it. Unlike most Sonic characters who wear gloves, hers are blue and go up to the elbows rather than the stereotypical white hand gloves. Sonia also wears red stockings under dark blue boots, the toes of which are a matching red.

Sonia was originally voiced by Jaleel White (who also voiced Sonic and Manic in the series), and her singing voice is provided by Louise Vallance. She was later voiced by Tara Strong. Sonia's voice actor Jaleel White was replaced by Tara Strong (the voice of Ben 10), giving her a high-pitched, tomboyish voice.

She is the second oldest of the triplets.

Parody Appearances

Sonia's personality reflects that of:

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Sonic (Sentai)

Sonic (Sentai) is an alternate counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sentai Zone. He, and the rest of the Sonicaman: Chaos Ninja Team, were summoned to Mobius Prime by Zonic to save Sonic from Sallactor's attacks. (SSS: #12)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Olgilvie "Sonic" Maurice the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Sonikku za Hejjihoggu?) is a supersonic hedgehog that can move faster than the speed of sound, with lightning reflexes to match (hence the name Sonic) and loves adventure. He acknowledges the fact that the Earth is just as cool and blue as he is. He is 15 years old, stands at 100 centimeters (3 ft 3 in), weighs 35 kilograms (77 lbs) and was born on Christmas Island. Artist Naoto Ōshima, designer Hirokazu Yasuhara and programmer Yuji Naka are generally credited with the creation of the character, a blue-furred, blue and-peach-skinned, green-eyed, anthropomorphic African pygmy hedgehog, who has the ability to move faster than the speed of sound and possesses the ability curl up into a ball, primarily to attack enemies. This is a major part of the gameplay of the series.

Sonic seems to have a holy or avatar-like position (despite, on most occasions, being unaware about his involvement in the future of the world he's saving), as many of his adventures in the series coincide with the fulfillment of ancient prophecies, specifically his involvement in Echidna legends (such as: the mural on Angel Island that depicts Super Sonic fighting Eggman for the Master Emerald).

Along with the other Sonic characters and Mobians, Sonic are depicted with five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot.

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Sonic's personality reflects that of:

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Sonic the Werehog

Sonic the Werehog (Japanese: ソニック・ザ・ウェアホッグ Sonikku za Ueahoggu, known by some fans as "Werewolf Sonic", "Nightmare Sonic", or "WereSonic") is Sonic's bestial werewolf-like form in the game Sonic Unleashed. Sonic the Hedgehog was transformed when Dr. Eggman used a machine to painfully suck out the power of the Chaos Emeralds in its entirety from Super Sonic, with which Eggman would fire a specialized laser weapon at the planet, releasing and awakening the creature known as Dark Gaia from the core of the planet and in the process, a small amount of Dark Gaia infected him. It is stated in-game that it is Dark Gaia's power that causes Sonic's nightly transformation into this form. Sonic only transforms at night because that is the only time of day when Dark Gaia can move about and affect people, making night the only time when Dark Gaia can also affect Sonic.

Sonic transforms into a monster at night, which makes his quest more complicated. When transforming into the Werehog (or transforming back to normal), a light and a cloud of purple smoke envelops him. Sonic the Werehog also features a different gameplay than Sonic. He attacks with his arms and fists, which can stretch out and punch his foes. Rather than using a counted number of rings, Sonic uses a health bar, collecting rings refills the bar. Aside from the usual ability of Sonic being able to race down ramps throughout the levels, in Werehog form you must get across gaps in a tightrope walking fashion.

Sonic appears to retain most of his normal abilities in this form as well as the ability to speak, though with more of a growl than normal. Therefore, it can basically just be considered a darker, feral form of Sonic's rather than as a split-personality monster like other interpretations of werewolves. Sonic the Werehog still has Sonic the Hedgehog's good heart, even though he is in a wolf-like form. This is primarily due to his will; it's too strong for Dark Gaia to affect.

Before the battle with Dark Gaia, Dark Gaia re-absorbed its remaining power that Sonic had incidentally taken at the start of the game, returning Sonic to his default form.

Sonic the Werehog stands on 1.1 meters (3 ft 8 in) tall and weighs 50 kg (110 lbs).

Sonic Jr. the Hedgehog

Sonic Jr. (just called Jr.) is Sonic and Amy's 10-year-old son. Like his father, Jr defends Mobious from villains like Dr. Robotnik Eggman. His personality also is like his dad's. Plus he can run just as fast as him too. As a baby he always liked to play with his mother's police hat and handcuffs and sometimes even cuffed his own parents with them. Jr. however has outgrown that.

Parody Appearences

Sonic Jr.'s personality reflects that of:

  • Skarloey - Thomas & Friends


Sonicotep resides in the Pyramid of Robotnikhotep located in Mobigypt. He is more than likely an ancestor of Sonic the Hedgehog due to them having extremely similar personalities and appearances. He could also possibly be the grandfather of Masonic who built the Pyramid of Robotnikhotep.

Sonicotep wears a necklace with an emerald around his neck, which allows him to activate a blue shield which can make him immune to the powers of anyone wearing the Chaos Emerald of Immortality. He lets Sonic borrow the emerald so he can defeat Dr. Robotnik, who took the chaos emerald of immortality from Robotnikhotep. After Robotnik was beaten, Sonic returned the emerald and Sonicotep went back in his coffin.

Sonicotep is the archenemy of Robotnikhotep. They seem to have a relationship very similar to that of Sonic and Dr. Robotnik.


Sonic-Zilla is an alternate version of Sonic the Hedgehog from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Sonic into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. Somehow half a Chaos Emerald became embedded in his chest like his father, Jules-Zilla. After an anguished Sonic the Hedgehog in Giant Robotno accidently killed Jules-Zilla and left with his emerald half, Sonic-Zilla emerged and cried at his dead father's body. (SSS: #12)


Sonik is an alternate version of Sonic the Hedgehog from a post-apocalyptic version of Mobius. He was sent into space and encountered aliens who provided him with a special suit, before returning to Mobius 1000 years after he'd left. Meeting up with the descendants of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, he joined with them to form the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. They did battle with the robotic Brass Knuckles, as well as with the malevolent planet devourer, Robolactus. (StH: #103, #104)


Sonja-Ra is the wife of Guardian Hawking, and the mother of Tobor.


Sonnette is self apointed Worlds biggest Sonic fan. Having everything Sonic related she can find, She even changed her name to be more Sonic like.

Sonugh the Boghog

Sonugh the Boghog is Sonic the Hedgehog's counterpart/ancestor on Prehistoric Mobius, as well as leader of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters. He appears virtually identical to Sonic, with the exception of having a white beard and wearing no shoes, and his species name comes from the initial absence of any hedges on his version of Mobius. Despite possessing super speed, he and his fellow Freedom Fighters lived in terror of the predations of Ivo Robughnik, their caveman nemesis, as well as the local dinosaurs. When a scheme of Robughnik's counterpart Dr. Robotnik brought Sonic to Sonugh's Mobius, Sonic was appalled to learn of Sonugh's plan to lead the Freedom Fighters deeper underground to avoid their enemy, which Sonic feared would lead to his own evolution into a mole. As a result, Sonugh and the others were taught how to replant bushes to form the first hedges, undoubtedly leading to the rise of that Mobius' Great Forest. However, after Sonic's return to his own home, Sonugh and his fellow Freedom Fighters found themselves sweating under the commands of their Sally Acorn. (StH: #12)

Space Monster

A small purple one-eyed space monster that was on Space fortress near the Mobuis asteroid belt. He hadn't had fresh food in 13 years and had a bad cold. Sonic bought him down to Mobuis by telling him he could have the biggest lunch around, Robotnik.


Sparkle is a grenade-shaped Badnik found in Carnival Night Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Mega Drive.


Spectre is a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians, and one of the many ancestors of Knuckles the Echidna. The son of the lost Guardian Tobor, father of Sojourner, Spectre became the oldest living Guardian in Knuckles' tenure after his great-grandfather Mathias, grandfather Hawking, and father Tobor died, Mathias and Tobor in battle with the Dark Legion and Hawking of old age. Known as the most violent and unpredictable of the Guardians, he is disapproved of by his descendants. Spectre was last seen defending the Master Emerald from Dr. Eggman Robotnik's forces and then disappeared, having been captured by Dr. Finitevus and then sent to the Twilight Zone.

Spectre is unusual among the Guardians for several things: his black coat of fur, a cloud of smoke that trails him everywhere, blood-red eyes, and a silver open-faced helmet and flowing black robes resembling those common among the Dark Legion (it should be noted that, for most of his life, he was raised by a Dark Legionnaire, Moritori Rex, who was impersonating his father).


Speed-Bot is a Roboticized chimera-like robot made up of some of the fastest creatures on Mobius. Although Robotnik knew that it was not as fast as Sonic (since nothing is), he still used the Speed-Bot as bait, announcing a race in which the winner would be proclaimed the fastest being on Mobius. Convinced that Sonic would not be able to pass up the challenge, Robotnik ordered his SWATbots to fire on the winner.

However, Sonic did pass up on the challenge, realising that it was a trap and that he wouldn't be able to disguise himself, and the Speed-Bot ended up racing a disguised Dingo instead. Dingo forced the Speed-Bot off the track, at which point it bounced off the wall and landed on top of Bartleby, who was sitting in the stands.

The Speed-Bot resembles a tortoise, which (like hedgehogs) are usually regarded as slow creatures. This may be a reference to Aesop's fable, The Tortoise and the Hare.


Spelunk the Mole is a mole which lives in Marble Zone. He is not initially trusting of anyone and regards the treasure buried in his cave as his only friends.

Spelunk is the most removed mole from society ever seen, and appears in the episode Submerged Sonic. He hoards a massive amount of treasure and anyone that gets near it will never be able to see the surface world again. He's willing to keep anyone and do anything in order to keep his treasure safe. After Sonic saves him from being crushed by a falling boulder, which was from Robotnik digging into the cavern, Spelunk has a change of heart and allows Sonic and Tails to leave. He even assists them in getting his treasures back from Robotnik, realizing the true value of friendship.


Spike is the ninth competitor in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

He is a straight rebellious yellow robot that seems to have obsessions with spikes.


Spike is a G.U.N. trooper and member of Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2. He and the rest of the team were responsible for the capture of Sonic the Hedgehog who had been framed for the theft of a Chaos Emerald that had actually been stolen by Shadow the Hedgehog, although Sonic escaped their custody while flying in a helicopter. He would later meet Sonic again as an ally during their mission to defeat the evil Dragon, Zan.


Spike (スパイク) are these little floating, orb-shaped creatures that act as time bombs, and when Sonic touches them, they begin to grow and will eventually self-destruct. Sonic can use these as weapons by picking them up and throwing them into other enemies.


Spiker is a bug-like round ball that hangs on the cavern ceilings in the Hill Top Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. If you spot one of these, immediately run by it to avoid it, because it will shoot its spiky drill at you if you aren't paying attention.


Spikes, known in Japan as Yadrin (ヤドリン), is a badnik from the game Sonic the Hedgehog. It resembles a hermit crab with two claws that help it crawl along the ground. Its shell is covered with spikes, which will injure Sonic if he attacks it from above. The way to defeat these bots is to roll into them.


Splats is a Badnik based on a rabbit and one of Sonic the Hedgehog's oldest foes. He was used during the Mobian Olympic Games to compete against Antoine D'Coolette in the long jump, and successfully beat him. Eventually with the Badniks being decommissioned, Splats and his badnik companions were exiled to the Robo Hobo Jungle. Later they moved to the Island of Misfit Badniks where he and the other badniks where there along with Pseudo Sonic battling Sonic but Psuedo Sonic was defeated and a that notice Sonic sank the island. Splats and the other badniks planded on rebuilding Psuedo Sonic but when the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters showed up he took on Bottlenose which he landed a hit before getting beat up, Splats along with the badniks and the giagantic Psuedo Sonic where crushed by Big Fluke into a giant metal cube.

Spot Long

Spot Long was a giraffe and a member of the Original Freedom Fighters from Knothole. He helped evacuate the city of Mobotropolis during Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military coup. Spot long agreed with MP Bull Bones that something had to be done to put an end to Robotnik's rule, and that they needed to strike back. Like the other Original Freedom Fighters, he was roboticized after Private Trey Scales betrayed them, and then sent into the Zone of Silence. (StH: #142, #143)

Stanley the Hedgebat

Stanley is Shadow and Rouge's 10-year-old son (Few months younger than Jr) and also is kind of a copycat to Jr. Stanley wears the same clothes as Jr (Except he wears Black and Red instead of Blue and Red). Stanley is also at times a troublemaker. Stanley looks like his dad but has bat wings like his mom. Like Jr, When Stanley was a baby he liked to play with his mother's magician stuff. He's outgrown that now.

Stanley's personality is a mixture of Shadow and Silver's.

Stealth the Hedgehog

Stealth the Hedgehog is an alternate version of Sonic the Hedgehog from the Zone of Mobius-Seventeen. As a mask-wearing superhero, he does battle with his universe's Dr. Robotnik, aka Professor Egg, and undoubtedly other villains as well. His zone was destroyed during Master Mogul's rampage through the Cosmic Interstate, but was restored by Titan Tails. (StH: #149, #150)


Steppenwolf is the son of the first Guardian Edmund, and the first Guardian to be properly trained for the role. He single-handedly used his new Chaos powers to defeat and imprison the Dark Legion in the Twilight Zone, saving his people from their civil war. Steppenwolf later became the forefather of the Brotherhood of Guardians. Though he has since died, Steppenwolf's legacy lives on in his decendants. He had red fur and brown eyes.


Stripes is a tiger who lives in Lake Valley. He has a crush on Sonia, but originally was a spy for Robotnik only to protect her. After Robotnik betrayed him, and tried to destroy the resort, Stripes was almost Roboticized, but was rescued by Sonia. He then joined the Resistance.

Storm the Albatross

Storm the Albatross (ストーム・ザ・アルバトロス Sutōmu za Arubatorosu?) is a hulking, anthropomorphic albatross and Jet's right hand man. Standing at a height of 140 cm (4ft 7in) and weighing 80kg (176.3lbs), Storm is an imposing sight and powerful force, capable of destroying just about anything. He is 18 years old. Despite being committed to his duties, Storm has a quick temper and his clumsiness constantly succeeds in embarrassing himself and the other Rogues. He also tends to stutter whenever he becomes excited or when he's in distress. He is a rival of Knuckles the Echidna. He also makes a brief appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a collectable sticker.

During the EX World Grand Prix, Storm loses to Knuckles at the location "Egg Factory". This defeat is compounded by the fact that just before the match they both tried to fight each other (even though they both end up hitting one of Eggman's race robots during the struggle). Later, under orders from Jet, Storm discovers a page of Dr. Eggman's diary stating that Eggman had deceived the Rogues into believing the treasure within the Babylonian Fortress was a gem.

Storm uses Type-S Extreme Gear, which is capable of keeping balance when smashing through obstacles. However, he seems to be the least skilled of the Rogues, partly because Knuckles easily knocks him off his board in the introduction; in the Babylon Rogues story, he falls off his board when meeting Jet and Wave after stealing Eggman's diary entry.

Storm is very loyal to Jet, and believes his loyalty is greater than anyone else's. Because of this, he is always ready for an assignment. Storm's profile on "Sonic Channel" actually lists Jet as one of his "favorite things".

Streaking Pasha

A Streaking Pasha is a creature very similar to a non-Mobian horse. The only known Streaking Pasha is Thunder, who served as a steed to Julie-Su and Tobor during the events leading up to the Guardian's imprisonment in the Twilight Zone. (KtE: #17)

Suguna the Lobster

Suguna was an elemental wizard and member of the Order of Ixis who escaped death at the hands of the Albion Knights of Aurora. A lobster, he gained mastery over the element of water, and then the elements of earth and wind from his comrades Agunus and Nusgau. The three joined forces after their Order's destruction, and after teaching each other their respective magics set out to capture control over the element of fire by making contact with the sun. Despite their cooperation, Suguna held back part of his knowledge regarding water, and so thought to surpass the others by reaching the sun first. Unlike Agunus, Suguna had an excuse, as Agunus betrayed them first. However, similar treachery by Nusgau led to Agunus grabbing Nusgau forcing Nusgau to grab Suguna. This led to the three of them falling into the sun together, fusing them together into Ixis Naugus.

Super Amy

Super Amy is a super transformation of Amy Rose, created by using the power of the Chaos Emeralds and the Power Rings, where Amy's fur turns to a glossy golden yellow like Sonic, her eyes turn ruby red like Sonic and three of her five quills stand up on end.

Super Eggman/Robotnik

Super Robotnik (a.k.a. Super Eggman) is a super transformation and powered up version of Doctor Eggman, created by using the power of Chaos Emeralds and the Power Rings, where Eggman's mustache turns to a glossy golden yellow like Sonic, standing up on end, his eyes turn ruby red, also like Sonic, but still with red pupils and black whites, becomes more ripplingly muscular than egg-shaped and obese and his turtleneck jacket/coat gets torn up, except his cuffs.

Super Robotnik is portrayed as a psychotic demon-like entity who manifests himself in Robotnik's body under conditions of extreme stress or exposure to Chaos Energy, Chaos Emeralds and Power Ring. Sonic frequently had to battle to keep this alter-ego in check, because Super Robotnik's immense destructive powers, hyperaggression, sadistic humour and lack of restraint frequently endangered innocent civilians and even Sonic's own friends.

His abilities include flight, super strength, super speed, x-ray vision, telekinesis, freeze breath, bulletproof and fireproof skin, a super-computing brain, a telescopic eye, and heat vision. He is so strong that he can even tear and damage solid metal long believed to be completely indestructible. Super Robotnik is also essentially invulnerable, being immune to flames and most other forms of damage. Super Robotnik has a myriad other powers derived from emerald radiation. Among his most commonly used powers are the ability to fly at tremendous speeds, and the ability to fire highly destructive beams of energy from his eyes, which are always depicted as maniacal red spirals. He can also cast energy shields, and super-charge his body to cause massive explosions. One such explosion caused an electro-magnetic pulse powerful enough to knock out electricity all over Mobius.

Super Ix

Super Ix (本気ノウェム Honki Nouemu?, Serious Novem) appears in Sonic Chronicles as the main villain's super form when using the Master Emerald that he stole from Sonic's world.

His spines grow further than in his original form, so that they look like Knuckles' dreadlocks. His color is the same as his normal form-- white-- and his eyes are blanked out, and possibly glowing. In this game, he has "???? HP" (9999 HP) stat, and his one and only move is Overload. He can be beaten in one turn if the POW moves are performed fairly well, making this one of the most simple final boss fights in the series. When fighting him, it's impossible to ambush or be ambushed, because neither Super Ix nor Super Sonic have normal attacks to use.

Super Knuckles

Super (or Hyper) Knuckles (スーパーナックルズ) is Knuckles' Super Form that is gained once all seven Chaos Emeralds are collected. The only appearances of Super Knuckles were in Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Knuckles in Sonic 2. Super Knuckles has a bright pink pulse to his body and a pink aura, but retains his basic physical form, unlike Super Sonic.

Super Scourge

Super Scourge is the super transformation of Scourge the Hedgehog. This transformation occurred when Scourge used the Anarchy Beryl in his throne to transform in order to combat the combined might of Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Rob O' the Hedge, Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic and Rosy the Rascal, who all decided Scourge was a legitimate threat and decided to work together.

Despite their efforts, the numerous hedgehogs were no match for Super Scourge, who defeated all of them. Super Scourge then proceeded to defeat the combined might of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad (minus Rotor and Fiona), who had returned to Anti-Mobius expecting Scourge to be defeated. While seeming to be unbeatable, Sonic eventually realized the Anarchy Beryl would have a different (and negative) effect on Scourge to contrast the positive effect the Chaos Emeralds had on him once the transformation ended. Luring Super Scourge away from the others, Sonic managed to stall for time until Super Scourge was tricked by Sonic into de-transforming. As Sonic speculated, the Anarchy Beryl drained him of what energy he had left in his normal form, leaving him vulnerable. Sonic subsequently defeated Scourge and captured him.

Super Shadow

Super Shadow (スーパーシャドウ) is the transformed state of Shadow the Hedgehog when he harnesses the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. In this form, all his powers and abilities are enhanced up to their full limit. Super Shadow made his first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2, and just like Super Sonic, he requires rings in order to stay in this form, otherwise he will power down to normal.

Super Shadow can run faster than before, fly, and is nearly invincible. Super Shadow does not need to use a Chaos Emerald to perform Chaos Control and warp through time, because the power of the Emeralds appears to have been transferred into him, much as with Super Sonic. Super Shadow's fur is lemon-cream but his white chest fur retains its color, as do his red body marks. His moves are augmented greatly while in this transformed state.

Moreover, in Shadow the Hedgehog, more of Super Shadow's powers are revealed and can be used. For instance, Super Shadow can now use Air Dash, and can perform Chaos Spear.

Super Silver

Super Silver (スーパーシルバー) is the Super Form of Silver the Hedgehog. So far his only appearance is in Sonic the Hedgehog. In the game at the final level, after being revived, Sonic turns Super and shares his power with Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog. The three manage to defeat Solaris together. Visual changes include a bright golden-yellow color replacing his normally white fur, and his mane becomes a darker yellow color. He has ruby red eyes, like Super Sonic and Super Shadow. His quills float, not unlike Super Knuckles's dreads in Sonic Heroes. The teal glow on his gloves, cuffs and boots turns into a bright yellow color as well.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic (スーパーソニック) is a super transformation and powered up version of Sonic the Hedgehog that can be activated through collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds and usually fifty rings. In the 2D games, he plays like Sonic but can jump higher, is faster, and is invincible. Nevertheless, he could still drown, die by falling off screen or get crushed against a wall. In his first appearance, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Super Sonic bears no impact on the game's story, but would give the good ending if achieved. However, in most later games, he usually has a greater impact on the story and is often part of the ending, or secret ending. Super Sonic has golden peach skin, golden spines and quills and red eyes. Sonic also has an extended form of Super Sonic known as Hyper Sonic, which was only used in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Super Tails

Super Tails is the super transformation of Miles "Tails" Prower, obtained by using the power of the seven Super Emeralds. This originally occurred in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Tails did not change color, but instead glowed white and was invincible and surrounded by four Flickies. His speed also increase while in this transformation. The Flickies surrounding him instantly attacking any nearby mechanical enemies, including bosses. Tails usually has golden yellow fur and ruby red eyes.

Supreme High Robotnik

The Supreme High Robotnik is Dr. Robotnik's super transformation with rippling muscles and long fingernails.


Surff is in Love with Princess Bubbles but her father does like this Surfer style guy until he appears (with Sonic's Help) to save the city of Labyrinth.

Sylvia the Hedgecat

Sylvia is Silver and Blaze's 9-year-old daughter. She is a blue version of her mother but does have hedgehog quills too like her father. Sylvia is also Stanley's girlfriend. Though Stanley is actually a mixture of being a nice guy and a naughty guy, Sylvia never sees him by his naughty side even though she has seen his tricks before.

Sylvia's personality is similar to Blaze's.


Syntar was a Dark Legion soldier and a skilled marksman under the command of Kommisar Lien-Da. Syntar was ordered to assassinate another Legion assassin - a member of the High Council - who failed in his objective to take out Dimitri at a peace conference with the Mitre and High Council. Chaos Knuckles' interference halted the original assassin, and he was captured. Syntar was ordered to take him out before he could talk, and was given the directive as well to eliminate Julie-Su when she appeared in view of his scope. Before Syntar could take a shot, he was knocked out by Lara-Su. (StH: #109)

Syntar's fate after this is unknown, but it is possible he was sent to the Egg Grape Chamber and died.



Tailon is a possible descendant of Miles "Tails" Prower and a member of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. (StH: #103, #104)

Tails (Sentai)

Tails (Sentai) is an alternate counterpart of Miles "Tails" Prower from the Sentai Zone. He, and the rest of the Sonicaman: Chaos Ninja Team, were summoned to Mobius Prime by Zonic to save Sonic from Sallactor's attacks. (SSS: #12)

Tails Doll

The Tails Doll (テイルス・ドール Teirusu Dōru?) (also mistakenly called Puppet Tails or Tails Puppet) is a robot / doll version of Tails built by Dr. Robotnik. He is comparable to Tails in the same way that Metal Sonic is comparable to Sonic. The Tails Doll has a metal rod protruding out of the top of its head that leads to a red gem that seems to control the creature's movements. The Tails Doll appeared only in Sonic R, as an unlockable character on the Radical City course by collecting 5 Sonic Tokens. He stands on 80 cm (2ft 6in) tall and weighs 2 to 4 kg (4 to 8 lbs).


Tails-Zilla is an alternate version of Miles "Tails" Prower from an alternate version of Mobius. In this universe, Chaos Emerald radiation transformed Tails into a hideous, gigantic monster that threatened the people of Mayor Kintobor's city. Despite his fearsome mutatations, he was unable to stop the Giant Robotno piloted by Sonic the Hedgehog. (SSS: #12)

Tatiana the Tiger

Tatiana was a female tiger who was intended to have been a childhood love-interest of Antoine D'Coolette appearing only in issue #137. Her story is unveiled as a flashback-within-in-flashback. Supposedly, she had agreed to go on a date with the "heroic" Antoine only to be told by Sonic that everything she heard about Ant was a lie. Afterwards, she told Ant that she no longer cared for him and was seen walking off hand-in-hand with Sonic while Antoine privately vowed never to fall in love again (until he met Bunnie). She moved away shortly thereafter and was not seen or from for years until she wrote a letter to Antoine asking to meet with him again. Antoine became nervous since he was now dating Bunnie, and when he told Bunnie of his dilemma she seemed resigned to let Antoine date Tatiana. However, Antoine publicly refused Tatiana's advances and acknowledged his preference for Bunnie's affection. Bunnie writes a letter thanking Ant for his decision declaring that while she was afraid to admit she loved Antoine then, she is afraid no longer. The story concludes by returning to the present day where Antoine rips her letter to shreds.

Tatiana's backstory contradicts with several elements of the established canon: Antoine had been betrothed to Princess Sally since his youth (although Sally herself did not learn of the arranged marriage until issue #160) and much of the first 40 issues of the comic depict his efforts to win the Princess's heart; hardly the actions of a man who had sworn off romance. Young Antoine describes himself as a Freedom Fighter, a term coined by Sally while the children were living in Knothole. For nearly a dozen years Knothole was the main place of refuge from the threat of roboticization making it unlikely that anyone could or would move away from there.

Despite the story's assertations, Bunnie was NEVER afraid to admit her feelings for Antoine, in fact she spurred on the romance in issue #46 by kissing a surprised Antoine on the cheek while telling him how much she cared. The story also describes Tatiana's return to Knothole as taking place shortly after Endgame (when Antoine and Bunnie were a new couple), yet the art shows Bunnie with her post upgrade limbs and chin-length haircut which indicates a much later timeline. Further complicating matters, issue #150 revealed that Patch began masquerading as Antoine during Sonic's one-year-absence and could not have access to such childhood memories as the characters grew up in parallel dimensions. It is possible that Patch fabricated part or all of the story while researching his role as "Antoine". (Issue #168 would lend motivation to this theory, as Bunnie and Antoine discuss the severity of Patch's actions, Bunnie suggests that Patch may have gotten a thrill out of his attempts to destroy everything Antoine loved.)


Tekno is the Mobian bird who was present and talking with Amy Rose during Maximillian Acorn's announcement that his daughter Sally Acorn would be ruler during his absence. She was also present at a Mina Mongoose concert. (StH: #134)

Tekno is a scientific genius and engineer, and a member of the Freedom Fighters. While she possesses similar attributes to Porker Lewis, she is far more adventurous and spends her days building up a backlog of inventions for every eventuality and then seeking out chances to use them against villains in the field.

She has green feathers, which hang over the left side of her face like a fringe, and blue eyes. She most commonly wears a black-and-red-striped jumper, blue skirt, red and white trainers and gold earrings.

Despite having arms instead of wings, Tekno has the ability to fly under her own power.


Teri-Lu was a member of the Echidna Security Team and Constable Remington's secretary. She had the task of maintaining his schedule, setting up meetings, and delivering his lunch, important papers, reports and mugshots. (KtE: #10)


Termite-Nator was a termite-based badnik created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik as a means of eliminating the Knothole Freedom Fighters by eating them out of house and home. It ate anything made of wood or paper, and gets larger as it eats. Robotnik used a phony ant-farm business to trick Rotor into acquiring a Termite-Nator. Before long, it had eaten all of the furniture and almost all of the books, and it would have eaten the Great Forest had Sonic the Hedgehog not tricked it into eating a log with some extra-thick pancake batter. With its jaws disabled, it was easily rewired into a metal muncher, and sent back to Robotropolis. Its final fate is unknown. (StH: #5)


The terapod is a dinosaur-like species appearing in only one SatAM episode, "Sonic Past Cool". They possess large intelligence for a primarily non-anthropomorphic species, and Sally was able to develop a program on NICOLE to interpret their distinct language patterns into English. Every year the Terrapods migrate to a place untouched by Robotnik called Boulder Bay. One of the babies strayed from its herd and found Tails. Realizing Robotnik was aware of the herd, the Freedom Fighters decided to escort the herd to make sure they got to Boulder Bay safely. The Terrapods are large, quadrupedal dinosaur-like creatures. They come in a variety of grays and browns. They have crests on the back of their heads, similar to triceratops but without horns, and two toes on each foot. Sally gives Baby T and Mamma T collars that allow them to communicate with the Freedom Fighers. They have strength, they are loyal, and they have much better hearing than most species. They can't communicate with other species. They are physically strong and can carry the freedom fighters on their backs.

The Gopher Highwayman

The Legend talks of a Highway Man that had his Head cut off and wanders now with a Gold Medallion. Of course, This is just a Story right?

The Polar Ressisance

These were Members of the Resisance in the Polar Areas of Mobuis that noticed what Sleet and Dingo were doing and contacted the rest of the Resisance for help.

The Road Hogs

The Road Hogs are a Biker group that picked a fight with Sonic while he was hyponisted. After he beat their leader, he was made the new leader and then was able to turn them into good guys.

The Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehog

In an alternate Mobuis, The Sonic Underground came across a Version of themselves that were in change but had let the Power Corrupt them. In the end, they were shown the evils of there ways and turned back into good guys. They are voiced by Jaleel White.

The Sheep

The Sheep were more people dumb enough to gamble and lose to Robotnik. They are voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Theodore Acorn

King Theodore Acorn was an early member of the House of Acorn and ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn. After his son Emerson Acorn was killed accidentally by a young Overlander named Paladin playing with a gun, Theodore instituted the anti-gun law that has remained in force from his reign through to the reign of his distant descendant Maximillian Acorn, but which was repealed during the Second Robotnik War. (StH: #72)


Thorny is a Mobian Needle Bird-a half bird, half porcupine creature-whom Sonic discovered in the Great Forest. Found with an injured wing, Thorny was taken back to Knothole by Sonic, only for Princess Sally to demand that she be removed for fear that she might be part of a Robotnik scheme. Despite this and an apparent wing injury, Thorny came to the aid of Sonic and Sally against one of Dr. Robotnik's robots, which had been disguised as a tree. After helping Sonic defeat the robot, Thorny laid an egg on Robotnik and drove him off with multiple needles. Thorny was thus named an honorary Freedom Fighter by Sonic and Sally. (StH: #9)

Thrash the Tasmanian Devil

Thrash is a sentient Tasmanian Devil and the newest member of the Downunda Freedom Fighters who joined sometime after Bill's departure from the group. Thrash appeared alongside the other Downunda Freedom Fighters and helped fend off the Wing Dingoes, who were attacking the Chaotix. (SU: #11) He is shown with great strength and the power of his scream can blast away enemies.

Throbbin Screech

Throbbin Screech hosts a show 'Lifestyles of the Very Good' but refused Robotnik to be on the Show.


Thunder is a white streaking pasha (the Mobian equivalent of a non-anthropomorphized horse) native to Angel Island. Thunder serves as a steed to Julie-Su and Tobor during the events leading up to the Guardian's imprisonment in the Twilight Zone.


Thunderhawk is the father of the first female guardian, Janelle-Li, and the son of Sojourner. While not known for any particular outstanding achievements as a Guardian, Thunderhawk has been a vital part of the Brotherhood team, assisting in dealing with the Overlanders and the issue of Alicia Acorn. Recently, Thunderhawk was tossed into the Twilight Zone by Dr. Finitevus along with the few surviving members of the Brotherhood.

Tiara Boobowski

Tiara Boobowski (Tiara B.) was a character created for the cancelled video game Sonic X-treme. One of four characters originally intended to be playable, Tiara was dropped when development difficulties forced the team to focus solely on Sonic the Hedgehog. Later, she was worked into three of the game's potential storylines.

Christian Senn, her creator, intended for her to be a love interest for Sonic, adding romantic tension to the story. He had hoped that the story would show Sonic meeting his "match" in Tiara, but the stories the team developed had to focus on bringing together the levels and supporting a basic premise of good against evil. He feels that they still could have focused on the interactions and relationships between characters more than they did, and if they had the game would have been more rewarding and deeper.

Tibby Hedgehog

Tibby The Hedgehog, a.k.a. Best Known By her NickName and Stage Name Marigold, is the Pop Diva of Mobius, She Has Super Sonic Speed, loves her Freedom and likes being Single and Turns down every Mobian Guy who asks her to be there Girlfriend, She Hates Robotnik and think he's so UnCool, She thinks Sonic and Tails is Totally Way Past Cool and would Love to Race Sonic Some time when She's Not Singing on Stage.

Marigold all so Has a Fan Club that she has no clue about that is Run by Coconuts who is her Number 1 Fan as he Says. Her Other Fans Are Scratch, Grounder and Tails. Sonic isn't a Fan as he says but more of Admirer of her Singing.

Doctor Ivo Robotnik Hates Her Music and will do anything to get rid of it and Her Once and For all and that will make two Hedgehogs he wishes to get rid of.

Her Band is Called The Blue Marigolds, 'Blue' because She herself is Blue all over her Hair and Fur. Her Favorite Flowers are the Rare Mobiam'Rosa Rosie Blue Roses that Grow on a Island South of the Mobius Ocean, Her Favorite Food Are Chili Cheese Dogs and Chili Fries, her Favorite Drink is Peach Cream Soda. Her Hobbies Are Singing for her Many Fans, Going to the Beach and Tanning, Swimming, Eating her Favorite Food when she gets free time to, Running away from LoveSick Fanboys and Hanging out with Sonic and Tails.

Secrets that she keeps from others is that she is Really a Princess But Ran Away when she was 10 years old from her Boring Royal Life Style and Search for a Better One that is Full of Freedom her. She finds the Better things in life is the ones best Spent outside her Castle Walls and Run Free all over Mobius.

Tig Stripe

Tig Stripe was a former colonel and a Mobian tiger in the Acorn Kingdom Army and leader of the Original Freedom Fighters.

Tikal the Echidna

Tikal (ティカル Tikaru?) is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games released by Sega. She is a 14-year-old echidna who stands 95 cm (3ft 1in) tall and weighs 24 kg (52.8lbs) to 29 kg (68.8lbs).

She first appeared in the game Sonic Adventure for Sega Dreamcast, which was released in Japan on December 23, 1998. Her sign is Capricorn. Tikal's Japanese voice-overs are done by Kaori Asoh while in her American games, Elara Distler does her voice.

Tikal is named after a ruined Mayan city whose name means "bread", or "Place of Voices", and her father, Pachacamac, shares the name of both an Inca solar deity and a city of the Inca Empire. In addition to this, the pyramid in the Mystic Ruins, an action stage in Sonic Adventure, resembles the one in the city of Tikal, and the Lost World level retains aspects of Maya ruins, such as the rotating snake and the jade. Tikal's attire is also derived from the Mayan civilization.


Tikhaos is a fusion entity of the spirit of Tikal bound to the mutated Chao-turned water elemental, Chaos, from the Mobius: X Years Later dimension. Though physically composed of Chaos' water-body when normal, it retains the shape of Tikal as well as some semblance of her personality. Tikhaos exhibits a "hunger" for Chaos energy, possibly to sustain her/its/their form, but when overloaded with it will lose control and transform into the savage water god, Perfect Tikhaos.

Timothy the Echidna

Timothy is 13 and wears a yellow cap backwards with a pair of blue shades and a yellow jersey over a black T-shirt. He was one of the last of the surviving echindas (after chaos killed of the tribe) and is now supposed to be the new keeper of the Master Emerald. Now an orphan he meets with Jr. & Sarah to which he thinks they will steal the Master Emerald which ends up in a fight between Jr. and Tim but in the end all three of them become friends. Timothy however needed a home cause he couldn't stay outside in the winter so Knuckles and Julie took him in as their son and also put the master emerald in his bedroom. He also sometimes is jealous because he doesn't have a girlfriend like Jr. does yet.

Timothy's personality is similar to Knuckles's.

Parody Appearences

Timothy's personality reflects that of:

  • Sir Handel - Thomas & Friends


Tiny is a Hippo friend of Junior.


Titan (タイタン) are massive cyclops-esque monsters with thick, spiky armor. It wields a huge wooden club with which it uses to try and smack Sonic about. Its immense weight can produce powerful shockwaves when it jumps.

Titan Tails

Titan Tails was a super-powered entity that was created when Tails fused together with numerous parallel versions of himself. Titan Tails' power exceeds that of Master Mogul. Titan Tails commands powerful cosmic energy, and as a higher being has greater knowledge of the universe's workings. It also seems that Titan Tails can absorb the power of others, as he absorbed Master Mogul's before restoring other zones that that Master Mogul destroyed. Titan Tails has muscles showing in every part of his body.


Titus was a professional conman, pretending to be a scientist who has developed a De-Roboticizer that can also immunise people against roboticisation. He would target the aristocracy and other rich people, conning them into paying for immunisation. He was coerced by Robotnik into turning his fake into a real Roboticizer as a trap; suffering an attack of conscience, he pushed Sonia out of it at the last moment as roboticized himself as a result.


Tobor is the son of Guardian Hawking and the father of Guardian Spectre. His tenure as Guardian was cut short by a battle with the Dark Legion under Moritori Rex, which resulted in both sustaining heavy wounds. Moritori was taken back to Echidnaopolis after being mistaken for Tobor, while Tobor ended up wandering on the surface of Mobius. He had his damaged eyes replaced with cybernetic implants, and would eventually return to Angel Island years later and meet his descendant Knuckles. After a battle with Dark Legion Grandmaster Kragok, he was trapped for some time in the Twilight Zone before escaping and ending up killing both Kragok and himself in a suicide attack on the Legion's Battle Cruiser.

Tommy Turtle

Tommy Turtle was a childhood friend of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn, and later a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Tommy became a member of the brain trust along with Tails and Rotor, assisting with the planning and creation of inventions. Tommy became a pawn for Dr. Eggman Robotnik's "son" A.D.A.M. after coming into contact with the nanites. A.D.A.M. assumed control of Tommy and nearly succeeded in capturing all of the Chaos Emeralds in the universe. However, Tommy managed to temporarily resume control of his body and allowed the Egg Fleet to kill A.D.A.M. and himself.


Topaz is a character from Sonic X who works for the Guardian Units Of Nations as partner to Rouge the Bat.


Torch is a dumped Robot that was meant to be a flame throwing weapon, but he has a short tempter. Lives in Scrap Valley.


The Townspeople (also known as Villagers or Followers) are elf-like beings native to the Grand Kingdom that appear in Sonic and the Black Knight.

While the Townspeople will continue their lives throughout the adventure, they will only interact with Sonic when they wish to sell him something (negotiation is done through a series of buttons you must press when displayed on the screen, only if you have 20 rings) or need his help. It is considerd dishonorable to attack the Townspeople thus earning the name "Despised One" in the treasury. When enemies appear they will flee but can still be harmed if Sonic is not careful.

Their capital is Camelot but of late King Arthur has been inprisoning them within the castles dungeons. They have settlements across Grand Kingdom such as pastoral farmlands located around the Deep Woods and migrating villagers in Titanic Plain in moving wooden forts (pulled by what seemed to be giant green trolls). They are also favoured food of dragons as they have been captured in Crystal Cave where they serve to be dinner for the dragon.

Treasure Chest Crab

The Treasure Chest Crab is a crab like creature created by Dr. Robotnik through the use of the Chaos Emerald of Life.


Trevor is a mouse who is a friend of the royal siblings and Cyrus. He dresses like a hippy. He is an ace pilot and helps build and fix mechanical equipment. However, he can be easily captured and has been close to be under the effects of roboticization before. He has appeared in several episodes to help the hedgehogs during some of the missions. He is voiced by Matt Hill.

Turbo Tails

Turbo Tails is a super transformation of Miles "Tails" Prower, created by using the power of the Chaos Emeralds and the Power Rings.


Turtloid is a Badnik that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive. It appears in the Sky Chase Zone.

Turtloid is in fact two robots, both modelled after turtles (hence its name). The larger turtle can fly, and appears to "swim" through the sky. The smaller turtle stands on the back of the larger one, apparently piloting it. The larger turtle cannot be destroyed, but it becomes harmless once its "buddy" is destroyed. Also, once its buddy is destroyed, Sonic can jump onto a turtloid's back instead of the wings of his biplane.

Tuxedo Knux

Tuxedo Knux is an alternate counterpart to Knuckles the Echidna in the Luna Zone. He helps Sally Moon and Chibi Rose defeat Ivanna Robotina. He appears to be romantically involved with Sally Moon, which Sonic the Hedgehog appears deeply shocked by. (SSS: #8)


Twan-Du is a possible descendant of Antoine D'Coolette and a member of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. (StH: #103, #104)



The Über-Bot was a robot invented by Dr. Eggman, which attacked Knothole in 3236. Before it crushed Mina Mongoose, Rory, Snaggle and Sasha beneath its foot, it was hacked by Rotor Walrus and halted mid-step. (StH: #120)

Uhu the Wind Genie

Uhu is a wind genie who appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings. He takes the form of an orb of blue and white light, similar to Tikal's form of a floating red and white sphere of light. Because Uhu is not under the control of a master, he serves as Sonic's opponent to races at certain challenges, once per world. He is said to be famous for his speed, which appears to explain why he challenges Sonic at all.

When Sonic faces Uhu, a distance meter appears in the top-right corner of the screen, showing the difference in distance between the two in meters. If Sonic falls too far behind, it turns red. When they're close, it becomes the regular text color. And when Sonic is ahead, it turns blue. While Sonic cannot fail the mission by dying, it does cost him significant time, allowing Uhu to catch up. It appears that uhu's AI system is set to the standard path that a player would normally take, no shortcuts or Speed Breaks.

Uhu is also able to bounce on enemies, but not destroy them. This is so Sonic will be able to use homing attack on the enemies to continue on.

Ultra Naugus

Ultra Naugus is a super form of Ixis Naugus generated by a large collection of specially formatted super Power Rings created by Nate Morgan. When Ixis Naugus raided Nate Morgan's secret tundra lab, he, as well as Sonic and Tails, were infused with energies from a large cache of super magic rings. Ultra Naugus was seemingly invincible, however, Ultra Sonic and Hyper Tails were eventually able to defeat him.

Ultra Sonic

Ultra Sonic is a super form of Sonic the Hedgehog that he has only attained through the use of massive amounts of power, namely a huge cache of Power Rings created by Nate Morgan and by a Super Emerald found by the same. He first appeared alongside Hyper Tails to battle the evil Ultra Naugus, only to disappear as Sonic's power was depleted. Later, when Knothole was threatened by a beam of energy that could have disrupted the entire space time continuum, Sonic used a Super Emerald to achieve this form in order to race around the planet and prevent the beam from making contact.

Uma Arachnis

A female ninja black spider with six arms, two legs, purple eyes and bright lavender skin who served Ixis Naugus, Uma Arachnis met Naugus in the Zone of Silence. With all the abilities of both a spider and a ninja, she proved quite dangerous. Often silent, even other villains found her confusing. Uma worked alongside Warlord Kodos, both of them joining Naugus in escaping the Zone of Silence, and both were left helpless in a crystalline state when Naugus' magic wand was destroyed. Abandoned by their master, they were taken to Devil's Gulag for incarceration. They later escaped to menace the Freedom Fighters until both died from exposure to Robotropolis' pollution.

Uma's legacy lives on in the form of her children, the Arachne, an army of spider ninjas who also serve Ixis Naugus. The Arachne have been distinguished as villains due to being entrusted with the Sword of Acorns after it tried to possess Sally. They later used it to open a dimensional warp, freeing Naugus from his imprisonment and killing the Ancient Walkers. Due to Ixis' alliance with Mammoth Mogul, the Arachne came to serve Mogul as well. Along with the Destructix and the two wizards, the Arachne were attacked by the Egg Fleet and imprisoned in the Egg Grape Chamber. As a result of Mogul and Naugus abandoning them to the life draining powers of the Egg Grapes, the Arachne died in the second chamber. As a result, they were not rescued by Dr. Finitevus, who liberated the Destructix to serve as his minions.

As ninjas, Uma Arachnis and her children wield a number of traditional Japanese weapons. Among their arsenals are Sai, Nunchuks, Katana swords, Bo staffs, Shurikens, and bows and arrows. Like Kodos and King Acorn, Uma was originally imbued with the ability to transform into a crystalline version of her Mobian self to increase her abilities in battle as well as granting her protection from the Zone of Silence, but this skill was rendered useless not long after she returned to Mobius Prime.


Universalamander is a gigantic robotic salamander with green skin and red eyes.


Updike is a small rabbit. He appeared in "Mad Mike Da Bear Warrior".

Updike's village was captured by Robotnik and forced to carve the doctor's face into a mountainside. Robotnik isolated the village, meaning that no food supplies could get through, and the villagers began to starve. Updike managed to escape and tell Sonic what was happening.

Updike is presumably named after writer John Updike, whose most famous work is his Rabbit series.



Valdez was a Mobian Chameleon and member of the resurrected Royal Secret Service. During the chaos caused by the invasion of Mobotropolis by Dr. Eggman, Valdez stayed behind to allow his comrades to escape, and as such was captured and roboticized. Under Eggman's command, Valdez was dispatched to locate, round up and roboticize the Chameleon population of Angel Island as well as locate the Master Emerald. His plans were foiled by his former-best friend Espio the Chameleon, who in the end was forced to destroy him, by luring him into a trap. In the ensuing fight, Valdez was pushed into the water where his systems failed.

Vanilla the Rabbit

Madam Vanilla the Rabbit (ヴァニラ・ザ・ラビット Vanira za Rabitto) is a respected Domestic Lop-Eared Rabbit native to the planet Mobius, where she is known mostly as "ma'am". She is the mother of Cream the Rabbit and lives in a small cottage near Carnival Night City with her daughter and Gemerl. She is either widowed, divorced or single as she does not have a husband and is a single mother, although she appears to fancy Vector the Crocodile in Sonic X. Vanilla is a skilled chef, knitter and cleaner and never forgets her pleases or thank-you's.

Vanilla the Rabbit's personality reflects that of:

  • Candy Kong - Super Mario Bros.
  • Cresselia - Pokemon
  • Lady Like - Kirby
  • Dakota - Total Drama

Vector the Crocodile

Vector Stward Midelain the Crocodile (ベクター・ザ・クロコダイル Bekutā za Kurokodairu?) is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and leader of the Chaotix detective team who debuted in the game Knuckles' Chaotix. Vector is a large strong anthropomorphic crocodile. Vector's trademark is a set of headphones which he always listens to, even during missions.

Parody Appearences

Vector's personality reflects that of:

  • BoCo - Thomas & Friends
  • Fire Tug - TUGS
  • Tex - Shining Time Station
  • Donkey Kong - Super Mario Bros.
  • Krokorok - Pokemon
  • Sir Ebrum - Kirby
  • Dr. Hibbert - The Simpsons
  • Clyde - Wacky Races/The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
  • Sam - Total Drama


Vince is a black-market salesman. Manic sells an orb to him before realizing it is a bomb, but by the time they get there, Vince has sold it to Bartleby. Vince ends up getting Roboticized by Sleet, and later de-roboticized by Mighty.


Void (ヴォイド) is the imp-like villain from Sonic Shuffle. At the start of the game, Void shatters the mysterious Precioustone, which controls his world, Maginaryworld. Sonic and friends then set out on a quest to defeat him and repair the stone. Throughout the game, Void shows signs of depression and loneliness which touches the hearts of Sonic and his friends who, in turn, want to help him amidst the evilness within him. At the end of the game, it turns out that Void is needed for the balance in Maginaryworld, as he is the nothingness that gives people the ability to dream. He is in fact one half of Maginaryworld's ruler Illumina, where Lumina Flowlight is the other half. As such, Sonic and his friends do not destroy him, and leave Maginaryworld knowing that Lumina and Void cancel each other out.

He was voiced by Lani Minella in the English version and Urara Takano in the Japanese version.

Cosmo from Sonic X bears a resemblance to both Void and Lumina.

Prototype storylines for the Archie Comics included a mention of Void as an upcoming antagonist, undoubtedly for a Sonic Shuffle adaptation that was never published.


Voni-Ca was a female echidna, who was the wife of Tobor and the mother of Spectre. Like most people, she was unable to tell the difference in her husband when he was replaced by the Dark Legion operative Moritori Rex. How she died remains unknown. Years later, while going through the family photo album, Lara-Le was unable to find a single photo of either Tobor or Voni-Ca, to which Tobor replied the "enemy would have been thorough." (KtE: #17, #18)


Wallace A. Ditso

Wallace A. Ditso is a Master Inventer, NA, PHD, LLD & WCR. A Dumped Inventer Robot cause none of his inventions work. Lives in Scrap Valley. He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Walt Wallabee

Walt Wallabee is the leader of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. He has engaged in numerous battles with Crocbot and led the DFFs on numerous successful missions. In battle, he wields explosive weapons called Bomberangs, which are incredibly effective against enemies. He has red fur, black eyes and wears brown vest, brown gloves and brown boots. He is attracted to teammate Barby Koala but seems unable to admit his feelings to her.

Wave the Swallow

Wave the Swallow (ウェーブ・ザ・スワロー Uēbu za Suwarō?) is a purple anthropomorphic swallow, the Babylon Rogues' resident technical genius, and a bit of a trash-talker. She is 18 years old, and is 110 cm (3'7") and weighs 20 to 25 kg (44 to 55 lbs). She's the daughter of the tech expert of the Rogues' previous generation, and her knowledge of Extreme Gear far surpasses that of Tails and Doctor Eggman. Because of this knowledge, she is brimming with self-confidence; and as a result she "gives advice understandable to herself but not to others". However, she still considers Tails and Eggman to be worthy mechanical opponents.

Although she looks on Jet the Hawk as an "unreliable younger brother" and can be quite stubborn, she follows his leadership. In the EX World Grand Prix, she beats Amy Rose at Splash Canyon, but is knocked out of the tournament by Tails at Green Cave. Wave uses a Type-W airboard, which is specially designed to fly well, and the red jewel she wears around her neck is actually a small computer capable of playing back media files via holographic projection.

Wave is something of a voice of reason amongst the Rogues, often reminding Jet and Storm of their responsibilities. Wave has something of a rivalry with Tails, in which she scorns the way he made Sonic's Extreme Gear, calls him "Shorty" a number of times, and also "a twerp" in one of her mission reports, though this diminishes by the end of the game. She also has a strained relationship with Storm, with one such instance criticizing his skills on Extreme Gear. In a cutscene before Sky Road, she angers Knuckles by calling him a "Red Mutt".

Wave often refuses to admit when someone has talent, as noted in some of her mission reports. She either says that she will continue to deny a person's skill or flat-out denies that they have any skill at all. She also says in the opening of White Cave, that if she doesn't take charge, nothing will ever get done.


Wentos (ウェントス Uentosu) is a traveling merchant in the game Sonic Unleashed. He sells the player souvenirs that cannot usually be bought from the local stores. He also sells a variety of items, some of which, "The Hero Sandwich", for example are very useful, and some, "The Sandwich?" are completely useless and a waste of Rings. He wears an olive green coat and hat. His face is usually hidden. He also has a Chao puppet on one of his arms, which seems like it has a mind of it's own, and while Wentos is usually easily scared and not very bright, the puppet is smart and wise. He seems to be the mind of the mismatched duo. He also seems to know a thing or two about business, as he tempts the player into buying things. Wentos's prices are always varying (unlike other in-game shopkeepers), so it's best to check if he sells an item in one place cheaper than the other.

In the credits, there are two photos of Chip playing with Wentos's Chao puppet.

Wes Weasely

Wes Weasely was a character from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV series. He was a very rich salesman who more than usually made deals with Dr. Robotnik to catch Sonic the Hedgehog. In an episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog like "Hero of the Year", Wes Weasley pretended to be car/limo-jacked by Scratch and Grounder and hosted a Hero of the Year ceremony for Sonic so that Dr. Robotnik could capture him, all for a Shopping Channel. He is also Mobius's number one salesman/con artist/narrator/announcer/dog show judge/real estate agent, etc.

Wes Weasely wears a plaid brown and tan suit, tan floating hat w/red stripe, glasses, red bow tie, tan pants, or sometimes just in his light green, green striped boxers with a cigar, and the floating tan hat.

Wilfred LaTour

Wilfred is the Father of Sonia's Friend Mindy. Being in the nobilty, he tried to stay that way via ify Support with Robotnik. He was told to create machines for Robotnik else they would be in prison. In the end, he and his daughter gave up the rich life to join the Resisance.


Willis was a Mobian Penguin who played the part of justice-of-the-peace during a wedding play the Freedom Fighters put on near Knothole. When Dr. Robotnik attacked, he was briefly indignant, but proved incapable of combat when Sonic the Hedgehog had to save him from SWATbots and Badniks. Since then, he has not been seen. (StH: #18)

Wise Old Hermit

The Wise Old Hermit is meant to know Anything but when Sonic asked him if he had seen his two tailed Fox buddy, he told Sonic that there was no such thing as a Two tailed fox.

Wombat Stu

Wombat Stu is the smallest and youngest member of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. Possessing super hearing, Stu is also agile due to his small size. He also temporarily served with the Royal Secret Service, until the betrayal of Heavy and Bomb, after which he rejoined the Downunda Freedom Fighters and fought alongside during the attack by the Xorda.

Wombat Stu has yellow fur and dark eyes. He wears gray hat and boots and green gloves.


Wynmacher, also known by the nickname Wyn, is the second husband of Lara-Le and the stepfather of Knuckles the Echidna. He is a 44-year-old echidna resident of Echidnaopolis, with brown fur and blue eyes. He wears a blue cape, boots and uniform.

Despite the mild tension caused by his mother remarrying, Knuckles has no ill feelings towards Wyn, and Wynmacher has no problems at all towards his stepson and his wife's former in-laws. Wynmacher and Lara-Le later had a son, Knecapeon Mace, Kneecaps for short, and in the dark days of Robotnik's domination, the three are inseparable. Wyn is also a fanatic when it comes to the prophecy of the Avatar, whom the general populace of Echidnaopolis believe is Knuckles. This leads Wyn to constantly call Knuckles "Avatar," despite Knuckles' protests. Together with his wife and son, Wynmacher was among the Echidnas who witnessed Enerjak's return before being sent to the Echidna island of Albion.

Despite his aristocratic appearance, Wyn is not afraid to do work. He helped Knuckles subdue a group of Dingoes holding him and Lara hostage during Echidnaopolis' return to Mobius proper. When Knuckles complimented his tackle, Wyn replied, "I played varsity!" This skill, along with his cooking expertise, came from his college days.



Xenin was a powerful Echidna warrior and member of the Dark Legion, who served as Dimitri's personal bodyguard. His body had been so thoroughly replaced with cybernetic implants that he was almost entirely mechanical. He was enhanced in this way specifically for the purposes of making him a superior fighter to Knuckles the Echidna. However, Xenin suffered from an unfortunate lack of common sense, and seemed to be capable of little more than following orders, gloating and telling bad jokes.

During the Dark Legion's attempt to take over the High Council of Echidnaopolis, Xenin captured General Von Stryker and imprisoned him as well as Knuckles and Julie-Su. He eventually met his demise imprisoned in an Egg Grape Chamber. He has brown fur and blue eyes.

Xorda emissary

The Xorda emissary was a member of the war-like alien species known as the Xorda in the time that Mobius was still known as Earth. It was sent to Earth to make peace with humanity, but it was captured upon arrival and dissected soon afterward by Dr. Ivan Kintobor and his team. Following its dissection, the Xorda attacked the planet using Gene Bombs, wiping out the majority of humanity and transforming Earth into Mobius.



Yanar was a member of the Forgotten Tribe during the time Athair was acting is its Mitre, and was himself a disciple of Athair's teachings whom Athair loved like a son. When the Ancient Walkers called upon Athair to take up higher duties, his great-grandson Knuckles became the new Mitri, with Yanar acting as his advisor. With the help of Rob O' the Hedge and Knuckles, the Forgotten Tribe finally found its way to Albion.

When Albion's High Councilor, Gala-Na, decided that the evolving Knuckles posed a potential threat to Mobius, Yanar and several other Echidnas from Albion were present when Knuckles was captured by Nic and Nack the Weasels. Their efforts to drain his power using the Chaos Syphon failed however, instead pushing Knuckles over the edge and increasing his powers.

Yanar has brown fur and purple eyes. He wears a tribal outfit and sandals.

Yellow Zelkova

Yellow Zelkova is a character from Sonic X. Yellow Zelkova is a bulky Metarex commander with no visible eyes and a yellow cape with a long green cape. He also has thick yellow armor. Zelkova considers himself the (physically) strongest Metarex commander, and brute force is his answer to everything. Zelkova's height seems to change throughout the anime. At one point, he is about that same size as other Metarex, and would be about twice Sonic's height. However, in his final fight against Knuckles, his foot is large enough to crush Knuckles and hide him from view.

Zelkova first engages Sonic and co. when Dark Oak dispatches him to the Intergalactic Cloister to get rid of Sonic and co. He put up a good fight, however he proved too slow to defeat Sonic and Knuckles, the latter of whom he formed a rivalry with. However, he was the first Metarex to survive a direct hit from the Sonic Driver on the Blue Typhoon. He swore vengeance, vowing that the Metarex would destroy them. He later joined up with the other commanders to attack the Blue Typhoon, though he strongly disapproved of Doctor Eggman's joining forces with them.

He later attacked the Blue Typhoon again, equipped with a special shield pack that blocked all of his enemies' attacks. However, his shield proved ineffective against his rival Knuckles, who smashed Zelkova's knee, though it broke two of his fist spurs. Sonic and co. then used collected lightning to overload Zelkova's generator, destroying his outer shell and revealing Zelkova's true form: that of a massive male specimen of Cosmo's species. Zelkova was then knocked into a nearby lava pit by Knuckles' punch. Knuckles jumped into the pit to try to save Zelkova, but Zelkova refused, slid into the lava, and died (ala Sonic OVA). However, the dub cuts the part just as Knuckles jumps in.

Yellow Zelkova is not the brightest in the bunch, considered an invalid by both Dark Oak and his comrades Black Narcissus and Pale Bay Leaf. His gullible nature can be seen when he shows his shield pack made by Eggman, as after he finishes bragging about it, he adds "And that's not all! As a bonus, I get this Eggman temporary tattoo!" (this line is only in the dub, not the original). Unlike most Metarex, he uses no weapons, relying on his fists and head to attack enemies, as well as anything that he can throw at his enemies. However, he has far physical strength then the other Metarex commanders, and he's body is extremely well armored (how strong his shell is is a bit inconsistent, in his debut his survives a hit from the Sonic Driver, but his final battle Knuckles able to destroy his outer shell). Zelkova was also shown among the leadership council that was present when Hertia declared that they would be abandoning their homeworld, and was alongside the revolutionary Lucas in refusing to depart after fighting so long, possibly implying he was of high rank on the planet.


Zan the Dragon

Zan was a large red Oriental Dragon, and the mate of Freedom Fighter ally Dulcy. Unlike his green winged companion, however, Zan was incredibly violent, deploying his fire breath and powerful body against virtually anything that made him mad, including Dulcy herself. Zan also considered all other races of Mobius to be his enemies, as demonstrated by his attacks on the City of the Ancients (also known as Station Square). Due to these attacks, the inhabitants of the city called in Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. After a battle with Sonic and an elite unit of the Station Square military force, GUN, at his lair on Pyro Island, Zan seemingly perished.

Zax the Echidna

Zax is one of Mari-An's brothers, along with Raynor the Echidna. He is a member of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas. Zax and his brother went wondering through the forest after the Lost Tribe were saved from boiling lava caused by the most recent Day of Fury. They were later found by Rob after causing the High Sheriff's castle to explode and returned Zax and Raynor to Mari-An. The two brothers didn't talk, but did seem to be very affectionate of Mari-An, they are not seen saying goodbye to Mari-An when they head to Albion and she stays behind to be with Rob. (KtE: #10, #11, #12)

Zector the Zone Cop

Zector is a Zone Cop and the No Zone counterpart to Vector the Crocodile. He and Zespio arrested Sonic and Scourge the Hedgehogs for going through Zones during a Zone lockdown. The cops then took Sonic and Scourge to see Zonic via a Warp Ring. They arrive in a ruined No Zone and Scourge manages to escape by kicking the others out of the way and attempts to fully destroy the No Zone. Sonic and the Zone Cops then meet up with Zonic and they battle Scourge. During the battle, it is revealed by Zonic that he and the other Zone Cops have been fighting a villain called Doctor Nega. They quickly capture Scourge thanks to Sonic's skills and Zonic's special control collar. Zector later accompanied Sonic back to his home back on Mobius Prime.

Zespio the Zone Cop

Zespio is a Zone Cop and the No Zone counterpart to Espio the Chameleon. He and Zector arrested Sonic and Scourge the Hedgehogs for going through Zones during a Zone lockdown. The cops then took Sonic and Scourge to see Zonic via a Warp Ring. They arrive in a ruined No Zone and Scourge manages to escape by kicking the others out of the way and attempts to fully destroy the No Zone. Sonic and the Zone Cops then meet up with Zonic and they battle Scourge. During the battle, it is revealed by Zonic that the Zone Cops had been fighting a villain called Dr. Nega. Sonic and Zonic defeat Scourge and Zespio, presumably, returned to his duties as a Zone Cop.

Zonic the Zone Cop

Zonicis a Zone Cop, and Sonic the Hedgehog's counterpart from the No Zone, a place 90° from everywhere. His citizenship in a perpendicular Zone intersecting all parallel zones, consequentially causes him to typically appear sideways in any of the parallel Zones. His job as a Zone Cop requires him to monitor all realities maintaining balance in all zones, only allowing people to appear in other zones when they are needed.

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