This is a complete list of characters who have appeared in TUGS in order of appearance.


Big Mac

Big Mac is Captain Star's second tug, who sports a distinctively broad Glaswegian accent. He is used for a variety of tasks around Bigg City Port, usually, because he is the second strongest, usually means he's supporting heavy loads. Big Mac is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920's. His name is more likely to derive from the fact that he is big, and speaks with a broad Scottish accent

Big Mac can come across a rude and stubborn tug, but he has a heart of gold, despite his tendencies to be macho, gruff and tough at times. He is very much willing to set aside his own safety for the sake of others, and usually (but not always) remains level-headed when undergoing a strategy. Big Mac works mainly with Warrior. As opposed to his gruff personality, he is fitted with a rich and melodic chime whistle.

Big Mac is without a doubt an essential character to tugs, he is the strongest harbour tug of the fleet and despite his sometimes abrasive manners, he can be kind and gentle. He is always willing to help out someone in trouble, and uses his great strength to help wherever he can. His name is not to be confused and has nothing to do with McDonald's famous sandwich.

Big Mac's character reflects that of Gordon from the sister series, as the large and strong character.

Big Mac is voiced by British actor Nigel Anthony, who also voices: Zebedee, Hercules and the Fire Tug.

In the US Version, Big Mac's named was changed to Big Max and he is voiced by Alec Baldwin.

In the Japanese version he was voiced by Keiji Fujiwara.

In Salty's Lighthouse he was called "Big Stack", and was voiced by Paul Dobson.

Big Mickey

Big Mickey is described as "the Port's biggest crane". He was once stationed at the steel works quay for loading and unloading when the Star Tugs and Z-Stacks were competing for the Steel Company contract in High Tide. He was later transferred to the Munitions Quay to load the naval tramper Krakatoa in the episode Munitions.

Big Mickey roots for the Star Fleet in their competition against the Z Stacks and is clearly his own boss as even Zorran noted that: "Nobody tells Big Mickey what to do!"

First appeared in the episode High Tide when he loaded steel for the Z Stacks and the Star Fleet.

Last appeared in the episode Munitions when he loaded naval tramper Krakatoa with munitions and died in shallow water during the great fire near the dockside.

In these appearances he was voiced by the late Timothy Bateson. In the US Version, he is voiced by Alec Baldwin. Big Mickey also appeared in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends beginning in Season 3 episode Diesel Does It Again. His last appearance was in the Season 12 episode Best Friends (although a CGI version will continue to appear).

In Salty's Lighthouse he was called Big Basil and he was voiced by American actor French Tickner.

There is some debate as to the fate of Big Mickey, as the television and videocassete versions of the episode Munitions vary: in the television version it is stated that he he fell in shallow water and survived, whereas the VHS version states that he perished to save the Tugs. There is evidence for the latter - the tone in which Ten Cents and O.J. speak of him afterwards seemed to hint that he is dead.

Billy ShoePack

Billy Shoepack is an alligator tug. He appeared in the episodes "Up River" and "Trapped". He speaks with a strong West Country accent.

In his first appearance, Trapped, he was ridiculed by the Star Fleet and Zug. However, after he helped them out of a sticky situation, the others learned better. In his most recent appearance in Up River, he helped Sunshine out of a pile of logs which the smaller tug got trapped under. Unfortunately, this caused the logs to be washed downstream, out of control, so he got few thanks.

Billy Shoepack carries lots of dynamite, and has helped the Star Tugs out of two sticky situations. However, he also caused the aforementioned one in Up River.

Interestingly, Billy's wheelhouse did not move in Trapped, nor did his facial expression change. In Up River, however, his wheelhouse moves and he has different faces, like the other tugs.

Billy Shoepack was voiced by British actor Lee Cornes. In the US Version, Billy Shoepack is voiced by Kevin Frank.

In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Brad Swaile.


Bluenose is a navy tug. He plays precisely by the rules and acts as a kind of stereotypical army sergeant towards the other tugs. He is annoying, bossy, pompous, and self-centred. He is notorious for putting orders before common sense.

His model was repainted and modified to be used from Sea Rogue.

Munitions in which he started the great dock fire which caused tramper Krakatoa and Big Mickey to sink.

Regatta in which he attempted to have Grampus blown up in target practice.

He was voiced by Sean Barrett in both UK and US and he speaks with a regimented Army English accent.

In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Garry Chalk.


Boomer was found floating adrift in the episode "Jinxed", by the Star tugs Ten Cents and Sunshine where he revealed he was a jinx, which Ten Cents was very skeptical about. After many incidents including sinking and his engine failing then catching fire, just to name a few, Ten Cents finally believed that he had a bad luck streak. After he was repaired at Lucky's Yard, Captain Star decided that Boomer was to become a house boat, he now resides at an upriver jetty, "Dun Tuggin" where he can relax all day, and the jinx has finally left him.

Boomer was originally called Captain Harry, after his name was changed to Boomer, that was when the problem began. Boomer was the only tug except from the initial seven to become a Star Tug during the series, even if it was only for a very short period. He also was a Z-Stack for a brief time, when he helped Zip and Zug pull some munitions, but after the barge exploded Captain Zero got rid of him. He can be seen towing barges in the background of the episode 'Up River' with this exception he was never featured in the series again.

Boomer speaks with a Irish accent. According to sources, Boomer is voiced by British actor Lee Cornes of the show Grange Hill; Cornes also provided the voices of Grampus, Billy Shoepack and The Coast Guard. In the US Version, he is voiced by Kevin Frank. In Salty's Lighthouse he appeared in two episodes, in which he experienced two very different adventures; in one episode he lost his 'bad luck' by successfully towing the schooner, and in the other one, he failed as in the original TUGS, and then became a 'vacation boat' in a story Ten Cents told to Zug. In these stories he was voiced by two different voice actors: First, Scott McNeil and then Brad Swaile.

Boomer's history reflects the naval superstition that changing the name of a ship invokes bad-luck. His name in naval and military slang is the nickname for submarines armed with ballistic missiles/nuclear ICBMs - though it's highly improbable that Boomer has any connection to nuclear weapons (having predated their invention by two decades) it can safely be said that he had a similarly intense impact on the tugs of Bigg City Port.

Burke and Blair

Burke & Blair are notorious scrap dealers, and scavengers. Burke was the one with the moustache, and Blair wore the glasses. They were always seen together, and had small appearances in many episodes across the series. Their most notable role was the in the episode Quarantine: They tried to convince O.J. he was ready for scrap, but failed to convince the determined O.J. They are often seen in the background of the series.

They were often seen in the background of the series, most notably at the end of the episode 'Ghosts'. Their names come from the Edinburgh corpse sellers: Burke and Hare and they are sort of tugboat alternatives to their human counterparts, in that they deal in dead boats - not people.

Their personalites reflect that of Bill and Ben from the sister series, as characters who love to be horrid and mischevious. Their personalities also reflect that of Arry and Bert and Splatter and Dodge from the sister series.

John Baddeley voiced Burke and Sean Barret voiced Blair. In the US Version, Burke and Blair's names were changed to Socco and Bocco and they were voiced by Alec Baldwin.

In TUGS' American Spinoff, Salty's Lighthouse, Burke and Blair became movie producers named Mr Bocco and Mr Socco. In "Otis the Movie Star", they look for an old, experienced tug to star in their latest movie, Rock the Boat. Besides Rock the Boat, some of their other movies include Beauty and the Boat, Jurassic Harbor, Tugrats, and Underwater World (which they don't want to remake). In that series, they were both voiced by Richard Newman, and their personalities reflect that of Bill and Ben from the sister series.


Captain Dynamo

Captain Dynamo is the owner of Delta Dynamo. He was a TUGS Segment Character from Salty's Lighthouse in the episode Who Took My Crayons? He owns a Dock called Delta Dynamo (or in TUGS known as the Creepy Dock from Pirate). He was never shown.

Captain Star

Captain Star is the most prominent character in the whole series, due to the fact that he narrates it, doing so in the past tense, and in a way makes it clear that he is no longer at the helm of the fleet, and since the 1920s he has retired. It is unknown whether he is looking back from the actual time the program was released (late eighties) or before, neither is it known who he is recounting his memories to. Perhaps he's an author, Just like Wilbert Awdry, The creator of Thomas and Friends. He narrates all thirteen episodes.

He is obviously a veteran sailor and owns the Star Fleet. He always appears as a loudhailer in the window of the Star dock building. He takes great pride in his fleet, but he knows that it is important to be hard on them in order to succeed. He is usually very defiant and is always very strict if something doesn't go as shipshape as it's supposed too. He has seven tugs and one submarine (from Regatta onwards), they are: Ten Cents (1), Big Mac (2), O.J. (3), Top Hat (4), Warrior (5), Hercules (6), Sunshine (7) and Grampus (submarine).

Captain Star's character reflects that of Sir Topham Hatt from the sister series, as the owner and the leader.

Captain Star is performed by veteran voice actor Patrick Allen, known throughout the world by his distinctive voice.

In the US Version, he is voiced by former Beatles member, Ringo Starr, along with Ten Cents and Hercules.

In Salty's Lighthouse the captain was actually a female character along with Sunshine and Little Ditcher, being voiced by Lenore Zann. In the Japanese version he was voiced by Rokurō Naya.

Captain Zero

Captain Zero is the devious and scheming owner of the Z-Stack fleet. He is known to have criminal connections. He only appeared in a very small number of episodes, and is quite bad tempered. Nothing else is known about him, not even if he's human or not. It's Suggested that he's Bigg City's Mafia Don, Especially in High Winds, Featuring Johnny Cuba .

If there were a further 13 episodes, more of his personality would probably have been exposed.

He speaks with a Orcadian Accent provided by British actor Mike Mulloy.

In the US Version, he is voiced by Neil Crone along with, Zorron, Zebedee, Zak and Zug.

In Salty's Lighthouse, he was friends with Captain Star and was voiced by American actor French Tickner.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is a small vessel who acts as customs officer for the port. He often stands at the entrance to the estuary ready to question and check incoming shipping before clearance. On other occasions he stands by and over-looks large-scale operations, such as demolition and quarry work. He also doubled as a 'one-man' police-force. Despite his size, he has heavy influence and authority over the vessels of the port. He has made numerous cameo appearances, but had minor speaking roles in High Winds, Warrior and Quarantine. He speaks with a neutral English accent.

He is voiced by British actor Lee Cornes, who also voiced Grampus, Billy Shoepack and Boomer in the series. In the US version, he is voiced by Kevin Frank. On the Buzz Books, The Coast Guard was referred to as The Customs Launch. In Salty's Lighthouse the Coast Guard and his messenger were merged and became one character called "Cappy" despite the fact that both vessels have different appearances, voiced by Brad Swaile.

Coast Guard Quote: "Hey, you! You are within port limits. I'm coming aboard!" (High Winds)

Coast Guard's Messenger

The Coast Guard Messenger is a small motor boat with a shrill whistle, he appeared only briefly in Regatta to inform the Star Fleet of Lillie Lightship's predicament, having been sent by the Coast Guard to deliever the message. The same small vessel doubled as the 'mad' speed boat that caused the accident in Quarantine. He was in this form before 4th Of July, as he appears in the liner scene of Warrior in Sunshine. He is located beside the Fire Launch. He is voiced by Don Austen. In the US version, he is voiced by Rob Paulsen. In Salty's Lighthouse, he is voiced by Brad Swaile. He was mistakenly thought to be the same character as the Coast Guard, and also became 'Cappy'.


Fire Barges

These barges are used to put out fires, and are deployed in conjunction with the Fire Tug, as well as sharing a dock. They were mainly seen in Munitions when Zorran helped the Fire Tug try to save Krakatoa, and when Zug and Zip used them to trap Ten Cents and Sunshine.

Fire Tug

The Fire Tug was in his own right, quite a significant character, although he did not have his own individual name, he had a major role in the health, safety and well-being in Bigg City Port. He is seen as an authoritarian figure and was often around when chaos was stirring in the Port.

The Fire Tug is level headed and down-to-earth, he is usually bright eyed, although his stubble makes him appear quite rough, however he is alert and keen to get to work. He speaks with a Cockney accent. He is painted white and red.

Like Billy Shoepack, the Fire Tug could move his head and eyes rather than having immobile features.

According to sources, The Fire Tug is voiced by British actor Nigel Anthony, who provided the voices of Big Mac, Hercules and Zebedee. In the US Version, he is voiced by Ringo Starr. In Salty's Lighthouse, he's known as Red Fin and he's voiced by Paul Dobson.

Frank and Eddie

Frank and Eddie are a pair of twin railway barges (also known as truck floats) who work with Top Hat the railway tug, and are used for the transportation of railway stock across the port. They are very quick-witted and are among the few that can deal with Top Hat's superiority. Both of the twins speak with Cockney accents, and have personalities rather similar to Bill and Ben or Donald and Douglas from Thomas the Tank Engine.

Nigel Anthony voiced Frank and Timothy Bateson voiced Eddie.

On a side note Frank speaks in a voice Similar to former President Richard Nixon.

In the US Version, they are voiced by Sean Barrett.

In Salty's Lighthouse they were both voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Fultan Ferry

The Fultan Ferry is a paddle-driven ferry boat used for freighting vehicles and goods across the harbour. Its main apperance was in Quarantine, when it was temporarily sunk in the middle of the port after hitting a fire barge towed by O.J., who lost control of his engine trying to avoid a speedboat. It was later salvaged by Mighty Moe. It made two more cameos in Jinxed and Regatta.

Since Tugs ceased production, the Fultan Ferry has had many cameos in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, if you look closely, in episodes that feature ports and other sea related sets, notably in the ending to Gordon and the Gremlin, you can be sure the Fultan Ferry will be around somewhere and has a Fultan Ferry Sign on it.

In Salty's Lighthouse, The Fultan Ferry became male and could talk, even though he doesn't speak in TUGS. He is referred to as "Fultan" by Grampus. In SL, he was voiced by Scott McNeil.


Garbage Corporation

The owner of the Garbage Corporation yard organises the 'Municipal Garbage Corporation' float for the annual Regatta. He appears in a famous scene from Regatta. He is voiced by Timothy Bateson. In the US version, he is voiced by Alec Baldwin. In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by French Tickner.


Grampus is a fictional character who appeared in the 1988 television series TUGS, created by the producers of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Grampus is a 'midget' submarine once owned by the navy. He is a close friend with the Star Fleet and has helped them out in various situations. He appeared for the first time in "Pirate", in which he helped to prove Ten Cents' innocence. In Regatta, he was nearly blown up by Bluenose the naval tug having been branded as 'too old' for further service. He speaks with a Central English accent (with a noticeable lisp).

In "Regatta", he saved Lillie Lightship from sinking by plugging the hole in her side with his head.

He was thankfully swiftly rescued by the Star Fleet. On the same day, he was bought by Captain Star and joined the Star Tugs as their first star submarine.

Grampus also has a tendency to blow water in the tug's faces, mostly at Bluenose in "Regatta"

Grampus's reflects that of Duck from the sister series, as the cheerful and busy character.

Grampus is voiced by British actor Lee Cornes. In the US Version, he was voiced by George Carlin.

In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Brad Swaile.

In the Japanese version he was voiced by Sakurako Kishiro.

Grampus is probably based on a Plunger class submarine and is probably named after the USS Grampus (SS-4) which was a Plunger class submarine.

A Grampus, also known as Risso's Dolphin, is also a type of blunt-nosed dolphin.



Hercules is Captain Star's largest vessel, an 'ocean-going' tug who is often used for large-scale operations and important contracts. During periods of bad weather he is out at sea answering distress calls, and is often sent out to escort large vessels into the port. He is often considered to be one of the fleet's main leaders, and is often placed in charge of large operations. Like the rest of the Star Fleet, Hercules is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920's. He shares his name with the commonly known mythological figure Hercules, although he may have been named after the well-known British war vessel, HMS Hercules. The most likely basis for his name however is the Ocean-Going Tug Hercules, an actual vessel from 1907 with an identical hull and superstructure, based in San Francisco, the same city on which "TUGS"' crew drew inspiration for the Star Fleet.

Character-wise, Hercules is a cool-headed fighter. He speaks with a clear, soft tone and a politically correct (P.C.) English accent, but his words are often hard. Nothing can break him and not even the antics of the Z-Stacks and Bluenose can set him back. He is held in high regard by most of the tugs in the harbour, and even Zorran knows that he cannot win a confrontation with Hercules. Hercules is famously known for referring to his fellow Star Tugs as "ma' dears", "darling" and "sweet-heart".He is the only TUGS character to have sideburns. He is recognised for his 'discreet' relationship with Lillie Lightship, and his 'lady's man' persona.

Like Big Mac, Hercules is fitted with a chime whistle, but one with a 'cleaner' sound and a two-tone signiture.

Hercules's character reflects that of Edward from the sister series, as the blue wearer.

He is voiced by British actor Nigel Anthony, who also provided the voices of Big Mac, Zebedee, Frank and the Fire Tug. In the US Version, he is voiced by former Beatles member, Ringo Starr along with Ten Cents.

In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Long John Baldry.


Izzy Gomez

Izzy Gomez is a large scheming banana tramper from Mexico who is frenemies with both the Star Fleet and the Z-Stacks. He will often try to convince tugs to tow him into port for free, or at least for a cut-price rate, and is not above trying to sneak in against the law. However, he does have a good streak that was revealed in Sunshine, when he proves that Zorran pushed Sunshine into the Duchess' rudder, so he's more of a rogue than a villain. He's good friends with Warrior and Big Mac of the Star Fleet and has a frenemy Relationship with Zorran, particularly in Ghosts.. During his Bigg City Port time, Izzy's been subjected to Ghosts & Potential Sinking. On his hull he comes from Puerto Grande: sort of equal to Bigg City. He has a Strong Mexican Accent and wears a Sombrero. Gomez also has the U.S.M. Flag as his Smokestack Insignia.

Izzy's personality reflects that of Dennis from the sister series, as a lazy character.

Izzy's knack of getting stuck was later seen with Digby the Cable Ship in Robert D. Cardona's other tugboat series Theodore Tugboat.

Izzy's appearances in order were Sunshine, Ghosts and Warrior (he also appeared in High Tide being unloaded with steel, presumably sleeping as he was being unloaded, as his eyes were closed). His model made three more cameos in Jinxed, Quarantine and Regatta. Izzy is voiced by Mike Mulloy. In the US Version, he is voiced by Rob Paulsen. In Salty's Lighthouse, he's voiced by French Tickner, and has an American accent instead of a Mexican one, although his Mexican features are still intact. Izzy Gomez made cameos in the "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends", as a harbor ship, notably in the season four episode "Special Attraction." His face and sombrero were removed to make him look less characteristic. His modified model (along with Zebedee's) is currently on display at Drayton Manor.


Jack the Grappler

Jack the Grappler is the official, and seemingly only, Grappler of the Garbage Corporation in Bigg City Port. Most of his speaking parts were shared with Warrior. On the fourth of July he wears an Uncle Sam-esque hat, and repeats the line 'No Garbage today', much to Warrior's frustration.

Jack the Grappler made cameo appearances in Munitions and Bigg Freeze (which he had a cold) and only spoke in Regatta. He was voiced by American actor Sean Barrett in both UK and US Versions. In Salty's Lighthouse he was renamed Scoop and was voiced by Micheal Donovan.

Johnny Cuba

Johnny Cuba is a notorious and violent tramp steamer gangster. His strong accent and dialect indicate that he is from Australia. He made his only appearance in High Winds. He is voiced by Sean Barrett in both UK and US Versions.

Johnny had arrived at Bigg City Port to make plans with fellow criminal friends during a period of strong and troublesome tempest weather. He threatened Zebedee and manipulated him into helping him into the port.

Johnny sent Zebedee on an errand to steal a barge of coal, and threatened to sink him if he landed either of them in trouble. Due to a feud between Johnny and Captain Zero that occurred in the past, Zebedee was placed in an awkward and dangerous situation, until Hercules discovered Johnny's hide-out in an abandoned dock. He attemped to escape, but Zebedee stuck up courage to ram him against the keyside and then take him to the authorities. Despite Johnny's claim that "they can't hold Johnny Cuba!", they did.

Johnny Cuba comes from Cuba yet he speaks with an Australian accent.

Johnny Cuba's character reflects that of Diesel 10 from the sister series, as the evil, aggressive and violent villain.

His model made five more cameos in Sunshine, Ghosts, High Tide, Munitions and Regatta. In Regatta it sank in Dender Rocks after colliding with Lillie Lightship.

He was voiced by Sean Barret. In Salty's Lighthouse, he was called "Steamer" and was shy and bashful and voiced by Michael Donovan. In SL, his character reflects that of Neville from the sister series, as a shy and bashful loner wanting to make friends.

In the TUGS annual story, The Missing Barge, Johnny makes a second appearance where he is still comitting crimes, but Zorran and Sunshine are afraid to go near him.

In the TUGS Buzz Book, Nothing to Declare, Johnny makes a third appearance in which he wants someone to tow him into port, and tells the Customs Launch (Buzz Books Coast Guard) that he has nothing to declare. Unfortunately, all the Tugboats, who are preparing for Bluenose's Naval inspection, are too busy to help him. Johnny's good side is revealed in this book, as he helps the navy by trapping a spy submarine by pushing it against the rocks.

Since Johnny's two book appearances happened outside the show, it is unclear wether or not they were meant to be canon.

Johnny's model is believed to have been reused in the dock scenes in the sister series. However, this is just a rumor, as several different ships that appeared on TUGS had a hull of a similar design.



Krake-Toa is a naval tramper who appeared in the episodes Ghosts (as a cameo) and Munitions. At the start of the episode, she is being loaded with munitions and taking fuel at the same time, a dangerous practice. Due to fuel drums falling onto explosives and a spark from Bluenose's stack after the latter hit Zorran's barge, the dock caught fire, thus setting off the explosives and fuel that had been taken aboard her. Since she was nearly fully loaded, her cargo did indeed "rip her apart" as Zorran predicted, and she was destroyed and duly sunk.

She is named after the equally explosive volcano 'Krakatoa', which exploded in 1883 and caused much disturbance in the global climate for a while afterwards.


Light Barges

An emergency light barge seen in Bigg Freeze when Ten Cents and Sunshine couldn't get Zorran to give them fuel for Lillie Lightship. It is stored Up River.

Lillie Lightship

Lillie Lightship is a special and much-loved lightship, placed at Dender Rocks to warn shipping of potential hazard. The Star Fleet have the contract to provide her with the necessary fuel to keep her light shining. She is friends with the Star Tugs and the Z-Stacks.

She appeared for the first time in a small cameo role in 'Sunshine', although she had more important roles in later episodes, particularly Regatta, in which she was hit by a blinded tramp steamer that made a hole in her side. She was saved by Grampus, and repairs at Lucky's Yard allowed her to view the annual regatta. Lillie's light failed for a second time in Bigg Freeze, which meant that the Star Fleet needed to find another source to guide Hercules into the estuary with the liner Vienna. Hercules appears to have 'a special place in his heart' for Lillie (indicating that Hercules has a crush on her). She is voiced by Britt Allcroft in both UK and US Versions.

Lillie Lightship's personality reflects that of Emily and Rosie from the sister series, as the most beautiful and sweet female.

She appeared on Salty's Lighthouse and was voiced by Venus Terzo. In the Japanese version she was voiced by Sakurako Kishiro who also voiced Grampus.

Little Ditcher

Little Ditcher is a small and dirty A-frame crane, and is therefore, one of the smaller floating cranes to be found in the port. He is sometimes used for dredging up-river at Mittsville or for oyster fishing in the estuary, as well as various other jobs. His size makes him unsuitable for rescue operations. He is good friends with the Star Tugs.

He is voiced by British actor Timothy Bateson. He appeared for the first time in Trapped, and also appeared in the episode Up River, where he had his biggest role, and briefly in Warrior. In the US Version, he is voiced by Sean Barrett. In Salty's Lighthouse Little Ditcher became a female along with Sunshine and Captain Star, voiced by Lenore Zann.

Lord Stinker

Lord Stinker is Warrior's favourite rubbish barge. He came to the rescue in High Tide by stopping The Goods Engine from sinking into the canal. He is very intelligent, and has proved that he is more than just a barge. He is distinctive of wearing a clothespin to escape smelling his own stench!

Lord Stinker was voiced by English actor Timothy Bateson. In the US Version, he was voiced by Sean Barrett. In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Ian James Corlett.


Mighty Moe

Mighty Moe is Bigg City Port's largest floating crane, well known for his booming voice. He is used for many salvage operations, in which he usually takes charge. Appeared for the first time in Jinxed, in which his hawser jammed whilst lifting Boomer out of the water. He also appeared in Regatta, and had one line in Warrior.

He is voiced by American actor Sean Barrett in both UK and US Versions. In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Michael Donovan.



Nantucket is an old dirty tramper and a notorious villain. His main appearance was in Quarantine, in which he attempted to trick Sunshine into taking him into port by pulling down the checkered quarantine flag. After his plan was foiled, he was sentenced by the Coast Guard to a further forty days in quarantine along with Zorran. He didn't have a face, and he "spoke" through loudhailers.

He speaks with a Lancashire accent and was voiced by Sean Barrett in both UK and US Versions. In Salty's Lighthouse, Nantucket's name changed a couple of times and sometimes could'nt even speak (in which a fog horn was used insted). His model appeared in Trapped as the tramper that blocked the waterway and then was blown up. His hull was later used for Old Rusty. He also made another cameo in Ghosts.



O.J. is a paddle-driven harbour tug, the only one of his kind remaining in Bigg City Port, and Captain Star's eldest tug. He is often described as "versatile, but slow". He is indeed capable of a variety of tasks, but is sometimes restricted by his age and mechanical condition. As Captain Star once said, "he had given many years of good service, but time was catching up on him".

Prior to an overhaul during the year of the 'heat wave', O.J.'s aged engine was the cause for a number of mishaps, including an accident that resulted in the sinking of the Fultan Ferry. O.J.'s weakness and age has often placed him on the receiving end of jokes and insults from Star Tugs and Z-Stacks alike. For a period, he was the primary target of Burke and Blair, the evil-minded scrap dealers who attempted on a number of occasions to persuade Captain Star into selling OJ and his engine for a cheap price. But after OJ's quick thinking prevented Ten Cents from having to enter Quarantine, Captain Star sent the scavengers on their way.

O.J.'s whistle is the deepest of the Star Tug's, and has a distinct 'warble' in it, sounding very much like a distress klaxon sounded for short bursts.

As the Star Fleet's 'wise elder', O.J. possesses unbeatable wisdom. He has extensive knowledge and experience of harbour life and manoeuvres, and because of this, Captain Star often places him in charge of large operations, such as ocean liner docking manoeuvers. On various occasions, O.J. has demonstrated his ability to devise swift and clever strategies to help himself and his fellow Stars out of predicaments. He does not stand for nonsense, and is quick to correct the younger tugs if they make mistakes. Despite his occasionally harsh approach, O.J. cares for his brothers as a grandparent would for their grandchildren.

A possible basis for O.J. is the Eppleton Hall, built by Hepple & Co of South Shields in 1914. Eppleton Hall originally worked in 1914 for the Lambton and Hetton Collieries Ltd. She later worked for France Fenwick, Wear and Tyne Ltd until 1964, and after fifteen years was donated to the USA National Park Service. She is still afloat at Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco, to this day.

He speaks with a Welsh accent.

O.J.'s character reflects that of Toby from the sister series, as the wise and old-fashioned.

According to production crewmember Chris Tulloch, his name is short for "Old Jones". He was voiced by the late Timothy Bateson. In the US Version, he is voiced by Alec Baldwin, along with Big Mac/Big Kirk. In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Ian James Corlett, and renamed to the more commonplace sounding "Otis".

Also in the Japanese version he was played by Masaaki Tsukada.

Chris Tulloch noted that OJ's model was one of the most reliable. This may have been for many reasons. But, according to Tulloch, the vast majority of main characters (those with machinery inside them) would often threaten to "turn turtle" and would have to be fixed firmly to a chassis to keep them upright. However, due to OJ's paddle-wheels, he rarely had this balance problem. The chassis was still used on OJ to keep him from bobbing up and down like a toy boat.

The model was later rebuilt and used in the series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends as a prop for harbour scenes, making OJ the First Star Tug to appear in TTTE. However, it only made random cameos on the narrow gauge railway such as Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady and disappeared after the fifth season. This was the fate of many other TUGS models (with the exception of Big Mickey because he was the only character to make it through all the seasons starting with Season 3).

Old Rusty

Old Rusty is a rusty old naval tramp steamer, he made only a brief appearance in Warrior, anchored out in the estuary. He said that he had been anchored there for two years, he seems to be quite kind and complements Warrior saying it would be boring without him. His model made another cameo in Ghosts.

He was voiced by David Mitton. He made 2 appearences in Salty's Lighthouse. First he appeared telling Warrior to watch where's he's going after getting bumped. Then he appeared in a flashback while Top Hat, Warrior, and Otis were remencing also getting bumped. He is voiced by Long John Baldry.

Other Cranes

There were other cranes whom didn't have any names but were used all around the harbour. Most of them were shore cranes owned by the Steel Company and (like Big Mickey) have made numerous appearances on Thomas and friends. Although the other cranes didn't make it to the new CG-i format, one of them is currently on display at Drayton Manor (along with the modified models of Izzy Gomez and Zebedee). In the episode Trapped, Sunshine mentions a floating crane who resided in "TopTown" (Up River) but was told by Billy that it was scrapped. This was the only mention of this crane.

Other barges

The other barges were seen throughout the whole series. These barges didn't have a cab, name or a face but were used for carrying lighter items. They were also used for rescue operations such as in High Tide where Top Hat used it to keep the bridge in tact. Another operation includes when Boomer was going to be lifted out. Also in the episode Jinxed, when Boomer sinks, Sunshine states that "He's come to rest on that old, sunken, garbage barge." This indicates that there was a garbage barge that had sunken there. This was the only mention of this barge.



Pearl is an oyster barge, hence her name. She appeared only in Warrior. Not only did she never appear in any other episode, but she was not even mentioned. In her sole appearance, she was seen dredging with Sunshine and Little Ditcher. She was voiced by Britt Allcroft in both UK and US Versions.

Port Authority

The Port Authority, a friend of Sunshine, was first mentioned in Quarantine and in Ghosts, when Top Hat said that he was going to complain to the Port Authority. He first appeared in a 1990 Annual.

Princess Alice

Princess Alice was the most prominent of the three Liners - she appeared in three episodes (High Winds, High Tide, and 4th of July). In High Winds, she was in need of repair and the Stars (and Zebedee) all fought against the heavy winds to bring her safely into port. When she appeared in the 12th episode 4th of July, she was fully repaired and was celebrating Independence Day heartily with the other vessels whilst being loaded by Big Mickey. She makes a brief cameo in High Tide.

Stylistically, with her Edwardian lines and twin funnels, Princess Alice resembles the Canadian vessels Empress of Britain, and her sister Empress of Ireland which sunk in the St. Lawrence River in 1914. Her name also seems to reference another doomed vessel - the Princess Alice.

Her nationality is American.


Puffa is a steam locomotive who works on the dockside railway at Bigg City Port. Used for a variety of tasks within the port and at the docks up river, he is a trusted friend of the Star Fleet and Warrior in particular. He has two named appearances in Up River and Munitions, and an unnamed cameo in High Tide. Other trains seen around Bigg City Port have the same whistle-sound and feature similar styling as Puffa. In Munitions, the character was warned by Ten Cents, OJ, Zorran, Zak and Zebedee to escape from a dockside fire.

Puffa's model turned into scrap left to Edward

He is voiced by John Baddeley. In Salty's Lighthouse he was called Stanley and in one episode was called Chooch and was voiced by Long John Baldry. He is voiced by Hideyuki Umezu in the Japanese version, who also provided the voice for Zak.

Puffa is seemingly based on BR 80 heavy-duty tank engine but has characteristics common to many switcher/shunter locomotives including a short wheelbase and over sized cylinders for his diminutive size - he also features many US features including an American-style whistle, oil-burning headlight, diamond smokestack and a cowcatcher. He doesn't have front buffers. However, he has rear buffers to match the British rolling stock. He, like cranes, speaks through loudhailers. His other features however suggest he was modified from a model locomotive of German outline, which seems likely as the German model makers Marklin supplied components for the model locomotives in TUGS sister show, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. In the US Version, he is voiced by Sam Gold. On that show, the model had its beginnings as an extra locomotive to pull trains and was never seen on camera but was seen in a behind the scene photo. It soon gained modifications to look more American and became Puffa. After TUGS was canceled, the model was cut up and its parts were distributed around many of the Thomas sets and used as scrap metal its notable appearance in Thomas was in Edward Trevor and the Really Useful Party as his boiler is seen.


Quarry Master

Quarry Master is the owner of the rock quarry. Appears briefly in Warrior. He is voiced by John Baddeley. In US Versions, he is voiced by Sam Gold. It is unknown who voiced him in Salty's Lighthouse.


S.S. Vienna

S.S. Vienna was the most vague, but at the same time most beautiful ocean liner ever to come into Bigg City Port. She was pale mauve in colour and, much to Lillie Lightship's jealousy, certainly captured Hercules' breath! She appeared in the episode Bigg Freeze where the Star Tugs and Z-Stacks alike were eagerly awaiting her return.

Her main apperance was in Bigg Freeze, but she made another cameo in Sunshine. She appears in the opening credits of some of the episodes surrounded by the Z-Stacks. Her model looks very similar to the R.M.S. Titanic.

The S.S. Vienna appears several times in Thomas the Tank Engine in various different colors. In her last appearance she is painted with a black hull, a white superstructure and black and white funnels, but she appears in Hero of the Rails in CGI form. Her name in Thomas and Friends is S.S. Roxstar.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a magic tugboat. Once Ten Cents found a magic waterway and the driver start her up and Sailor Moon and Ten Cents have a chase away from Smelter. She is voiced by Britt Allcroft.

Sally Seaplane

Sally Seaplane is a sea plane, friend of the Star Fleet who have the contract to provide her fuel. Sunshine appears to have a slight crush on her. She appears first briefly in a selected number of episodes and spoke only in Sunshine.

Sally's technical definition is a 'Flying Boat' because her main source of buoyancy, like a ship, comes from her hull/fuselage with small floats on each wing to stablise her, unlike the other form of seaplane - the 'floatplane' which uses a normal aircraft fuselage with large floats slung underneath to support it on water. If we expand on this she can be termed an 'Amphibious Flying Boat' because she has fold-up landing gear on her fuslage, allowing her to land on runways as well as water.

Sally's tail-number is S-ALLY, a fictional sequence that would not be assigned to a real plane - any civil aircraft registered in the United States has a tail-number beginning with the letter 'N'. Her basis, however, is actually a British design - namely the Saro A.19 "Cloud" seaplane. This creates a continuity error, because the "Clouds" first took flight in 1930, long after her first appearance in Sunshine.

Sally is voiced by Britt Allcroft in both UK and US Versions. In Salty's Lighthouse she was voiced by Venus Terzo.

Salvage Fleet

The Salvage Fleet is Sunshine's former upriver tugboat fleet. With the exception of Sunshine and Billy Shoepack, none of the members were ever seen.


The schooner is an old sail boat made from a wood frame. It appears in Jinxed when Boomer tows it to sea. It comes back burnt and destroyed. It make many model cameos. Such as Ghosts, High winds, and Up river.


Schooners, used throughout the series as they are cargo ships gradually being phased out by trampers.

Scuttlebutt Pete

Scuttlebutt Pete is a dredger and a notorious gossip - hence his name. He believes in ghosts, and enjoys voicing superstitions and telling old sea stories, particularly when the fog comes around.

Although he can be grumpy, he is a friend to the Star Tugs. However, dredger detail is an unpopular task with the tugs, and is often given out by the Captains as punishment. He speaks with a Northern Irish accent.

He made notable appearances in 'Pirate', 'High Winds' and 'Ghosts', and is voiced by American actor Sean Barrett in both UK and US Versions. In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Michael Donovan.

Sea Rogue

Sea Rogue is also known as "The Pirate". In darker times he stole barges for two mysterious green eyed tugs, who had captured Sea Rogue's Uncle, and threatened to scuttle him unless Sea Rogue stole more barges for them. The Green-Eyed Pirates were later caught out by Ten Cents, Sunshine, Grampus, and Sea Rogue himself, who devised a plan to capture the two fiends. Sea Rogue had been previously mistaken as the pirate himself, hence his nickname and he later forgave the Star Tugs for ever thinking that about him. He then returned to a peaceful life with his uncle. He was voiced by Nigel Anthony. In the US Version, he is voiced by Alec Baldwin.

Sea Rogue's appearance was intimidating, especially his eye patch, a typical pirate trademark. He was a completely black tug in colour, and didn't seem to work for any particular fleet, although the "Mi" symbol on his stack suggests that he worked for the munitions company, as the same symbol is seen on the factory and warehouse doors.

His model was later repainted and modified to be used for Bluenose.

Sea Rogue also appeared on the acclaimed TLC TV series Salty's Lighthouse except he became a villain who liked stealing cargo and was voiced by Paul Dobson.

Sea Rogue's Uncle

Sea Rogue's Uncle was never named, although he was referred to as "Old Man" by his nephew Sea Rogue. He was an elderly tug with a brownish colour scheme, appearing only in "Pirate". He was kidnapped by the "Green-Eyed" tugs, who held him as ransom in order to make his nephew steal barges. He was later rescued by Grampus.

His body was reused as Boomer.

Sea Rouge's Uncle was voiced by Shaun Prendergast. In US Versions, he was voiced by Sam Gold.

In the Salty's Lighthouse fan episode Pirate on the Loose, made by EliJBrown/LinkandRutofan, he became a police boat named "Paul" who took Sea Rogue away after Ten Cents and Sunshine caught him. In TUGS, Sea Rogue takes his uncle home, while in Salty's Lighthouse, Paul takes Sea Rogue away.


Smelter is a villainous diesel tug with a cab-back hydraulic grabber. He is a large, powerful tug. Behind his cab mounted in front of fake smokestack is a hydraulic crane arm with a giant metal claw. He is painted dark green and wears a construction hat. He was voiced by Neil Crone.

Star Line Oil Barge

Star Line Oil Barge is a barge that was only seen in "Munitions". Ten Cents was sent to to collect it, but on the way Bluenose scrapes it. The barge exploded after its load of petrol catches fire, caused by the huge inferno on the quay caused by Bluenose. Ten Cents pushed it out to sea where it blew up, nearly taking him with it. It made a cameo in "Pirate" when Sea Rogue got ready to take his uncle home.


Sunshine is Captain Star's seventh tug, a small 'harbour switcher' who is used for a wide variety of tasks around Bigg City Port. Sunshine was introduced in the pilot episode of the same name. He has many capabilities that range from the towing of barges to liner docking operations, in his first assignment from the Star Fleet, he was pushed by evil Z-Stack Zorran who caused the whole thing to be a disaster. Like the rest of the Star Fleet, Sunshine is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920s.

Sunshine can be occasionally cheeky at times, but he is very strong willed nethertheless. He is quick-witted and takes action swiftly without hesitation (usually).

Sunshine also can figure things out very quickly, as in "Jinxed" where he points out that each of jinxed tug Boomer's unfortunate mishaps occurs right after Ten Cents sounds his steam hooter, suggesting a cause-and-effect relationship. On the subject of whistles, Sunshine's is middle-to-high pitched and has a distinct 'whooping' sound which could best be described as 'upbeat', suiting his personality and name.

Sunshine works mainly with Ten Cents, the Star Fleet's first and larger switcher. They have shared many adventures, almost to the extent that it is impossible to imagine one without the other. They are both best friends.

Sunshine has a rather soft Newcastle (or Geordie) accent and (most of the time) he whistles when he speaks, because he is missing some of his front teeth. Sunshine's character reflects that of Percy from the sister series, as the youngest.

Sunshine is voiced by British actor, playwright and screenwriter Shaun Prendergast. In the US Version, Sunshine was portrayed as female and was voiced by Didi Conn. In the US series Salty's Lighthouse, which reused edited episodes of Tugs, Sunshine was portrayed as female (along with Captain Star), and was also supposed to be Ten Cents' sister. She was voiced by Andrea Libman. He also made a small cameo in Theodore Tugboat (Rob Cardona's other tugboat series) when the harbour master received cookies from his mother and the cookies looked like Sunshine. In the Japanese version he was voiced by Yūko Mita.


Ten Cents

Ten Cents is Captain Star's first tug, a 'harbour switcher' who is used for a wide variety of tasks around Bigg City Port. Ten Cents' capabilities range from the towing of barges to liner docking operations. Like the rest of the Star Fleet, Ten Cents is based on the tugs of San Francisco from the 1920's, and his name reflects his American origins.

Ten Cents' character reflects that of Thomas from the sister series, as the light-hearted, good-willed main character.

Ten Cents is one of the younger Star Tugs. He has a tendency to be somewhat cheeky at times, but he is strong willed and it takes a lot to break him. He is quick-witted and takes action swiftly without hesitation. He never lets other tugs bully him and never fails to stand up for others. He is always willing to set aside his own safety for the sake of others.

Unlike the other tugs of Bigg City, Ten Cents' whistle/hooter was modeled to resemble a face complete with a red flat-cap like Sunshine's - it's tone is strident but middle-pitched and Ten Cents almost always sounds it in a quick double-or-triple-bursts - the audience's attention was focused on this whistle in the episode 'Jinxed' when it seemed that any sounding of it by Ten Cents would prompt some unfortunate event for the hapless tug Boomer.

Ten Cents works mainly with Sunshine, the Star Fleet's second and smaller switcher. They have shared many adventures, almost to the extent that it is impossible to imagine one without the other. Hercules often relies on Ten Cents to look after others such as Lillie Lightship or the Duchess.

Despite being based on an American tug, like most of the Tugs characters he speaks with a British accent. Specifically, he has a strong East End Cockney accent. He is voiced by Simon Nash. In the US Version, he is voiced by former Beatles member, Ringo Starr.

In the Japanese version he was played by Shigeru Nakahara.

In Salty's Lighthouse, Sunshine (who was portrayed as female) was his sister and he looked up to Hercules like a big brother. He was voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Although Tugs did not officially have a lead character, Ten Cents was the closest the series came to one. He appeared in all 13 episodes, usually in a major role, and was the character most used in merchandising. Ten Cents had the same model basis as Zip and Zug did. He was also the tug depicted in the TUGS logo.

The Buoys

There are several bell buoys to be found across Bigg City Port, most of them yellow. Notably, one appeared very briefly in Pirate, having been 'silenced' by the pirates in order to make their escape. Also, in the episode Jinxed, a "Wreck" Buoy appeared very briefly, as well as when Ten Cents hoots his whistle to test the Jinx, a nearby marker buoy sinks. This was the only appearance of these two buoys.

The Duchess

The Duchess is the first Ocean Liner in the Series: appearing in the pilot episode Sunshine. She appeared in 2 separate scenes in the whole of that episode: when the Stars tow her in, and in the Nighttime fireworks celebration following a succesful journey. In appearance she looks a lot like Princess Alice: She's the same type, with modified stacks and vents. She made numerous cameos throuoght the series in the port.

She makes the most cameos of any TUGS liner character. The Duchess seems to be based on the Hamburg-America Line ship SS Imperator, which was given to the Cunard Line after World War One to replace the RMS Lusitania which was torpedoed of the coast of Ireland in 1915, and renamed Berengaria after the 12th Century English queen of the same name. Like the Imperator (Berengaria), she has 3 stacks, a open promenade, and is 919 feet long. When Captain Star says that she is "one of the biggest liners around", he means that she's not the largest liner in the world, a reference to how Imperator was surpassed by her younger sisters Leviathan and Majestic. Her nationality is British.

The Ghostly Galleon

The Ghostly Galleon is an old wooden ship that sank many centuries ago, and was frozen up inside an iceberg. The White Fleet were looking for this vessel during the winter where thick fog came down at night. Because of the warm water out at sea, the iceberg melted, causing the Ghostly Galleon to rise to the surface, much to the surprise of Ten Cents and Sunshine. At the end of Ghosts, Burke and Blair are shown towing away the Ghostly Galleon to the Breaker's yard.

The Goods Engine

A locomotive other than Puffa appeared in TUGS was a tank engine which made several cameo appearances, most noteably in 'High Tide' where he was identified as 'the goods engine'.

The goods engine superficially resembles an 0-6-0 US Army tank engine, but is actually a model made from 'splicing' together various parts from other locomotives (such as the cab, which, upon close inspection, is a German design in origin), and scratchbuilding a few parts (most notably, the side tanks). The model has "Dock Railway" on his tanks, and many un-American features such as buffers and stovepipe chimney, which were not modified as was Puffa to disguise the Goods Engines as a machine of American pattern. Some people believe this model was used for Rosie for TUGS's sister show, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, but that is just a rumour, as it would make no sense to take a 20 year old model that was rarely used out of storage to make a female character who rarely appears. The Sodor Island Forums have confirmed that the rumour is false.

The Pirates

A pair of villainous tugboats who slipped into Bigg City Port with the intension of stealing loaded barges that could be sold off illegally for trade. To increase their security, they used Sea Rogue as their decoy, and to make sure that he performed their bidding, they took his uncle hostage and threatened to sink him if Sea Rogue disobeyed them. With the unexpected help of Zip and Zug, the Star Fleet and Sea Rouge were able to capture the pirate tugs and hand them into the authorities. The pirate tugs were mysterious-looking vessels with black paint and a distinguishable pair of green-tinted spotlights. They are known among fans as 'The Green-Eyed Things'. The pirate tugs are among the few speaking tugboats among the cast that do not have faces. They were voiced by Sean Barrett in both UK and US Versions. In the Salty's Lighthouse fan episode Pirate on the Loose, made by EliJBrown/LinkandRutoFan, they became Sea Rogue's henchboats.

The Shrimpers

The Shrimpers appear in various episodes, they had a note-worthy role in "Ghosts", when a group of four or five were accidentally led into a mud-bank whilst following Warrior back to port, using him as a guide through the fog. They also were in "Warrior" when Warrior nearly ran into them. They were all voiced by John Baddeley. In US Versions, they were voiced by Sam Gold.

The Shrimpers' characters reflect that of the Troublesome Trucks from the sister series.

The Shrimpers' habit of talking simultaneously was later shared with the clams on Salty's Lighthouse.

The shrimper models have made numerous cameos in "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends."

The White Fleet

The White Fleet are a fleet of tugboats who came to Bigg City Port during the midst of winter. They came from 'northern waters' in search of an iceberg, and travelled about the harbour at night with engines 'off', listening for cracking ice. They were mistaken by the Star Fleet, Zorran and Izzy Gomez for being the phantoms of a tug fleet that sank in the great storm of 1912. After an eventful night, Hercules revealed the truth behind the White Fleet. Since then, the Star Tugs found they could laugh it off, but never forgot the night when fog nearly drove them crazy. The White Fleet may have been used as the pirates.

Top Hat

Top Hat is Captain Star's fourth tug, a 'railway tug', an uppity and snobbish character with a monocle and an Upper Class (Posh English) accent who looks down on everyone, both his friends and his foes, believing that he is the best tug in the Star Fleet!

Although he tries to avoid any job that will make his paint dirty, he is used for a wide variety of tasks around Bigg City Port, mainly distributing railway rolling stock with his barges Frank and Eddie. Like the rest of the Star Fleet, Top Hat is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920's, although he also resembles John-A.-Dialogue-&-Sons-built New York Central Tugboat 13, which is also a railway tug, and his Personality is based on Kenneth Williams. His name derives from his trademark hat. Despite his problem with dirty jobs he is often used to tow Lord Stinker the garbage barge in episodes such as High Tide or Warrior. In High Tide he gained a great respect for the barge. Yet in other episodes he complains about the garbage itself, and often teases Warrior for his garbage smell. Like OJ, Top Hat's whistle is very deeply pitched, but softened somewhat in comparison with OJ's - he is also fitted with a fog-horn as shown in the episode 'Ghosts'.

Aside from his snobbish personality, Top Hat's most distinguishing feature is his elevated wheelhouse - it's this feature that distinguishes him as a railway-tug, as real tugs built to haul railroad rolling stock on barges had equally high wheelhouses to allow their pilots and crews to see over the top of their high loads. Unlike his real-world counterparts however, Top Hat can bob his wheelhouse up and down, giving his model an extra element of movement which was often used for dramatic or comedic purposes. Top Hat cares mainly about himself and saving his own neck. He is often ridiculed by his companions, particularly Ten Cents and the villainous Z-stacks.

Top Hat's character reflects that of James from the sister series, as the snobbish, posh, bossy, pompous, thinks he's the best and hates getting dirty.

Top Hat is voiced by British actor John Baddely. In the US Version, he is voiced by Alec Baldwin. In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Long John Baldry

Also in the Japanese version he was played by Masashi Ebara.



Warrior is Captain Star's fifth tug, who is used for a wide variety of tasks around Bigg City Port. Warrior usually works with his close companion and colleague Big Mac. He often is clumsy but tries not mess up. He is known only to get in the way by the Zero stacks. He speaks with a deep voice and a probably South London accent.

His capabilities range from the towing of barges, mainly that of Lord Stinker, (a garbage barge who is an associate of Warrior's) to major liner docking operations, including Princess Alice and The Duchess. Like the rest of the Star Fleet, Warrior is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920's, his name obviously means he is pure of courage, bravery and knows how to put up a fight, which is quite ironically nothing at all like Warrior! In some scenes it seems as though he has a bit of hair sticking out from under his cap.

Warrior's whistle has a single note and is very nasal, much like a factory hooter.

Warrior's character reflects that of Henry from the sister series, as the big and clumsy character.

Warrior was one of the more prominent tugs, who developed well throughout the series. The vocal talent of Warrior is debatable but, according to sources, he is voiced by Sean Barrett in both UK and US Verisons. In Salty's Lighthouse, he's voiced by Michael Donovan.

In the Japanese version he was played by Mitsuaki Madono. Warrior is presumably Robert D. Cardona's favourite character as he wrote the episode Warrior.



Zak is the third member of Captain Zero's Z stack fleet, he's used for a wide variety of tasks around Bigg City Port. Zak's main role was that of a flunky to devious Zorran: a confused thug. The heavy, no malice in him. He's usually seen working with his brother Zebedee. Like the rest of Zero marine, Zak is based on the Moran fleet Tugs from the Roaring 20s. He's quite a thuggish character, often aggresive and threatening. Publicity material for the series indicated that he saw himself as a potential leader of the Z Stacks. Zak is the Z Stacks equvilent to the Star Fleet's Hercules, in that he's rarely ever seen in the remarkably short span of episodes, if there is a second series, his personality would need major developing. He had no major roles in any episodes, but is usually seen either assisting the Z Stacks in their devious schemes and insulting the Star Tugs, His whistle sounds like Warrior's, but only deeper with two tones. Zak's most prominent appearance is High Tide, when he and Zebedee competed with Big Mac and Warrior for the Big Steel contract. Engine trouble that Zak had neglected to get treated however forced the 2 Z Stacks to take a shortcut through Bigg City's canal network. What Zak saw as a very clever idea however resulted in disaster when Zebedee's tall load destroyed a railway bridge.

Zak is voiced by British actor, animator and modeller Shaun Prendergast, who provided the distinctive voice of Sunshine. He speaks with a gruff Cockney accent. In the US Version, he is voiced by Neil Crone, along with Zorron and Zebedee. In TLC and PBS Kids's Salty's Lighthouse, he's voiced by Terry Klassen, giving him a gruff Brooklyn accent. His personalty resembles Edward G. Robinson, and his character reflects that of Peter Sam from the sister series.

In the Japanese version he was voiced by Hideyuki Umezu.


Zebedee is a devious Z Stack, he's Captain Zero's second tug and Zorran's right hand tug.

He's used for a variety of tasks around Bigg City Port. Like the other Z Stacks, Zebedee is based on the NYC Moran Fleet Tugs from the 1920's. His personality resembles Shemp Howard. He speaks with a Liverpudlian Accent. Zebedee is one of the more complex TUGS Characters, an easy-going tug whom winds up the Star fleet for a reason or another mean and vindictive on the outside, but on the inside there is much to his personality. Beneath his tough exterior is one of the only Z Stacks to have a conscience.

In High Winds, his guilty conscience proves he has good in him when he helps the Star Fleet tow the Liner Princess Alice. He was once offered to join the Star Fleet but refused, saying he's a Z Stack at heart. Zebedee's lighter side was never examined again in the series, but it was an interesting factor that might have been further revealed if the series had continued.

Zebedee is voiced by British actor Nigel Anthony, who provides the voices of Big Mac, Hercules and the Fire Tug.

Although loud, Zebedee's whistle produces a single flat note: Bwaa-!.

In the US Version, he is voiced by Neil Crone, along with Zorron.

In the Animated series, Salty's Lighthouse, Zebedee later became a nice Z-Stack and was voiced by Ian James Corlett, giving him a Brooklyn accent, his name is always pronounced as "Z.B.", although his nameplate is not censored like Big Mac or O.J.'s. In SL, he is voiced by Ian James Corlett, and his personality reflects that of Sir Handel from the sister series. In the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Episode Something in the Air (Season 5), Zebedee and Zip made a cameo as the Tugs who help Henry after a Water Accident. Zebedee's face and hat are removed, look closely and you will see the area were he could turn his head and the Z Stacks Logo on his stack. Zebedee's modified model (along with Izzy Gomez's) is currently on display at Drayton Manor.

In the Japanese version he was voiced by Kōji Ishii.


Zip is Captain Zero's second 'harbour switcher'. It is safe to presume that he is also the newest addition to the fleet, as well as the youngest. He works, nearly always, with Zug (No. 4) and together they are often used to win minor contracts (such as the freighting of quarried bolders) and other such duties. Like the rest of the Z-Stack fleet, Zip is based on the Moran tugs of New York. His personality resembles Curly Howard. He speaks with a neutral English accent.

Zip is famously described as 'Zug, only worse'. His head is often in the clouds, and he is well known for being a coward. He is easily scared and sometimes speaks out of turn. He is very quick to back down when engaging in an argument, and is easily dominated. Zip is often described as being 'slow in the head', for it will often take him a while to catch onto things, even basic terms and phrases like devious. He is mostly left out of plans, but may come up with his own, screwing up the original. When terrified, he cries like a baby.

Zip's whistle, much like Star switcher Sunshine, has a 'whooping' sound, but was deeper, with a middle-to-low pitch.

Whilst Zip and Zug are a similar wavelength, and have often been comparied with Ten Cents and Sunshine, Zug is much more skeptical of the pair, whilst Zip is quite the opposite. He will often follow along with Zug's plans in any situation, even if the concept of doing so causes him to lose his nerves. Zug often takes advantage of Zip's naivity to keep himself out of danger. Zip is not seen as often as the other Z-Stacks, though his roles in various episodes have always brought much-needed comic relief.

According to sources, Zip is voiced by British actor John Baddely, who also provided the distinguishable voice of Top Hat. In the US Version, he is voiced by Neil Crone, along with Zorran, Zebedee and Zak. In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by Ian James Corlett, and sounds exactly like Coconuts from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (who Corlett also voiced). His personality reflects that of Rheneas from the sister series.

In the Japanese version he was voiced by Masashi Ebara who also voiced Top Hat. It has to be noted, though, that Zip's deep Japanese voice would have been more suited for Warrior.


Zorran is regarded as the cunning leader of the Z-Stacks and is the number one tug of the fleet. He is renowned for his deviousness and scheming prowess. Similar to OJ, Big Mac, Warrior and his Z-Stacks companions Zak and Zebedee, he is a harbour tug.

Like the rest of the Z Stacks, Zorran is based on the Moran Fleet of NYC waters from the 1920's. His personality is modeled after Quentin Tarantino. He speaks with a neutral Cockney-English Accent. Although he's a steam tug, his deep aggressive whistle sounds more like air-horns fitted to modern diesel ships. He has major roles in episodes, and a majority of stories focuses on him as a leading scheming villain in some way. Although he is undoubtedly the most intelligent Z Stack, his plans usually end up backfiring: through the incompetence of the other Z Stacks or his own overconfidence. Zorran has shown to regularly employ fellow Z-Stacks Zip and Zug to carry out his operations, which more often than not results in adverse consequences.

The other Z Stacks are secretly afraid of him, but he doesn't appear to be afraid of anyone other than Hercules, and has even known to show insolence to his boss, Captain Zero. Despite his maligned characteristics, there is a very good reason for Zorran's role as the head Z Stack - he's easily, when not scheming, the most competent and sensible of the fleet, best shown in the episode Munitions when he's given responsibility for overseeing a large delivery of explosives. Zorran ensured the other Z's followed all correct safety precautions and saw that the job was carried out efficiently. Later at the naval pool he sided with OJ when arguing with officious Navy Tug Bluenose over common sense vs. orders, and when a massive fire broke out he urged rival tug Ten Cents to escape the danger. True to his opportunistic nature however, Zorran then sat back to enjoy the impromptu fireworks display as Navy Tramper Krakatoa blew herself apart.

Zorran's character reflects that of Diesel from the sister series, providing the main antagonist role.

He's voiced by Chris Tulloch, who designed the Tugs himself, including Ten Cents. He's the other character whose voice actor can be definitively identified. In the US Version, he is voiced by Neil Crone. In Salty's Lighthouse, he and Zug had 2 different voice actors; Scott McNeil started but was replaced by Kirby Morrow. His original TUGS actor was credited as director and art director. In SL, Zorran's personality reflects that of Duncan from the sister series, as a grouchy character who has a heart inside.

In the Japanese version he was voiced by Hazime Ozeki.

Zorran's model possessed a unique feature. The character was apparently able to adjust his hat when he looked upwards. In fact, this was an accidental feature caused by the hat not being properly attached to the model. However, the director liked this feature so much that it was retained.


Zug is an ambitious young tug, and one of the Z Stacks switchers. He mainly works with Zip, and likes to think of himself as the intelligent one. Compared to Zip, he certainly is intelligent. Compared to anyone else, he's not. He comes up with devious plans for him and Zip to use, though the plans usually fail. Zug is Captain Zero's 4th Tug, a harbour switcher who is used for a wide variety of tasks around Bigg City Port. Zug is quite an ugly Tug, and he and Zip are best friends. Zug basically commands Zip, who's too frightened to make any good suggestions. Zug's capabilities range from the towing of barges to liner docking operations. Like the rest of Zero Marine, Zug is based on the Moran Fleet Tugs of the 1920's. His personality resembles Peter Lorre. He's sneaky, cowardly and he needs the other Z Stacks around for courage. He speaks with a Midwest Estonian-Eastern European accent. Zug is a scheming sort of tug, though his plans rarely if ever work as planned. Zug is intimidated by the main Z Stack Zorran and has a tendency to be somewhat nervous and jittery around him. Zug and Zip are the Z Stack equivalents of Ten Cents and Sunshine, in that they are the smaller tugs of the fleet, who works together, and are plotting against the other two. Zug seems to be not all that smart, but compared to Zip, he's a genius! Zug's whistle has a hooting quality that sounded very much like a squeeze horn, but deeper. Zug has a major role in most episodes, and a majority of stories focus on him as a major character in some way, usually concerning Zip.

Zug is voiced by British actor Mike Mulloy who voices Captain Zero and Izzy Gomez. In the US Version, he is voiced by Kevin Frank. In the American TUGS Spin-off Salty's Lighthouse, he was first voiced by Scott McNeil and later Kirby Morrow. In SL, his personality reflects that of Skarloey from the sister series.

In the Japanese version he was voiced by Taro Arakawa.

In season five of "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends", either Zug or a boat resembling his model made a small cameo appearance in an episode.

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