This is a List of TUGs episodes from TUGS created by Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends producers David Mitton and Robert D. Cardona.

Season 1

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot Alternate Name
1 Sunshine We are introduced to Captain Star's Star Fleet, which is not only is going to guide the Duchess Liner into Bigg City Port, but adding a new tug to their fleet, whose name is Sunshine. However, the scheming Captain Zero & his Z Stacks plan to get the Duchess contract instead, by whatever means necessary! Will Sunshine's accident with docking Duchess turn the rest of the Star Fleet against him, or will the only witness, Izzy Gomez, prove that it was Zorran who caused the accident? TUGSepno1
2 Pirate

Barges that Ten Cents have been working with are being stolen and Ten Cents is the suspect. As punishment, Ten Cents is put on dredger duty which is not a pleasant job. Barges carry on being stolen so an unlikely alliance between the Star Fleet and The Z Stacks is formed to catch the thief. Grampus the midget submarine has done a bit of sleuthing. He tracks down the thief who turns out to be a pirate named Sea Rogue. He is being made to steal the barges by some villains who have his uncle hostage. Grampus tells this to Ten Cents and Sunshine, they find Sea Rogue when he is out looking for barges and all four, by using Zip and Zug put an end to the villains' stealing and Sea Rogue's uncle is saved. The next day Sea Rogue and his Uncle thank Ten Cents, Sunshine and Grampus and they head up river.

3 Trapped
4 High Tide
5 Munitions


7 Ghosts
8 Quarantine

O.J. before his barge hits the Ferry

9 Warrior
10 Regatta
11 High Winds
12 Up River
13 Bigg Freeze

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