List of The Adventures of Ash Ketchum characters is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Ash Ketchum

  • Ash Ketchum is the main character of the series and the 10 Year old boy from Pallet Town. He is a smart trainer who knows everything. He also likes to see girls every time. He is voiced by Veronica Taylor in Seasons 1-9 and later by Sarah Natochenny in Seasons 10-Present.


  • Bailey is a brunette haired girl and Ash's girlfriend. She likes to be wearing things like her green stockings and her nude tights. She is also described as Mary's best friend. The worst thing she doesn't like is bugs. She is voiced by Carol Jacobanis.


  • Kevin is Ash's best friend and a brown haired boy. He is always traveling with him in every place. He has a girlfriend named Mariah. He is voiced by Alberto Ghibsi.


  • Mary is Ash's little sister. She is described to be a chubby little crybaby. She has a teddy bear named Mr. Fuzzy. She is also described to be Bailey's best friend. She is voiced by Amy Birnbaum.


  • Wilhelmina is Ash's mother. She is a girl with green hair. She is always taking care of Ash and Kevin. She is voiced by Amy Birnbaum.


  • Falkner is Ash's best friend. He is a gym leader from Violet City. He always likes to take care for him. He is voiced by Matthew Mitler.


  • Scooby is a brown dog. He is always trying to sniff out a clue. His favorite food is the Scooby Snacks. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


  • Shaggy is Ash's best friend. He is described to be a man with almost every time. He can search for clues with Scooby. He is vocied by Casey Kasem.

Gary Oak

  • Gary Oak is Ash's rival. He is a sly guy who knows Ash can compete. He likes to take care of his little sister Peggy. He also has a total crush on Alexis Rhodes. He also has a girlfriend named Latoya Parker. He is voiced by Jimmy Zoppi.

Mitchie Ohara

  • Mitchie Ohara is Ash's total crush. She is

Audrey Jones

Blast Ketchup









Latoya Parker



Scott Jones

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