Team Auto (Troy's House, Autotown, Auto)

Auto are the first characters and the main protagonists in AUTO series.

  • Troy 'Bob' Apor - United States/American
  • Chloe Ries - United States/American
  • Ty McCray - United Kingdom/British
  • Trevor Sever - United Kingdom/British

Team Operation (Evan's Factory, Black 69, Desert)

Operation are the second characters of the AUTO series.

  • Beatrice Diuck - France/French
  • Evan Dallmann-Kucher - France/French
  • Ash and Sami McKinney - United Kingdom/British and United States/American
  • Cher Dandasan - Mexico/Mexican

Team Boys (305 Room at Four Ilaya Hotel, Ilaya City, Big City)

Boys are the third characters of the AUTO series.

  • Kyle Schreiber - United States/American
  • McKay Douglas - Russia/Russian
  • Jakob Sauder - United States/American
  • Chris Lasell - England/English

Team Girls (King's Factory, Queensland, DownTown)

Girls are the fourth character of the AUTO series.

  • Janelle Henke - United States/American
  • Nicole Kerfoot - United Kingdom/British
  • Lauren MacAllister - United States/American
  • Sarah Osifi - Africa/African

Team Strike

Strike are the fifth characters of the AUTO series.

  • Cole Thiessen (Utility Station CPS Factory, Utility Station, CPSTown) - Germany/German
  • Maryann Negapatan (Maryann's House, Tree, CPSPine) - United States/American
  • Justin Boscher (Desert Hotel, Desert Town, CityLand) - Canada/Canadian
  • Kyla Bernal Santelices (Angelo's House, Yard, ClueTown) - Philippines/Filipino

Villains (Reyjohn's Island)

Villains are the main antagonists of the AUTO series.

  • Vincent Yap. - Russia/Russian
  • Reyjohn Tia - Middle East/Middle Eastern
  • Gavrielle - Philippines/Filipino
  • Jowen Frank Martinez - Russia/Russian
  • Daichi Ikeda - Russia/Russian
  • Biafil Martinez - Russia/Russian

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