The following is a list of The Awesome Adventures of Joe & Allen episodes. Season 1 will begin on May 21, 2011 on Cartoon Network.

Season 1: Allen the Alien (May 21, 2011-September 3, 2011)

Season 2: Allen's Adventure (October 1, 2011-present)


Season 1: Allen the Alien (2011)

This season consists of 15 episodes. It began on May 21, 2011 and ended on September 3, 2011. This season is only storyboarded by Mordecai Lopez.

Epi # Title Airdate Prod. code
1 "Backyard Spaceship (1)" May 21, 2011 101

23-year old loser, Joe Roberts, works hard hours and comes home to nothing. Soon, he attempts suicide but is saved by a loud bang. He goes outside to examine and finds an alien

2 "Extraterrestrial Friend (2)" May 21, 2011 102

Allen becomes Joe's friend. He tries to speak an alien language with him but finds out that he only speaks English. Soon, he tells him he needs to go to France to find his brothers.

3 "Angry Boss / Internet Videos" May 28, 2011 103

Angry Boss - Allen tries to get Joe to convince his boss to give him a raise, but ends up getting fired.

Internet Videos - Joe exposes Allen on the internet to gain views and money. But he someone figures out the truth Allen must brainwash him.

4 "Internet Sensation / Smart Scientist" June 4, 2011 104

Internet Sensation - Joe and Allen become internet sensations even surpassing Rebecca Brown's (a parody of Rebecca Black) Saturday. Soon, they make millions and head for their journey.

Smart Scientist - On the plane, Joe and Allen meet Professor Bill, who knows Allen is an alien and wants to do testing on him, so he joins their journey.

5 "Plane Crash" June 11, 2011 105
The plane crash. Luckily, Allen uses his special skin parachute to save them. They find an abandant submarine. Soon, they find a Kraken who is Allen's old friend named Krakz.
6 "New Flight" June 18, 2011 106
Joe, Allen, Professor Bill and Krakz go on a new plane. Soon, they land in France but have nowhere to stay.
7 "Brother Stan / Meet the Family" June 25, 2011 107
Brother Stan - The gang finds Allen's brother, Stan, but soon he becomes evil. Now the gang must stop his rein of terror. In the end, he flies back to Mars.
8 "What is Life?" July 2, 2011 108

Krakz is hit by a bus and is killed instantly. Meanwhile, Professor Bill gets sick. In the end, they attend Krakz's funeral.

NOTE: At the end, Joe and Allen are having a 4th of July celebration. This is the final appearance of Krakz in Season 1.

9 "Movie Theater / The Return of Stan" July 23, 2011 109

Movie Theater - The gang see a French movie. Soon, people find out Allen is an alien. So, they try to brainwash them.

The Return of Stan - Stan tries to join the gang, but he is excluded. Soon, they get in a fight where Stan plans to attack the world.

10 "Professor Bill the Jailcell Guy" July 30, 2011 110

Bill gets framed and arrested for bank robbery. So, it's up to the duo to figure out who did it.

Title Reference: Bill Nye the Science Guy

11 "Valentime's Day" August 6, 2011 111
It's Valentine's Day, so Allen takes Joe back in time to try and find a girl he liked back then. But then they get stuck in the past and Professor Bill must save them.
12 "Joe's Girlfriend / Mother's Day" August 13, 2011 112

Joe's Girlfriend - Joe gets a girlfriend named Eileen. Although she has doubts, she joins the gang.

Mother's Day - It's Mother's Day for Aliens and when Allen doesn't get his mom a present, she destroys the world.

13 "Allen's Truck / Lightbuld Dreams" August 20, 2011 113

Allen's Truck - To speed up the journey, Allen buys a truck. But soon believes it is haunted.

Lightbuld Dreams - When the light is out, the gang tries to predict each others dreams.

14 "I Found Him, Part 1" September 3, 2011 114
In Part 1 of the season finale, Joe finds Rob, who stole Allen's brothers. Soon, Rob exposes Allen and his brothers.
15 "I Found Him, Part 2" September 3, 2011 115

In Part 2 of the season finale, Rob finds out they are useless without Stan. Then, Bill shoots Rob with his amnesia-ray. But, Allen is kidnapped and tested.

Season 2: Sportacus' Adventures (2011)

This is the first season to be written or storyboarded by someone other than Mordecai Lopez. This season consists of 8 episodes.

Ep # Title Written and Storyboarded By Original airdate Production



(in millions)

16 "Never Heard From / Journey to Mars"

Mordecai Lopez

November 5, 2011 201 TBA

The gang goes back home. Soon, they go to Nevada to find Allen from Area 51. So they Stan's spaceship to go back to Mars to get a giant laser to break Allen out.

17 "Saving Allen, Part 1" Rigby Felix November 12, 2011 202 TBA

In Part 1, Joe, Professor Bill, Eileen and Stan break in and shoot everyone. They escape with Allen but the government starts chasing them. They take the car first but it explodes with Professor Bill. Then, they take Stan's spaceship and go to Mars.

18 "Saving Allen, Part 2" Mordecai Lopez November 19, 2011 203 TBA

In Part 2, The government sends a rocket to Mars to get them. But Allen takes the gang to Mars at the speed of light. The go to McAlien's and Allen pays for Eileen and Joe to stay in a motel. Soon, Joe decides time to go home get married and raise a family.
19 "The Movie, Part 1" Skips Stankovic November 26, 2011 204 TBA

In the 2-hour season finale movie, Joe returns to Earth while Allen stays on Mars.

20 "The Movie, Part 2" Mordecai Lopez December 3, 2011 205 TBA

In Part 2, the gang attends Joe and Eileen's wedding.

21 "The Movie, Part 3" Mordecai Lopez December 10, 2011 206-207 TBA

In Part 3, Eileen announces she is having twins. She names the boy Allen when Allen leaves.

22 "Christmas with Allen" Skips Stankovic December 24, 2011 208 TBA
Set before The Awesome Adventures of Joe and Allen: The Movie, Joe spends Christmas with Allen, but when everyone is scared with Allen, he can't find a place safe to buy a gift for Joe.

Books (2011-2016)

Awesome Adventures, Volume 1: Extraterrestrial Friend (2011)

A worthless 23-year old with no Twitter followers or Facebook friends, decides to kill himself. Soon enough he is saved by a alien crashlanding in his backyard. Soon, the alien befriends him and tries to get his boss to get him a raise in order to go to France and find his 7 lost brothers. Joe gets a girlfriend named Eileen on Valentine's Day. They meet a scientist named Professor Bill and a kraken named Krakz. Later, while running Krakz is killed by a speeding bus. Soon, they find the criminal who is holding hostage Allen's brother, Mike. Allen is stolen after being exposed and taken to Area 51. Rob, the guy who stole flees away. Quicky, the gang goes back to Minnesota.

Awesome Adventures, Volume 2: Allen's Brothers (2012)

The gang returns to Minnesota but decide to go back and search for Allen. They break him out and return to Mars. The goverment sends a rocket to find them so they stay at a motel in Quebec. Later, the gang returns to Earth. Joe and Eileen decide to get married. The gang plans and attends Joe's wedding. Eileen gives birth to twins named Allen Jr. and Elise. They then celebrate Christmas.

Awesome Adventures, Volume 3: Back to the Past (2013)

Allen stays to help Joe and Eileen. He develops a disease and goes back in time to change it. Soon, hegets stuck in the Stone Age. Joe goes back to help Allen and encounter a T-Rex who they kill with a laser.Then they find themselves with Egyptians. They become servants for a king. They try to break outunsuccessfully and are place to die. They have 4 hours to live and need Eileen's help to break out. Soshe hires Bill to take care of the kids. In the end, they go home and celebrate the kids 1st birthday.

Awesome Adventures, Volume 4: The Rise of the Martians (2014)

Soon, Martians invade Earth. A martian named Mort decides to fight the leader of the Aliens, Ally. Allen joins and band and rivals Mort's band. Allen falls in love with a girl martian named Marti. But they can't be together. Mort and Allen fight each other in a pie eating contest. They go on a cruiseby accident. Soon, Allen finds a genie and decides to use it against Mort. Allen becomes an artist. Mort becomes a magician to buy stuff for a laser to destroy Earth and Mars. In the end, the Kingof Martia is friends with Allen and decides to kill Mort. Allen marries Marti and is crowned the king of Mars, much to the old kings despair.

Awesome Adventures, Volume 5: Into the Future (2015)

While cleaning a time machine, the gang ends up in a future where Robots rule the world. They mustdress up as robots to get past guards. They find out that Krakz is reincarnated in the future and takehim. They find a pirates in the later future, and travel on their boat to find the time machine. Billundergoes a lobotomy after the pirates force him to. He now knows nothing. Joe gets a dog from thepirates after befriend them. Joe must compete for the crown of the crew leader. In the end, they findthe time machine and go back home and celebrate the kids 2nd birthday.

Awesome Adventures, Volume 6: The Last Stand (2016)

For Joe's 15th anniversary with Eileen, Joe returns to Earth to celebrate with them. The kids are now14 years old. Elise gets a girlfriend Joe doesn't like so he wants Allen to kill him. Bill stops him. By accident, Joe uses the time machine and comes back with a rat and a dragon for the kids 15th birthday. Mort Jr. comes to Earth and decides to kill Earth. Earth is falling apart. So Joe travels backin time with the robots and plans to use them to fight against the martians. In the end, the martiansare all destroyed. Allen returns to Earth, the kids get their drivers license, Krakz goes back to ocean, Bill moves on but stays a family friend, They keep Dragz, Ralphie and Ratty and Phil becomes a jollyman.

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