The following is an episode list for the Warner Bros. animated television series The Jariel Show (1996 TV series). The series premiered on Kids' WB on September 7, 1996 to 2006.

Season One: 1996-1997

  1. "The Greatest Record in The World"- The first episode. As he Move to Their New House, Jarie Tries to Make World Greastest Ever. 

Season Two: 1997-1998

Season Three: 1998-1999

Season Four: 1999-2000

Season Five: 2000-2001

Season Six: 2001-2002

Season Seven: 2002-2003

Season Eight: 2003-2004

Season Nine: 2004-2005

Season Ten: 2005-2006

Direct-to-video Movie


United Kingdom

United States

Animaniacs Recurring Sketches VHS




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