Season 1

1. Introduction
The group arrive at National for the first time, where they meet form tutor Mrs Dahms, and also go around school. Later that day, Jack makes friends with Matthew and meets Amy during his lunch break.

2. Love The World
Ellis R decides to join the drama club, who are going to be doing a play supporting the natural environment. During a lesson with Mr Kirk, Matthew and Jack fall out, causing Matthew to befriend James, who also gets on well with Jack.

3. Twisted Emotion
Matthew tells James of his plan to destroy Jack, who is now spending more time with Amy. In a lesson with Mr Roberts, Matthew reports Jack for something he didn't do, and proceeds to tell Elizabeth and Ellis L rumors about Jack.

4. The Cost Of Pleasure
Jack tries to make friends with Matthew, and is forced to tell Elizabeth and Ellis L rumors about Amy, who in turn falls out with Jack. In turn, James reveals to Jack that Matthew has no intention of becoming friends with him. Jack confronts Matthew, only to find out that it's true, and finds that Amy is no longer interested in being friends. Ellis R has an argument with Elizabeth.

5. Roaming Soul
Jack begins to fall in his lessons with Mr Kirk, who reports this to Mrs Dahms. In turn, Jack also struggles to connect with his teachers, and finds himself struggling to make friends. Ellis R also ends up falling out with Ellis L, who has took to defending Elizabeth against his previous friend. Amy begins to spend her breaks with Mrs Dahms, while Ellis R goes to drama club more often.

6. Dawn
A recap episode.

7. More And More
Jack tells Amy the truth, and they make friends again, while Matthew and James also end up disagreeing about Jack - with James telling Matthew that Jack is trying to be friends with Jack. Ellis L and Elizabeth proceed to make up rumours that Jack and Amy are a couple, with Elizabeth going behind Ellis L's back and trying to make friends with Ellis R. Ellis R is unsure what to do.

8. Afterlight
Jack hears about the rumours, and decides to spend less time with Amy to try and show them up - Amy, however, hasn't heard the rumours and tries to spend more time with him. James and Matthew fall out due to James believing that Matthew should try and be friends with Jack and see what happens. Ellis R decides to let Elizabeth forgive her, while Elizabeth tells Ellis L that she's going to crush Ellis R.

9. Sexy You
James and Matthew make friends again, and James confesses to Matthew that he has fallen in love with Ellis L. Matthew prompts James to confess to her. James does so, but Ellis turns him down. Jack and Amy fall out once more, despite Amy still not knowing the rumours about them. Ellis L tells Elizabeth about James confessing he fancies her, and Elizabeth decides to crush him as well.

10. Season Of Love
Elizabeth tells Jack that James told Ellis L that Jack fancies her. Jack confronts James and tells him never to talk to him, to which James decides to go against what he has said, and tells Matthew that he asked Jack what he thought of him, to which he said he hated Matthew. The drama club host their play, with the cast members' years watching. After the play, Elizabeth tells Ellis R that she was rubbish and will get no where in acting.

11. Garden Of Cherry Trees
Ellis R decides that she can only trust one person at the school, despite having never talked to her. She finds Amy, and tells the other girl that she is leaving National to pursue an acting career, as she has always wanted to. She asks Amy to keep it a secret however, and Amy agrees. Meanwhile, Ellis L finds out what Elizabeth has done, and decides to confront her.

12. Grand Finale
Jack contemplates leaving National, Matthew and James discuss how Jack might leave National, Amy wonders who she can trust at National and Ellis L confronts Elizabeth about what she's done to Ellis R, but after Elizabeth tells Ellis L that the other Ellis made fun of her and spread lies, the pair make friends again. Ellis R is then seen at the airport, leaving for America.

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