This is a list of The Penguin That Couldn't Fly episodes. Each episode features a cover of a song.


Season 1: 9th Grade (2011-2012)

Series Season Title Original U.S. airdate Production Code
1 1 "The Pilot That Couldn't Fly" November 1, 2011 101

Peng, a 15-year old emperor penguin, cannot fly. His mom tells him he's a late bloomer until he finds out that he cannot fly.

Songs: "I Believe I Can Fly" (Sung by Peng)

2 2 "The Awkward Penguins" November 9, 2011 103

Peng becomes close with a group of socially-awkward penguins and makes one of them his backup friend, Fli.

Songs: "Fucking Perfect" (Sung by The Awkward Penguins)

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