List of The Red Ribbon episodes is Pikachufreak and Princess Dynasti's fan-made thing to make. These are the following episodes from the Nelvana anime: The Red Ribbon. It ran for 61 episodes from 2000-2001.

List of Episodes

  1. Birth of A Witch
  2. Trouble In Town
  3. Mastering Things Out
  4. Principal For A Day
  5. Samantha Enters The Scene
  6. Double Trouble
  7. Secrets Discovered
  8. Kidnapped
  9. Memories of A Failure
  10. A Big Surprise
  11. The Perilous Ribbon
  12. Who Says About Loving You?
  13. The Coming of The SNAP Squad
  14. Samantha's Guest
  15. Pokey's Adventure
  16. Samantha Gets It Right
  17. Changing Problems
  18. A Little Smile
  19. Chocolate Craze
  20. The Troublesome Idol
  21. Dreamscape
  22. Grandmothers On The Go
  23. Jamie's First Breakup
  24. The Land of Magic
  25. Fatherly Rivals
  26. The New Student
  27. Andrew's Story
  28. Alicia Makes The Justice
  29. The Promised Hearts
  30. Run, Pokey, Run
  31. Mother's Day
  32. A Shocking Kiss
  33. Danger On The Road
  34. A Teacher's Secret
  35. Puppy Love
  36. A Youthful Journey
  37. The Disappearing Hideout
  38. Invasion of The Living Fairies
  39. A Better Hotcake Trap
  40. Confusion Struck
  41. Little Couples
  42. Camping Out
  43. Poolside Predicaments
  44. Samantha's Big Vacation
  45. Loving Memories
  46. A Farewell Forever
  47. Andrew's Worst Break
  48. Catching Alicia's Mom
  49. Wand Trouble
  50. A Very Small Adventure
  51. Promises For A Ribbon
  52. Pokey's Big Departure
  53. A Painful Note
  54. Heather Strikes Back
  55. Noisy Lessons For Alicia
  56. Remembering Those Days
  57. Some Small Respects
  58. Into The Future
  59. All's Well That Ends Well
  60. We Love Andrew
  61. The Final Confrontation

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