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Episode List

Season 1

Title Design date Production code #
"A New Beginning" July 13, 2008 101 1
Introducing Hidayat, who becomes a first-year student in Segi University, Kuala Lumpur. He is one of the new students that sign into the university in the first day of registration. Introducing Hakeem and Syafiq. Both of them are the second-year student and become roommate to Hidayat. General introduction on Asrul and Ryan. Ryan, who is a third-year student, had discovered his ability to manipulate glass material. He demonstrated his ability on a fractured glass window in a storeroom caused by his carelessness while playing football with his friends. After his friend ran away fearfully to be punish, he telekinetically repaired the fractured window into as good as new. Meanwhile, Asrul appears to be a quite person and also among the new students in the university. He is a first-year student and become roommate with Farhan and Ilias. A cameo on a men-in-black agent who possess clairvoyance tracing an escaping fugitive near Petaling Jaya. The episode ends with Shafiq using his ability to become invisible when trying to escape from the bullies who called themselves the Trio Gangs. Syafiq hides himself in the toilet and turns invisible. When the bullies saw nobody and left the toilet, Syafiq reappear himself. In this episode, it is not shown whether the other appearing characters (if they have any powers) had already known their own extraordinary ability or not.
"Revelation"  ??? 102 2
It’s the third day in the university. In a Human Resource class, the lecturer, Mrs. Petrina gave tasks to the students. The tasks required the students to be in a group of four. Hidayat, Jannah (new character), Ilias and Syafiq are in one group. After they introduced themselves to each other, they begin a discussion. Hidayat who possess enhanced hearing secretly uses his power to steal answers and ideas from the other group after his group runs out of ideas. At the same time, in a nursery during Agricultural class, the students are instructed by Ms. Fevy to record their observation on different types of plants. Introducing Iefa and Hanis. They are second-year students and became best friends since high school. Hanis secretly uses her ability to manipulate plant when she saw and healed a dead plant. Iefa who already known Hanis’s ability covered her from being noticed by the others. The episode’s event moves to Oxfordshire, England. General introduction of Najwa and Laura. Najwa who is a second-year students in University of Oxford been the smartest and the most excellent students in the university. Laura, an Australian student becomes Najwa’s best friend. The event moves back to Segi University. After dinner at the cafeteria, Syafiq and Hidayat on the way to their room. Suddenly, Syafiq saw the Trio Gangs. Without any hesitation Syafiq turns invisible and ran while pulling Hidayat’s hand towards the toilet. The puzzled Trio Gangs left after failed to find Syafiq. Syafiq explained everything about his power and as a trade Hidayat also do the same. Both of them agreed to keep their each other secret. Meanwhile, Jannah’s roommate, Farahim (new character) was doing her assignment in the room. She felt bored and burned a trashed paper on her hand. Jannah who accidentally saw Farahim petrified in front of her. The episode ends with a mysterious man suddenly appeared and fainted in front of Farhan’s room.
"The Jumper and the Tracker"  ??? 103 3
Officially introducing Agent 007 after his short cameo from the first episode. He appears to be an agent from a secret agency namely Xeron he makes a call to a person who believes to be his leader saying that a fugitive still on the loose. The identity of the fugitive still unclear but it appears that he somehow capable of teleporting himself from one place to another in a blink of an eye. From Petaling Jaya to Ampang then on a skybridge of Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur now in Gombak Agent 008 clairvoyantly still tracking the fugitive and unsuccessfully to determine his fixed location as he change his location almost every minutes. He could be anywhere like shopping centre, bus stop, LRT, houses, buildings or even on top of a moving car. The fugitive now hides himself in abandoned house at a residential area named Taman Perwira near Ampang Jaya thinking for his next move. As he teleported to lots of places, he now starts to fell exhausted and runs out of energy to teleport again. He knew that the agent tracks his location every minute. He tried to teleport again but unfortunately he failed and he certainly needs a rest. He felt asleep in the house. The agent finally gets his fixed location and now he is in front of the abandoned house. As he found the man sleeping in an empty room, he tried to shoot the fugitive that will prevent him from teleporting. The shot hit on his leg as he awake. However, he again success to escape by teleportation. The escape of the fugitive satisfied the agent as he knew the shot will temporary deactivate his teleportation at the same time will deprive his consciousness. This will buys some time to the agent to capture him. Meanwhile, back to Segi University the event still the continuity from the second episode when a man fainted in front of Farhan’s room. The man appears to be the fugitive that accidentally teleported himself there. He blackout caused by the shot from Agent 007. While Farhan tried to awake the man, Ilias saw some kind of injection needle with a strange logo on it that appeared to be the one that used by the agent to blackout the fugitive. As Ilias tries to touch the needle’s point, Asrul just came out from the room and saw Ilias suddenly scolded him not to touch the needle saying that it is dangerous. Asrul told Ilias to gives the needle to him for further observation. Farhan, Ilias, and Asrul carried the man to the infirmary with the help of the others.
"Duel Dilemma"  ??? 104 4
In the infirmary, the fugitive still unconscious. Farhan and Ilias make their excuses to the warden in charge, Mr. Azmat saying that the man slipped in the bathroom and fainted. As it reaches midnight, the three roommates went to bed in their room. Meanwhile, Jannah cried and locked herself in the bathroom traumatized. Farahim trying to explain about her power. But instead, Jannah denied her explanation and accuses her to have demonic power. From then Jannah claim that Farahim is not her friend anymore. She shouted loudly said to leave her alone. The other students who shocked with the scream came out to see what happens. She pretends that she do not know anything what happen and left the crowd disappointedly. She cried in her room confused. Later, another Farahim’s roommate, Norlin came in and saw her crying. Norlin asked about the problem but Farahim refuses to explain and go to sleep. In the bathroom, Jannah still cries and Hanis trying to calm her down from the outside and ask her to come out. Finally, Jannah came out and she asks Hanis if she can stay in her room for this night. Hanis agreed and brought her to the room. The next day, unexpectedly Jannah got fever and Hanis let her rest in the room until she gets better. Meanwhile, Hidayat and Syafiq are chatting while walking to their classes. On the way, they saw a group of girls seem to be gossiping. Hidayat use his super-hearing on them and told Syafiq that the girls gossiping about him being a coward. He also heard about a weird and quite student in their class named Asrul. Syafiq entered the IT class while Hidayat in the Finance class. In the Finance class, Farahim still upset about the incident last night and unable to concentrate. In the evening, Hanis and her roommates (unknown names) start to worry about Jannah’s fever that does not cool down instead it getting worse. The warden in charge, Mrs Sarah decided to send Jannah to the nearest hospital for further treatments. Farahim saw Jannah on the stretcher. As she goes nearer, Jannah shout to her to get away. Farahim petrified and ran to her room crying. After dinner time, at the corridor Syafiq teased the girls that gossip about him by turning invisible and making fun on them.

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