This is a complete list of characters who have appeared in Theodore Tugboat in order of appearance.



Annapolis is a cargo ship brought into the harbour when the tugs first met Sigrid the Supply Ship. Her name has no relation to Emily's middle name (which is Annapolis too).

Annapolis' hull is colored black, red, and green with white linings. On the top she is colored white. Her smokestack is colored black and red with white lining with a symbol. her lifeboats are colored red.


Aurea was a big oil tanker with a broken rudder who George rescued. George explained that she weighed over 100 tons.



Baddeck is a buoy boat with the number 55 on him who brings new buoys into the harbour. Theodore was once jealous of Baddeck and his relationship with Bedford and Blandford, but they soon became great friends.

Another time Bedford buoy almost left the harbor with Baddeck, as he was feeling forgotten and left out.

Baddeck loves carrying buoys but finds hauling barges more fun, and his amazing work ethic surpasses any other boat he works with! Baddeck is a cheery, bright little buoy boat, who enjoys as much hard work as he can manage. Rescued from scrap by Bonavista, he lives in Pock Wock Harbour and is occasionally invited to help in the Big Harbour. During his first visit, he and Hank soon put a boastful ship (Cabot) in his place!


Barrington Barthalamu is the smallest barge in the Big Harbor. He has a teenager, male voice and the number 4 on him. He is always quiet like all the other barges and is best friends with Theodore. The two have a special game of hide and surprise, but once hid too long and got into trouble. Barrington looks up to Theodore as a leader and never goes against his plans or ideas. One time he wanted to be called Barthalamu in the episode Hank's New Name and he also assisted Hank for his barge-pulling test which ultimately resulted in disaster, but is a well-mannered barge nonetheless.


Bayswater is a crane barge with a teenager, male voice who lives at the supply dock. He is often used to collect barrels and send them to the oil refinery. He is a barge who's personality is to have fun all the time, once calling Hank "bumper-bum". He is good friends with Brunswick Barge despite some arguments over which barge is superior. Once, Theodore and Hank had to pull him through a storm which resulted in Bayswater losing some of his barrels and he was also told a story by Foduck, and him and Brunswick fell asleep. Overall, he is a kind barge who is a little misguided and misunderstood, but friendly nonetheless.


Bedford is a small buoy with a fishing hat and a teenager, male voice that marks the place where the harbour ends and the ocean begins. He and Theodore are best friends and they love to tell "knock-knock" jokes to each other. Even though Bedford is not allowed to move, he sometimes has fun adventures, like when his chain broke and he drifted out of the harbour. Even so, Bedford also suffers from depression from not being able to move and at one time wanted to leave the harbour. That is why every ship in the Big Harbour stops by every day to say hello and talk with Bedford. But whenever Bedford feels useless, the tugs are always there to remind him just how important he really is.


Beiderbeck was probably a large cargo ship. He is a cargo ship from Germany. Emily probably meant to say he was carrying a load of apples. However her speech was cut off by the arrival of Snorri and she couldn't finish her sentence.

Benjamin Bridge

Benjamin Bridge is a green suspension bridge at the end of the harbour who loves to watch everything that goes on. He also has an adult, male voice. His design is based on the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, the first of two bridges built to connect Halifax and Dartmouth. He also enjoys telling jokes, riddles and rumours, which can cause a lot of confusion. Besides spreading rumours, Benjamin has a bad habit of snoring very loudly. Even though he can't move, Benjamin has many exciting moments, like oil rigs nearly crashing into him and ocean liners getting stuck under him. He's very good friends with the tugboats and loves to socialize. But sometimes he is grumpy and in one episode, he was a bully. Once He snored and Rebecca could not sleep.


Bingham is a buoy-in-training who Hank bumped into one time when he was trying to make friends with Rebecca.


Blandford is a buoy who lives right outside the harbour. He is good friends with Bedford and Theodore, due to Theodore bringing him his new bell. He also was seen when Cabot visited the harbour. He lives just outside Ceilidh's Cove, where Truro & Dorothy live. In the first series, his model had no face and was black and red.


Blankston is a buoy Theodore helped steer Elo Echo away from a sharp, dangerous rock.

He is also is red and white just like Bedford. He has the number 6 on him. Whenever Bedford isn't feeling well, Blankston can always share his spot like he did in the episodes Different Strokes, Different Boats, and Theodore the Vegetable.


Bluenose is a schooner who lives in the harbor.

Bluenose holds the record as the fastest boat in the Big Harbour (seeing as Bluenose has no engine). She is good friends with the tugboats, and one time helped Foduck when seaweed was stuck in his propeller. When Theodore first met her, she helped him lead the first annual Big Harbour parade with the other tugboats, and received her very own special dock to let her have a rest.

She is not to be confused with Bluenose the naval tug from the series TUGS.

Bluenose II

Bluenose II was famous ship who visited the Halifax Harbour. Bluenose was first launched in July 24 1963.

Bluenose II is a ship who everyone loves. Bluenose II once visited the Halifax Harbour. The tugboats tried to figure out who she was a mystery guest. With the help of their friends, Theodore Too and Lucy Tug find and meet the beautiful Bluenose II, they make a brand new friend and learn just why everyone loves her.


Bobby is a salvage barge, who like all the other barges, and is good friend with the tugs and always quiet. He is very encouraging and lifted George's spirits when he didn't win an award. For a while, he was part of the Salvage Team with Theodore, Rebecca and Northumberland. They all worked together to find an old rusty ship's anchor at the bottom of the ocean.


Bonavista is a small red barge with a teenager, female voice and the number 5 on her who usualy works with Hank. She is always calm and content with whatever goes on. Carla once towed Bonavista to a little cove in a way of getting attention and got Theodore in trouble. A friendly hard worker, she is constantly working up and down the harbour, repairing all the docks, bridges and buildings along the shoreline, keeping it generally maintained.


Brunswick is a barge always looking for thrills and chills. He has a teenager, male voice and the number 2 on him. He is good friends with Bayswater and they are usually looked after by Theodore. He soon got his wish when a storm caused him to run aground on some rocks, where he thought he had been eaten by a giant clam. He usually works alongside Bayswater Barge, but once got into an argument with him. He was once told a story by Foduck when him and Bayswater who couldn't sleep.


This bullfrog lives in a cove outside the harbour. It once made a scary sound that Frightened Theodore and Hank.



Cabot is a rather scruffy and rough ship with no self control and a teenager, male voice, who did not care about safety until Theodore helped him. He often does the opposite of what everyone tells him. Like most visiting ships to the Big Harbor, Cabot proved no exception to the rule of being rude and rather above his dock! However, like all of his kind, he got his just deserts when he dropped his cargo overboard which Theodore had to rescue, & ended up getting stuck on the Sandy Beach! He left without saying goodbye to anyone and left several things behind - battered cargo and a rather nasty smell!

Due to Cabot just "throwing" cargo on his deck, the cargo eventually fell off his deck on a sharp curve and had Theodore feel bad until the cargo had spoken to him. Various pieces included a cylinder-like container, a crate, an open shipping container, and a red pipe. They come in all shapes, sizes and types, and love to cause grief and despair for whichever tugboat has to take them out. They have been known to cause constant accidents if their tugboat is careless and annoy them most by singing rude songs, loud and long! Only the most experienced and strongest of Tugboats can keep them in order and they are quick not to fool with those who do!

Canso Colossus

Canso Colosus is a supertanker who had hit rock near the Pictou Peaks and was sinking fast. Apparently, Canso is the king of supertankers, and talks with a very squeaky voice. Canso's biggest pet peeve seems to be "yucky stuff". He visited the Big Harbor when Guysborough refused to pick up garbage and wanted to leave. Once, on the way to the Harbour, he steered off course, crashing into the Pictou Peaks and damaged his hull. He was eventually saved by Nautilus, Theodore, George and Foduck from sinking.

Captain Howard

Captain Howard is another harbour master down the coast of which he was first mentioned by the The Harbour Master in the episode Theodore And The Hunt For Northumberland.

Captain Jerome

Captain Jerome is the The Harbour Master's friend.


Carla is a zany cabin cruiser who only works to please herself. She has a hyper child, female voice.

She loves to give the tugs funny nicknames and usually refers to the Dispatcher as the "Dishwasher". Carla is always looked at as "cool" because she's never afraid to do what she wants. She occasionally runs out of control and causes peer pressure on all the tugs. Carla mainly hangs out with Emily and loves to go exploring with her. Whenever Carla goes over the line, Emily is usually the one to tell her so and Carla always knows when she makes a big mistake. Once she towed Bonavista away and got Emily in trouble. However, Carla has limitations in the work she can do, she is not very strong or powerful at all. However, she is still keen and eager to do all the work that the bigger boats can! Carla is a friendly little cabin cruiser who idolises Theodore, and wants to be just like him. Although once, he was keen to get away from her, Carla proved her worth by coming to the rescue and helping him when she ran into a landslide!


Caroline is a container ship that Foduck and Emily had trouble with while trying to get her to her docked, until George came to help them out.


Caroquette is a container ship Theodore had a hard time keeping steady when George was doing tough tugging. Caroquette had many speaking roles, including the time where she, Theodore, and Hank had a good laugh when George made a funny noise.


Catherine is a big container ship who carried a "double" load and gave Theodore and George a time trying to move her. She almost crashed into Owan. Emily soon came to the rescue.


Chester is a container ship with a teenager, male voice that wanted to have flags when the tugs were having their flag day.


Chimey is the harbour's clock tower. He is seen in many episode but first speaks once. In the episode "Big Harbor Fools", Chimey is mentioned by name, and we discover he is the Tugboats' personal "wake up call". Chimey is modelled after the Halifax Town Clock on Citadel Hill.


Clare is a giant container ship that is loaded with special cargo such as bicycles. At one point, she got into an accident with an ice flow and the Tugboats had to save her from leaking oil into the ocean.


Clayton is a crane with a adult, male voice who lives near the oceanic institute. Clayton is usualy very nice, and is a good friend of the tugboats. There was once a time that Theodore wanted to be just like Clayton.


Clementine is a big container ship with an adult, female voice who came when Theodore first met Clayton and wished that he could lift things like he could. Clementine becomes paranoid whenever anything happens to one of her containers.


Cocomagh is a container ship who was shy to come into the big harbor, until Foduck showed her that the big harbor is the friendliest place in the whole world.


Colchester is a container ship Theodore and Emily helped bring into the harbour when Hank was suffering from hiccoughs. He also came in when the Salvage Team were trying to pull a satellite out of the water, which they got out just in time. Colchester means well in his manner and is always willing to help the smaller boats with their duties, as shown when he first arrived and had to help Theodore out when the plucky little tugboat took on more than he could handle. He is a big, bold green-hulled container ship from the United States of America, and is easily one of the biggest ships ever to tread water in the Big Harbour.


Constance is a coast guard ship with a serious adult, female voice who takes almost everything seriously.

Whenever her name is mentioned, she is noted as an important ship. The tugs used to think that Constance was mean and Constance used to think that she was too busy to be nice. Emily soon showed her how easy it was to be friendly, and became Constance's best friend. Even though Constance is very serious about her work, she can also be a lot of fun (like when she played light tag with Theodore and Hank). The tugs are now more comfortable socializing with Constance, but still give her all their respect.


Cumberland is a big container ship with a teenager, male voice who thought he did not need tugs until he met Theodore. Later on, when Emily got a new hat; he was the first to notice. Despite his size, he’s actually a gentle giant and much prefers some Peace and Quiet outwith the hustle and bustle of the Big Harbour - and there is no better place for him than a run through the countryside.. However, he has learned from previous experience that being in the company of chatterbox boats can often be far better than the baa-ing of sheep, which he once found to be too much for him to bear!



Dartmouth is a giant cable ship who won the attention of all the tugboats when he first arrived in the Big Harbor. Digby showed him good places to lay cables.

Dartmouth loves to work with Theodore and Digby and is very nice. He and Theodore are part of A group with Digby that Digby calls The Three Good Buddies.


Digby is a small old cable ship with the number 27 on him who is always getting stuck somewhere out on the job.

It's always a surprise to him and the tugs when someone gets stuck other than himself. He has a crusty, adult male voice and a mild East Coast accent and uses catchphrases such as "Oh flibberty jibberty!" and "Oh my starfish and little oysters" (like Owan). His best friend is Theodore, who seems to always have to rescue Digby whenever he gets stuck. He loves to say whatever is on his mind and especially enjoys talking about cables. The tugs once thought of Digby as old and useless when the big and strong Dartmouth came to the harbour. But even though Digby is always getting stuck somewhere, he always shows that he is still a useful cable ship in the end. He is a kind, tough cable ship used for smaller jobs that his cables are best suited for and makes short work of any task he is given.

Donald Dock

Donald Dock is the wooden dock across from The Dispatcher, and also happens to be his best friend. Donald is special because he has an adult, male voice and only uses the words "uh-huh" and nothing else. The Dispatcher and the tugs sometimes go to him for advice and occasionally get the right answer from him.


Dorothy is a dory with a child, female voice who lives in Ceilidh's Cove with Truro.

She looks to both Truro and Theodore as older siblings. Dorothy is always loud and bursting with questions for Theodore and all the other tugboats. Dorothy also got to have a "Girls Night Out" with Emily, Sigrid, and Carla. She is also a very friendly young, enthusiastic dory who lives at Celeidh's Cove with Truro. Dorothy is often seen rushing around the cove, very keen to give a "helping hook" to all the boats who pay a visit for stories. However, her haste and speed can often cause mishaps, and Dorothy is well known for dropping things into the water of the cove by accident. But Dorothy means well, and under the watchful eye of kind 'boss' Truro, she is learning to be a really useful dory and become a real credit to Celeidh's Cove.


Elo Echo

Elo Echo is a container ship that was saved when she was about to hit sharp and dangerous rocks, by flashing his light and blowing his horn.


Emily Annapolis the Vigorous is the only female tug in the Big Harbor. She has a smokestack extension and a teenager, female voice and wears a green/turquoise fishing hat.

Emily loves to be admired and hates to look silly in front of her friends, because they always have high expectations for her and look up to her as a leader. But she always comes to find that her friends are there to help her, even if she doesn't ask for their help. She usually gets into arguments with George, but they always resolve their disagreements. But no matter how upset Emily gets, she always shows her kind spirits and female strength. She is friends with Carla although she once got Emily into trouble. It is hinted that Emily has feelings for Theodore. Emily once wanted to be called Annapolis in Hank's New Name. Also her middle name happens to be Annapolis. But sometimes, Emily tends to become a “bossy bumpers”, as she tries to help her friends by correcting their mistakes and encouraging them to improve. Even so, she is a real “sweetie”.

It is possible that Emily is jealous of Lucy for hang around with Theodore.

Emma Sophia

Emma Sophia is a small ship who Theodore was to bring into the harbor, loaded with kumquats. She was distracted by Foduck in the episode Foduck and the Shy Ship. She is a wonderful ship, but as time went on she was soon branded as Old Fashioned and spent most of her lonely years in a scrap yard, waiting for her fate. But luckily, Theodore and Hank discovered her and had her restored to her natural beauty, where she is still useful around the Big Harbour.

Evil Theodore

Evil Theodore is a disturbed, hyperactive, sadistic Harbor Tugboat with a mustache, goatee, a scar along one cheek and both an eyepatch and a monocle.

His model was later repainted and modified to be used for Molly.


Faceless Boats

There were several faceless boats, one was green, black, white, & red, one was light yellow, with a red hull with a white stripe in the middle, one was an old steamship who was white, light yellow, & light blue, & another one had a white hull, & its model was later used for Rebecca, & was based on the RV Calypso


Foduck Fredrick the Vigilant is the Big Harbor's "Safety Tug". He has a serious adult, male voice and wears a red fire hat and is equipped with extra bright spotlights, sonar transceiver, a siren and a fire hose, which, on occasion, has been used on the tugs.

Foduck is always very serious and takes his work importantly. Like all the other tugs, Foduck loves to journey out to the open ocean. Foduck is a "V" tug (a tug with a "V" word that is fully qualified to make ocean voyages) like George and Emily. Even though he is able to journey on out to the ocean, he is content with staying in the harbour to keep it safe. Foduck usually doesn't express his feelings, but deep inside, he has a soft spot for everything and everyone in the Big Harbor. He once wanted to be called Fredrick in Hank's new name. Whenever anyone has a problem, they can always rely on Foduck, who proves time and again just what an old tugboat can do!


Freda is a small cargo ship with a soft, teenager, female voice that got stuck on some rocks outside the harbour, but Theodore and George teamed up to pull her to safety. She was the first ship Theodore brought in by himself, when he was the 'Tug in Charge'.


Fundy is a little fishing boat who says strange things. It is really his way of giving advice. Fundy and Theodore often spoke in the series, and the Ferry Twins have met him by travelling to his cove! He also appeared in the book Theodore hugs the coast.



George Goliath Gargantua the Valiant is the strongest and biggest tugboat in the Big Harbor. He has a strong, adult, male voice and wears a purple baseball cap on his head backwards.

George loves to show off and can sometimes be a little rude without knowing it. He's somewhat stubborn and always struggles to ever admit that he is sometimes wrong. He especially loves to tell stories to the other tugs, mostly about himself. He also loves to blow up a lot of smoke from his smokestack and make a lot of loud noises with his powerful engine. But most of all, George is a hard worker, and never finishes a job until it's done and always stands up for his friends. George and Emily get into fights, but in the end they always make up. He once wanted to be called Goliath and then Gargantua in Hank's new name. He also got his nicknake "Georgie" from his new friend Shamus the sea trawler.


Gerta is the greatest ocean liner. Gerta came from Germany and Theodore and Guy try waking her up just not to miss the party.

Gerta is colored cream white with orange and red stripes and her funnel (possibly) colored in the German flag.

Gloria Cornwallis

Gloria Cornwallis is a big container ship with a adult, female voice.

Gloria Cornwallis can be described as a mean container ship. She is always complaining & never smiles! She doesn't like harbour tugs pulling from the front, especially Hank! Even though she always gets bumped, she can always get angry.


Gregor is a fishing trawler from Russia that Emily wanted to meet so much. Gregor can't speak English and is dependent on Emily to understand life in the Big Harbour.


Guysborough is the Big Harbor's garbage barge and has a rough, grouchy, adult male voice, and a grumpy personality and calls everyone else "rotten".

The only ones who can stand him are Theodore and Digby. His catchphrase is "Theee-o-dorrre!" ... which Theodore once used as a foghorn when the lighthouse was out to prevent a shipwreck, in a hilarious solution to an otherwise serious problem. He enjoys the stench and dirty work of collecting garbage and absolutely hates being clean.



Haliburton is a houseboat who lives in an enclosed cove near the Big Harbour. Theodore once thought Haliburton was a haunted houseboat, making him scared. Thanks to Foduck, Theodore and Haliburton became fast friends. Haliburton was once afraid of Bobby Barge but Theodore Soon Introduced Bobby to Hailburton and soon no one was afraid.


Hank Henry the Volcano is a harbor tug with a big, huge, orange bumper, a teenager, male voice who wears a blue toque and is the smallest. funniest, fastest tugboat in the Big Harbor.

Hank's job is, like Theodore, to be a harbor tug, moving barges (usually from the side instead of the front unlike the other Tugs) and being the pusher in the job of moving big ships and boats.

He loves to make funny faces and noises as a way of getting attention. He can be very sensitive too, and usually gets ignored for being the smallest. But whenever he feels down, he always turns to Theodore for help or guidance. But out of all the other tugboats, Hank is special because of his good humour and nature to learn and grow from his mistakes. He works with Bonavista Barge and Shediac. Once he stayed up to see Owan. He once wanted to be called Henry in Hank's new name. Sometimes it's hard for him to keep quiet when he supposed to, but one time it was a good thing he spoke up when owen, George, Theodore were about to crash into Willis Island when Hank tolled Lilly to be quiet on the episode All Quiet in the Big harbor. He always forgets to tuck in his anchor, so the other tugs always remind him every now and then. He always likes the describe things as "fresh" as it sounds like a terrific word even if it's the only word he can think of.


Icebreaker Inverness

Icebreaker Inverness was a large icebreaker who was called to remove the ice packs from the big harbor.


Igloo is an oil tanker who helped the tugs out when Clare was beginning to leak oil.


Inverness is a cargo ship with a adult, female voice that Hank accidentally offends by calling her "needle-nose".


Isabel was a cargo ship with a teenager, female voice who visited the harbor a few times. Not much is known about her.



Jasper is the junk dock in the big harbour. He lives with Guysborough and acts the complete opposite of Donald Dock, because the only word Jasper says is 'nope.'


Jennifer is a cargo ship who Emily rescued before Theodore got the assignment to rescue Digby, who was stuck on a sandspit.


Julia was the first cargo ship that Theodore and Hank brought into the harbour together.

Her model was later used for Gloria Cornwallis, Caroline, Jennifer, Catherine, Clare, & Caroquette.



Kamel a.k.a. "The Old Wreck" is an old cable ship that was seen in some season 1 episodes. It was first seen in "The Dark and Scary Cove". Later, it was in the episode "True Blue Friends" were Theodore, Foduck, and Emily took it to the junk dock. The last episode it was in was "The Big Harbour Clean Up Contest", were it was under-water, and George tried to tow it away. Kamel has a face, but no eyes, and is dead. Its model was later used as "Digby the Cable Ship" in "George's Ghost".


Katherine is a cargo ship who, like Emily said that she had never met a ship from Russia until Gregor was in the harbour, she also once said that Theodore's whistle was cute.


Kingston is a cargo ship who has visited the harbour on one or more occasions. He was once frightened of Hank. Since he was seen in many episodes, it could be possible that he lives in the Big harbor.


Kirby is a cargo ship loaded with telephone poles from England. He has an adult, male voice.

Kirby's model was later used for Isabel.


Kulu is a canoe who Theodore and Foduck rescued after a storm blew him up on a beach. Kulu is a great storyteller and knows many stories like the story of The Northern Lights.



Lilly is a lighthouse on "Willy's Island", found in the middle of the harbour, warns visiting ships away from the sharp dangerous rocks on the island. Although she doesn't appear as often as some of the characters, it is possible that Lilly's character is a nod to Lillie Lightship of TUGS, as both characters use large beacons to warn ships of the fog, and their names are both Lillie/Lilly. She has a teenager, female voice.


Linda is an oil tanker who comes to the Big Harbor every Monday. Foduck always brings her in at the oil refinary with Pearl the pilot boat and with Theodore and George. She was seen in the episode Foduck and the Rainbow where at one time Petra was there instead of Pearl.


Louis is a cargo ship Theodore and George brought in, the first time they heard that Petra the new pilot boat was coming to live in the harbour.


Lucy is another harbour tug just like Theodore. She is one of the smaller tugs that wears a summer hat

She is one of the harbor Tugs along with Theodore.

Lucy is a kind tug, she likes going on adventures. One time she and Theodore visited the shipwreck full of fishes living. She also likes to solving mysteries and tried solving who is the mystery guest.

She never made it to the tv show only on Theodore Too books.

It is possible that Emily sees her as a rival for Theodore's affections.


Lunenburg is a lighthouse that lives near Shipwreck Rock. Pugwash was once scared of Lunenburg's bright light and loud foghorn. Lunenburg was also seen the time that Theodore was separated from Pearl in the thick fog near Shipwreck Rock.

Dispite both being Lighthouses, Lunenburg and Lilly have very very differnt foghorns.


Margaree Pride

Margaree Pride is a container ship that George and Theodore helped out of the harbour the day after Theodore arrived.


Margaret is a large cargo ship that visits the big harbour occasionally. She was seen with Theodore and Hank when they were lost in a thick fog, as well as being pulled by George and Emily most of the time.


Millie a fishing trawler with glasses who had trouble with her bad eye sight but gained two new friends with Theodore and Hank. She is a kind hearted, but nevertheless niave little fishing trawler who often takes on some of the dirtier jobs in the harbour with Guysborough, which commonly involves taking the harbour's refuse to the dump. When Millie first arrived in the harbour, some of the other boats and ships thought her untidy and grubby appearance to be a great joke, but Millie more than proved to them that looking splendid is no substitute for being a really useful and hard working fishing trawler!


Molly the Vehement is a tugboat from another harbour that won the tug of the year award instead of George.


Natalie Explorer

Natalie Explorer is a ship who was mentioned by the Harbourmaster in the episode "George and the Underwater Mystery".


Nautilus is the only Navy Ship in the big harbour and has the number 411 on his sides.

He lives near the institute of oceanography. Nautilus was first seen being docked by Theodore and George, when George wanted to be a navy ship too. His second appearance was his starring role, as he was in charge of saving Canso Colossus the king of super tankers, who was sinking. Theodore and the tugboats seem to look up to him a lot. He works hard and seldom complains, and he always entertains the tugboats with his endless amounts of stories and tales from the places he has visited. He is also well known for keeping the barges in order by singing sea shanties as they work! Nautilus has a big heart and always comes to the aid of any boat.


Northumberland is a black submarine who sleeps during the day and works during the night. He has an adult, male voice. When sleepy, he also has a sleepy adult male voice.

He is hardly ever awake in front of the tugs, except for when Theodore and Hank saw him on their night shift. Northumberland is a very quiet sub too and hates loud noise and bright lights. He also helps the "Salvage Team" (Theodore, Rebecca and Shelburne) to find great things under the water. He never likes to disappoint his friends, which can sometimes get him or his friends into danger. He once broke his propeller in an underwater rock slide and showed Hank where a sunken ship was. Northumberland is also a big brother-like figure to Pugwash, but was once scared that she would bump him. Northumberland is always a great help to the tugs and the Salvage Crew and whether he's awake or half-awake, he is always willing to be some assistance to anyone in the Big Harbor. Northumberland lives at the Navy Yards and helps Foduck with his safety duties, but he is always welcomed anywhere.



Oliver the Vast is a tugboat from another harbor with two smokestacks and a blue cap.

Oliver was a large ocean tug brought to the Big Harbour to help move Owan. He was disliked by both George and Owen and especially loved to bump and bully Theodore, no matter how hard Theodore tried to be friends with him. Finally, the Dispatcher sent Oliver back home for his bullying.


Olympia is an oil tanker brought in when huge packs of sea ice were in the harbour. She almost ran into Willy's island when Theodore's towrope snapped.


Owan is an oil rig with a loud adult male voice.

Owan is a loudmouth, boisterous, Barney Fife-type, oil rig that works outside the Big Harbour. He has eight big pillars and is hooked onto giant anchor cables. He's full of free expression and always yells instead of talking. The tugs usually have to remind him to be a little more quiet. The funny thing is, Owan never knows when he's too loud. He loves to use catchphrases such as "Yessireebob!", "Nosirreebob!" and "Oh my star fish and little oysters!" Owan is good friends with the tugs, especially Theodore. Whenever the tugs are depressed or struggling with an issue, they always hide under Owan. They call it their "favorite thinking place." He is also good friends with Sigrid the Supply Ship, who brings him whatever he needs while he's out on the ocean. Owan is always happy and cheerful (except for when Oliver came to take him to work) and sometimes careless (like when he broke free from his cables and nearly hit a cliff). Everyone in the Big Harbour loves Owan, because he can put a smile on their face any time they need some comfort.

Owan is a loud and noisy oil rig, he also can't really keep a secret.

There have been rumors that this is the same model of Tex, but with pieces moved around. This is actually false, because they would be wasting more money, than buying a new one.



Pearl is one of the Big Harbor's two pilot boats (the other being Petra) with a serious adult, female voice who patrol the harbour and sometimes help the tugs with moving ships to their docks. They both used to have a problem with not listening to the tugboats, which caused a lot of confusion.

Pearl was the first pilot boat to come to the the harbour. She expects a little too much from the tugs and can be very strict with them. She used to be taken as mean and boring, until she played a fun game with Theodore.

Both Pearl and Petra are hard working and work together with the tugs to keep the harbour running properly. She can be very proud and stubborn at times, but can move great loads in nimble timing, which what makes her special. And more importantly, she's a great friend of the tugboats in the Big Harbour.


Petra is one of the Big Harbor's two pilot boats with a child, female voice who patrol the harbor and sometimes help the tugs with moving ship to their docks. They both used to have a problem with not listening to the tugboats, which caused a lot of confusion.

Petra was the second pilot boat to come to the harbour and has a closer relationship with the tugboats. She was shy at first about coming to the Big Harbor until Theodore introduced her to everyone. She also enjoys playing "hide and surprise" with Theodore and Barrington on occassion.

Both Petra and Pearl are hard working and work together with the tugs to keep the harbour running properly. Petra is also a tough little pilot boat, who takes a great deal of pride in her appearance and goes to great lengths to preserve her paintwork's gleam. Petra is Pearl's younger sister, and is used for guiding ships to and from the Big Harbour, as well as being used for other sorts of removals beyond the work Pearl is involved in.

Phillip and Philmore

Phillip and Philmore are two identical ferry boat twins with teenager, male voices that cross the harbour before Benjamin Bridge. The twins are modelled after the twin Metro Transit ferries Halifax III and Dartmouth III which were built in 1979 to carry passengers across Halifax Harbour on a daily basis. No one in the Big Harbor is able to tell which twin is which. And they usually finish each others sentences. Phillip and Philmore are sometimes stubborn, and at one point Philmore left the harbour to visit Fundy the fishing boat. Their job is very well recognized, and every tug and ship is careful when they cross between them. They are a mischievous pair, who love playing jokes and teasing the other ships & boats!


Puffer is a steam locomotive who works on the dockside railway at Big Harbor. Used for a variety of tasks within the port and at the docks up river, he is a trusted friend of the tugboats. He has "Dock Railway" on his tank, a teenager, male voice and a Western accent.

Puffer resembles a cross between BR 80 heavy-duty tank engine and an 0-6-0 US Army tank engine but is actually a model made from 'splicing' together various parts from other locomotives (such as the cab, which, upon close inspection, is a German design in origin), and scratchbuilding a few parts (most notably, the side tanks) and has characteristics common to many switcher/shunter locomotives including a short wheelbase and over sized cylinders for his diminutive size - he also features many US features including an American-style whistle, oil-burning headlight, diamond smokestack and a cowcatcher. He has front and rear buffers to match the British rolling stock.


Pugwash a yellow mini sub teenager female voice, who scared Northumberland by bumping him, but later decided to stop. She is good friends with Theodore, Hank, and Northumberland. She's afraid of foghorns and hide from Lunenburg in the Ecum Secum Circle where she met the Rock Brothers. Owan says that she's cute as a "catfish's kittens."

She has appears three episodes: Theodore and the Hunt for Northumberland, Theodore's Big Decision, and Pugwash is Gone.


The Queen Stephanie is the greatest and grandest ocean liner in the world, also the nicest. She has a adult, female voice.

She occasionally visits the Big Harbor after getting stuck under Benjamin Bridge by accident was the first time she appeared in the series. In another, she even had R. Boat in her swimming pool after R. Boat wished he could be big. Apparently, Her Majesty has about 1,001 windows on each of her sides. The Queen holds a special place in her heart for Theodore. She's based on the RMS Queen Elizabeth.


R. Boat

R. Boat (short for row boat) is a gloomy little row boat that Theodore found stuck on some sharp rocks.

R. Boat's dock had been destroyed during a big storm and Theodore promised him a new home. R. Boat complains very often and hates loud noise. He continued to complain until he was offered a new home, in Queen Stephanie's swimming pool. He is known to be a strict little boat, knowing every rule and regulation by heart, and is constantly nagging the other boats to “Do It Right!” if they ever did wrong. But he is a kind little row boat as well, and prefers working with sensible boats who complete their jobs without fuss.


Rebecca is a Research Vessel with a teenager, female voice who explores everything about the ocean.

She is great at giving facts and information about the ocean and once advised Theodore to let Walter the Whale return to his family. Rebecca is the leader of the "Salvage Team" and works with Theodore, Northumberland and Shelburne to find great things under the water. Rebecca has no trouble finding underwater treasures with her special sonar equipment. She and the Salvage Team once found and old ships bell. Theodore looks up to Rebecca because she always does everything close to perfect. Rebecca also has a grumpy side, which she showed when Benjamin Bridge keep her up all night with his loud snoring. But even though Rebecca is not perfect, she is always fun to explore with and is the tugs closest guide to the mysteries of the sea. However with the help of the other tugboats, she is now a more mature research vessel, even though she still makes the occasional mistake.

Rebecca had three different models from seasons one to two. In the early season one episodes, she was completely faceless & nameless until she started out with a grey colour, an all-white hull and no eyebrows in season one which was seen in the early season 2 episodes (ex. Theodore in the Middle, Whale of a Tug). In season two, her eyes were bigger and her eyebrows were thick and grey, and half of her hull was painted light blue and later she had smaller eyes and grey eyebrows.


Rodney is The Harbour Master's friend who works in the harbour. He plays the bagpipes and is in The Big Harbour Band.

Rodney once went away to bag pipe school and also like playing jokes on The Harbourmaster.


S.S. Malarkey

S.S. Malarkey is a cargo ship who tells stories that, true to his namesake, are nothing but malarkey. His special cargo consists of magic flying powder (bags of sand), a giant sea monster (a pile of seaweed) and a flag from Scatatini. He asked Hank if he wanted to go to Sandy Cove, but Hank turned his offer down.


Scally is a visiting ship who brought treasures as cargo into the harbour. When he gave the tugs some of his treasures, it didn't take long for them to cause confusion so they decided to return their treasures to Scally.

Theodore gets a windspinner, Hank a big, huge, orange bumper, Emily a smokestack extension, Foduck a siren, and Bedford a fishing hat of some kind.


Seabright is a cargo ship with a teenager, male voice that was afraid of Benjamin Bridge until Theodore explained there was nothing to be afraid of. After Seabright overcame his fear of Benjamin, he soon became frightened of Clayton.


Shamus is an Irish fishing trawler with a teenager, male voice that was once completely covered in ice, and later struck up a friendship with George.


Shediac is a greyish-blue Western-accented supply shed owned by Gilbert Huph that Theodore met while he was at The Repair Dock who supplys the tugboats with their bumpers. Shediac works with Hank so he can get new bumpers. Shediac also gave Sigrid a special green bumper in Sigrid and the Bumpers. He first appeared in the season 3 episode, Theodore Lands on Earth. He & Clayton are always seen in season 5.


Shelburne is a giant sea barge with a slow, sluggish adult, male voice designed for longer journeys on the open ocean. He sometimes requires two tugs to move. He has a very slow and sluggish nature which is epitomized by his slow speech. Shelburne is often seen helping the tugs raise items up off the ocean floor and back to the surface. He is also part of the "Treasure Team" with Rebecca, Theodore and Northumberland where they find old sunken ship parts, bells, oil barrels and is sometimes brought to rescue Northumberland and Pugwash if they are in trouble. Now everyone knows Shelburne is a really useful crane barge, used greatly for maintenance and rescue operations around the Big Harbour.


Sigrid the Virgin is a orange supply ship with a green bumper and a teenager, female voice who helps Owan work.

Sigrid's main job as a supply ship is to collect machine parts and bring them out to Owen the Oil Rig as he works out in the middle of the ocean. She is good friends with Emily and the other tugboats and has always wanted to be a tugboat herself. She once helped them dock a ship in a storm and was given a green bumper so that she could be a one of the Tugboats too.


Snorri is a viking ship that arrived in the Big Harbor.

At first the tugboats all thought Snorri was mean when he snorted at them but they soon learned that he just wasn't familiar with the way they said hello.


Stewiacke is a carrier ship who loads Pugwash onto him with a cradle. Stewiacke loves to explore the coast, with Pugwash as his underwater aide.



Tex is an oil rig that was really rude to Theodore and George. He refused to have his anchor cables checked for a storm and nearly made him crash into Benjamin Bridge, and was saved by Theodore and George after which he learned humility and told them stories of the ocean and became good friends

The Catamaran

This Catamaran has two hulls and an adult, female voice. When George was towing it into the harbor, Theodore accidentally caused it to crash. His quote is "Watch out!"

The Dispatcher

The Dispatcher, who has been called the Dishwasher by Carla, is a rotating building on the "Great Ocean Tug and Salvage Company Dock" who gives the tugs their jobs for the day. He has a black mustache, a father-like adult, male voice and a flag on his head.

He usually is very serious and stern with the tugs. But they are always respectful to him because of his father-like figure. He shows that he cares for the tugs by disciplining them for their faults, and by counseling them for their mistakes. And like a father, he always has a gentle side to him and is always there when the tugboats need his help the most.

The Flat-Eyed Coast Guard Ship

The Flat Eyed Coast Guard ship that has flat eyes. He is seen close up in the episode "Theodore and the Queen". His model was later used for Constance.

The Harbour Master

The Harbour Master is the narrator of the series which we also see him at the start and the finish of each episode. He was played by Denny Doherty. He is always played tricks by Rodney.

The Junk Barge

The Junk Barge is a grimy old crane barge full of junk, at Old Dock No.9. George once try hiding behind the barge. It is not alive but it has the numbers 757.

The Machine Barge

An unnamed barge with a child, male voice which George towed to the cargo dock to get a container ship repaired. His quote is "Okay, George!"

The Mysterious Grain Ship

This ship the Mysterious Grain Ship was an unnamed character that appeared in the season 1 episodes. He has no specific name at all. He appeared a few times and once got in the way of Theodore And Hank while they were tugging Julia.

The Oil Refinery Crane

This crane appeared at the oil refinery. He has a child, male voice, and his quote is "This job is now done!".

The Old Tramp Steamer

A rusty ship with an old man, male voice whom Theodore talked to before the ship was crushed to death by the claw crane. His quote is "Be careful, Theodore."

The Refrigerator Car

Emily and Foduck talked to this freight car when they were searching for Theodore. He has an adult, male voice, and his quote is "Tracks are good."

The Rock Brothers

The Rock Brothers are rocks that live in Ecum Secum Circle.

The Rock Brothers were three rocks who frightened Pugwash when she dove in the Ecum Secum Circle (a place where ships get lost forever). They always spoke in rhyme; except the third rock had to add something.

The Rusty Old Truck

This truck with an old man, male voice, never been uses for years gave Theodore a fright when he was in the graveyard. His quote is "Good bye, friend."

The Rusty Old Train

This train was left on the coast for many years. He has an old mane, male voice, and his quote is "This is the end of me!"

The Sea Monster

The Sea Monster was a monster that Theodore dreamed was going to attack him until he found out that the monster was just in his imagination.

The Unnamed Cargo Ship

This is just a cargo ship with a teenager, male voice. His quote is "Okay, bring me in now!"

The Warehouse

This warehouse talk to the other tugboats when they were looking for Theodore. He has a teenager, male voice and his quote is "He went that way."

The Wharf Buoy

Hank talked to this buoy when the tugboats were searching for Theodore. She has a child, female voice and his quote is "There they go."


Theodore the Victorious is the main character of the series. He is one of the smaller tugs, has a windspinner and a teenager, male voice and wears a red baseball cap. He is a harbor tug, along with his best friend Hank.

He is one of the two Harbor Tugs along with Hank.

He is a kind Tug who will help any Tug in need. His goal is to be an Ocean Tug and to travel to other harbors. But before that he must master the job of a Harbor Tug. He and friends get into trouble but always end on a good day (or night). He is friends with Owan and Tex, after Theodore and the Oil Rig. He is also friends with Shelburne, Bobby and about every barge. Once Carla got him in trouble by towing Bonavista into a small cove. It is hinted that he has a crush on Emily.


Truro is a small Hispanic fishing trawler from Cuba who lives and cares for Dorothy in Ceilidh's Cove. Truro is kind, friendly and always willing to provide advice, guidance and help to the other boats whenever he feels they require it. He keeps a particularly watchful eye over Dorothy Dory, as the young dory tries to find her way around, while muddling through her mistakes and mishaps.

Truro was once towed in to the harbour while fishing when George who wanted to be a navy ship thought that Truro was dumping garbage into the water when it was really only his fishing net.



Walter is a whale who was separated from his pod by a strong current. Theodore babysat him until George found his family.

Waltzing sugarplum fairies

The Waltzing Sugarplum Fairies are faires that George dreamed one night in his sleep. They were used to help Theodore when he was having bad dreams. They were mentioned in Theodore's Bad Dreams. They never actually did appear on scree. But they would have been animated if they did appear. They may look like fairies that appeared in a Disney short.

William B.

William B. is a big ship with a adult, male voice most often seen in cameo appearances being pulled by the tugs. He is seen in the theme song. William B. is probably based on the SS. Arthur M. Anderson.

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