Season One

The DVD (Thomas Version). Thomas & Percy are told by Mavis to bring back the DVD about Alligators On a Train.

The Responsible (Thomas Version). Rosie does not like being Babysitted by her own Brothers Thomas & Percy, while Henry & Mavis are gone to See Elizabeth.

The 3rd (Thomas Version). Thomas & Percy tried to find three best friends instead they only picked, Stanley.

The Debt (Thomas Version). Thomas tries to impress his neighbour Gordon.

The End (Thomas Version). Thomas & Percy said that it was going to be the end of all of Sodor as we knew it, from the watching the Solar Eclips from a Leap Year or else; It will be the end of Sodor & Thomas & Percy must save the Island from the Solar Eclips.

The Dress (Thomas Version) Thomas tries to be beautiful but he can't listen to his sister Rosie.

The Quest (Thomas Version) Thomas Percy & Rosie try to get the stuffed Animal back from the Evil Diesel 10.

The Spoon (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy collect charity from Diesel when Cranky gets dismayed.

The Pressure (Thomas Version) Isobella tries to impress Percy. (NOTE: the Part where Darwin tried breaking up with Masami after he yelled at his best friend Gumball is only cut).

The Painting (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy work with they're old & wise friend Edward & meanwhile, Dennis sent Thomas, Percy, Rosie, Mavis & Henry to make a great Family.

The Ghost (Thomas Version) Caroline goes crazy with her power & Thomas is out of control because of her.

The Laziest (Thomas Version) Henry is cross he will prove that he is lazier than Thomas & Percy & the two best friends find Cranky the Crane.

The Mystery (Thomas Version) Thomas did not know how who did this to Dennis if Elizabeth could get MAD

The Prank/April Fools Day (Thomas Version) Henry gets back at Thomas & Percy.

The GI/Karate (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy get teased by the other engines.

The Party/The Party Collection Episode (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy come to Caitlin the Steamliner is having a School Party for all of the Trains. Thomas prove to win the heart of her crush of Emily.

The Kiss (Thomas Version) Old Slow Coach comes to see the three engines

The Refund (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy get a refund by the cheap & lame game they already got & Cranky says NO!!!

The Robot (Thomas Version) Thomas gets replaced by Bertie.

The Picnic/The Day of Camp (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy get lost in the woods.

The Goons (Thomas Version) Rosie tries to play dumb with Thomas, Henry & Percy.

The Secret (Thomas Version) Thomas wants to know Percy's Secret.

The Sock (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy told a lie & Elizabeth got mad at theme & Edward told theme about lies & truths.

The Poltergeist (Thomas Version) Gordon gets depressed & Daisy kicked him out, so Thomas & Percy took care of theyre strong neighbour.

The Genius/The Sad Story of Darwin (Thomas Version) Thomas misses Percy because Percy was sent to the White Place that someone made him look stupid.

The Mustache (Thomas Version) Thomas Rosie & Percy get into a lot of trouble by eating all of the cereal, & Henry was so upset in the end & Mavis cheered him up. (NOTE: This is the last episode of Season 1 of The Amazing World of Gumball).

Season Two

The Date (Thomas Version) Emily sent Thomas on a Date for The Mouse's Funreal with Spencer & Lady.

The Club (Thomas Version) Thomas is sad & wanted to be in the Rejects club & Percy can't let hom join him, Rosie can't let him join in not even Henry, because Henry went to the other club with Dennis & Mavis said no to Thomas because she said that Thomas is so small & can't join the anger club & Mavis knocked Edward down.

The Wand (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy found a plastic magic wand & Henry found it first when he never belived in Magic ever again when it was in the 1960's when Edward first arrived on the Island.

The Car (Thomas Version) Thomas & Percy help Gordon to get impressed by washing the Express Train & it derailed with the Sponge where Thomas' Driver is holding before if Gordon can get cross if Thomas & Percy looked silly.

The APE (Thomas Version) Elizabeth wants friends & when no one liked her because she had to win that trophy from losing & Mavis had been very mad at her because she had no friends no family or no help so Mavis gave her a new chance.

The Curse (Thomas Version) Thomas is having a bad Day so Percy helps him get him some good luck back.

The Meddler (Thomas Version) Thomas is teased by other engines & Mavis can't help make him feel ashamed & silly.

The Microwave (Thomas Version) Thomas and Percy invented a Diesel from the scrapyard, Thomas decides to make Kenneth for the Baddest Thing Ever.

The Helmet (Thomas Version) Thomas had a helmet in his funnel that it did not like special anymore it will tore-up his friends apart.

The Fight (Thomas Version) Thomas was being bullied by Diesel 10 & Rosie has to protect him from his evil claw & Diesel told him that he & Thomas are good Friends.

The Remote (Thomas Version) The Engines of Sodor had an Cartoon Planet Show to watch on the TV for Friday.

The Knights (Thomas Version) Stanley & Thomas set course to themselves to win the heart of Emily or else Thomas gets dumped forever.

The Coloussus (Thomas Version) Hector the Scary Coal Truck was cross & fed up with the engines & they said that everyone thinks he is boring, so in order to prove that he is not so he goes on the rampage.

The Fridge (Thomas Version) (this is an upcoming remake of Thomas/The Amazing World of Gumball parody series).

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