This is a list of episodes from Thorn Valley Chronicles. It includes episodes from the show's first season.


  • The Dangerous Forest - Mrs. Brisby decided to move with her children to a safe place away from the field where the farm is. Along the way - She encountered the hungry snake Kaa. But is helped by Bagheera the panther to prevent Kaa from killing her.

  • The Monkey King - Timothy Q. Mouse (Mrs. Brisby's big brother) planned to make his little sister a star. But then Mrs. Brisby (along with Jeremy) was captured by King Louie of the apes and The Bander-Log. Timothy teams up with Basil of Baker Street - Doctor Dawson - Bagheera and Baloo the bear to rescue her.

  • That's What Friends Are For: part 1 - After an arguement with Mrs. Brisby about the safety of her children - Timothy went away on a vacation with his best friend Dumbo the flying elephant to London. Meanwhile - Jeremy the crow and Mrs. Brisby set off to London to find Dumbo and Timothy.

  • That's What Friends Are For: part 2 - Dumbo and Timothy were captured by a greedy millionare named Heather (a rat) who is sent by Jenner to ship Timothy to NIMH. Bris and Jeremy came to Dumbo and Timothy's rescue and it was up to them to stop Heather.

  • Revenge - Although Mrs. Brisby and Timothy were busy with Basil and Dawson for something important - Martin and Timmy tried to save Jeremy who was held captived by Professor Ratigan's right-hand man Fidget the bat who came for revenge on Basil.

  • Mice in Danger - Justin befriended Baloo and they joined up to save Martin (who got lost in the woods after playing with his siblings) from the clutches of the evil tiger Shere Khan.

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