This is a list of episodes from Thorn Valley Chronicles. It includes episodes from the second season.


  • Invasion of Main Street - Baloo Dumbo and Timothy Mouse made a deal with Shere Khan to make alot of money. They tried performing an act. But when an army of Pink Elephants came to invade The House of Mouse - It was up to Dumbo and Timothy to stop them.

  • The Secret of The Amulet: part 1 - an evil lion named Lord Congo captured Mrs. Brisby and she was a prisoner in his palace in the deep forest. Lord Congo plotted to kill her and make her into a trophy. But after Mrs. Brisby sneaked out of prison - She finds Jeremy and they escaped Congo's palace to find their way back home.

  • The Secret of The Amulet: part 2 - After realizing about Lord Congo following Mrs. Brisby in hot pursuit - Justin gave Bris the red stone amulet - so Congo would not find it. To defeat the villainous lion - Mrs. Brisby Justin and Timothy led him to a showdown on a waterfall.

  • Bat Boy - Timothy and Jeremy joined up with Basil and Dawson to stop Fidget the bat from robbing the town of London. With help from Kitty Mouse - Timothy encountered Fidget in a showdown.

  • Raiders in the Valley: part 1 - The evil Mouse Queen (Mrs. Brisby's aunt) planned to invade Thorn Valley with her son The Mouse King. She (along with Jenner and Ratigan) capture the Brisby children and held them captived. Timmy is the only one who escaped her cluthes. With help from his uncle Timothy - they joined up to prevent The Mouse Queen from causing an invasion.

  • Raiders in the Valley: part 2 - Mrs. Brisby and Justin discovered that Timmy and his uncle were also captured by The Mouse Queen and The Mouse King. They came to their rescue and later end up in a showdown with the queen.

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