This is a complete listing of cartoons from Tom & Jerry.

1940–1958: Hanna-Barbera/MGM cartoons

A total of 114 shorts were produced. The 1st 112 cartoons are available on DVD.

# Title Date Brief Summary Title Card
1 Puss Gets the Boot February 20, 1940 Mammy Two Shoes warns Tom, known as Jasper, that if he breaks one more thing he's out the door. Jerry, known as Jinx, decides to help his enemy out the door and succeeds.
2 The Midnight Snack July 19, 1941 Tom and Jerry battle over refrigerator rights. After various fighting and a clever maneuver by Jerry, Tom gets the boot out the house by Mammy.
3 The Night Before Christmas December 6, 1941 Christmas Eve finds Jerry running around the Christmas tree happy as can be. Then he finds himself bumping into Tom, more running ensues. Eventually, Jerry ends up out the mail slot and freezing in the cold. Tom, has a change of heart, it's Christmas after all, and lets Jerry back in.
4 Fraidy Cat January 17, 1942 Tom is listening to a scary radio station. Jerry takes advatage of the frighten kitty by making a ghost out of a vacuum cleaner and a nightshirt. Eventually, the tables are turned and Jerry frightens himself.
5 Dog Trouble April 18, 1942 Tom is chasing Jerry around the house. Jerry runs into a sleeping Spike (his debut), who promptly chases both cat and mouse. In a joint effort with Tom, Jerry winds a web of yarn around the living room. Spike gives chase and pulls all the furnishing with him. Mammy finds the dog in the trap and gives him the boot!
6 Puss n' Toots May 30, 1942 Mammy babysits a pretty kitten. Tom turns suave! He offers her a goldfish, a canary and a mouse. He tries to impress her with parlor tricks with Jerry as the magic coin. Jerry, angry at being used like this, turns the tables and wreeks havoc on Tom with a record player.
7 The Bowling Alley Cat July 18, 1942 Tom chases Jerry through a bowling alley.
8 Fine Feathered Friend October 10, 1942 Tom tries to trap Jerry in the barnyard. But Jerry enlists the help of a mother hem who is very protective of her nest.
9 Sufferin' Cats! January 16, 1943 Jerry is besieged by both Tom and an orange cat (Meathead, in his first screen role). Jerry plays off both cats into fighting each other and makes his escape.
10 The Lonesome Mouse May 22, 1943 When Tom gets kicked out of the house yet again, Jerry things it's his lucky day. He has fun in Tom's suacer of milk, defaces his picure and tears up his basket. But the thrill of the chase is gone and Jerry misses his nemesis. Jerry uses the unwitting Mammy's assistance to get Tom back into the house.
11 The Yankee Doodle Mouse June 26, 1943 Jerry has a cat raid shelter in the basement of a house where he battles Tom.
12 Baby Puss December 25, 1943 Tom is forced to play baby for a little girl. Jerry laughs at him and Tom gives chase and kicks him out the room. Jerry brings in three alley cats who in turn have a little fun with "baby" Tom. They before a Carmen Miranda-sh rendition of "mam, You Quiero." The little girl returns, the ally cats run away and Tom is punished with a dose of castor oil. Jerry doesn't escape the castor oil punishment either.
13 The Zoot Cat February 26, 1944 Tom tries to woo his girlfriend with a zoot suit made from a hammock. However, Jerry ends up with the suit and the girl in the end.
14 The Million Dollar Cat May 6, 1944 Tom inherits a million dollars from a relative, but the stipulation in the will is that he "refrain from harming any living creature, including even a mouse." Jerry takes full advantage of this, who constantly reminds Tom of the condition in the will. Eventually, Jerry pushes Tom too far. Tom tears up the will and then tears into Jerry, throwing away a million bucks.
15 The Bodyguard July 22, 1944 Jerry frees Spike from the city pound truck. Spike promises that if Jerry ever needs anything to "just whistle". Jerry whistles, Tom gets crushed.
16 Puttin' on the Dog October 28, 1944 Tom chases Jerry into the dog pound. Finding himself on dangerous ground, Tom disguises himself as a dog to find Jerry. Once it is discovered that Tom is a cat, the dogs chase him up a flag pole.
17 Mouse Trouble November 23, 1944 Tom is reading the book, "How to Catch a Mouse". Tom uses every trick in that book, but Jerry is too smart for that.
18 The Mouse Comes to Dinner May 5, 1945 Jerry is pressed into "service", when Tom invites his kitten girlfriend over for dinner. Tom gets too amorous with his girlfriend, who hits him with a hammer labeled "wolf pacifier". Jerry gets into the act of beating on Tom and a free for all begins. Tom ends up in the punch bowl.
19 Mouse in Manhattan July 7, 1945 Country mouse Jerry takes a trip to New York. He admires skyscrapers, stumbles into a powder room, dangles over the city on a candle, and dances the night away. He is confronted by hungy alley cats, shot at by police, and chased by a subway train, he returns to the safety of his country home.
20 Tee for Two July 21, 1945 On the golf course, Tom uses Jerry for a tee, and the fun begins. They make a boring sport, fun!
21 Flirty Birdy September 22, 1945 Just as Tom is about to eat a Jerry sandwhich, a hawk swoops down and takes it away to have for himself. Tom disguises himself as a lady hawk to get his sandwhich back, but the hawk falls for him. Tom can't get rid of the lovestruck bird.
22 Quiet Please! December 22, 1945 Tom pursues Jerry into a sleeping Spike. Spike warns Tom that if he makes one little noise, he'll skin Tom alive. Jerry takes the cue and makes every effort to wake the dog. Jerry succeeds with a firecracker, Tom ends up bandaged head to toe rocking a sleeping Spike.
23 Springtime for Thomas March 30, 1946 On a beautiful spring day, Tom stares dreaminly at a girl cat sunbathing. He gets the courage to go talk to her and Jerry tries to break up the budding affair by getting Meathead involved with a forged letter. The race is on for the affections of the girl.
24 The Milky Waif May 18, 1946 When baby mouse Nibbles (screen debut) is abandoned on Jerry's doorstep, it spells trouble for both Tom and Jerry. Nibbles show's his mettle when he protects Jerry with a frying pan to Tom's face. Jerry shows his heart when rushes to the rescue after Tom hits Nibbles with a flyswatter.
25 Trap Happy June 29, 1946 Tom calls in an exterminator (Meathead) to dispose of Jerry. But all attempts fail as Jerry cleverly out wits his foes at every turn.
26 Solid Serenade August 31, 1946 Tom brings along his bass fiddle to seranade his girlfriend, but Spike is in the yard. Tying up Spike he proceeds to woo his girlfriend with "Is you Is". He is hampered in his wooing by a music loving mouse Jerry.
27 Cat Fishin' February 22, 1947 On a fishing trip, Tom uses Jerry for bait. Jerry is not to happy about this and uses Spike to get back at Tom.
28 Part Time Pal March 15, 1947 Tom falls into a barrel of cider, gets drunk, raids the fridge, pals up with Jerry, tries to give Mammy a hot foot, and then douses her with a pitcher of water. Mammy is not happy about that and chases the cat out the house and down the street.
29 The Cat Concerto April 26, 1947 Tom is the snooty piano player. Jerry is the music loving mouse that sleeps in the piano. Tom plays Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 while Jerry listens. Tom starts pushing Jerry around and then Jerry ends up finishing the concert and receiving the applause.
30 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse June 14, 1947 Jerry turns into a supersized supermouse thanks to a concoction of Tom. Jerry finally gets a chance to turn the tables on Tom by pushing him around.
31 Salt Water Tabby July 12, 1947 Tom trys to woo a girl at the beach. Jerry interupts the wooing. Tom is not too happy and he begins to chase Jerry all over the beach. In the end, Jerry sails away with the picnic basket.
32 A Mouse in the House August 30, 1947 Tom and Butch compete to catch Jerry because the one who does capture the mouse will stay in the house while the other gets kicked outside.
33 The Invisible Mouse September 27, 1947 Jerry is being chased by Tom and ends up in a bottle of invisible ink. He discovers that he can't be seen and proceeds to use it towards his advantage. In the end he whacks Spike with a golf club and leaves Tom to take the blame.
34 Kitty Foiled June 1, 1948 Jerry teams up wiht a canary to fight off Tom. Trains and bowling balls join in the fray.
35 The Truce Hurts July 17, 1948 Spike decides to make amends with Tom and Jerry, but the peace falls apart when they fight over a juicy steak.
36 Old Rockin' Chair Tom September 18, 1948 Mammy replaces Tom with a ginger cat named Lightning. Lightning gets Tom in trouble getting the Tom kicked out of the house. Tom and Jerry decide that Lightning has to go and team up to get rid of him.
37 Professor Tom October 30, 1948 Tom is teaching his student kitten how to catch a mouse. Jerry befriends the kitten much to the dismay of his teacher.
38 Mouse Cleaning December 11, 1948
39 Polka-Dot Puss February 26, 1949 Jerry paints Tom's face while he is sleeping. Jerry convinces the cat that he has measles. He puts himself in Jerry's hands for some rather creative nursing. In the end the hoax is discovered, but Jerry does get the measles and then gives it to Tom.
40 The Little Orphan April 30, 1949 Jerry kindly invites orphan Nibbles to Thanksgiving Dinner. The two join forces to thwart Tom and have a peaceful dinner all together.
41 Hatch Up Your Troubles May 14, 1949 Jerry is forced to take care of a baby woodpecker and try to avoid Tom while doing it.
42 Heavenly Puss July 9, 1949 Tom tries to gain entrance to the pearly gates but is turned away unless he can obtain a certificate of forgiveness from Jerry with an hour. Tom find it is more difficult than would seem.
43 The Cat and the Mermouse September 3, 1949 Tom chases Jerry beneath the sea.
44 Love That Pup October 1, 1949
45 Jerry's Diary October 22, 1949 Tom gets tired of chasing Jerry so he takes a seat and finds Jerry's Diary which he checks out.
46 Tennis Chumps December 10, 1949 Jerry gets involved in a tennis match between Tom and Butch when a lot of bad luck starts happening.
47 Little Quacker January 7, 1950 The screen debut of Quacker. The duck is nabbed by Tom and Quacker finds protection in Jerry. The eventually find Quacker's parents who in turn punish Tom for messing with their little duckling.
48 Saturday Evening Puss January 14, 1950 When Mammy goes out for the eveing, Tom and his cat pals, Shorty and Meathead, through a party. "Darktown Strutter's Ball" is the tune that gets the cats partying. A sleeping Jerry doesn't like being awoken by the raucous and phones Mammy. She returns and kicks the cats out, only to turn up the same tune; much to the dismay of Jerry.
49 Texas Tom March 11, 1950 Again a women gets the attention of Tom. Tom enlists an unwilling Jerry's help who promptly tries to interupts the wooing with a bull.
50 Jerry and the Lion April 8, 1950 Jerry hides an escaped lion in the house, while Tom is on the hunt for the lion to get the huge reward. Jerry then sees the lion off on the S.S. Africa, tearfully waving goodbye.
51 Safety Second July 1, 1950 Jerry and Nibbles celebrate the Fourth of July. Nibbles wants to blow things up and Jerry wants to play it safe. Tom gets involved and ends up getting blown up.
52 Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl September 16, 1950 Tom is conducting an all cat orchestra to the overture to "Die Fledermaus". Jerry wants to conduct as well, but Tom will have none of that. Jerry retaliates and Tom ends up playing the rest of the overture solo with Jerry conduting.
53 The Framed Cat October 21, 1950 Jerry and Tom go back and forth framing each other for their misdeeds.
54 Cue Ball Cat November 25, 1950 A riotous game of pool results when Tom wakes Jerry from a nap in the pool table.
55 Casanova Cat January 6, 1951
56 Jerry and the Goldfish March 3, 1951 Tom tries to cook Goldy, the goldfish. Jerry is on hand to rescue his fishy friend from chef Tom.
57 Jerry's Cousin April 7, 1951 Muscles, Jerry's cat-curdling cousing, arrives to help get Tom under control. Muscles is a mean streets mouse, and more than a match for Tom. When his muscle building regime doesn't work, Tom calls in his alley cat friends, "Dirty Work, Inc." to rid the house of Muscles. But Muscles evicts the alley cats and Tom surrenders to the might of this mouse.
58 Sleepy-Time Tom May 26, 1951 After a night out with his friends, Tom is too exhausted to chase Jerry. Jerry takes advantage of this and entices Tom to Mammy's bedroom where Tom takes a nap. Mammy is not pleased and throws Tom out the window where he is picked up by his friends for another night out.
59 His Mouse Friday July 7, 1951 Lost at sea on a life raft, Tom washes ashore on a desserted island where he meets up with Jerry, posing as a cannibal.
60 Slicked-up Pup September 8, 1951 Butch (Spike the bulldog) has just bathed Pup (Tyke) when Tom accidentally get the little dog muddy. Dad is not happy and orders Tom to clean Pup or else. Jerry "helps" with the cleaning and Tom ends up in the washing machine.
61 Nit-Witty Kitty October 6, 1951 When Mammy whacks Tom with her broom, he suffers an attack of amnesia and begins acting like a mouse. Much to the dismay of Jerry. Mammy and Jerry both try to knock sense back into Tom.
62 Cat Napping December 8, 1951 A lazy afternoon, a cool class of lemonade, and Jerry napping in a hammock - until Tom wants it. A battle ensues over the hammock with Spike, a frog, and an army of ants joining in.
63 The Flying Cat January 12, 1952 Jerry and a canary save one another from Tom and take refuge in the Canary's birdhouse. Tom fashoins a piar of wings from a girdle and flies after the canary and Jerry.
64 The Duck Doctor February 16, 1952 Hunting in the woods, Tom wounds a duckling, little Quacker, who is doctored by Jerry.
65 The Two Mouseketeers March 15, 1952 Given the responsibilities, by the tyrannical King, of guarding the grand banquet table, Tom is confronted by the sudden appearance of Jerry and Tuffy (Nibbles), the Mouseketeers. But the mice outwitt the guard, turning the table into a battle field.
66 Smitten Kitten April 12, 1952 Another flashback cartoon, this time it's Jerry with the flashbacks. All involving Tom and his women.
67 Triplet Trouble April 19, 1952 Mammy babysits three seemingly sweet kittens who turn out to be really nasty! Taking on Tom and Jerry is more than they bargain for and in the end the kittens end up with some well deserved discipline.
68 Little Runaway June 14, 1952 Tom plans on capturing an escaped baby seal from the circus for the big reward but Jerry befriends the seal and tries to stop him.
69 Fit to Be Tied July 26, 1952 Jerry helps out Spike by removing a tack from his foot and the bulldog helps him out by beating up Tom.
70 Push-Button Kitty September 6, 1952 Mammy gets a mechanical cat that immediately proves its superiority by evicting Jerry. Jerry gets back into the house by releasing an army of mechanical mice. "Mechano" tears up the house chasing them, until he self-desturcts. Mammy is thankful that Tom is still around to take care of Jerry.
71 Cruise Cat October 18, 1952 Tom is a mascot aoard a Honolulu bound ship. He is informed by the captain that if he sees a mouse onboard they will be getting a new mascot. Jerry stowaways and makes life miserable for Tom.
72 The Dog House November 29, 1952 Tom chasing Jerry around always destroys Spike's efforts to build his own dog house.
73 The Missing Mouse January 10, 1953 The radio reports that a white mouse, having swallowed enough explosives to blow up the city, has escaped from a lab. Jerry takes advantage of Tom's fears and dunks himself with white shoe polish. Then the real white mouse shows up and causes all sorts of trouble.
74 Jerry and Jumbo February 21, 1953 A baby elephant falls from a passing train and rolls into Tom's basket. Tom is able to hold his own when Jerry and the elephant team up, that is, until Mama Elephant shows up.
75 Johann Mouse March 21, 1953 In the house of Johann Strauss is little Johann Mouse, who love to waltz. Every time Strauss played, the mouse would dance. And when the mouse danced, the cat chased.
76 That's My Pup! April 25, 1953 Tom is the lesson when Spike is teaching his son Tyke the facts about chasing cats.
77 Just Ducky September 5, 1953 Jerry tries to teach little Quacker how to swim.
78 Two Little Indians October 17, 1953 Scoutmaster Jerry has his hands full with two little orphans from the Bide a Wee Mouse Home. Outfitted in Indian feathers and diapers , the two involve Jerry and the sleeping Spike in a hair-raising battle with Tom.
79 Life with Tom November 21, 1953 Tom reads Jerry's best selling book, "Life with Tom" and experiences some flashbacks.
80 Puppy Tale January 23, 1954 Jerry rescues some puppies and Tom doesn't want the one that followed him home around.
81 Posse Cat January 30, 1954 Tom must get rid of Jerry or he won't be getting any more food while he is on the ranch.
82 Hic-cup Pup April 17, 1954 Tom must help the bulldog and his pup cure a case of the hiccups.
83 Little School Mouse May 29, 1954 Jerry teaches Tuffy (Nibbles) the art of outwitting a cat.
84 Baby Butch August 14, 1954 Butch (Meathead) dresses as a baby and leaves himself on Tom's Doorstp as a meand of gaining entry to the refridgerator. Jerry teams up with Tom to foil the sham baby's plot.
85 Mice Follies September 4, 1954 Jerry and Tuffy (Nibbles) turn the kitchen floor into a ice skating rink.  
86 Neapolitan Mouse October 2, 1954 Tom and Jerry are touring through Naples and they encounter an Italian mouse.
87 Downhearted Duckling November 13, 1954 A depressed Quacker thinks he is ugly after reading "The Ugly Duckling" and wants Tom to eat him but Jerry keeps preventing that.
88 Pet Peeve November 20, 1954 Husband and wife tell Tom and Spike that, due to the high cost of feeding them, one must go, and the one who catches Jerry will stay. Eventually, they both get kicked out.
89 Touché, Pussy Cat! December 18, 1954 Tuffy's father sends him to Jerry for mouseketeer training. He fails miserable and destroys Jerry's place in the process. However, he gains the mouseketteer title when he thwarts Tom.
90 Southbound Duckling March 12, 1955 Stubborn Quacker, convinced this time that all ducks go south for the winter, refuses to stay home like his domestic buddies even though he can't fly. To complicate things Tom is hunger for a duck meal.
91 Pup on a Picnic April 30, 1955 Jerry hides in Spike and Tyke's basket to escape from Tom but a food fight erupts between all of them including an army of ants as they all vie for control of the basket.
92 Mouse for Sale May 21, 1955 Jerry gets painted white and sold by Tom as there is a new desire to get white mice.
93 Designs on Jerry September 2, 1955 Tom designs the ultimate mousetrap. But the blueprint mouse comes to life to help Jerry out of the trap.
94 Tom and Chérie September 9, 1955 The third outing for the mousketeers find Tuffy as errand boy between Jerry and his love. Unfortunately, Tuffy has to deal with Tom during his errands.
95 Smarty Cat October 14, 1955 Tom and his alley cat pals are laughing as they watch home movies involving Tom outwitting Spike but Jerry decides to let the bulldog know about it.
96 Pecos Pest November 11, 1955 Jerry's Uncle Pecos spends the evening with his nephew just before a scheduled TV appearance. His guitar string is always snapping and it's always Tom's wiskers that get pulled to replace them.
97 That's My Mommy November 19, 1955 When Quacker doesn't believe Jerry, Tom is his mother to give him everything.
98 The Flying Sorceress January 27, 1956 Tom unsupectingly takes a new job with a witch. He steals her flying broom to return home and scare the wits out of Jerry.
99 The Egg and Jerry March 23, 1956 Same thing as 1949's Hatch Up Your Troubles.
100 Busy Buddies May 4, 1956 Tom and Jerry are forced to take care of a baby because the babysitter is more interested in talking on the phone.
101 Muscle Beach Tom September 7, 1956 Tom and Butch try to impress a girl with their muscle building abilities.
102 Down Beat Bear October 21, 1956 A dancing bear, who eascaped from a circus, uses Tom as his reluctant dance partner.
103 Blue Cat Blues November 16, 1956 When Tom loses his girlfriend to arch rival Butch again, it's too much for him and he ends up on the railroad tracks pondering life. Jerry narrates his downfall.
104 Barbecue Brawl December 14, 1956 Spike's pool side barbecue is wrecked as Tom chases Jerry through it.
105 Tops with Pops February 22, 1957
106 Timid Tabby April 19, 1957 Thomas gets a letter from his cousin George, who happens to be afraid of mice. Tom plays a trick on his cousin by winding up a toy wind-up mouse and taking out the key. This causes George to leap back in his chair while sitting in it, making his hat vanish in the process. He now looks exactly like Tom with no differences. Jerry is astonished when George leaps upward in fear. When Jerry encounters Tom as usual, he thinks it's just George again. In the end Tom and George unusually won by scaring Jerry out of the house and moving to another house by making Jerry think Tom has 1 pair of heads and 2 pairs of arms and legs.
107 Feedin' the Kiddie June 7, 1957
108 Mucho Mouse September 6, 1957 Tom, the "Olympic, U.S. and World Champion Mouse Catcher", heads to Spain to catch "El Magnifico" (Jerry).
109 Tom's Photo Finish November 1, 1957 Jerry starts trouble by sending photos of Tom placing the turkey under Spike's arm and Tom goes crazy all around stopping this.
110 Happy Go Ducky January 3, 1958 Tom and Jerry try to stop Quacker going into unsafe water such as a fish tank, a dish, a shower and more. They drop the duckling off at a public park and Quacker meets the new ducklings. Tom and Jerry are resting when the water is turned on! The ducklings have a celebration: "Happy Easter!" and they swim along the chair as Tom and Jerry look on.
111 Royal Cat Nap March 7, 1958 Jerry and Tuffy wake up the king, who warns his servant, Tom, that if his sleep is interrupted one more time, "Off comes ze head!" From this point onwards, Tom does his best to prevent Jerry and Tuffy's noisy interventions, but when Tom is shot in the backside, and cannot go outside to yell (having locked the doors to the castle and swallowed the key), he wakes up the monarch. However, Tuffy saves the day by singing Frère Jacques to the king, sending him back to sleep again.
112 The Vanishing Duck May 2, 1958 Jerry and Quacker vanish and hurts Tom, Tom vanishes and tries to hurt Jerry and Quacker.
113 Robin Hoodwinked June 6, 1958 Jerry and Nibbles are freeing the Robin Hood, who is prisoned and there Tom is guard in the dungeon.
114 Tot Watchers August 1, 1958 Babysitter Jeannie, still attached to the phone, leaves Tom and Jerry watching the baby.

The Gene Deitch years (1961-1962)

  • Switchin' Kitten
  • Down and Outing
  • It's Greek to Meow
  • High Steaks
  • Mouse Into Space
  • Landing Stripling
  • Calypso Cat
  • Dicky Moe
  • The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit
  • Tall in the Trap
  • Sorry Safari
  • Buddies Thicker Than Water
  • Carmen, Get It!

The Chuck Jones years (1963-1967)

  • Penthouse Mouse
  • The Cat Above and The Mouse Below
  • Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?
  • Much Ado About Mousing
  • Snowbody Loves Me
  • The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse
  • Ah-sweet Mouse-story of Life
  • Tom-ic Energy
  • Bad Day at Cat Rock
  • The Brothers Carry-Mouse Off
  • Haunted Mouse
  • I'm Just Wild About Jerry
  • Of Feline Bondage
  • The Year of the Mouse
  • The Cat's Me-ouch
  • Duel Personality
  • Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary?
  • Jerry-Go-Round
  • Love Me, Love My Mouse
  • Puss 'n' Boats
  • Filet Meow
  • Matinee Mouse
  • The Atominable Snowman
  • Catty Cornered
  • Cat and Dupli-Cat
  • O-Solar Meow
  • Guided Mouseille
  • Rock 'n' Rodent
  • Cannery Rodent
  • The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.
  • Surf-Bored Cat
  • Shutter Bugged Cat
  • Advance and Be Mechanized
  • Purr Chance to Dream

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