List of Treehouse Parks Openings are taken from every season of Treehouse Park.

Title sequences

The first opening (early 1994)

The first opening from Treehouse Park showed Michael, Shawn, Buster and Danny getting on the bus and riding to school with each character singing his part. As the show progressed, the creators added more background elements to the opening (i.e.: starting from the episode "Buster's Silly Old Crime 1994", the opening showed Alec Baldwin rising from behind City Hall). "Buster Gets a Sud Problem", the first episode aired, features a slower tune and part of the credits, the instrumental version of which is used in the end credits. Later, the episode's opening was edited to fit the rest of the first season's opening.There are many hidden features to this sequence, such as Duncan (from Thomas and Friends) in the back seat of the bus just as Michael, Shawn, Buster and Danny get on, Homer (from The Simpsons) in Mr. Smithers' (from The Simpsons) police car and Robert, Duck (from Thomas and Friends)'s assistant, in the back of Barney's car, all of these things in the opening credits at the end of the opening credits. It started on Febuary 4, 1994 and ended on July 19, 1994.

The second opening (late 1994)

The second opening was created for the episode "Cripple Fight" which involved a fast-paced, remixed theme song. It started with the beginning of the first opening, but as the characters were put together, a giant spinning object reading "Cripple Fight" landed on Michael, Shawn, Buster and Danny. The opening also featured rotating computer-generated renderings of Michael, Shawn, Buster and Danny, fake subliminal messages telling the audience to watch the show, and ended with a live-action explosion. It started on September 19, 1994 and ended on December 4, 1994.

The third opening (1995-1998)

The third opening is currently the longest lasting opening. It includes a remixed version of the Treehouse Park theme song, along with clips of Michael, Shawn and Buster being designed in the original way (taken from the first 10 episodes of Season 1), except Danny, while singing the lyrics to the song. It also incorporates small clips from episodes of the previous half-season (i.e.: The season 4b opening will have clips of season 4a episodes).Since Danny was "permanently" dead throughout the rest of Season 1, his spot in the song was replaced with Stephen singing (following the joke of the verse that no one could understand, Stephen was only able to say his name and other phrases). When Danny returned at the end of Season 1, he resumed his spot in the song starting with Season 2. It started on January 27, 1995 and ended on May 22, 1998.

The fourth opening (1998–1999)

The fourth opening started with the Season 4 episode, "Make Love, Not Warcraft". It samples another of Les Claypool's songs, "Whamola", from his album Purple Onion. It retains the same visual theme of the third opening, involving the characters being designed with clips from episodes of past seasons playing in the background.

The fifth opening (1999-present)

The opening visuals changed again in the September 6, 1999. With the sequence's start resembling the first opening, characters emerge from the corners of the screen, singing their parts of the opening theme.

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